The Decision : part 2

Author: bdsm

Joe then walked over to the wall and selected one of the crops that he had hanging on the wall. He walked up to her bare ass sticking out like it was and with a quick stroke brought the crop down on Lisa’s ass! A red stripe instantly appeared on her ass. At the same time Lisa screamed out in pain. Joe then whipped her several more times, but Lisa held the cries in knowing that screaming only made it worse, that Joe would whip her even harder!

The whipping went on for what seemed like hours. Lisa lost all track of time and all she was aware of were the lashes from the crop falling on her ass. After a while Joe stopped and moved to a different position to lay some stripes on another part of her ass. But that was not the only place. Her thighs and legs were not immune to the sting of the crop either. After Joe had been whipping her for about 10 minutes not a single part of her ass or thighs were without red stripes or welts. Then Joe started to poke and prod at her with the handle of the crop.

The whole event had made Lisa extremely wet and horny. When she felt Joe poking and prodding with the handle of the crop she almost begged him to fuck her with it. Joe pulled the crop out of her pussy and saw how it glistened with her wetness. And decided to do something else as well. In the position that she was in her whole pussy was exposed to him. Joe walked out of the room for a minute to arrange something. After taking care of it he walked back in and started to whip her again. Only this time he concentrated on her inner thighs.

Then he struck her right on the pussy! A shock ripped through Lisa’s body like someone had hooked her up to an electric current! The orgasm that ripped through her body was intense! It didn’t stop there. Joe continued to strike at her pussy and causing the same reaction from her. After what seem like an endless string of orgasms Joe stopped whipping her pussy, and shove what seem like a baseball bat into her pussy, but in reality it was the biggest dildo that Joe had ever seen. The fact is it was only sold as a novelty and not as a sexual aid.

After shoving that into her pussy Joe walked around to the head of the table and mounted a small stool that stood there. This brought him up to the right level. Without waiting Joe grabbed a handful of Lisa’s hair and forced her head up. When this happened she opened her mouth and this was what Joe wanted. Joe forced the entire length of his now throbbing cock deep into her throat. Lisa started to gag, but that didn’t’ stop Joe who just proceeded to fuck her face with a furious speed. After just few minutes of this Joe forced his cock even deeper into her mouth and shot load after load of hot cum into her throat.

Lisa swallowed it greedily!
After they were done Joe untied her and brought her into the den and sat her down on the couch that sat in there. He explained why he had just punished her and how she had caused it. This was Joe’s way. He would always do his best to explain to his slut the reason she had been punished if the infraction was one that she had not done before or didn’t know the rules. He then sat down next to her and held her. Even though he was her master the tenderness of a normal relationship is still there. It just manifests itself in other ways. Ways that most people never see or contemplate. After a while of holding her Joe got up and walked to the desk and retrieved a paper, and handed it to Lisa.

As Lisa read it she realized that now was the moment that she had been thinking about. What she held in her hand was a contract where she turned her entire life over to Joe. This was the contract that would provide the basis for the rest of her life if she decided to sign it.

Joe walked out of the room and made himself a drink. From experience he knew that she would be more willing to sign it if he were not in the room. But that she would only sign it if she was ready. When he had finished the drink and walked back into the room the signed contract sat on his desk and Lisa was kneeling on the floor with her eyes towards the floor. Joe smiled to himself and knew that she was his now.

He walked over to the desk and opened the top drawer and pulled out the thing that would define their relationship. Lisa’s new collar and put in on her, and locked the lock on it. It snapped shut with a loud metallic click.

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