The test

Author: Mr. J

She awoke to a shaft of sunlight hitting her face. It came from a space below a window blind that was not quite closed all the way. Save for that slim shaft of light the room was quite dark. Her neck was encircled with a black leather collar.

She had been rudely awakened the night before and dragged from her bed. When she saw that it was her Master’s hands upon her, she suppressed the instinct to fight and lowered her head, leaning against him, standing naked in the middle of the room.

” Nice,” she heard a strange male voice say, ” very nice”.
A quick sidelong glance told her that the voice came from one of a trio of men who were strangers to her ; long haired, darkly dressed men. She began to tremble.

” You are to go with these men, little one,” said her Master. “Do exactly as they say.”
” But, Master, I, I,” she stuttered.
” Enough!” he bellowed. He was placing a cape around her trembling shoulders as he told her,
” You will go. This is a test my sweet. A test that I have set up for you. A chance for you to prove your submission to me, by going with these men and following their every direction. It is my desire that you do this, please understand that little one.”

With that she was led, sobbing, to a waiting car, her naked legs flashing through the gap in the cape. She was blindfolded and told to not speak. She soon drifted off to sleep.

She was snapped back to the present by the bedroom door opening.
” Good morning, slut, ” said the tall man. ” That will be your name while you are with us. Slut. Do you understand, slut?” She nodded dumbly.

” Excellent. You are here at your Master’s bidding. He wants you to learn to take a stranger’s cock, slut. To open your holes to a male cock, any male that finds you attractive. To take any cock, without hesitation, and to do it with the abandon of the true slut, which you are.”

She flashed back to the night about a week ago, when Master had ordered her to fuck one of his friends, who had just witnessed one of her discipline sessions. She had frozen up, having never taken another man besides Master, and a boyfriend, a million years ago. Master was very displeased, and he beat her brutally that night.

She was given some time in the bathroom, accompanied by the tall man, then led out of the bathroom by a leash attached to her collar. In the living room, she saw dark man and short man. Short man was holding a long leather strap, and he was smiling at her.

” Lay down here, on your back,” short man said, indicating a wide table.

She was positioned with her ass cheeks hanging off the end, and her legs were pulled back, with her knees crushing her breasts completely exposing her asshole and her shaven sex. She was gagged.

The thought of being beaten by this man without the benefit of a safeword was terrifying. She just hoped that she could get through it.

The first lash caught her on the fleshy part of her ass, as did the next few. As he warmed her ass with the strap, she began to moan and squirm. The lash moved to the fleshy thickness on the insides of her thighs, from the knee to just inches from her cunt. Back and forth, left leg, right leg, back to her ass.

Her cunt began to leak, trying to move her gasping cunt into the line of fire. She desperately needed relief, but the short man was skilled with the strap, and relief did not come. Only a burning crescendo of fire that was forcing juice from her cunt, running down the crack of her ass and pooling on the table.

The whipping stopped. She was grunting now, and low guttural noises escaped past the gag. Her eyes were rolling back into her head. The men were naked now.

” Are you ready to fuck, slut?” said short man.
She could only grunt, a series of strained grunts.
“Remove her gag.” ordered short man.
“Fuck me, yes fuck me , please” she screamed.
Short man slid his hard cock into her, she was on fire. She came immediately, in a frenzied thrashing.
” Please” she moaned.

Short man held on to her welted ass cheeks and squeezed, squirting into her.
Tall man was next, popping his long cock into her, smiling as she bucked, sucking his long cock with her cunt.

Dark man’s massive tool went next. She had calmed enough now to take his cock in long even strokes. When he pulled out of her cunt and let it slide down to her asshole, she just reached down and spread her asscheeks, moaning loudly as he slid in past her sphincter. After his brutal game of fuck, he pulled out and watched his cum ooze out of her gaping asshole.

They left her to lay on her back.

” This is your breaktime slut,” said short man, “then we start again”.
Inwardly she smiled. ‘I can pass this test,’ she thought. Master will be pleased.

part two

She lay there with cum oozing from her holes. Her welted, blistered ass and thighs were now taking on a very uncomfortable, burning itch from the perspiration and cum puddled beneath her.

She was exhausted. She could go to sleep and sleep for days, she thought. Sleep, however, was not part of the plan.

” Up on your knees, slut,” said short man.

She found herself too weak to obey. Dark man stepped over to her, pulled her up into a sitting posture, then helped get her into the position they wanted her in. Knees spread wide to the corners of the low table, the body of the table behind her. She would have toppled
forward to the floor but for dark man’s steadying hands. Her arms raised above her head.
” Sit up straight, slut,” ordered dark man.

She felt and heard her cuffed wrists being attached to a dangling chain. Dark man’s assistance was no longer required. She knelt there, completely at their mercy, her cunt gaping obscenely, her tits thrust out. The drying cum on her cuntlips and thighs was beginning to burn and
itch almost unbearably now, and she started to squirm. Short man began to speak.
” You will take a lot of cum from a lot of cocks while you are with us, slut. Prior to each fuck session you will be beaten. Two reasons. One, we enjoy it. Two, it ensures unhesitating compliance. I know you would comply anyway, without the beatings, but I have found this to be
the most effective method to ensure compliance in the future. And that is why you are here. DO YOU UNDERSTAND, SLUT? ”

She was terrified. She found herself nodding her head. She thought that she had already been tested and that she had passed. She had complied with everything, and now she was to be beaten. She had actually enjoyed the first scene, but now she was frightened. What more could she do to please these men than she had already done ?

Tall man was now in front of her. He slapped her left tit hard, with his hand. She gasped. The right tit now, even harder. He had a small elastic band that he forced open with his fingers, and he worked it over her reddened left tit, worked it right up to her chest. Then the right tit. Her tits bulged out like they might explode. The pressure was unbelievable. She began to wail softly, an involuntary noise from deep within her soul.

” Gag her ” said short man, and the gag was placed.
He stood in front of her and showed her the short leather flogger that she would be beaten with. Her eyes bulged and he smiled at her.

” Ready, slut ?” The first blow caught her full across the side of the left tit. She screamed behind the gag. The second blow across the side of the right. Blows to the tops of her tits. He changed position and swung up from below, catching the soft bottoms. Her tits danced wildly in time to the beat of the flogger. At her side now, he flogged her left armpit, and worked his way down her side to the hip. Then the other side.

She was hysterical now, the chain above her head snapping taut at every blow. The relentless beating continued. From her tits to the top of her cunt he worked her, then the fronts of her thighs. Around behind her now, he slapped the backs of her calves, up the backs of her thighs, down to the bottoms of her feet. Her blistered ass was not spared as he moved up to her back.

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