Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Author: starbelliedboy

There was once a family of three men, who were known locally as “The Three Bears” who lived in a cozy cottage in the woods where they worked as lumberjacks. There was great big, more than seven foot tall “Daddy Bear”, medium size six foot four “Uncle Bear”, and a shorter, eighteen year old “Junior Bear”. They got their name from the huge quantity of thick black body hair that covered them, complemented by bushy beards, their stocky stature (not to mention rather round bellies in the older two) and their strange habits, including avoiding clothes. People from villages nearby avoided them, though they believed them to be harmless.

One morning Uncle Bear cooked them some porridge for breakfast. As the porridge was too hot to eat, the Three Bears decided to take a walk in the woods while it cooled.

They had not been gone long when a young girl named Goldilocks came along. She had been picking flowers and had wandered into the woods. She was very pretty, her long curly golden hair tied back from her freckled face with blue ribbons, skipping along in a short, pale blue, lace-edged dress so occasionally her yellow knickers were visible in the dappled shade of the trees. As she went her large breasts bounced with each jump of her beautiful, if slightly podgy legs, covered up to the knees with long, white socks with frills at the top going into black buckled shoes.

When she saw the Three Bears’ cottage, she smiled and clapped her hands. “How pretty!” she cried. “I wonder who lives there?” She stood on her toes and peeked in the window. There didn’t seem to be anyone home, so Goldilocks opened the door and went right inside!

The first thing she saw was the table set with three bowls of porridge; a great big bowl for Daddy Bear, a medium size bowl for Uncle Bear, who was on a diet, and a little bowl for Junior Bear.

“Oh, that porridge smells good!” Goldilocks said. Then, as she was feeling a little hungry, she picked up a spoon and tasted the porridge in the Great Big Bowl.

“OUCH!” she cried, dropping the spoon. “That porridge is MUCH too hot!”

She tasted the porridge in the medium size bowl. But that porridge was MUCH too cold.

Then she tasted the porridge in the little bowl. “Mmmmmm,” she said. “This porridge is JUST right!” so she ate it all up!

Then Goldilocks saw the three chairs set before the fire: a Great Big Chair for Daddy Bear, a Medium Size Chair for Uncle Bear, and a Little Chair for Junior Bear. “Oh, it would be nice to sit down for a while!” Goldilocks thought.

So she climbed into the Great Big Chair that belonged to Daddy Bear. “Oh, no!” she said. “That chair is MUCH too hard.”

Then she sat in Uncle Bear’s Medium size Chair “Oh, no,” she said. “That chair is MUCH too soft!”

Next, she sat in Junior Bear’s Little Chair. “Ahhhh,” she said with a smile. “This chair is JUST right!”

Goldilocks’ mind began to wonder, and her fingers lifted up her skirt and slipped into her panties. Closing her eyes she began to rub her clitoris in circles, moaning in delight as she thought of her teacher whom she fancied. Faster and faster she went, and as she neared orgasm she started leaning back in the chair so it stood on the two back legs. Soon she began to cry out and convulse as she climaxed. Just then there was a loud CRAAACK! and the little chair broke right through!

Goldilocks stood up and dusted herself off, giggling to herself. Then she climbed upstairs to the bedroom. There she saw three beds all in a row. “Oh,” she said, yawning, “I am feeling sleepy after that food and orgasm.”

So she pulled down the covers and climbed into Daddy Bear’s Great Big Bed. But she quickly jumped down. “That bed is MUCH too hard!” she said.

Then she tried Uncle Bears Medium size bed. But it was too soft.

So she climbed into Junior Bears Little Bed. It was JUST right. Soon Goldilocks was fast asleep!

A little while later the Three Bears returned from their walk. They were feeling very hungry and were looking forward to eating the nice bowls of tasty porridge.

Suddenly Daddy cried out in his Great Big Voice, “Someone has been eating my porridge!”

Then Uncle cried out in his Medium Size Voice, “Someone has been eating MY porridge!”

And Junior Bear cried out in his deep but still young Junior Voice, “Someone has been eating my porridge. And they’ve eaten it ALL UP!”

Then the Three Bears saw their chairs near the fireplace.

“Someone has been sitting in my chair!” Daddy Bear said in his Great Big Voice.

“Someone has been sitting in MY chair!” Uncle Bear said in his Medium Size Voice.

“Someone has been sitting in MY chair,” Baby Bear cried in his deep but still young Junior Voice. “And now it’s BROKEN!”

Then the Three Bears went upstairs to the bedroom.

“Someone has been sleeping in my bed!” Daddy Bear shouted in his Great Big Voice.

“And someone has been sleeping in MY bed!” Uncle Bear exclaimed in his Medium Size Voice.

“Someone has been sleeping in MY bed,” Junior Bear squeaked in his deep but still young Junior Voice. “AND HERE SHE IS!”

Just then Goldilocks woke up! When she saw the three bears standing around her, she leaped off the bed and made to run down the stairs and out the door. However, before she could, Daddy Bear caught her in his big arms and set her on the bed where she stood looking very scared surrounded by the Bears.

“You’ve been a very naughty little girl,” Daddy Bear told her in his Great Big Voice. “We should take you back to your mother and tell her what you’ve done.”

“Please don’t hurt me Mr. Bear,” Goldilocks pleaded. “And please don’t tell my mother, for she will beat me so very hard. Please let me go.”

“We won’t hurt you my dear,” said Uncle Bear in his Medium Size Voice, “But you have been naughty and so if you do not wish us to tell your mother you must let us punish you and do what we say before we let you go.”

“Oh yes, yes anything if you’ll let me go!”

“How old are you little girl?” asked Daddy.

“Eighteen, sir,” she replied, calming down a little now she knew she wasn’t going to be beaten.

“And have you ever slept with a man?”

“Y-yes,” she replied, finding it easier to say so to the bear-man than she would to someone in her village, but wondering where this was going.

“OK, then first I’d like you to let my son here mate with you, he’ll be gentle I promise.”

Goldilocks was shocked, but knew that she didn’t have a choice. And now that she looked at him, Junior Bear was quite a sweet looking guy, despite the excessive body hair, so she agreed.

“Very well, please pull down your knickers and get down on the floor.” Goldilocks obeyed, lifting her skirt and pulling her yellow knickers down to her knees then getting on to hands and knees facing Uncle Bear with her arse to Junior Bear. To her surprise, she could see that Uncle Bear’s penis was rising into an erection already. Behind her she could hear Daddy Bear explaining things to Junior Bear as he lifted her skirt.

“Now son, this hole is her anus, we may come to that later, but for now just know that it is not for mating in order to make babies. The important part is this hole, which is called the vagina. Before we can do anything, we must make sure that it is wet and slippery. Climb on to the bed, that’s right, and touch it with your finger. Now is it wet?”

“It’s kind of slimy.”

“Then she is already excited, but to make sure and practice for a time you meet a woman who isn’t such a slut, gently push your finger inside.” Goldilocks made a sound to show she was offended, but was ignored, and really she enjoyed this talk.

“Like this Dad?”

“That’s right son. Now add a second one, and slowly slide it over the skin around it. Can you feel her getting wetter?”

“Yes Dad.”

OK, then she is ready. Put your hands on her hips.”

Goldilocks felt the warmth of his rough lumberjack’s hands press against her buttocks.

“Now, I’m glad to see that you have an erection, this is normal when you are near an attractive, aroused woman.”

Goldilocks blushed.

“When you have one, you insert your penis into the vagina, carefully and slowly until either it won’t go anymore or the female says stop. Now, what’s you name dear?”

“Goldilocks.” she replied.

“Are you ready, Goldilocks?”


“Very well. Son you may begin, but remember what I said, go carefully, and if she says stop, you stop.”

Junior Bear pushed forwards slowly, not wanting to spoil his first sex education lesson, and Goldilocks gasped. He may have been small for his family, but his cock was several crucial millimetres thicker than any she had had before. It was shaped differently too, more rounded at the beginning as it entered her, and getting fatter sooner, then a few inches in getting a bit thinner again. When he’d got it all in and she could feel his warm, hairy legs against her buttocks, she reckoned it must be a good seven inches long, and it felt good inside.

“That’s good nephew,” said Uncle Bear. “Now pull out again and push back in a nice steady rhythm.”

Junior Bear did so, Goldilocks feeling his slick cock stroke her insides as it pulled out, pulling her rear with it a little when the bulbous end came close to coming out, and then he pushed in again, not so slow now that he knew she wasn’t hurting. She gripped the quilt and let out a little moan, which worried Junior Bear until Daddy Bear told him that meant he was doing well. Reassured he sped up, pushing harder so she moved back and forth a little with each entry and exit, her long golden hair falling over her face, and her breasts swinging inside her dress.

“Faster please,” Goldilocks gasped, giving herself up to her lust, and Junior Bear began banging his cock into her pussy faster, and she moaned in response. Getting carried away, she over balanced and fell sideways, the guy’s hands slipping so they landed either side of her head, his hot breath on her face. She tried to get up but couldn’t, so called out to Daddy Bear.

“Sir,” she panted, “I think your son has learned his lesson. Could we do it another way?”

“Hmm, very well,” said Daddy Bear, and told Junior Bear to withdraw from his new toy a moment.

Goldilocks pulled her knickers right off one leg so she could move, leaving them around her right shoe. Rearranging herself, she lay on her back and spread her legs, then beckoned to Junior Bear to come in again. He crawled over her, kissing her lips amateurishly but passionately, and again slowly entered her hairy golden twat. Goldilocks wrapped her buckle shoes and legs in her long white socks around his back to help, and away he went again.

“OK son, slow down, she’s not there yet,” instructed Daddy Bear. “You mustn’t reach your peak before she does, that’s bad manners.”

Junior Bear reduced his speed to long deep strokes, which had Goldilocks groaning and squeaking, and thrusting up towards him. His animal-like smell was turning out to be a real aphrodisiac for her, and she could feel the heat in her face and in her groin. Junior Bear was losing control a bit now, thrusting in and out like a hammer, but that was OK because Goldilocks was beginning to orgasm. She cried out and thrust up into him, reaching down with her hand to rub her clit and arching her back. Inside, her vaginal muscles began to contract and Junior Bear came.

With a yell he let the first two spurts fill her, and she pulled her skirt up out of the way so it wouldn’t get stained. Pulling out he plastered her blonde muff and then emptied his balls in about ten explosions in her cunt, rivers of the sticky semen streaming out over both their pubic hair and on to the bed. Finally he pulled out and collapsed panting on his side next to her, jism cascading out of her hole to soak the bedclothes. Goldilocks stroked his bearded face and kissed him deeply with her tongue, relaxing for a while.

Feeling refreshed, Goldilocks sat up and turned to the two bigger Bears. “Can I go now?”

“Go? No, not yet, you haven’t finished your punishment yet, you enjoyed that too much,” said Uncle Bear. “But first, you must be hungry after all that exercise. Let me get you something. You like porridge don’t you? Wait here, I’ll get you some.” He left the room.

“For the rest of you punishment, Goldilocks,” said Daddy Bear, “I think you should take off your dress, as we don’t want that to get messy, do we?”

“OK,” she replied, wondering what he meant by ‘messy’. She pulled it off, and undid her bra to release her large tits, so she was wearing only her white socks up to her knees with the frills at the top, her shiny black buckle shoes and the blue ribbons in her hair.

As he looked at her in the sunlight, her blonde muff blowing slightly in the breeze from the open window and glowing as it caught the light, Daddy Bear realised that she was very pretty. Her thighs were a little podgy perhaps and her stomach wasn’t quite flat, but that was normal, and actually made her look much sexier than the pictures of thin women he’d seen in magazines, reminding him of Junior Bear’s mother. Her face was especially attractive, flushed as it was now under the freckles, and her bright blue eyes sparkling. In fact, he could feel himself getting aroused, and his dick started to rise from his crotch.

Goldilocks was about to start taking her shoes and socks off when Uncle Bear came in, distracting her. He was carrying a huge cauldron, which he set down on the floor next to an old carpet.

“Now Goldilocks, come over here and kneel down to have something to eat,” he said, and she obeyed, setting off sparks in all three Bears’ libidos, even Junior Bear who’d just had sex, with the way her pale legs went into those long white socks. Goldilocks knelt down on the carpet, and taking the ladle from Uncle Bear who offered it, began eating porridge from the cauldron. As it was now just the right temperature, the Bears soon joined in too, until they had all eaten their fill and placed the ladles on the floor next to it.

Now Uncle Bear could hold back no longer and stepped forward, offering her his big throbbing cock. Kneeling up in her white socks and smiling, she took it with her left hand, and stroking the hair on his stomach with her right hand, she guided it into her mouth, opening wide to get the end inside. She sucked another inch in carefully, and then pushed it out by swirling her tongue around it, then spat on her hands and gripped the pink shaft tight and moved down the ten inches to the base. The man growled in pleasure as she sucked on the end again, taking a little more in, then bobbed back and forth at a steady rate, licking it and sucking hard. She took in one more inch so it hit the top of her throat and began sucking even harder, alternating between quick short strokes and long slow ones, masturbating herself and his shaft all the time.

Soon Daddy Bear wanted a piece of the fun, and moved next to Uncle Bear on the other side of Goldilocks. Her eyes widened when she saw the size of his manhood. It was over twelve inches long and more than two and a half inches thick, the head almost purple in hue, big veins visible all over it. Taking a break from Uncle Bear’s dick, Goldilocks just managed to fit enough of Daddy Bear’s in her mouth to suck and lick, but no more. She settled for a rhythm of sucking this and then licking up and down his shaft, using her right hand up to massage the shaft with spittle whilst wanking Uncle Bear with her left hand, then returning to suck Uncle Bear off.

Watching all this, Junior Bear had got another erection, and was starting to get a little agitated that he wouldn’t be seeing any more action. However, his father knew this and soon he reluctantly pulled both himself and his brother away from being orally pleasured. Goldilocks looked a little disappointed.

“I think it’s time your punishment continued my girl,” said Daddy Bear. “Bend over on your hands and knees.” She did so, the Bears now faced with a delicious plump shapely arse with tufts of curly blonde hair framing the damp slit of her pussy. Daddy Bear crouched down and pushed his face into it, then ran his tongue down between her lips towards her clit, making Goldilocks moan as her began eating her out. However, that was not his intention, and after only a few licks he moved up to her tight virgin anus, circling it making her shiver, and then thrusting his tongue into it making her squeak in surprise. No one had ever gone there with her before, but once the shock wore off she began to enjoy the sensation of his wet warm tongue caressing the nerves there.

Satisfied that her sphincter was well lubricated with slimy slobber, Daddy Bear got up and shuffled forward. “Now Goldilocks,” he said, directing his enormous cock at the tiny little hole, “the next part of your punishment is to be buggered. We will be gentle as we don’t want to hurt you, so you must say how it feels and we will stop if you say so. OK?”

“Yes mister Bear,” the little girl replied, looking back over her shoulder, her freckled face showing obvious curiosity at what this would be like, having long since surrendered herself to the fate the Bears had designed for her. Very slowly, Daddy Bear pushed his hips forward, the tip of his dick pressing onto her forbidden entrance. The flesh compressed under the pressure, and then eventually Goldilocks relaxed her muscles and the very tip slipped into the circle of the muscle. He pushed a little harder and a bit more went in, though this was only half the width so far. He tried a little more, and Goldilocks let out a little scream.

“OUCH!” she cried. “That cock is MUCH too big!”

“Very well,” said Daddy Bear, and he pulled away and stood up thinking for a moment. “Son,” he said finally, “You try. This time be even more careful than before.”

Junior Bear came forward and knelt behind Goldilocks, spat a little to replace the lube that had come off on his father’s penis, and then aimed his newly erect cock at the tight little hole.

“Ready?” he asked Goldilocks.

“Yes, I’m ready,” she said, impatiently. Although the last one had hurt a bit, she’d liked the feeling in a strange way.

Junior Bear pushed forwards, his cock sliding in easily with the help of his fingers, going in all the way without a hitch, and started sliding in and out. This time though, it was not Junior Bear that satisfied the fussy girl.

“Oh, no,” she said. “That cock is MUCH too soft!”

“Hmmm, OK son, come away,” Daddy Bear said perplexed, and his son reluctantly obeyed. “Right brother, I think we’d better give you a try.”

Uncle Bear came forwards and assumed the position his brother and his nephew had taken before him, again adding his saliva to the puckered ring. As Goldilocks wiggled her bum impatiently, he moved forwards. It was a tight fit, at first the round head of his penis just pushed against her sphincter, but then it began to slip in, the muscle widening around it, and eventually the fattest part was in with no more complaints. The rest was a smooth entry, and somehow all ten inches went in so she ended up with his hairy legs pressed again her thighs and the bottom of his large belly resting on the tome of her buttocks.

At this point, Goldilocks, whose face had been screwed up in concentration, gave her verdict. “Ooooohhhh,” she said with a groan. “This cock is JUST right!”

Daddy Bear was relieved, and soon Uncle Bear was on all fours over Goldilocks, his entire body covering her and her head, pumping his big dick in and out of her tightest tunnel, each thrust making her breasts sway as they hung down. He was much older, bigger, fatter and hairier than any of the boys she’d been with before, but somehow found the sensation of being trapped between his strong arms with his large stomach and hairy chest against her back a huge turn on.

But Junior Bear was still unsatisfied, and a bit disappointed that his cock hadn’t been good enough, so Daddy Bear sent his son round the front. Uncle Bear kindly got up again out of the way with his hands on Goldilocks’ behind, making room for his nephew, whose cock the horny little girl gladly took hold of and began sucking like it was the nicest lollipop she’d ever had, either forgetting or not caring where it had just been.

Once Uncle Bear had got into a rhythm and suppressed the urge to cum straight away in that tiny, tight hole, he wrapped his big arms around Goldilocks’ body and slowly pulled her up and back, sitting and then lying beneath her, his penis still inside her. Junior Bear had come with her, and now shuffled around on his knees to the side as she lay back into the warm, soft, but hairy embrace of Uncle Bear. Uncle Bear shifted his hands down to her hips and with his help she began lifting her butt up and down, so that with his upward thrusts they quickly regained their previous rhythm, the young girl’s panting lost as she began blowing Junior Bear again. This position was also more comfortable for her breasts, their weight resting and quivering on her chest rather than hanging down from it.

In this position, with her legs spread wide either side of Uncle Bear’s legs, her knees pointing up above the frilly edge of her white socks as she supported the movements of her crotch, Goldilocks’ golden pussy was revealed in all its glory. Daddy Bear moved round to view it better, the lips in the middle of her slightly chubby thighs open and inviting him into the damp pink inside, he couldn’t resist. Dropping to all fours, he started licking the slit again, enjoying the taste of her pussy juice, adding large amounts of spit to the already slippery cunt, and then moved forward until his huge body bridged even his brother beneath the blonde girl he was fucking.

Daddy Bear was too aroused to resist any longer, and pushed forwards, feeling his enormous cock brush through the soft pubic hair and touch the damp twat, then slowly the lips parted, and he felt the heat of the inside of her vagina against the tip. Harder he pushed, the opening straining to let in more than two and a half inches of manhood, Goldilocks beneath him gasping as she took a break from oral sex. A short sharp thrust and he was in, Goldilocks crying out in shock, panting as she felt the huge lump inside her. Further it went, going a little easier now that the head was in, and began sliding up towards her middle.

Amazingly it wasn’t painful, and Goldilocks just gasped in amazement as she felt the thick pole slide up her tunnel. Daddy Bear gasped too, as the phenomenal tightness around his knob and shaft sent shivers of pleasure through him like he’d never felt before, and he could feel some of the movement of his brother’s cock in her arse on the other side of her inner wall. Still more entered her, and he hadn’t hit rock bottom yet, and to everyone’s surprise, not least Goldilocks, even with over a foot of cock inside her, her tender area at the end hadn’t been touched.

“Ooooooooh! That feels sooo good!” Goldilocks cried out when Daddy Bear pulled out and started re-entering her. She took Junior Bear back in her mouth, and started bouncing up and down on Uncle Bear’s cock again, being driven into a frenzy by the stimulation on her rectum, inside her cunt, and the fleshy wall between the two. Daddy Bear humped away, panting with pleasure at the tightness around his shaft. Junior Bear was rock hard too now, feeling very turned on by the expert administration of the girl sucking his cock and watching his dad and uncle fuck her in both holes.

In fact he got so carried away that he forgot to hold back, and after just three minutes of Daddy Bear entering Goldilocks, he came again. But Junior Bear cumming for the second time is the equivalent of a normal man cumming for the first time, and Goldilocks wasn’t ready to swallow it, so the first two spurts cascaded out of her mouth, covering her chin and neck in spunk. The next two splattered around her mouth, and then he wiped the last on her cheek. She took him back in her mouth again, sucking and licking him gently until he softened and she let him flop out.

This left her mouth free to emit cries of pleasure as Daddy Bear and Uncle Bear continued to fuck her, their enormous cocks rubbing her most sensitive areas and sending shudders of pleasure through her body. Her freckled face was now flushed bright red as she panted into the thick black body hair covering the broad chest above her, pushing her crotch around in circles against the rod in her twat and her arse. Arching her back so her frizzy blonde hair covered Uncle Bear’s face, she began to cum, crying and shaking uncontrollably, so her screams filled the whole house. The two big Bears started pumping faster, setting off another wave of orgasms through her body, the muscles in her sphincter and vagina contracting in spasms around their penises, so that they knew if they didn’t stop they would cum too.

Rather than cum inside her, by previous agreement they both pulled out, and got Goldilocks to kneel up in her sexy white socks and black buckle shoes with them either side. Taking their dicks in each hand, she first licked Uncle Bear’s and then licked Daddy Bear’s clean of her own juices. Returning to Uncle Bear’s she began to take it all in her mouth again, sucking slowly whilst massaging the shaft with her hand, wanking Daddy Bear at the same time, then paused to flick her tongue really fast over the tip of Uncle Bear’s dick. He could feel the pressure at the base of his cock become unbearable, and as she swirled her tongue tightly around the head again, he knew he could resist no longer.

The first spurt occurred as she was sucking and completely filled her mouth, then the second one shot right up her face over her nose into her hair as she let her mouthful dribble down her chin to splatter on her breasts. For the rest she simply wanked him, holding his cock in front of her with her mouth open and tongue extended, so the next few coated her tongue and sprayed all the way up over her right eye, sticking the eyelids together a little, and plastering the hair around her forehead. For the last four, he moved, first just missing her mouth to streak across her left cheek, then a couple on her neck, and finally finishing in her cleavage. With her face well and truly covered in spunk, she took him back in her mouth, delighting him by licking sensuously around his super sensitive knob then dribbling it all out down her chin.

Now it was Daddy Bear’s turn, and she began by licking powerfully all around the head. Then with difficulty she managed to fit it all in her mouth and started bobbing back and forth, sucking, and stopping now and again to lick the shaft and spit on her palms that she used on the rest whilst sucking. Harder and harder she sucked, and fast, he could feel the pressure building. But it was not until she slowed right down whilst pulling back that he ejaculated, completely soaking her face with three shots before she could react.

All she could do was as before, jerk it whilst aiming it at her open mouth, which filled immediately even with partial misses, big blobs of semen slipping out to slide down her stomach. Her face was completely splattered so she could hardly see and the hair around it had globules sticking in it. After eight spurts she leaned back and felt it run down her neck and pushing down on the penis in her hand made the last five ejaculations land on her big, quivering breasts, the slimy warmth moving slowly around her erect nipples.

“I think,” said Uncle Bear once he’d recovered, “that you enjoyed that punishment a little too much. We will have one last try at punishing you, and then you may go home.”

“Okay,” said Goldilocks, no longer afraid of their ‘punishments’. She wiped the cum out of her eyes to see the Bears better, and absent-mindedly spread the cum around her skin, enjoying the odd sticky feeling. The Bears certainly thought she looked delicious in those white socks, still clean up to her knees, and translucent sperm all over her freckly face, in her curly golden hair and large heaving breasts. Daddy Bear stood up in front of her.

“Close your eyes my dear,” said Uncle Bear. Goldilocks did so, kneeling up and her cum-splattered, flushed face looking towards the ceiling, her curly golden locks spread over her shoulders and pale back. “The third part of your punishment begins.”

With that Uncle Bear picked up the cauldron and standing above her poured the thick, warm, dirty-white sludge over her head.

This was such a surprise it made her scream, but as she felt the soft wet texture slide down her hair to run down her back and cover her face, she began to enjoy it. Sticking out her tongue she tasted it and shivered in delight as the strange stickiness fell in dollops on her pert pink nipples. Uncle Bear up ended the cauldron and scraped the last bits of porridge out with a ladle on to her head. Goldilocks hummed in pleasure, spreading the goo over her naked body, the oats caressing her soft skin as she pushed it over her stomach and smothered her breasts in it, scooping it off her head and down her face to rub it into her thighs. Amazingly, only a few bits had dripped on to her socks.

The Three Bears watched in mounting excitement as the little blonde girl pulled handfuls of their food from her hair and scraped it on her buttocks, until her whole body was covered in sticky, warm, milk-soaked oats. Her hair gelled back, she opened her eyes which sparkled and she licked her lips looking at them gathered around her, bringing her breasts together, large enough not to fit in her small hands, smoothing the porridge around the flesh. Then, toying with and pulling on her erect left nipple with her left hand, she slowly moved her right hand down over her stomach, feeling the sludge squidge between her fingers, through her bush now stuck in clumps by the oats. Finally she spread porridge over her wide thighs and twat and gasped at the sensation of the individual oats rubbing over her lips as she drew her finger through the slit up towards her clit and began masturbating.

Sitting back with her knees bent and legs open she began to masturbate more seriously, squeezing her breast at the same time, moaning as the oats brought a new sensation to frigging. The Bears came forward, unknown to her, and then began licking and kissing her arms and legs. She loved this, their tongues moving over her skin, cleaning it then moving round to her back, cleaning it completely, leaving only the slight stickiness of their saliva behind. Uncle Bear and Junior Bear moved on to her stomach as she lay back, still fingering herself, while Daddy Bear excited her thighs. Now she didn’t have to do anything and just closed her eyes and relaxed as the Bears licked her face and then her breasts and nipples, while Daddy Bear inserted his tongue in her cunt, lapping up her juices and stimulating her clitoris better than she’d ever had before. This was too much and she climaxed, softer but longer than her other times, moaning quiet thanks to her lovers.

Finally there was no more pleasure to be gotten out of her, and the Bears led her to the bathroom to allow her to wash properly. They also dropped off her clothes, so that after ten minutes she came out refreshed and dressed again. She thanked the Bears once more, and apologised for eating their porridge, breaking their chair and sleeping in their beds. They replied that it was nothing and that she was welcome back any time. Then Goldilocks said that she should be getting home, said goodbye and left. But the Three Bears would see a lot more of Goldilocks!

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