Under Her Thumb

Author: FK

Slightly exhausted from a day at the office, Beth turned the car at the corner, stepping on the accelerator, and moving ahead. A few hundred feet later, the woman arrived before her home. Again turning the vehicle, this time to the right, she pulled into her drive. Shutting down the car, Beth gazed in the rear view mirror and saw her own reflection. Hanging down over her left eye, her dark mane extended all the way to her blouse collar. Looking at her image, she thought, “ Not bad for a thirty two year old.” After opening the driver’s side door, the auto designer stepped out, placing her black high heeled shoe upon the concrete. Next came the other foot, depressing itself also upon the cement. With her sexy self fully erect outside the car, she bent down, reaching back into the Torus, and grabbing her black leather briefcase lying on the passenger seat. The thing in hand, she closed the car’s door and ventured over to her abode. Upon removing her keys from the skirt suit’s jacket, Beth unlocked the door and entered.

Standing in the livingroom dressed in her black professional attire, Beth threw the briefcase on the solfa, and reached for a cigarette pack lying on the livingroom’s table. Firing up, the woman inhaled and then exhaled a thick cloud of smoke into the room, watching it slowly rise upward eventually caressing the ceiling. With the Newport in hand, the female yelled out, “ Hey, you there, what’s for dinner?”

Four seconds later, Lee approached from around the edge of the kitchen’s entrance, saying, “ Oh, hi Beth, didn’t know you were already here.”

Inhaling again from the cigarette, Beth stared him down momentarily and next said with slight agitation, “ Asshole, you know I come home at this time everyday; and besides, what do ya got, shit in your ears, can’t you hear me come in?”

Looking embarrassed, Lee only responded with, “ Sorry, I just didn’t hear.”

After exhaling, the dark-haired beauty ask with assertion, “ So what’s for dinner, got anything good tonight?”

Speaking softly, Lee replied, “ I put some fish sticks in the microwave, they’ll be ready in a few minutes.”

“ Fish sticks”, she said disappointingly. Going on, the dominant lady said, “ You know how I hate that shit, now get your ass back in there and fix me something I can eat, or you can kiss this marriage goodbye!”

Pacing back and forth upon the livingroom carpet with the cigarette in hand, Beth had the cruelest look in her eyes. Seeing this, Lee immediately did as she desired, venturing back into the kitchen and taking out some sausage from the refrigerator. Preparing the new food, he turned his head and saw the arrogant bitch flop herself down on the couch and stretch herself against the back rest. Finished with opening the dinner packages, Lee let the stuff cook away when he noticed her motioning him, asking him to come forward. Complying, Lee walked toward her ladyship and finally said upon arrival, “ Yes Beth, what is it?”

Smiling now, the woman said in a lower tone, “ Hey, why don’t you get down there and worship my feet, give em a massage also.”

Being her financial dependent, Lee did as he was told. In fact, obeying her wishes wasn’t that difficult for him, for her truly looked up to her. It was her income that paid for the spectacular home and their great life in the suburbs. Kneeling, Lee moved his face toward her exposed stockings as she slipped out of her stiletto black leather shoes. Being on her feet all day, caused her toes to smell, however, this did nothing to stop him from adoring the perfection of her feet. Sticking out his servant tongue, our humble male began licking away. Intoxicated now with a slight foot fetish, Lee licked and worshipped, going over every spot of her feet, even between her toes. Finally, he heard, “ I think dinner’s just about done; get up and set the table.”

Walking back into the kitchen, Lee set the table as he heard classical music coming from the livingroom. After she placed a CD into the stereo, Beethoven’s third symphony resounded forth, filling the residence with a touch of harmony. Next, her ladyship went into the kitchen and sat her beautiful ass in one of the seats. Reaching for a fork, Beth took up some of the food, placing it into her mouth, saying between bites, “ Now that’s better, good, it tastes great.” Eating away, she finally finished up and ventured back into the livingroom, grabbed the remote, turned off the stereo, and flicked on the TV. As the evening news came forth, Lee spent the time in the kitchen cleaning up.

Being almost done in the kitchen, he heard the news come to an end. As Lee was placing the last items away, her voice echoed throughout the downstairs area of the home, “ Hey, come here!” Finished with his domestic chore, the houseboy went to the solfa and stood again before his dominant wife. Staring straight into his eyes while holding a cigarette with her left hand, Beth slowly reached for his crotch area. Unzipping his pants, Beth slid her hand in. Upon erecting, Lee watched as the horny lady pulled out his cock. Next, while still seated upon the solfa, she unbuckled his belt, letting his pants fall to the floor. Slowly, she then pulled down his shorts. Looking at him, Beth snapped her finger, saying, “ All right, take it all off, I mean now!” Doing so, Lee undressed before her. Satisfied with the sight, Beth stood herself up, beginning to undress in the process. Taking it all off, she eventually had it down to only her stockings. Slipping back into the highheeled shoes, she now stood an inch higher than her husband. Gazing upward, the naked man peered into her eyes as their hypnotic power took hold of his helpless disposition.

Transfixed by the woman’s superior image, he slowly sank to his knees, continuing to stare quiesantly into her eyes. Looking down at him, Beth remarked, “ Ok, you little slave, lick me, do it now!” Inserting his tongue into her naked cunt, Lee began slurping away. Finally, our mistress had an orgasm, slowly working herself back to reality. Pleased with his work, she commanded, “ Lay on your back!” Doing so, he gazed on as she let her ass down atop his face. The pressure increasing, Lee was eventually completely under her, taking on the full weight of her frame. Seated upon her subordinate, Beth turned her head back, saying, “ There, now sniff my ass out, that’s right, do it, do it, I love to see you down there in your place!”

Sitting atop his face for twenty minutes, she finally got up and reached for another cigarette. Lighting up, she said, “ I know it’s only eight ten, but I’m tired and I’ve got some work to do on the car tomorrow.” Always doing as she said, he followed her into the bathroom. There, they showered off together, dried themselves off, and crawled into bed naked.

At two thirty AM, Lee awakened to the brightness of lightning. Illuminating the room, the flash was followed by thunder as it roused Beth from her sleep. Turning over, she exclaimed in a slightly confused voice, “ What the fuck was that?”

Looking into her dark eyes, Lee answered, “ Nothing, it’s only thunder and lightning, looks as if there’s a storm going outside.” Saying nothing, his wife rolled over, trying to get back to sleep. Mean while, Lee got up and went to the bathroom located on the first floor. Entering, he placed himself before the toilet and took a piss. However, when he finished and flushed, a bolt of lightening came down crashing in the immediate vicinity of their home, causing a power outage.

Going back into the bedroom, Lee hovered above the bed and lightly shook Beth by the shoulder. A second later, he met her full fury as the vixen quickly rotated and began yelling, “ What the fuck’s wrong with you, asshole, leave me alone, I’m trying to sleep, what the hell do ya want anyway!”

Lee humbly replied, “ The power’s out.”

“ So what, big deal, haven’t you ever seen the lights go out before in that loser life of yours, now get back to bed or I’ll put your lights out for good!”

Letting the matter rest, Lee quietly went back into the sack, gently pulling up the blanket, covering his naked frame. As he tugged ever so gently on the cover, she again screamed forth, “ Damit, you fuck, why don’t you get your own blanket or something!”

Nevertheless, the woman simply turned her head away from his face, drifting off to sleep as the storm slowly moved away. Listening to the thunder fade into the distance, Lee too drifted off.

Waking up to the sound of birds, Beth immediately began yelling at her husband, “ You stupid jerk, I told you to set the alarm, I wanted to get up early today, I don’t wanna spend all day working on that thing!”

Feeling the force of her hand upon his frame, Lee was startled to awareness by her tone. Staring straight into her piercing yet sexy eyes, he said, “ But I told you the power went out, the alarm obviously won’t work right after that; it’s gotta be reset.”

“ Oh yea, I ask you last week to get new back up batteries for that piece of shit!”

“ I’m sorry Beth, you’re right, I forgot.”, answered Lee.

Striking him against the side of his head with her right hand, she said rudely, “ Get up and make breakfast, let’s go, move it!”

Venturing into the kitchen, Lee opened the refrigerator and was happy to see the inside light working, telling him that the outage had been repaired by the illuminating company. With breakfast all fixed up, the man placed everything upon a try and carried it back to the bedroom, placing the flat object upon Beth’s lap.

As the dominant bitch ate her morning meal, Lee strolled into the bathroom and showered off. Returning to the bedroom, he walked over to the dresser and got some clothes. After placing the attire on, he heard, “ You didn’t leave a mess for me in the bathroom, did you?”

“ Oh no Beth, it’s all ready for you, everything’s ok.”

Moving her feet over as she rotated her sexy frame upon her beautiful naked ass, the lady got up and went into the bathroom, showering off and getting herself ready for the day.

Over the sound of running water, Lee heard, “ Get busy, I want this place perfect!” While she showered off, Lee took up the tray and carried it back to the kitchen. Beginning his domestic chores, he started with washing the dishes. Afterward, the man went into the utility room and took up the vacuum cleaner.

As he began sweeping the livingroom, Beth went back into the bedroom and got dressed, putting on a pair of jeans, a T-shirt, and finally slipping into her knee high black leather stiletto boots which she always wore away from the office.

With the jeans tucked into the spectacular footwear, Beth strolled out into the livingroom. Reaching down to the table, she picked up a pack of cigarettes and lit up. Over the sound of the vacuum cleaner, she yelled, “ I’m going into the garage to tune up the car!” Hitting the switch with his foot, Lee turned off the machine in her presence as she continued, “ All right, so hopefully I’ll be done before lunch, thanks to your stupidity, I’ve lost an hour today.”

Again, he apologized, “ I’m sorry Beth.”

“Yea, yea, that’s what they all say.”

Turning around, she left, proceeding toward her destination. As the sexy brunette walked away, Lee turned the machine back on and continued sucking up the dirt. Stroking the tube and brush back and forth against the carpet, he watched her frame move away to the other side of the house. Eyeing her, he couldn’t help but admire her backside, swaying to and fro with feminine perfection. Being slightly stimulated, he nevertheless worked on, doing his task as to please his dominant mistress.

Owning one of those homes where the garage was directly connected to the main house, Beth didn’t have to go outside. Walking through the kitchen and past the utility room’s entrance, Beth opened a door and stepped into the garage, observing the ford together with a bunch of electronic equipment. As an automobile designer, she obviously knew how to do everything herself on her own car. With over fifty thousand miles on the engine, our lady simply decide that it’s time for a general tune up, for the car staled the first time last week.

Getting everything ready, Beth hooked up the leads and turned on the engine. While running the diagnostics test, she extinguished her cigarette on the concrete floor. Checking out the reading, the lady finally knew what had to be replaced. Venturing over to a shelf against the wall, she took up the parts, returning to the vehicle thereafter. Reaching down into a tool box, Beth grabbed a socket wrench and a screw driver. Walking over to the driver’s door, Beth stuck her hand through the open window and turned off the ignition. Sliding the keys back into her pocket, the female went toward the front of the car and leaned her sexy frame into the engine well, removing the older parts and replacing them with the newer ones.

Finished with sweeping the place, Lee returned to the utility room and replaced the vacuum cleaner. Also, rotating slightly, he got a perfect view of her jean clad ass as she hovered above the fuel injection.

Going into the bathroom, Lee grabbed the hamper full of used clothes and returned to the utility room. There, he took another basket and began separating the overclothes from the underwear. Finished, he dumped the overclothes into the washer and finally threw in some detergent. Upon closing the Maytag’s lid, Lee set the timer and depressed the switch. However, the machine didn’t start as expected. Confused, the man began flicking the power button on and off in an attempt to start the contraption. Nothing, the machine radiated only silence. While playing with the controls, Lee next felt an electric shock go through his system. Further, the sensation was like non other, penetrating his body to its very core. Pulling his hand away quickly, Lee just stood there saying to himself, “ Well, I guess she’ll have something else to fix today.”

As he was about to turn, a very weird feeling came over him. Looking around, things began to appear strange. In fact, the world about him was growing. Staring at the hamper before him, he eventually saw its top edge move up and above him. Finally, everything stopped moving upward and simply stood there dwarfing Lee as his head rotated, eyeing everything around him.

A second later, he realized that the electric shock shrank him down to something on the order of three inches. Standing there, he gazed strait at a pair of Beth’s soiled panties having previously fallen to the floor as he separated the attire. Although he knew his voice would be faint, the little man nevertheless managed to yell in Beth’s direction, “ Beth, help, something’s happened to me, help!” With her ass still facing his direction, she simply continued to work away, hearing nothing of his cry for help.

His next thought was to make an attempt at venturing over toward her. However, that was impossible, the utility room had a seven inch step before leading into the kitchen. Consequently, little Lee did nothing save stand there and wait for her approach.

All done with the car, Beth put the tools away, slammed the hood shut, wiped her hands off with a rag, and finally walked into the kitchen. Slowly strolling over to the sink, Beth washed her hands with some cleanser. While she stood before the basin, Lee again yelled forth, “ Beth, Beth, over here!” Again, she didn’t hear the man, only continued with scrubbing her hands. Lee’s view of his wife made her appear as a sexy giantess from another world, a being with superior power and will.

Finished with her hands, Beth yelled, “ Well, where’s lunch, you lazy fuck, why isn’t it ready?” Hearing no reply, she again yelled, this time screaming, “ Where the hell are you, get your ass over here, now!”

Frightened out of his wits by her demanding voice, the three inch high male had seconds thoughts about getting her attention as he slowly backed away from the step. Listening on, he heard, “ Dam that asshole, where the hell could he be, probably down in the basement jerking off or something.” Going over to the cellar door also located in the kitchen, Beth ripped it open, hollering down into the darkness, “Hey, you down there?” Hearing no response she lightly said to herself, “ He ain’t down there.” Slamming the door shut, the lady stormed out into the livingroom, grabbed a cigarette from the pack still lying on the table, lit up, inhaled, exhaled, and then yelled at the top of her lungs, “ Where are you!” Receiving only silence, she frustratingly placed her left hand on her sexy hip, resting her weight to one leg, and saying to herself, “ Man, I swear!” After taking a few more puffs, she walked over to the window, pushing the curtain aside and looking out. Obviously, Beth didn’t see him. As a result, she went to the back of the home and peered out a window. Not seeing her husband, the lady strolled into the kitchen, sucking the new port.

Being somewhat more relaxed by the nicotine, Beth pulled out one of the kitchen chairs and sat herself down. Smoking away, she mused on as silence covered everything. A few seconds later, she haphazardly turned, seeing her panties laying upon the floor next to the hamper. Getting up, the attractive one went through the utility room’s entrance. Stopping before the machine, she raised its lid, saying to herself, “ That’s odd, why didn’t the fool wash this shit, why’s it just sitting there waiting for doomsday?” Confused, the lady simply squatted her frame down before her white underwear. Reaching for the apparel, Beth raised it and was about to drop the piece of lingerie back into the basket when she saw a tiny figure standing upon the floor, previously concealed by the attire. Their eyes met as Beth said more to herself than toward anything else, “ What the fuck?”

Looking straight up at her sexy towering frame, Lee pleaded, “ Please Beth, don’t hurt me.”

With her initial expression of surprise over, she ask in a humorous tone, “ What makes you think I’d hurt you?”

Shaking, the little husband replied, “ I heard you yelling, it scared me, so I hid under your panties.”

Raising her chin a few inches, a crooked smile crossed her beautiful gothic face as she tightly squeezed her lips together. After looking down at him for over thirty seconds, Beth finally said, “ Well, well, looks as if you’ve been reduced to your proper size, I’ve always viewed you as small, now I’ve got the satisfaction of seeing that first hand.” Appearing happy with his plight, the wife next ask, “ So what happened anyway?”

“ I threw the wash into the machine; after I flicked the switch, I got a shock, next thing I knew, I shrank.”

Dropping the panties into the basket and standing herself up, Beth turned around and stared at the washer. Thinking for a few moments, she said afterward, “ I’ll bet I know what happened here.”

Hearing this, Lee yelled up to her magnificence, “ What is it, what do you think happened?”

“ It’s got something to do with that lightening storm last night.”

“ What do you mean?”

Looking down at the tiny creature, Beth said, “ You wouldn’t understand the details, but there’s a way in which an overload can rework an integrated circuit giving it new properties and effects upon its surroundings.”

Still frightened, the man ask, “ Can I ever get back to normal?”

“ I’m not sure, we’ll just have to wait and see on that one.”, she answered.

Turning completely back toward her husband, the booted feline gazed down at him. After their eyes were locked for fifteen seconds, Beth ventured out to the livingroom, returning with the cigarette pack. Lighting up, she inhaled and slowly went down to her knees before Lee. Bending her torso forward, Beth eventually rested her chin upon the back of her hand while the palm rested flat on the floor. In a relaxed state, the lady exhaled smoke right at him, saying, “ Look’s as if I’ve really got you under my thumb now, doesn’t it.” Backing off a few steps, Lee was met by her other hand as she stood it on edge, creating a wall, and preventing escape. As the cigarette burned away wedged between her fingers, Lee bumped his frame against her hand. Smiling as a witch, the evil goddess ask her prisoner, “Don’t you think it’s time we have a little fun?”

“What are you talking about?”, he ask as a frightened child.

“ You know, fun, the kind of stuff that turns me on.”

Sticking the new port back into her mouth, Beth next pinched the back of Lee’s shirt between her finger tips, raising the man a few inches from the floor. Yelling, he began begging, “ Please Beth, that’s scary, please put me back down.”

“ No way, I like seeing you hang there helplessly.”

Upon straightening herself, Beth got up and stood with one hand upon her hip, the cigarette between her lips, and Lee in dangling away from the back of his shirt.

Keeping the new port in her mouth, the woman raised the palm of her free hand, dropping Lee upon it. Smiling sadistically, Beth tore off all his clothes, rendering him naked. Seated in her hand, Lee said, “ Beth, please don’t do anything else, that hurt!”

“ Ha, it’s just the beginning!”, she replied.

With her husband in hand, Beth went out into the livingroom, placing Lee upon the coffee table. Just standing there, he stared forth at the ashtray as his towering wife extinguished the cigarette by twisting it to death. Killing the new port, Beth remarked, “ That’s what I’ll do to you if you make me mad, is that clear?”

Nodding, he simply relied, “ Yes Beth.”

Please with his submissive response, she lowered herself before the table, squatting down, and sticking her seductive face right before her helpless little husband. Overwhelmed by her superior frame, he backed off a few steps, holding his hands out as if warding off an attack. Staring straight into his tiny eyes, she ask conceitedly, “ So what should I do with you?” Going on, she remarked, “ Yea, I know.”

Frightened, Lee inquired, “ What are you doing?”

Saying nothing, the female simply stood up and reached for the cigarette pack sticking in her T-shirt pocket. After pulling out another fresh new port, she fired up and inhaled. While exhaling, evil Beth squatted again before the table. Removing the white stick from her mouth, she reached for Lee with her other hand and held him by the torso. Moving the cigarette ever closer, she eventually had the hot end less than two millimeters away from his tiny prick. Squirming about, Lee yelled, “ Beth, that hurts, stop, please, give me a break!”

“ I’ll give you a break!”, she replied sarcastically, “ I’ll break you in two, and then some!”

Still pleading, he screamed away as she moved the yellow glow ever closer. Finally, with Lee twirling about, Beth pulled the heat away from the little man, leaving him dangle between her fingertips.

“ Ha, ha, wasn’t that fun?”, she mockingly ask.

In pain, Lee begged up to his dominant wife, “ Beth, don’t do this anymore, I’m your husband, you once said you loved me!”

“ Love, fuck love, it’s all about power!”, she yelled down into his tiny face. “ Yes power, and now I’ve got all the power in the world over you!”

Turing the man upside down, Beth again moved the glow toward him, this time pushing it closer and closer to the soles of his insignificant feet. Again, his yelling and pleading began. Ofcourse, she didn’t care. Beth eventually touched his feet with the hot end, causing him to jerk back and forth as he screamed in agony. Laughing, she simply said, “ I see you’ve really got the hots for me!” A second time, she pushed the yellow glow into his sole, this time against the other foot. Torturing him this way for a third time, Beth finally lowered him back to the surface of the table.

Once back upon the shinny oak finish, Lee immediately fell to his ass, not daring to stand upon his blistered feet. With the pain digging deeper and deeper into him, he only stared up to her with tears in his eyes. Enjoying the scene before her, Beth replied with an evil giggle, totally insensitive toward his plight.

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