Beyond Hogwarts

Author: Amanda Black

Dianic Craft College

We take up the story as Hermione Granger and Virginia (Ginny) Weasley’s, along with the other female pupils from Hogwarts, education has now progressed to the Dianic Craft College. The year is 1997.

It’s late September but the weather is mild and pleasant due to the setting of the college in a sunbathed valley in England on the coast of south Devon, warmed by the Gulf Stream. The students had arrived over the weekend, rested on Monday in the oak panelled Halls of Residence, the students being dived between the east wing and west wing. They were issued with their green cloaks, a new broomstick and a map of the College.
Their first lecture was held outside on Tuesday at noon in the Great Henge, a wooden structure set in the College grounds. Similar to Stonehenge in Wiltshire but made of oak and forming a complete circle. A large old stone formed the alter in front of which the Principle addressed them.
Those assembled number only the thirty-nine new students and four members of staff. This was an exclusive College, only for the star female pupils of Hogwarts and the other schools of witchcraft and wizardry.
The Principle, also known as the High Priestess was wearing a magnificent gown covered in mystical symbols. She spoke in a crystal-clear voice, something like a Shakespearian actress. She only spoke for some ten minutes but during that time she was able to quickly explain that the College was in fact an exclusive and ancient grand coven and they were in the privilege position of being its apprentices. If they had the natural ability to learn the Craft and follow the ancient ways they would be accepted into the coven for all eternity. Failure to attain this goal was not an option, the pagan world looked to them for inspiration and guidance.
He then introduced the other four tutors, all of whom were priestesses in the Sacred and Most Ancient Coven of Diana.
Hermione’s eye was strangely drawn to one tutor who seemed to stand out from the rest. She was Ms Virginia Rubster. She seemed to radiate a special aura and Hermione felt herself almost floating toward her. It was only a cough from a fellow student that made her grounded again.

The students did their best not to giggle when the names of the other staff members were announced, Alison Caeus, Sophia Apple and Charity Aphrodite. They knew from experience that there would be a special meaning to their names. ‘The world laughs at the things they do not understand.’ The final words of the Principle’s address before departing the Henge rang in their ears.
The rest of the day they were left to explore the library and spacious grounds of the College. The next day would be the first real day of study.
Hermione and Ginny Weasley chatted as they walked away from the Henge.

‘What do you think the Principle meant when she said what we had learnt in the past was just silly childish games?’ questioned Ginny.
‘I don’t really know!’ advised Hermione wisely and thoughtfully.
‘But I think she might be saying that we should expect the unexpected!’ Which did little to address Ginny’s concerns.

First Lessons
The new students were issued with their timetables that evening, Hermione pinned hers to the little notice board in her snug little room and settled down for the night. She picked up her new broomstick and carefully examined it. It was superior to the one she had at school being larger and more robust. Her hands run along its smooth ash handle and Hermione noticed that its girth was more generous than her old broom, in fact she could hardly get her fingertips to touch when gripping around it. The broom was also more crafted and ornate, having a rounded shaped end with strange ribbed carving, Hermione then blushed and giggled and realised that it looked a little like a penis from her biology textbook! She then noticed the small advisory leaflet attached to warning to try any magic until instructed by a suitable person and placed it back in the corner of the room.

She rose for breakfast and joined the other students I the dining hall. Soon it was 9 o’clock and time to attend her first lecture.
To her amazement standing in front of the small lecture theatre was Ms Virginia Rubster! Hermione felt herself blush and gulp.
‘Why is this?’ she thought.
Ms Rubster launched into her lecture,
‘We believe that the way of practicing the Art of Magic is to be as free as possible of all moral dogma and rules, and to follow a way solely oriented to personal discovery.’ She paused.
‘Our practice aims to assimilate and then surpass the limited approaches to Magic which has hallmarked the manmade laws and traditions and shackles us to the past Magic is by its nature beyond our full comprehension, and beyond our ability to predict what direction it will often take.’
Hermione was somewhat perturbed by these sentiments.
‘…free of all moral dogma and rules..’ she pondered
‘rejecting manmade laws and traditions..’ she repeated in her mind.
The lecture continued for a good hour, full of similar ideas which seemed to the new student both outrageous and chaotic.
As she left the theatre the new radical ideas sun through Hermione’s head. She remembered what the principle had said in her address,
‘What you learnt in the past were just silly childish games…’
It was clear to her they were all going to be challenged during their time at Di’s. She tried to focus her mind and soul on preparing for mysteries unknown, and to put behind her any ideas or thoughts that might impinge the opening her inner-self and whole being to the future and enlightenment.

The Chosen Ones
The days passed by with various lectures and much time spent in the library and the apocrypha’s garden, seeking to learn the properties of the various herbs used in magic potions. To Hermione these activities all seemed dull and boring compared to the lecture by Ms Rubster. She found herself even dreaming of her favourite tutor and felt her heart race whenever she spied her. Today she would be attending another of her lectures and Hermione arrived early in the theatre to get a good seat near the front of the class. The room gradually filled up.
Ms Rubster waited until all ten students were present before breezing into the room and taking her place at the lectern.
She welcomed them and then opened her mouth, Hermione waiting on every breath.

‘Wicca, the old word for witchcraft, began in pre-history as ritual associated with fire, the hunt, fertility, plant propagation, life and death and the curing of disease.’ She stated.
‘This developed into a religion which recognized a Supreme Deity, but realized that at their state of evolution, they ‘were incapable of understanding it’. Instead, they worshipped what might be termed ‘under-gods’: such as the goddess of female sexuality, Diana to give her one of her many names.’
‘Wiccan’s continued their moon based worship, even as the mainly sun based faith of priests, the druids, developed and evolved into the dominant religion of the Celts in Europe at about 800BC. Wiccan beliefs in England survived the Roman, Saxon and Norman invasions by going underground. It suffered major losses during the Christian genocide into the 18th century.’

Hermione was reminded of the persecution suffered by those the followed the old true religions but was intrigued to find out more about the goddess Dianna – the Queen of Heaven, and wanted to learn more of the old ways which had been lost due to corruption and misinterpretation.

Ms Rubster then told them that they way to further enlightenment was thorough the Great Rite. This was one of the almost lost rituals of pre-history. Through studying this ritual and rehearsing it they might become the keepers of it. They being women were the priestesses who traditionally would have lead the old pagan world. A matriarchal system rather than a patriarchal one. One in which the female figure was honoured over the masculine one.

Thus began the road to understanding which Hermione and the other specially chosen female students were to embark upon. They were to carry out their learning in a special room set aside in the north wing to which no one else would be allowed to enter. They would be free there to read, discuss, and share experiences and learning. It was here they would discover through openness the secrets of the Great Rite, practice it until perfect. Once fully converse they would then carry it out in the Henge on the Summer Solstice at midsummer’s night. This was to occur at midnight on 21st June some nine months away.

June was a very special month for the moon goodness as it was named in her honour – Juno the Roman Great Mother Goddess also known in ancient Greece as Hera the Queen of Heaven. This coming Solstice was extra special as that night would be a full moon and fall on a Monday – the moon’s day. Someone would be chosen to take on the persona of the goddess, consisting with Her in truly intimate level, This student would become the Queen of the Sabbat.

Hermione went to the library and looked up the festival, to remind herself of the meaning of this special day. She found an old leather bound book entitled Old Traditions and took it from the shelf. She flicked gently through its yellowing pages and found the listing for the Solstice…

As the sun spirals its longest dance,
Cleanse us
As nature shows bounty and fertility
Bless us
Let all things live with loving intent
And to fulfill their truest destiny

Solstice, Midsummer or Litha means a stopping or standing still of the sun. It is the longest day of the year and the time when the sun is at its maximum elevation.

This date has had spiritual significance for thousands of years as humans have been amazed by the great power of the sun. The Celts celebrated with bonfires that would add to the sun’s energy.
Wiccan’s are in awe of the incredible strength of the sun and the divine powers that create life. For people of old this spoke in the Wheel of the Year is a significant point. The Goddess took over the earth from the horned God at the beginning of spring and she is now at the height of her power.
The people of old would hold small ceremonies in open spaces, everywhere from gardens to woodlands.
Hermione drank in the words and read them at least three times just to make sure she had not missed anything. She began to understand the deeper knowledge that she must attain and looked forward to the challenge ahead particularly as it involved Virginia Rubster!

New Home
The students reported at the entrance to the north wing. They were meet by Virginia Rubster who unlocked the impressive door at its entrance. Once inside the entered through another door and then another before entering a very spacious room. They were then introduced to her two readers, who it was explained would be assisting the students in their arduous task. The students had not set eyes on the two women before. It was explained that the two top students from this set were given the honour of being readers for a year after graduating. Both Harmony Chalice and Liberty Fallow had achieved this goal. They now assisted and tutored the most gifted of students and carried out their own private research in their spare time.
Hermione and Ginny looked the readers up and down. They were about thee years older than themselves. One blonde the other auburn like Ms Rubster. The both wore long flowing white gowns under which could clearly be seen white thin dresses fasted down the bodice with a thin ornate rope. As they walked towards them and Ginny could see the split up one side of the garment to give greater freedom of movement. On their feet were white cotton slippers and the young women seemed to almost glide across the parquet floor in them. Hermione thought that they had the grace of ballet dancers.
Ms Rubster showed the students around the large room. It had a good selection of books and manuscripts and some tables around its perimeter. The fast majority of the floor space was empty. This she explained was for practicing rituals and learning magical dances and acts. In one corner Hermione noticed a pile of gym mats which she presumed were fro some kind of dancing or warm-up exercises. There were a number of locked large cupboards around the room to which no mention was made.
It was then explained to the ten students that this building would be there new home for the next nine months. They were to bring their possessions to their new rooms. This they did. Unlike their former accommodation the students had to share their rooms with another. Hermione was to find that her roommate was to be Ginny.
They unpacked and went to find the washrooms chatting about their good luck in being chosen.

The Gowning
The next morning they made their way to the Dinning room to find that they now had their own special table. Other students had heard of their elevated position and seemed to look on in awe.
After eating they returned to the north wing and were joined by Ms Rubster. She gathered around the tables and spoke a few words and then handed out a sheet of paper which explained the basic outline of the Great Rite.
‘The readers will guide you through each piece of this fascinating ritual. Use you intuitiveness and let them guide you when you are unsure.’ She advised and then left.
The two readers entered the room as Ms Rubster left, their long hair and gowns flowing behind them revealing their sheer cotton dresses and thigh high slits. Hermione could not fail to notice that by the way their breasts were highlighted through the thin fabric that they were not wearing any bras, vests or slips! She felt herself glowing with embarrassment and quickly averted her gaze. Ginny’s attention had been caught by their unusual cotton slippers and then her eyes moved naturally up their bodies. She noticed the thigh length slit up one side of their white dresses. Her eyes continued to scan upward. To her horror she then speid from her seated position that Harmony, the blonde reader, had no undergarments covering her lower body! Ginny clearly saw her mound of golden hair completely uncovered and felt her jaw drop!
Ginny’s complexion went almost as red as her hair and quickly glanced back down at the floor! Both girls wondered if their classmates had noticed the same shocking things.
The two readers now stood in front of the students completely unabashed at their skimpy outfits, now almost covered by their white capes.

Liberty then spoke,
‘To be able to carry out the physical part of the ritual you will need to get changed. We have prepared your attire. It is laid out for you in the gowning room over there.’ She said pointing to a small door.
The students got up and filed over to the door and entered the gowning room. It looked much like a cloakroom and laying on the wooden benches below the cloths pegs were individual brown paper parcels tied up with string. Each one with a student’s name on.

The students gingerly untied the parcels. In each one was a white flimsy dress similar to those worn by Harmony and Liberty.
Harmony then entered the room and made a quick announcement,
‘Take off all your earthly clothing and put on the ritual gowns. Then put on your cloaks and come back in the main room.’
With that statement she quickly left leaving the students looking a little stunned. For those girls who had not caught sight of the skimpy gowns previously it was more of a shock. Hermione and Ginny were not too surprised.
What crossed all their minds was the new experience of seeing others undressed in front of them and exposing themselves to others. Undressing was always done in the dark at Hogwarts and privacy seemed an unwritten rule. Tentatively they all began removing jeans and dresses, skirts and trousers, blouses, tee-shirts and jumpers. Once down to their bras and knickers they put on the white threadlike gowns. They then all seemed to looked around hoping for some guidance or leadership. Who would go first? Was the question on everyone’s mind.

A lesson in Obedience

It was Angelina Johnson who spoke tentatively suggesting that maybe they wouldn’t mind if, ‘undies remained.’

Hermione quickly reminded them of the things they had learn about being open to new, even chaotic and radical ideas.
‘I for one am not going to hold back on gaining knowledge of the old ways!’ she stated boldly. She then bent slightly forward, reached up inside the garment and took hold of her light blue cotton knickers and pulled them to her angles. Stepping out of them and placing them on the bench with the other earthly clothing. Next she turned her back other classmates loosened the cords on the front of the gown and pulled it down to her waist, She then slipped off her white 34b lacy bra dropping it on the clothes pile before pulling the gown back into position and fastening the ornate strings. She took her cloak from the hook and placed about her shoulders, wrapped herself in it and turned around and faced the class.

Four of the girls then followed suit including Ginny. An interesting array of knickers and various sizes of bras fell onto the clothing piles as Hermione looked on trying not to be smug.

However the other five students decided to follow the counsel of the assertive and attractive Caribbean girl -Angelina Johnson – and keep their undergarments firmly in place.

Hermione then lead the way back into the main room. Waiting for them were Liberty and Harmony with hand on hips and minus their capes. For those students who had failed to notice their lack of underwear some ten minutes earlier now had a clear vision of their shapely womanly bodies.

The students were now requested to stand in a circle facing inward. Liberty was within the circle whilst Harmony glided around the outside.

Liberty spoke,
‘Ladies, please remove your cloaks.’
A number of gulps could be heard immediately after the command was given.
Slowly cloaks began to fall to the grown behind the students. Liberty picked them up and placed them on a nearby table. As the cloaks fell it was easy to see who had obeyed the instructions and who hadn’t!
‘I see,’ said Liberty, flicking her blonde locks from her eyes, ‘…that some students choose to disobey me!’
‘Step into the middle of the circle those who broke this command.’ She continued.
Harmony then left the inner circle and stood next to Liberty.
‘You now have the opportunity to correct your disobedience or be banished from this set!’ Stated Liberty in an assertive way.
The girls looked to their ‘leader’ Angelina Johnson for guidance. She in turn looked around at her foolish followers seeking some lead.
‘Do we have to wait an eternity for you to act and correct your mistake?’ questioned Harmony almost sarcastically.
‘Shall we ask one of our most highly recommended new students for her opinion?’ Asked Harmony preening her long dark hair.
Before anyone dared to answer the rhetorical question she continued,
‘Well, Miss Granger what do you think?’
Hermione was shocked and at the same time flattered. They were asking her? She quickly realised that she had to answer and not let her reputation down.
‘I think they should remove all their earthly clothing as quickly as possible!’ came her sharp reply.
‘Yes, I think you are right Miss Granger. But I think that Miss Johnson should lead the way as an example to her simple followers, don’t you?’
Again Hermione replied quickly with a sharp, ‘Yes Miss!’
Harmony then spoke again,
‘I think the problem may be that Miss Johnson doesn’t understand English very well. Could be that were she comes from they have a different understanding of the same words?’ she jested.
This raised a smile from those who had followed Hermione but not from those who had followed Angelina.
‘I think we need two model students to assist her in this task, Miss Granger please choose a fellow student.’ Continued Harmony thrusting forward her chest to make the point. Which further accentuated her dark nipples through the thin fabric of the gown.
Hermione had no difficulty in announcing Ginny for the job which brought a welcome smile from the Readers.

However, Hermione and Ginny had not bargained for was what was to occur as Harmony told them to undo their gowns and reveal what Angelina and her cohorts should have been wearing under their white garments!

Ginny looked at Hermione like a lost puppy almost cursing her friend for choosing her. Hermione looked at Ginny her eyes pleading for forgiveness and looking for a way out.

Hermione knew what she had to do. If she was going to succeed she had to forget morals and manmade rules and grasp this nettle with both hands. For whilst the nettle might sting, it brings with it great healing worth all the pain. She remembered reading in a old herbal.

Quickly she loosened the cords on the bodice of the gown and pulled it open exposing her pert white breasts to those she was facing including the two readers. She looked slightly above them all so not to catch anyone’s disapproving eye. She then allowed the natural energy of gravity to carry her garment to the floor revealing her mousy mound and shapely buttocks to the onlookers. Bravely she stood their allowing ogling eyes to burn into her. Hermione felt they could do her no harm she was protected by a greater force.
Ginny seeing her friend’s bravery gulped and followed her example. She too took hold of the strands loosened them and pulled open the bodice revealing her slimmer figure and smaller slightly pointed breasts covered with a few freckles. Her nipples were almost red unlike Hermione’s which were pink. Down slid the gown revealing her small naked body complete with a shock of red pubic hair and freckly bottom. Thankfully her long red main of hair fell onto her breasts giving her a little modesty.

The two girls stood naked, trembling slightly but proud for what seemed like an age. They then heard the familiar voice of Liberty.
‘Now, go and undress Miss Angelina Johnson.’

They quickly took the three or so paces towards the worried young woman.
Hermione took the lead and started to undo the cords on the bodice whilst Ginny looked on. The both slipped the gown off her shoulders and it fell to the floor. Ginny walked around to her back and started to undo the clasps on her 32b silky white bra. Soon it was free and Hermione pulled it forward and off.

Ginny then took a firm grasp on the pink panties, which were trimmed with white lace. She knelt down and began to gently pull them towards the floor, Hermione knelt in front of the young woman and assisted. Both friends forgot their initial embarrassment and awkwardness of being naked. Now it seemed almost natural.

What Hermione hadn’t banked on was that Angelina Johnson, this tall attractive black girl, being a keen gymnast and swimmer was in the habit of shaving off all her pubic hair. Soon the offending panties were down and off and her shaved womanly area was on view for most to see.

The others were then ordered to gather around the naked students and see what they should or shouldn’t be wearing under their gowns. All three were then permitted to put back on the gowns. The remaining wrongly attired girls were let off with a warning and sent back to the gowning room to remove their underwear.

The lesson then got underway with breathing, relaxation and meditation techniques for some two hours.

Natural Dance

Many weeks followed with not much to challenge the students. They were thought how to make old remedies and magic spells using the herbs and roots from the apocrypha’s garden. The continued to learn and improve their breathing, relaxation and mediation techniques.
Today was something different the concepts of natural dance. Various magical sounds filled the air of the hall when the students entered wearing their now familiar whiter gowns. They now saw the sense in them. They gave the wearing freedom of movement and a feeling of naturalness. The realised that not wearing manmade artificial and mass-produced worldly goods did get them away from the trapping of mans’ world. Their gowns did bring them closer to nature and the spirit.
They needed little instruction before he light music and mystical heady atmosphere guided them into movement. They had been given special white slippers which seemed to assist in the process.
Soon they were dancing in groups, holding hands and embracing and exchanging the occasion kiss on the cheek. The readers moved amongst them guiding and helping their movements.
Hermione noticed through a haze Liberty gliding toward her like an angle or a fairy. Her flowing almost white hair streaming behind her as though is slow motion. She felt her embrace her around the waist and then her hand seemed to float down to her leg and then up again finding the slit in her gown. Was she dreaming or was this real? Somehow she didn’t care, she didn’t know. She hand continued up inside her garment until it gently squeezed her bare buttock before withdrawing. Then she floated away towards someone else.
Meanwhile Ginny was rolling gently on a gym mat with Hannah Abbott cradling each other in each other’s arms. They both noticed Harmony sliding towards them and felt her embrace them and kissing them both gently on their foreheads and then their lips. Her hands drifted onto Hannah’s gown bodice and with Ginny’s help is feel undone. Harmony’s soft hand seemed to float inside and gently caress the young woman’s well-formed heaving breasts before she too floated away.

As the weeks went on the music became more manic, more chaotic and the atmosphere more dazed. Bodies heaved in masses gowns often undone or removed. Breasts and buttocks bared and touched. After each lesson the students found it difficult to apprehend what had happened. They just felt a great sense of peace and wellbeing. Unknown to them they had also felt quite a lot of Harmony and she of them. Liberty preferred to look on observing whilst masturbating to the erotic site in front of her. However, the readers always kept the activities under some control. Gentle touching was permitted of breasts and buttocks but not of the very intimate areas. Kissing was allowed but not with open mouths. Students were not permitted to masturbate themselves or each other. She particularly enjoyed watching Hermione 34 inch perfectly rounded breasts break free from the constraints of her garment when dancing with Hannah Abbott. Her long blonde hair, pale skin and brown eyes, somehow complimented the darker complexion of Hermione. Hannah also had an endearing small mole on the side of her neck. Her Oval shaped face that girlishly blushed too often, usually cast with an expression of keen bravado, somehow set a wonderful erotic scene.

The Anointing

When ever a new subject was added to the curriculum the established ones also continued. This gave the students less free time but it kept their new skills fresh in their minds or subconscious.
A new skill was now to be mastered. Having harvested various plants and distilled them they now had a chance to learn how to massage and apply the various ointments and essential oils,
The students were put in pairs and one of the couple would be the anointed one whilst the other would be the anointee. The anointee would lay on a mat and remove their gown. Something which they all still felt ill at ease with when not under the influence of external forces such as during the Natural Dance sessions.
Once naked they were covered with a large white towel and the instruction began. Each part of the body was exposed in turn and gently covered in warm oil warmed lovingly I the applicants hand. The hands then glided up each arm and leg in turn apply erotic and exotic essential oils. It took some weeks before they had mastered the face and limbs. Only then were they permitted to move onto the massaging of the back and buttocks. Once this was carried out to the required standard the massaging of breasts was taught.
Finally, the five girls receiving the massage in the last part of the course were instructed to put the soles of their feet together and allow their legs to fall open, thus revealing what the readers referred to as their alters. They lay there with their most private areas covered only in a white towel as Liberty followed the same manoeuvre. Harmony then began to show how to massage externally and then internally the groin area. Before allowing the students to try she made a point of coming to each students and showing them how to do it on their partner.
Ginny would feel a weird and strange feeling welling up inside her as Harmony made her first gentle and tentative stoke down her mound. She closed her eyes as the sensations got stronger as the young woman rubber with greater firmness, massaging her labia and finding her clitoris. Now it was Hermione’s turn. Gently she started, as instructed. Ginny could feel her smooth and gentle fingers sliding over her moist and now glistening red mound. Somehow it felt even better than when Harmony did it. Clearly her fiend had a magic touch. Ginny had only touched herself down there a few times herself but it had never felt as good as this.

Harmony then returned to instruct in the second part of the massage.
Hermione looked on as the reader run her little finger between the now open lips of her young womanhood. It then found the special space it sought, Ginny’s tight and previously untouched virgina. Gently she allowed her finger to slip inside helped by the natural juices flowing from her more than willing apprentice. Ginny gasped as she had never before and the strange feeling. But this was nothing compared to pleasure she felt as the finger began moving expertly and purposefully around inside her.
All to soon it was withdrawn but thankfully replaced with the slightly smaller digit of her best friend. It did not take Hermione too long to learn this new skill. In fact she took to it naturally. Without further instruction, and as though lead by an unknown force, she was soon pleasuring her friend with a larger finger and even tried her thumb.

Within thirty minutes the room was filled with the sound of gasping young women as they moved towards climax, some for the first time, such as Ginny.
Once recovered the students changed positions and it was Hermione’s turn to be pleasured. Whist massaging her friend she had glanced around the room at the erotic sceptical. The noises, the sounds, the sights and the touching of Ginny’s body had awoken new and peculiar feelings in the young woman. She now ached to be pleasured in the same was and eagerly threw of her gown and adopted the position.
The same routine was followed and it wasn’t long before Ginny’s hands were touching the young woman as she had never been felt before. Harmony had been looking forward to touching and entering the star female pupil of Hogwarts for what seemed like an age. She had spent more time instructing Ginny on how to massage her friend than any of the other students. How she had enjoyed being the first to touch and feel her soft mousy mound. Then to find her slit and then her engorged clitoris before gently playing with it.

Now she had returned to Hermione to show Ginny the second stage of the massage known as the manipulation. Harmony slid her hand on top of Ginny’ and gently pushed it aside, She then took over from the young woman, slide her small finger between the pink folds of virginal flesh. She then found the place she was searching for, a place she had found on so many times before. But this time it was special, very special, for this was Hermione Granger! She gently slipped her finger into the tight but welcoming orifice. It gripped around her finger almost sucking it in. The young woman arched her back to make the feeling even more pleasurable. Harmony wanted to stay longer and enjoy her some more but it was important that she allowed Ginny to learn this new skill. There would always be other days for playing with Hermione.
Ginny was keen to give her friend the same wonderful feeling that she had enjoyed just a few minutes previously. She expertly set about the task. She couldn’t help by notice that Hermione was wet, very wet indeed. After a few moments of manipulation with her small finger Ginny was able to insert her forefinger and index fingers together!
Hermione threw back her head, sending her mop of bushy brown hair flaying, and yelped like a bitch on heat as Ginny satisfied her to completion.

Bedknobs and Broomsticks

All the new students were fascinated by their new broomsticks and lessons started early in the term to instruct them on there safe and proper us. They were a lot more spirited in every way, having a mind of their own, great magic powers and being able to fly at high speed.
The new superwiz broomsticks were often the talk of the school as new powers and features were discovered.

Lisa Turpin and Susan Bones shared a room next to Hermione’s and Ginny’s. Lisa and Susan were of similar nature, rather impatient and opinionated at times. Lisa was very short for her age, often times people thought she was several years younger than what she really was because of this factor; it also didn’t help that her figure was also that of a 13 year-old.

Lisa’s hair was long, and naturally brown but recently had bleached it to a honey-ish hue and was often seen in a pair of pigtails that seemed to only add to her childish appearance. Lisa appeared to be physically weak but actually she was quite strong. Lisa cared a lot about her appearance and how people perceived her. Often wearing almost professional looking clothing.

She was shy and quiet, preferring to observe the actions of others rather than join in on them. And while Lisa was quiet, to those that knew her well she was quite an upbeat girl; when things were going wrong for a friend she would try her hardest to cheer them up, even if she failed at it. It took quite a lot to provoke the young woman, but when she was, a sharp tongue was sure to lash out at the offender. Sadly, one of Lisa’s greatest downfalls was her awful habit of keeping to her books rather than people, giving her rather poor social skills.

One of Susan’s traits is that she would act differently at various times. She could be described as hyper by one person, and quite calm by the next. But there are some things that are constant with her. For instance, she happens to be very opinionated. Her mind is not easily changed after she agrees to her own thinking, but this doesn’t mean that she isn’t a little open minded. She knows that her own ideas might not be the right ones, and lives by the saying ‘to each their own.’ Susan happens to be very naive and easily deceived. Even after finding certain people not to her liking, they can easily sway her with kind words. Overall, Susan happens to be very trusting, kind and fair.

Susan is quite intelligent. Her eagerness to make friends might be converted to hyperness, but that’s the only typical thing. Of course, there’s also the factor that she exaggerates at times, but it’s never anything much too serious.

Susan was not very good with people. Many find her a complaining and depressed young woman. In truth, she’s just not sure how to act. When she’s too happy, it seems like she gets yelled at, and when she’s not happy enough, it seems like she gets talked about. So her efforts have dwindled, and she’s just given up a bit.

She has a darkly shaded brown colour for her hair that matches her eyes. She wears her hair in a long plait down her back Her complexion could possibly be described as a bit of a ‘peaches and cream’ sort of glow. At times, she’s a bit pale, but with her easily embarrassed factor, it can quickly change to a light pink. She’s known for being terribly petite, with a height of 5’5″ and a weight of 130 lbs. Like Lisa she was often mistaken for someone being a lot younger than her years.

Both were in many ways model students, spending a great deal of time in the library and studying the craft in all the prescribed ways. They were in awe of their new broomsticks but fed up with waiting to learn. They were like children with new toys, they wanted to play with their new gift without being bothered to learn how.

One morning during a free study period they sat talking in their room. Soon the conversation turned, as it often did, to the new brooms.
‘Do you think?, questioned Lisa …’it would be really wrong to have a little try-out with the brooms?’
Susan’s eyes lighted up.
‘Wow!’ she exclaimed.
‘Do you think it’s safe?’

Lisa assured Susan that they could just try a little magic and they were experienced enough to know what they were doing. Susan was pleased to be assured and happy that her friend was taking the lead.

They then went and retrieved the brooms from their wardrobes and placed them on their beds. A simple spell would have to be worked out. Like all good magic it would have to rhyme and be concise. After a few minutes they had come up with the words which were now written on scrap of paper.

They both stood holding the paper between them and together chanted the spell,

Lovely new broom
Our great treasure
Come alive in our room
Give us some pleasure
Something to treasure!

They waited with hearts racing and with a little fear and trepidation. The brooms lay still on their beds as they looked at them waiting for something to happen.

Then they saw the broomsticks switch and then more some more. Then they stood upright on the beds!
Both students faced each other and gasped and gripped each other’s hands in anticipation.

The brooms jumped from the beds and onto the floor still standing upright. Lisa’s then moved between the two friends and broke their grip and proceeded to drive them apart. They stood facing each other with wry smiles on their faces.

In seconds the broom had danced around the back of Lisa, all eyes were fixed on it. Lisa went to turn a little but found that her feet would not move from the floor. Susan went to take a step nearer and also found the same. The broom clearly had its own will and powers. Lisa caught Susan’s eye and noticed that by her expression she too was rather worried. Just what had they unleashed?

Before Lisa could think too much about their foolish actions she was brought harshly to her senses as the broom caught the hem of her short summer dress and was lifting it up from the rear. She could feel it gliding up her bare legs and glanced down to see her knees being revealed. She went to move her arms from their folded position to grab her dress but found that they were fixed in place as if my some strange magnetic force. She tried to speak but couldn’t. Susan again tried to move but her feet would not move off the floor. Her arms too were fixed with her hands resting on her hips. She too tried to speak but found she was not able. All she could do was to look on at her petrified friend.

The dress was now up beyond her thighs and Lisa found herself blushing and could feel her heart racing. If she could have spoken she would have endeavoured to have said another spell, seeking to reverse that she had unleashed. At this point Susan’s broom leapt forward and brushed over Lisa’s feet. She tried to move them and found she could, her instinct was to try and kick her broomstick away!

She turned and began lashing out. The broom seemed to predict her every move. Susan looked on being frustrated that she couldn’t help her friend and also fearful as to what might happen next. Susan’s broom seemed to be enjoying teasing with her. Lisa soon realised that her attempts to beat the broom by kicking it were a waste of time and that she would have come up with something a bit more cleaver. The problem was that she couldn’t think just what that could be.

Lisa now stood with her back towards Susan, her hands still folded looking at the erect broom as it dancing menacingly in front of her. It then came very close and she decided on one last kick. But again she found her feet anchored to the ground. The broom then danced around Lisa’s back and stood between the two friends.

Susan watched as it then leapt up in the air and struck Lisa on the back. Immediately she bent forward. It then struck each shoulder in turn. Her arms shot forward towards the ground allowing her fingertips to rest on the floor. Lisa tried so hard to pull her hands off the floor and stand up but she was stuck good and fast.

The broom moved back between them and began to lean over. Susan looked on as the broom continued to move. She tried to speak to tell her friend what it was doing but found she couldn’t. It was now horizontal and hovering at the hem of Lisa’s dress. It began to slowly move under the fabric and gently tilted itself under the hem. It then began moving upward, carrying the dress with it. Susan found that she could not close her eyes of overt her gaze as the dress was slowly lifted. She could now see her friends slightly parted bare thighs as the dress hovered three quarters the way up her legs.

She wondered how far the broom would lift her friend’s dress. It continued moving up and up until she could just she her knickers! Surely it would not go any higher? But it did until her knickers were exposed. The dress was allowed to rest on her back. Lisa felt so stupid, if only she had left the broom alone until she had received the training. She felt herself flush with embarrassment realising the view that Susan must now be having!

Susan’s broom now started moving again whilst Lisa’s stood upright nearby as though it was observing. It then gently rose and stroked Susan’s folded arms they fell to her sides. She went to move them but found should couldn’t. The broom then touched them again, this time they moved behind her and her hands grasped each other involuntarily. The broom then rested at an angle. Its brush on the ground whilst its handle pointed toward her menacingly. It then moved forward until the end of the handle rested on her navel. Just what had it mind? Susan pondered.

Before she could think too much the broom moved quickly upward catching her top and sending its buttons in all directions! The shirt fell open resting between her petit breasts and just exposing the delicate fabric of her white lace-trimmed bra. She glanced down and observed her gently heaving chest and frayed shirt.

She saw from the corner of her eye the broom dance around and disappear behind her. Next she felt its rounded end push gently at the base of her spin. In a flash it then shot up the inside of her shirt and rested on her spine. It carried on upward at speed causing the top to fall abruptly from Susan’s shoulders and completely revealing her dainty white bra.

Lisa could see nothing from her position but could hear the tearing of fabric. Her broom then elevated itself and rested its rounded end on the small of her back, whilst Susan looked on.

It then slipped under the fabric and up the back of Lisa, who was still bent over. It rested for a few short moments, as though to cause a build up of anticipation, before pulling upwards towards the ceiling – taking most of the flimsy top with it! Lisa felt the sensation of the cotton fabric roughly brushing her small pink nipples as the top flew from her body followed by the cooling air as it caressed her nakedness. She was grateful that she hadn’t worn her new flowery bra – at least it wouldn’t be torn to bits like her new top!

Susan looked on, her hands pinned to her side. Her eyes would not even blink has her gaze was fixed on her friend’s white knickers clinging to her bent-over pert bottom. She noticed that she was still wearing her pink shoes and white ankle socks, trimmed with pink decoration which, she observed, matched her underwear.

Lisa tried not to think to much as she remained bent over, her hands on the floor and her legs slightly parted. Susan then saw the brooms rise and levitating horizontally side-by-side. They drifted between the two girls and then rearranged themselves until they were touching end-to-end. Then, in a flash, they became vertical and suspended themselves either side of Lisa.

There they rested. Lisa sensed their presence but could not see them, her tummy had butterflies and her heart was pounding. Susan continued to look on in amazement. Then it happened. The brooms pushed themselves against each side of Lisa’s slim waist their heads upward. They then rested heir bulbous ends on her flesh and run down her side. In a flash they slipped inside the delicate elasticised waist of the knickers. It one quick move they pulled in unison outward. The skimpy fabric was torn in two equal parts. Each half flying to different corners of the room.

Susan now had a view which was a completely new experience for her. Her friend’s labia and her anus! She tied to close her eyes but couldn’t. She continued to look. Lisa only had the slightest amount of downy pubic hair giving her rather large labia little camouflage. Her positioning meant that her buttocks were open enough to give a clear view of her tight pink anal ring. Susan felt herself flush with embarrassment.
Lisa could only imagine what her friend could see! She too felt herself glowing with embarrassment.

Susan still could not move. She stood there her hands grasping each other behind her back. She felt a little ridiculous wearing just her bra and short skirt whilst her friend was bending over in front of her. Her worse fear now was that someone else would enter the room!

The brooms began circling around her. One went behind whilst the other stood erect and intimidating in front of her – its globular end just inches from her face. She felt something gently strike her hands and was aware they were free of they magical entrapment. Before she could enjoy their freedom her arms shot in the air as though she was reaching for the ceiling.

Susan tried to yell but no words would come out of her mouth. The brooms danced around celebrating the fun they were having with the two novice and nieve virgin witches. Her own broom stopped dancing and moved towards her face. Its decorative end caressed her lips she felt that it was slightly damp. Its slightly musky aroma filled her nostrils. She noticed that her tongue could move and involuntarily licked her lips. It touched the brooms bulbous end, which remained on her lower lip. It tasted like the sea but was a little sticky. Her tong darted forward and was out of control. It was soon licking the engorged end of the handle lick like it was a delicious ice cream! Susan could do nothing to stop herself.

Her mind only taken off the weird sensation by what was happening behind her. She felt her long plated hair being wrapped around the other broom’s handle. It soon had control of her head. It soon was making her head bob gently up and down like a toy nodding dog. The end of her broom now slipped between her lips and feared she might choke. Her head now moved slowly up and down controlled by the stranglehold on her long hair. She could feel the bulbous end getting warmer and warmer and wetter and wetter as her disgusting tongue vigorously licked and welcomed it.

How much longer would this humiliation last? She wondered. But it was not for long. Seconds later the engorged end of the broom erupted into her mouth filling it was a salty goo and withdrew. She wanted to spit out the strange liquid. But her mouth and tongue had other ideas. Susan felt herself swallow and swallow again until she had devoured it all.

Before she could completely comprehend what had happened she was aware that her hair was now free. She was relieved and could even move her head a little. She could not see the brooms and guessed that they were both behind her. If only she could speak and say a spell to stop this going any further. All was not still and she thought that perhaps their spell was losing its power. Maybe the brooms had collapsed and returned to their dormant state? Possibly Lisa and herself would soon be able to move.

No sooner that she had wished for those things she was brought to reality. She felt her short wrap-around skirt being lifted from behind. She felt it getting tighter around her waist as the broom was twisted it around its shaft. She heard a button fall to the ground followed by another. It then disappeared behind her. She remembered she was wearing a matching set of underwear. Her tiny white lacy knickers now joined her petite white lacy bra, exposed some moments earlier.

Susan managed to gulp as she imagined was what about to occur. Her prediction was correct. One broom slipped up the back of her bra and vigorously yanked it causing the tiny clasps to break and the garment shot up her arms, over her hands and hit the ceiling. She was now only too aware that her small and puffy breasts and pink nipples were now exposed, and she could do nothing to cover them. It wasn’t being naked that was concerning her, she had become accustomed to that during her time at the college. It was more the circumstances that were unacceptable.

Then she felt the brooms slid up her outer thighs and then up inside the elasticised leg of her dainty knickers. It a flash they tore them from her revealing her small rounded bottom and dainty mound of dark pubic hair. All that remained of her fetching outfit were her pink shoes and white ankle socks.

Her hands then were released and they fell beside her. She then felt a push on her back and she bent over her hands reaching for the floor to stabilise her. She looked up and realised that her face was just a fraction away from Lisa’s exposed most intimate places! Her long hair was again grasped and her head manoeuvred. Susan’s tongue moved around her mouth involuntarily, as though it was seeking out as tasty morsel. Her tongue had always been of interest to others. The fact that it was long and that she could touch the end of her nose with it always got a laugh at parties. In a science lesson she impressed her fellow students by being in the minority that could role her tongue.

Then she felt her whole body jolt forward and her lips were now pressed hard up against Lisa’s virgina. Her musk filled her mouth and nostrils and she tried her hardest to turn her head away. Touching her friend was one thing she had come to terms with during their anointing and manipulation lessons. But she had never imagined that she would have to perform such an act as this. Before she new what was happening her sluttish tongue was doing its own thing. Lapping at Lisa’s exposed labia and finding her slit between them.

Lisa could not believe what was happening either. She tried to move but was unable. She tired to beg for the assault to stop but could not speak. Her best friend was now licking her and entering her with her enormous tongue and there was nothing she could do. Susan was aware that something was pushing her legs apart. Once it had succeeded it began stroking her inner thigh. She realised that it was the head of her broom.

Within in seconds its wetness could be felt touching her virgina. Unlike Susan’s her labia was neat, small and hard to see, even in her current position. The bulbous head persisted in its gentle and moist probing. Soon it managed to separate her womanhood and begin to rub itself at her tight entrance. To date only Lisa’s and her own smallest finger had entered her and only on a few occasions. Lisa enjoyed and encouraged Susan to finger her on many occasions. Susan was happy to give this pleasure to her friend but not so keen to receive it. But now she was feeling a strange occurrence it the bottom of her tummy. She realised that this overwhelming feeling that was overcoming her entire body must be an orgasm – and it was her first.

Susan almost blacked out with the pleasure whilst her tongue continues to satisfy her friend. Within in seconds she too came. They then both felt their young bodies drop to the floor exhausted. Within moments they came to the realisation that they had regained control of their bodies. They stood up instinctively covering their bare breasts with their hands and looked around. They saw their tattered clothing strewn around and the brooms lying motionless on their respective beds.

They gave each other an embrace and pledged not to repeat what had happened to anyone. They would not dabble with their brooms again unless under expert instruction. Both Lisa and Susan now knew the reason why some referred to the broomstick as a riding pole!

Ritual Preparation

Today was a special day as Ms Rubster was coming to teach her favourite subject – the Ritual itself. All they had done so far would come into the great Rite but they still needed to know the finer points.

She handed them out a piece of paper each with the following on;

A. Ritual Preparation
1. Define purpose
2. Write ritual
3. Gather necessary tools
4. Prepare area
5. Prepare body
B. Open Circle
1. Find true North
2. Set up Magickal ‘doorway’
3. Call the Watchtowers / Elemental Quarters
C. Invocation to the deities
1. Align self with deity
2. Invoke deities
D. Statement of Purpose
E. Actual Rite
1. Working
a. Complete preliminary manual or visual task
b. Raise power / energy
c. Focus power / energy
d. Ground power / energy
2. Honouring
a. Complete preliminary manual or visual task
b. Dedicate cakes and wine
c. Partake in cakes and wine
F. Meditation
G. Thanking the deities
H. Closing the Circle
1. Mentally and verbally close the

She talked through the basics and now said it was up to them to carry out research and prepare. The readers would be there to assist. The ritual was now only four weeks away. How the eight months had flown by.

They did as instructed each one assuming a different role. Hermione was to be the Queen of the Sabbat! She would be given the role of taking on the persona of the goodness, to act as the Priestess for the Sabbat, Hermione was delighted to have been chosen for such an elevated and important role. Lavender Brown reminded herself of why so, so disliked Hermione Granger!

Ginny would be the maiden on the alter. Alicia Spinnet, Lavender Brown, Katie Bell and Hannah Abbott would represent the elements and the four points of the compass. Angelina would represent the horned god and the remaining two, Lisa Turpin and Susan Bones would assist the priestess. It was explained that once agreeing the roles the die was cast and no one could back out or change their mind.

They then all went of to research their roles. This is when some more shocks were in for a fledgling craft workers. Angelina would have to wear a large phallus. Ginny would not just have to lay on the alter but would have to be tied up with ropes!

However, they were all exited about the Great Rite and were looking forward to it being seen by Ms Rubster and all the female students and staff. The worked hard on their lines and were told that on the day the finer mystical instructions would be given. These could only be given at the real ritual and couldn’t be practiced. In good faith the hard working and dedicated young witches believed and trusted.

The Great Rite
Many months of training had passed and it was now the magic day in June. In just a few hours they would be carry out the Great Rite in the Wooden Henge in the old Oak Wood in front of nearly twenty students and members of staff.

They now got ready in deadly seriousness. Ms Rubster came and gave them her best wishes as did Harmony and Liberty. They left them all with a special potion which they had to drink before leaving the building.

The drank the potion and at exactly 11.35pm they walked soberly along a candle lit pathway to the Wooden Henge wearing their gowns and cloaks. The Henge itself was bathed in moonlight and highlighted by oil lambs,
‘This truly is a magical place.’ thought Hermione as she walked slowly to her position.
Around the outside of the wooden Henge were the female students and staff wearing the different coloured cloaks.
Inside the circle the students took their places. Ginny on the alter awaiting the ropes that would bind her. Angelina tried to strap on the phallus and others took up the points of the compass to represent the four old elements.
Liberty then walked up to Hermione and gave her a sealed scroll. She pulled the ribbon and began to read its contents as Liberty walked briskly away.
It said,
The words written hear will fade quickly. As they do new word will appear. Read and speak quickly and clearly. These things must be followed,

1. Order all those taking part in ritual to be skyclad

What does that mean thought Hermione slightly panicking. She turned to her two assistants. Fortunately, they had studied well and Susan Bones stated that that was old speak for naked!

Quickly she shouted out the order,
‘Get skyclad that means naked!’
Immediately the students obeyed trying to forget that others could see there nakedness.

2. Tie maiden to alter with legs wide open and sole together.
The two assistance positioned the somewhat surprised Ginny into the embarrassing position.

3. When you hear the magical music dance around the alter
Hermione told the students the massage and almost immediately the magical sounds started. As if intoxicated they began to follow the routines they had learnt. Moving slowly and dreamily around embracing each other, kissing and touching. Hands gently brushed over bare breasts, thighs and bottoms. Kisses found cheeks and breasts. After some ten minutes the music faded away and Hermione found herself holding the scroll again.

4. When you put the scroll down massage the maiden as you have been taught and let each witch pleasure her too.

Hermione read out the instruction and immediately they all moved forwards assaulting every part of the young woman’s body. Not one part was left untouched. After some ten minutes of caressing inside and out she let out a massive scream of pleasure and they stopped their playing. Everyone observing enjoyed seeing Hannah Abbott, a pink-faced girl, whose blonde pigtails bounced up and down as she rubbed Ginny’s small but cute breasts.

5. Now let the one with the phallus enter the maiden

Hermione again gave the instruction without thinking of the consequences
Before she had taken a breath Angelica was standing before the alter naked with phases strapped in place. Its end glisten with oil and she stood pointed near the wet and gaping orifice of young Ginny. She started to slide it in assisted by Lisa and Susan who between them somehow knew how to prepare her tight opening for the crafter dido. Gently they rubbed her orifice with oils and pulled open her labia. The phallus was soon sunk inside with Angelica writhing on the other end. The Music was now playing again and everyone gathered around the alter touching and kissing each other. The yelps and begging of Ginny could not be heard as she begged for the dildo to be removed from her petit freckly body.

6. You are now to worship at each other alters, came the next command.

‘What does that mean?’ said Hermione to her assistants.
Oh my gods…’ replied Susan obviously too shocked to say what it meant.
In desperation she turned to Lisa.
Lisa gulped and spoke with tears in her eyes,
‘It means we have to lick each other.
‘Pardon? Questioned Hermione
We have to lick each other’s virginas.’ explained the worried young woman.
Hermione quickly shouted out the command and to her amazement girls paired up, including her two assistants. Soon all eight young woman had their tongues deep into each other as the crowd looked op.
Hermione then saw the familiar face of Ms Rubster walking toward her only wearing a white gown. When she got within a few feet she dropped it to the ground revealing her well toned thirty-year-old body. She took Hermione by the arms and pulled her to the ground. With the help of her two naked readers Herminie’s face was guided into her neatly trimmed cunt. Soon the 18 year old was on all fours licking her wetness whilst Liberty performed the same act on her from behind.

Harmony and the female teachers now entered the Henge. They beckoned to the audience of some fifteen teenage woman to stand and walk forward. The slowly obeyed. Then as from no where a fierce warm wind whipped around the outside of the hedge. Capes flew off the young women in all directions. Those wearing dresses and skirts desperately clung onto the hems to preserve their modesty. Again the wind hit, this time relieving the girls of their tops. Blouses, jumpers, shirts and halter necks flew into the air and away. They stood around glued to the ground unable to run as all went quiet.
The staff and those in the Henge stopped what they were doing and looked on.
Another blast arrived this time ripping off shorts, jeans, dresses and skirts. The young women we left just wearing an assortment of underwear apart for one poor girl who had neglected to wear a bra under her jumper due to the warm evening. Their hands locked to their sides by magic made it impossible to cover themselves.
The staff began to drop their cloaks to reveal their skimpy white gowns.

A final massive mighty wind arrived and the remaining items of clothing were torn from the young fresh bodies. Bras, knickers, vests, shoes, tights and stockings flew up and away. They were all naked and frozen to the spot. Liberty and Honesty went among them administering a special potion to their lips assuring the pupils that this would unfreeze them. That was sort of true, it did. But it also loosened their inhibitions and once the music started they began a similar routine to that which they had witnessed earlier.

The tutors were soon mingling amongst their students touching and feeling, as was Hermione and her classmates. It wasn’t long before every student had been fondled and touched in every intimate place.
But it was Hermione, the model student that they all wanted more than anything else.
While the students danced, kissed and touched each other, the female members of staff took turns to enjoy Hermione, getting her to kiss and lick each of them on almost every part of their bodies. Before returning the favour to her. They had all heard of her noisy and load climaxes and wanted to hear one for themselves!
Finally, Hermione carried out the final act of submission to Ms Rubster – The Kiss of Obedience. The Priestess bent forward of the now cleared alter and Liberty and Honesty parted her curvaceous buttocks. Hermione moved forward and with all witnessing planted a wet kiss on Ms Rubster’s anus. As instructed by Liberty she made sure her tongue pushed forward between her lips as she planted a long kiss. Thus her tongue tasted her and entered her, pushing past her sphincter which grasped the tip of her tongue as though to welcome it in. In less than a minute the deed was done and Hermione was now in the exclusive coven. She could now chose which ever student she wanted for her pleasure. She saw the one she wanted. She looked a little like herself but more petite, She had wild dark curly hair and a impish face and green eyes. She asked her name.
The girl replied, ‘Daisy Bailey miss.’
She took her back to her room and lovingly

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