Under The Rainbow (Part 3)

Author: Cecilia

Terresa’s nipples were hard, her supple breasts within inches of Jessie’s face. Terresa leaned forward slightly and rubbed her nipples against Jessie’s then turned and walked back over to the black bag. She smiled up at Jessie as she rummaged for the special toy, grabbed it and held it behind her back, keeping it out of Jessie’s view. Jessie felt herself grow nervous again, as the new item was kept from her view, wanting desperately to see it she walked over to Terresa.

“You want to know what this is?” Jessie nodded yes. “Reach around and feel, you can only use your hands until you discover what it is.” Jessie pressed her naked body against Terresa’s, their bodies meshing again, nipples rubbing against nipples. A surge of excitement flowed through the both of them, making each wetter than before, Jessie brushed her fingertips down Terresa’s arms to her hands. As she worked her fingertips around Terresa’s hands, she felt a hard rubbery shaft, her heart jumped. “It’s a dildo!” she said proudly.

“Not quite, Jessie,” came the reply, “Try again.” Jessie returned her hands to Terresa’s, found the rubber shaft again and began to explore further. As her fingertips traveled the length of the shaft she felt the rippled end, placed her fingertips around the circumference and gave it a little twist and to her surprise a light buzzing sound emitted from the little vibrator. Jessie looked up and giggled. Terresa smiled down at Jessie, “This little vibrator make you excited?” Jessie giggled again and nodded her head. “Good,” said Terresa.

“Now, lay down on the couch.” Jessie quickly responded and laid on her back, the fabric of the couch against her naked body sent tingles down her spine. Terresa kneeled down, leaned forward and began to kiss Jessie softly at first then deepening the kiss. Once Terresa felt Jessie was lost in the kiss, she silently slid the little vibrator up to Jessie’s breasts and with a twist of her fingers she turned it on. Jessie gasped and broke the kiss as the vibrator hummed between her breasts. Terresa then began a slow circle around each of Jessie’s breasts, teasing the nipples, making sure they were good and erect. Satisfied with the level of erection on Jessie’s breasts, Terresa trailed the vibrator down Jessie’s torso, to her tummy, teasing her belly button and moved her way down to Jessie’s hairy mound.

She let the vibrator, as it hummed away, lay flat against Jessie’s patch of thick curly black hair, the tip just barely touching Jessie’s now wet lips. As Jessie felt the vibration touch her lips she let out a soft moan and jerked her hips slightly causing the vibrator to bounce. Terresa took the vibrator off Jessie’s body and looked down at her sternly, “Hold still or I will not continue.” Jessie nodded her head and didn’t say a word. Returning the vibrator to Jessie’s mound, Terresa held Jessie’s gaze, making sure she understood she was serious. Terresa then turned the little vibrator back on and the room was filled with the familiar humming sound. This time Terresa wasn’t as slow and gentle. She quickly ran the tip along the full length of Jessie’s wet lips.

The vibrator slid smoothly through Jessie’s soaked pubic hair. Terresa could see how excited Jessie was and bit her lip as shivers went down her spine. She then let the tip penetrate in between Jessie’s lips, and lightly touch her swollen clit. Jessie had been fighting with herself to not moan, but lost the battle as the little plastic cock touched her sensitive clit. Terresa just smiled and continued the slow tease, guiding the vibrator between Jessie’s lips, stroking her clit. Jessie felt that familiar stirring begin building deep within her and began moaning lightly with almost each breath. Terresa took Jessie’s right hand, pulled it over and down to her hairy, wet pussy.

Jessie took over from there, letting her fingers graze against Terresa’s clit and tease her opening. It was Terresa’s turn to moan but kept control and turned it into a command, “That’s it my lovely, finger my pussy. I want you to make me cum in your hand.” The reaction from the command was intense; Jessie imagined she was fingering her own pussy, her fingers darting against Terresa’s clit. Terresa slid the vibrator deeper within Jessie’s lips penetrating her hole causing Jessie to moan loudly and slide her finger into Terresa’s hole.

Both women squirmed and squeezed their pussies against the penetration, feeling their climaxes begin to grow. Terresa leaned forward and slid her tongue in between Jessie’s lips and began to lick at her clit as she slid the vibrator further into Jessie’s pussy then began to rock her hips against Jessie’s fingers, forcing them deeper within her. The taste and the scent of Jessie’s sweet pussy were almost enough to send Terresa over the edge. Jessie squeezed her pussy around the vibrator as Terresa slid it in and out of her hole. Their breathing was becoming labored and gasping as they approached climax. Terresa hungrily lapped Jessie’s pussy and began to moan loudly as Jessie’s fingers worked her climax to peak.

Hearing Terresa moan and gasp, Jessie felt her own climax peak and joined in with her own, her body shuddered against the vibrator. Terresa felt her knees go weak and leaned her body against the couch as she continued to eat Jessie’s pussy. Jessie’s finger strokes began to slow as she felt Terresa’s climax begin to subside. Still moaning into Jessie’s pussy, Terresa lightly sucked Jessie’s clit, easing her down from her climax. After a few moments Terresa slowly slid the vibrator out of Jessie’s pussy and turned it off.

With one final flick against Terresa’s clit, Jessie brought her hand, wet with Terresa’s juices, back to her chest. Terresa caught her breath and grinned at Jessie, “Now, my little slut, I want you to lick your fingers, taste my juices.” Jessie did as commanded, bringing her fingers to her face and up to her nose. She took a deep breath, bringing Terresa’s scent into her, then slowly slid her fingers one by one into her mouth, sucking and savoring Terresa’s sex. She let out a soft moan and smiled up at Terresa. Terresa smiled at Jessie, stretched out her hand and helped Jessie up. They embraced, their naked bodies pressed against each other. Each could feel the other’s heart beat.

Terresa pressed her lips against Jessie’s, letting her tongue slip into her mouth and taste her own juices still on Jessie’s tongue. After several moments they ended the kiss, held each other close. Jessie whispered into Terresa’s ear, “You’re right, this is a night I’ll never forget,” she paused then added “Ma’am.”

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