The Club

Author: Ty Herrup

I sat back in the overstuffed leather chair and looked around the room at the other five men, all in similar chairs, they – all overweight and sagging from lives of leisure, each with a beautiful naked young girl on her knees between their legs softly sucking their cocks. Between my own legs a petite young Asian girl was quite proficiently swallowing the entire length of my own cock down her very practiced throat. I tapped her shoulder which she understood from long and arduous training that I was about to cum, and she needed to pull all but the head of my cock from her exquisite mouth. She expertly moved her tongue around the head while she softly caressed my balls. Then, as she felt my cum about to shoot, she pushed her middle finger slowly up my anus and pressed softly. Moments later I filled her young mouth with my hot sperm, but I held up my finger, which she knew meant that she was to hold the cum in, tasting it thoroughly – she was not to swallow it until I put my hand down. I allowed her to hold my cum in her mouth for just a few minutes and then, after she opened her mouth to show me that she had obediently swallowed every drop, I dismissed her. She stood up, licked the finger she had pushed up my ass, and presented her hairless pussy glistening with juices, the raised purple brand of The Club prominent above her labia. For a moment I entertained the idea of licking up every drop of those juices, but that would have to wait for later, there was business to attend to now. I nodded and she bent to my ear and whispered “Thank you Master!” and went back to her quarters.

I looked back at the fat old men in front of me, or rather at the tight hard asses and glistening pussies of the girls on their knees in front of them, heads softly bobbing as the men moaned in pleasure. I smiled to myself as I thought back – just six months ago these five girls were drunk, partying in Tijuana for their spring break from college. They could not have known, of course, that would be the last time they would ever be seen or heard from, that they would never see their family or friends again, that instead they would spend the rest of their young lives as pleasure slaves, forced to suck and fuck the cocks of these rich old perverts who had purchased them from me. Whatever dreams they had for their lives would never come to pass – instead they were now like any other kind of property these fat old bastards owned – property to be used and abused in the most perverted and degrading of ways, and when they were used up, to be disposed of discretely in various manners that would insure not a shred of evidence they had ever existed would remain. It made my cock hard again just to think about it.

“Gentleman, please finish up, we need to get on with our business.” I shouted loud enough to penetrate their pleasure hazed brains. Within a few minutes each girl swallowed her new masters cum load and stood up to be escorted to the packaging area. Once in the packaging area they each had a vibrating dildo shoved into their cunt and another into their ass hole, secured firmly with a leather strap. Their hands and legs were tied at the wrists, elbows, ankles and knees, and then they were wrapped in latex. A cock shaped gag was fitted to their mouths and a latex full head mask was pulled over their faces. One of the girls, long black hair glistening with the cum of her new owner, looked over to me as she was being wrapped up, fear and pleading in her eyes for she knew her new master was cold and cruel – I smiled and winked as I imagined the screams of agony that would soon be erupting from those ruby red lips. How wonderful it would be to feel her asshole stretched tight over my cock as she twisted in pain, but alas that would be the pleasure of her new owner.

When the girls were finished being packed they appeared as a row black shiny latex statues, completely immobile. Only the sound of their breath through the nose holes, and the buzzing of the vibrators in their fuck holes indicating they were alive.

“Your purchases will be loaded into you limousines, remember there are no refunds or returns. You are responsible for making sure your purchase is never seen or heard from again as per your club agreement, failure to make this assurance will result in you loosing your club membership.”

The men understood, of course, that loosing their club membership would mean they as well as their families would themselves be dead not twenty four hours later – this club was exclusive, of course, and membership was for life – literally. We could not afford any information to escape, so leaks were effectively plugged…permanently.

I had no worries, of course, I had been dealing with these five for some time, they had each paid over a million dollars for the fuck slaves they would be taking home today so I was not too concerned about those slaves ever being heard from again, but one still had to remind members from time to time just how serious club membership was.

“Remember gentlemen, for an outrageous fee I will be glad to dispose of any slaves you no longer wish to own, however I am sure you can find much cheaper methods…Now, each of you paid an extra one hundred thousand dollars just so you could tour my facility and hear my personal story, and I am going to see to it that you get your moneys worth. So if you will put on these robes and follow me.

As you all know, The Club has been in existence now for one hundred seven years. I am the current proprietor, most of you dealt with my step mother Min Ling. She received it from her father, and so on. Now, if you will follow me down these next four flights of stairs.”

The fat old men huffed and puffed – it was probably the most work they had done in some time, but we finally all reached the last floor.

“Please enter the elevator.” I said.

“How far down is this place?” asked the fattest of the men.

“Gary, the dungeon is at the bottom of an old silver mine as you well know, we need to keep things sound proof as you can imagine as well as hidden from ground penetrating radar and other spy technologies. Now, please get in and we will arrive in a few minutes.”

When I opened the doors to the elevator we were greeted with the sweet sounds of female wailing and screaming.

“I believe Heather is being fitted with her new feeding harness.” I mentioned waving them on.

The men looked at each other and shrugged. but they soon understood as they rounded a corner and looked through plate glass to see two Asian girls in leather shoving a black tube shaped device into the mouth of a third tightly bound and naked blond girl. The blond girls eyes were bulging in fear as she frantically thrashed against the unforgiving leather bonds that held her fast. Her body was covered in red welts. The Asian girls were smiling coldly as they completed the task of fitting the black tube to the girls mouth, the last step involving fastening her tongue which was pierced with a ring to a spring loaded stretching device that pulled it up the length of the tube.

“The two Asian girls you see are my ninja trained kidnappers, their names are Kwon Loo, and Ting Zoe. They are responsible for capturing every cunt that has been processed in this facility over the last fifteen years including the five you men purchased today. They are the best there is, able to capture, bind, and remove a girl in under 40 seconds and they know how to remove or obscure every bit of evidence of what has occurred. Their specialty is college age girls who are drunk and stupidly get back into their cars, as that affords an excellent means of transporting the newly captured piece of fuck meat, as well as removing all evidence from the scene. This is the reason that in the last 107 years not one capture scene has even been discovered let alone any evidence of what happened to the girls. As you can see, they are also quite proficient slave trainers as well and take great satisfaction in their work.”

The Asian girls turned to us and bowed slightly, the cold smiles still playing on their faces, their exposed pussies hairless and baring the brand of The Club, purple and raised, just above their labia – the same mark that all slaves of the Club bore – a mark that was painfully branded into every girl that was trained here, which they would wear for the rest of their lives.

“Heather, the girl you see here is special, she is the daughter of the enemy of one of my clients – a Ms. Hartford. Ms Hartford had Heather kidnapped when she was out with her boyfriend a month ago, the boyfriend, as I understand it, was forced to provide Ms. Hartford several weeks of sexual pleasure, unfortunately for him Ms. Hartford has a low tolerance for soft cock, so she cut his off and had it cooked and she ate it in front of him, just before she threw him live to her pet hyenas. Indecently, did you know hyenas eat every part of any animal they feed on including all of the bones? At any rate she had special plans for Heather here – you see Heather is going to become Ms. Hartford’s human toilet.”

At the sound of that, the blond girl started thrashing violently against her bonds. I nodded slightly to one of the Asian girls who picked up a riding crop and proceeded to whip the girl on her pussy lips. After about ten blows the girl passed out from the pain and sagged against the leather bonds holding her from the ceiling. Two of the fat old men started jerking themselves off as they watched.

The other Asian girl left for a few moments and then brought back a tall black slave girl whose hands were bound behind her back. She had enormous tits that were leaking fluid from the nipples. She had a empty, far away look in her eyes as the Asian trainer forced her down on a table. The black girls legs were spread revealing a black dildo in her anus with a strange fitting at the end.

“This is Katrina, who once thought she would like to be a nurse – but of course now she is just a nice piece of dark fuck meat. Katrina has had her asshole plugged for the last three days, while being forced to eat three large meals a day. This morning she received 2 quarts of her own breast milk as an enema. That milk has been sitting in her colon and large intestines for the last two hours. Heather is going to be drinking the resulting chocolate pudding as it slowly drains out of Katrina’s lovely asshole. For the next ten days Katrina will be feeding Heather her shit in this way, then we will move on to solid food, that is to say, Heather will be eating Katrina’s turds directly from her asshole, as well as the shit of Kwon Loo and Ting Zoe. She will be trained to thoroughly chew and swallow every bite, and then like a good piece of toilet paper, lick the girls lovely assholes clean. She will also be drinking the girls piss exclusively, that is to say no water or other liquids. Never again will Heather taste human food or water except that it has passed through some asshole or pisshole first.”

“But won’t she just get sick and die?” asked on of the men smiling.

“No. you see Heather will be fed a special tasteless gruel that contains all of the enzymes, antibiotics, and vitamins she needs to remain a strong and healthy toilet slave. The gruel will be prepared with shit and piss, of course so as to make sure she never tastes anything else again, but she will remain quite healthy for many, many years.” As I was talking Kwon Loo had revived the girl with smelling salts.

“In fact,” I continued, “Ms. Hartford saved the shit from her hyenas – that is all that remains of Heathers boyfriend, and Heather will be eating that shit as well. Ms. Hartford, who is fifty nine incidentally , has indicated to me that if Heather is still alive when she dies, that Heather is to have her lips sewn to Ms. Hartford’s asshole and be buried alive along with her. I believe Heather will make it too” I said and chuckled while Heather eyes bulged from these new horrific revelations.

By now Katrina’s special anal device had been connected to the tube in Heather’s mouth by a long clear hose. The table that Katrina was on was raised high above Heather’s head and Ting Zoe looked at me with a wicked smile as she grasped the valve.

Heather began thrashing again as she saw what was about to happen. I nodded, and laughing, Ting Zoe turned the knob, sending a flow of thick brown sludge down onto Heather’s tongue, into her throat, and down into her stomach. The tube and the drugs she had been given earlier kept her from throwing up or gagging, so the shit continued to flow down her throat just like the tears that were now flowing down her face, and the concentrated taste of Katrina’s fecal matter continued to assault her brain. This was the first meal of human shit Heather had ever eaten, but it would be the only thing she would be eating from now on.

“Heather will be trained to eat shit and piss over the next several months. She will also have her clitoris burned off with a red hot branding iron so that she will never cum again, but I am leaving that pleasure for Ms. Hartford when she comes to pick up her new toilet slave. Ms. Hartford assures me that she intends to keep Heather locked in a cage in the kitchen so she can smell the delicious food that she will never again taste, except, of course, after it comes out of Ms. Hartford’s and her friends assholes. Ironically, after a few years Heather’s body will adjust to the eating of shit to the point where she will not be able to eat anything else even if she wanted to.”

“That’s gonna suck on burrito night.” mentioned one of the men. We all laughed at that, and began moving down the hallway.

The next room contained three naked girls strapped to machines that completely covered their faces cunts, assholes, and tits, but left everything else exposed. They were slowly squirming and thrusting their hips into the machines, completely oblivious of what was going on around them.

“This, gentlemen, is the auto-trainer. The slaves spend most of their time on these machines after they have been broken in and have had all of their body modifications completed. When I am not personally fucking them, this machine takes them through all aspects of their new lives using virtual technology, computer controlled dildos, and a variety of drugs and specially devised stem cell injections. In laymen’s terms, this machine can turn any girl into a raving, sex starved, nymphomaniac. It does this by simulating every possible sexual experience over and over again multiplied thousands of times. The earphones continuously repeats in their own voices how much they love being sex slaves so they think they are hearing their own thoughts. As long as they do precisely what the machine tells them to do, they receive endlessly intense orgasms, which of course addicts them to sex, but if they fail in even the slightest, say for example not squeezing and holding the virtual cock in their pussy long enough, or sucking hard enough, then they receive a painful shock to their tits, or cunt. If they get too many shocks, they are taken off the machine and punished severely by my two Asian assistants who are only too happy to inflict a myriad of agony.

The drugs and stem cells cause the clitoris, nipples, pussy lips and anal rosette to become highly sensitized, and makes the slave multi-orgasmic. These slaves orgasms are from ten to fifteen times stronger than a normal girl, and two to three times longer in duration. Every slave with the exception of the toilet slaves are trained on these machines. These three cunts here will be available for purchase at the end of next month if you are interested.”

One if the men interrupted, “you mentioned a breaking in…how is that done?”

“I am glad you asked. The girl wakes up naked in my dungeon, cold and alone. I leave her that way for several hours so the fear can build up. Then I come in with my face mask holding her panties, the only remaining bit of her former life as I have stripped everything including jewelry from her. I show her her panties then I hang them up next to all of the others in my collection – and then I explain to her that she, like all of the rest, will spend the rest of her life as a sex slave. I take my time sucking and nibbling her tits, her cunt, her anus, and then I fuck her – cunt first, asshole next, and mouth – and I do this over and over again for several days – non stop, no rest for her. She is allowed no sleep, no food or drink other than m cum and piss. after about three days of that she will so whatever I tell her just for a little water or rest. She is broken.”

We moved onto the next room, where a single naked girl was strapped to a table. she was strapped in so many places that she could not move at all. A purple substance was smeared on her pussy where her cunt hair had been.

“After initial breaking in, all slave girls of the Club have their pubic hair permanently removed by laser and electrolysis, and all bare the mark of the Club. The mark is a special kind of brand that combines the burning of the flesh with a unique type of purple ink which creates a raised scar that penetrates through the skin into the underlying muscle itself. They will, of course, bare the mark for the rest of their lives. I wanted you to see how it is applied.

I picked up a cup and shook it, and then asked the five old men to choose a number from one to six. I rolled a dice out of the cup and pointed to the man who had guessed the number.

“The girl here is wearing a bite blocker, so you may have a honor of shoving your cock down her throat while we proceed to brand her with the mark of the sex slave.”

The girl tried in vain to turn away, but to no avail as the leather held her fast. The old pervert was only too anxious to shove his sweaty member down the young girls throat and she began to gag and gurgle around it. Spittle began to drip in long rivulets to the floor as the girls eyes bulged. The old man shoved it further down until his hairy balls were resting on the girls face.

“Excellent, now then, lets proceed.”

I pulled a red hot branding iron made in the shape of the Clubs slave sign and proceeded to press it to the girls flesh just above her labia, into the purple smeared substance which began to sizzle. The girls eyes grew frantic and wide, but no sound came out of her mouth as it was quite full. I held it for the required 72 seconds and pulled it away just as the old man came, spouting cum down the girls throat. The girl had passed out from the pain, so I revived her with smelling salts. She began screaming as we left the room, so I closed the soundproof door.

“The active ingredients of the purple ink is quite painful as it performs the work of marking the girl for life, so we will let her scream herself to sleep for tonight. Tomorrow she begins her real training.”

We moved into a lounge area where we sat down where drinks and cigars were served.

“Now gentlemen, let me tell you my story. You may be wondering why I, a white Caucasian male, took over for Min Ling – why in fact she called me her son after nearly a hundred years of this being an Asian family business. Well, the truth is I was only 14 years old when Min Ling adopted me, but there was a good reason. You see, when I was thirteen I was in my families minivan on the way back from a family vacation. A car with two drunken college girls swerved into our lane and my father attempted to avoid them only to go into the lane of an oncoming tractor trailer. I was the only survivor of that crash – and I was in a coma with most of my body broken and was not expected to survive.

Because there were no next of kin, the doctor at that hospital decided to attempt an experimental procedure he had been working on that involved stem cells and special drugs – similar to what the slaves are given. The outcome of this experiment was what you see here today. I look as if I am twenty years of age, and I have looked this way for the last forty seven years – yes I am sixty years old.

My body healed in the hospital within a few months, but I did not come out of my coma for many months after that. I was placed at the end of a unused portion of the hospital and taken care of by a few nurses and candy stripers.

The other outcome of that treatment was that I now sport a nine inch cock that can stay hard indefinitely, as well as balls that can produce a quarter of a cup of cum every hour – to make it simple I can fuck indefinitely, and that fact was not lost on the nurses and candy stripers who took full advantage of my cock for their own pleasure. That is in part the reason I finally woke from my coma, imagine being fourteen in your mind, twenty in your body, and waking from a coma with the last thing you remember was a tractor trailer coming at your face. Then, to wake with a hot young blond nurse fucking herself on your cock. It was rather world shattering. All the more when you find that your entire family has been killed.

Min Ling found out about my case, and my physical endowments and she decided that she wanted me as her male fuck toy – Min Ling gets what she wants and the fact that the treatment also elongated my tongue to six and one half inches when extended also meant that when I was not fucking Min Ling, I was eating her pussy or tonguing her asshole. Min Ling, to put is mildly, was a nymphomaniac but she was also one of the most beautiful Asian women I have ever seen, so eating her pussy for an entire day was a joy, and fucking her, or having her suck my cock was beyond pleasure. I spent countless nights with my face buried in her cunt while she slept, my cock buried in the asshole, cunt, or mouth of one of her girlfriends or house servants. That is the only way to sleep and is the only way I sleep now.

Needless to say Min Ling slowly introduced me to the family business, the capture, training, and selling of female sex slaves of the highest quality. She died last year so now I run the business exclusively. And now you know my story, and why I specialize in the capture of drunken college girls. I hope you will all be loyal customers for the rest of your life – you really have no choice when it comes right down to it, not that you would ever want to leave the Club.

The men laughed, knowingly, but their minds were now occupied with the new purchases awaiting them in their limo’s. Nothing like a freshly trained cunt to take the edge off of life.

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