Linda’s Pet

Author: FK

Descending the carpet clad stairs of the four story apartment building, Linda held tight to her purse with joy as she finally made it out to the parkinglot. Her stiletto heels echoed away against the brick walls as the booted feline eventually made it to her car, started the engine, and drove home.

Upon arriving at her dwelling, Linda threw her coat upon the rack and opened the leather work of art. With her right hand, the twenty two year old brunette removed the money, three hundred and fifty dollars. She made out quite good tonight, for her little enterprise usually has only one client per day for only an hour. Nevertheless, today a gentleman stayed an extra hour at the apartment from where the exquisite lady conducts her business. With jubilation on her face, the dominatrix ascended the stairs of her single family style home and entered the bathroom. Looking in the mirror, she brought her left hand to her right eye and smeared slightly on the black eye polish. She remarked to herself, “ Well, another day finished, hopefully tomorrow will be just as good.” After staring at her reflection for seventy seconds, Linda removed her cream colored blouse, revealing her black leather bra. Next, the lady unbuttoned her skirt and let it fall to the floor. She stepped over the dark blue attire and bent down, picking it up, and tossing both items into the hamper. Then, she slid her black leather panties off over the stiletto boots. Finally, Mistress Linda unclipped the bra. Leaving the bathroom, she went into her gloomy bedroom. Flicking on the light switch didn’t do much for illumination, for the old fashioned bulbs radiated very little light. Nevertheless, Linda opened her night stand drawer and threw the leather attire in. Next, she sat her attractive ass upon the bed and removed the black boots. Pulling with a slight effort, the stiletto attractions eventually popped off. Indeed, they were a noble pair, extending up to her hips, they made her look like a true domina.

Totally naked, the pale faced brown eyed lady got up and was just about to leave the room to return to the bathroom when the phone upon the nightstand rang. Consequently, Linda turned around and went back, lifting up the phone upon arrival. She said, “ Hello.”

The voice on the other end ask, “ Hi, is this Mistress Linda?”

Linda politely replied, “ This is she.”

The male voice went on, “ Do you have time tonight for a session?”

Linda was already turning in, hence she had no desire to go out again. As a result, the dark haired dominatrix replied, “ No time tonight; however, there’s time tomorrow.”

“ Ok, is seven fine?” She agreed. He then inquired, “ Where do I go?” She gave him the address of her apartment. He said, “ Oh yea, I know that area somewhat; ok, thanks, I’ll be there at seven.” He hung up, and she did the same.

Linda mused for a second and said to herself, “ He must have seen one of my adds; his voice isn’t familiar; oh well whatever; tomorrow brings what it will.” With that, the 5’ 10” tall lady ventured into the shower, washed off, and headed strait to bed, sleeping with nothing on.

The next morning Linda crawled out of bed around nine and headed strait for the john. She placed her money making ass on the toilet seat as her piss began flowing from her dark harry box. Sitting there, the hair from her head hung low, caressing the top of her thighs. With piss time over, she got up and washed her hands. Next, the naked female descended the stairs and went into the kitchen. There, Linda made herself a cup of coffee and ate a bowl of cereal, drinking and eating while leaning against the kitchen counter. Afterward, Linda placed the bowl down and took in the last mouth full of the cup’s contents. Done, the lady went back up stairs and slowly got dressed. After opening her dresser drawer, the mistress pulled out her white panties, a bra, and some socks. She put them on and went over to the closet, opening the door and taking out a pair of blue genes and a gray blouse. The lady went into the attire and sat down upon the bed after reaching for her boots. Mistress Linda pulled on the footwear and finally went back downstairs.

Returning to the kitchen, Linda grabbed her shopping list she made yesterday morning. Upon reconfirming its contents, Linda went into the livingroom and pulled her leather jacket from the rack. Afterward, she left, went into her dark blue thunderbird, and drove to the super market. Linda did her necessary shopping and returned home. Finally, she put everything away and sank into the livingroom solfa after placing a CD in the stereo.

Listening to the mellow measures of an old Venetian Coronation, she mused on while lighting up a cigarette. The white stick finally burned itself down when Linda got up and reached for a fashion magazine upon the livingroom table. She read on until two in the afternoon. She next got up and ate something, returning to the same solfa when done and going back to the magazine while the CD played on.

The rest of the afternoon was spent in semi-idol doings. Nothing exciting occurred. Finally, she made herself super, ate dinner, cleaned the kitchen, and at five thirty went up to her bedroom.

Standing before the mirror, our mistress undressed herself and slipped into her leather bikini outfit. Next, Linda put the boots back on and returned downstairs. Grabbing her purse and coat, she left the house, went to her car, started it, and drove to the apartment. While enjoying the last remains of the sun for the day, she walked over to the building and entered the front glass doors. Inside, she took the elevator to the third floor. Linda opened the door of her apartment and entered. Once within the safety of her abode, she took her coat off, revealing the leather dominatrix attire. Feeling full of confidence, she went into another room and returned with her shackles, her whip, and a black stick. Linda sat down upon the black vinyl arm chair in the apartment’s main room and awaited the arrival of the individual. Moreover, he didn’t leave his name, but that usually didn’t matter to her, she only cared about the money and whatever fun she might gain from the session on the side. Glancing at her watch, she noted five to seven. A minute later, the buzzer rang. Getting up slowly, the mistress went over to the intercom and ask, “ Who is it?”

The man’s voice answered, “ It’s me for the seven o’clock session.”

Smiling to herself, Linda depressed the button. Less than a minute later, our lady heard the elevators down the hall. Afterward, a knock came upon the door. She looked through the peap hole but saw no one. Tilting her head in slight confusion, Linda was startled by another knock. Again, the mistress looked through the lens and saw no one. With the third knock, she simply decided to open the door. When she did, her eyes at first fell upon the opposite wall of the corridor. However, looking downward, her gaze fell on a three foot tall midget. Politely, the man said, “ Hello, Mistress Linda?” She nodded and gestured for the little man to come in. After entering, he looked up to her and said, “ Thanks ma’am for spending some time with me.” Indeed, Linda was somewhat surprised at his placid politeness, for most midgets in her experience have a cocky attitude, perhaps trying to make up for their diminished stature. Nevertheless, he seemed different. The little man extended his hand and said, “ Hi, I’m Tony.” In return, Linda extended her hand and they shook. Next, Tony produced an envelope from his inside jacket pocket and remarked, “ Here, this is yours.” Using her index finger to tear open the white seal, she looked in the envelope. It contained two hundred dollars in paper money. She went over to her purse upon the floor next to the black arm chair and placed the money into it.

Next, Linda returned to the man and said, “ Ok, so what’s your fetish?”

He looked up to her as a child looking up to its mother and replied, “ Let me kiss your boots, ass, cunt, and please whip and boss me around for the next hour or so.” He said all of this in such a way that his words reflected a genuine submissiveness. Indeed, she felt within him a true desire to service a dominant female. Getting used to his small height, she felt more at ease as she finally began ordering him about.

“ Take all your shit off, at once!”, she yelled authoritatively. Immediately, Linda noticed his erection. This pleased her, for she knew things would hence go well.

After all his clothes were off, the man went to his knees in homage before the lady. Linda walked back to the chair and got the whip. Next, the dominatrix returned and brought it down over his back. A red mark produced itself as he said in a very wimpy way, “ Thankyou, oh great lady.” Linda, on the other hand, was experiencing a sexual rush also. In fact, after the whip made its descent , she felt more aroused than usual. Consequently, the feline hurried to the back room and returned with a collar and chain. Smiling sadistically, Linda placed the leather around his neck and buckled it. Next, the lady attached the chain to the collar. Her back all straight again, the dark haired creature tugged on the tension and said, “ Follow me, you little piece of shit!” On all fours, Tony followed suit. Also, her negative remark in reference to his smallness only stimulated his masochism, for he whimpered, “ Oh mistress, I’m so little, I’m nothing; I must look up to you in respect.” Her smile turned fiendish as she pulled everharder on the chain. Eagerly, he followed her about until she stopped in the middle of the room.

Raising the toe of her boot before his face, Linda ordered, “ Kiss and lick, you asshole!” Showing no resentment, Tony brought his face forward and began to worship. Ten seconds later, Linda lowered her foot and brought up the other. Kissing away as a good little slave should, the midget did the same with her other boot.

Graciously turning around, the dominatrix pealed down her leather panties to her thighs, while pointing at her ass saying, “ Little slave, pray to my butt, kiss away, for I’m your new owner; you little scum bag!” Tony had to stand up, for he was too short to kneel and have his face reach her noble ass. With his face in line with her rear, he puckered his lips and kissed away. Building up an enthusiastic devotion, the midget went on and on for fifteen minutes. Looking downward with her head tilted back, the dominatrix smiled wickedly as her slave progressed. She loved it; in fact, her cunt was beginning to water. Upon observing pussy juice roll down her inner thighs, Linda turned back around and said, “ See that, Lick it all up!” Tony gave her crotch a few long sniffs and then moved his tongue down to her left inner thigh. Slurping away, he cleaned both legs. Afterward, he returned to her box and inserted his tongue up her slit. As he caressed her clitoris, she began to moan, “ Mmm, yea, good, go on, yes…” Finally, Linda had an orgasm all over little Tony’s face.

To her delight, the mistress was quite impressed with his job. Moreover, it’s been a while since a client actually gave her a real orgasm. The last time a paying slave made her cum was two years ago. Indeed, she hence felt a unique attraction to this little ass kisser. Standing before him, Linda said down to the whimp, “ Jack off for me.”

He didn’t wait, doing precisely as ordered, he whined, “ I’ll do whatever you say, please let me worship you!”

As he spoke, his seamen squirted forth atop the floor. Placing her left hand upon her left hip, the mistress pointed to the white stuff and said scoldingly, “ Now, look what you did; go get a paper towel from over there and wipe it clean.” While pointing in the appropriate direction, the little creature ventured over and retrieved the napkin. He returned and wiped off his cum from the floor.

After throwing away the paper, he said, “ Thanks Mistress, I’ll probably call you again some time.

Reaching for his underwear, he began pulling up his shorts when Linda ask, “ Where do you think you’re going.”

Giving her an inquisitive look, he ask in reply, “ What do you mean, the hour’s up, I’m going home.”

Staring strait into his face, the dark eyed lady said, “ No you’re not, I’m not through with you yet.”

Truly, she was attracted to his smallness, for he looked as if he could be easily dominated, and a dominatrix she was. Linda went up to him and pulled away at his boxer shorts. With a slight effort, she pulled them back over his legs. Next, the woman pushed him down to the floor upon his back, saying, “ I want you, let’s stay here for a while longer.” Next, Linda went to her chair and grabbed the shackles.

Returning to the midget, the mistress pulled his wrists behind his back and placed the irons upon him. Tony yelled, “ Hey, this is real; I’m not really your slave!”

However, Linda eyed him and ask seductively, “ Oh yea, you don’t just have a sexual fetish; you really want to be my slave; don’t you; how about if I make that dream come true?”

Perplexed by her directness and the actuality of her question, he just laid there looking confused. Afterward, she moved her hand to his balls and began playing. Two seconds later, he was again aroused. “ See what I mean”, she replied to his erection, “ I’m right; aren’t I?”

Tony smiled embarrassingly and moved his face to her tits: “ Can I suck your boobs?”, he quietly and humbly ask.

Smiling triumphantly, the witchy one lowered her leather bra and said, “ Suck away my pet.” Her nipples hardened by the touch of his lips.

Sucking for ten minutes, the man said afterward, “ You’re great; you’re spectacular!”

Smiling, Linda stood up and ask the little guy, “ Do you want me to take you out tomorrow; we can go to the mall together for a while?” He agreed as he returned his face to her tits. They spent another hour playing around. Finally, she let him go and returned home.

With herself all cleaned up, Linda slid into her bed. As she lay awake, her cunt began throbbing at the thought of Tony. She said to herself, “ Yes, great, I could end up with a true blue slave; a little servant to do as I want; a little sex slave for my every whim.” She added, “ Just think if I marry him, I could force him to stay with me forever, even if he decides later he doesn’t want to.” Eventually, with an evil smile upon her gothic face, the mistress drifted off to sleep.

The next day, the lady awoke and got dressed. She spent the morning cleaning up her place and doing whatever struck her fancy. After she finished up, four o’clock came around and Linda dialed the midget’s number. Moreover, she had his number recorded in her phone system from his previous call yesterday. The phone rang three times until Tony answered, “ Hello”.

Linda said, “ Hey little shit face, it’s me; how about if I come over to your place at six and we’ll go out?”

Replying politely, the man said, “ Yes mistress, I’d like that.”

Afterward, he gave her his address. She hung up and got herself ready. Going upstairs, our lady decided to make herself look great and superior. With that, she put on a skirt suit, a white blouse, and a suit jacket to go with it. In the end, our lady slipped back into the black leather boots. Her dark blue outfit gave her a professional air; she liked dressing this way, for the image always gave her an edge of added and extra control. Glancing at her nightstand clock, Linda realized there was still some time left; hence the brunette went downstairs and read the said time away. An hour and fifteen minutes later, she again looked at the time and decided to leave. Mistress got herself a long dressy looking coat from the livingroom closet, together with her purse, and went to her Thunderbird. Getting in, the dominatrix checked the rearview mirror and saw her face, saying to herself, “ Yep, that’s me, the same bitch as always!” Satisfied with her conceit, she started the engine and drove off.

A half hour later, Linda arrived at an old apartment building. Happy to be there, she parked the car on the street and got out. Remembering his apartment number, the lady went to the main entrance and pressed the button. Upon hearing the buzzer, she pulled the door open. Next, Linda went to the second floor and walked down the hall to apartment ten. There, she knocked and was finally greeted by Tony as he opened the door.

Dressed in her professional looking attire and giving him a overbearing stare, the dominatrix said, “ Ok Tony boy, time to go.”

Smiling, the little man replied, “ Yes Linda, let me get my coat.”

Not even bothering to enter his suite, she only waited by the door for forty seconds until he returned. With his return, she ask, “All set?”

“ Yea”, he answered, and they both went to her car. They got in and drove the five miles to the mall.

At the shopping center, he didn’t look like much compared to her. Covered in only a pair of jeans and a waist coat, he radiated nothing of significance. On the other hand, her ladyship looked quite important as they moved along next to one another. Eventually, the odd couple wandered over to the food promenade; she told him to take a seat. While the midget sat and waited, the mistress ordered some food by one of the customer windows, returning afterward with a meal for two.

After placing her gorgeous ass in the seat, she ask, “ Like the food?”

“ Yes Linda, it’s great.”

Linda gazed at him and said, “ Call me mistress from now on, I like the title.”

“ Ok”, the midget answered.

Pleased with his compliance, she went on, “ So tell you what, why don’t we keep seeing each other for a while. Who knows, things may work out.”

The man was getting excited by her words; indeed, her beauty was intoxicating not to mention her seductive assertiveness. He agreed, “ Yes, Mistress, I’ll go along with that.”

They ate in silence for five minutes when she said, “ When we’re done eating, wanna walk around for a while before I take you to my place tonight?”

Without hesitation, he answered, “ Sure, that’ll be fine.” After their meal, both individuals got up and explored the mall. Indeed, they looked funny, a tall woman with a little three foot high midget!

Fifteen minutes past eight, the thunderbird pulled into Linda’s drive. The sexy goddess got out, and he followed. After opening her front door, she went inside and again he moved behind her, eyeing her butt as it on occasion presented its full shape through her long coat. Once inside, she removed the coat, telling him to do the same with his. Next, the lady yelled, “ One thing is to be clear, if we’re to see each other on a regular basis, then I’m the boss, I’m sure you already know that!”

“ Yes Mistress that obviously goes without saying.”

Linda smiled and answered, “ Good, now take off all your degenerate shit.”

He looked up to her and said, “ Yes Mistress Linda.” Excited, Tony took off all his clothes.

Standing naked before her, he heard, “ Get down on all fours, bug, and stick your face down to my feet!” Obeying, Tony began kissing as Linda looked down with her arms folded. Then, the lady removed her suit jacket and tossed it upon the solfa. Finally, after sliding off her skirt, she went out of the rest of her attire.

Being naked also, save for the boots, Linda pushed the little man by his shoulder and rolled him to his back. Next, the dominatrix sat her crotch directly over his mouth, saying, “ Here, asshole, lick me!” Complying, he licked away until she came. Linda stood up again and moved back, sitting atop his little prick. She grabbed the organ and slid it up her harry box. While moving about, the lady moaned on and on. Eventually, they both came together. Afterward, they spent the rest of the evening playing around until she drove him back home around eleven. Outside of his apartment, she ask, “ “ Will next Monday at seven be fine?”

Infatuated with his new relationship, the midget answered, “ Oh yea, I can’t wait!”

In a happy mood, the dominatrix drove home.

The days leading up to their Monday encounter was spent as usual. Linda made her money with additional clients. During free hours, the lady did whatever she felt like doing.

Monday came, and she picked him up again. This time, the two went at first to a near by park; then, they ate at a restaurant. In the end, they returned to her house and made out. Again, she took the lead. They played around for a while with fetish games until she said, “ Hey Tony, wanna get married?”

At first, the little man didn’t know what to say, then he replied, “ But how’s that gonna work with your profession?”

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