Cyber Lezzies II – Grinding Lust

Author: Dan

My pussy still twitching from a fabulous orgasm, my seat soaked with pussy juices, I typed into the chatroom


< meg > I’ve never gone down on a woman before Kitty. What if I do it wrong?

< Kitty > Nothing to be nervous about babe. Eat her the way that you like to be eaten. Pretend it’s me that you are eating, just like you have always eaten my pussy in this room. Better yet, why not take her into the shower, lather her up and freshen yourself, get her all turned on, relax, then it will just cum naturally. Have fun babe

I signed off of chat and turned down the computer, Maxine was still there, kneeling between my legs. Taking her by the hand, I helped her up and dared to kiss her on the lips. I could taste my pussy still fresh on her smooth skin and I kissed her again, then lead her into the bathroom, closing the door behind us.

The water was hot, the air warm and steamy as I undressed Maxine, tight knit sweater, sports bra, loose fitting jeans and socks folded and set on top of the clothes hamper. I slid my thumbs beneath the elastic that secured her white cotton panties and eased them down over her hips, my eyes catching glimpse of her perfectly shaved pussy as I moved them down to her ankles and helped her to step out of them.

Sliding the shower curtain open, I lead Maxine in and drew it closed. The water was so hot and soothing as I stood her beneath the steady spray and began to run my hands silkily across her pinkened skin. She took in all of the attention that I was lavishing on her built athletic body, swirls of lather across her shoulders, her back, her mid section, her firm round ass. I couldn’t believe that I was doing this, but it did feel natural and I was loving it as much as Maxine was. Twirling the soap within my drenched fists, I worked up as much later as I could and moved to her exceptionally firm breasts, washing them with squeezes and gentle brushes across her nipples. Maxine watched every move I made, taking it all in and pulling her into a kiss, my hand moved lower to her silken flower and I washed it with care, my fingers spreading her wet pussy lips, swirling the lather into her warm folds. I had never bathed a woman so intimately before but it felt very much like I was washing my own, but definitely sexier.

Towel dried hair, dampened skin, I lead her to the lowly lit bedroom, my heart racing at what I was about to do. “You’re so beautiful Maxine”, I whispered, eyes locked deeply into hers, my lips getting closer, the hunger on them to kiss her. She really is beautiful and why no one had snatched her up before now was beyond me, but I stayed in the moment and kissed her softly, tugging her pouty lower lip between mine. Maxine put her arms around me, pulling my naked body to hers, breast to breast, hips to hips, we kissed long and hard until I gently nudged her backward onto the bed.

I moved with my feelings, letting my tongue lick her sweet skin, hands caressing her curves, Maxine lay still, her eyes closed, obviously not objecting to my sensuous advances. I brought my mouth to her hardening nipple where I twirled my tongue in tiny circles around it. Maxine emitted tiny gasps of arousal and I continued to squeeze and suck her tits, oh they were so sweet and firm. I moved back up to her lips, laying my body softly against hers, kissing her deeply, I began to rub my mound against hers, feeling her breath quicken, feeling her readiness to be eaten.

My heart raced as I moved down across her body, spreading her thighs and positioning myself between her slender muscular legs. I brushed my lips softly against her shaven pussy, exploring it’s tender smooth petals, looking up at Maxine who was looking back at me, biting her lower lip in anticipation of my inexperienced pleasures. I let my tongue trace it’s fullness, running it slightly into it’s perfect slit and sliding my hands beneath her thighs, I locked myself there, my mouth ready to devour every bit of her sweet musky honey pot.

Maxine squeezed her breasts, exhaling a very sensuous hiss as I parted her pussy lips and took in its deep pink folds, inhaling her sweet cunt perfume. The inner flesh was glistening with wetness as I focused on her delicate clit, hardening and ready for my sucks and licks. I gave long flat tongue laps up her entire gash and spread her further, feeling the tiny pulses her clit gave every time my tongue danced across it. I was eating Maxine and her pussy was definitely showing its approval.

Pulling back the hood of her clit, made it protrude even closer to my lips and I sucked it softly, forming my mouth into a tiny o, moving it in small circles, letting my tongue brush against it’s sensitive tip. Maxine thrust her hips forward, squeezing her breasts, semi consciously forcing her pussy harder against me. I swayed my focus from her pussy to her thighs, giving long licks up the smooth skin, then when she least expected it, I dove into her pussy, pressing my face into it’s drenched folds and drove my tongue into her sweet dripping cunt.

I devoured her pussy like it was confection, darting my tongue in and out of her sweet honey hole, then moving up to draw firm circles around her clit, then back down to drive it deep into her hot musky cunt again. Maxine was thrusting her tits upward in moaning purring back arches, “Oh shit… oh shit… oooooooooo meg…. mmmmmmmmm… oh shit!” and the sounds of her arousal was causing my own pussy to grow wet again, my clit giving small begging twitches to be satisfied again.

I moved up from my position between her legs, “Spread your legs Max, I am going to fuck you, I am going to fuck your pussy with mine”

Meg spread her legs wide and I slid one leg under hers, one across her other thigh, pressing my aching cunt against hers and started rocking my ass, rubbing clit to clit, fuck hole to fuck hole and went insane with lust as Maxine grabbed at her tits and moaned loudly. The smacking sounds of our cunt juices, the scent of our hot cunts colliding brought me to the edge in a hurry.

I locked my eyes onto Maxine, grinding my pussy in a fury against hers and howled in an explosive orgasm as I watched her eyes roll back and listened to her screams as her own orgasm flooded through her, “Oh Meggggggg… Ohhhhhhhh Megggggggggggg… I’m cumminggggggggg…. I’m cumminggggggggggggg….. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Megggggggggggggggggggggg!!!!!!”

I made small brushes of my contracting pussy against hers, watching as she spasmed uncontrollably, until she reached down and cupped her spent cunt, unable to handle any more touches to her hypersensitive clit.

Crawling up to lay beside her, I gave a small pinch to her nipple and pressed my lips to hers again, wanting my roomy to taste the juices of her own pussy.

Maxine stretched and let out the softest contented purr, “It was good for Kitty, was it good for you?”

We both laughed and let’s just say that the lesbian heat continued as the northeasterly raged outside.

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