The Test

Author: David Williams

She knelt in the center of the black marble floor. The gold veining in the stone making her feel somehow like a precious thing, a treasure displayed. Her oversized black satin cushion seemed to merge into the sea of darkness so that she was almost floating there, waiting for them.

The walls by sharp contrast were all white marble and seemed to shoot upwards forever. The octagonal room was expansive and quiet, only the sound of her own beating heart in her ears. Then the distinct click of the door lock opening and the swish of the heavy door swinging open behind her.

She did not turn or move a muscle. She knelt with her knees and ankles spread slightly, toes pointed back straight. Her shoulders were square to the floor and chin held up in a proud stance, her hands laid one atop the other, facing up and held just below her breasts. She was poised for inspection and was well-trained, she did not even bat an eye as they began to circle around her.

There were five of them, that much she had known before this began. Five possible choices, each dressed in a black robe and black leather mask that covered half the face. She did not know who was who, as the robes had hoods which obscured them all from her eyes. They admired her outfit, a black lace poet’s shirt and tight waist cinch, no bra, no panties. She was adorned and yet nude. Her ass cheeks barely touched her heels as she sat at full attention.

Crouching down behind her, she heard the first one speak. “She is well shaved.” The others chuckled. “I happen to like well shaved, thank you!” He said and laughed. “And see how her lips part just slightly to show arousal? I like that. Well done, girl.” She flushed at his compliment.

It felt odd to be so looked at, so explored with their eyes and yet arousing too, beyond words. As they walked about her and looked at her large breasts and hard nipples, as they glanced at her bare ass, and as they examined her very wet pussy, she was reduced in a way and yet exalted in another. They admired her for her beauty and grace, for her poise, and for her pure sexual essence. She almost felt like she could cry and laugh at once.

“Thank you, Sir. I am glad I please you, Sir.” She responded in a small voice that still carried pride with it.

They walked around her, crisscrossing paths so that she could not keep track of which was which. Another spoke, his voice smooth and almost melodic. “You are trained?” He asked.

“Yes, Sir.” She replied.

He paused and looked at her. “Tell me then, what is the value of your submission?”

She thought about it for a few moments before answering. “The value is in the totality, Sir.” She responded.

“Explain.” Another said, his voice deep like gravel and midnight.

She chose her words carefully. “The value of my submission is in its totality. I do not submit, I am owned. I do not hold back anything.”

“Hmm, so you’ll do anything I say?” Another asked.

“No, Sir. I will do whatever the one says, Sir.”

“The one?” The first asked again. “The one you chose?”

“No Sir, respectfully Sir. The one I am meant to be with. I will not chose, I will simply know which is right…which fate has chosen for me.” She answered, her voice quivering a little.

“Good answer.” Another said, his voice like honey and yet deep and pure. He almost whispered and yet his words carried across the room. He was leaning against the wall and now approached. They all murmured their approval to her words, and they began to circle her again.

The gravel man cleared his throat. “Present for inspection and examination.”

She obediently shifted position and leaned forward onto her elbows and presented her ass and pussy high in the air. By now her juices were dripping from her spread lips and trickled down her legs as she pushed her ass up higher in the air.

“She’s very clean.”

“Yes. Very clean and very horny.”

Laughter, her face flushed.

“Wet. . . I like when the pussy gets very wet.”

“Yes. Girl? Do you squirt?”

She was bright red and yet was loving it. It was so invasive and yet freeing. “I don’t know Sir, I never have, but I would try my best, Sir.”

They murmured in acceptance of her answer.

“Show us, Girl.” She didn’t understand what he was asking her to do. “Don’t be shy, show us how you cum. Play with yourself for us and do not cum until ordered too.”

They were all behind her watching as she raised a trembling hand and slid it between her legs. Taking a deep breath she began to tickle the lips until she could not keep from sliding one finger down her wet slit. They all made sounds of approval as she slowly teased herself into a frenzy, her finger sliding up and down her pussy until she needed more. Had to have more.

They were close. She could swear she almost felt their breath on her as she slid a second finger into her slit and then dipped them both into her pussy. Throwing her shyness to the side, she reached back her other hand and began to rub her clit in time with her fingers fucking her.

“Ah…a two-hander.” One said and they laughed, she almost paused as they laughed, but then there was a slap on her ass and the voice urged her on. “Don’t stop now, keep going, you are doing well Girl.”

Then the honey voice was in her ear, and she felt him very close to her. “Are you thinking of being fucked?”

“No o o,” she panted back to him.

“Are you thinking of pleasing?” He asked.

“Yessssssssir.” It became one long word.

“Then please me… faster and harder. Make it slap like you mean it.” He said and she did, urged on she began fingering herself so hard she slapped her pussy lips with each thrust.

“Oooooh Goooooood.” She was moaning and she couldn’t stop it. She wanted to be quiet, but she couldn’t contain it any more.

She felt her cum dripping down her legs as her fingers slammed in and out and squishing juices out of her. Her other hands played with her sloppy wet pussy, rubbing and teasing her clit as she held on the edge of cumming for them.

“Cum now.” The first man who had spoken said.

She tried but could not cum for him.

“Cum now.” The gravel voiced man said but again she could not cum.

“Now.” Another voice and she almost wept, she still could not cum.

“Now Girl, Cum.” The melody-voiced man said and she tried hard but couldn’t, she just couldn’t get over the edge.

There was a long silence as she spanked her pussy and fingered herself and rubbed herself in a frenzy of need. She was almost in tears, afraid she could not cum, afraid she would fail them. She held back her sobs, but knew she was going to cry anyway. How many had ordered her? Had they all tried? Oh God this was awful.

“Please me, Girl. Cum now.” The honey voice was there and almost tangible. She screamed and felt herself explode into an orgasm. She couldn’t move her hands any more, her entire body locked still, and she caught flame from the inside out. Yess………pleeeeeeaaaaase him! Her mind screamed.

She cried and sobbed as she came, all the emotions in her spilling out in one huge wave. She collapsed onto the cushion and shook as her body kept cumming and cumming, she was sure there would be a puddle under her when she was done. Pleeeeeeaaaase hiiiiimmmmm!

good girl.” His honey voice piercing her world. “Very good girl.” She cried. She knew it was to be him. She looked up, but could not meet his gaze directly. “Good girl,” He whispered again. She wept, and he reached out and touched her.

She crawled to him and curled up at his feet. He brushed her hair back and caressed her as she shook from after shocks quivering through her.

“You did well.”


“Yes, baby girl?”

“My Sir?”

“Yes, baby girl.”

“My Sir,” she cried and held on to him. They were left alone, the choice made, the test done. She cried and looked up at him and he kissed her.

“Happy birthday, baby girl.” He said and wiped the tear from her eyes and tasted them.

“My Sir.” She whispered as she flew for the first time.

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