Dancin’ Boots

Author: Cecilia

After a long hard day at work, I came home, heated up a TV dinner, and ate while the television displayed some sitcom that I wasn’t even paying attention to.

Bored and tired of being alone, I headed out to the local dance club to have a drink, do some people watching, maybe even be able to make a new friend.I order a Jack & Coke, and find a table near the dance floor. I like to watch the people dance. Especially when the groups of girls get out there and start trying to be sexy for all the guys around. I get a good laugh out of that sometimes.

I sit down at my table, and sip on my drink as I watch the people out there. This dark song comes on, and most of the people leave the dance floor, taking a break from the action. Except for one girl. Wow. She looks to be only about five feet tall, slender, red headed, with all the right curves in all the right places. She’s dressed all in vinyl, a sleeveless vest with a zipper in the front, a short skirt, and thigh high boots with heels that would kill the average dog.

As I watch her, I feel my sexual tension become heightened. I’m pretty sure it’s the boots. I never have been able to figure out why girls in thigh high boots turn me on, but it doesn’t matter. I watch closely as she moves on the dance floor.

Her boots are so tight. You can see everything that is going on underneath them. Her high heels cause her calf muscles to ripple underneath the shiny black vinyl, and I can see that her legs are clearly defined, and deduce that she must wear these a lot. Either that or she dances a lot. Either way, the results are terrific.

As she moves to the music, her legs flex and bend as she twists, dips, and turns on the wooden floor. I can see her thigh muscles contracting and expanding as she works them tirelessly. Watching this woman would be intriguing even if she was dressed in jeans and a t-shirt, but the outfit, and the boots…oh man the boots…

The song comes to an end, and she expertly walks towards me, exiting the dance floor. Placing one foot directly in front of the other, her hips swing like that of a fashion model. Her high heels stretching out her legs, I watch, nearly hypnotized by the way the boots straighten out as she extends her legs, making her legs look longer and longer as she steps forward, and the way they crinkle up in the backs of her knees while stretching tight over the tops of her knees and backs of her calves as she prepares to bring the next leg forward. She approaches a table near mine, and sits in the empty seat, reaching for her drink.

Now she is sitting with her back to me, but facing the dance floor, so I get a good look at her profile. She has her legs tucked underneath the tall chair, and she is leaned over slightly on the table. Immediately my brain tells me what it would look like to approach her from behind, and slide my hand up her boots, up her soft skin, and into her skirt. My bulging cock tells me what it would feel like to do so as well.

She turns to the side, and casually crosses one leg over the other, and sits back in her chair. I can hear the vinyl creak as one boot rubs against the other. I want so badly to walk over there and put my hand on her knee, and feel the fabric stretched so tightly across her skin. As I watch, she bounces her top leg up and down on her knee, causing her foot, and that spiked heal, to wave around in the air, as if beckoning me to me come and touch it. As she does this, the light reflecting off of her boots is sparkling, twinkling, again wishing me to reach out and stroke them.

Just as I’m thinking I can’t handle it anymore without getting up and getting closer to this beauty, she gets up and heads back to the dance floor. I order another drink, and sit back and watch her more. She is dancing with a friend of hers, a seductive dance between these two women. Straddling her friend’s leg, she begins to pump her legs up and down, causing her boots to stretch and flex, then relax, then stretch out again across her tight thigh muscles. Rhythmically, they move together, as if there are waves of electricity moving through them, grinding and pulsing – her body pressed up against her friends, her boot-clad legs spread apart, with her heels planted under each of her shoulders, she leans back into her friend, smiling. As she closes her eyes, listening to the music, I begin to imagine what she would look like wearing nothing but those boots, with my head in between them. I imagine that she would have that same smile on her face as she does right now, on the dance floor.

Unable to take anymore, I down the rest of my drink, and head home. Of course, I can’t get the girl with the fantastic boots out of my head, nor the look on her face when I decided to leave. Letting my imagination pick up where it left off, I imagine myself between her legs, with her skirt hiked up over her waist, her vest unzipped, and her booted legs wrapped around my waist. I can almost hear the vinyl creaking as she clenches her thighs down on me, I can almost smell the sweat wafting up from underneath them. I want to taste her sweat, her skin, and her boots.

As I think about her, stroking my shaft furiously, I explode in a wonderful, relief-filled orgasm that shoots up onto my chest. I roll over on the bed, wipe up my mess, and doze off to sleep. It is a night filled with many dreams of my babe from the club, and a morning of regret for not talking to her before I left.

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