Author: FK

Slowly walking up the steps of the old apartment building, Ron eventually made it to his suite, unlocked the door, and stepped inside. Throwing his briefcase upon the sofa, the thirty six year old part-time accountant sat himself down, leaning over, and opening the black leather thing. Peering inside, he removed a periodical that he just purchased at some adult bookstore. Eager to see the contents, he pulled away the clear plastic wrap, immediately opening the magazine. Entitled, “nice ass Chicks!”, the publication had a whole collection of photos of sexy young ladies showing off mostly their beautiful and curvaceous butts. Intrigued by the copy, he went through the pages, looking over every picture with the utmost attention to detail. While moving along, he finally stopped at one particular female, a blond. Staring away at her seductive figure, he noted her skimpy attire before the sequence of photos showed her taking it all off piece at a time, picture at a time. Initially dressed in a yellow bikini, she also had on amber colored high heeled shoes, adding more to her already attractive physique.

Awed by the image, he stared away. However, one thing he noticed about all the pictures of this lovely lass was the angle they were shot, mostly taken from below, projecting her image against either the sky or the ceiling. Curious, he read the captions, “ Lisa’s great when you view her as a normal sized individual, but what if you were only four inches tall?” Going on, the captions said, “ Looking up to her, she appears as a giantess against the clouds!”

His heart pounding, he realized that the idea of being reduced to only a small fraction of his original size while standing before a sexy female was a great turn on. Looking at the pictures, he got himself off, enjoying her figure and the perspective taken.

Finished with the publication, Ron simply walked with it back to his bedroom, placing it atop the nightstand. Leaving the small chamber, he spent the rest of the summer’s evening doing whatever came his way, also taking a short walk before dark.

Returning to his apartment, he got himself ready for bed, taking a shower and putting his night clothes on afterward. Going back into the bedroom, Ron pulled forth at the blanket and went under the sheets. Lying upon his back, he listened away to the tranquil night sounds coming from the distance through the open window whose curtain wavered to and fro in the moonlight. Relaxed by the peaceful atmosphere, he drifted off to sleep.

Turning, he awoke in the middle of the night, bathed in silence. Viewing the digital clock, he read two fifteen AM. As the man was just about to roll over and go back to sleep, he saw a form move before the window. Confused, he looked again, nothing, only the curtain waved away. Thinking he was hallucinating, he simply decided to forget the whole thing when again he saw something move. Letting his eyes adjust, he finally realized that Lisa’s figure was standing in the middle of the room, staring at him with a seductive smile.

Sitting up in bed, he gazed forth in awe. Seeing the same young lady as in the magazine, he crawled out of bed and began moving toward her. Nevertheless, the beautiful feline simply faded away, disappearing into the shadows created by the night’s gentle luminous glow. Again confused, he looked around. Turing his head in every direction, he saw nothing, save the usual elements of his room.

After ten minutes of uncertainty, Ron simply went back to bed, believing that it all had to be a dream. Drifting off, he finally fell back into a slumber, sleeping away.

With the sun’s morning light shining forth, Ron awakened. Upon opening his eyes, he realized his frame was covered head to toe. Thinking he must have pulled the blanket over his head while sleeping, the man simply tried to push it aside and get up. Raising his hand, he was about to throw off the cover when it didn’t move, refusing to budge as if tied down to the bed as a tarp at all four corners. Perplexed, Ron tried again, receiving the same effect. Pushing his hand back above his head, he tried to reach out from beneath the cover. To his amazement, it had no end, he couldn’t reach to the headboard.

Rolling over, Ron found the mattress to be different, being softer, smoother, yet firmer. Liking its feel, he nevertheless was eager to get up. Still under the cover, he got to his knees, stretching the blanket somewhat as it pushed down upon his back.

Within the semi-darkness, he began crawling face forward. After a few seconds, he saw light coming from the edge of this lengthy “blanket”. Reaching the edge, he used some effort to push it up, noting its very strong elastic feel.

As the sunlight burst forth, Ron stared straight at his bedroom window, seeing the same curtains wave in the light breeze. However, as he looked downward, he realized that the “mattress” was of a smooth peachlike color extending on and on. Following it with his eyes, he eventually saw a huge golden mane extend toward him.

Going forward a few steps, he turned his head back and realized the surprise of his life. He had just crawled out from the bikini panties of some good looking blond female lying asleep in his bed upon her stomach! Frightened, yet also curious, Ron went over to the edge of her back and looked down at the real mattress. Being too small to jump off, he returned to her back’s center and moved upward, eventually standing right before her blond hair.

Having nothing else to do, he decided to awaken her. Taking hold of three hair strands, he began yanking, hoping that she’d feel the pull. Sure enough, her head turned as her eyes squinted at the brightness of the sun. Having a sleepy morning look upon her face, the lady rotated her head completely as she raised her chest off the mattress. Rolling over, she caused Ron to fall off, dropping on top of the bed.

After she sat up, Ron saw the yellow bra fall off, sliding down to her lap. As her ass faced his direction, he yelled up, “ Ma’am, can you hear me, please help!”

For a second, she held still, then slowly the blond turned her beautiful head back, revealing her sexy face. Looking down at him, she said, “ So there you are, did you sleep well last night?”

“What happened, what’s wrong with me, and how did you get into my apartment?”

Smiling, she leaned against her elbo, saying, “ You brought me hear last night, remember?”

“What are you talking about, I didn’t bring anyone here last night.”

Laughing down at him, the woman said, “ I’m Lisa, you really enjoyed my portfolio.”

Thinking for a second, he replied, “ What do you mean, you’re supposed to be just a magazine picture?”

Saying nothing, the sexy female got up and pulled off her panties. Standing naked before him, she reached down and took up Ron, tearing off his pajamas. Squatting, she placed him upon the floor, asking sarcastically, “ How do I look from down there?” Gazing upward, Ron had to admit to himself that the view was awesome.

However, as he stared up at her glory, his eyes turned for a second, seeing the magazine lying on the floor, blown off the nightstand by the breeze. Walking over to it, he saw the pages turn as the morning air circulated throughout the room. Looking closely, he saw the section where he gazed upon her image last night. Nevertheless, despite the pages, her picture wasn’t there, being as if she simply stepped out of the magazine and came to life. Returning his attention to the “real” Lisa, there was no doubt in his mind that she was indeed a real live entity.

Squatting before him, she stretched out her arm, grabbing Ron around the waist with her finger tips. Going back to the bed, she sat down and said, “ Here, suck my tits, you little dick.”

Looking straight at her two giant, yet attractive nipples, the man felt his cock harden as he moved forward, placing his lips against her left stub. Kissing away at first, he finally took what he could into his mouth and serviced the beautiful lady.

Moaning, Lisa said, “ Yea, my little pet, keep it up, suck my tits, do it, do it…!”

Moving her hand containing Ron away from her tits, she lowered him before her cunt, setting him atop the mattress. Standing between her sexy thighs, he stared at her harry box, noting every detail of the female reproductive area. Staring first at the uterine hole, he rolled his eyes upward, passing the urine duct, and finally gazing straight at the clit! Feeling her hotness upon his small frame, he heard from above, “ Get closer, massage my clit!” Being attracted to her, he went forth and took hold of her pleasure region, rubbing his body against it as it became wetter and wetter, lubricating his movement. Almost two minutes later, she exploded, spilling her fluids all over him.

Upon standing up, Lisa looked down at Ron seated upon the wet spot. Reaching for him, she again went down atop the mattress, this time lying on her stomach. Moving her hand back, she let the tiny man fall upon her naked ass, saying, “ kiss my ass, c’mon, you can do it, let’s see you worship me!” Taken in by her beautiful rear, he complied, going to his tiny knees, and kissing away. For over twenty minutes, he explored her entire backside as the woman kept her head turned back, smiling the time away.

Content with his humble performance, she took hold of him, got off the bed, and placed Ron on the floor. Next, she walked over to a corner of the room and slipped into what he saw to be her yellow sexy highheeled shoes. With the pumps on, Lisa strolled back and finally stood directly before him, looking down with her hands on her hips, saying, “ Now kiss my shoes, respect them, worship me as the goddess I am.”

Eventhough he was aroused by her sexy physique, he nevertheless had concerns about his future. While she stared down at him, he yelled up to her female glory, asking, “ Let’s talk, what are you gonna do with me, I wanna get back to normal!”

As an evil grin crossed her face, she responded, “ I said kiss those shoes!” Raising the sole of her left pump, she brought it over his tiny head, exclaiming, “Are you gonna do as I say, or do I have to kill you?” Terrified, the four inch high man went to his tiny knees and began kissing the front of her stiletto masterpieces. Going on and on, he looked up on occasion, fearful she would again put her sole above him.

For the next ten minutes, he worshipped her footwear. Finally, the lady ask him to stop. Doing so, the man again inquired, “ Please, what’s gonna happen to me, can you make me normal again?”

“Nope, that’s it, you’re finished.” Going on, the female said, “ You’re all mine now, I’m keeping you for good as my little slave!”

As the whole situation dawned on him, he pleaded, “ Please, Lisa, help me, I never did anything to you, please don’t hurt me!”

Ignoring his words, she again squatted down and took him up in her right hand. Venturing out to the livingroom, she approached a bird cage containing Ron’s pet parakeet. While the animal eyed all before its feathered form, Lisa placed Ron atop a window sill next to the bird’s home.

Confused and curious, Ron watched as she opened the cage’s entrance and took hold of the multicolored winged creature. Removing it from the wired enclosure, she presented it to the little four inch high man.

Her fingernails dug into the creature’s throat as Ron stared forth in horror. Finally, with a simple twist, Lisa broke its neck, killing the animal in an instant.

Tossing the dead thing atop the livingroom’s table, the evil vixen returned her attention to Ron, taking him up, and dropping the man into the cage. Upon closing the entrance, she said, “ Welcome to your new home, I hope you like it, cause that’s were you’re gonna spend the rest of your life, assuming I let you live.”

In a state of desperation, he managed to yell, “ But it’s not fair, you can’t do this, what about my job and everything else.”

Grinning, she remarked, “ Your job…, that’s mine now, we’re in a reality inversion, everything that was yours is mine now, your job, your car, this apartment…” Almost not believing his own ears, he listen on as she said, “ That’s right, I’m an accountant living in this suite.”

His eyes wide open, the man ask, “ That can’t be, how’s that possible?”

Looking at him through the wired grid, she replied, “ Isn’t the fact that you’re four inches proof enough, if that’s possible, what isn’t?”

Overtaken by her reasoning, he let himself fall back, setting himself down on the gravel. Laughing, she said, “ And by the way, there’s plenty of food for you in that tray.”

After she turned, he listened on to her footsteps as the woman went into the bathroom and sat her ass upon the fixture. A second later, Ron heard her piss trickle down to the water. Flushing, Lisa got up and returned to the bedroom. Fifteen minutes later, Ron again saw her figure, this time all dressed up in a yellow skirt suit, missing only the jacket which she left in the bedroom. Wondering to himself, he at first couldn’t figure out where the female clothing came from. However, he next heard, “ So how do you like my outfit, I’ve got a whole closet full of things to wear, all your shit transformed itself into stuff I can wear.” Believing everything now, he could nothing save hope she’d have mercy on him, whatever that meant.

As she walked through the livingroom, the sexy blond grabbed the dead bird, taking it with her into the kitchen. There, the woman threw it into the waste basket and began preparing herself some coffee and cereal. Eating and drinking away, she finally finished up and returned to the bedroom, putting on the jacket. Once out in the livingroom again, Lisa took hold of the briefcase, saying, “ Well, see you tonight.” After displaying a sarcastic grin, the feline went to the door, unlocked it, and stepped outside. While the door closed behind her, Ron watched the lock rotate, securing the apartment. Listening closely, he heard her footsteps echo through the hall as the sound of her footwear faded into the distance. Finally, all was silent.

Alone in the suite, trapped in the cage, Ron did nothing but sit there, thinking of his plight. As the hours went by, he eventually reached into the small tray, taking some bird food into his tiny hands. Looking at one the pellets, he brought it to his mouth and began eating. It wasn’t that bad, therefore he continued to eat, filling his stomach.

With the afternoon tapering off, five twenty five came along. A minute later, he heard the lock turn and saw the door open. Inside stepped the lady, looking all professional in her business attire. Approaching the sofa, she tossed the briefcase upon the cushion and went over to Ron. Unhooking the cage’s entrance, she next reached in with her hand, saying, “ Oh, c’mon, don’t be scared, I’m not gonna kill you.”

Shaking, the little man nevertheless let her take hold of him, asking, “ What are you doing?”

“ When a woman comes home from a day’s work, her little man’s got a job to do.”, she replied.

With Ron in hand, Lisa went over to the sofa and sat her attractive ass down. Arching her frame forward, she placed him atop the coffee table. After releasing him, she leaned back and stretched her feet atop the oak finish.

Gazing at her sexy pumps, he watched as the woman slipped out of her right shoe, exposing her toes covered by the stockings. Slowly, she moved her foot over to him and said, “ Massage it, let’s go if you know what’s good for you!”

Awed and overwhelmed by her superior, yet sexy foot, he took in its oder. Her stockings smelled from being all day on her feet. Nevertheless, in fear, he complied, starting at her ankle and working himself all the way to her toes.

“ Now that’s good, keep it up.”, she said. Massaging away, Ron eventually got tired, saying, “ Lisa, my arms are hurting me, please, can I rest for a minute!”

“ If you stop, I’ll put you to rest for good!”, was her insensitive response.

Continuing with his work, his arms ached away, for she let him go at it for over forty minutes.

“Great, now start with the other.” With defeat written all over him, Ron began with her other foot, slaving away and breathing in its smell.

After another forty plus minutes, she let him rest, happy to see him exhausted in her service. Getting up, the sexy feline went to the kitchen and made herself a cup of coffee together with dinner. With the food all prepared and the table set, Lisa sat down and ate. While stuffing her pretty face, she remarked, “ It’s almost as good as the food I’ve got you eating, ha, ha…!”

Finished, she cleaned up and returned to the livingroom. Sitting down again, Lisa said, “ So let’s make out.” Taking off her jacket, she then unbuttoned her blouse. After it came off, she unclipped her bra, dropping it to the cushion. Once again, he was raised to her tits as she commanded, “ Suck me!”

With play time over, she returned him to his cage and left him there.

The evening over, she showered off and turned in for the night.

Getting up the next morning, Ron found himself still in the cage. And so it came to pass, from hence forth, everyday was the same. Truly, a magazine fantasy came to life, reducing his life to nothing!

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