Under The Rainbow (Part 2)

Author: Cecilia

They pulled up to Jessie’s house, Terresa patted Jessie’s thigh and gave her a reassuring smile. Jessie hopped out of the car and hurried up to the door, fumbled a bit with her keys. “Get a hold of yourself, its just Terresa,” She thought. Finally the key fit the hole and the knob turned. She walked in, turned on the kitchen light. Terresa walked in, holding that black bag, closed and locked the door behind her. She walked over to the living room and sat down on the couch. As she began rummaging through her bag, she let out a giggle, which in turn made a shiver travel down Jessie’s spine.

Terresa beckoned Jessie to come to her in the living room and relax. Jessie slowly made her way to her living room, her heart was racing, and her eyes focused on that black bag. Jessie sat down on the couch next to Terresa. Terresa noticed Jessie’s eyes haven’t left the bag and decided to ease her worry for her. “Jessie babe, I think by now you’ve figured out what I had planned for tonight. Nothing in this bag will cause you pain,” she paused to smile “well: much pain that is.” With that having been said she leaned over to Jessie and placed a kiss on her soft lips. In a very firm voice Terresa said, “Now, Jessie, I want to see your beautiful body, take off your clothes.”

Jessie gasped not only from the order that came from her best friends mouth, but also from the surge of excitement that traveled down her spine. Jessie rose from the couch and began to undress. She slid her hands up her hips to the bottom hem of her shirt and began to pull it up, slowly revealing her flat tummy, then the underside of her round breasts and finally up and over her head. She placed her sleeveless shirt onto the couch beside her and returned her attention to her skirt. She wrapped her arms behind her back, slowly drawing the zipper down.

Feeling Terresa’s eyes focused on her, she pulled the sides of her skirt apart and slipped it past her slender hips, let it fall to the floor and stepped out of it. She felt her nipples grow hard under Terresa’s gaze; every inch of her body was tingling. She continued to strip as she brought her hands up to the front of her bra and with a small flick of her wrists her breasts were released. She slowly slid each side apart making sure to run her fingertips across her erect nipples. Terresa’s face expressed her feelings as Jessie’s full breasts were released, she began to lick her lips and play with her own nipples through the thin material of her “Cat suit.”

Jessie tossed her bra over the back of the couch and cupped her breasts, looked at Terresa as if in question what to do next. Terresa was quick to jump at her friend‘s hesitation; she reached into the bag and felt for the riding crop. Once she found it, she flicked her wrist and heard the sound of leather hitting flesh. “I told you to take it all off, Jessie, NOW.” Jessie gasped again and felt herself moisten, in disbelief she let her hands fall from her breasts. She slid her thumbs into the waistband of her panties and began to tug lightly, pulling lightly past her hips, revealing her hairy pussy to Terresa. Jessie bent fully at the waist, worked her panties down to her feet and stepped out of them. “Very good my lovely,” said Terresa as she eyed every inch of Jessie’s body. Terresa stood up, walked over to Jessie, traced the riding crop across Jessie’s collarbone, around her shoulders, and across her bare back.

She returned to stand in front of Jessie, pressed her full lips against Jessie’s letting her tongue slip from her mouth and explore Jessie’s. Feeling Jessie begin to kiss her back, Terresa cut the kiss short. She turned around, and lifted her long brown hair, “Undress me, Jessie.” Jessie obediently raised her hands to the zipper at the nape of Terresa’s neck and began to draw it down, traveling the entire length of her back, to the curve of her ass. Jessie then pealed each side a part revealing Terresa’s back; she leaned forward and began to kiss Terresa’s back, causing Terresa to moan unexpectedly. Terresa worked her arms out of her suit and turned around. Facing Jessie she palmed the riding crop, “Well, what are you waiting for, I’m not undressed yet. You must need another spanking.”

Jessie quickly shook her head no and returned her attention to Terresa’s waist, gently pulling on the outfit; she lowered herself to her knees. As she worked the clothing past Terresa’s hips, she noticed Terresa had no panties on. Jessie leaned forward a bit, caught the smell of Terresa’s excitement, and felt the stirring within her body grow stronger. She worked Terresa’s outfit down her smooth thighs and past her calves, onto the floor. She then felt the cold leather underneath her chin. Terresa looked down at Jessie and pulled up on the riding crop, forcing Jessie to rise.

Terresa flashed a smile at Jessie then looked down at her bra, still holding her breasts close to her chest. Jessie wrapped her arms around Terresa and fiddled a bit with the clasps of the bra, finally she felt the familiar release and brought her hands up to the shoulder straps. She pulled them down Terresa’s arms and tossed it aside.

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