Crimson Kiss.

Author: RyanRevenge

A small red headed woman stood in the back of the church and sent of book hymns flying towards the casket that lay covered with roses underneath the altar at the front of the church. The book hit the casket, hard, and bounced onto the floor, sliding to a stop at the feet of the man who was currently speaking. He knelt, a grin hidden beneath his veil of blonde hair, and picked the book up, cradling it to his chest. People stared in disbelief at the small woman and a few women cried with renewed tears but the woman paid them no mind, maintaining a cold glare at the blonde man, hands firmly on her hips and lips pursed. Even though she was incredibly red with anger she was still gorgeous…
“I’m sorry ma’am. Is there something you’d like to say?” asked the man with a British accent to die for and flashed her a grin that would melt any girls heart. The woman remained stony faced and narrowed her eyes, her nostrils flared.
“Desmond that was completely uncalled for.” she said, viciously.
“But you throwing a holy book in a church at a casket was?” Desmond said, amused. “Angel, love, you can’t hide the truth. You were in fact with Arthur the night before he was found dead, yeah?”
Angel pushed her fire red hair over her shoulder, scowling and at a loss for words. She was a fiery red head with a temper to match and keeping her cool was beginning to become a struggle. Keeping your temper around Desmond was a struggle for anyone who happened to be the unfortunate victim of his ridicule. Today was especially worse because she hadn’t fed for a while and her body was calling out for blood so restraining herself from attacking him was increasingly difficult.
“I really don’t think that’s an appropriate subject to talk about, Desmond.” Angel said, trying to calm down and failing miserably.
Desmond grinned a mile wide, clearly enjoying this.
“That’s a yes! We’re all adults here and we’re well aware that you were doing more than making chit chat.”
“Desmond. That’s enough. You’re being foolish.”
Desmond shifted his eyes to the man that sat next to Angel, his grin faltering slightly. The voice had a thick Australian accent and was so demanding a few people turned away. The man had layered black, brown, and blonde hair that fell to the middle of his back and he wore a grey Armani suit. He looked to be about 20 but his intense blue eyes showed that of a man who’s lived for centuries. His arm rested on the back of the pew and his ankle propped up onto his knee..
“Well hello there Krystian. Decided to join in our friendly exchange of words?” Desmond said, clearly taunting him. Krystian ignored this.
“You obviously didn’t see Arthur’s widow in the third row with the green dress on. Otherwise you wouldn’t have outed his affair in such an arrogant manner.” he said, motioning to her.
Desmond scanned the row and his eyes came to rest on a heavy set woman with rosy, tear streaked cheeks and blood shot eyes. She blew into a handkerchief that she pulled out of a very gaudy handbag. Desmond made a face and recoiled slightly.
“Didn’t know Arthur had a fetish for fat chicks. You can never tell just by looking at someone what they’re into. Feet, piss, vomit….fat chicks. What a weird world we live in, yeah.” Desmond said, almost intuitively.. So many people gasped it sounded as if a strong wind was blowing inside the walls of the church. The widow broke into tears and Desmond studied her. Krystian stood, breathing deeply and motioned for Angel to leave the pew. She obliged and he stood, staring down Desmond.
“That’s our cue to leave. We’ve clearly over stayed our welcome. Desmond?” He motioned for Desmond to follow and without waiting for Desmond’s reaction, began to walk out of the pew following Angel.
“You know if you look at the widow just right she looks like a tree frog. You know with the green dress and the red cheeks. She just looks colorful. Like a frog.” Desmond said and several men stood and began to advance on him, fists clenched.
“No need for violence gentlemen. We were just leaving.” Krystian’s voice rang loudly in the church, stopping the men in their tracks. He stood in the doorway holding the door open, eyebrows raised and his lips pursed.
“Krys-” Desmond started.
“Now Desmond….” Krystian said, a threat evident in his voice.
Desmond rolled his eyes and stepped down from the altar. He walked dramatically down the aisle, taking his time just to make Krystian wait. Krystian murmured something in his ear as Desmond passed by that sent a shiver down his spine. It was meant to be private but Angel’s small giggle let Desmond know she heard.
“Think that’s funny, love? It’s funny he turned up dead after fucking you. Are you that bad? Or do women get you off?” Desmond spat at her.
Angel rolled her eyes and muttered, “Asshole.”
“Lesbian..” Desmond retorted and Angel started towards him, prepared to fight. Though she was a good 2 feet shorter than him and much smaller, they were equal in strength.
“Angel, enough.” Krystian said, smoothing his suit out, looking up into the cloudy sky. It was cold night and when Angel started shivering Krystian put it off to the weather. Angel stopped causing Desmond to laugh. He wiggled his tongue between to of his fingers and Angel silently fumed but she didn’t take a step closer. If looks could kill Angel’s liquid gold eyes would’ve maimed Desmond on the spot. Desmond just smiled and blew her a kiss, laughing.
“You find this funny, Desmond?” Krystian asked, a calm anger palpable in his voice. All traces of humor and playfulness left Desmonds face and was replaced by a mix between fear and shame.. Shrugging a shoulder, Desmond looked off into the sky, shoving his hands into his pockets, making a noticeable effort to look anywhere but at Krystian.
“Are you trying to draw attention to Angel? To us?” Krystian pressed, his voice rising an octave but his face was relaxed.
“No.” Desmond muttered and shuffled his feet much like a small child getting scolded.
“Then explain what that was in there!” Krystian’s sudden outburst made Desmond jump and Angel turn away. “Desmond you know damn well the last thing we need is the fucking police inspecting us!” Krystian continued yelling and Desmond turned his face away. When he failed to answer right away Krystian stepped forward, his voice taking on a soft, murderous tone.
“Desmond. Answer me..”
Desmond flinched but said nothing.
“Unless you’ve forgotten we’re not human. So unless you’ve got some brilliant story to tell the cops what the refrigerator is doing filled to the brim with blood and why our basement is home to locked up men and women with a serious blood deficiency, you better tell me what the fuck you were thinking when you decided to point out that one of us was with a murder victim the night before he was found.” Krystian said, struggling to control his voice and temper.
“I was just having a spot of fun..” Desmond muttered, timidly and got absolute silence in reply. Krystian was so quiet he looked up to make sure he was still there. Big mistake. Krystian was on him in a second. All the breath left Desmond’s lungs as he was slammed against the church wall with Krystian holding him there, fists clenched. Krystian’s fists bore down on Desmond over and over again all the while Krystian screaming in Desmonds face..
“You think everything is a goddamn game! Maybe if you get discovered again it’ll get through your thick fucking skull that humans are not so fucking accepting of vampires! IF it weren’t for me rescuing your dumbass on the street you would be dead of starvation! You need to under-fucking-stand that if this shit keeps happening the way it does that I.WILL. KILL. YOU. Do you hear me, Desmond? KILL.” Desmond slid to the ground, spitting and coughing up blood. Krystian wiped his bloody hands onto Desmond’s cashmere sweater ,breathing heavily.
“Next time watch what and where you say things.” Krystian said, coolly.
Desmond looked up from the ground, shooting Krystian a dirty look and stood slowly. He managed to steady himself on the wall and locked eyes with his attacker. Krystian met his eyes and smoothly said, “Angel, call Li-Mei. We need a ride home.” Angel, her back still turned to the two, nodded and got out her cell phone, walking away from the men and seated herself on bench by the street, still shivering uncontrollably. The two men stared at each other for a minute or two longer until Krystian sighed and turned, walking towards Angel. She was off the phone and hugging herself to keep warm.. Krystian slid his jacket off and slipped it around her shoulders. Angel looked up, smiling weakly at him, and softly slid back out. She answered his confused look with 2 words he understood all too well.
“I’m thirsty.”
Krystian nodded and sat next to her, draping his arm around her shoulders and offering his wrist to her. Angel politely denied him but she seemed hesitant.
“I can wait until we get home.” she said, trying to sound strong and failing. Angel was too proud of a person to allow herself to show weakness so Krystian simply nodded and pulled her closer to fully embrace her. She gasped softly and began to breathe quicker causing him to pull back.
“Too close?” he asked, concerned. Angel could only nod once in response and Krystian let go of her, keeping his arm around her shoulders. Angel tried a few times to politely shrug it off but Krystian wasn’t having it.
“Can you please move your arm?” Angel said, finally speaking up. Krystian answered with a prompt “No.” and that was the end of that discussion. Angel may have been proud but he was stubborn beyond belief so she caved and let his arm be. A blood stained Desmond flopped down onto the other end of the bench, dabbing at his nose with his sleeve and still sniffling, trying not to bleed everywhere and failing. The three sat in silence and mild tension, on Desmonds account of burning holes in the back of Krystian’s head with a nasty glare, and waited until a black Camaro pulled up in front of them. An Asian woman with pin straight jet black hair that caressed her shoulders stepped out of the drivers side.. She wore jeans, a sweater much like Desmonds minus the blood, and sneakers. Even clad in this she was a beautiful sight to behold.
“Good evening, Li-Mei..” Krystian greeted her and she nodded in return..
“Krystian. Angeline. Desmond.” she said, looking at each in turn, her eyes lingering on Krystian’s blood spotted suit and red tinged hands and Desmonds bloody nose and mouth. His left eye was already beginning to show the early stages of a black eye. Tomorrow that baby was going to shine.
They piled into the car and began the long drive home. They arrived and pulled into the long winding driveway that led to the giant white mansion with gold trim. They got out of the car, Desmond making it a point to slam the car door as hard as he could provoking a long string of curses that Li-Mei muttered underneath her breath. Desmond slammed his shoulder into Krystian when he walked by and Krystian let it go, focusing on keeping the shuddering Angel on her feet.
“Desmond was that called for?” Li-Mei asked irritated.
“Bite me..” was his reply before slamming open the front door and storming up the stairs no doubt headed to his room.
Li- Mei stopped and turned to Krystian when they reached the doorstep.
“Whatever he did, was it worth a beating that bad?”
Krystian nodded, tight lipped, and started towards the kitchen holding Angel close and practically dragging her. As he opened the door he heard two voices behind him who’s owners he was not in the mood to deal with..
“Well Desmond’s not going to speak to you for a while, mate.”
“What on Earth did he do today to deserve that torture and what’s wrong with love there?”

Daniel and David Jamison joined them in the kitchen, each resting on a wall by the refrigerator. David and Daniel were identical British twins. They were the first twins to join Krystian’s coven. The only way to tell them apart was hair length… David’s fell just below his shoulders and Daniel’s to his shoulder blades.. They had ocean blue eyes, dirty blonde hair, and they were hell raisers just like Desmond and just as devilishly handsome.
Krystian sat Angel carefully in a chair and walked to the fridge.
“Not now. Angel’s thirsty.” he said flinging it open to find it nearly empty. Confusion flooded his face.
“Fresh out.” David said, almost smug.
“Would’ve told you sooner but you turned your celly off on account of you attending the funeral of Angel’s old mate. Sorry, I guess.” Daniel chimed in. Krystian’s confusion was increasing.
“We just got a fresh supply not but a week ago. Where did it all go?” he said, noting the twins exchange in looks.
“When you sit at home for a while you tend to get bored.” Daniel said, non chalant..
“Your point?” Krystian pressed and Angel began to dry heave. David, who was closer to her, took several steps away.
“Boredom brings about bad eating habits, yeah.” he said, eyeing the convulsing Angel warily. Krystian turned tomato red and pursed his lips, glaring at the twins.
“You drank it all?”
Both men realized the trouble they could possibly be in and their smugness dissipated and was replaced by defense.
“To be fair several other people house here as well.” David said, choosing to move closer to the heaving Angel than to the angry Krystian.. Daniel followed suit, chiming in, “I’m sure we weren’t the only residents to help ourselves to our little supply.”
Krystian didn’t seem to want to believe it. He ran his fingers all through his hair seemingly calming down but when he slammed his fist down onto the table, denting it, everyone in the room tensed up except for Angel, who still sat convulsing in her chair. Breathing deeply, almost yoga-like, Krystian looked up at the twins, still red with anger, but his voice was calm.
“So what are we going to do?” he asked, exhausted. A small smile spread across Daniels face and David glanced sideways at Angel.
“There’s always the possibility that she could feed off of one of us.” Daniel said, giving Angel a long once over lingering on her breasts longer.
“We are her favorite blood preference after all.” David said, licking his lips..
Angel’s stomach convulsions advanced to a deep wet coughing and she began clenching her stomach, doubling over with each hack. Krystian resented the idea of coven members feeding off of one another but as he studied the state Angel was in he almost welcomed it with open arms. He furrowed his brow, deep in thought. The twins always tried to find a way to feed off of Angel and Krystian always denied. He looked over her most because she was the youngest. The younger you were the more you had to drink and the worse you got if you didn’t and the twins were always waiting with open veins.
David tapped his foot impatiently and Daniel started whistling.
“Just remember the more you contemplate this, the more Angeline suffers.” David pointed out and Krystian shook his head in frustration. Daniel stopped whistling and shrugged his shoulders.
“Oh well baby brother. We gave him a chance to help her and he denied us. I guess we’ll be on our way.” David said and the two started towards the door.
“Wait!” Krystian called as they opened the door. Daniel turned around, smiling smugly..
“Yes?” he asked, sweetly.
Krystian almost told them to go, changing his mind, but when Angel coughed and the coppery smell of blood filled everyone’s noses he had no choice.
“Fine. Just take her somewhere else. I don’t want to be there.” he said, defeated.
Daniel and David smiled and walked back into the kitchen.. Daniel helped Angel slowly to her feet, deeply inhaling the scent of her blood, and getting a little hard. He held her to him when she stood up and her breathing raced. Softly moaning into her ear he said, “You smell so good…” Krystian nearly lost it..
“Daniel let go of her.” Krystian demanded, pounding the table for emphasis. Daniel touched his nose to hers, loving her closeness, and drank in the smell of blood on her breath.
“Goddamn….” he murmured before pressing his lips firmly to hers, tasting her sweet life force. Angel resisted and tried pushing him away but he pulled her closer, the mere taste of her blood driving him wild. He forced her lips apart and shoved his tongue inside, running it all around her mouth tasting the blood she coughed up. Suddenly him and Angel were torn apart and he was thrown to the floor.
“You’re lucky I don’t kick your ass!” Krystian yelled but Daniel might as well have been drunk. He was on a total high. Struggling to his feet, Daniel couldn’t process his thoughts until he felt his brothers hand on his shoulder, steadying him.
“You okay baby brother?” David asked, concerned. Still unable to speak all Daniel could manage was a small nod and he began gaping, astonished, at Angel. She seemed perfectly fine, breathing wise anyway, other than that she was backed away with Krystian’s arms forming a barrier around her shaking body, fear in her eyes. Daniel could feel himself sporting a hard erection which explained his brothers distance and Krystian’s disgusted look.
“I don’t think her feeding off of you is such a good idea..” Krystian said, eyeing Daniel angrily.
“Maybe not off Dan but I can control myself. Honest.” David said and Daniel felt a little betrayed and mentally noted to point that out to David later. Krystian reluctantly let go of Angel and stood straight up.
“Angel do you want to go with David?” he asked, trying to sound calm but his voice was tense. Angel responded by grabbing hold of David’s waiting hand and the two left the kitchen. Krystian waited until he couldn’t hear their footsteps anymore before breathing and Daniel chuckled.
“Nervous, mate?” he teased.
Krystian just breathed deeply through his nose and seated himself in a chair, trying to forget he just sent the woman who was like a daughter to him away with a man with whom he barely trusted.. He heard footsteps and felt Daniel’s presence behind him.
“You look like you need a massage. May I?” he asked, politely.
“I’d rather you didn’t.” Krystian answered but when Daniel’s hands were on his shoulders he had no choice but to accept it. He had to admit that he gave a good massage. They sat in silence while Daniel worked until he broke the silence.
“Why are you so protective of Angel?” Daniel asked, suddenly.
Krystian, thrown off by the question, hesitated before answering.
“She’s like a daughter to me. Always has been since I found her on the street dying. I’ve always felt responsible for her since I saved her. I just can’t help it..”
“I see.”
They sat in silence for a minute longer..
“So you feel strongly towards her?” Daniel asked..
“In a way, yeah…” Krystian replied, becoming suspicious.
“How do you feel towards me and David? Me in particular.”
Krystian almost didn’t answer, unsure of where he was going with this. Daniels hands stopped working and Krystian turned to ask him why he’d stopped. Daniel’s lips pressed to his and Krystian, taken aback, pulled away. Daniel, a little surprised, smirked.
“You have soft lips. David owes me $5.”
Krystian was confused. “Excuse me?”
Now Daniel was confused. “What? Are you not into guys or something? I mean the men that leave your room always have a sort of funny walk so I assumed…”
“Well yeah I am but what are you doing?”
“Kissing you. Is that illegal, love?”
“Well no but why are you kissing me?”
“You’re hot. I’m still horny. I like guys and you like guys. It’s really simple math. Me plus a hard dick plus a hot guy equals butt sex.. Understand?” Daniel said this as if it was obvious.
“I don’t want to have sex with you Daniel.” Krystian said, getting up. Daniel moved around the chair and pressed Krystian to the counter with his body. He slid his hands around his waist, pressing his aching dick against Krystian so hard he cringed.
“You don’t have a choice, mate.” Daniel said, softly rubbing the tip of his nose against Krystian’s. Krystian pulled his face back and tried to push Daniel away but trying to push a horny Jamison twin off of you was impossible. You’d have better luck trying to push the great wall of China over.
“I don’t think you understand who’s the leader of this coven.” Krystian stated, firmly.
“I don’t think you understand that I need sex and that you’re going to provide it for me, consented or not.” Daniel said, almost laughing.
Krystian opened his mouth to protest and Daniel shoved his index finger in his mouth, silencing him.. Krystian made a face and slapped his hand away and Daniel slowly slid his finger into his mouth, softly moaning.
“Damn.” he muttered and took Krystian’s head in his hands and kissed him, hard. At first Krystian resisted but soon he accepted and wrapped his arms around Daniel’s shoulders, pulling him closer. Daniel began to dry hump Krystian, slowly and hard, and the friction it created got him more excited and made Krystian moan. Krystian grabbed Daniel’s ass and squeezed causing Daniel to laugh a little into his mouth.. The sound of footsteps nearing the kitchen door caused Daniel to jump away from Krystian and lean on the counter on the opposite side of the kitchen.. Krystian was breathing a little hard and Daniel couldn’t help but laugh.
“For someone who didn’t want to fuck me you sure don’t act like it.” he said, smirking.
Krystian rolled his eyes and said, “Cover your dick.”
Krystian and Daniel played this little game of cat and mouse on a daily basis. Whenever Daniel could get Krystian alone he would try to seduce him and sometimes he would succeed. Lately Krystian was trying to put a stop to it but Daniel wasn’t having it. Krystian’s rejection only doubled Daniel’s efforts.
Daniel slid behind a counter, shielding his dick from the world, and two women walked into the room. They were the other set of twins that stayed in the mansion. The Fassano twins. Katana and Katrina Fassano were Italian beauties who prided themselves way too much on their looks. They were born bleach blonde with green eyes but Katana dyed her hair light brown to make it easier to tell them apart. The Fassano twins always had a thing for the Jamison boys and pounced on them whenever they had the chance.. Unfortunately for them David and Daniel wanted nothing to do with them often calling them sluts before rejection and then sending them on their way.
Katana’s eyes lit up when she saw Daniel seated at the counter and she made an immediate beeline towards him.. Karina followed suit and Daniel almost groaned in frustration out loud. Katana slid her arm around Daniel’s shoulder and purred in his ear.
“Hey gorgeous. What’s up?”
Daniel could feel his dick drop like a rock.
“Nothing now.” he said, bitterly and Krystian badly covered up a laugh with a cough.
“How’s about we change that for you? How’s that sound baby?” Karina said, running her finger along Daniel’s hand.
“I’d rather you didn’t change anything about me. I like me.” Daniel said, moving his hand and wiping it on his pant leg, like it was diseased and knowing the Fassano twins it probably was.
Karina giggled and Katana murmured, “We like you too sweetie.”
“Ladies please remove your hands from my cock. It’s rather uncomfortable.” Daniel said, shifting and moving the girls hands that had disappeared underneath the counter.
Both girls leaned in and whispered something in his ear that caused Daniel to spring from his seat knocking it over and falling into the counter behind him. Both girls giggled and walked back out of the kitchen, Daniel burning holes in the back of their heads.
“Dirty sluts.” he spat towards the door when he was sure they were out of earshot. Daniel turned his attention back to Krystian who was badly hiding a grin beneath his hand. Daniel sauntered back over to him, slipping his arms back around his waist and murmured, “Now where were we?”
Krystian slipped out of his arms and said, “The part where your dick goes soft and I lose interest.”
Daniel couldn’t believe it. “Are you serious right now?”
Krystian shrugged a shoulder and gave him a pity look. “Sorry honey.”
“Don’t punish me because of those sluts. They made it go away. I swear I can get it back up. Just give me a minute.” Daniel said, almost begging. Krystian kissed him on the cheek and whispered, “When you do, you know where to find me.”
The hate Daniel had for the Fassano twins increased sevenfold as soon as Krystian walked out that kitchen door.
Krystian, after calming himself down in the hallway, strolled into the living room to find Li-Mei curled up on the couch as if she was waiting for him. He knew what was coming and almost spun full circle and left but decided it was better to just get it over with now because if he didn’t he’d deal with it later. Li-Mei sensed his despair and she smirked a little. “Are you going to tell me what happened at the church or am I going to have to pump someone else for information?” she said, almost amused. Krystian slid into the seat closest to the door, in case he felt the need to leave, and for the first time that night, relaxed. He slid out of his jacket, loosened his tie, and unbuttoned his shirt, crossing his legs and leaning back, sighing. “Why can’t you go on like everyone else? Why do you feel the need to know everything that happens?” he asked, rubbing his temples. “I live in this house and I feel I should be informed. Especially when someone comes home bleeding to high heavens. I’m sorry I’m not as dense as you’d like me to be.” Li-Mei said, making each word angrier than the next. Krystian groaned. He never seemed to say the right thing around Li-Mei. Everything he’d say she twist and turn his words into something insulting and then she wouldn’t speak to him for weeks on end.
Krystian had always chalked it up to her just being a woman or sometimes her PMS-ing but after meeting Angel he was sure it was just Li-Mei being Li-Mei. He sat up, rolling his eyes and faced Li-Mei. Her smoky gray eyes shimmered slightly as she smiled triumphantly.

“So what do you want to know?” Krystian asked, defeated for the second time that night.

Li-Mei seemed to be picking through her questions, deciding which should come first. She finally settled on one.

“What happened at the-” she started.

“You know you wouldn’t have so many questions if you actually came out and joined the rest of us when we go out.” Krystian interrupted and Li-Mei fumed. She quickly composed herself but annoyance was evident in her voice.

“What happened at the church?” she asked.

Krystian, prepared for the question since this seemed to be the question of the night, shrugged a shoulder half heartedly.

“Desmond couldn’t keep his mouth shut so I helped him.”

Li-Mei nodded as if satisfied with the answer and her face became solemn. Krystian sensed her getting ready to start again.. He beat her to the punch, cutting her off mid-breath.

“Look. I’m not in the mood and I don’t want to talk about it. So drop it.” he said, suddenly angry. Li-Mei didn’t listen and started anyways.

“All I’m saying, Krys, is that ever since Desmond joined our coven we’ve been in constant risk of someone finding us because of his mouth.”

“Li-Mei.” Krystian said, softly.

“He causes trouble and just all around raises hell. We don’t need that. He disobeys you, doesn’t respect the Elders, and runs through our supply like it’s nothing.”
“He causes trouble and just all around raises hell. We don’t need that. He disobeys you, doesn’t respect the Elders, and runs through our supply like it’s nothing.”
“Li-Mei.” Krystian said, louder and angrier. She continued to talk, her words pouring out of her mouth.
“He’s been that way ever since you brought him here. You said he would change and I told you he wouldn’t. It was dumb of you for keeping him. You should’ve got rid of him when I told you to. This is-”
“Enough!” Krystian bellowed, jumping to his feet, red with anger. Li-Mei recoiled, her mouth a tight line, and her eyes wide with fear. Krystian breathed in deeply through his nose, closing his eyes, almost as if he were meditating.
“Look.” Krystian started after a moment of calming down, “I can handle Desmond.”
“You’ve been handling him for 6 months. Nothing has changed.” Li-Mei said, carefully this time, watching for his reaction.
“I doing what I can. It’s hard enough as it is. I don’t need you nagging me every 2 days about him.”
“Well how hard can it be to control him?”
“Very. Otherwise we wouldn’t be having the problems we do or feuding with the people we are or running from the people were are. Don’t you think I understand what a pain it is to have to look over his shoulder like he’s a little kid just because he couldn’t resist that one human or because he just had to fight that one guy at a bar? Added to the fact that I have to watch him is you constantly telling me that we should throw him back out on the streets where we found him. Need I remind you he was dying at that time? Look at him now. So, yeah, Li-Mei, nothing’s changed with his behavior but his attitudes changed because the Desmond we rescued was suicidal. I don’t know about you but the Desmond we have now, in comparison with the other, I’d much rather have the hell raising Desmond that everyone’s grown to love except for you because for some reason you hate everything.” Krystian finished, breathing heavily and Li-Mei just gazed at him, stony faced. When she spoke her voice was low and monotonous.
“I never knew how much of a burden he was on you, Krystian.”
Krystian leveled his breathing, lowering himself back into his seat. Li-Mei rose and walked to the door next to him, placing a hand on the knob. Her next words struck Krystian like a bullet.
“If he’s so hard to take care of why not give him to a different coven? He’s a changed Vampire, remember? He‘ll be fine.” With that said, Li-Mei strolled out of the room, making sure to softly close the door behind her. Krystian sat in silence for a while, her words ringing in his head.
Why not give him to a different coven?
“No. I couldn’t do that.” he said aloud to no one in particular.
He’s a changed Vampire, remember?
“He’s not a people person. There’s no telling how he would adjust to being around new people.”
He’ll be fine.
Those last three words stuck the most. Krystian would’ve sat alone longer had he not heard a glass shatter and someone yell “Shit.”. He moved quickly and was out of the room, down the hall, and to the source of the noise in a matter of moments. Desmond stood with his left hand clutched to his chest bleeding profusely and a vase shattered at his feet. Daniel, David, and Li-Mei stood staring, almost helplessly as Krystian took Desmond and sat him down, examining his cut. It was deep and went from the end of his pinky to the tip of his wrist. He felt Li-Mei’s eyes on him the whole time but paid her no mind. Desmond’s movements were reluctant, forcing Krystian to strain to see.
“Look. Stop resisting me. I need to see your hand.” he finally said, exasperated.
Desmond laughed sarcastically.
“A bit ironic don’t you think? You mercilessly beat me to a pulp outside a church and now you’re helping me. Trying to make amends, brother?”
Krystian looked up at Desmond’s face for the first time since they left the church. He nose, along with his lip and left ear, were swollen and red and the outsides of his right eye were already starting to turn a blackish blue color. Desmond made a face.
“Examining your work?” he said and spat onto the floor, disgusted.
Krystian just looked at him and spoke…..
“Li-Mei, could you please get the first-aid kit? Daniel and David could you get the mess?”
“Sure.” David and Daniel said in unison and Li-Mei just walked out.
When they were alone Krystian stood and leaned against the wall, sighing. Desmond just glared at him, once again clutching his hand as if that would stop the blood flow.
“Look. I’m sorry for what happened at the church, okay?”
Desmond snorted obnoxiously.
“Save it. I’m not daft.” he said, smartly.
“If you’re so sodding apologetic you wouldn’t have done it, yeah.” he continued when Krystian opened his mouth to speak. Krystian closed his mouth and just looked at him.
“You just going to stare at my pretty face or you got something to say?” Desmond asked.
Krystian shuffled his feet. Desmond did have a point. You don’t fuck someone up they way he did and then apologize and expect to be friends again in the same night. Especially as often as Krystian had to do this to Desmond it was a wonder how they still remained on speaking terms.
“You’re right, Des, but I had to punish you somehow for what you said. That’s drawing unwanted attention to ourselves and we don’t need the cops on us.”
“You made that very clear when you were beating me and screaming in my face.” Desmond muttered, bitterly.
Krystian sighed.
“I said I’m sorry.”
“And I said save it because I don’t want to hear it.”
Li-Mei walked back into the room holding the First Aid kit and Krystian took it, without looking at her. Desmond noticed the immediate tension that filled the room when she walked in and how they were avoiding one another’s eyes. He chuckled.
“Trouble in paradise? Did Krystian have a go at you too, Li-Mei? You look shaken up a bit.”
Li-Mei scowled at him.
“We’re not dating.” Krystian murmured, kneeling beside Desmond and opened the first-aid kit.
“Oh. Sorry if I mistake constantly spending all of your time alone with her and whispering to one another in the hallway as not dating. I’m daft, remember? Well according to Li-Mei I am.. I also deserve to be thrown back out onto the streets, hmm, Li-Mei?” Desmond finished, glaring at Li-Mei who was now in disbelief.
Krystian stopped disinfecting Desmond’s hand and looked up at him, shocked.
“Where did you hear that?” he asked.
Desmond smiled, bitterly.
“I just so happened to be walking past the living room door when Li-Mei started to talking about me. Lovely words by the way, love. Really appreciate all you’ve had to say.”
Li-Mei, now stony faced, frowned.
“At least you know where you belong. It’s certainly not here.” she said and Desmond rose quickly from his seat, knocking over the bottle in Krystian’s hand.
“Excuse me?”
Li-Mei held her ground.
“You heard me. You’re nothing but trouble and you contribute nothing. I think you’d be better off moving to a different coven.”
Desmond started towards her and Krystian grabbed his wrist.
“Desmond, chill.”
“Dumb bitch.” Desmond said and promptly spit on Li-Mei’s shirt.
“Desmond!” Krystian said, rising to his feet and pulling him back.
Li-Mei spun on her heels and stormed out of the kitchen
Krystian turned Desmond around, angrily, and leered at him. Desmond met his glare, jerking his hand out of Krystian’s grasp.
“You thinking of hitting me again?” Desmond said, sourly.
“So what if I am?”
“If you hit me, Krystian, so help me God, I will put you in the hospital.”
Krystian narrowed his eyes.
“Are you threatening me?”
“Take it however you please but just keep that in mind the next time you think of putting your hands on me.”
Desmond turned to walk away and saw the twins coming. He waved, smiling slightly, and started towards them.
“Maybe Li-Mei was right. Maybe I should put you in a different coven.”
Desmond froze, back straight, with his fists clenched. He turned towards Krystian and cocked his head.
“Son of a bitch.”
He could hear the twins running footsteps approaching him so he acted quickly. Desmond rushed to Krystian just as the twins approached them and he punched him, sending Krystian into the wall. Daniel and David each grabbed an arm and pulled a struggling Desmond away. Krystian steadied himself, licking his bloody lip, and glared at Desmond, who spat on his face. He wiped the spit off and said, “I’ll start looking tomorrow.”
Desmond just shrugged a shoulder and let Daniel and David lead him upstairs. When they were a safe distance away Daniel spoke up.
“What’s he going to be looking for?”
“A new coven for yours truly.”
They entered Desmond’s room and sat on his bed. Desmond’s room was spotless and his deep green walls matched his eyes. He had a black silk bed spread and a walk in closet that housed a T.V and a few couches along with his vast clothing and shoe collection.
Desmond put his head in his hands and breathed deeply. David sat at the end of the bed and Daniel remained standing.
“Maybe you could apologize to him.” Daniel said after a moment of silence.
David shot a look at him.
“He has nothing to apologize for. Krystian was the one who beat him, not the other way around.” he said, angrily.
Daniel looked away and shrugged a shoulder.
“He won’t see it our way because he’s fucking Krystian.” Desmond said, looking up at David.
David rolled his eyes.
“Like it matters who’s fucking who. It’s simple fucking logic. Krystian’s wrong.”
“Krystian did try to apologize, right?” Daniel said, changing the subject from who’s he’s been sleeping with.
“Yeah but he can shove it. I don’t believe his bullshit. I want that cunt fucker to mean it.” Desmond said, and David gave him a hi-five.
“Well what did you do to make him beat you?” Daniel asked, tentatively.
Both David and Desmond looked up at him like he was crazy.
“Should it sodding matter?” David asked.
“He beat me senseless and then left me laying on the fucking ground. I don’t care if I killed the fucking Pope. He had no right to put his hands on me.”
“Who’s side on you on here, Dan?” David asked, standing.
Daniel shook his head.
“I’m on no one’s side. I’m just trying to figure out what the hell is going on. Something you should be doing, David, instead of taking sides in a battle that’s ultimately none of our business.”
“I’m not listening to that shit. You’re only neutral because you don’t want your little fuck buddy to stop liking you.” Desmond said.
Daniel sighed greatly.
“Why does everything I do have to be for Krystian? Can I not make a decision on my own for once?”
“I don’t know. Can you?” Desmond asked, raising his eyebrows.
Daniel just sighed.
“I’m not going to stay in here if all you two are going to do is pick at me.”
“Then leave.” Desmond said, coolly.
“No one’s making you stay, baby brother.”
Daniel, especially angry at David, spun on his heel and stormed out of the room. Desmond breathed deeply.
“You shouldn’t do that, David. You’re his brother. It’s different when I poke fun because I’m his best mate. You’re family. His only family, need I remind you.”
“You don’t need to remind me. I know that. I also know damn well what that bitch and her boyfriend did.”
Desmond rubbed his temples, feeling the same argument that happened every time David sided with Desmond on an issue rather than Daniel getting ready to start up again. Tonight was just not Desmond’s night. He just wanted to roll over and bury himself beneath his blankets and forget this night ever happened.
“You can’t possibly still hold that grudge. That was 90 years ago.” Desmond said.
That was the wrong thing to say. David rounded on him and he was livid.
“I’m sorry if I’m upset my mother just abandoned me and Dan when we were just 10 and threw us to live with Gran. Who was dying so she was no guardian.”
“She’s your mum. At least she didn’t throw you to the streets. She left you with someone. Shows she cared.”
David laughed, but not of humor. He sounded hysterical. Desmond wanted him gone.
“Are you on drugs, Des? Painkillers got you high? I know I didn’t just hear you say she cared. Do I have to remind you of the things she did to us in that hell hole she called home?”
Desmond felt a pounding headache starting up.
“I’d prefer it if you didn’t to be honest, Dave.” he said, squeezing his eyes shut, wishing David away. It wasn’t granted. David got louder and his head throbbed with each word.
“She beat us. She was a heroin addict. She was a hooker. She neglected us. She let one of her ex-boyfriends rape Dan. For god sakes, Des, she tried to sell me!”
“Everyone has a shitty life. They don’t hold grudges.”
Desmond had no idea why he was being so mean. Maybe because he wanted to be left alone or because he wanted David gone as soon as possible but he knew he would apologize and make it up to him later. This was a sensitive subject for David and the way Desmond was treating it was downright cruel.
David literally pulled at his hair, grunting in pain. Desmond couldn’t help but laugh a little.
“You look like a monkey. You’re all red and simian-like.”
David dropped his arms, suddenly calm. He closed his eyes and breathed slowly through his nose, opening his eyes after a few minutes.
“Krystian’s right. You can’t take anything seriously if it doesn’t involve you.”
Desmond frowned. “When did he say that?” he asked but David had already started walking towards the door.
“Doesn’t matter.” he called back as he pulled the door closed behind him.
Desmond sighed and laid his head on his pillow. “I need a drink.” he muttered and with that said, he rose off of his bed and made his way to his closet.
He flung the doors open and came face to face with himself. He stared into the mirror at his face that had already started to heal somewhat. The swelling was gone and the redness had faded back to his usual rosy cheeks. Even with all of this improvement, he still sported a semi black eye and a cut lip. If he tried to go to a bar like this, they wouldn’t let him in, assuming he’d already been kicked out of a bar.
A pint or two of blood should fix that up nicely, he thought as he slipped his bloodied sweater off and tossed it to the floor. Just then his cell phone vibrated in his pants pocket and he pulled it out to find a text from his childhood friend from before he Turned, Dominic Planter. It said, “Call me. Football tonight?”
Desmond could just imagine Dom’s plans for the night: hit up a few bars, running up tabs and through ladies all around the city then sneaking onto a field for a drunken, late night soccer game. He grinned and hit the green call button and put it on speaker, setting it on the closet shelf so that he could decide what to wear. Dom answered on the second ring.
“Hey faggot.” he answered. Desmond laughed.
“I love you too, baby.” he replied.
Dom had grew up in Manchester with Desmond and was Turned a whole two years after Desmond was by his coven leader.
“We on for football?” Dom asked and Desmond grinned at his friend.
Even though Dom had lived in the states for over a century now he still clung on to British terminology.
“Definitely. Though I do need a fix.” Desmond said, pulling a tight white v neck off of the hanger and slinging it over his shoulder.
“Of the bloody sort?” Dom asked.
“Yeah. We’re bone dry over here.” Des said pulling two pairs of long denim shorts down, one light blue and the other dark blue.
“I’ll handle it baby. Just get all sexy because that might take all night. I mean, it takes you two hours to get what you call decent but what’s actually is shitty.” Dom teased, ending with a laugh.
“Fuck you.” Desmond laughed.
“You bringing anyone?” Dom questioned.
Desmond paused and thought. “Maybe Dan and Dave but they’re pissed at me right now.” he said, finally.
“Poppin’ off at the mouth again?” Dom guessed.
“Of course.” Desmond said, bitterly.
“Ah well. Maybe they’ll forgive you…again.” Dom suggested. Desmond shrugged.
“Who knows?” he said.
David’s words came rushing back to his mind.
Krystian’s right. You can’t take anything seriously if it doesn’t involve you.
He shook it out of his mind but he made a mental note to apologize for how he acted.
“You should. It’s the right thing to do, yeah?” Dom said, not trying to conceal the fact that he was reading Desmond’s thoughts.
“Guess so. The pains I go through for being a good friend.” he muttered.
“I’m bringing a few guys I met. They’re pretty chill. We’ll be there in a bit.” Dom said, preparing to hang up.
“Alright.” Desmond said, slinging a pair of shorts over his arm to free his hand to grab his phone. He now held it to his mouth.
“Oh and Des?” Dom quickly added before Desmond hung up.
“Yeah?” he answered, his finger hovering over the end button.
“Light blue denim shows grass stains more than dark blue.” Dom said and Desmond laughed.
“You know me too well.”
Dom laughed too. “Later.” he said and the best friends hung up.
Desmond hung the light blue denim shorts back up and snagged an orange hat.
Whenever Dom and Desmond played soccer they were always on the same team and there were always two teams, orange and white. The teams always wore corresponding colors for their team so there would be no need to change but Dom and Desmond always wore the same outfit: white shirt, denim shorts, knee high white socks with two orange stripes, orange hoody, orange hat with a white embroidered D on the front and orange Converses. The white team wore the exact inverse of that.
Desmond grabbed the appropriate clothes and his cleats and stripped naked, grabbing a towel from a drawer and wrapping it around his waist. He grabbed his washcloth and shot his clothes onto his bed as he walked towards his bedroom door to head to the shower down the hall. He had a bathroom connected to his room but he figured he better tell the twins.
He passed the Fassano twins in the hallway while he was walking and nodded politely as they ogled him like a piece of meat. He came to a halt outside the twins room and knocked twice.
“Is that you, Des?” Daniel’s voice asked, muffled by the door.
“Yeah. Open the door.” he answered.
“Screw off.” David shot through the door.
Desmond glanced over at the twins who had started to walk towards him with lust filled eyes and Desmond gripped his towel and kind of panicked.
“Uhhmm…I’m about to be approached by some sluts and I have nothing on but a towel.” he called, nervously and to his delight, a moment later, the door knob turned and he quickly ran into the room, slamming the door behind him just as the twins reached it. He sighed.
“That was close.” he said, relieved.
“Whatever.” David said, sitting on his bed. He had apparently opened the door but was still bitter.
“What do you want?” he demanded.
Des sighed.
“I’m sorry, okay? I’m an asshole and shouldn’t have ignored you guy’s feeling like that. You guys are my best mates and I treated you badly but I can make it up.” he said.
David’s stony face had softened and now curiosity washed over him.
“How?” he demanded but with noticeably less venom.
“Soccer, bars, girls and law breaking fun.” Desmond laughed as a devilish grin washed over his sexy face. That same grin quickly dominated the twins handsome faces.
“Is this Dom’s doing?” Daniel asked.
“Who else would suggest boobs, booze and soccer for a daily outing?” Desmond laughed.
The twins joined it. He had a point.
“He’ll be here soon.” Desmond said, turning to leave.
“Does Krys know we’re leaving?” Daniel asked and Desmond could hear the soft creak of a bed moving and a soft thump and Daniel cry out. He glanced behind him and saw that David had shot a pillow at him.
“Who cares? Technically he has no dominion over me anymore. You two can ask to go though.” he snorted and left the room, not waiting for a reply.
David got up and moved to the closet that they shared and pulled out clothes for both of them related to the orange team and tossed them on the bed. They obviously weren’t going to ask.
“You never did tell what happened between you and Angel when you let her feed off of you, Dave.” Daniel said, pulling his clothes out of the pile his brother was creating.
“Nothing. She fed off of me and that was that.” David said, quickly and Daniel scoffed, now upset.
“Since when did you start lying to me?” he demanded.
They had only each other their entire lives and knew everything about each other. They never kept secrets from each other and telling when they were being lied to came as easy to them as speaking English, especially having been lied to for as long back as they could remember. After David had reappeared from letting Angel feed off of him, Daniel knew right away something was wrong.
David sighed and turned to his brother. His look was solemn.
“What happened?” Daniel demanded.
“Swear not to tell?” David asked and Daniel nodded.
“When have I ever told anything?” he assured him.
“Cross your heart?” David pressed.
This was something the twins only said when it was really important. They’d only said it a few times in their entire lives. This was serious.
Daniel nodded, now serious too.
“Well when she was feeding off of me, like any Vamp, I was horny out of this world and I know I wasn’t supposed to but I kind of bit her and drank a pint or two from her.” David said and Daniel frowned.
“That’s it? Krys’ll be pissed if he finds out but ultimately that’s nothing.” he said.
David shook his head.
“I’m not finished. When I bit her she cried out Desmond’s name.” he finished.
Daniel’s jaw dropped and his eyes widened. He shook his head, trying to clear his mind that had flooded with questions.
“What were her exact words, Dave?” he asked, anxiously.
“ ‘Take me now, Desmond.’. I remember them as clear as day. I mean the woman moaned it several times into my ear.” David said, now anxious himself.
“What’d you do next?” Daniel demanded. He was hanging onto his brothers every word and he resented himself for behaving like a gossip but he didn’t care right now. This was juicy.
“I stopped biting her and I guess it sunk in what she had said and she looked at me horrified and I told her I wouldn’t tell as long as she promised not to tell Krystian I drank from her. She agreed and ran out of the room like a bat out of hell.” David continued and Daniel shook his head in awe.
“Goody two shoes Angeline has the hots for super slut Desmond. Would’ve never guessed it.” he murmured.
“You can’t say anything though. Keep that thought guarded at all costs. I can’t risk Krys finding out. That’d be just another reason for kicking Des out and a reason to kick me out. We all know he loves her.” David said.
“If you go, I go.” Daniel said and David didn’t doubt him for a second.
Daniel shook his head, still trying to process this.
“She doesn’t love him though.” Daniel commented, half shocked.
“Let’s quit talking about it. Someone might hear.” Dave murmured, closing the closet door and pulling off his shirt. Daniel nodded.
“Okay but one question.” he added.
“Shoot.” David said, rifling through the pile of clothes for his shirt.
“How’s she going to explain the two bite marks on her neck?” Daniel asked and David froze.
“Good question.” he murmured.

“A spider bite?” Li Mei repeated, skeptically.
She had ran upstairs to shower after the scene in the kitchen with Desmond and was standing in the bathroom, blow drying her hair while Angel took her shower. She had seen the marks as soon as Angel put her hair into a ponytail.
“Yeah. I laid down for a minute after David walked me back to my room and bam. Right out of nowhere it bit me.” Angel lied, raising her voice so she could be heard over both the shower and blow dryer.
She was glad Li Mei couldn’t see her face. She was terrible at lying.
“If it was a spider, why are your thoughts closed off?” Li Mei demanded.
Angel frowned as she realized Li Mei was trying to read her mind. Luckily David’s blood gave her just enough strength to keep her thoughts guarded.
“So nosy people can’t read them.” she snapped, slightly irritated.
“Or so people can’t find out the truth.” Li Mei countered and Angel fell silent.
“I’ll find out eventually so you might as well tell me.” Li Mei continued.
“There’s nothing to find out.” Angel insisted.
She needed to get away from Li Mei before she cracked and with that she turned off the water, grabbing her towel from over the top of the shower curtain and wrapped it around herself.
She stepped out of the shower and Li Mei glanced at her in the mirror.
“Guilty conscience?” She asked, smugly and Angel shot her a look before leaving the bathroom and heading towards her room. It was only then that she let her mental block down and she sighed in relief.
“That was a horrible lie.” she chastised herself. “I could’ve did way better.”
She walked over to her bed where her clothes were neatly folded and took her towel off. She quickly dried herself off and dressed in the silk nightgown and her underwear before drying her hair and climbing into bed. She wasn’t tired but she had nothing better to do.
She reached in her bedside table and pulled out her makeup compact and flipped it open to look in the mirror. She examined the bite marks on her neck and clicked her tongue.
“Maybe I could cover it up…” she murmured and quickly dabbed some make up over it and they disappeared. She smiled to herself.
“Now I just have to remember to do this tomorrow morning.” she said, bitterly and frowned because she had a horrible memory.
Suddenly there was a knock at her door.
“Come in.” she called and Krystian walked in, holding two steaming mugs gingerly in his hands. Angel could smell that it was tea of some sort. He had already changed into his pajama pants and t shirt and his hair was pulled up into a ponytail. He had a solemn look on his face.
“You feeling better?” he asked, sounding on the verge of tears.
Angel smiled. “Yeah.”
Krystian literally sighed in relief as if he was holding his breath and she could see his body physically relax. He took a few breaths and Angel laughed a little.
“Are you okay?” she teased and he smiled back at her.
“I am now that I know you are.” he said, truthfully. He came in and closed the door behind him.
“You can never know with those Jamison’s.” he muttered and Angel laughed again.
“They’re not that bad.” she grinned.
This was a daily routine. Krystian would come sit in her room with her and they would talk until she fell asleep and then he would take their empty mugs back to the kitchen and head off to bed himself. After the first week of this Angel asked why he did this and he simply said, “I like you being the last thought on my mind before I go to sleep.”.
He came over to the bed and Angel moved over, pulling back the covers so that he could join her. He handed her the mugs before getting in the bed and took his back as soon as he’d settled in.
“I found a stray Vamp last week.” Krystian said as Angel sipped her tea.
“Is he stable?” she asked.
“Somewhat. He’s coherent. I sent him down to the Elders for evaluation. If he’s good, They want him in our coven.” Krys continued.
“That’s great.” Angel smiled but when Krystian didn’t return the smile she frowned.
“Right?” she asked.
“He’s already been approved and They’re moving him here tomorrow.” he said.
“I’m sorry, Krys, but I still don’t see the problem.” Angel said.
“This place is so crowded as it is. The last thing we need is another Vamp housed here. Besides I don’t know what this guy is like and what if he’s another Desmond? I’ve already got too much on my plate.” Krys sighed.
“But then he could turn out to be sane. I mean everyone living here is crazy. Li Mei the nosy bitch, Karina and Katana who fuck everything they see, Desmond who does whatever he wants and Daniel and David who do whatever Desmond wants them to do.” Angel said, frowning and thinking back to the scene in the bathroom with Li Mei.
Krystian looked at her shocked and laughed, heartily.
“How do I fit in the craziness?” he asked.
“You’re the constantly stressed out coven leader who seriously needs to take a vacation.” she answered, laughing.
“And you?” Krystian pressed.
Angel sighed and thought for a moment.
“I’m the goody two shoes, naive handful who helps keep the constantly stressed out coven leader somewhat in his right mind.” she said and they both shared a laugh.
“Anyway, what’s this new guys name?” Angel asked after their laughter subsided.
“Casey Pittman.” Krys answered, still smiling.
“What does he look like?”
“Long black hair, hazel eyes, dresses like a skater, a few piercings, his whole right arm is covered in tattoos and his left has a few as well and then he has one across his chest. He’s kind of tall, maybe Desmond’s height, and really skinny. When I found him he had a cigarette hanging out the corner of his mouth.” Krystian finished, with a disgusted look on his face. He hated smoking ever since he quit 30 years ago.
“Does he seem like a nice kid?” Angel asked, smiling slightly at Krystian’s face.
“He’s respectful enough but I can still sense a bit of a rebel in him. If Desmond catches wind of that, it’ll be all downhill from there. He’ll feed it until the boy is just like him.” Krystian said.
“He won’t have that much time to even get to know him though. Thank God.” Angel laughed.
“Yeah.” Krys said but Angel heard the catch in his voice.
“You are going to move him, right?” she asked.
“I was kind of harsh on him tonight. Then to top it off, he sliced his hand open and Li Mei being…Li Mei had me flustered as it is and then I didn’t handle that situation the way I should’ve. Now that I’ve had time to actually sit and think about tonight, I realized I overreacted. I’ll give him another chance.” Krystian said, his words pouring out of his mouth by the time he finished.
Angel nodded, slowly. “Why the sudden change of heart?” she asked.
Krystian simply shrugged his shoulder and sipped from his mug.
“He’s improved since he’s gotten here so it’s not like he’s as bad he was before.”
Angel sipped her mug, silently. She could sense there was more to what he was saying.
“He’s going to have two weeks to shape up though.” Krystian said, indefinitely but Angel could hear a slight hint of skepticism.
There was a soft knock at the door and the two looked at it. Angel frowned. That was unusual.
“Expecting other guests?” Krystian asked and Angel shook her head.
“Who is it?” she called.
“Li Mei.”
Angel sneered but quickly fixed her face, not wanting to bring about any questions from Krystian. “Come in.” she said, hesitantly.
Li Mei simply swung the door open and stood in the doorway. A series of emotions passed over her face as she took in the scene of Krystian and Angel together in bed. First confusion, then understanding, then smugness and finally feigned indifference. Both Krystian and Angel knew she would comment on it later.
“I just thought I should let you know that David, Daniel and, guess who, Desmond are about to walk out of the door.” she said, haughty.
Krystian set the mug in his hands down quickly on the bed side table, sloshing some of the tea out of it. He grimaced as the hot liquid trickled down his hand.
“Where are they going?” he demanded, throwing back the covers and getting out of the bed.
“They’re not gone yet. They’re in the kitchen eating. Dom’s here with some guy I heard him call Coriander. He just looks like someone that Dom and Desmond would hang out with. Sketchy.” Li Mei said, making a face.
Everyone’s sketchy to you. Angel thought and was happy that Li Mei couldn’t hear her thoughts.
“How do you know all of this?” she said, aloud.
“I was downstairs in the living room when I heard Desmond let those drunkards in. They’ve been here for 10 minutes now and they won’t shut up. So I went into the kitchen to see what they were doing.” Li Mei answered.
Angel scowled. “Don’t you think that’s nosy?” she asked.
“Not at all. I’m just doing my part as a tenant in this mansion and informing our coven leader of wrongdoing. He’s so busy after all.” Li Mei shot back and Krystian nodded.
“Thank you, Li Mei.” he said, starting for the door.
“Even though we’re fresh out of blood and the search for Desmond’s new coven hasn’t started yet, he still finds the time to relax and sip tea with his favorite person in the world. He’s amazing, isn’t he Angel?” Li Mei continued, dripping with sarcasm and accusation.
They ignored her comments.
“Where are Karina and Katana?” Krystian asked.
“In the kitchen. You thought they were bad around the twins. They’re practically in Dom’s pants.” Li Mei scoffed.
That was one thing Li Mei and Angel agreed on. They both thought the Fassano twins were gorgeous but the way they carried themselves made them ugly in their eyes.
Krystian shook his head and shouldered, rudely, past Li Mei and started down the hall. It wasn’t until he reached the stairs did he realize Li Mei and Angel were right behind him. In the hallway leading to the kitchen they had heard the loud music which Krystian recognized as Desmond’s favorite band, Blood On The Dance Floor. Dahvie was singing something about S-ing his D . They burst into the kitchen, led by Krystian, and stopped short, in shock, when they witnessed the scene.
“I hope you didn’t plan for the two weeks to start today.” Angel muttered.
David and Daniel were dancing around the room, shirtless, like they were at a rave, screaming the lyrics at the top of their lungs and passing a bottle of Jack Daniels between the two of them. Desmond and some man Krystian didn’t recognize but assumed to be this Coriander guy Li Mei was talking about had shot glasses filled with different colored liquids lining the edge of the kitchen counter. Desmond was apparently at the beginning and Coriander had a stopwatch in his hand. He shouted “GO!” and started the watch while Desmond started working his way down the line of shots, downing each one and moving onto the next. When they saw Dom, Karina and Katana, Krystian almost went ballistic.
Dom was lying, shirtless on the island in the middle of the kitchen while Karina was doing body shots off of him and Katana stood, bent over (much like how Spiderman kissed mary jane) and was making out, passionately, with him.
The trio was appalled.
“WHAT IS GOING ON HERE?!” Krystian bellowed, crimson with rage. He looked hysterical yet no one paid him any attention. Well, anyone he cared to speak to anyway. Dom opened his eyes slightly and saw them standing in the doorway.
He pushed Katana’s head away and sat up. He felt some liquid slide down his stomach and soak into his shorts. Karina frowned.
“I wanted that.” she said.
“Just another place for you lick me, sweetheart.” Dom said, sexily and Karina bit her lip.
He half smiled at Krystian.
“Hey Krys. Long time, no see.” he slurred. Krystian almost didn’t understand him.
Dom was absolutely gorgeous. He had the top part of his hair his natural light brown color and the bottom part dyed jet black that fell well below his shoulders and bangs that swept across his forehead and hung so low that he constantly had to push them out of his hazel eyes. He had a nicely toned, smooth body and a smile to die for. He sported a silver hoop through his right nostril, and snakebites with a Monroe. He had two sleeves of tattoos and one just above his panty line that said “Living Life Never Made You Alive”.
“Yeah, it’s been a while.” Krys murmured, still fuming.
Everyone looked towards Coriander as he yelled, “That was so sick, dude! 40 shots in 30 seconds! You’re beast!” and gave Desmond a hi five, who was grinning like an idiot.
“Cori, bring your ass.” Dom called and Coriander flipped him off but came over none

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