The Devil made me do her

Author: LDG

I was horny as hell by the time Sophie and I finally got home from the Halloween party. Staring at her hot body sheathed in a red, skin-tight she-devil outfit for five hours had been tortuous purgatory. So, my balls boiling with brimstone, I captured the rubber-clad hellion in the front hallway and mashed my mouth up against hers. Not too heavenly a gesture for a guy dressed like an angel, but after tempting me all night long, the unholy scamp knew damn well that eventually she was going to be touched, and fucked, by an angel.

   “Ready to come over to the dark side, holy man?” she breathed into my mouth, as I felt up the cool, crimson latex that fitted her sexy body like a condom fits a swollen cock.

   “I’m gonna come, all right,” I agreed. I pitchforked her pouty lips with my tongue, painted their rosy fullness with saliva, and then forced my way into her warm, wet mouth. She met my tongue with her tongue, and we swirled our tongues together angrily, quickly becoming locked in the eternal battle between good and evil.

   The sexed-up fallen angel aggressively frenched me, pushed me up against the wall, almost crushing my awkward, feathery wings. Then she reached between our heated bodies and covered my sinful hard-on with her hot little hand.

   “Yeah,” I mumbled, grabbing her stretched-latex butt cheeks and squeezing. Sophie is one helluva hot honey even when she isn’t making like Lucifer’s lover. She has a trim, curvy figure topped by large, torpedo-shaped tits, and bottomed by a taut, rounded ass that looks great going or coming on. Her black hair normally hangs straight and long, but was now tucked into a red, rubber hood that came complete with two cute little horns – perfect for gripping whilst she exorcised my dick of unholy amounts of cum. The rest of her devilish costume looked like it had been spray-painted on, except for the three-foot pointed tail that dangled from her beautiful butt.

   “Want me to suck that long staff of yours?” she asked, stroking my cock harder and thicker with her red-tipped claw.

   “I command you to!” I thundered.

   She giggled and grasped my haloed head and pulled it down to her massive chest. “First, you must earn your wings,” she intoned.

   I quickly cupped her over-sized fleshpots and kneaded them. She groaned with pleasure. Her tits were naked underneath the ultra-thin layer of latex, and I could clearly see her nipples pressing rigidly against the straining, fiery fabric. I worshipped her heavy mams with my healing hands, then teased her engorged nipples with my tongue, flowering them even harder and longer.

   “Yes! Suck my nipples, man of God!” she testified.

   My wings flapped excitedly as I bounced my head back and forth between her hellacious hooters, tonguing, sucking, biting first one brazen nipple, and then the other. My sweaty hands squeaked on the shrink-wrap material, and slobber dripped off her boobs like blood from a crucifix. I tongued and sucked her nips and tits like an avenging angel, then madly shoved her gigantic jugs together in a desperate bid to pull on both of her rock-hard nipples at once.

   “God, yes!” she shrieked, then dropped down into a praying position in front of me.

   I quickly rolled up my robe and preached thusly, “suck me off, spawn of Satan!” my body trembling with religious fervor.

   She gripped the sides of my pure-white underwear with her blood-red fingernails and yanked them down. My sexual divining rod sprung out to its full, wrathful seven inches and pointed accusingly at the lusty devil-worshipper. She pretended to cower before my hardened thunderbolt for a moment, then fell upon it and devoured it with her wanton mouth.

   Going to Hell had never felt so good! The lewd princess of darkness bobbed her horny head up and down on my dong, sucking me over and over and over again. She swallowed up more and more of my righteous rod with each head-bob, until she had the entire length of my heavenly pride sealed inside her flaming mouth. She tugged on my cock with short, urgent, erotic strokes, her slender, idolatrous fingers fumbling my balls around as she greedily deep-throated me.

   “Fuck almighty!” I wailed, like a convert boiling over with the spirit. Her infernal, seductive powers had gotten the better of me, and my raging erection spake of white-hot cum – in her stretched-out mouth and throat. I rained down fiery wads of jism from on high as she sucked and sucked – swallowed my gooey sermon of everlasting lust.

   When I had at last attained a blissful, wasted peace, she disgorged my spent, soaking cock, licked her wicked lips, and said, “Now it’s time for the Devil to get her due.”

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