Disobedience does not pay or does it?

Author: Sammi

Lying on a bench beside the hay she is unable to move. Her Master approaches, she sees that he is unhappy with her. Before he left for work that morning he left a list of duties that she should perform. Unfortunately she had had quite a day and was unable to complete all of her tasks no matter how menial and small they were.

The punishment was going to be severe as this was her second warning this week.

On her back and her thighs tied to the legs of the bench she was unable to close them. Arms raised above her head and her cuffs connected by chains she was also unable to move her upper body. At her Masters mercy all she could do was to take the punishment that she was to soon endure. Her eyes pleaded with him to not be as hard as she remembers the last time she did not comply with the rules. A burst of hard angry words came from his mouth; he let force behind the cane whip between her thighs. Wincing; he did this again and again until he had reached six times. Screams echoed around the room, but as she is fully aware no one else can hear them. “Thank you Master” she says in a low voice.

Again; he said in a calmer manner, “I shall now use the whip and I wish for you to count to thirteen”. None hesitating she did as she was asked. She could see that her master was aroused by all that was happening. He undid his zip and pulled out his hard throbbing member. Before he sunk into her he decided that she should be unable to make a noise. Placing a scarf around her face covering her mouth she could no longer make a sound.
Teasing her; as he could see her juices running down between her legs he run his tongue up and down over her clit and swollen cunt. Wincing from behind the gag she tries to thrust her pelvis up for more. “good girl” he says; you have been given some of your punishment and now you must reap your reward.
With one swift movement he was inside her. At first he was soft continuing to tease her till she nearly came to climax. He did not want this, as they had nearly always cum at the same time. Harder he pushed and more forceful, he clenched at her arse cheeks holding onto them so he could penetrate her further. He could tell by her eyes and her flushed face that she was near, so with the signal; after what seemed like an age to her; they came simultaneously.

Coming down slowly from such a hard orgasm she began to gain her full consciousness again. Her Master removed himself from her and walked over to the other side of the room. She could see that her punishment was not over as he pulled out a box that contained rope and clamps. They were going to be here for some time. Before she could avert her eyes he placed a blindfold over her and now she was completely helpless and vulnerable.
Her senses became heightened for all she could do now was feel any intense pain and pleasure that he was about to make her endure. She knew her Master well.

“Come now little one; do not try to move for this will not hurt much” her breast was being massaged and her nipple being teased, pleasure swept over her as it hardened. Her clit becoming hard and her cunt throbbing, juices dripping yet again down into the crease of her arse cheeks. She loved it so when her master spoke softly to her, it made her feel safe yet in a perverse kind of way it gave her a thrill, as when in the play room the softness if his voice means something entirely different.

What she was unaware of was her Master had the intentions of needle play. Completely sterile and straight from sealed packaging he placed one at a time through and around each nipple. His erection stiffening as he had the pleasure of seeing his beautiful pain slut tied, gagged and blindfolded with sharp needles protruding from her breasts. She could hear a camera shutter and see a faint flash several times and could sense that her Master was pleased with this sight…

To be continued..

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