My little fetish

Author: Cecilia

She stepped into the back area of the bar. The tall woman dressed head to toe in hard black leather. Her skin was pale contrasting to the darkness of her clothes. The beauty that surrounded her left an aura of domination that left me hungry for her.

My name is Jessica. I never got her name. I never needed it. Just the way she walked in that day and sat next to me. She was looking for someone to respect her and show her a night the way she wanted. And I wanted to give it to her from the moment I laid eyes on her.

All I knew was she was oriental and had such a dominating aura about her it made me aroused just watching her.

It was a short conversation at best and I followed her up to her room rented upstairs. I offered myself to her the moment she stepped into the room. She sat down on the bed, taking off her jacket and spandex shirt not even having the time to set them to the floor when I was on my knees.

My heart raced. I adored her beauty. Kneeled down, I kissed at her boots that were still on. She did not even have the time to take off her leather pants.

When I looked up, I saw a slightly puzzled look in her eyes as if she had never seen anyone into boot worshipping like myself. But the Asian goddess was not appearing to be arguing any.

I traced along the seam of those knee-high boots with gentle kisses while my hands caressed the smooth leather. The scent of hide filled my senses as well as the sweet aroma of her growing arousal. Evidently this was starting to get to her as well.

Next, I reached up to the belt of her pants and unfastened it, slowly peeling them down from her waist, still on my knees. I couldn’t help but giggle at the sight they left behind. The tough on the outside leather clad bitch wore a pair of dainty pink panties underneath. Not that I was complaining.

I coiled my fingers around the crotch of her heat soaked panties. The warm scent of her arousal lingered in my hand. I worked those gentle kisses up from her boots along her upper thigh. God I wanted her so badly. I didn’t care about my own pleasure at that point. Just hers.

Then my lips touched her nether lips, tasting for the first time the delightful moistness of her slit. I slowly parted those hot petals as she wrapped her thighs around me and dug the heels of those boots into the small of my back. The force of that pressure pulled me up to her and forced my tongue past those sweet lips to the generous bud of her clit.

I couldn’t stand it anymore. I reached between my own thighs and plunged a pair of fingers in my flaming and dripping sex to quench the fires of lust that had already started within me.

I made love to the boot clad beauty with my broad tongue, lapping up every bit of her juices that I possibly could. All I wanted at that point was her fair skin and her fairer sex.

All at once, she stood to her feet, pushing me back to my ankles and standing over me with me still on the floor.

I worried that she was going to throw me out and leave me in need but instead, she lifted one of her boots and set it to my shoulder. Under her heel, I felt as if I was about to cum right then and there. I dove my tongue up into her hot sex, just being able to catch that angle that was needed.

She did a great job of sating this little fetish of mine. Holding me under her heel with my pussy throbbing in the intense pleasure I felt from pleasing her. She grabbed lightly at my hair, pulling me up into her slit. I nibbled lightly at her pulsating clit a moment before the situation changed just as quickly as it had begun.

The Asian woman pushed me onto my back on the floor with her boot. I laid out sprawled on the floor as she stepped forward over me. She kneeled over my body, turning around to straddle her pussy over my tongue once again as I felt her hot breath coming down over my own.

I came on the spot. I don’t know if she saw it but the waves of lust that rolled through me felt better than I had felt in a long time. The force of the orgasm, sent my tongue batting up into her sex, I wrapped my arms around her thighs with her ankles crossed behind my head and her heels pressed back against my neck.

She was very talented I have to admit. God I am getting wet just talking about it.

I feasted on her depths, dipping my tongue in to her hot clit as my fingers pressed within her.

I gyrated my fingertips into her as I felt her own fingers enter within me. God I was tight. Her two fingers pried me apart, with me clenching around them snugly. I felt every movement of her fingers and matched her motions with my own, pumping inside her in a reckless abandon.

When I heard the screams of her lungs emptying into the room and the delicious change of flavors over her sex spilling her orgasmic fluids over my tongue, I felt my body shudder once again in turn. But my orgasmic release was short lived when I passed out cold from the sheer force of that orgasm she had given me.

When I came around an hour later, she was gone. All that was left was a small red rose on my chest. That I kept alive as long as it would.

One of these days I will see her again. It’s been about a year now but nightly I come back to this same bar and wait. Waiting for my Asian Madame to come dressed in leather for me to worship once again.

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