Grinding In The Sand

Author: Steph

I lay there on the beach soaking up the sun. The day just couldn’t get any better. I was thousands of miles from work, rush hour traffic, anyone I knew and I didn’t have a damned thing planned. As I watched the waves roll in and back out again I began to think about the nightlife here. I can’t very well sit on the beach the entire time. I mean I loved it, but I needed to get my blood pumping. Some excitement! I swung by the front desk of the resort I was staying at and asked what they did to pass their time. I didn’t want to go to a tourist spot, I wanted a real place, where they didn’t jack up the prices and have a bunch of rich “to-dos” rubbing in that they are rolling in money. I hate that. It took me three years to save up for this trip. So I wanted to be around people like me, real people. They told me about a club on the other side of the island, a little hole in the wall. I thanked them and headed up to my room.

I went through my clothes and got out my favorite outfit. It screamed fuck me! I loved the attention I got when I wore it. A black leather mini skirt
that barely covered my round ass, and a black off the shoulders blouse that
had an extremely low neck line. Well it was more of a breast line since it showed them off quite nicely. I had to wear a shelf bra when I wore that shirt and it forced my tits up accenting my cleavage. I quickly showered, got dressed and took a look at myself in the mirror. Oh damn I looked good. My breasts looked as though they were going to pop out of my shirt.

I finally found the club. They weren’t kidding, it was a little hole in the wall. Definitely not a place the “richy-rich” would go. I heard the music thumping even before I got inside. I paid my five-dollar cover charge and was in. The place was dimly lit, aside from the flashing lights around the dance floor. I worked my way around to the bar and ordered a drink.

I spun around on my stool and surveyed the place. Lots of people there, it was bigger than it looked from the outside. After a few moments of gathering my nerve I made way to the dance floor. I easily picked up the beat and began to sway my hips. The floor was crowded and I kept bumping into people. No one minded, I guess they were used to it. I was lost in the music, and the drink I had went straight to my head. I felt someone consistently bumping against me from behind, so I thought I’d play along. I took a step back and let my ass rub against them.

As the fast paced song faded into a slow one, I thought for sure the person behind me was going to leave. To my surprise I felt their hands move around my waist and as they leaned in closer I felt her tits against my back. I smiled. A chic! I let down my guard and leaned into her. I could smell her shampoo. I felt tingles travel along my spine and the longer we danced the more turned on I got.

After the song ended she tugged at my hips, letting me know she wanted to go sit down. We got to a table and she ordered two beers. “So where are ya from sexy?” I smiled, “Florida. I’m down here for a month.” She smiled. We made light conversation as we felt each other out. Out of no where she asked if I wanted to get out of there and go some place quiet. I nodded.

We walked a few blocks and were at the beach. “Well I guess I can spend the night on the beach too,” I thought and laughed. She grabbed my hand and looked up at me. “What’s so funny?” “Oh nothing.” She leaned in and kissed me. I was shocked. We walked for a little while long and ended up between a few sand dunes. She turned to me and grabbed my hands, pressing her lips against mine again. I should have been nervous about being with a complete stranger in the middle of night, alone.

She eased us down to the sand and lay on top of me. She quickly popped my tits out from the neckline of my blouse. Her warm breath against my skin sent waves of excitement up my spine. She flicked her tongue like a serpent over my hardening nipples as her hands worked my skirt up past my hips. My panties were no match for her and lay beside me in an instant. The sand pressed into my skin as she moved down my body. She wasn’t playing around, she was getting right to the point.

She pressed her face against my mound, resting her chin right at the top of my slit. With a final look up she plunged her tongue into my wet pussy. My moans were lost in the crashing of the waves. As her tongue circled around my clit, never actually touching, I whimpered and squirmed. I was so horny, I wanted her to tongue fuck me, not tease me. Her flattened tongue finally ran over my clit setting fireworks off in my body. I quickly slipped my fingers into her thick black hair and began to grind my hips against her face. Faster and faster she swirled her tongue over and around my throbbing slit until I exploded. My juices flowed freely into her mouth. She buried her face into my pussy causing my climax to go further, and coat her face in my slick fluids.

I didn’t wait until my orgasm was over before I sat up and rolled her over. I wanted to taste her! It was my turn. I quickly removed her tight shorts. Her mocha skin was covered in sand and glistened in the moonlight. I didn’t care about the sand and went straight for her snatch. My nose was filled with her musky scent. I playfully slicked her lips and watched her squirm before slipping my tongue deep into her pussy. She tightened her thighs around the side of my head as I ate her out. She tasted delicious, sweet and salty at the same time. My tongue wagged wildly over her clit and plunged deep into her wetness like a little cock. After a few moments I slipped my finger deep inside her and I felt her muscles squeeze tightly around it. I continued to lick and suck her clit as I worked my finger in and out of her sweetness.

She writhed in the sand like someone possessed and tightened her grip around my head with her thighs. She was going to cum. I licked harder and faster, her black pubic hair tickling my nose. I felt her hand grab a handful of my hair and push hard. Her pussy began to spasm and her juices covered my finger. She shuddered and then her moans died out. I moved my way up her body and kissed her deeply, our juices mixing in our mouths. We lay there for a while, gathering the strength to stand up. Once we did, I took her back to my place and introduced her to some of my toys. It was the best vacation I’ve ever had.

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