Under The Rainbow Part 1

Author: Cecilia

As she slipped on her bra, her skin tingled, sending goose bumps across her chest and arms. Her nipples had already hardened from the rush through the cool air from the shower to her room. After she snapped the front of her white lacey bra closed, she let her fingertips brush against her nipples. As surge of excitement traveled through her little body and for the first time noticed she was nervous about the evening Terresa had planned.

She continued dressing, pulling the beige shirt over her head and over her breasts. She loved the way the shirt fit, snug against her curves. She then slipped the mini skirt up over her slender hips and zipping the back. “Oh gawd, I’m a wreck, completely forgot about panties!” she thought. She pulled out her favorite pair, dark blue, shiny and barely any material. She smiled as she slipped the panties up her legs and her hips. Standing in front of her mirror, she gazed at herself, making sure the outfit worked, and then noticed her hair. “I haven’t got time,” she thought. She slipped on her shoes, headed off to the bathroom. She grabbed her brush, and brushed out the kinks and knots then fluffed her hair with her fingers. “That’ll have to do for tonight.”

Her hair was dark red, long and a bit kinky. With that thought she left the bathroom, grabbed her keys and was out the door. Terresa was waiting for her at the restaurant. “God she looks phenomenal.” Terresa had on what Jessie had playfully labeled the Cat suit. It was a one-piece outfit; zipped up the back, black of course and God did it follow Terresa’s curves. Jessie leaned over and kissed the back of Terresa’s neck. Terresa jumped slightly at the delicate touch and turned around at the hips.

A smile played across her full lips as she met Jessie’s gaze. She didn’t want to admit to herself she was just as nervous about the night ahead of them. She was supposed to be the one who always knew what to do. The type of person everyone comes to for advice about anything. This was the first time she was truly nervous and almost timid about anything. She was determined not to let Jessie know it. Jessie’s face told it all, however. Terresa could read her like a book, always had been able to. Tonight she could see Jessie was completely nervous. She winked at Jessie, “Sit down hon. Let’s eat, I’m starving.” They ordered dinner, each of them choosing something light.

After dinner Terresa finally let Jessie know what they were going to be doing. “We’re going to go dancing.” Jessie didn’t think that was so special, after all Terresa had told her they were going to have a night they’d never forget. She was sure that Terresa had something up her sleeve but decided not to question her best friend. After all, she trusted Terresa. They took Terresa’s car to the bar. As they pulled into the parking lot and found a space, Terresa let out a soft giggle. Jessie was a bit confused at the giggle and looked out the window.

Only then did she understand the reasoning behind it. They were at a known gay/lesbian bar named Under the Rainbow. As they both get out of the car, Jessie fiddled with her clothes. “Are you sure about this Terresa?” Jessie asked. “Quite,” came
her reply. Jessie followed Terresa as she headed to the door. Terresa paid the fee of five dollars each and sauntered into the bar. Jessie had never been here before, but Terresa had. She used to work here as a bartender. Jessie felt her face grow warm as she remembered her and Terresa’s conversation the other day about experimenting with being with another woman; the light went on in Jessie’s head. She knew why they were here. She felt her body tingle with excitement then noticed she’d lost Terresa in the crowd. She pushed her way through the shoulder-to-shoulder floor, frequently standing on her tiptoes. She spotted Terresa at the bar and quickly made her way over.

Once she got to the bar, she hugged Terresa’s waist. Terresa turned her head and smiled at Jessie, “Sweetie, you’ve got to keep with me, or this crowd will swallow you up.” Terresa ordered the drinks, grabbed Jessie’s hand and led her to the dance floor. What happened next Jessie wasn’t ready for. Terresa started to dance around Jessie, a slow seductive dance, her arms wrapping themselves around Jessie’s body like tentacles. Jessie felt her nipples harden as Terresa’s fingertips slide across them. Terresa then slid her body against Jessie’s, rubbing her breasts against her and grinding her hips against hers. Jessie completely let loose any inhibitions she may have had and joined in the slow seductive dance. Their bodies meshed together, and Terresa made her move. She leaned forward and began to lightly trace Jessie’s lips with her tongue, causing Jessie to moan lightly.

Terresa wrapped her arms tightly around Jessie’s neck and pulled her closer as she continued the lip tease transforming it into a kiss. Jessie’s heart raced as she let her tongue dance with Terresa’s. Jessie began to feel a rather familiar stirring, only this time caused by her best friend. Terresa read Jessie’s body language clearly and deepened the kiss as her own heart raced and the goose bumps rose over her ‘Cat suit” covered body. After a few more moments in this embrace, Terresa broke it off hesitantly and led Jessie off the dance floor and back to the bar. Hand in hand Jessie followed so closely behind her breasts were pressed into Terresa’s back.

They finally make it back to the bar, the music blaring; they quickly downed their drinks, while never breaking eye contact. Terresa placed a light kiss on Jessie’s cheek and yelled over the music, “You want to head out?” Jessie thought about how powerful that question was, implying more than was said, she still felt the stirring deep within her brought on by Terresa’s seductive dance. She smiled at Terresa and nodded her head yes. With that they were off making their way out of the club. Terresa was shocked how she was still tingling from their encounter on the dance floor and how fast and easy this was flowing.

As they hopped into Terresa’s car, she looked at Jessie and says ” We’re going to your place, my roommate has company over and I want some privacy for us.” Jessie almost whimpered, her nerves getting the better of her again, especially when she noticed a large black bag sitting in the back seat of the car.

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