Painful Reminder II – Pain before Pleasure

Author: Dan

The morning went slowly as I worked through Master’s To-Do list. My clit, obviously swollen, throbbed with each move I made, making the stiff leather chastity belt even more difficult to bear. Dusting Master’s office was a steady reminder of my punishment and my ass tensed when I thought about the attention it was likely to receive when Master got home this afternoon. Master, though loving and gentle in every right, spared no mercy to the object of his discipline and I have come to know him very well. Master is not one for idle threats. If he says he is going to do something, he does and very thoroughly at that. His punishment today was something that I was truly dreading, yet I had no one to blame but myself.

The minutes felt like hours as I vacuumed, swept and check marked my way down his list. The clamp bit hard onto my clit and in most ways, I was anxious to have Master home, because then the chastity belt would come off, the clamp would be removed and I would be well on my way to forgiveness. Master always forgives me.

I was just putting the vacuum cleaner into the utility closet when the phone rang.


“Good morning sweets. I am just pulling out of the airport parking lot. Bare yourself and be lying over the leather horse in our playroom when I get home, in roughly 10 minutes or so. And yes sweets, you may remove the belt and clamp. The key to the cash box is in my overcoat pocket, hanging in my office closet”


“Yes Sir”, I spoke to the steady tone that replaced Master’s voice

My heart pounded in my chest as I scurried to his office closet, fumbling through his overcoat pockets until my fingertips sensed something hard, metallic and withdrew the key. Unlocking the cash box, I retrieved the key to the chastity belt and unlocking it, let it fall to the floor with a “thud” My pussy was throbbing as I lowered my fingers to the clamp, throwing my head back in a painful, “ohhhhhhhhhhhhh”, I released it’s grip from my tender pulsing clit. The rush of blood to its tip and the surge of pain were incredible and brought me to my knees. Tears streaking my cheeks, I cupped my pounding sex and fumbled for the chastity belt and returned it to it’s place on the closet shelf, leaving both it and Master’s office behind as I made my way down the basement stairs and stepped into the darkened playroom. A flick of the light switch turned my pain to woe as I faced the tall leather horse.

Just then, I heard Master enter the front door and the sound of his footsteps as his dress shoes clicked across the hardwood floors toward the basement stairway. My heart beating faster sent more hard pulses to my already throbbing clit and I lay myself across the padded leather and awaited his presence. Sobs of shame choking at my throat once again, Master entered the playroom and came to my side.

Leaning, he brushed his lips across my tear streaked cheek, “good girl“, he spoke softly, his hand rubbing my bare ass, fingers moving down it’s crack to my pounding sex where he traced it’s moist slit and pressed the tip of his finger against my swollen clit. I bit my lip softly, allowing a painful, “mmmmmmm ohhh” to escape my lungs and tried to close my thighs, but the thick padded leather prevented it.

Oddly, with the pain came a strange new pleasure as Master continued to press his finger in small circles around my clit. I felt it growing harder and my pussy grew hot and wet. “Good girl my sweets. You have pleased me”, Master spoke softly again, one hand pleasuring my pussy, the other rubbing each cheek of my ass and giving a series of slaps, one a bit harder than the last, slaps to arouse, not slaps bearing the sting of punishment.

Master slid me back to the edge of the horse, the pressure of my body moving caused my clit to protrude and squeak sharply against the leather and I emitted a small painful cry again, a cry of disapproval which was answered by a sharp slap of Master’s bare hand across my ass, followed by a soft kiss from his lips. “Oh sweets, truly you didn’t think that it was going to be this easy did you?”, Master chuckled in a soft devious tone as he walked over to the metal hooks that lined his toy wall. “Hmmmmmmmmmm, Hmmmmmmmmm”, Master thought, eyeing his wide assortment of punishing toys, then reaching up, he took down his flat tipped riding crop, red ball gag and approached the bench again.

“Awwwwwwwwwwwwww”, Master consoled as he popped the ball gag between my lips and secured it firmly in place, “Pain before pleasure sweets. Always pain before pleasure”

I looked back as Master stood behind me, his eyes focused on my gaping pussy, my protruding clit exposed to his will. He raised the crop to my sex, allowing the flat tip to brush across my tender clit and dipped it sideways into my already slick gash. I followed his every move until he brought it up swiftly and let it fall sharply back down across my bare ass cheek with rapid repeating swats, *SWAT! SWAT! SWAT! SWAT! SWAT! SWAT! * Until my eyes welled with tears and muffled screams choked against the ball gag pressed firmly between my lips. Pain flooded my entire body as he moved to the other cheek and in rapid succession, proceeded to deliver more stinging swats, *SWAT! SWAT! SWAT! SWAT! SWAT! SWAT! * And again, I screamed out past my ball gag.

I looked back at him, through tear blurred eyes, begging his mercy. Master rubbed my stinging bottom with his hands, placing soft kisses on the tender burning spots and lowered his mouth to my gash and licked it lovingly, dipping his tongue into my slick honey pot, then licked it’s wetness from his lips. “What a beautiful sight, my sweets”, he breathed heavily, standing back to take in a full view and unzipping his pants.

My chest heaving deep sobs, Master brought his cock to my pussy, running it’s swollen head up and down my aching cunt, pressing it hard against my clit, mixing moans with my sobs.

“Pain before pleasure, my sweets. Always pain before pleasure”, Master grunted as he pressed his cock deep inside of me and eased it in and out, his hands moving up to release the ball gag from my lips. My sobs clearly audible filled the room as Master fucked me, his massive cock pounding heavily in and out of my silken cunt. Each pounding thrust of Master’s cock made my clit squeak firmly against the warm leather, sending shudders of hell-like ecstasy throughout me. There was pain, there was pleasure and my hot cunt was pleasing Master.

Master’s balls slapped against my throbbing clit adding fire to my already burning cunt, and he drove his cock deeper and deeper, pounding me in penetrating fury. Sobs subsiding, I began to moan loudly, and his cock hammered in and out of me faster and harder. He grabbed onto my burning ass and forced himself even deeper yet, turning my moans to gurgling uncontrollable cries of pleasure, until with heavy hammering jerks, Master exploded deep inside of my dripping cunt, and I raised my ass from the horse, begging for my own release.

Master held himself inside of me until he grew soft, then withdrew his cock and stood back once again. Taking up his crop, Master ran it softly against my cum soaked cunt, letting the tip flick across my tender pearl, then “SWAT! SWAT! SWAT!”, Master cropped my clit sharply, sending me into a fit of wails and squirms. Was my punishment ever going to end?

“SWAT! SWAT! SWAT! SWAT!”, Master slapped at my pussy, my wails becoming louder, my body shuddering uncontrollably, my rock hard clit engulfed with ecstasy and agony. I arched my back, lifting my ass from the leather, as Master kept up his steady swatting rhythm until it raged through me, from deeper than I have ever felt before. I threw my head back, digging my nails into the leather horse and my pussy exploded in the hardest, wettest orgasm I have ever had.

“OH MASTER!!!!!!! MASTER!!!!!!!!” I screamed, “OH MASTER!!!!! OH GAWDDDDDDDDDDDDDD!!! MASTER!!!!!!!!!!!!” I came in frenzy, my pussy gushing it’s hot liquid all over the leather and floor. I collapsed onto the horse, wave after wave of ecstasy washing over me, until I lay there, breathless, ass burning, thighs and cunt numbed and the tears rolled down my cheeks.

“Come sweets”, Master beckoned. He had moved to his overstuffed Italian Leather chair. “Come to me, my girl”

I eased myself from the leather horse and on shaky legs, approached Master, my head lowered in shame, cum and pussy juices running down my thighs. Master pulled me to his lap and held me tightly, pressing soft tender kisses upon my lips, and then with his index finger, he lifted my lowered chin so that our eyes could meet.

I searched his deep blue eyes for signs of anger, but found only love and a gentle smile. Kissing me on the forehead Master whispered softly, “You are forgiven my sweets”

Head lying soft upon his chest, I listened to his gentle heartbeat as I drifted to sleep, held safe in my Master’s loving embrace.

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