Bound For Trouble

Author: Michael O’Connor

Stephanie smiled as she studied he reflection in the full-length closet mirror. Having not enjoyed the pleasure of her lover for over a fortnight, she had decided to make an extra effort for him tonight. She was dressed just the way he liked her, in nothing but dark silk stockings, garter belt and spike heeled shoes. Her dark pubic hair was closely cropped and a pair of gold rings glinted in the pierced brown buds that capped her large and round, yet proudly firm breasts.

“Your whore awaits you, Master!” she breathed, tossing her mane of raven black curls and puckering her red glossed lips in a kiss to the mirror.

In the three months of their affair, she had never looked forward with such breathtaking anticipation to being with her lover. Tonight was an extra special occasion – his first visit to her home. At first, he had rejected the idea as far too dangerous. But Stephanie was insistent. She wanted him to fuck her in the bed she shared with her husband, wanted him to rummage like a thief through her underwear drawer, while she was tied to that same bed. He could not risk staying for more than a few hours, but every second would be worth the risk.

He had called her just an hour earlier, sounding uncharacteristically nervous. Did she really think this was such a good idea? What about the neighbors? Would it not be safer for her to go to him? Stephanie had reassured him there was nothing to worry about. Her husband was working the night shift and would not be home until at least six AM. The neighbors minded their own business. She would leave the front door key under a flowerpot. He could let himself in. She would be waiting upstairs, in the bedroom.

“Don’t make a sound,” she warned. “Creep upstairs like a burglar. Don’t tell me what time you’ll be here. You might catch me by surprise.”

It was he who would receive the surprise. Stephanie had been working on her welcoming scheme for several days, until it was fine-tuned to the smallest detail. She had been having second thoughts, but as the moment drew near, recklessness got the better of discretion.

She was looking as close to perfect as she ever would and he might arrive at any time. He would probably park his car a short distance from the house, so she would not hear him arrive. She had to hurry. The last thing she wanted was the embarrassment of being caught in mid-preparation.

All the necessary equipment was collected and carefully concealed in her closet. The details had been worked out on a sketchpad, with a little help from an article in a bondage magazine. As long as she could trust her Master to arrive and release her – and she knew she could – there was no danger.

Drawing the wooden chair from the dressing table to the center of the room, she discarded the cushion. She then switched off the main light and angled the two bedside lamps, so that their yellow beams hit the spot where her Master would find her. She fashioned four nooses with black silk scarves and tied one to each leg of the chair. Then, she bound her mouth with a six-inch strip of black sticky tape.

Even before she slipped the scarf nooses on the front legs of the chair around her ankles and pulled them tight, her body was quivering with desire. It was not the same as being tied up by her Master, but in a way, doing it herself was even more deliciously perverse. She wondered how he would react. Would he gallantly hurry to untie her, or would he tease her first, savoring her self-inflicted helplessness? Whatever his reaction, he could not fail to be impressed by the way she had packaged herself for him.

Though she had mentally rehearsed every act of this scenario, she was hit by a sudden attack of nerves. What if something went wrong? What could go wrong? she chided herself. This wasn’t some kind of ultra kinky self-asphyxiation ritual she was about to perform. All she was doing was presenting herself to her Master, in the wrappings of a true slave.

She picked up her king-sized vibrator from the bed, switched it on and stood it in the center of the chair seat. Her cunt was already wet and aching for the fat shaft, but her preparations were not yet complete. She knotted a pair of black leather thongs to the top rung of the chair back, then tied the free ends to her nipple rings. An experimental tug yanked them taut and she winced in response to the pleasantly sharp pain that lanced both nipples.

Taking a deep breath, Stephanie lowered herself onto the vibrator, taking care not to knock it over. A muffled moan issued from between her taped lips as the pulsating black crown was swallowed by the puffy and dewy pink mouth of her cunt. Inch by inch, she lowered herself onto the sleek shaft, until her buttocks touched the wooden seat. She had to catch her breath, before proceeding to the final stage of her game – the one that would leave her completely at the mercy of the Master who had yet to arrive. Bending over until her breasts were squashed like the flushed faces of prisoners against the bars at the back of the chair and her stiff nipples poked through, she wriggled her wrists into the silk nooses on the back legs. The scarves were knotted below where the ornately carved chair legs tapered into bell shapes. There was no question of her being able to tug the scarves upwards, to either relieve the discomfort of her breasts or lift her ass more than an inch from the seat.

Following another moment of once again questioning her own sanity, she jerked her arms outwards, feeling the silk scarves bite into her flesh. She had done it! Bound herself as expertly and securely as any Master could. The feeling of helplessness was almost as exquisite as the rocksteady beat of the vibrator head against her clitoris. Stephanie was now completely at the mercy of fate and her Master.

Roland checked the dashboard clock. It was two hours since he had telephoned Stephanie. If only she hadn’t sounded so damned……………. horny! He had tried to tell her he had changed his mind, that he would not be seeing her tonight, or any other night. The words had been on his lips, until the silken tones of the practiced seductress began caressing his ears.

“Oh, Master, I’m so hot for you! Your unworthy slave has something very special for you tonight, by way of a welcome to her boudoir. Don’t keep me waiting, I beg you. Rush over here and feed my starving cunt with your big, hard, juicy cock. You know how much I love it, Master, but do you know how much I need it tonight?”

Stephanie had a way of making the hoariest lust clichщ sound sparklingly original, as well as persuading her supposed “Master” to do her bidding. She wanted him in her home, in her own bed, regardless of the risks. Weak willed fool that he was, he agreed to play her game, forgetting the reason he had originally called her. But this would be the last time. It had to be.

From the outset, they had both accepted the parameters of their relationship. She was a respectable married woman, who had no intention of leaving her husband, even if he did sometimes seem to love his career more than he did her. Roland wanted an attractive fuck partner, with no strings attached. Serving as Stephanie’s stud – Master – whatever she cared to consider him, had proven more exciting than he could ever have imagined. But now there was Andrea.

The blonde ballbreaker was most definitely not a casual fuck partner. She was the daughter of Roland’s employer and just happened to be passionately in love with him. Probably the most beautiful woman he had ever laid eyes on as well. Stephanie was far from unattractive, but her beauty was of a dark, wanton gypsy variety. Infidelity was like a drug to her. In five years of marriage, prior to Roland, she had had six affairs. For her, sex and danger were an aphrodisiac cocktail. Andrea, on the other hand, was elegantly ice cool, like a Scandinavian princess. Though capable of unbridled passion between the sheets, she was a firm adherent to her father’s virtues of loyalty and decency. It had not taken Roland long to realize she meant more to him than anything in the world. As the true love of Sir Stanley Chaplain’s only daughter, his rosy future was assured.

He and Andrea had already decided to announce their engagement, on the occasion of her twenty-fourth birthday, one week from now. Now that Stephanie had succeeded in luring him to another ill-advised liaison, not yet knowing it would be their last, he decided he might as well make it a night they would both remember.

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