Painful Reminder I – The Prelude

Author: Dan

I have been my Master’s full time girl for six wonderful months. Although it’s been difficult putting every aspect of my life into another person’s control, it has without a doubt taught me to trust him completely and I know that all he does is strictly for my best interest. Master is always in control, his Dominance never falters, no matter how far away he is. Our relationship has always been very open, honest and with a commitment to never lie to one another, no matter how we fear the outcome.

Master’s business called him away to Las Vegas this past weekend, but before leaving, he gave me specific orders and a list of duties to complete before his returning. I was to cum twice a day for him and if I had completed all that was on my list, I would be given a night of pleasures beyond my imagination. Master knew that his absence would be difficult for me, so a full list of chores and activities would keep me busy enough so that this week would pass quickly and my mind would be occupied until he came home.

Although I love to have Master near at all times, I found his absence somewhat liberating and held off on some of the chores to pursue some of my own interests that I had let slide in pleasing him. Of course, I thought of him most every minute of my day, I knew that I had a full week to polish off the list and Master would be none the wiser. Boy, was I wrong and I fully realize now how seriously he takes his role as my Master, not to mention how serious he really is when giving me duties to fulfil.

Master left Friday evening, so I had taken the opportunity to sleep in and had lounged around for the majority of Saturday. Curling up on the sofa with a plethora of munchies, I had lazed around, snacked and enjoyed a horror movie marathon, dozed and of course, fingered my pussy and came twice with Master in my mind’s eye.

It was about dinnertime, with my tummy full of snacks, pussy purring from its orgasm, I had just started to doze off again when the cordless phone rang. “Hello my girl”, came a voice on the other end. It was Master! “Hello my Master. Oh how I’ve missed you!” I squealed into the phone. “And how is my girl today? I bet you have the majority of your list completed already. Tell me what you’ve done so far today my sweet“, Master chuckled, obviously flattered at my excitement toward his phone call.

Suddenly, guilt washed over me and I flicked off the television. “Ummmm, I’m fine today Master. I just miss you so much. I can’t stop thinking about you”, I spoke softly into the cordless hand set, knowing that my beating around the bush wouldn’t last for long. “I miss you too sweets, and what have you done today in your missing me?” he responded. Living up to our commitment to never lie to each other, I was honest with him, “Master Sir, I have to be honest with you. I took today off from my duties. I have been watching a horror movie marathon all day and have not done a thing on your list, Sir, except for cumming for you Sir”

His disappointment was obvious when he cleared his throat deeply, “Into my office now sweets” Master’s voice was silent as I opened the door to his office, then clicked it shut. “I’m so very sorry Master”, I spoke solemnly into the phone. Silence…

The silence was broken with a gruff, “Do as I say and speak no more until I say that you may. Bare yourself now, then I want you to remove the alligator clamps from my top desk drawer and clamp them to your nipples. Then, take the clit clamp and do same” I wanted to whine my disapproval into the phone, but knew better. Oh, how I hate those clamps, they make my nipples and clit so tender.

I stripped off my clothing, feeling my pussy giving a twitch in dread of the clamp that would soon be there. I gritted my teeth, locking my nipples into the biting clamps, then spreading my legs, I tugged my clit outward and with a painful, “Owwwwwwwwwww”, let the clamps press into it’s tender flesh tightly. Standing there, tears welling up in my eyes, I waited silently, for his next command.

“Now my sweets, you will do as I say and exactly as I say to. Do you understand me? You may answer”, Master commanded in his usual controlled manner into my ear. Sobs were choking in my throat as I answered in a shaky exhale, “Yes Master. I am sorry Master”

“Lay across my desk and spread your legs wide. I am going to make you punish yourself for me. Call it a prelude to what will happen tomorrow when I return to you”, his voice commanded, unwavering, giving no doubt to its seriousness. Lying across his desk, my stomach cramped out of nervousness. Master had never made me punish myself before, and tomorrow? Master wasn’t even supposed to be home for another six days. Oh my nipples stung with the bite of those dreadful clamps and my clit felt as though it was on fire.

“Now sweets, you are going to spank your own ass, just as hard as I would. You will spank it as hard as you can until I tell you to stop”, his voice now lower, more controlled, as though he was envisioning my naked body, laying prone across his desk, my soft round bottom exposed fully and ready for his punishment.

“Yes Sir”, I replied

I brought my hand down to my warm cheek and listened into the phone, nervousness still knocking at my guts, tears still choking deep within my throat and Master gave his command.


The first couple of spanks barely stung and I continued to bring my hand down hard. “Harder!” he commanded into the phone, I doing just as he said. #SLAP!!! SLAP!!! SLAP!!! After about ten hard spanks, my ass started to sting and the realization sunk in that this was not going to be as easy as I had first thought that it would. “Harder! Faster! Harder!” he commanded, his voice stern and demanding. I brought my hand down harder and faster, the cheek of my ass starting to burn as I lay there, across Master’s desk, punishing myself as he would.

My clit burned, my nipples throbbed and I began to sob uncontrollably into the phone with each forceful slap of my own hand across my ass cheek. #SLAP!!!! SLAP!!!! SLAP!!!! “Harder!” Master commanded again, “Lay the phone down and tug at your clit clamp and spank yourself harder!”

#SLAP!!!!! SLAP!!!!!! SLAP!!!!!! “Ohhhhhhh Master it hurts… it hurts!!!” I cried out, my clit aching at the tugs, my ass burning like fire with each fast hard blow. I spanked myself harder and faster, tears soaking my face as Master listened in controlled silence as his girl sobbed mournfully, taking her prelude to punishment a thousand miles away.

“Stop!!” Master commanded

I whimpered into the phone, my hand now rubbing my burning ass, the other hand cupping my throbbing pussy, hoping that he would command the clamps to be removed. But, that command didn’t come.

“Now, get up and go to my closet. Take the chastity belt off of the top shelf and lock it onto yourself. Then, drop the key into the locked cash box on the shelf beside it”, he continued, his voice unaltered since the beginning and in a tone still very much insisting obedience. “Please Sir, the clamps?” I continued to whimper. “You may remove the clamps from your breasts, but the clit clamp will remain. You came to please yourself girl, perhaps a sore clit will remind you that you are to please me first”, his response

Doing as he commanded, I retrieved the chastity belt and brought the leather strap up across my sore pussy, locking it into place and holding the phone to the cash box, so that Master could hear the key being dropped down into the coin slot and clinking onto the bottom

good girl. I will see you tomorrow afternoon sweets. Sleep well”, were the last words Master spoke before leaving me to wallow in my own pity and pain

I barely slept a wink last night and it was just as Master said. Each time my clit throbbed, I was a reminder of how I put my own pleasures before his.

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