Need For Control

Author: Cecilia

My name is Troy. I have always been dominant. I like being in control, it makes things easier. I want to know what my employees are doing, what my wife and what my kids are doing. I have never found it difficult to find submissive women, for some women itТs normal. Others need to be trained. Especially the feminist ones. I say all the right things at work, and there is no problem with equal rights at work. But as a boss I have the right to be in control. I have the right as a husband and as a father.

I first began controlling girls in high school. Getting girls to do what I wanted sexually was the point. Like giving me blowjobs and letting me fuck them up the ass. I was popular, good looking and athletic and it was easy to get an insecure girl to fall in love with me and if they loved me they would do anything to please me. So I could hold and girlТs head down when she didnТt want to swallow my cum and she would have to take it anyway. Then I would apologize and tell her how much I loved her, making her go further each time.

I would cum on her face and leave some in her hair and on her blouse. WeТd be sitting in a diner afterwards, and my friends would see my cum on her. Once she would realize it, her humiliation would turn her face crimson and I would get an erection looking at it. Then I went further by controlling a woman in bed. Stacey loved me and would do things she didnТt want to do to be with me. She was a very pretty, with a beautiful hourglass figure and gorgeous tits. Her cascading auburn hair framed her creamy face. I wanted to fuck her up the ass. She was talented and smart but absolutely no self-esteem. She didnТt want to do it but I could make her do it. She would consent to something she didnТt want to do and that turned me on! I told her that I wanted to play a game. “Just for fun, let me tie you up.” She didnТt like it and told me so. I said “Come on, you love me. If you love me you have to trust me.”

Stacey gave up control to me. I tied her arms to studs in the shed behind my fatherТs house. He wasnТt home but he wouldnТt have cared if he were. ItТs not as though he was any angel either. I saw his bondage magazines! First I pulled her clothes off, her skirt and panties and pantyhose. I pulled her top up and took her bra off. She stood, her back to me, her tits facing the wall. I took some tape and covered her eyes. She gasped. Goosebumps covered her body from the cool air and her fear. I began licking her body. I spread her legs, my tongue darted around her clit, and she moaned. I smacked her ass hard. She let out a scream. It left a big red hand mark on her creamy skin. “Troy, I donТt know, this is scaring me.” I reminded her that if we were going to be together and if she wanted me to love her she was going to have to trust me. I asked her “Do you love me?” She said yes.

I put some cream on my finger and began working it up her ass. She tensed up hard and let out as gasp and her rectum clamped hard around my cock. “You need to relax. You have to trust me. How can I be in control if you donТt trust me? How can you love me if you donТt let me control you.” She again ceded herself to me. I put some cream on my cock and pushed it against her asshole. Her exquisite virgin tightness surrounded my cock as I shoved all of it up her asshole. “Just relax babe and take that cock like the whore you are, take it take it. She shook and the blindfold became wet with tears as I moved in and out of her ass and fucked her tight hole. It was the tightest hole I had ever been in and having her tied up like that completely vulnerable as I fucked her from behind while I squeezed her fat tits made me feel like a god. Man she was a good fuck! I just kept fucking. My jeans were around my ankles and my hairy legs collided against her smooth creamy skin. She started to scream and I said. “Tell me you love me! Tell me you love me. You love me donТt you?”

“I love you. I love you Troy.” “Scream it!” I said. “Scream that you love it.” “I love it, I love it!” She screamed. I continued fucking her. I knew she was uncomfortable and it hurt but she gave her ass to me. She said she loved me and she loved it so I kept fucking her. ThatТs when I really realized that I needed to be dominant. Sliding in and out of her tight ass made me know. My fucking dick as an invading weapon skewering her ass and she loved it. She couldnТt stop until I said so. I didnТt want to but finally I felt that churning welling up in my balls and a violent eruption shook my body and my cock exploded with cum all over her ass. I wiped it up with my hands spread my cum over her face. “Lick my hand,Ф I said and obediently she did. I untied the ropes from the wall stud. I walked her over to the sink, handed her a wet rag and soap, and told her to wash my cock. She obediently soaped my penis up and washed it clean. I didnТt say anything to her as I drove her home.

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