Reflections Of Passion

Author: Dan

Jodi lay curled up in her bed, her mind lost in the dark mystery that she had been reading for the past two hours. Always the shy and modest type, Jodi let herself become the daring, strong, sensuous and even helpless characters in each book that she read, her name became their name, the world on paper, becoming her reality. As a thunderstorm roared overhead, she snuggled in deeper beneath her blankets and read on… focusing… letting herself sink deeper into the paperback contained world… becoming…

“Jodi stood before the antique mirror, seeing herself not as she truly was, but as a fair haired goddess with beauty beyond description. She took in her voluptuous breasts, slight waist, curvaceous figure kissed by black latex and she could not believe her beauty, but it was there, the mirror didn’t lie, and it was telling her how beautiful she truly was. She moved her eyes lower, taking in her slender thighs, firm calves wrapped tightly in their leather platform boots and her attention was drawn to the dark tuft of hair that covered her beautiful sex. Bringing her fingers to it, she ran the tips through the silken hair, a pussy so beautiful, that it had not been shared with a man, nor would it be until one came to her, telling her of it’s beauty, then and only then, would she let him take it, only then would she let him steal her virginity, only then…”

Jodi lay the book across her bare breasts and closing her eyes, ran her fingers down her soft abdomen, letting them move lower until they were playing through the silken tuft that covered her own warm pussy, such a beautiful pussy… and she read on…

“Jodi lowered herself to the floor, spreading her legs wide, she stared in awe of the beautiful pussy in the mirror, and she touched it, spreading the fleshy lips to expose the succulent pink labia. “What a beautiful pussy I have”, she thought and spread it wider, watching as her clit slid out from it’s delicate hood, biting her lip softly as she appreciated the tightness of her hole, so perfect, so ready for the right one. Allowing her fingertips to circle her clit, a familiar burning began deep in her sex and she felt her face pinkened. Closing her eyes, Jodi surrendered to her self pleasures, her ass rocking, her pussy dripping its juices out onto the floor… she tossed her head back, opening her eyes quickly to gaze into the mirror, to inhale once again her beautiful face as it pinkened in lust and longing… and there he was… watching her self love… eyes dark and piercing.

She turned her head away, looking over her shoulder, he was not there… and she turned back. Her act of self love had called him, the spilling of her sex had drawn him to her, and there he was… so beautiful this man within her mirror… the dark eyed god whom always came near as she revealed her beauty in the antique looking glass. He did see her beauty and she knew it, his eyes always locked onto her, his naked body, firm and muscular seemed ever at the ready to take her, his cock, so thick so erect spoke of his hunger to fuck her, a look of longing within his eyes, indeed he saw her beauty…”

Jody jumped from her bed and moved to the standing mirror in the corner of her bedroom, lowering herself to the floor as the character in the book did and lay the open book in front of her, so that she could read on. Spreading her legs, she caressed her pussy, parting the lips to reveal her hardened clit and she fondled it, rubbed it in light circles that stoked her flames of desire… “If only I was beautiful”, she whispered to herself… “If only I was so beautiful that he would come to me” and she read on…

“Softly, sensuously, Jodi heard a voice speak into her ear, “You are so beautiful. Beauty as yours should last an eternity. Beauty as yours should never die, but live forever without end immortal” Jodi turned and she saw him, the reflection in the mirror was behind her, inhaling her beauty in real life as he had always done within the confines of glass and wood. She turned and rose, her eyes steadily on his as she searched for truth, he was beautiful, just as she and she longed for him, he saw her beauty and she knew that he was the one.

He brought his lips to hers, and kissed her deeply. Jodi feeling no desire to pull away let his tongue probe the warm wetness of her beautiful mouth and she hungered for him more. She let his hands slither seductively across her slender body, pressing close to him so that his cock was pressing tightly against her already slick pussy. He danced with her, his eyes staring deeply into hers, drawing her into a lustful trance that made her writhe in his embrace, grinding her wanting cunt against his swollen cock. She was aflame with passion, her nails clawing his back, warm tongue licking long trails of lust over his immense chest and she begged him, “I ache for you. Take me… please take me…. I need you”

He lowered his lips to kiss the soft skin of her long neck and in a hot lust-filled whisper, spoke into her ear, “I will take you and you will be mine… and your beauty… will remain forever immortal. Do you wish this to be so? I will take you and you will be mine!”

Joni hypnotically slithered her body across his, an ache in her cunt to be filled, to be broken and to be fucked. The brushing of her pert nipples against his hairy chest sent surges of longing deep into her lusting, hungry cunt. She could take no more, she needed to be filled, and she needed him now, “Take me, make me yours, please take me, fuck me, and take me please”

He placed his hands about her slight waist and lifted her until her cunt was dripping its warm juices over his throbbing cock. She wrapped her legs about him, pressing her face into his strong chest and he dropped her, letting his mammoth throbbing cock tear itself deep into the tightness of her aching pussy. Joni screamed out with the pain, biting down onto his chest as he grunted in thunderous thrusts, driving his massive cock harder and harder into her drenched cunt.

As Joni continued to read, she slid her fingers in and out of her sopping wet pussy, first one, then two, slamming them hard into her slick gash, a hunger to cum overtaking her. Panting, losing control, Joni finger-fucked herself hard, her cunt juices spilling out onto the floor, but she didn’t want to cum yet, not until they did. They would cum together, cunts and cock exploding as one. She couldn’t let herself cum… not yet… and she read on…

“Joni kept her face buried in his chest as pain and pleasure flooded her cock filled cunt. He raised her and dropped her, forcing his cock deeper yet and she cried out, nearly pleading for him to stop, but her hunger to cum keeping her from doing so. She endured the wrath of his hammering immenseness as he thrust his cock faster and faster into her, his grunts filling her ears, her cries and moans filling his. Her body tensed and she pressed herself hard to him, grinding her throbbing clit against his thrusting pelvis. Joni shuddered, her body flooding with orgasm and she screamed out, panting, clawing, her pussy squeezing his cock in rapid contractions and he spewed his boiling semen deep into her pulsing cunt…”

Joni hammered her fingers into her slick cunt with a hunger to cum. Rocking her ass and spreading wider, she pulled out her fingers and ran them hard and fast across her rock hard clit. A wave of pleasure rushed through her and she throated orgasmic moans, grunting and lifting her ass off of the floor until her pussy gushed its juices all over the book and mirror. Lowering her chin to her chest, Joni rode the wave of orgasm until her pussy was dry and contracted no more.

Joni looked up and was horrified. The images of her book played out in her mirror. There they were, a beautiful woman in the embrace of a hideous beast, screaming and pounding on it’s chest, it’s cock still thrusting deep inside of her torn cunt, cum and blood streaming down it’s massive thighs…

Joni woke herself screaming, her book still lay across her chest, her wet fingers still pressed into her warm pussy. “It was only a dream”, she assured herself as she slipped off of the bed and went to the oval mirror sitting in the corner of her bedroom. Adjusting her hair, she was suddenly aware of how beautiful she is.

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