Author: LDG

After getting hired by a large, international accounting firm, the first thing that the company did with me, and the other new recruits from the surrounding states, was to ship us all off to a country retreat for a week of orientation. The prospect of five days at a luxury resort in the woods was what had made me decide to accept the Firm’s job offer over the three other offers I’d received upon graduating from high school.

So, bright and early one Sunday morning, I piled into one of a number of chartered buses with my fellow trainees, and headed for the hills. I sat next to another girl, Morgan, and we got to talking and eventually decided to share a room together at the hotel-resort complex. She was a hot-looking babe, with long, straight, black hair, a pale, fresh-faced complexion, crystal-clear blue eyes, and, most importantly to an avowed tit-woman like myself, she sported a pair of jugs that would’ve put Jayne Mansfield to shame.

“This place is gorgeous!” Morgan squealed after we checked into our five-star accommodations.    
The resort was on the sandy shores of Oak Lake, and was comprised of a huge main lodge and a hundred or so separate cabins, all made from polished cedar logs. The cabins were large, as well, with each one containing a kitchen, living room, and bedroom, and a hot tub built onto an outside deck. The deck provided a fantastic view of the big, blue lake and the surrounding pristine forest.

“Yeah, it’s great,” I agreed, sucking some pure, pine-scented wilderness into my lungs. I walked into the bedroom and plopped my suitcase down on a bed and yelled, “Why don’t we go for a swim!?” Our formal orientation program didn’t start until the next day.
“Sounds great, Katy!” Morgan hollered back, then bounded into the bedroom, her huge boobs bouncing happily.

She tossed her bag on her bed, and then popped it open and took out a skimpy, blue swimsuit. I held my breath and prayed to the ghost of Marilyn Monroe that she wouldn’t go hide herself in the bathroom to change, and, indeed, she proceeded to pull off her tight t-shirt and unzip her tight jeans right then and there. “Aren’t you getting changed?” she asked, catching me staring at the pale twin globes that were putting a heavy, heavy strain on her pink, satiny bra.
“Huh?” I responded, my throat gone dry with all the breath caught in there. “Uh, yeah, sure.” I fumbled my own yellow bikini out of my suitcase.

I gripped the flimsy beachwear in my sweaty, trembling hands and pretended to do something with it while Morgan broke open her bulging bra and her huge tits tumbled out into the open. Holy shit! I almost fell to my knees and fanned my arms in exultation at the big-breasted goddess. Instead, I licked my desert-dry lips with a wooden tongue and gazed in awe at the bodacious girl’s wicked titties. They were massive – huge and heavy and snow-white, firm and round and peaked by ultra-pink nipples that seemed to swell to erection right before my bedazzled eyes. Her tits were larger than any tits I’d ever seen, or handled, in my short but exciting eighteen years.

“Like what you see, Katy?” she asked suddenly, blushing and lowering her head.
I swallowed hard and my throat clicked. “I-I-I … I love what I see.”

She lifted her baby-blues out of the inch-long shag and looked directly at me. “Since I’ve shown you my boobs, why don’t you show me those long legs of yours?”

So, she was a leg-lover. What a well-matched couple we were proving to be, because my secret weapon with the guys and gals was a pair of lithe, honey-dipped legs that would’ve made a ballerina proud. I fumbled my jeans open and slid them down my legs, never taking my astonished pupils off Morgan’s magnificent mammaries. I stepped out of the form-fitting jeans and strutted around the bed so that she could get a good eyeful of my slender legs. I’d spent a lot of time playing beach volleyball that summer, and my legs were sun-kissed a golden-brown, smooth and supple.

“Ohmigod,” she breathed, her eyes widening with excitement, “you’re beautiful.”
I grinned at her. My t-shirt hung down over my panties, so my slim legs were nicely showcased for her appreciative eyes. I turned my back to her and bent over so that she could get a nice view of my taut, round ass. I heard her gasp.

I paraded around the room some more, her eyes tracking me like a pussycat tracks a mouse, and then I sauntered over to her, where she stood next to her bed in just her low-rider jeans, her over-ripe titties bare and bold and begging for attention. I was only two feet away from her, and my body shook gently and my brazen legs sprouted goosebumps as the air grew thick with anticipation. I jerkily breathed in the sweet scent of her body spray.

She looked up from my legs and murmured, “What are you waiting for?” And she cupped her humungous hooters in invitation.

Now, normally I like to enjoy a few sensuous minutes of kissing and frenching before I get down to the soul-searing business of tit-groping and sucking, making love to a girl, but there was nothing normal about Morgan’s chest. So, I grabbed as much of her boobs in my worshipful hands as I could and started fondling. They felt even better than they looked – firm and hot and smooth and heavy. I lovingly caressed the babe’s massive mounds, brushing my twitching fingers over their immenseness, swirling my silver-painted fingertips around her huge, pink aureoles, her engorged, half-inch nipples.

“God, that feels good,” she groaned, closing her eyes and throwing her head back, her lustrous, jet-black hair cascading down her naked back.

My body caught fire from the incredible heat of her hooters, and I exploded with passion. I clutched her mammoth mams and desperately squeezed and kneaded them, my small, brown hands barely beginning to cover her awesome feminine charms. I cupped their weighty masses and bent my head down and flicked my tongue across her nipples, teased the underside of her lust-hardened, rosy-red nips with my warm, wet tongue.

“Yeah, suck my tits, Katy,” she moaned, gripping my shoulders and pulling me close.
I swirled my tongue all around first one luscious nipple and then the other, recklessly slathering them with my saliva. I hefted her tremendous tits, pushed them together, and bounced my head back and forth between her obscenely swollen nipples, lashing her nips with my slimy, pink pleasure tool. Then I latched onto her left tit with my pouty lips and hungrily sucked on it.
“Fuck, yeah!” she screamed, her eyes popping open. She stared down at me as I stared up at her, her eyes wild, my mouth full of glorious, rubbery nipple.

Her tits were obviously as sensitive as they were huge, because she grabbed my head and held on tight, her lush body quivering as I sucked and sucked, tugged on her flowered nipple with my mouth. She ran her fingers through my long, blonde hair, and then pulled me hard up against her tit, as I greedily chewed her nipple, almost suffocated on her giant titty.

She bit her plush lower lip and whimpered, and I suddenly realized that the extremely well endowed hottie was almost ready to come. My tit-worship was bringing her off, big-time. I quickly unmouthed her left breast and swallowed as much of her right as I could. I groped her terrific ta-ta’s while I torqued up the mouth-suction. I flattened out my tongue and painted her inflamed nipple with my hot spit, urgently scrubbing her nub even harder and longer.

“God almighty!” she shrieked, and her voluptuous body seemed to dissolve in my hands and mouth. She shook like a fig leaf in a sexual hurricane, and then her twin-peaked torso was jolted with orgasm, again and again and again, until she collapsed backwards onto the bed with me riding her tits all the way down.

“I want to make love to your legs,” she gasped eventually, as I fondled her splayed mounds, lightly bit and twisted her fat nipples.

“Sure,” I responded, tearing my hands and mouth off her boobs, standing up and stripping away my t and bra. My titties are small at the best of times, but they were positively miniscule in the shadows of Morgan’s mountainous mammaries. But Morgan didn’t care; she wanted my legs and feet, wanted them bad. I spun around and gently slid my panties over my firm, sun-burnished butt cheeks, then all the way down my glistening, bronze legs.

She sat up on the edge of the bed and eye-fucked my dancer’s legs, her huge chest heaving with excitement. I poured it on for her, standing on my tippy-toes to daintily and seductively step out of my panties, my brown legs flashing in the hot afternoon sun that streamed in through the window. I picked up my crumpled panties with my slender toes and flung the sexy cotton garment her way.

She caught the piece of intimate-wear, rubbed it all over her face, and then stood up and peeled off her own jeans and panties. Her pussy was slick with desire, brazenly-bare except for a small tuft of black fur just above her clit. She rushed over and captured me in her arms and mashed her mouth against mine, her gigantic jugs flattening my over-matched hooters as we heatedly embraced. We kissed long and hard, then frenched ferociously, our slippery pink tongues slapping together in an orgy of eroticism.

She broke away from my gaping mouth and pushed me down onto the bed. I lay flat on my back, and she quickly grabbed up my supple, sun-kissed legs and started fondling them. I reached down to my sopping pussy and buffed my electrified clit as Morgan caressed my legs. She raked her purple fingernails up and down the soft, shiny lengths of my legs, then encircled my ankles with her fingers and placed my left foot on her right tit, brought my other foot up to her mouth and teased my wriggling toes with her outstretched tongue.

good girl,” I groaned. “Suck on my toes.”

She brushed the underside of my arched foot with her moist tongue, then lapped in earnest at the tender, ticklish foot-bottom. My leg jerked in her hand as she tongued my sensitive sole, but she held on tight to my slim ankle. She’d obviously had a lot of practice with women’s feet and legs, because she knew all the hot spots to hit in order to make a girl’s pussy tingle with sensual delight.

I frantically frigged myself as Morgan licked and licked at the sole of my foot, then naughtily probed the space between each toe before swallowing my big toe in her warm, wet mouth. I moaned my approval and fondled her tit with my other foot, rolled her engorged nipple between my dexterous toes, as the busty young Miss sucked and sucked on my big toe. She tugged on it with her red, full-bodied lips, swirled her tongue all around it, bathing it in saliva. Then she finally disgorged my toe and ran her tongue slowly and sensuously over the top of my foot, across my ankle, down the side of my fleshy calf. She kissed and bit my calf, and tongued the vulnerable underside of my knee.

I couldn’t take anymore. “I’m gonna cum!” I cried out, my hand a blur on my swollen button.
“Let me help,” she responded, dropping to her knees and shoving two of her fingers into my drenched pussy. She shouldered my legs and hammered away at my cunny as I frenziedly polished my clit, her mouth-watering jugs jouncing in rhythm to the finger-fucking she was providing.

And when she kissed and licked the super-sensitive, golden flesh of my inner thigh, it all became way too much for me and my body burst into flame and was consumed by orgasm. “Yes!” I screamed at the top of my lungs, almost bringing the sturdy log walls down on top of us as I was jolted with ecstasy. My body convulsed in orgasmic shock, and I whipped my head back and forth and clung onto my clitty as Morgan relentlessly plundered my pussy. Orgasm after orgasm thundered through my stoked, sweat-dappled body, and my cunt gushed super-heated girl juice as I came and came and came. Until finally, my body and soul wasted, a last orgasm tore me apart, and then I lay still and exhausted.

Morgan pulled her dripping fingers out of my smoldering snatch, licked them clean, and then lapped at my steaming cunny as I gently stroked her silky hair. “This is going to be one fun week,” she quipped from between my legs, her lips and chin shiny with honey.


From then on, the fun for Morgan and I began around four o’clock every day. After grinding through courses in the morning and team-building activities in the afternoon, we would get the rest of the day, and night, off to enjoy ourselves – and each other. We fucked to the wee hours of the morning, every morning, the two of us never getting tired of each other and our chosen fetishes – her beautiful, bountiful boobs for me, and my lovely, long legs for her. It was a match made in sexual heaven. And just to put the figurative cherry on top of our supremely sweet week of erotic enjoyment, on the final day of training we discovered another girl who shared our own particular orientation – Anita.

Anita combined the very best of both worlds; she had large, over-ripe melons and long, slender legs. She was a sultry girl a year older than Morgan and I, with shoulder-length, brunette hair, flashing green eyes, pouty lips, and those aforementioned much-admired breasts and legs. The two of us wasted no time in trying to indoctrinate the busty, leggy Latina into our lusty world, with Friday night finding all three of us sharing a blanket on a secluded section of the twilight beach.

Anita was barely wearing a lime-green bikini with a thong bottom, her gigantic jugs straining the thin fabric of her top to the breaking point. Morgan and I were similarly clad, finally getting into the flimsy beach apparel that had first touched off our passion upon arrival at the resort. We quickly shed our swimwear, however, when Anita confessed that she had caught us savaging each other in our hot tub and wanted to join in on our recreational activities.

“There’s always room for one more,” I assured the Hispanic hottie. Then I pushed her down onto the blanket, slid my eager hands under her top, and started caressing her bronze bumpers. Her jutting nipples were an even darker brown than her boobs, and they grew longer and harder as I teased them with my fingertips.

“Si, Katy, si,” she mumbled, closing her eyes as I bent down to wetly kiss her thick lips.
“I want in, too,” Morgan exclaimed, kneeling down behind me.

I straddled the stranded Latina, sat on her stomach and fondled her boobs while Morgan scooped up her legs. She joyfully rubbed Anita’s luscious legs, then encircled the hard-breathing, heavy-breasted girl’s tapered ankles with her fingers and steered one of the sweet babe’s feet up to her mouth. She crammed all of Anita’s wiggling toes into her mouth and sucked on them.

“Ay yi yi,” Anita gasped, as I gripped and squeezed her golden casabas, and Morgan tugged on her slender toes.

I kneaded her breasts, reveling in the firm, hot and heavy feel of them, the spectacular size and weight of them, and then I toyed with her rigid nips with my flicking tongue. I tongued up and down and all around Anita’s inflamed, chocolate nipples, as Morgan sucked and licked the girl’s toes, lapped at the soles of her feet. I pushed the writhing vixen’s massive mams together and dragged my slimy tongue across both of her hardened buds at once, then tried to jam the two of them into my greedy mouth. I savaged her blessed, burnished hooters with my hands and mouth, while Morgan licked and kissed and bit her slim ankles, her muscled calves, and finally ran her paintbrush tongue down the overwhelmed girl’s soft inner thighs.

“Sweet Jesus!” Anita yelped, her senses shattered by what was probably her first girlie threesome. She frantically twisted her head from side to side, her hair flying across her lust-contorted face, her jade eyes wide and wild.

Morgan cranked up the sexual heat yet another notch by sliding her big toe into the total-package wet dream, foot-fucking the poor, overwrought girl while I swallowed as much of her right tit as I could and tugged on the firm, sopping flesh with my mouth.

Morgan pounded her big toe into Anita’s pussy, at the same time sucking and sucking on the squirming girl’s own outstretched toes – toe-fucking and toe-sucking the increasingly desperate babe as I pulled on her tits with my lips, bit down on her rock-hard nipples, and painted her jugs with my tongue.

It was way too much for Anita to withstand for long. “Heaven help me!” she screamed, her throaty voice blasting across the placid water, shattering the peaceful evening air into a thousand jagged pieces.

And just as the fiery red sun sank into the tree-lined horizon, Anita’s fiery body quivered like a sexual tuning fork and the superheated tit and leg goddess came over and over. “Mother of Mercy!” she hollered, and then bit down hard on her lower lip as her body trembled uncontrollably, as she was devastated by orgasm.

It took awhile for Anita to recover sufficiently for us to resume our sensual activities, but when she did, she attacked Morgan and I with a vengeance, with an uninhibited, animalistic passion. And, as it happily turned out, the three of us all ended up working in the same office, and putting to excellent use the things we had learned during our company orientation.

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