Data Processing & Cookies Policy


Data storage and cookies policy.

This site using web cookies to handle your login into our authors system, for stories rating and comments posting, for ReCaptcha service (questions to check what you are not bot, google service), to track use of our website (via google analytics program).
We not using web cookies for any other purpose.

1. We using cookies for:
A. New users (authors) registration. New users must confirm what they are real humans and answer question from google Recaptcha (more info at )
B. Users management area. To submit story or comment.
C. AddThis service, which allow you to see how many people liked individual erotic story. (More info are available at
D. Tracking traffic sources and number of visitors on our website. It done with google analytics services. More information are available at

2. We store your data for:
A. Traffic tracking information (visits/referral urls) ( These data NOT used for any other purpose.
B. To allow you to create author account, submit your stories and post comments. For these actions you need to be registered at our website and we store your name/nickname/email/encrypted password personal data in our database. These data used only for this purpose and we never sell any such information.

3. Advertising
A. We displaying your banners only (graphic images, without any cookies) for advertising purposes. We not using cookies or tracking urls for this purpose.
B. Links to all advertised websites not contain any personal information with your details.

4. We using one server in this time to host this website. So, database with your personal data never leaving this webserver. Your passwords are encrypted.

5. Only 18 years old or older people can use this website. It has special tag for content rating systems, so it will be blocked if parental filter enabled on your computer.

6. If you from EU and want us to completely remove your account/comments/submitted stories from this website, please send us email to webmaster [at] Please attach:
A. Exact URL where your content can be found.
B. Explanation what you want to delete it.
C. Your EU Id card or other supporting documentation, which can confirm us what you are European resident.
D. You must note in your email what you allow us to process your personal data.

More information:
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EU residents can contact us to remove their personal data (exact url is required, supporting documentation what request from eu resident are required).

More information about cookies usage available at Google.