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Joe walked into the house to find Lisa walking around in panties. This was against the rules of the house. Lisa knew that the wearing of panties was to be allowed only when she was on her period or when Joe, her Master, had ordered her to. But she felt like being a little rebellious today. And it would cost her dearly! Joe walked up and grabs a hand full of her panties and with a quick violent jerk ripped them right off her body! Lisa shudders in fear, because she knows what is about to happen.

She has disobeyed Joe and now she must suffer the consequences. Joe grabs her by the hair and drags her into the living room and forces her to kneel in front of the coffee table. He then forces her to lay down on it face down where he proceeds to tie her hands and feet to each leg of the table. He reaches up and blindfolds her. Lisa KNOWS what she is about to get. She tries to get away:pulling and tugging at the bindings knowing that doing so is just what her Master wants, but not real hard. She wants it almost as much as Joe wants to give it to her.

Joe walks to his toy box. The one that holds the toys that he uses on and with Lisa. He opens the lid and surveys the large assortment of whips and crops and other toys that he has bought for use on his slave Lisa. He selects one of the many Paddles that he owns for use on Lisa. This one is a rather large one. In fact it is the first one that Joe bought to use on Lisa. It is a made of oak with a long handle wrapped in leather for a better grip and holes bored through it to allow for more sting! Joe decides that it will do.

He walks up and decides that she needs to be ready:he opens her legs and plays with her pussy and clit:teasing her and making her nice and wet! Joe smiles to himself. He knows just how to make her cum, but he decides now is a good time to start her punishment. And without warning Lisa feels the hard slap of the Paddle on her ass! She screams out in pain, but quickly shuts up knowing that to scream will only make it worse. She keeps quiet while Joe brings the paddle down time and time again.

Welt after welt is raised on her ass, but She doesn’t scream out:she just lays there and whimpers as Joe repeatedly brings blow after blow down on her ass. Finally he changes angles and brings the paddle down on her pussy. Lisa screams out in intense pain. Joe smiles and knows that he has won again. Lisa on the other hand just slumps on the table knowing that she has lost to Joe’s will yet again. Joe decides that now is as good a time as any to take care of the hard throbbing that is inside his pants. Lisa through the sobs hears the sound of a zipper and knows what is about to happen to her. Joe gets behind her and in one quick brutal stroke forces his hard throbbing cock deep into her cunt.

Lisa screams out again at the new pain! Joe smiles and grabs her hips and starts to savagely force his cock harder and deep inside her. Not paying any attention to the screams and begging coming from Lisa. Lisa on the other hand can’t help but scream at the intense pain that she is feeling in her cunt. It feels like Joe is tearing her in half with the force of his strokes. She tries to relax and allow him to get deeper, but she just can’t relax enough with the pain that is coursing through her body. Joe reaches around and grabs a nipple in each hand and pinches and twists them savagely.

All the while he is still slamming his hard cock into her cunt. Lisa slowly starts to meet his thrust forcing him deeper and deeper into her cunt knowing that the sooner her Master cums the sooner she will be allowed to return to her cage and recover from her punishment. She feels Joe’s pace increase to that of a Jackhammer and with a grunt he pulls out and shoots wad after wad of cum on her ass. Lisa feels it dripping down her ass and over her bruised and abused pussy. She also feels the spurts of cum that shot onto her back.

Joe has won again. He has shown her who is the Master and who is the slave. A sore and bruised, but satisfied Lisa falls into an exhausted sleep still tied to the table.

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