The Comet

Author: FK

With nothing of exception happening, Laura’s work day went fine. Looking forward to a quiet evening, the young lady entered her apartment and got everything ready for a nice time alone with herself. After changing into something more comfortable, she made herself super. Eating away, she enjoyed the simple meal. Satisfied with the main course, she opened the refrigerator and got a box of ice-cream. Taking a bowl from the cupboard, Laura placed some of the ice-cream into it. The lady reached for a spoon and proceeded out into the livingroom, placing the bowl upon the livingroom table. Reaching for the television remote, she turned on the TV to watch the evening news.

Staring at the tube, Laura saw the anchor man’s image emerge. He began reporting whatever was worth mentioning. Also, he started talking about a comet that was already near the earth. In a professional voice, the man said, “ Tonight, the earth shall move through the comet’s tail.” Further, he went on with slight sarcasm, “ There’s nothing to worry about, we’re not on a collision course with the thing.” Speaking on, he also mentioned a few historical points about how people in the beginning of the twentieth century were somewhat frightened about the effects of moving through a comet’s tail. Nevertheless, as the man emphasized, “Nothing happened back then and we shouldn’t expect anything now.”

Having a few general thoughts about the celestial object, Laura watched the news until the program ended. The young beauty spent the remainder of the evening reading some literature before she finally decided to turn in.

Finished with the book, she got up and walked into the bathroom. Pulling down her jeans and panties, Laura sat down on the toilet and took a piss. When finished, she stood up and pulled off all her clothes. Standing naked before the bathroom mirror, she stared at the reflection with a degree of vanity and admired herself. Laura loved the sight of her own tits. They were large and beautiful. Turning around, she looked down at her ass. Running her hand over the curvaceous surface, she said to herself, “ This is what always gets me out of a tight spot.” Yes indeed, she was the type of woman who used sex to promote her own interests either at work or wherever else. Being quite unscrupulous with the opposite gender, Laura used her attractive figure to help advance her career at the telemarketing company. Starting out as a general solicitor, she was now a director with over twenty people under her supervision.

With her self adoration complete, Laura walked into the shower and cleaned herself off, spending a good twenty minutes on her beautiful black hair alone. When she was done, she stepped out of the stall and dried herself off.

While completely naked, Laura went into the bedroom, putting on her nightclothes. Next, she simply pulled back the blanket and got into bed. Right before she fell asleep, the female thought a little about the earth passing through the comet’s tail. Dwelling a few more minutes on the subject, she realized that everyone would be breathing in comet residue. However, her thoughts gave way, and she fell peacefully to sleep.

At seven o’clock, the alarm rang, causing the opportunist to get up and walk into the kitchen, preparing herself coffee and breakfast. As the coffee brewed, she entered the bathroom, pulled down her nightclothes,and took a shit. After wiping her gorgeous ass clean, she flushed, got up, and washed her hands.

Returning to the kitchen, she found the coffee ready. Placing her spectacular female ass down, she drank the brew and ate some cereal.

With breakfast done, she went back to the bedroom and got dressed. After removing her loose fitting nightclothes, Laura opened the dresser drawer and took out some lingerie. Together with a pair of stockings, the lady slid into the underwear. However, after placing on the bra, it seemed a little tight. Nevertheless, she continued to dress herself completely. While putting on her skirt suit which always gave her a commanding and professional look, she noticed that the blouse seemed to be somewhat tighter than usual. Thinking to herself, she said, “ I must have gained some weight, better stay away from the ice cream.”

Having all her clothes on, she entered the bathroom. Looking at herself, she grabbed a brush and combed her hair until it was perfect. As the female gazed at herself, she noticed that her looks seemed to have improved. Laura appeared more beautiful than ever. However, shrugging it off, she went out to the livingroom, getting a few work items.

Leaving her apartment, she went down to her car. Getting in, Laura started the engine, shifted to drive, and drove off to work. As she moved along, a light ahead turned red, causing her to stop. To her surprise, she became agitated at the wait. In fact, her agitation almost turned to fury as she began striking the steering wheel and yelling, “ Come on, come on!” Finally the light turned green and career cunt pealed off.

Upon arriving at work, boss lady went up to her desk and noticed the absence of some material she requested yesterday. Looking at the errand man, Laura yelled, “ Where’s the stuff I ask for last night!”

With wide open eyes, he slowly approached and replied, “ Oh yes, I’m sorry, I forgot.”

“ If you would pay closer attention to your job instead of always staring at my ass, then perhaps you wouldn’t forget so much!”, Laura responded in anger.

Being slightly embarrassed, he walked away, returned a minute later with the material, placed it upon her desk, and finally left.

Realizing that she almost never behaved rudely, Laura began taking notice of her own negative behavior. She thought to her self, “ Something’s wrong with me, perhaps I’m coming down with a bug of sorts.”

After sitting down behind her desk, she began reviewing some of the material. All of a sudden, from one of the calling stations, she heard a female solicitor yell into the phone at a potential customer, “ You jerk, how many times must I explain the fucken thing to you!” Hanging up, the lady struck the side of her seat with her fist.

Immediately, Laura got up and walked over to the woman, screaming, “ What do you think you’re doing, that’s no way to speak to people; we’re here to make money not deter customers!”

Getting up, the other female yelled back, “ You can take this shit job and shove it up your ass, I quit!”

Watching the lady storm away, Laura was again overcome with an unexplainable burst of anger, causing her to yell after the woman, “ Fuck you bitch!”

Turning around, the woman moved straight back to Laura, asking rhetorically, “ What did you say?”

“ I said fuck you!”

The lady spit into the director’s face. Laura brought her hand up and was about to strike when she noticed all the other people watching. Lowering her hand, she said to the female, “ Get out, leave before I call the police.”

Leaving, the woman walked away, turning around now and then, giving Laura dirty looks.

Staring at the rest of the people, Laura yelled, “ Get back to work, this isn’t the Jerry Springer show!”

Everyone quietly returned their attention to their stations, making further calls.

Going back to her desk, Laura sat down. For the next few minutes, she simply watched all the people work. To her surprise, she noticed that many, if not all, of the female employees seemed to be slightly on edge, fidgeting about in their chairs. Also, most of the women were constantly readjusting their blouses, trying to relieve pressure from certain points. Looking on with an ever-growing interest, she realized that these women seemed to have the same problem she had. Reflecting further, she felt her own blouse to be tighter than it was an hour ago. The whole thing didn’t make any sense.

The workday finally came to an end. She went down to her car and drove home. When the woman arrived in her apartment, she happily removed her work clothes and was about to slip into a pair of jeans. However, as she tried to button them shut, she realized they were too tight, Laura couldn’t close the waist.

“What the fucks going on?”, she ask herself.

Pulling off the pants, she took out another pair from the dresser, picking a pair that was always a little loose on her. She put them on. They did manage to close, but only by a hair.

Thinking herself to be getting fat, she prepared a light meal for herself. As the evening came to a close, she showered off, put on her night clothes which were now not as loose as always, and finally went to sleep.

With the alarm ringing, she got up, made coffee and breakfast, and went through the rest of her morning routine before getting dressed.

Returning to the bedroom, she started to dress. When Laura reached for her bra and placed it about herself, she discovered that it wouldn’t close. With some desperation, she reached for a few others, finding that none of them fit. Frightened, she didn’t know what to do. Finally, Laura decided to stay home in the hope that it’s all a bad dream.

Walking out to the kitchen, Laura took up the phone and called work. Dialing the number, she heard a male employee, “ Hello.”

“ Hi, its me, Laura, I don’t feel good, I’m taking the day off.”

“ Ok, fine.”, the man said.

However, he also added, “ That’s funny, almost half of the women called off today, and the ones that are here are hell to work with.”

Listening with confusion, she simply said, “ Well, I don’t know what to say; hopefully I’ll be better tomorrow.”

After hanging up the phone, she went back to her bedroom. However, as she entered the room, she noticed that the hair on top of her head rubbed against the top of the door entrance. Turning around, she walked back. To her great surprise, the lady reached almost to the top of the entrance way. Looking all about, she did indeed realize that she was taller. In fact, at least a half a foot taller.

Standing alone with herself, she was naked and afraid. Despite the fear, aggression also seemed to pronounce itself.

Perplexed, she went into the bathroom and looked at the mirror. Gazing at herself, she was struck by an increasing radiance, causing her appearance to become more and more beautiful. Eventhough she stared at the same person, her image steadily grew into a model of feminine perfection.

Wondering what to do, Laura eventually said to herself, “ I can’t just sit around her all day.” Finally, she managed to get some clothes together that fit her. Fitting tightly, they nevertheless had to do.

Opening her apartment door, she went out into the hall. As she walked down the corridor, she saw a male tenant about to enter his apartment. Staring at him, she realized that the sight of him gave her an overwhelming sexual urge. Never before experiencing such an erotic force, Laura uncontrollably went over to the man. Seeing that he was shorter than herself, she felt the urge to reach out and take possession. As the man turned and looked into her eyes, she could no longer restrain herself. Whatever was making her grow was also increasing her sex drive.

Grabbing him by the shirt collar, the horny female pushed him up against the wall, surprised at her own strength. Stunned, he ask, “ What the hell are you doing?”

“ I want you, and I want you now!”, replied the lady.

Pulling him by the shirt, she dragged him back to her apartment. Entering the suite, she pushed him in, closing the door behind her. Moving toward the man, the excited female tore off all her clothes. Looking on in amazement, the man said nothing, only stared forth at her looming, yet sexy frame. Standing before him, she ripped off his attire, throwing the apparel to the floor. He tried to resist, but her strength was too much for him. Finally, she pushed him down and got on top of him, yelling like a mad woman, “Get hard now, or I’ll beat you to death!” She began fondling his cock and balls. The sight of her attractive body must have done something to him, for he began to erect. Forcing his prick into her cunt, the female began bouncing around. As she moved about, sexual ecstasy grew and grew until her orgasm burst forth. Yelling at the top of her lungs, she exclaimed, “ Oh, oh, yea, yes…!” The euphoria over, she got up and said rudely, “ Get the fuck outta here.” After reaching for his clothes, the man left in a hurry.

Alone in her apartment, Laura realized that she destroyed the last part of her wardrobe which fit her.

Since she couldn’t leave the apartment, the female simply turned on the television. What she saw didn’t surprise her, for she already knew from the way all the other women were acting at work yesterday that she wasn’t the only one. Upon the TV there was a special report about something going on throughout the world. The anchor man was holding an interview with a leading scientist. The scientist said, “ The comet’s unique, it only comes near the earth every thirty million years.”

“What’s the difference between this particular comet and all the rest?”, ask the newsman.

“ This object emits a chemical substance that reacts with the biochemistry of human females.”

With a curious look, the anchor man inquired further, “ What’s the predicted effect on women?”

“ The substance will cause human females to grow exponentially.”

“ Is there any indication that the growth process will stop at some particular height?”

The biochemist answered, “ It appears from our research that women should all eventually reach a height of two hundred feet!”

Looking surprised and shocked, the anchor man ask, “ Are you sure you’re right?”


Just standing before the picture tube, Laura absorbed it all, remarking to herself, “ Two hundred feet, what will everything look like from that height?”

Finally, the day came to an end and she fell to sleep. When she awoke the next morning, she found herself touching the ceiling of the apartment. Knowing she had to get out of the building before she got trapped, Laura went down the stairs and out to the street, standing naked upon the sidewalk.

However, her embarrassment came to a quick end when she saw other women standing around naked also. All of them were between eigth and nine feet tall. Just as herself, they were all extremely beautiful. Furthermore, as she looked in one direction, Laura noticed a group of females attacking a male, having sadistic sexual fun with him. They tore off all his clothes, and each inturn sat on his face, forcing the man to lick her cunt. The sight stimulated her, for she too was hot at the crotch. Nevertheless, Laura turned around and saw a small television through the glass of a store window at the base of the building in which she lived. A man was on the air, saying in a terrified voice, “ The whole world’s affected, women are growing everywhere!”

The same anchor man came on again and ask the field reporter, “ What affect is this all starting to have on everything else?”

“ Civilization is falling apart!” , replied the male in desperation.

Turning his attention to the general public, the lead anchor said, “ It appears that every social function depending upon female labor is beginning to unravel!” Trying to remain calm, he spoke further, “ All phone companies are stopping service, stores are closing, and a general wave of lawlessness is sweeping the planet, this time caused by women!”

A few more days into the future brought the average female’s height up to twenty feet! Cities appeared as war zones as the women plundered everything without remorse or shame.

In addition to the continuous height increase, women were also becoming progressively more beautiful. Even the most homely woman became a raving beauty. Nevertheless, the aesthetic changeover was counterbalanced by an increasing brutality like non other. After a full month, the women had reached their full height of two hundred feet!

At this point they stopped growing. From now on, all was a struggle for food. The titanic females fought one another for whatever they found to fill their large and hungry stomachs. Further, no male was safe, for women would eat men whenever a towering temptress saw a helpless little member of the opposite sex. Law and order completely collapsed. Governments disintegrated as all the major lines of communication were severed. In the end, nothing was left save herds of gigantic sexy women, stopping at nothing.

Being one of these colossal cunts, Laura walked the earth and crushed all beneath her.

As she roamed the remains of the city she lived in, Laura came across her old boyfriend. When she saw him, he tried to run under the remains of a house, but she grabbed him before he made it underground. Standing up, the evil goddess dangled him before her cruel, yet seductive face, saying, “ So you dumped me for that other bitch last year, well, we’ll see about that!”

Yelling, he pleaded, “ Please Laura, don’t hurt me!”

“ Fuckyou little worm, I’ll give you what you deserve.”

Laughing, she lowered him to her pussy. After shoving him in, he wiggled about within her mighty vaginal cavity, bringing her to orgasm.

Pulling him back out, she looked down and remarked, “ Here, see how it feels to be dumped.”

“ No, don’t, please!”, he screamed.

While he begged for his life, she let him fall to the ground. Striking the cement, he was killed instantly. Nevertheless, she had a final fling at revenge by stomping his corpse to a pulp.

Laura’s remaining days on earth were those of a huntress. She prowled about, fighting other giantess vixens for food and men. With emotions running wild within her, her life was full of passion. On the whole, Laura was beauty and the beast all in one, adapting well to this new environment, and surviving many years into the future.

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