As you wish Master

Author: comegetme

Showered and dressed I finish applying my lipstick; I hear the door open quietly. You walk slowly into the room. A smile adorns your handsome face as you approach me. The air is filled with tension as I know what may come of your entrance.

The beating of my heart is clear to me and my breath getting deeper. You near me; at first you kiss my lips tenderly then harder as you yearn for me. You whisper that you want me and want me now. I pull away from your caress. Thus makes you smile. You take my wrists and push me hard against the wall, my head and body crashing against the cold harshness of brick.

Lifting my skirt you find me to be wet from your forcefulness, you rip my shirt open revealing my firm breasts. Nipples erect waiting in anticipation of your grip. You cover my mouth to stop me from being heard by all, that wait in the next room. I try to pull away from you, as I do you strike me full on the cheek of my face. Now you have changed from my lover to my Master.

Rope hanging from a hook nearby is within your grasp, my mouth now covered with tape. I cannot make a sound. Whimpering for mercy you take my arms and tie them to the cross and also my ankles. I face the wall in front and on this hangs a mirror. My cunt is easily seen and accessible. Crack, Crack is the sound I hear. I feel no pain for the moment but then a searing surge explodes within me, as you whip me harder with your cane.

Your words are explicit and powerful, making me squirm as you continue to whip me. The ties on my wrists are loosened enough for me to able to bend my aching arse and cunt toward you. With this movement you take the opportunity to use me. Within moments I feel my arse being filled with a thick vibrator. You have the means to turn the power on/off and make more intense. I have lost control and I weep with wanting to cum.

I motion to you of my request and you deny this. Pulling my thick raven hair back I cry with pain as you continue to use my arse with the vibrator. Trying to get away from the turmoil that you are causing you choose to take me from the cross, throwing me to the floor.

Obedience is of most importance to you. You yell for me to pleasure myself for your ‘own’ pleasure. You watch motionless as I play with my cunt, teasing and pulling on my clitoris. You pull my nipples hard I can feel an intense urge to cum. Again you stop me ordering me that I must first ask and if I do not comply you will beat me further.

Please Master may I cum? This pleases you and you allow me. My heat beating fast, my breasts even more full, clitoris swollen I shake with an intense orgasm and fall back onto the floor. Just as I open my eyes I feel myself being dragged back up onto my knees, you again order me to pleasure myself. I am weary but you have no mercy for me. The whip now in your hand you take a full swing at my breasts. I cry with the pain, tears flowing from my eyes. You strike me again and again. Turning me to face the wall you have full access to my arse. All emotion ridden from you, you continue to whip me till I have no feeling left within me.

Chains are placed around my ankles and wrists turning me into a little bundle for your own pleasure. My arse ‘very’ accessible to you. Your cock is hard, swollen and has pre-cum on the tip. After Making me lick your cum juices you face fuck me hard. I cannot move or whimper. Harder and harder, deeper and deeper you fuck my mouth till your breath deepens. I am aware of you being about to cum into my mouth. I look up into your eyes and you moan with intense pleasure as you shoot your cum hard into my open wanting mouth Sucking you dry. You then untie me.

I have the desire to cum again; all feeling has been awakened by watching ‘you’ my master cum. I ask to have two vibrators used, one forced into my cunt and the other in my arse. This pleases you very much. You walk away from me to the door, with my look of confusion you smile as you are aware of what is to happen next. No sooner have you done this in walk three men, masked. I am unable to identify them. They say nothing but watch me as I have taken over the movements of using myself with the vibrators. Bringing myself to climax after a time.

The three masked men repeat what you have already succeeded in. Instructions have been given to each of them and in turn they beat me and use me consecutively. Whipping, restraining, fucking and abusing me verbally, till I can take no more.

Thank you. I will always obey you, and do as you wish master. For ‘your’ wish is my command.

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