Biz or Pain

Author: Cecilia

I run a motel off the interstate between the suburbs and a major city. ItТs a cheap motel popular with adulterers, hookers and other types of swingers. We even have an hourly rate in the afternoon. IТve found that you canТt tell what anybody is like based on physical appearance because just Сbout anybody will do just Сbout anything. I know because IТm a voyeur. I have an eyehole drilled into the walls of several of the rooms. What I will do is put people that look interesting into certain rooms and then IТll go into the adjoining room and beat my meat while they are fucking. I swear you never know what anybody is going to do.
This very straight looking businessman came in the other day and rented a room for two hours so I knew he didnТt want to sleep. I went into the next room and watched. The man sheds his pinstripe suit and cordovan shoes. HeТs got short blond hair, a fairly hairy toned body that looks like he works out and nice size equipment. Soon after the doorbell rings and he opens the door to admit a curvaceous brunette. “Thank you for coming here Mistress, how may I serve you?Ф he asks her.” “Have you brought me an offering?” she replied. “Yes Mistress I have. I hope it meets with your approval Mistress.” She took the money and sneered. “It will do. Slave, unzip my dress.”

He walked behind her and unzipped her dress. She rolled her shoulders, the dress slipped off her body, and she stepped out of it. She was wearing a black leather harness and garter belt with black stockings and black patent leather spike heels. She sat down on the bed and crossed her legs. “Slave my shoes need to be cleaned. What are you going to do about it?” She asked. “Mistress, may I lick your shoes?” he requested. “You may. I do not want so much as one speck of dust or dirt on them.” He got down on his knees and starting with the pointed toe licked the sole running his tongue over the dirty worn part up the arch and down the inside of the spike and came up the spike on the outside and finished on top of the patent leather. “Now lick my other shoe” she demanded and then crossed her legs putting the other shoe in his face. Now when he licked her spike heel she pushed the spike down his throat and started fucking his mouth with her heel. “Taste my heel you worthless scum. I donТt think that youТre even worthy of wearing menТs clothes. You donТt meet the standards of a man you worthless sissy,Ф she said to him.

“No, Mistress I am not worthy of being a man. What should I do to please you?” he asked. “Slave, I want you to take the bra and crotchless panties out of the bag and put them on,Ф she ordered. The man did as he was told. As he put the bra and panties on his erection became hard and obvious, sticking 8 inches out of the slit in the crotchless panties. “Slave, did I tell you that you can have an erection?” she asked. “No, Mistress, you did not.” “I am very unhappy with you Slave. You know you have no right to have an erection without my permission. For that impertinence you must be punished.”

She reached into her bag, pulled out a cat-o-nine tails, and began beating him with the leather whip. I was surprised to see her hit his cock and balls with the whip but it must have felt good to him because he erection continued as strong as ever. “Eat my pussy you flea!” she ordered him and he obediently went between her legs and hungrily dove into her muff as she beat his back, legs and ass with the whip. “I think you need to be toilet trained,Ф she told him. A few seconds later I heard him gulping through the walls and I saw her piss flowing out the sides of his mouth and covering his body in golden ale colored liquid. I would have been out of there but he just lapped it up like God had rained beer on him.

She ground her pussy into his face and he started jerking off moving his fist up and down his cock. “sissy boy didnТt ask permission to jerk off! Obviously you havenТt been sufficiently punished!” she said. “No, Mistress, I havenТt been punished enough. IТm a very bad sissy boy” he replied. “Sissy boy needs to get fucked up the ass!” she said. I didnТt think this could get any weirder but she went into her bag and pulled out a strap on dildo. “”IТm going to fuck you like the bitch I know you are! Lay down on that bed and spread your legs you faggot bitch!”

The businessman lay on his back and threw his hairy legs up in the air. The split in his crotchless panties revealed his vulnerable asshole waiting to be ravished. This was getting my turned on and I was working my own tool waiting for what she was going to do. She spread lubricant on her dick and mounted him started pushing her cock up his ass until it was all the way in. There she was, all jiggly ass and jiggly tits fucking him hard up the ass. His hairy legs spread and hairy chest wearing a bra taking it up his ass like any crack bitch on the highway being completely dominated by this woman taking the manТs role. “Bring yourself off Sissy Bitch, you donТt expect me to touch you do you!”

Obediently businessman started pulling on his cock while she continued pumping his cock in and out of his tight ass while her breasts jiggled over his face and suddenly he started moaning “Oh God IТm coming, shit IТm coming” and a thick load of cum erupted from his cock and covered her tits. I felt the joyful eruption in my loins and covered the wall with my jism. Then I went back to my desk and put an extra charge on his credit card for cleaning up her piss.

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