An Evening at Trudy’s Place

Author: FK

Reaching over with his right hand, Rich began caressing Trudy’s left nipple, saying, “ Hey, they’re nice today, like the way they get hard.”

Smiling, she replied, “ I’ll bet you like em, now move over here and start sucking!”

With very little effort, the naked man moved himself over toward her and placed his lips upon her tit.

“ Oh, yea, oh yea…!”, she exclaimed as he continued to suck away. Exploring her womanhood for at least ten minutes, Rich raised his head, staring into her beautiful blue eyes. As the sandy haired female returned the glance, she motioned down to her cunt, requesting, “ I’ve had a long day, c’mon, lick me!” Eager to please, Rich got off the sofa, going to his knees before the feline who had nothing on save her sexy high heeled black leather shoes. Enthralled by her hot wet cavity, Rich slowly went inside, going deeper and deeper with his tongue. Twirling about for five minutes, he eventually induced an orgasm within the lady’s sweltering pussy. Licking it all up, Rich finally completed his task.

“That was great.”, she remarked with a smile.

“ Yea, you’re terrific!”, remarked the male. Just kneeling there, he gazed away for a minute, when he next ask, “ Trudy, can you sit on my face?”

“ Sure, what are girl friends for.”, responded the sexy 5’ 10” tall woman.

Getting up, Trudy said, “ Ok, my pet, lay yourself out on the couch.”

Standing himself, Rich went on top of the sofa, laying on his back afterward. While he stared at the ceiling, she said, “ Here I come, ready or not!” Looking upward, Rich viewed her spectacular and curvaceous ass come down, covering his view. Completely stimulated, he thought his cock would burst as the feel of her ass on his face really turned him on.

“ Why don’t you explore my asshole?”, she ask her boyfriend. A moment later, she felt his tongue moving about her nether eye. Happy, the lady said, “ Yea, Rich, that’s it, keep it up, I like that!”

Going on for over fifteen minutes, the guy really made her feel important. Having her butt worshipped gave the female executive something to be conceited about, for she really loved it when others kissed her ass figuratively, now she had it all, her boyfriend going up her butt with complete devotion.

Upon standing up, Trudy ordered, “ Here, get down there and kiss my ass.” Seeing her stand before the sofa, Rich once again got down on his knees, this time kneeling right before her rear. Pushing his face forward, he kissed away. Over every spot he went, not missing a single square inch of her noble and gracious ass!

Letting him go on for twenty minutes, she had enough, saying, “ All right, time to stop.” Finished with his butt kissing, he simply sat himself down upon the sofa. Seating herself on the opposite side, she looked at him, saying, “ So what are you gonna do?”

“ What do you mean?”, he ask in reply.

“ You know, are we gonna get married or not?”

Hesitating for a moment, he eventually said, “ I don’t know, I’m not sure.”

She interrupted, saying, “ Oh c’mon, I know what’s bothering you.”

“ What?”

“ It’s the fact that I make more than you do.”

Not wanting to admit it, he fumbled with words, “ Well, there’s more to it than that.”

“ No there isn’t, you’re just not sure if you can stand having a woman for a boss at home.”

Making an embarrassing smile, the man remarked, “ Well, yea, that’s obviously a factor.”

“ The world’s slowly changing.”, she said. Going on, the woman stated, “ There’s nothing wrong if you stay at home and do all the housework, in fact, I’d really like it if you did that.” Looking at her, he didn’t know what to say when she continued, “ Yea, that’s right, I want a house-husband, you’re job ain’t worth shit, so what’s the big deal if you quit and devote yourself to me.”

Slightly overwhelmed by her directness, he said, “ You mean I’m to give up my life to satisfy yours.”

“ Why not, what’s wrong with that, if a marriage is to work, one party has to be dominant and the other submissive; that’s really the way things operate.”

With a slight sigh, he replied, “ I don’t know, I’ll have to think about it.”

“ Yea, think about it, life would be great for both of us; let’s face it Rich, I’m better than you are, especially when it comes to the real world outside.”

Shaking his head more out of surprise at her shameless ego, he said, “ Boy, your really know how to say things!”

“ Hey, that’s how I am, that’s why I’m now the big boss at work.”

Raising her beautiful ass up off the sofa, the sexy naked woman said to Rich, “ I’ve gotta use the bathroom, I’ll be back in a second.”

Upon hearing this, Rich also got up, saying, “ In that case, I’ll stop in the kitchen and get a can of pop or something, see you back in the livingroom.”

After both naked individuals got up, he followed her to the kitchen, then turned toward the refrigerator while she continued walking to the bathroom located on the otherside of the first floor.

Peering into the open icebox, he said to himself, “ Hmm, what do we have good to drink.” Looking around, he finally took up a can of diet sprite. After shutting the door, he returned to the livingroom, standing before the coffee table.

Right before the man was about to pull back the ring, he noticed a dent in the can’s edge. Looking at it, he remembered hearing something somewhere that one shouldn’t drink the stuff if damaged. Shrugging his shoulders, he remarked to himself, “ Well, it’s the last one, there’s nothing else good back there.”

With a slight yank, he pulled back the ring, hearing the fizz and bubbles. Using his right hand, Rich raised the beverage to his mouth and swallowed. A second later, he took another mouthful, downing the stuff in no time at all.

Setting the now empty can atop the table, Rich was just about to sit himself when a very weird feeling overcame him. Going on for a few seconds, it finally took hold of his entire being, causing him to perspire. Looking around, he saw his surroundings grow and grow. Everything in the room seemed to be in the ascent. Watching the top of the livingroom table, he saw it rise up and then disappear as he got a view of its underside. Finally, the apparent motion stopped. It was only then that he realized the truth, he’d been shrunk down to four inches in height!

Just standing there naked and afraid, he could nothing. As he rotated his tiny head toward the kitchen’s direction, he saw Trudy’s frame appear. As she came closer, she seemed to get larger and larger. Finally stopping before the coffee table, the lady yelled out, “ Hey Rich, where’d you go?” Hearing no response, Trudy gazed about the room, even going out to the window and peaking out from behind the curtain. Not seeing him, she only mused for a moment when she quickly turned at the sound of something moving. Walking over, she peered down at the floor, seeing naked little Rich.

“What the hell is this?”, she ask in general as she squatted her sexy frame before him.

Seeing her giant and beautiful body loom above him, the little man screamed, “ Trudy, what happened to me, I shrank, please help!”

While looking down at him, her initial surprise began fading away as she said, “ So I see, you stupid fuck, you drank a dented can, any asshole knows all kinds of strange things can happen to the pop once the can is ruined.”

“ Ok, but can you help me?”

Smiling now, Trudy moved her hand toward him, reaching out and eventually taking up the tiny creature between her finger tips, saying, “ Well, well, looks as if you’re gonna be my little slave after all, doesn’t it?”

“ What are you doing, please put me down, you’ve gotta help me!”

“ I’ve gotta do shit!”, she rudely replied.

“ Please Trudy, don’t be this way!”

“ Ha, you’re mine now, it’s you who’ve gotta do things, things I want, or I’ll crush you!”

Frightened, he stared forth into her diabolical eyes as she dropped him into the palm of her other hand, saying, “ What I should do is find out the chemical formula of that altered pop and use it to shrink more people, just think, I could build a whole world of little people with myself on top as the ultimate ruler, wouldn’t that be great!” Continuing, she exclaimed, “ Yea, staring tomorrow, I’ll get to work, but for now, it’s just you and me for the rest of the day!”

Moving over to the couch, she placed the reduced man upon the cushion, saying, “ Ok, you little shit, kiss my ass again, this time it’ll really be great having you worship me!” Turning around, she slowly lowered her butt above his tiny frame, almost setting herself down. With her ass only four and a half inches over the sofa’s seat, he began kissing, moving his tiny body here and there, reaching every spot of her noble ass.

Satisfied with the ritual, she stood straight again, turned around, and took up Rich. Gazing straight in his defeated eyes, she said, “ I’m gonna set you on the floor, I want you to begin kissing my shoes.”

After she placed him down, he looked up to her and ask, “ Please Trudy, don’t do this, you’ve got to be nice!”

“ Oh, I’ll be nice all right, I’ll let you live, that’s nice enough.”

Frightened, the little creature obeyed, moving his lips to the front of her shoe. Kissing away at the black leather, he felt smaller than ever as the image of her giant, yet sexy and elegant shoe, dominated him, reducing his ego to a state of complete nothingness.

Finished, she again squatted down, taking him up and placing him atop the coffee table. Walking around the fixture, she sat herself down on the couch, placing her feet on the oak finish. Giving him a very evil look, she slipped out of her left shoe, saying, “ Now smell and massage my toes, let’s go if you know what’s good for you!”

“ Please, please, Trudy, have mercy!”

“ Get to work, or I’ll kill you!”

Having no choice, he complied, giving her toes and feet a nice massage, making her feel important. Done with the left foot, he went on to the right, repeating the process so as to please his dominant mistress.

Slipping back into her pumps, the evil one said, “ Yep, this is great, it’s all about power, isn’t it!”

Working up some courage, Rich ask, “ What do you mean, people have rights?”

“ Bullshit, only the superior have the right to rule, and I’m one of the superior.”

In response, the tiny being said, “ The whole point of any civilized society is to prevent one person from forcing another to do something he doesn’t want.”

Quickly, Trudy pulled her feet off the table, arching herself forward, and bringing her fist down atop the fixture, yelling, “ I’m the boss here, you’ll do as I say or you’re dead, is that clear you little piece of shit!”

Terrified by the force of her stature, Rich backed off two steps nodding his head in agreement. Yelling further, she exclaimed, “ I’ll show you a demonstration of someone forcing someone else to do something!”

Taking hold of the little man, Trudy stood up and ventured into the kitchen. Once there, the bitch set him down on the tile, saying, “ Here, I want this whole kitchen floor cleaned and waxed.” Going over to an area under the sink, she reached in, taking up some Mop and Glow. Going back to Rich, she knelt before the man, squirting out some of the stuff. After getting up again and returning with a whole wad of paper towels, she ordered, “ Now get busy, start cleaning ,or you’re gonna be finished, if you know what I mean!”

“ But this’ll take forever at my size, please Trudy, don’t!”

Hearing this, she raised her foot over him in a threatening jester, yelling, “ If you don’t do as I say, then I’ll step on you!” Again terrified out of his wits, the man complied, going on and on non stop.

With her hands on her hips and her weight resting to one side, Trudy just stood there for the next four hours while the little male slaved away in agony, exhausted by the tremendous work. When he was done, she said, “ Good, now I know what your uses are.”

After disposing of the dirty paper towels, Trudy bent down and took him in her hand, walking over into the bathroom. Inside the chamber, she placed Rich into the bathtub, plugged in the stopper, and turned on the water. Pushing off her pumps, Trudy next stepped into the tub and sat herself down. As her ass made the descent, the little man ran out of her sexy butt’s way, just missing being crushed to death. Seated next to her rear, he yelled up, “ Trudy, what’s gonna happen between us!”

“ Shut up!”, she replied.

While the water level rose, she leaned her attractive frame back and closed her eyes, enjoying the warm water covering her body. The water rising, Rich floated about eventually coming to rest atop her stomach. Seeing the level rise further, he walked upward to her tits. Finally, the man brought himself to rest between her breast cleavage.

Feeling his delicate frame, she opened her eyes and peered downward. Seeing him, she used her left hand to take hold of him while she turned off the hot and cold water spigots with her left foot. Slowly, the lady moved Rich down to her cunt, placing him before her harry box. All hot from the both the bath water and her sexual desires, Trudy inserted the man into her vaginal opening, exclaiming, “ Looks as if I’ve found another use for you, haven’t I?”

“ Trudy, that’s sick, no, don’t.” Saying nothing further, the lady pushed him in further, sliding him in until only his tiny feet stuck out. Once all the way inside, Rich began squirming about, giving her pleasure. His movements stimulated her clit, causing her heart rate to rise. Thirty seconds later, she pulled him back out.

As his head appeared, he again yelled, “ Trudy, please put me down, please…!” Again, she didn’t respond, only pushed him back in, again causing him to wiggle about, giving her pleasure. This time, his movement induced an orgasm. Throbbing like crazy, her vaginal cavity eventually ejected him, throwing him into the warm water. Floating around before her slit, he made every effort to keep himself above water. Swimming toward the edge of her inner thigh, he managed to crawl up atop her leg and take refuge from the water. Setting himself down, he watched as the giantess took hold of a bar of soap and began cleaning herself.

With her chest all lathered down, Trudy stood up, dropping Rich back into the water. While standing, she washed off her ass and cunt.

All soaped up, Trudy bent down and pulled out the stopper, causing the water to drain. Reaching for the upper spigot, she turned on the shower and rinsed herself off.

All done, Trudy grabbed a towel, drying herself off. Looking down into the draining water, she sarcastically remarked, “ What if I let you go down the pipes?”

“Trudy, you wouldn’t, no, don’t!”

Laughing, the woman reached down and took him up, afterward placing him upon the bathroom floor.

Done drying her noble stature, Trudy again went down and took up Rich. Leaving the bathroom, she went over into her bedroom, dropping Rich upon the bed. Standing before the mirror upon the dresser, Trudy gazed at herself, saying, “ Yep, that’s me, the greatest of the great.” Pleased with herself, the sexy feline opened the top drawer, taking out her pajamas. Placing the pants and shirt on, Trudy strolled over to the bed and raised up Rich by his left arm. Pulling back on the cover with her free hand, she slid herself into bed, covering herself afterward.

Looking at Rich in her hand, she ask, “ So what am I gonna do with you for the night?”

“Please don’t leave me in the bed, you might role over and crush me!”

“ Yea, that wouldn’t be good, would it, then I wouldn’t have a little slave anymore.”

Gazing about the room, she simply laid him atop the nightstand, saying, “ Why don’t you sleep there for now.”

Obeying, he could do nothing save just sit there and eventually lay to one side, letting himself fade off to dream world.

Awakened by the morning light, Rich looked up and saw his dominant mistress standing before the mirror dressing herself. After going into her black lingerie and a pair of stockings, the female ventured over to the closet and put on her black skirt suit, giving her an aurora of feminine superiority. All dressed, Trudy returned to the bathroom and slipped into her pumps which she left there the night before. Returning to the bedroom, Trudy went over to the nightstand and took up Rich, going out to the kitchen afterward. Placing him atop the kitchen table, she next made herself a cup of coffee and fixed herself a bowl of cereal. All done, Trudy went out to the livingroom and got her purse, together with the pop can containing some liquid residue, planning to study its chemical nature later on at the place she worked.

Upon her return to the kitchen, she looked down at Rich and heard, “ What am I gonna do while you’re at work?”

“ Who says you’re staying here alone?”

With that, she grabbed her little man, dropped him in her purse, and left for work.

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