Assfucking On-Duty At The Ski Resort

Author: Wave

When I was a college student up in Northern Michigan, I had a job at a local ski resort. I had to sit on a bench in a little booth at the top of the chairlift and turn the lift off if there were any problems. I shared the booth with another person who took care of the lift on the other side of the hill. Usually it was a guy I knew from school, but then a new employee came on, a cute redhead who was a student at another local college.

One weekday, late in the season, we had just opened and there was nobody on the slopes. The weather had gotten so warm that the snow was pretty much slush. We were figuring we would probably get sent home early, since the ski conditions were terrible.

The redheaded cutie was my co-worker today and she looked particulary cute in a pair of jeans that really showed off her nice ass. We had a portable heater in our booth, so we didn’t have coats on and I could see that she was braless, with nice dark nipples slightly showing through the fabric of her white shirt.

We were making small talk and she said that she had just broken up with her boyfriend, because he was ridiculously jealous and she didn’t need that. She also said that she didn’t know if she could be with just one guy because she just isnt ready to settle down. She said she wanted to be free to see whoever she wanted. She then asked me questions about myself and told me she thought I was really cute. When she said “I bet you have a girlfriend,” I assured her I didn’t. I’m not even sure how it happened, but somehow we started kissing and one thing just let to another. There were still no skiers and we had gotten the news by radio that we would probably be shutting the lifts down within an hour.

She took my hand and put it right on her breast. It was a nice firm tit and her nipple was hard as a rock. I slowly slid my hands under her shirt and I could feel the goosebumps on her skin as I squeezed and rubbed her nipples. She began to squeeze my nipples and run her fingernails along my back under my shirt. I was sure hoping she was going to either blow me or let me fuck her, because by now I was so horny I couldn’t see straight.

She asked me if my cock was hard and I said “hard ain’t the word for it!” She said “good” and unzipped my pants to get a look for herself. She took it out of my jeans and said “ummmm, very nice” and began rubbing it seductively. Then she bent over and took my entire cock into her mouth, slowly slidding up until her mouth was wrapped around the head. She then began stroking my cock firmly while just sucking on the head, occasionally going all the way back down on it again. I could feel the blood pulsing in my cock. I wanted to fuck her so bad and she knew it.

I sucked her hard nipples for a bit, then I unzipped her jeans and slid a finger down in between her pussy lips. It was hot and wet, I wanted to bury my cock in there so bad. She said “you are anxious aren’t you?” And I told her some lie about that “it’s been so long” or something like that.

There were still no skiers in sight (thank God!), so she slipped out of her jeans and prepared to mount my throbbing cock. She sucked it a bit more and got it nice and wet with saliva. Then, she straddled me on my stool and began rocking back and forth, rubbing her clit and wet pussy over the head of my prick. I grabbed her ass and pushed her down onto my cock. She let out a little yelp, but then immediately started grinding and riding my fuck rod.

I felt like I was going to cum, but I wanted to enjoy this for a few minutes more. So, I told her to hold still for a minute and I just sat there, buried deep in her pussy, enjoying the tightness and warmth. She couldn’t sit still for long, though, and her pussy was contracting on my cock so much that I knew I would lose it soon. She started riding it again and then quickly just hopped right off of it. She said she wanted my cock up her ass, that nothing gave her more pleasure than being fucked in the ass. I was pretty surprised, and I’ll admit that I had never ass fucked a girl before. But my cock was hard and soaking wet with her pussy juice, and if she had said she wanted me to fuck her ear I would have tried.

She turned around, bent over a bit with her hands on the other stool, and waved that firm little ass of hers at me. I slid just the head of my cock in and very slowly started to move it in and out, just a little at a time. Soon, she was begging me to put it all the way in. I started sliding my cock into her slowly, but she said “I want it all, NOW!,”, so I pushed into her all the way to the hilt. Her ass felt so tight, so fantastic, I could not believe I had never tried this before. I also couldn’t believe how much she was enjoying it. I always thought butt fucking was really for the guy’s pleasure, but she was just slamming her ass back towards my cock, meeting every stroke.

I could see her playing with herself while I pounded her, this made me even more eager to blow my load. I just couldn’t hold out much longer, her tight ass felt so good. After just a minute or two of this, I was shooting what seemed like an endless stream of cum into her. I looked down to see my cum coated dick sliding in and out of her. All of a sudden, she just ground her ass into me and said “get it in as deep as you can.” When I slammed all the way into her, she began convulsing with a very violent orgasm.

As it turned out, we never got any more snow that season. That ended up being the last day we worked that winter. I never saw her again, but I’ll always be grateful to her for that great initiation.

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