Moving day

Author: bdsm

After Lisa had accepted the collar from Joe the plans were made to move her into his place. She left behind most of her things except a few personal items that she couldn’t do without. The idea was for her to start her life over fresh again. Joe had bought her just about everything that she needed. He had taken her out and bought a whole new wardrobe built to the specifications that he demanded. The skirts were tight and short.

The tops were tight as well as being either low-cut or very short. They allowed whomever wanted to they could really see her entire body. From her ass to her tits, but that was the thing. They were no longer hers. They now belonged to her Master. She had signed all rights to her body over to Joe. So he was able to do whatever he saw fit to with her tits and ass. If that meant allowing others to see to even touch and feel them, then that was his right.

Joe treated her with the upmost respect, but he demanded her loyalty in return. He would tell her what was to be done and it was understood that she was to get it done, And that no excuse would be allowed. She also knew that to fail to do the assigned tasks would result in punishment. This ranged from simply being ignored to being severely whipped. The punishment was based on the infraction. The more severe the infraction the more severe the punishment. There were times that Lisa wanted the punishment and so she would purposely disobey Joe. On these occasions Joe would mete out punishment that was more severe than normal. This was due to the fact that Lisa was knowingly disobeying him.

There were times when Lisa would talk back to him and receive a slap to the face for it. It was usually not a vicious slap, but enough to let her know that she was being punished. There were other times when Joe would mete out the punishment by bringing someone that he worked with or a client into the house and order her to be their slut and to satisfy their every whim. The only requirement was that they were not allowed to cum inside her. She had to have them cum on her face, hair or body. To allow them to cum inside her would be a very serious violation of the rules and as such the punishment would be severe.

In fact that had happened the very first time she was turned over as a sex slut to another man. He had fucked her ass and came deep inside her. Joe was furious with Lisa for that! He drug into the playroom and shackled her to the table. For the next 12 hours he alternated between whipping her ass and forcing the biggest dildo he could find into her ass. By the time he was done with her she was so sore she couldn’t move. When he was done with that he walked to the head of the table and fucked her mouth without any concern for her being able to breathe or anything. He forced his cock deep into her mouth and throat. He also used the opportunity to also whip her ass with a long handled crop.

The pain was excruciating, but she knew that she had disobeyed him and in doing so she had incurred his wrath on herself. Finally after what seemed like an eternity of this Joe came deep in her throat. It was all she could do to swallow it all, but to allow any of it to escape would also be grounds for punishment, and in the condition that Joe was in right now she didn’t dare do that!

After her punishment was done Joe had her go and take a long hot shower. When she got out of the shower he was standing there. Lisa shivered thinking that she had done something else wrong. Joe started talking to her. He was telling her that the reason he had punished her so severely was that she had violated one the cornerstones of their contract. That by doing that she was telling him that her commitment to him was not as secure as it should be.

After they had talked for quite a while he reached out and held her for what seemed like hours. This was what their relationship was really about. His commitment to her and her commitment to him.

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