End of Innocence

Author: Lenny


Book one – The Introduction


The beautiful fiery orange sky created by the setting sun, signified a perfect start to the forthcoming events that were still an absolute mystery to Gail. She sat watching the setting sun in anticipation of Brian’s arrival, the hustle and bustle of the office behind her. Gail had completed the painstaking actions of showering, doing her make up, setting her magnificent bush of flaming red hair, and meticulously dressing into the ‘requested’ clothing. She wore her brightly coloured floral, semi transparent, front fastening, full-length strapless dress. Underneath, all she had on was the red half-cup front fastening bra that left her nipples exposed. Panties were taboo, thus she never wore any.
Feeling clean and refreshed, she could not help the tinge of nervousness that tugged at her mind, even though she was excited about what Brian had in store for her. Trying to imagine what lay in store for her, Gail’s mind was so preoccupied that she never heard the car pull up in her driveway. Brian’s familiar knock jerked her back to reality. She jumped up and opened the door for him. As he stepped inside, she melted into his arms, kissing him passionately. Brian’s hands travelled up and down her beautiful petite body. (Was he inspecting her?) Yes she thought, sure that she would pass the test with flying colours. Brian confirmed this when he pulled her firmly against his body, revealing an enormous erection, signifying his satisfaction. After the regular greetings and trivial questions were passed, Brian stepped back; his eye’s roaming up and down her shapely body so exposed by the thin form fitting sheer material of her dress, which clearly revealed her breasts so well enhanced by the bra, her narrow waist and beautifully rounded hips. Brian bent down and released the lowest button, raising the split in her dress higher and closer to her crotch. Now he was fully satisfied. Gail had proven she was an obedient lover, although…, the night was still young! The level of obedience was yet to be tested, just so the level of humiliation.
Leaving the house, Brian wrapped a shawl around Gail’s shoulders, then guided her down to the car, (In her mind she saw six white stallions and a golden coach.), and opened the door for her to climb in. He smiled with approval as she slipped into the seat, letting the dress slide away, revealing her slender smooth legs. Gail in turn, had only admiration for this gentle giant, as she watched him walk around the car. One could not help notice how well build he was, with clothes that seemed to have been painted onto him, revealing his every muscle and shape. This included the magnificent bulge so well displayed in his crotch. That such a large man could be such a caring, and wonderful lover! As the car pulled out of the driveway, Gail placed her hand onto his excited cock, caressing it rather than stimulating it, so as not to make Brian lose concentration or control. Feeling strangely relaxed, the car gliding to destination unknown, she let her mind slip back, recalling her initial initiation to the bizarre world of Sexual Bondage.
At 24, working as a physiotherapist/masseur, living a quiet secluded life. She thought (although of no significance) she knew all there was to know about sex and sexuality. That was until she met Brian through introduction by her friend and boss’s daughter Becky. Initially she thought Becky was lesbian, as her in-depth stares had made her uncomfortable; subsiding when she realized Becky only admired her for her petite beauty, they eventually become good friends. Gail’s heart skipped a beat when this hunk of a man came into the office, his eyes clearly revealing his attraction for her. She learned his name was Brian and that he was a close friend of her boss and thus Becky, who by request had no hesitation in arranging for an introduction. This proved to be unnecessary, for to Gail’s delight, this great knight had already noticed her and had already made a massage reservation requesting her as his masseuse.
Brian went for a refresher shower, while Gail prepared the room and changed into the little white top and shorts they wore when doing a massage. Brian entered the room with only the little white towel wrapped around his hips, his eyes unashamedly roving her entire body. She realized that for the first time since working here, she enjoyed his stares, realizing he was undressing her with his eyes. Hardly able to conceal her pleasure and admiration, she invited him to climb onto the massage bench, adding that he was to lie face down on his stomach. He did this and then Gail pulled the towel out from under him, leaving it to hang modestly covering his buttocks, yet with his legs slightly spread, the family jewels were on full display. She started to apply the warmed oil onto his legs from the top down, conscientious of every muscle on his legs as she rubbed them in. Due to her petite stature, she usually requested permission to climb up on the table to sit on the person she was massaging, for easier reach. She has to date never been refused, though this was the first time she felt more pleasure than comfort and on completion of the massage, felt strangely disappointed when she climbed off to request Brian to turn over onto his back. Once again, the towel was re-arranged for modesty’s sake, and once again, the family jewels were on full display, defeating the object of the towel. Even though penis envy was never really a woman’s thing, Gail could not help being fascinated at its size, even though it was limp. Brian’s visits became a regular weekly appointment, confirming Gail’s suspicions that she was doing her job correctly, but more importantly, she had satisfied Brian. Her life as she knew it was running its normal path, as she expected it to. Little did she realize that her next appointment with Brian was about to change her way of thinking forever. Life’s passage was not a perfect organized straight line. There were glitches, some needed to be realigned, some discarded, but every so now and then, the glitch was just what the doctor ordered to make life more real, causing a want to reorganize and live larger.
Gail had as usual completed her massaging and advising of relaxing in the sauna and thereafter a shower, when Brian stopped her with a request the literally blew her mind. He asked Gail to masturbate him. She froze, not wanting to spoil any relations; she did not know what to do. This was not a cheap whorehouse, neither was this a place where ‘extras’ were freely dished out. The massage was a proper clinical operation, not just a dirty ‘body-rub’ building up to a quick sex romp. Yet here was Brian requesting that that was forbidden. After a series of excuses and explanations, Brian reassured her that his request was not for a cheap quickie, it was more his want of a more intimate contact with her, within the confines of the clinic. Any other date would be away from the clinic and just not the same. Therefore, Gail gave in to his request. She slowly yet gracefully removed the towel avoiding his eyes at all costs. She could help starring at his beautiful body, now completely naked and even more alluring. With one hand on his belly, she cupped his testicals gently with the other hand, caressing them, stroking them, knowing this would help create the necessary erection. She could not believe she was enjoying this fondling of his genitals and as the erection became apparent, she slid her hand up the shaft squeezing it as she progressed to the tip. Gripping the penis solidly she proceeded to jerk it vigorously. Her eyes travelled up his body, seeing his stomach rolling in waves as he moved his body to match her jerking. She chanced a glance at his face, his eyes were shut tight, his mouth slightly open as he gave short gasping breaths. After what seemed an eternity, she felt his cock starting to throb and expand as he reached climax point. A groan escaped from Brian’s open lips, as he started to come. Catching the fluid with her left hand, she gripped his cock tighter, jerking it harder and faster, increasing the pressure of his ejaculation. When the fluids stopped, she laid his cock onto his belly and too shy to look him in the eyes, she excused her self, went to the washbasin rinsed her hands and left the room.
Gail at first, feeling guilty for what had transpired, worried that she would never see this beautiful man again. This was not to be. The next morning, Brian was at the clinic. Not for a massage, no, he very seriously wanted to make a date, to which Gail readily agreed. Unbeknown to her, this was the start of the new life that would change her forever more. After a series of dinner and dance dates, they very soon grew more intimate, which ultimately grew to an affair. Their first sexual encounters were for Gail great, improving as they discovered more and more about each other. At one stage while relaxing after a very satisfying romp of wild abandoned sex, Gail noticed that Brian although climaxed and happy, had not reached satisfaction. She had not shied from anything Brian wanted, or stopped him from doing what ever he wanted to do with her. Yet something was missing. Gail gave her all, not expecting anything in return, yet doing more than what Brian wanted to please them both. SO WHAT WAS WRONG? Gail’s discovery of what the shortcoming was that Brian wanted, became a memory and an experience she would never forget.
One evening, well progressed into a wild wanton session of amazing foreplay, Gail noticed that Brian’s fondling and caresses were becoming all the more serious, rougher and determined. In her sensation-racked mind, she realized her one arm was pinned under Brian. His one arm, which was above her head held her other arm by the wrist with a steel-like grip. His leg pinned her legs down, spreading them with his knee, so that she could not move, not that this bothered her, as the actions he performed were sending her into an even higher peak of sensations, of which she had never experienced before. Kissing and licking her breasts and nipples, his free hand was intensively exploring her pussy, the finger creating ecstatic sensations. His throbbing cock pressed hard against her hip. She felt his finger leave her wet yearning pussy then his hand travelling up her securely clamped arm. His tongue left her protruding nipple, tracing a path up her neck to her ear. With a movement so quick, she could not quite comprehend it, Brian manoeuvred her arm out from under him, drawing it too above her head, and then his massive hand held both wrists in a vice like grip. She realized she was helpless. Without realizing it, Gail’s calm graceful world as she knew it was about to change drastically, in a way she could never have dreamed possible. Never before had she seen Brian’s eyes sparkle the way they did now.
As her sense-crazed mind swam uncontrollably, she heard Brian whisper gently as if carefully into her ear. “Gail”, the sound invading her passion-crazed mind, “Uhm”, she murmured into his neck. “Do you love me enough to trust me?” he continued. Surprised and confused, she was ‘shocked’ back to reality. Opening her eyes, she stared at him, and then even more shocked, realized how secure he was pinning her down. “Yes Brianie, you know I do!” she replied breathlessly. “Why are you asking me this?” she continued,”…and why are you holding me so tight? I can’t move!” Brian gave her his comforting smile, replying, “Please, just lie still, and trust me.” He released her, slipping off the bed in one flowing movement, he moved over to her dresser, opened the drawer and found her array of coloured silk scarves. Gail’s stare exposed her admiration of Brian’s body as he moved around the room. He returned with the scarves, sitting down on the bed next to her head.
With precise determination, he raised her arm and tied her wrist to the bedpost with the one scarf. “What? ….What are you doing?” She asked franticly, a tinge of fear tugging at her senses. “Relax!” he replied smiling, his hand cupping her breast, the fingers gently squeezing the erect nipple, calming her as her sensation confused mind tried to comprehend what was happening. As she relaxed, he stood up and walked to the other side of the bed, then tied her other wrist to the bedpost with another scarf.
Running his fingers along the full length of her body he moved down to the bottom of the bed, he heard a moan slip through her closed lips. Looking her straight in the eyes, he unceremoniously spread her legs, and tied her ankles to the bottom bed posts, and then he majestically stood erect in more ways than one, his cock jutting up in absolute magnificent exposure. He let his eyes roam down her body over her swollen breasts to her quivering belly, coming to rest on the patch of red curly hairs that surrounded her pussy now so openly exposed and vulnerable between her widespread creamy smooth thighs of the legs that seemed to go on forever. Gail had never before felt so shamelessly exposed, her belly quivering as the little fear devils tugged at her stomach, her firm round breasts moving up and down with her quick short breaths. Her Angelic face with the innocent eyes betrayed the mystic fear that was mounting in them. She shivered as Brian knelt down beside her onto the bed. He cupped her breasts, squeezing her nipples with more determination than ever before. Gail now realized that she was completely and helplessly at the mercy of Brian, the realization causing her to tug at her bonds that were relentless. She also noticed that the more she struggled, the more excited he became, thus the more excited she became.
Gail now realized this was what Brian desired all along, she had unwittingly discovered what the short fall was and now she was at the mercy of Brian.
Brian on the other hand, could hardly believe this wonderful girl was now ready to satisfy his long suppressed fetish desires. With determined purpose, he knelt down on the bed next to the helpless Gail. She realized she no longer existed, only the openly exposed and unprotected sexual charms were of concern. Brian examined her body as if for the first time, undecided as to where he should start to manipulate her. All this amazing beauty was at his disposal, for him to use at HIS discretion. With disregard, he placed his hand on her inner thigh, running it up and down, careful not to touch the yearning lips of her wide spread pussy, especially being careful not to touch the throbbing clit. Then he moved his hand up her leg and over her pussy, fingertips just flitting over the lips and clit, to go down the other thigh, teasing more than stimulating.
Gail’s fears gave way to new unknown sensations, frustration being one. The more he teased, the more she wanted his touches, the more he evaded her. The bonds although relentlessly restraining, were no longer an issue. The illusive hand was now the problem. The more she arched her body to receive the teasing fingers, the more they evaded her, pulling just out of reach, yet still touching. The more he teased her, the more she realized how helpless and subjected to his mercy she was. Frustration of not being able to help her-self was sinking in fast.
Still on his knees, Brian stood upright, again the throbbing shaft gloriously displayed. Gail so wanted to be able to take hold of it, yet the unyielding restraints held fast, exciting Brian all the more as he watched her fighting them in vain. Evading her eyes, he concentrated unashamedly on her body and helplessly exposed charms, he moved between her wide spread legs, his focus on her helplessly exposed pussy, and with torturous deliberation he leaned over her, his arms at her sides, yet still focusing his eyes on her wanton pussy, he rubbed his cock along her inner thigh. The pulsating glans; wet with excitement and readiness, also teasingly caressing the wet rosy lips of her pussy.
Brian’s excitement grew even more as he watched Gail’s hips raising up in vain, trying to capture that magnificent cock that was now stimulating the erect clit vigorously, tormenting her sensually confused mind all the more. Brian lowered his head onto Gail’s heaving breast, his teeth gently capturing her hardened nipple, his cock still teasing her inflamed pussy. Brian gently started to squeeze the erect nipple against the back of his teeth and pallet. Moving from breast to breast, he gradually started squeezing harder and harder.
This new sensation brought the fear devils back to Gail’s confused mind. The pain had been bearable to a point, now this point was being passed, to the stage of where Gail feared that Brian would bite off her nipple/s. “NO!!” she screamed, wildly fighting the bonds that refused to let her go. “Please, don’t …don’t” she pleaded. Brian recognized this fear not to be the usual fear of the unknown, rather one of terror, so he stopped, and reassured Gail there would be no more painful acts. His actions focused more on teasing and pleasing, as he again moved down her body, this time using his tongue as well as his fingers. He lifted him-self to arms-length over her quivering body, expertly manoeuvring his solid cock along her jerking belly, the tip coming to rest in her navel. Bringing his leg over hers, and without his cock losing contact, he moved up her body, dragging his cock onto her chest until it came to rest between her breasts. Brian took his cock between his fingers and rubbed the head over her nipples. Gail started moaning, delightful sensations having removed those of fear of a moment ago. She relaxed as Brian took her breasts in his hands capturing his cock in-between them. He moved his body back and forth, fucking her between her breasts. For the first time since he bound her, Brian looked at Gail’s face. Her head was pressing back into the pillow, her eyes tightly closed, and her mouth slightly open, letting gentle moans escape from her lips, which in turn were becoming whines. With her eyes so tightly closed, he could leisurely examine her helplessly bound body. The thrill of being master over this beautiful woman, made his head swim.
Gail had made peace with the bonds, all her inhibitions now lost, she was readily accepting all Brian was doing to her, knowing that resistance was futile. Brian in turn was pleased with the situation. It had progressed, to where Gail now accepted and enjoyed this new phenomenon. Gail felt his tongue find and tease erogenous places her sensuously confused mind never knew existed, each new place more sensuous than the previous one, so much so, that she never noticed as Brian, still on his knees between her widespread legs, placed his mouth onto her exposed and defenceless pussy. His tongue ravaged her between her pussy lips down into the warm pleasure shaft, his lip teasing her erect pulsing clit. His one hand played with her breasts and their erect nipples, his other hand explored between her legs and up to her pussy, fingers eagerly exploring the swollen labia lips, while his mouth still ravaged her clit. One thing that really was out of reach was the magnificent cock Brian was rubbing up against Gail’s leg, oh how she wanted to hold and play with it.
The hand exploring her crotch, found the pleasure hole. With determined precision, Brian inserted his long finger, letting it explore the hot cavity, tickling Gail’s womb entrance, exploring the shaft’s sides. The sudden jerk of Gail’s body, and the yelp that left her open lips, assured Brian he had found that illusive yet magical button within her pussy. With animalistic rage, he attacked it, causing Gail to let out an ear-piercing scream. As she fought the ever relentless bonds, her hips lifting up to push her pussy deeper into Brian’s face and capture that amazing finger as it ravaged the most intimate yet defencelessly exposed part of her body. She absolutely loved this, trying to comprehend how she had never discovered this amazing source of pleasure for herself. This “thing” was taking over every bit of control she thought she still had over herself. She was experiencing sensations she could not believe existed. It was as if she was been made love too from the inside. She loved it, she began moaning uncontrollably, these became groans, and then the screaming took over, she begged for more, begged him to stop, begged him not to stop, begged him to help her to decide what to beg for, her screams reached a deafening pitch, then it happened. For the first time in her life, she reached a climax before or without fucking. Her restrained body arched unashamedly, her head thrown all the way back, she screamed again, as the explosion of the following climax hit her without remorse.
Fighting her restraints, she climaxed again, but Brian did not stop, her body shuddered as the insatiable sensations flooded her mind, she screamed out of control, “Fuck me… fuck me damn you! …PLEASE! …Please ffuuuck me” she begged as Brian lifted himself onto all fours moving over her again. “Damn! This woman is fantastic,” he thought to himself as he admired her naked beauty. Brian effortlessly lifted Gail by the hips, placing a pillow under the small of her back. Gail could no longer comprehend all that he was doing to her; she had no choice other than to accept her fate, besides she enjoyed everything that was happening anyway. Lightning bolts of indescribable magnitude from deep within slammed her sense crazed mind as Brian rammed his cock unceremoniously all the way home, she climaxed again as his body joined hers. Brian remained on his arms towering unmoving over her, only their hips making contact, his cock deeply imbedded within her inflamed cavity.
Brian could not help staring at Gail as she went through her ecstasies, moaning freely, yet still fighting the restrains, while he pounded into her relentlessly, attacking her body and soul. The sight of her straining against the unresisting bonds that denied her, her freedom, rendering her helpless and vulnerable to his attack, excited him beyond description. Brian felt himself coming, the sight of her bound nakedness so openly exposed, increased the volume of his load abundantly, creating a pressure from his balls never before experienced, sending it deep inside her pussy, the hot fluid causing her to scream as she climaxed again and again, as she had never ever climaxed before. Resources spent, their bodies both very weary, Brian lowered his body gently onto Gail, her body still shaking as groans that had become whines now escaped her lips from deep down within her soul. It was then that Brian noticed Gail was crying. As if by intuition he realized that, she had reached her peak. The bonds were no longer fun or otherwise. Leaving her bound, he climbed off the bed, to fetch a warm face cloth, and a towel. With an indescribable gentleness, he rubbed down the sweat soaked body he had just ravaged. Admiration the only word he could think of to describe her. Now he meticulously removed the tormenting bonds that had held her so secure yet given him so much pleasure. Brian sat down again, his one foot tucked in under his other thigh as he stroked the hair from Gail’s sweat soaked face, and wiped away her tears. As if in a trance, Gail lifted her head up onto Brian’s lap, wrapping her arms around his waist. As Brian wiped the tears from her face, he reassured her of his love and concern for her, and then she surrendered herself to the deepest sleep she had ever experienced. Brian realized that he was now the prisoner, as she pinned him down in sleep.
Gail was all too ready to be obedient, although she would not be available for pain situations. This would include infliction of pain while she was in a tied-up and helpless situation when performing sexual acts, or for any reason, either bound or free. Thus, she was both submissive and dominant in nature and habit. In the weeks that followed, Gail’s experiences in sexual bondage grew as Brian guided her deeper into this sexual fetish phenomenon. A willing pupil, she proved to be an excellent bondage slave, naturally obedient as Brian introduced her to the various stages of bondage, and the need to subject her to discipline never arose, unknowingly she never gave cause for its use on her. Gail had very clearly let Brian know, that this was one scene, that she would never be part of, she could see no pleasure in pain, it was more a turn-off.
Gail went through scarves, into ropes then chains and handcuffs. Next, they bound her senses. First, her sight when he blindfolded her, then he silenced her power of objection with a gag. Obedience also came in the form of voluntary humiliation, as she had to be obedient in her private everyday life, not just when she was participating in fetish activities. Clothing or more the lack thereof, was a serious issue for the slave. Panties, long pants and shorts, were never permitted. Dresses or skirts had to be wraparound, or have front fastenings, preferably buttons. Belts had to have Velcro fasteners or clip-in type for easy removal, no buckles. All skirts or dresses had to have a split in the front, with the closed section no more than four fingers below the crotch. Tops or blouses had to be front fastening, not pull over, and as sheer as lawfully permitted. Bra’s could only be front fastening, strapless or with hook off straps. Braless was discouraged, as most men and woman preferred them, this rule was left up to the female, whether she was a slave or not, she had the final say. Pubic hair was a no-no, although the females could have a small neat bush of short hair on their mons-venerous, or mound of Venus, as long as it did not cover or interfere with the clitoris, especially for cunnilingus. Men were much easier, front open shirts, shorts or long pants with zips. Special designed frontless underpants or none at all. One rule that was extensively enforced, anyone using whores or rent-boys were expelled immediately. Even though dress rules were enforced outside the club, actual fetish participation was limited to club attendance, unless it was a mutually consent by both parties, and reported to the club manager (Fred and/or Helen) before hand. Blackmail of any sort had to be reported, or else the one being blackmailed would be severely punished. Brian taught Gail about all the straps and harnesses used for bondage purposes. Gail found most of them exciting, some even amusing. Now the time had COME for Gail to learn about apparatuses, frames and beams (objets d’restringere) in which the ‘submissive’ was secured. These objects could only be found at the clubhouse. For further training, Brian was to introduce her to “MANOiR De SOUMETTRE”, a place she had never heard of. She was eager and willing to participate, especially after Brian told her that she could stop at anytime she felt necessary, and there was always someone monitoring the procedures to protect the submissives. Gail just knew she could trust Brian, but then again how well did she know him. This too was to be the greatest test of their love for each other. Only time would tell.
Brian let Gail know that he had made an appointment at the clubhouse for the weekend. Then let her know that that evening they had a dinner date at a very exclusive diner/nightclub, and that she should wear something fashionable yet very revealing, as this was “the” club for the social elite, and the more one flaunted, the higher the status. At the diner, Gail came to realize that Brian was quite a wealthy man, something that had never before been of interest or discussed. Brian had sent her to a very exclusive boutique, to purchase an evening gown suited to the evening. The gown was very revealing due to form fitting as well as transparency, low cut front and backless, with a split as requested all the way to the crotch in front. Gail never realized how revealing her gown was, due to all the females dressed in the same fashion. Other than the couple that kept starring at her, (as if they were “studying” her), all went well. Gail enjoyed her night out.
Rocked back to the present, the car turned into the driveway of what Gail presumed to be “the” clubhouse, she noticed that although quite impressive, there was nothing to draw any attention to the double story mansion. She was about to find out what hidden secrets lay within these inconspicuous walls, excitement and fear of the unknown jumbling her thoughts. This was to be her ultimate test, the proving of her obedience, as well as her personal test as to whether her love for Brian was true, ever since she discovered this new side to him. The car came to a gentle stop under the overhang of the entrance to this strange yet elegant mansion. Confusing thoughts crossed her mind as she watched Brian walk around the car to open the door for her. Slave mastery had not eliminated his chivalrous manners. As Gail swung her legs out, she opened them wide enough for Brian to see her smoothly shaven pussy while sliding off the seat and out of the car. His expression signified approval. Taking her arm, he guided her up to the door, the valet driving off with the car to park it. At the door, there was a knocker, a button with an out of order notice, a security code box and a turn type switch. Brian turned this switch, and then pressed the out of order button. (“Okay” she thought, “cloak & dagger scenario.”).
An amazingly beautiful girl with the longest thickest head of hair she had ever seen in her life opened the door. She wore only a body harness made of narrow criss-crossing leather straps, which concealed nothing, and very high, high heal shoes “locked” to her feet. Keeping her eyes lowered; the slave girl took Brian’s jacket and Gail’s shawl, and then seemed to wait for permission to leave to put them away. Her legs were slightly spread at all times. Instead of letting her leave, Brian slipped his hand between her legs and fondled her pussy, her legs spreading to accompany his hand so that he could finger fuck her. Gail loved her naturally long golden blond hair, which she could see was true.
Just as sudden, with no regard to the slave girl, Brian let her go, and proceeded into the house. The girl, as if nothing had happened took the clothes to the cloakroom. Now they were met by a well-built man in a similar harness, with the exception of another harness on his cock, made up of five straps that held his cock prisoner, one strap fastened behind his scrotum, the others were tied around the shaft. The chain at the front tip wrapped around his body, keeping his cock up and tight against his body, but could also be used as a leash to lead him to wherever, for whatever. This Greek myth of a man, handed them a ‘welcome’ drink, then escorted them into the main gathering place. The sight greeting Gail made her gasp as she caught her breath. This could not be true; this had to be a dream, it was unbelievable, and way beyond comprehension to her innocent mind. Yet it was happening before her very eyes, with real sounds. People (male & female) in various state of undress, were being serviced by or servicing the slaves, all in different variations of bondage. The place was well equipped with various apparatuses, making the place look like a medieval torture chamber; the only thing missing was the fire and pot of boiling oil. Everything else conceivable to a place of torture was there, and being put to use. Most grotesque to Gail, was the naked man tied with his hands above his head to an over hanging beam. Standing on his toes, his legs wide spread by the chains that were secured to his ankles, he could not move, he was blindfolded and gagged.
The thing that really caught her attention was the rope tied in some weird way to the base of his cock passing through his scrotum spreading his balls most uncomfortably (it had to be) then around the base behind the scrotum, then down to a ring on the floor between his legs, preventing him from being able to raise himself. A masked woman with a skimpy latex top and skirt open in front exposing her shaved pussy with rings pierced all down the lips was lambasting him with a tawse, while another woman fondled his stiff cock. There was something very familiar about this man, Gail just could not figure out what it was. She saw a woman in a Jacuzzi being licked, groped, pawed, felt and anything but fucked, by four male slaves, their cocks still secured to their bodies, while she casually sipped a drink. On the other side of the room, a man tied to a table, his arms above his head. One female slave sitting on his legs, her hands in handcuffs, with an extension chain tied to the base of his cock behind his balls, was busy wanking his enormous cock. Another slave her hands tied behind her back, sat on her knees over his face, smothering him with her pussy, he in turn licked and sucked it furiously. Both the slaves (like herself) were petite true redheads, (as one could see by their flaming red little pubic bushes), and they looked like twins. Again, there was something strangely familiar about this man; she could just not place him. Gail’s brain was having difficulty trying to take all this in. She was shocked back to reality, when Brian took her by the arm, and guided her around the room, describing at close range the events happening in the room. Her main disbelief was that everyone did what ever they wanted with no regards as to what who thought, who was present, and who was watching, in fact they seemed to enjoy being watched. Brian scrutinized Gail’s reaction with each event he introduced and described to her, other than stares of amazement, he could see that she was in a state of mental disorder, seeing things way beyond comprehension to her. At times Gail nearly put her hand out to touch the participants to test whether this was not just her imagination, mainly because no one seemed to notice her. A woman tied spread-eagled to a rack was ready for anyone who wanted to use her.
At the bar, Brian ordered drinks as he pulled out a seat for her while introducing her to the couple Fred and Helen, sitting at the bar. He seemed to know all the people at this club, as all were intimately friendly. Gail never quite heard their names, her mind too preoccupied with the scene the couple were engaging in, yet they were going on shamelessly as if nothing was transpiring with or about them. Fred and Helen greeted them nonchalantly, (although she had to be blind not to notice how Fred’s eyes unscrupulously roamed the full length of her body). He was holding a drink, sitting with his back against the bar, as if he were in a public bar chatting to his pals, the difference being he was naked, with a female (slave) between his legs. Her hands in handcuffs; were fastened by a thin short chain to the base of Fred’s stiff cock behind his balls, and secured by the smallest lock Gail had ever seen. The Slave could only play with his cock and balls, or fondle his balls as she sucked his cock. Helen, who was maturely very beautiful, with an amazingly well proportioned body, (one could easily see that she cared for her body and fitness), greeted Gail with a friendly smile as she also ‘examined’ Gail’s body approvingly. She had a very distinctive look of dominance, (especially with the horsewhip she held in her hand), She sat on the barstool naked, nursing a drink, her legs widespread, and her back against one of the male slaves, who massaged her firm well-rounded breasts from over her shoulders. She wore a harness of thin gold chains tied around the top of her hips and through under her thighs. Two chains connected to rings on the hips, folded around under her legs to in-between her thighs, fastening onto the collar worn by another male slave between her legs. His face at full-length only inches away from her exposed clean-shaven pussy. All he could do was “eat” her pussy, and although his hands were also cuffed, they were in front of him and connected to the collar, thus he could (or had to) also fondle and finger Helen’s pussy, or feel the wrath of the horsewhip. Gail and Brian noticed the red welts on the slave’s back, created by the horsewhip Helen so expertly held in her hand. Without saying a word, Gail’s “don’t you dare” look brought an apologetic wince and shoulder shrug from Brian. She never noticed the look on Helen’s face, as the look from Helen’s eyes and smile would have turned her cold, and switched her off right there.
A girl with the tiniest and most transparent ‘maid’s’ uniform Gail had ever seen came in and announced that dinner was ready. Then another miracle happened. All of sudden, there were no more slaves or dominators. Although still naked or wearing their respective harnesses, everyone proceeded to follow the ‘maid’. Everyone that was, except the couple at the bar, the man that had been tied to the overhead beam and the man that had had the ‘red’ twins sitting on top of him, also approached the bar. Gail’s heart skipped a beat, the beam man was Charles her boss. Now she recognized the ‘twins’ man, it was Al, the person that regularly visited her boss (Charles) at work. Therefore, they were friends, not just business associates. Gail easily recognize him, as he once again gave her his ‘COME to bed’ look and catching smile that he so often made her uncomfortable with at work. As they already knew each other, they skipped intros, going straight into hearty welcomes then the idle chatter. It was here that Gail discovered that Al had a thing for redheads, thus his persistent coming on to her. Eventually they all proceeded to the dinning room. Gail was to find out later that these people were the owners/managers of the club. The meal was five-star plus, the table conversation noticeably anything but the relative activities of the club, or daily work hassles, just friendly chatter. Gail noticed that she and Brian were the only couple that were not naked, or wrapped up in some kind of harness, yet nobody did or said anything to them, in fact, they ignored her completely. She also noticed that all the other people remained seated until the main (their) table had finished, and stood up to leave the room. Discipline was very strict. The reason for this was, as everyone was now together, they discussed problems, messages and instructions before re-entering the ‘arena’.
Back at the bar, conversation returned to the clubs activities, discussions amazing Gail even more as they went on. The people steadily moved back to their respective activities. Noticeably were the slaves who returned to their submissive states. Brian stood up, motioning Gail to do the same, as he guided her by the arm out of the room, all eyes openly followed her shapely form. Something strange was about to happen, Gail sensed this as Brian led her out the room into the lobby with its magnificent spiral staircase. The oddest couple Gail had so far seen at the club met them. Odd, because they were fully dressed, all prim and proper likened to a butler and matron. (A ‘Cadbury’ and a ‘Mary Poppins’ she giggled to herself). These led them up the curved staircase and along a passage that could put Buckingham palace residents and staff to shame. Gail noticed that not one of the doors had handles, or locks. (?). Stopping at a large solid double door, they told Gail to remove her shoes. The ‘lady’ picked them up, as the ‘gent’ opened a box (unnoticed before) that lay on the table next to the door and removed a brand new pair of red shoes, with the highest stiletto heels she had ever seen. They were exactly her size and only after she had put them on, did she realize that the straps from the back of her heels, wrapped around her ankles, to be locked with another of those cute tiny locks, preventing her from removing the shoes. The heights of the heels were very comfortable, and emphasized her long slender legs. The shoes also had non-slip soles and heels.
“Cadbury” gave a distinctive wrap on the door, which was opened by another beautiful girl, (where did they get all these beauties), with the most beautiful blue eyes Gail had ever seen, wearing a miniscule top and skirt made of thin black latex, and obviously nothing on underneath. She beckoned them into the room, and again Gail had to catch her breath, the decor and contents of the room were unbelievable. The floor seemed to be under water, due to the deep gloss shine. The walls were massive mirrors, as were the ceilings. Entering the room, Gail felt as if she was everywhere and all over, all at the same time with all these mirrors. Apparatuses were setup all over the room, apparatuses unlike those below, these made her shudder. “My god!” she thought, “What was Brian’s Arrière-pensée with me?” The girl as if commanded, walked over to the apparatuses and proceeded to position herself in and/or on them, demonstrating them one by one to and for Gail. She started at what seemed to be the main apparatus, a square frame from which a series of chains and leather cuffs COME out from all over the frame. It looked very threatening. In the frame, she gripped the chain cuffs and spread-eagled herself as if restrained in them. As she raised her arms, the little top lifted up and exposed her beautiful firm well-rounded yet small breasts, the size all men want to hold and to marry, as they were femininely desirable.
Gail saw that each nipple had a gold ring through it, with a thin gold chain connected from ring to ring (nipple to nipple). Her navel too had a few rings, which included a series of colourful very expensive looking jewels. As she spread her legs, the tiny skirt rode up her hips revealing her pussy, shaved but for a little triangle just above the clitoris, (verifying her blond bush of hair), on the mound of Venus. This little creature was a gold mine on its own, with about two gold rings through her clitoris, then a series of rings down each labia lip, the centre four or five rings had tiny chains connecting from left to right, as if to seal off her vagina. (Could this girl still be a virgin?). Gail also noticed that Brian although not saying a word had greeted this girl with a loving compassion that was impossible not to notice, and unlike the other slaves, he never touched her, he never gave her any orders, this girl just did as if this was her domain. She was not wearing a harness either.
Gail realized she was studying the girl more than the apparatus she demonstrated. Her crotch exposed, her nipples so erected they were ready to tear through the thin material of her dress. It was as if she was noticing the female body for the first time, and to her amazement, she realized she was sexually attracted to the sight unfolding itself before her. Brian also noticed Gail’s reactions. He moved over to the girl, whispered something in her ear then he returned to Gail’s side. The girl removed her tiny garments, and tossed them aside while Brian studied Gail’s expressions, Gail smiled at him
The girl moved over to the next apparatus, and again fitted herself into it. Then the ‘X’ frame, the bar that hung from chains that seemed to COME out of the ceiling mirror. The adjustable ‘T’ that jutted out of the wall mirror, each with its chains and leather cuffs, the ‘stretch’ rack, usually used in fitness gyms had chains and cuffs attached, all designed to render the person fully exposed and helpless. These and a few others were the ordinary apparatuses. The girl climbed onto the ‘backbreaker’, an apparatus which had a wide rounded beam upon which the submissive was placed on her back, while her hands and feet were secured to the floor, leaving her arched backward, with her legs and arms spread wide, rendering her completely vulnerable and helpless to whatever onslaught the dominant had in mind with her. Brian explained these were the specials; their primary use was for humiliation. Another apparatus had special shaped boards for the submissive to kneel on. It had straps to secure her legs (as always) wide spread, in a “doggie” style position, with a ‘rack’ type clamp that closed over and locked the neck and wrists securely. The submissive now restrained with her back arching inward, her buttocks in the air, and her pussy lewdly exposed to the rear. Her whole body accessible, even her mouth was available. The girl moved to what looked like a crane type of frame, the top beam in the shape of a T with chains and cuffs on the ends, seemed to hinge at the single upright at the back. Secured into the floor, were eyebolts on the sides in line with the T bar, as well as the centre. Gail smiled as she imagined Brian in the frame, his massive cock imprisoned with a chain and secured to the floor, the beam raised and his wonderful cock stretched to oblivion. Her thoughts returned to the matter at hand, as the girl continued to demonstrate the ‘objets d’restringere’.
Eventually Brian excused the girl. (Noticeably he did not touch her, in fact; he ignored her). She retrieved her clothes, and left the room. Gail acted as non-chalant as possible when Brian’s voice shattered the eerie silence that had COME upon them in this strange room. “Well my pretty, which one do you want to be in to please me?” he asked, raw lust wallowing in each calculated word spoken. Gail did not answer, instead she moved over to one of the few apparatuses not demonstrated by the girl. Two chains hanging from a single eyebolt in the mirrored ceiling each attached to either side of a round bar that was about two meters wide, and another set of adjustable chains and sheepskin lined leather cuffs came down off each side. On the floor directly below the cuffs, were eyebolts with chains and clip hooks to secure to the shoe rings. “Ahh, so this is the one you would like to please me with”, he continued, not realizing Gail was not hearing a thing he was saying. Her mind pre-occupied with the apparatus before her, created strange devils as to what could happen to her in this ‘thing’.
Without questioning, Brian turned the unresisting Gail around to face the room, and then proceeded to raise her arms fastening her wrists into the cuffs. She watched him in the wall mirror as he knelt down and spread her legs to secure her ankles. She studied herself in the mirror, her arms widespread left her very exposed and vulnerable, yet her body seemed all the more beautiful. Her spread legs opened the split of her dress, yet mercifully kept her pussy covered. Now she wondered why she was scared, was someone going to COME in? The door never had a lock, was she still Brian’s love? Would he protect her? Why did she doubt his love for her? These questions made her wonder why Brian had not told her to undress, or for that matter, why he had not undressed her himself, for he now stood up and stepped backward, his face extremely serious, his eyes roving up and down her body. Not understanding what was happening, Gail felt a little uncomfortable. She felt she had become an object to be studied, helpless to prevent it. Yet even though she did not know what to expect next, she was trusting her beautiful man to make sure she enjoyed all he intended with her, she was comfortable enough to let herself be ‘examined’ and teased. As he stood there with his fists on his hips and his feet apart, she tried to read his face for a clue as to what his intensions were with her. The massive bulge in his crotch revealed his readiness for her, yet he did nothing, the unbearable silence causing her stomach to quiver, her vulnerability sinking in completely as he silently just stood watching her tugging helplessly at the chains, noticeably being excited even more. The helplessness was increasing her sexual excitement, thus she accepted this teasing as part of things about to happen. In her mind, she knew she could still trust her gentle giant, even though she could not figure out what was about to happen to her.
Without warning the door opened and before Gail could say anything, Fred and Helen stepped inside, each leading a female slave on a leash behind them, both naked but for the body strap harnesses, Gail as if her voice was also bound, screamed within her mind, the scream could not COME out. She realized this was not going to be a private happening, and she was going to be the exhibition of the night. Then another thought entered her mind, these people were going to ‘use’ her, and she was helpless to prevent it from happening, a million confusing thoughts swam through her mind, like who was going to do what to her, more specifically to her in her helpless vulnerable stature. As if on cue, they stopped next to Brian, their eyes roving up and down her semi-exposed bound body. Their approval clearly expressed, and this strangely pleased Gail. She was extremely grateful that Brian had not removed her clothes. She doubted that she could withstand the humiliating glares these people would have put her through had she been naked and so widespread. Gail tried to say something, what? She did not know, besides her mouth and throat had become very dry, yet not thirsty. Her heartbeat had escalated, her breathing rushed, her chest heaving in quick short bursts, her comprehension confused and her mind spinning, everybody just stood glaring, and then without warning, everyone started to move about. The men stood one side, where the undressed Brian. Fred was already naked. Brian’s erection stood tall, while Fred’s cock was limp, even though it seemed his tongue was hanging on the floor, lust oozing from the eyes, staring at the helpless Gail so openly displayed for all to see. Planet earth had just become too small a place to try to hide as Gail watched the intruders moving around the place. Helen who before had merely acknowledged Gail’s presence, was now silently walking around her, examining her openly exhibited form, very aware of the helpless situation she was in. Helen used the tip of the dreaded horsewhip to explore every inch of Gail’s defenceless body. Unyielding in her stance that she would not participate in pain or torture acts; she relaxed when Helen handed the whip to a slave, who put it away. Gail also knew that she had so innocently permitted Brian to tie her up, in the ‘MANOiR De SOUMETTRE’, never thinking of what the consequences would be, especially with people like Fred and Helen around. There was simply no mercy shown, yet she was determined not to let Brian down, determined to prove to him her love for him, no matter what it took. She could and would endure the humiliation what ever that meant.
Having stripped Brian, the slaves had folded and packed aside the clothes, now they obediently returned to their task of attending any genitals not already occupied. A male slave came in, handed out pre-ordered drinks then promptly left again. The men now stood watching as Helen ‘scrutinized’ the helplessly spread-eagled Gail, whether she was willing, never seemed to be an issue, her lot had been pre-decided. With delicate precision, Helen flicked a strand of hair off Gail’s face, letting her fingers caress Gail’s cheek. Gail in turn, was too shocked to do or say anything. Helen’s fingers caressed Gail’s ear, yet her eyes never left Gail’s face, as if seeking for a sign. Meticulously the fingers went onto and down Gail’s slender neck.
Helen’s eyes followed the hand’s path as it reached Gail’s upper chest, lingering just above the top of the dress. Knowing what was coming; Gail shut her eyes, her breathing reduced to quick short breaths. In her mind, she screamed for this nightmare to stop, “No! … Not with a woman! …, this is not right!”, yet her body screamed differently. Then it happened; the invading hand closed onto her pounding breast, the soft warm hand caused Gail’s heart to beat faster and her eyes to clamp tighter as if to shut out this invasion of her intimacy.
Never before had Gail realized how sensitive her sexuality could be, distinctly feeling the hand gently squeezing her breast as the thumb massaged the excited nipple. Moving her hand gently yet determinedly from breast to breast, Helen heard a whimper escape from Gail’s clamped lips as she took a breast in each hand, and bent down to kiss the exposed area of Gail’s chest due to her arms being widespread and firmly bound. Gail was grateful that the elastic in the top of her bodice held the dress tight, preventing it from slipping off her breasts. A loud clap caused Gail to open her eyes forgetting Helen’s attack on her chest. Fred had clapped his hands; two floodlights flashed on, aimed at and highlighting Gail in all her helpless glory, as the other lights dimmed, preventing her from seeing what was happening in the mirrors. Now Gail knew what bondage helplessness and humiliation was. As if pre-rehearsed, the slaves came and knelt down on their knees in front of the men, expertly taking their cocks in hand to suck them. The men just stood and watched Helen do her thing with Gail, her every move heightening their sex urges, as she humiliated the helplessly bound Gail.
Helen straightened up, her hands released Gail’s pounding breasts, and proceeded to slide down Gail’s slim waist and onto Gail’s hips, and her eager eyes followed its exploration of Gail’s sensuously inviting body. Gail tried to imagine what was in store as she felt the hands slide off the hips onto the sides of her legs, again ever so grateful that she was not naked. Gail’s fears became reality when Helen slipped her hand into the invitingly open dress onto Gail’s inner thigh, and although she was trembling, Gail could feel that Helen’s hand was also trembling (from excitement?) as she explored the soft smooth intimate skin usually covered and protected. Ever so sensuously yet meaningfully, the hand moved up the thigh under the dress, un-exposed to those trying to see all, thus the men could not see what Helens hand was doing to her un-defended most intimate of feminine privacy. Her stomach jerked when the hand found her wide spread pussy, causing her to catch her breath, and tightened her body, again shutting her eyes. Helen, pleased to find Gail’s pussy warm and wanton, was disappointed that she could not draw any objections from her, to make things worse, Gail’s closing of her eyes was in the S & M / B & D world a sign of rebellion towards Helen’s dominance, and any dominant master or mistress would not tolerate this. The problem being that Gail was unaware of this, thus she never realized that she was in fact breaking important rules. Brian on the other hand, could not intervene, and neither would he.
Brian had recognized this earlier and knowing that he may not interfere, watched to see what Helen would do to break Gail’s spirit to create the absolute submissive. Deep down he hoped Gail would be obedient and not rebel. What she did not know, was that this whole episode had been pre-arranged, throwing Gail into the deep end. Helen was THE Dominatrix who ruled supreme. Experienced magical fingers started to explore and fondle Gail’s clit and pussy lips, causing sensations so wonderful, that Gail never felt Helens other hand ride up her neck to the back of her head, the well-experienced fingers interlocking with the thick bush of red crowning glory that was her hair. A piercing shriek that shocked everyone back to reality, streamed from Gail’s mouth when Helen gripped her hair and yanked her head around to look her straight in the eyes. Gail’s eyes had opened in shock and dismay as the unexpected pain crashed all other sensations she had been experiencing. “Look at me bitch!” Helen screamed into her face. Wide-open eyes stared at Helen in disbelief, it was the fright and the fear that Helen was looking for, and these qualities were now unmistakably being displayed for her. As a final proof of dominance, Helen inserted her middle finger into Gail’s vagina, her thumb on the clit outside. She used these as a vice grip to clamp and squeeze the clit, creating a pain unknown to Gail, who let out an ear piercing scream, causing everyone except Helen to stop in their tracks. Gail started crying, but Helen just ignored her. Releasing Gail’s hair, Helen’s finger, still in Gail’s pussy, started doing wonderful things to Gail’s pussy again, dismissing the events just passed. Helen could feel Gail’s body relaxing, the sensations invading her mind again. Not wanting that pain again, Gail kept her eyes open. What Gail had forgotten, all she had to do was say ‘no’ or ‘stop’ to stop all this that was happening to her. No one was forced to do anything, as everything was voluntary.
Gail saw that the slaves were still fondling and sucking the men’s cocks with refined expertise as the men watched the scene unfolding before them between Gail and Helen. Helen’s fingers parted Gail’s pussy lips, the middle finger still inserted, had found her G spot, the actions she was doing, was causing Gail’s body to jerk uncontrollably. Gail realized that this show had just begun, and Helen was only the entrée. She lost the ability to fight the sensations and humiliation being creating so expertly by this woman. She felt herself arch her body to capture the finger that was so expertly tormenting her, yet making her wanton. Helen was clearly pleased with the results of her determination to break through Gail’s defences, weakening her resistance, enslaving her spirit. She took her hand out from under the dress, causing Gail to catch her breath, then she stepped back to examine Gail’s body inch for inch as humiliatingly as possible and finally looking Gail straight in the eyes did, her stare emphasizing her dominance victory over Gail. For the first time Gail was relieved that Helen did not have her horsewhip with her, she shuddered at the thought of that ‘thing’ being used on her. Gail also realized, so far neither of the men tried to fuck the slaves, they just stood watching while the slaves ‘serviced’ them.
Still staring Gail straight in the eyes, she challenged Gail to try to stop her manipulating fingers as they started to open the dress’ buttons, one by pain-staking one, starting from the bottom. Gail saw how the men’s faces lit up in anticipation of seeing the final obstacle of Gail’s defences being removed, permitting them to openly study the beauty of Gails fully exposed body. The shock of the inevitable happening was the only expression Helen saw in Gail’s eyes the sign that verified she was the dominant. What Helen could not see, was Gail’s last defence of dignity. As much as her mind was screaming ‘STOP’, her sanity prevented her from begging; this alone would keep her from giving in to her tormenters, and preventing her spirit from being broken. Brian who knew Gail well enough, recognized this, keeping this secret to him self. He admired her strong spirit, recognizing his love for her, so much so that he could not help wanting to share this amazing beauty with everyone in the world.
Helens eyes were now on Gail’s body as she undid the button that would be the pinnacle action of her humiliation. Gail felt Helen’s fingers manipulate the top of her dress, realizing that now these invaders of her and Brian’s privacy (?) were about to excel in her final humility, knowing that she was completely helpless to defend herself or stop them. Gail realized now why Brian had not taken off her clothes previously. As if in slow motion, Gail felt her breasts help to pop the final button free, the dress gracefully sliding down her body, and being spread by her wide-open secured legs, to fall on the floor between them in a crumpled no longer needed heap. The only sound she heard were gasps of breaths being caught. Again, Helen stood back; her stare now more of admiration and delight than humiliation. She snapped her fingers twice, instantly motivating the two slaves. The one went around to the back of Gail and picked up her dress, while the other crouched down in front of her and without being given any instructions, raised her arms and very gently unhooked Gail’s bra, letting this also slide down her back onto the floor for the other slave to retrieve with the dress. Gail’s creamy breasts seemingly expanding with their new found freedom. The slaves slipped away to put away the clothes. What further humiliation could there be? Would her secret defence of dignity hold out? “Please” she pleaded, her mind conscientious of every millimetre of her body, as all eyes (even the slaves) were feasting on her newly exposed naked beauty. She really was magnificent was Brian’s thoughts, as he admired his Gail so helplessly spread-eagled for all to see and use. Helen placed her hands onto Gail’s naked firm breasts, the feel of them making her hands once again tremble. After seriously exploring them, the nipples still hard, she ran one hand down Gail’s firm smooth body, examining every millimetre as it travelled over her chest, down the side of her tiny waist, then onto her hip and around to her firm buttocks. To Gail’s surprise, Helens finger started exploring within her crack; even more surprising was that this new sensation was quite exciting, it truly felt as if she had another vagina, the sensations were nearly the same. How much more was there to learn? How much unknown ‘body’ did she have? Letting go of Gail’s buttocks, Helen snapped her fingers again, this time three snaps. Amazed at how well trained the girls were, Gail just watched as the slave tripled over to the corner where an inviting bed/bench stood, took a white jar off the side table, and tripled back to behind her. Unexpectedly she felt the slave spread her buttocks cheeks, and applied what seemed to be a lubricating jelly onto and in her anus entrance. (Why?). The slave returned the jar, then came back and lay on her back in front of Gail, between Helen’s legs. Helen crouched down onto her knees, placing her pussy onto the slave’s face. As she did this, Fred came over and stood before Gail. He started to fondle Gail’s breasts, bending down to suck the nipples, while Helen was licking her pussy, her hands pressed onto Gail’s buttocks pushing her hips forward. Brian just stood quietly with his hands on his hips, watching the scenario as the other slave worshiped his cock. Fred moved around to the back of Gail, pressing his cock against her buttocks, his hands roaming all over her body, at the same time not wanting an ejaculation yet, Brian stepped back from the slave, and joined the group. He stopped before Gail, his stiff cock in Helen’s hair, as he stared Gail lovingly straight in the eyes, his hands also roaming all over her. Gail realized she was becoming part of an orgy, something she had only heard of before. She could feel Helen letting out little moans against her clit from the sensations the slave was causing to Helen’s pussy. Gail’s senses could no longer figure out who’s hands were who’s, they were all over, doing all sorts of everything to her, body and mind, if only she could free her hands to play back. She felt a hand fondling Fred’s balls against her buttocks as he rubbed his cock up and down her crack. If a hand left a breast, another immediately took its place, at times there were two different fingers in her pussy, these kept changing while Helen’s mouth persistently attacked her clit.
Suddenly, Helen moved off the slave’s face and out from between Brian’s legs. Without saying a word, she went over to the corner bed, and retrieved what seemed to be a scarf, then return to the group. The scarf was unceremoniously tied around Gail’s head, now Gail was blindfolded. Helen then moved off and stood against the apparatus next to them with her legs spread. The other slave immediately went down on her knees between Helen’s legs to lick her pussy while she played voyeur with the helpless eagle-spread beautiful Gail being used by the men. Gail felt the soft hand of the slave slide up her leg over her inflamed pussy lips and in between her and Brian’s hips where he was rubbing his solid erection tight against her. Between all the sensations being created by so many hands, she felt the slave spread her pussy lips with her fingers, as she took Brian’s cock and guided it onto her pussy, rubbing the head up and down between the wet pussy lips, lubricating and guiding the tip sensually onto her vagina’s entrance. She let out an excited shriek as an indescribable thrill seared though her body when Brian, gripping her hips, sent his love muscle remorselessly all the way up into her inflamed shaft. Helen groaned with pleasure, the sight of Gail helplessly impaled onto Brian’s cock was beyond description. Br

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