Seduced Slave

Author: Dan

Carmen stood with her back to the washroom wall, naked except for her heeled shoes. Her nipples tingled in the coolness and the excitement of being so vulnerable. She always obeyed her Mistress even if it was in the strangest of places and that included closed off rooms at the back of restaurants.

“Present!” Vienna snapped… Carmen knew exactly what she had to do…

With eyes lowered to the floor, her legs slightly parted she clasped her hands behind her back, waiting for the inspection. Her breasts jutted forward with nipples hard and erect as she waited patiently. Her heart raced as Vienna moved to her, her fingers brushing over her swollen mound before reaching behind her. Her hands touching hers, Vienna pulled them to the front of her. Carmen with her wrists already wrapped in her leather binds gasped as Vienna lifted first one arm and locked it into place followed by the other. She was captive…. Her wrists attached to the metal rod that had been carefully bolted to the wall….

Inspecting her handy work, Vienna smiled to herself but was suddenly brought back to earth by a noise coming from behind her. She could hear voices coming through the door followed by the lock being turned to ensure that there would be no interruptions.

“Gary,” an irritated young woman spoke out loud…. “I really don’t have time for games, I finish in around half an hour and I do want to leave on time tonight… what do you need me in here for, and why did you lock the door behind us?”

Carmen stood speechless with her eyes lowered and her hands clasped in binds as Gary pointed to her. The young woman was a little shocked to see a gorgeous blonde naked and bound and almost jumped out of her skin… “Pet!” Vienna broke the sexually enhanced silence…. “Meet Gloria!”

“Gloria I heard you were in need of something a little different to get your juices flowing and to help kick start your love life…”

“How do you know so much about me….” Mumbled Gloria in a state of shock…

“Never mind how I know, lets just say a little birdie told me and Gary asked if I could help make this happen… to help make your night a special. He’s a kind man who loves you very much and knows you need to live your special fantasy…”

Gloria looked from her boyfriend to Vienna before turning to admire Carmen… She took her first nervous steps towards the bound beauty, her heart skipped a beat knowing her every move was being watched but that did nothing to dissuade her from the wondrous gift she was about to receive. In her mind it was real but in her true self it was fantasy…. A longing to experience a babe in a bisexual session, but she never ever imagined it could be like this… so easy, too easy….

Standing in front of Carmen, she admired her beauty. Reaching up she let her fingers flutter like feathers over her beautiful bound arms and down to Carmen’s perky breasts. Carmen gasped when her nipples between Gloria’s thumbs and forefingers were pinched… her eyes wide open she looked pleadingly into Gloria’s eyes…

Gloria leaned forward and wrapped her arms around Carmen’s waist, they moved their heads closer together as their lips met for the very first time. Carmen knew how to please and tease as she licked the horny babes lips before slipping her tongue into her hot moist mouth searching out the wanting tongue… she could feel Gloria quivering from the excitement or was it the anticipation of lust and desire and knew that this horny young woman was descending down a different path of her sexual life.

Her head swam from the sensual moments, her fingers touching the naked body of the bound slave… she ran her hands over her flesh, teasing and hoping to please this blonde beauty. Carmen’s moans of pleasure spurred her on… Gloria leaned down and took a hardened nipple between her teeth; biting it gently forcing Carmen to cry out…

Gloria could smell her musky aroma… A babe on heat and odour she knew so well. She traced a path down her stomach playing briefly with her navel before finding her smooth mound. Her fingers slipped between her swollen lips and deep inside her tight hole right up to the knuckle. Moving it in and out as she slowly finger fucked the bound beauty. She pulled her finger out and with it glistening in front of her she looked Carmen in the eyes before sliding it between her lips. Gloria licked and sucked her finger clean… the taste was sweet like honey, clean and fresh and she hungered for more.

Dropping to her knees onto a pillow that had been well placed, she came face to face with a fresh clean cunt. She put her face to the blonde’s mound and breathed in the feminine scent of sexual hunger. Grasping Carmen’s ass she kneaded the firm flesh of her gorgeous ass cheeks before snaking her tongue up and into Carmen’s sweet honey pot.

Carmen thrust forward trying to get Gloria to continue her licking… it really wasn’t necessary as Gloria licked again and again, this time flicking her clit, making her squirm even more… Pulling back on Carmen’s ass cheeks opened her pussy up to her. She licked up and down the slit of the bound slave’s juicy pussy before teasing her clit and both women moaned as one as Gloria twirled her tongue around Carmen’s throbbing pussy…

The sensual hungry cries mingled with the sounds of Gloria’s licking and sucking, the pleasant cries of passion echoed around the walls of the enclosed bathroom. From the back of the room the groans of a horny guy watching his babe in action were too much for the bound slave Carmen.

She thrust her hips forward as an incredible mind-blowing orgasm ripped through her body. Crying out incoherently as the full force of her ejaculation shook her…. Gloria suctioned her mouth over Carmen’s sweet pussy as she erupted, she continued to suck as hard as she could drinking the delicious loads of hot liquid that spewed into her mouth.

A little surprised but not put off she continually sucked, licked and flicked Carmen’s pussy and clit until she almost became limp from the twitching and passion that had escaped her body. Gloria stood before the bound blonde haired slave. She kissed her firmly on the lips and Carmen eagerly kissed her back, tasting her sweet juices on her the tongue that invaded her mouth. Gloria finally broke away and whispered a thank you in her ear… Smiling she stepped back in a daze into Gary’s waiting arms….

Mistress Vienna unlocked the binds that held Carmen in place, taking her in her arms she helped dress her slave before taking her hand and leading her out of the locked room.

On the way out, they turned to watch for a moment getting a glimpse of Gloria kneeling in front of her lover, unzipping his trousers, releasing his hard cock from its confines. She took him into her mouth and sucked him like never before….

“Enjoy your evening,” Vienna said casually… “We’ll see ourselves out.”

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