Kylie’s Basic Training

Author: Dan

Kylie had never really thought of herself as being a bisexual female and never imagined that she would ever want to be with another woman in a lesbian girl on girl sexual relationship that was until she enlisted in an all female basic training unit for the local reservists. Usually it was a combined group but with them finding it hard to recruit women they decided they would offer this one off service for women as encouragement to become a part of a the nations great defence force.

It was a three-month course with more women than Kylie thought would ever consider a course like this one. A lot of the women were around Kylie’s age but others were slightly older, but that wasn’t a concern. She knew that life for the next three months was going to be hard with full on discipline and exercise almost twenty-four hours per day would be pure hell with out the stiff cock or two to satisfy her sexual needs… Kylie is a gorgeous babe with baby blue eyes and a firm well exercised trim body. Her breasts were full and certainly stood out in her khaki uniform…

It was going to be a gruelling three months and it was into the tenth week of physical fitness, marching, training and exercises and being yelled at that Kylie began to feel horny. She also began to pay attention to the other females in her unit. Kylie found herself watching them. It didn’t matter where she was, she would sneak a peek. She found a lot of them were very attractive and horny as well. But knowing she couldn’t instigate any sexual offerings she just kept watch.

When they showered, the whole unit showered together. It was the best opportunity for Kylie to look. She felt like a peeping Tom as she found herself staring at clean shaven snatches, furry beavers, cheeky butts, cute asses and breasts that make you go hmmm…

All the hot women who were only an arms length away from her at any one moment turned on Kylie in the last two weeks. She loved how the girls pranced around showing off and literally teasing every other girl in the showers. Kylie was ecstatic especially of she caught a glimpse of a furry mound when a gorgeous babe would bend over in front of her.

Kylie felt a bit uneasy to start with, questioning her sexuality but it didn’t stop her fantasising and playing with her hot juicy pussy late at night. Masturbating herself until she climaxed silently under the bedclothes. She never let on to anyone about how turned on she was with lots of hot babes, bare tits and hot twats parading around in front of her.

After the training sessions Kylie decided this was the life for her even though she had given up sex for three months she knew that this life would be great. She signed up for a permanent unit knowing she would be working her butt off for three years. The unit she was assigned was to be a mixed unit and the only difference was that ever Tom, dick and Harry were trying to get into her pants.

They saw Kylie as the hot sexy babe that she was so it wasn’t surprising that the guys couldn’t leave her alone, but she was finding all the fuss was a turn off for her. For someone who loved sex she even surprised herself and to get away from the calls of “frigid” because she wouldn’t give out to the sexual invitations she spent a lot of time in the females only section of the barracks.

The female section was great. The women got together and talked about any problems they maybe experiencing during their stay and shared ways of sorting through them…

Kylie soon became great friends with another sexy hot babe. She introduced herself as Tammy. Tammy had only recently been assigned to the same unit and she too had been subjected to the sexual invitations…

Tammy was impressed with the way Kylie stood her ground and it wasn’t long before they became very good friends. With the small talk out of the way Tammy confided in Kylie about how she had sex with one of the guys which led to nothing but abuse afterwards so now she retreats to the privacy of the women’s only section whenever she has the chance.

Tammy and Kylie had had a hard day of outdoor exercises and parades leaving them with their night free to do what they pleased so long as they didn’t leave the barracks so they headed off to the showers together. There were a group of guys hanging around waiting to catch a glimpse of their naked bodies under their bathrobes but the girls wouldn’t give them the opportunity of even a sneak preview. Just the thought of them knowing that they were indeed naked turned the girls on, but with Kylie feeling horny knowing she was more eager to catch a glimpse of Tammy’s naked body than to spend time worrying about the guys seeing her naked.

Once in the showers they both removed their robes stepped into the open showers and turned on the water. Kylie was beside herself. Her pussy was on fire as she watched the gentle movements of her friend. Her darkened skin was firm all over and very inviting. Tammy’s cute ass was cheeky and perfectly rounded; her breasts were firm and perky. Tammy wasn’t smoothly shaven like many of the women in the other unit she had a beautiful thick bush covering her mound…

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