Vampyras Lust

Author: Dan

The midnight skies raged with electrical torrent, carrying with its brilliant charges, explosive thunders that shook the very foundation of Mistress Delilah’s dungeon. Her vampyra thrall shrieking with fear, skin paled by the glow of torches, struggled helplessly within her iron restraints, naked body mounted securely to the cold stone wall.

Ruby lips pressed to her leather whip, Mistress Delilah kissed it, staring defiantly at Morrigan, her trembling slave, waiting, anticipating with hellish precision, the moment when…

The lightning flared its wicked hand across the sky. Morrigan, eyes wide with fear, shrieked again, struggling, wrists strained against their iron cuffs. Mistress Delilah gave a white fanged hiss and postured herself, embracing the moment when…

As the thunder crashed into the night, the whip swooshed through the air, it’s fork tongued tip delivering a stinging snap across Morrigan’s milky white breasts, and she screeched, lungs howling painful screams against the storm as it raged about them.

Mistress Delilah, tossing her raven hair down her latex covered back, throated an evil scream equal to her enslaved girl’s, “Scream Morrigan! Scream! Only the storm will hear your cries my love! Let Mistress hear your pleas for release, scream Morrigan! Scream!!!” and approached her shackled slave to admire the stunning red welts rising upon her firm silken breasts. Morrigan’s chest heaved with pleading sobs, hazel eyes turned to rivers of mournful tears, cried out past her small white fangs, “Please Mistress… Release me… I will do all that you wish Mistress… all that I can do to please you Mistress… if.” her eyes widening, holding breathless her sobs once more…

The lightning pierced the darkened skies; eye-stabbing flashes struck their way through the dungeon window. Mistress Delilah, looked down upon her frightened slave and giving a long lick across her quivering lips, grinned in defiance and turned her eyes toward the dark demonic figure, seated in upon it’s throne of skulls and asps. “Hmmmmmm, anything my dear sweet Morrigan?”

Morrigan swallowed hard, her eyes drawn to the statue of Asmodeus, the demon of lust, an ache of dread flooding her sex as she looked down upon the demonic figure’s bloodstone phallus, immense, still until offered to a slave, remembering when Mistress sacrificed her cunt and ass to it’s hellish fury, and she shuddered uncontrollably.

Mistress Delilah lowered her hand to Morrigan’s shaved sex, sliding a claw-like finger between its soft folds and plunged it deep. Morrigan gutted a painful cry as she withdrew it, dragging its long black nail against the tender insides of her aching wet cunt. Stepping back, she readied her whip and waited, a devilish grin curled upon her succulent ruby lips. “When will the thunder come my love? It’s not too late my dear. What shall it be? The storm and my whip or shall he fuck you this night?”

The thunder crashed and the whip was raised into the air. Morrigan’s shrill screams resounded the dungeon. “What shall it be slave!!!” Mistress Delilah cackled in hellish delight. Morrigan hissed a tormented cry, her fangs glowing near fluorescent against the rages of lightening, “Asmodeus!!!!! Asmodeusssssssssssssss!!!!!!”

The shackles of iron broke free from her wrists and Morrigan fell to a humbled, quivering heap upon the floor. Daring to look up, she begged, “Please Mistress… I thirst for you… Please Mistress… let me drink from you this night… Please Mistress… let me please you” Mistress Delilah stood over her trembling slave, naked body convulsing in fear upon the cold stone and taking a handful of the girl’s raven hair, pulled her up, pressing her face deep into her wanting sex. “Then drink Morrigan! Show your Mistress how much you thirst for her!”

Morrigan lapped at Delilah’s cunt, sucking at her swollen labia and clit. Mistress Delilah tossed her head back, gyrating her hungry sex against her slaves feeding lips and as the fires within her raged, she raised her whip and brought it down sharply across Morrigan’s velvety white ass *CRACK!!! CRACK!!!!! CRACK!!!!!!!!!!! * Morrigan, screeching out against the pain, was dragged toward the statue, struggling, eyes widening as the bloodstone phallus filled the dungeon with a hellish red glow. “No Mistress! Please! Nooooooooooooo!!”

Mistress Delilah pushed the girl back against the statue, the asps, normally of tarnished pewter, moved, writhed, twisted themselves around Morrigan’s legs and arms, locking her into a nightmarish prison, spread wide and soaked cunt gaping as a sacrifice to the demon’s masochistic lust. Morrigan struggled against her solid restraints, unable to move, gasps of agony and ecstasy escaping her lips as the immense red hot cock tore itself into the wetness of her tender cunt and writhed it’s way deeper, growing longer, wider, hotter and fucked her fully.

Mistress Delilah stood back, watching as the statue’s fire red cock hammered in and out of Morrigan’s over stretched cunt hole, shivering in delight as her girl screeched in both pleasure and pain, her own pussy burning with the desire to be filled. Dropping to her knees between Morrigan’s legs, she licked the girl’s hot cunt juices as they dripped down the pounding red cock, inhaling the scent of Morrigan’s hard fucked sex as the demon’s hot phallus hammered into it with a hellish fury. Morrigan screamed between grunts and moans, her pussy hotter than it had ever been before. She begged Delilah, “Please Mistress… no more… no more Mistress pleaseeeeeeeee!!!” The more she begged, the harder the demon statue fucked her and the wetter Delilah’s cunt became. Morrigan screamed out as an asp slithered across her bare breasts, down her naked torso and opening it’s cold mouth, latched onto her hard clit, sucking it and flicked it’s forked tongue across it’s throbbing tip.

As Mistress Delilah’s lust burned deeper, she jumped up onto the statue; her sex pressed into her moaning girl’s face, hissing and panting a frantic command, “Drink from your Mistress slave! Drink!”

The demonic cock driving itself deeper into the fiery oven of her burning sex, Morrigan sucked at Mistress Delilah’s juices, darting her tongue in and out of her hot dripping cunt. The asp sucked harder and harder at her clit and she screamed out against Delilah’s pussy, almost losing consciousness as wave after wave of pussy gushing orgasms flooded through her.

The glowing cock continued to pound at her contracting cunt as Delilah ground her soaked sex against Morrigan’s pussy soaked lips. The asp released it’s painful grip from Morrigan’s clit and drove itself hard into Delilah’s blood engorged cunt, pistoning itself in and out faster and harder as Morrigan sucked feverishly at her hard throbbing clit. Harder and harder the glowing cock and asp fucked them. Louder and louder they grew as their grunts and moans of pleasure mingled with lightning and thunder. They were going to explode together, an orgasm of hellish proportions.

The asps released their grip from Morrigan’s arms and she reached up, grabbing Delilah’s gyrating ass, pushing it harder to her hungry mouth, sucking her clit harder and harder as the pewter asp pounded every inch of her burning cunt. As the flames of their orgasms took over, Mistress Delilah and her thirsty thrall shuddered uncontrollably, screaming out as the thunder crashed, pussies gushing in a torrent to quench the thirst of Asmodeus, pussies showering his burning phallus with their vampyras lust until it glowed no more.

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