Author: Christopher Pierce

I swear, fucking one of my therapist’s other patients wasn’t what I had
in mind for that night, but when that hot guy slid a condom down onto my
hard cock, wrapping it tight in latex, I couldn’t say no.

I’d seen him the last few times I’d gone to therapy, every Monday at 8:00
PM. He’d be leaving as I arrived. He was probably my height and weight –
6′ and 180 pounds, short dark brown hair and nice blue eyes. He had a
handsome mustache and goatee the same color as his hair. He looked to be
in his late twenties, like me.

When we passed each other in the parking lot we made eye contact a few
times, and once I thought I saw him smile at me. But after we passed and
I glanced back, he was facing away. It seemed that he liked me, but
didn’t want to make the first move. I wasn’t sure what to do about it
until I had a realization — I was there to see my shrink anyway, so I’d
talk to him about it.

“What are you thinking about?” my therapist asked me when I sat down on
the couch in his office.

“How much I want to have sex with this certain guy,” was my answer. The
shrink looked at me, beady eyes behind round glasses beneath a rapidly
receding hairline. I imagined the other patient, remembering his nice
eyes and the way his cheek dimpled when he smiled.

“Who is he?” asked my therapist.
“Just a guy I’ve seen around. He’s really hot.” I answered.
“That’s interesting,” the shrink said, “You’re the second patient to
bring this up. It might be a pattern.”

“Who was the other patient?” I said.
“You know I can’t tell you that. I shouldn’t have even said that. Let’s
get back to you. What would you like to happen?”

I hoped the patient who’d also talked about a hot new guy he wanted to
get it on with was the same cute one I had been thinking about. But I
knew I couldn’t ask for any more information out of my therapist, he’d
already said more than he should have and he knew it.

“What would I like to happen?” I repeated, “I’d like a definite sign from
this guy that he’s interested in me. I’m tired of quick glances and
mysterious smiles.”

The shrink adjusted his glasses and looked at me.

“When a patient is frustrated with a situation, I usually tell him to
take action — a definite step towards resolving the conflict. That way
he’s working for a solution, not just complaining that he doesn’t like

“That’s good advice,” I said sincerely, “Thank you.”

I hardly know what else happened at the session, my mind was a thousand
miles away — actually, only a few hundred feet away, in the parking lot
that the handsome stranger and I passed every Monday night.

When the session was over I headed out to my car. There was a pleasant
surprise waiting for me there — a piece of paper wedged under one
windshield-wiper. I got it out and read the words written on it — “I see
you every Monday when I’m done with therapy. I think you’re hot — call
me please,” and a phone number.

I liked the “please”, it showed a touch of vulnerability that I found
very sexy. Most guys swagger up to you to show how macho and insensitive
they are. The fact that this man, obviously very handsome and knew it,
was humble enough to say please made me like him even more.

I got in my car thinking about what the therapist had said about taking
decisive actions. I apparently was not the only patient he’d given that
advice to tonight.

I dialed the guy’s number. He must have been waiting for me to call
because he answered before the first ring was over.

“Hello?” he said.
“Hi,” I said, “I’m Chris. You left a note on my car?”
“Yeah!” the voice said excitedly. “Thanks for calling, man!”
“No problem,” I answered.

“I see you every Monday night,” he said. “You’re coming when I’m going.”
There was a slight pause, and I knew he was realizing what he’d just
said. “I mean –” he started. I could practically hear the blush on his
“I know what you meant.” I said. “What’s your name?”
“Jack.” he said, “What’s yours?”
“Chris.” was my answer. “I just said that.”
“That’s a nice name,” Jack said, “Short and masculine.”
“Kind of like me.”
“Yeah. Listen, Chris, here’s why I’m calling — I think you’re really
attractive and I’d love to have sex with you.”
“Well, that was honest.” I said.
“My therapist told me I should be more honest about what I want.” he
“That’s good advice,” I said. “My therapist told me that I just take
action to resolve situations. So it sounds like what you want — is me.”
“Looks that way.” Jack said.
“Where do you live?”
Jack gave me his address and when I asked when I should come over, he
said “Now!” He told me he’d leave his front door unlocked, and that when
I came in I should “follow the trail.”
“What trail?” I asked.
“You’ll see,” he said. “Just follow the trail.”
“Tease.” I called him.
“Count on it,” Jack said, and hung up.

I love a good tease, especially if it was leading up to a big payoff.

It didn’t take long to drive to Jack’s place, but the whole time I imagined him and what I wanted to do with him. My imagination ran wild – I pictured what might have happened if I had come back to my car earlier that night. What if, instead of the note, Jack himself had been there?

He’d look at me, I’d look at him, and no words would be necessary. Our
attraction would be obvious and electric, just like the first night we’d
seen each other. Jack would be leaning up against my car’s bumper. His
arms crossed, he’d hit me with a sexy, cocky grin. I’d walk right up to
him and put my arms around his waist, slipping my hands between his butt
and my car.

I’d squeeze his ass-cheeks, savoring their firm flesh. He’d put his arms
around me, then bring his lips to my ear.

Just like before, he didn’t need to say anything – just hearing and
feeling his hot breath against my ear and neck was communication enough.
Jack would take my earlobe between his teeth and bite it gently. In
response I’d squeeze his buttocks harder and push him back against the
car. He’d exhale deeply, but it would be cut off by my lips as I kissed
him hard on the mouth. I’d push my tongue deep between his teeth as if
treasure waited within.

And in a way it did.

His passion would rise to match mine and together we’d explore each
other’s mouths. I’d raise my hands to his face, holding him gently in
place, not that he’d try to get away. He’d arch back on the car, pushing
his crotch into mine. I’d respond by matching his pressure until our
cocks were rubbing against each other, only the denim of our jeans
separating them.

All inhibition would disappear, and together Jack and I would unbutton
our pants to reveal the hard cocks inside. We’d stare at each other’s
organs for a few heartbeats, for the moment the mere sight of them enough
to satisfy us.

But not for long.

We’d both reach out at the same time, our eager hands finding each
other’s dicks and taking their full, hard weight between palm and fingers.
I’d be able to feel every beat of his heart in his cock, then we’d put
our arms around each other. We’d hug each other tight, pressing our cocks
together, starting to move and grind our bodies.

The friction is so electric I’m sure there must be sparks flying out
around us. I’d kiss Jack, my mouth hungrily devouring his. He’d stick
out his tongue and I’d gently seize it with my lips and caress it with my
own tongue. I’d squeeze him in my arms, trying to show him without words
how I excited I am, how joyful I am be to be doing this with him.

His breath would come out in one long sigh, and when our kiss was broken
he’d give me a look of such pure pleasure and excitement it’d make me
laugh out loud. Then, right there in the parking lot, we’d take off our
clothes and stare at each other’s nakedness.

We wouldn’t care if people saw us, this would be magical, and nothing,
especially mere reality, would be able to spoil this feeling, this

The excitement of our grinding dicks would grow so hot he’d know we
couldn’t go much longer without shooting our loads. Just in time we’d
pull away from each other, crystalline droplets of ecstatic pre-cum oozing
from our piss-slits. Like before we’d take the other’s quivering cock in
one hand and with a quick jerk, release the tension that had been building

Our loads of semen would spurt out, sparkling in the moonlight, to
perfectly land on each other’s chests. We’d stand there, nude and
dripping with spunk, looking at each other for a few minutes.

Then finally we’d get cleaned up with some paper towels from the car and
head back to my apartment, where the real lovemaking would begin.
A few minutes later I found Jack’s place. I parked and headed up to his
apartment to find his door slightly open.

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