Three for all

 Sarah tapped me on the shoulder and pointed at the sign. I was desperate to stop, I would have taken a well built teepee. The sign simply said “lodge”.

    “It’s a lodge,” she said quietly.

    I nodded, concentrating on my driving. I didn’t like driving in snow, especially on worn tires like I was now. I inched along the snowy road until I saw a light up ahead.

    As we pulled around the circle, we saw the lodge for the first time. It was beautiful. There was a main lodge, possibly a hunting lodge, but more importantly, there were small cabins stretching off into the darkness. They looked cozy.

    “You go on, I’ll wait in here,” Sarah said uncomfortably.

    “Hon, they won’t ask if we are married. Nobody cares.” I knew she didn’t like to get a room, pretending to be husband and wife. She would rather I get it and she stay invisible. I didn’t mind, Sarah was a long time friend, and my favorite girlfriend. Yeah, I had a few. Her only flaw was that she was too… Catholic. Her religion got in the way, sometimes.

    “Hi, can I help you young man?” an old bald guy behind the counter asked. I was distracted by a really hot brunette who was giving me the eye.

    I glanced at her for a moment. She was giving me a smile that was all proposition. I hadn’t seen a look like that often, but I knew it when I saw it. She thought I was alone.

    “Alice, get your ass out of here. Go find something to do,” the old man said in annoyance. He was obviously her father. Wow.

    “Can I help you?” he asked again.

    “A room or a cabin,” I said, watching the girl leave the room. “For two,” I added when she was out of sight.

    “Ok, that will be seventy-three dollars and fifty cents,” he said, looking for a key. “Check out time is 11:00 o’clock AM, we serve coffee in the lodge all night. The laundry room is in the back of thelodge,iceintheback,cokemachinethereinthelobby… his voice droned on and on as I scribbled on the little card. But my mind was on that sexy brunette. There was something about her, something that made her look so damned sexy. Hey, Sarah was a sweet little country girl, but you have to understand, I have been dating Sarah for almost 2 years. Some strange would taste pretty good right now.

    “What?” I asked, suddenly startled.

    “Your key and towels. We count them when you leave,” he warned. The asshole. The cabin was nice. It took a while to warm it up, but the smell of cedar, combined with the cold, fresh air was heavenly.

    Sarah knew something was wrong when I wouldn’t look directly at her. She asked, but I said nothing. She started to pout, so I kissed the pouting expression off Sarah’s lips, then I helped her strip that slender little body of hers. No matter what I may say, I did appreciate her. And I guess I loved her in my own way. Besides that, she had a killer body that my friends always drooled over.

    I laid her back on the bed. I ran my hands over her perfect body and cupped her breasts in my hands. Perfect breasts, tiny little hard breasts in the shape of twin cones. God how I loved her breasts. I nuzzled and licked her pussy until she began squirming. I ran my hand over her slender legs. She laid them over my shoulders.

    She cried out. The sound of her voice echoed in the sparse room. Suddenly she reached out and pushed me away. I waited while she turned over on her hands and knees and looked back at me.

    “Do me from behind,” she whispered.

    I was more than willing. I crawled up on the bed behind her and positioned my cock in her pussy.

    We both cried out as I slid inside her steamy mound. My hips mashed her ass cheeks flat in an effort to push even more cock inside her. She whimpered and pushed back against me. God she was a tight little fuck. I began fucking her slowly, savoring ever little inch of her hot pussy. She was very responsive, very loud. I liked that.

    Sarah began panting in time with my strokes. I could hear her mumbling. I knew she wasn’t cursing, she never cursed.

    “I love this so much,” I whispered above her.

    “Me too,” she panted. The sound of our lovemaking was loud in the tiny room. The bed squeaked as I slapped against Sarah’s tiny ass. The sound of her panting and my moans made a continuous sound. The wind rattled the windows and blew a puff of smoke from the fireplace. The smell of woodsmoke mixed with the smell of Sarah’s vagina. It was a very memorable moment. But our time was nearly up. Sarah was becoming frantic. My balls were burning like hell. I clenched my muscles and tried to hold off. But it was no use, Sarah was just too hot and too tight. I slapped her ass harder until my cock began exploding into the deep wet darkness of her moist cunt. She clenched her pussy around my cock. I could feel it gripping like a hand.

    It was during the last moments of my orgasm that she rubbed against me harder and brought herself off. She was a screamer. The entire neighborhood knew when Sarah had an orgasm. Her piercing screams and shouts reverberated off the walls. Finally she slid into silence and fell forward on the bed. My wilting cock felt cold at the loss of her pussy. I fell to the bed beside her and looked down with a smile.

    “That was good,” she whispered, then leaned forward to kiss me. I kissed her back, then nodded in agreement. “So what made you feel so damned guilty?” she suddenly said. The vision of the brunette popped into my head again.

    “A girl,” I whispered.

    “She must have been some girl. I’m glad I got fucked first,” she said jokingly.

    “She really came onto to me. Right in front of her father, in fact.

    “Do you want her?”

    “Would you be mad if I did?”

    “No…” she snorted. “Why should I be jealous? I’m going to sleep. What you do is your business.”

    “Your serious?” I asked in wonder.

    “I thought you knew me by now. Go, find her,” she said with a wave of her hand.

    “Well, I could use some coffee. Want some?”

    “I’m going to sleep,” she yawned and pulled the blanket over her naked body. “Just remember, we have to be in Medesto by tomorrow afternoon, so don’t stay out all night. And watch out for bears,” she yelled as I was about to close the door. I smiled, then realized she might be serious. She had been through the area many times. I looked around into the night and I ran to the lodge. The snow squeaked beneath my shoes. My breath came out in a cloud in front of me. I stepped in through the front door of the lodge quickly, then turned to see the desk empty. The room was dark, with only one dim lamp lighting it. But the beckoning light on the coffee pot drew me forward. I looked around at a slight sound and saw the most amazing sight of my life.

    Alice was there. She was half naked, sitting on a footstool, while a cute blonde sucked on her breast. I turned red in embarassment. I was about to sneak out, but Alice looked up and gave me an seductive smile. I paused, undecided. There was clearly an invitation in her eyes.

    “Come on,” she whispered. The blonde turned and smiled at me. I moved closer and the two girls disappeared. I came around the couch and I almost died. The blonde was going down on Alice, right there in the darkness in front of me. Alice was laying with her head on the cushion of the couch, with her left leg hanging off on the floor. The blonde was kneeling at her side, sucking and licking her golden folds of flesh. It was hard to see in the darkness, but unforgettable all the same.

    “Oh fuck,” I whispered in awe. Alice smiled up at me while rubbing the hair of her lover with her left hand. I crept closer and sank down to watch. It was the most erotic thing I had ever seen, or could possibly imagine. I had heard about lesbians, everyone has. But how many lucky fucks get to see them in action?

    Alice sat up on the couch, giving the blonde better access to her pussy. She licked the full length of that hot pussy, before shoving her left index finger inside. I could hear the liquid sounds her tongue made in her juicy mound. I wanted to help, but watching was much more important. I couldn’t disturb something like this. I wanted to burn it into my brain.

    “Fucking beautiful,” I said. I ran a hand over the blonde’s breasts as she munched on that pussy. She sucked loudly for a moment, then licked the girl’s clit with the very tip of her tongue. Alice went wild. My cock was so hard I thought it would burst through my pants. If Sarah only knew what she had given me. Alice moaned louder and louder, rubbing the blonde’s hair. The blonde licked diligently, knowing that her orgasm was near. Alice was humping her pussy against the blonde’s mouth. I could hear it smack wetly. I desperately wanted to fuck something, but these two girls were busy and Sarah was sleeping.

    “Alice?” the familiar voice of the old man came from a back room.

    “Oh fuck,” Alice said, covering her mouth with a hand. They grabbed their clothing and ran giggling and naked into an adjoining room. Alice suddenly stepped out and beckoned me forward. With a racing heart I followed her. I might get lucky after all. If not I would fuck Sarah again, sleeping or not.

    I slid into the room just as I heard movement behind me. Alice quickly closed the door, peeked out, and closed it again. She noticeably turned the lock while giving me a significant look. “Fuck,” she gasped. “Daddy’s going to catch me yet. He thinks I’m still a virgin,” she laughed, touching the back of my hand.

    A table lamp came on and I found myself in small pool room. The blonde strolled across the room and rested against the pool table. Alice joined her there and turned smiling at me. “Would you like to play?” she asked enticingly.

    “Oh fuck yes,” I said explosively. Alice slid up on the table and spread her legs. The blonde bent forward and reclaimed her unfinished snack, Alice’s juicy pussy. I moaned in agony and began tearing off clothes. There was a sweet little blonde ass facing me, and my cock wanted inside.

    Alice was already moaning, in a world of her own. She stopped as I stepped up to the blonde and found her pussy with the head of my dick. I slid it up and down a few times until I could push my way inside her wet vagina. Alice watched in interest until the blonde began eating her again.

    I was the happiest guy on earth. My cock was sliding in and out of a complete stranger, a beautiful blonde stranger who was making a feast of an equally beautiful little brunette. I could feel the heat of her pussy enfolding my cock. She was very hot and wet. Her moist skin was sinfully wonderful on my sensitive member. The wet sounds of sex echoed off the bare walls. With my hands on her ass I pumped in and out, but my eyes were fixed on her loving mouth and Alice’s moist pussy. What a sight!

    “Oh fuck,” Alice moaned suddenly. She panted and ruffled the blonde’s hair. She began to hump her pussy against the girl’s mouth, then snorted and closed her eyes, shaking violently. She looked right in my eyes and gave a hissing cry. Her body shook uncontrollably now. She humped her pussy against the blonde’s face, battering her violently.

    I fucked harder, turned on by the incredible sight. Alice panted enduring the storkes of the blonde’s tongue a few more times, before pushing her away. She sat panting and sweating on the table. Only the sound of me fucking the blonde could be heard now. She was beginning to whimper slightly. The doggie position is great for women. They like the stimulation it gives them. I liked the fact that nothing was holding me back. My cock was ramming all the way up inside her.

    As her moans grew louder, I stuck my thumb in my mouth and sucked for a moment, then took it out and slid it inside the blonde’s ass. She cried out slightly, but she also pushed back against me, and my invading thumb. In a moment it was fully inserted. I rested the rest of my fingers on top of her ass, while I pumped my thumb inside her ass, in time with my hectic thrusts. She was ready, I could tell. The problem was, I had already fucked Sarah and I would go for at least another 30 minutes yet. I watched in disappointment as she moaned and slapped her ass back against me. Before I knew it she was crying out and shuddering. I stopped fucking her, remaining still while she ground her ass hard against my crotch.

    It was actually a relief to pull out and relax against the pool table. My legs were getting tired.

    “In here,” Alice said, springing off the table. I followed her, transfixed by the sight of her cute little naked ass before me. Suddenly I found myself in a small room.

    “Mine,” she smiled as I looked around.

    “Oh look, he’s wilting,” Alice said, sticking her lip out in a Britney Spears type of pout. It reminded me of Sarah. I suddenly wondered what it would be like to have Sarah doing one of these girls. Fucking great. But I knew her too well to believe she’d ever go for a thing like that.

    “Up on the bed,” Alice commanded. The blonde took my hand and led me to the bed. I hopped up and fell on my back, ready for them to do their worst. Without words, Alice and the blonde leaned down from opposite sides and began licking my cock. I was fucking thrilled. To be truthful, two tongues flicking against the side of my cock were not all that exciting. At times I could barely feel them. But the sight of two girls licking my cock together, that was the big turn on.

    “Of fuck,” I moaned with a shiver.

    “Think he’s hard enough?” Alice asked the blonde conversationally.

    “Let’s find out,” she laughed. Alice climbed over me and snuggled until her ass touched my cock. I whined a little when my cock slid up inside her.

    We fit together perfectly. I didn’t have to do a thing, she took over. Her round little ass began pushing back against me. My abused penis filled her nicely. She started to whimper almost immediately. Suddenly she pulled off my cock. I gasped in surprise. She repositioned her ass a little and I felt my cock poking against her asshole. My eyes opened in surprise. I pushed firmly, wiggling slightly to help my cock sneak up inside her asshole. It was tight, virgin tight. She cried a few times and made me stop, but eventually I was fully inserted in her ass.

    The blonde reached out and began fingering Alice’s pussy, while I slowly pumped in and out of her hot ass. It was wonderful! My first ass fuck. I was so busy fucking Alice’s ass, that I almost missed seeing the blonde bend forward and start eating her pussy. It seemed that blonde really loved pussy, I couldn’t keep her out of it. As if I’d try.

    “Harder,” Alice gasped. I didn’t know if she was talking to me or the blonde, but I started thrusting away, really smacking that tight little ass. It was the best fuck of my life. The heat was incredible.

    “Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes…” Alice hissed. I thrust faster and harder until the cum began spurting from the end of my abused cock. Thankfully, the blonde was still down there, just lapping like hell. I was coming, but Alice was still several minutes away. As my cock wilted I pulled it slowly from Alice’s ass. She hissed loudly at the added stimulation. Moaning with excitement, the blonde licked her sweet pussy frantically, shaking her head from side to side. Alice gave one mighty heave and close her legs around the blonde’s head, as her pussy exploded into a second orgasm. It took several minutes for the orgasm to pass, and her shivers to die down.

    The blonde pulled her wet face out of Alice’s pussy reluctantly. She smiled at me as she licked her mouth clean. She used the back of her hand to wipe her nose and cheeks dry.

    “You really love eating pussy, don’t you?” I asked the blonde as we all relaxed on the bed.

    “I love eating Alice. We’re related.”
    “What?” I gasped.

    “She’s my sister in law,” she said with a quick smile. Her brother… my husband… is fishing in Alaska. Alice keeps me company out here in the wilderness. Ken knows that if I’m satisfied, I won’t go out prowling for guys.

    “I keep her from sleeping around,” Alice said over her shoulder, giving me a wink.

    “Sleeping! Shit, I’ve got to get back to my girlfriend,” I gasped. They laughed as I hurried out the back door, dressing my way across the back porch. Once more my hair stood on end as I surveyed the darkness for bears. I was inside my cabin in no time. The fire had burned low, but it was still warm inside. I showered quickly and ran shivering to the bed. As I slid up behind her naked body, memories of the two girls crept into my head. I laid with my face against her hair. It smelled like flowers. The heat from her body was wonderful. Her tight little ass was so soft… To my horror, I felt my cock growing hard again.

    Sarah was sleeping soundly, snoring a little. I rubbed my hard cock through the crack of her ass, then found it nestled against her soft pussy. Oh well, what she didn’t know…

    I slid my throbbing cock into her sleeping pussy.

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