Red Booted Lust

Author: Cecilia

As I gazed at the hotel room, I saw that the place had just been cleaned. I had only been gone for an hour, I thought. Those cleaning ladies work fast. I walked into the hotel room quietly and sat down. I’m a patient lady, so it wasn’t too bad. I kicked my legs slowly back and forth, wearing my coat still, a little shy about the outfit I had chosen for this. And there, I waited for about twenty minutes or so, before I heard the expected tap on the door. It would be her. The one who, those many days ago, on the back of a matchbook, had made that promise to me. I looked up, and called out, in a slightly trembling, excited voice, “Come in.” and the door clicked as the knob turned, and released. It swung open, and standing there, was the lady I had met on the train. Tall, slender, wearing red, just as she had last week when I met her.

She leaned against the door jam, and smiled at me, before walking in slowly, taking slow and careful steps with her powerful athletic legs, covered all the way up to the middle of her thigh in red-dyed suede leather boots, which laced up the side. She wore a soft red leather miniskirt, and a tight white cotton T-shirt, with a red leather vest that matched the skirt, which seemed to hug her hips almost unbearably tightly. She stood before me in front of the bed. My heart beat faster, as I looked from her gorgeous face, framed in long, soft blonde hair, and I gazed slowly down her form, tracing the curves of her chest, oppressed by her tight T-shirt, protesting with slightly perked nipples, visible through the stressed fabric.

She wore nothing beneath, that tight T giving her all the support she felt she needed perhaps. Her flat, healthy tummy drew down to the skirt, which while it had a belt, it was kept loose, and so the ridge of her pelvis was visible in the tone of her milky skin. She placed her hands on her hip as I took in the lovely view, finally reaching what had captivated me so much before. Those thigh high boots. I had a pair like them some time ago, lost in a move, unfortunately, but these were perhaps nicer. And on these strong, youthful legs, they certainly were alluring.

I slowly unbuttoned my coat, and shrugged it off, onto the bed, wearing only a nightgown, as I had been told I would be spending the night. I smiled, blushing softly to this person I had met on the train and still didn’t even know her name. She grins saucily to me and sat on the bed beside me, placing her hand on the spaghetti strap of my nightgown, brushing it to the side, and quietly kissing my shoulder. A thrill ran up my spine as I felt the raw desire I had felt when her hand came to rest on my leg on the train. I tilted my head back, my lips parting a bit, and this red fox kissed me rather suddenly, pressing in close.

I held the kiss a while, my tongue searching her mouth, coiling against her tongue, and drawing the sweet flavor of her lips gloss, watermelon, it seemed, into my own lips. I shuddered softly, and got up, standing in front of the blonde beauty, my own ebony tresses spilling in front of my face as I places my hands on her shoulders, turning my head slightly, and kissing her again. Her leg came up, that beautiful leg practically poured into those gorgeous boots. As it rose, it slid between my thighs. Instinctively, I bent my knees a little, pressing myself against her shin. The suede was ever so slightly rough, and yet, still quite soft against my already burning mound. I pulled away from the kiss, and gritting my teeth slightly, as the girl who’s name I still had not even gotten around to asking, began to slide her leg back and forth, bending her knee a bit, and grinning as she used that supple leather to spread my labia, wetting the soft leather with my already plentiful nectar.

I had been wet for the entire twenty minutes, longing for this, anxious, and a little afraid too, I think. The sensations of that soft, wonderful boot sent chills up my spine. I brought one of my hands to the lady’s chest, and began to squeeze, slowly, and firmly, her nipple caught between two of my fingers. That tight little nub rolled a bit between them, as I pressed my hips downward slightly harder, rolling myself against that soft leather. I began to breath a little harder, a little more erratically. I had been needing this, thinking of this, spending nights in bed, desperately abusing myself with the thought of this goddess in thigh high boots and finally, here I was, and I was enjoying those boots in a way I had not even considered.

She pushed her leg back and forth a little faster, smiling at me, beginning to breathe a little harder as well. I moved one of my hands under her skirt, and pressed my fingers forward, feeling the shaven flesh of her mound, clean and smooth. I used my fingertips to trace the contours of her sex, until I was finally at the right angle that I spread her labia, and pressed my middle finger deep inside her soaking honey-pot. She gasps, and released along, low moan, the first I’d heard of her voice. I moaned in soft, daring answer, my honey spreading wetly over that red suede leather.

It felt like a tongue, pressed incredibly tight, soft, ever so slightly rough, and well over a foot long, sliding back and forth between my thighs, moving faster and harder now, as I began to pump my finger, first just one, then my ring finger too, inside her. Her breathing picked up to match mine. I bucked my hips softly against that boot, that strong leg that drove it so torturing against me. I felt the fires racing through my body, lighting everything that would burn in my heated soul. My eyes shut tight, and I leaned in, biting and sucking the blonde’s nipple through her shirt first, then lifting it, making her lean back a bit, as she pumped her leg between my thighs, rubbing me almost painfully, but I was so close already! I didn’t care!

I bucked my hips harder, whimpering loudly as I held that tight nipple against my tongue, grinding it with the velvet surface of my tongue. I felt a hot flash bolt through my body, and I jerked my muscles tight, holding myself there over her, pressing this girl to the bed by her shoulders, as I pulled my lips from her breast with an audible pop, and crying out, my sex soaking the boot, my juices dripping down to the heel, as I pumped my hand harder under that skirt, feeling her tight folds hugging my fingers. I lifted her skirt, as she just kept her leg pressed against my convulsing sex, and I pressed my tongue to her firm clit, fluttering it from side to side rapidly. The lady in red spread her thighs wide, then, drawing her boot away, and pressing her heels into the edge of the bed, as she bucked her hips upward into my mouth, and my hooking, plunging fingers. She released a long, feral, mind-shattered cry, as her tangy juices spilled over my knuckles.

I held her boot with my arm, holding her leg, falling to my knees, trembling from the intense release, the warmth flowing through my body all the more as I heard her cried of pleasure. I slowly crawled onto the bed, panting heavily, as my thighs trembled, barely able to hold me up on all fours. I leaned down, pressing my heaving breasts to hers, and I kissed her. It was going to be a long, long night, and hopefully, at some point, I would be able to find out her name, so I knew, through the early morning hours to come, what it was I should be screaming.

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