Lori – A Neighbor’s Delight Ch8

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Lori – A Neighbor’s Delight – Chapter 8

Kim’s heart beat fast in anticipation. Suddenly the turmoil, the traumatic adventure with Ken was behind her. She had to do it, she reflected. Kim would have done anything in the world for the chance to be with the woman of her dreams. The price of giving the vile old man a most disgusting blowjob had been worth it. Besides, it wasn’t nearly as bad as she would have thought. Kim rubbed the filthy slim off her face and watched the two Pattersons plus her little brother depart the house out the front door.

The door slammed and they were gone. Kim breathed a big sigh of relief to finally be rid of her horrible neighbor but her heart beat rapidly. She was very excited. For years she had fantasized about Lori who she considered the most adorably, attractive woman in the world. She had just paid a dear price for the opportunity to be with the older woman. Ken Patterson had made her suck his filthy cock and it was something Kim never thought she would do in a million years. But the Pattersons had promised her that she would be able to have her dream woman.

She stood in Lori’s living room unsure of what to do. ‘After all these years and so many fantasies,’ Kim thought. ‘Lori is distraught and needs my TLC. She’s downstairs and needs me,’ Kim reassured herself.

As a young, innocent girl, Kim came to the realization she was different than most girls. Every time she looked at Lori, it made her heart skip so many beats she felt faint. It was the strangest feeling. And as she grew older, Kim actually felt a desire and a yearning to be with the older woman, to touch and caress her sexy body. Kim played out the role of a dominant girl or woman in her everyday life now that she was over twenty years old.

She never forgot those close, intimate times when Lori babysat her. Kim had looked forward to her parents going out and leaving her with a babysitter. The one time she had gotten the chance to see Lori’s naked body remained in her mind over the years. How she prayed to have a sexy, gorgeous body just like Lori?

Then her little brother’s best friend, Sean Patterson, had promised Kim that he could make her dream of possessing Lori come true. Kim had vowed to do whatever it took to accomplish her goal, evenfall victim to the Patterson’s blackmail. So when Sean offered a chance for Kim to spy on her brother losing his virginity with Lori, Kim jumped at the chance. Unfortunately for Kim that was how Ken caught her spying and took advantage of her.

The wicked Mr. Patterson discovered her in Lori’s house. Sean had laid out a perfect scheme to allow Kim to watch everything that went on downstairs by hooking a camera to the living room television. Kim was told when, where and how to spy on Lori. She hesitated at first to follow the devious directions but could not resist the temptation for long.

When Ken caught her in Lori’s living room watching the torrid scenes with the two teenage boys and Lori, he surprised Kim. The initial shock allowed the strong, demeaning man to gain the upper hand, which he used to his great advantage. Ken threatened to expose the fact that her beloved Lori seduced a mere teenager. That frightened Kim as she felt a special bond towards Lori, but further, he threatened to spread the sordid details of Kim being a full-fledged lesbian to everyone in the neighborhood. But it was the man’s promise to set her up with Lori that decided Kim’s fate. Kim realized the reward of complying with any of Ken’s demands was worth the drastic measures of submitting to his blackmail.

Almost in a trancelike state, Kim cleaned up the disgusting remnants of the blowjob. She straightened her clothing, put her fingers through her hair in an effort to make it look neater, and wiped the sticky cum off her flushed face. She had just experienced the most dramatic event in her young life but the resolve to move on was strong. The excitement was building and her stomach felt like it was full of butterflies making her head swim with exhilaration.

Kim could hear rustling sounds from the downstairs. Slowly, she descended the stairs until she came face to face with the woman of her dreams. Lori had donned the red outfit that had been stripped from her body by the villainous teenagers earlier in the evening. Both women were speechless.

The young woman stared at Lori and admired the gorgeous mother of two who looked so seductively sexy. Lori wondered what Kim was doing in her home but it was the young woman who spoke first. “That bastard, Mr. Patterson, got me over here. He made me suck his c…,” she said but had trouble speaking. “He made me give him a blowjob. Oh, God! I had to suck his cock and it was so awful, so awful,” she said and shivered with the memory.

Instantly, Lori could see the girl’s cute face twist in agony. She felt that motherly tenderness of all women and put her arms out to the young neighbor. Lori sensed a special compassion towards the girl because of babysitting her for many years and it was almost like Kim was an adopted daughter. The young woman immediately fell into the open arms feeling a boost of confidence from Lori’s kindness.

She knew it was time. Time for all her past fantasies and dreams to become reality. Kim was not a timid or passive person. Her close girlfriends could testify that she acted like a dyke and was totally dominate in all her lesbian relationships. The ex-babysitter was about to find out what kind of woman Kim had grown up to be.

Without any uncertainty, the young woman hugged her mentor, determined to demonstrate exactly who was going to teach whom. Kim’s left hand innocently slipped under the back of the tank top and caressed Lori’s warm, velvety flesh. Her right hand dipped downward and into the loose waistband of the red skirt. Without a second’s hesitation, Kim’s groping hand closed on the cheek of Lori’s butt.

Lori tried to push away from Kim, but surprisingly she found that she was held tight against the young woman’s, hard body. The girl’s superior strength sort of shocked Lori but she managed to find her voice. “Kim, dear. Kim, what are you doing?” Lori asked as the daring hand caressed her luscious ass with reckless abandonment.

When Kim had entered the expansive room, she made herself a promise. She was determined to make the best of the glorious opportunity offered by the disgusting Patterson family no matter what it took. Sure, she realized that Lori would be upset at first, but the woman would eventually fall under her spell. After all, Kim knew that any of the girls who she was attracted to in a sexual manner in the past had all succumbed to her lesbian charms.

Ask any of the three girls in Kim’s lesbian sorority from the college. The three girls and Kim had formed a loving, sexual bond, which looked for innocent victims. The four students with Kim as their leader had seduced numerous girls, but none as desirable as Lori.

Kim did not want to share her dream woman with her girlfriends at first, but she eventually found the idea thoroughly stimulating. The young woman pictured the twins raping Lori. Sally and Sarah were extremely submissive and obedient when they were with Kim but not with others. Kim remembered the last woman the two gorgeous girls fucked. She had been a married woman, in fact a teacher at the college. When the twins were finished with her, she was their devoted lover and a full convert.

Probably what amazed Kim most regarding the twins was how they worked together attacking a poor victim with four hands, two mouths and more weapons than a normal woman could endure. A shiver of excitement shot down her spine with the purely erotic fantasy of Lori being assaulted by the two, young women. Kim realized that of all the relationships and affairs she had encountered to date, the ones with Sally and Sarah were most thrilling. She loved being made love to by two, sexy girls at a time. With a chuckle, she realized that more, three or four at a time, was even better.

Kim suddenly snapped out of a daydream at the sound of Lori’s voice. “Kim, please, dear. Gawd, Kim. What are you doing?” Lori protested while trying to evade the young woman. She kept her feet moving backwards but quickly ran out of territory. The shocked woman stumbled slightly when she backed into the pool table as the younger woman blocked any impending escape that Lori could contemplate.

Suddenly Kim grabbed the bottom of the loose fitting top and yanked it up and over Lori’s head. Lori was utterly shocked at the bold attack by the young woman whom she trusted emphatically.

Lori opened her mouth to protest but Kim beat her to the punch. “You don’t want people to find out about Joey… about how you stole his virginity? Him being a teenager and all?” Kim whispered. Her sky, blue eyes held Lori’s in a riveting stare and the confident grin on her face said it all.

What could she say, Lori wondered? Kim was absolutely correct in assuming that Lori was about to fall victim to one more blackmail scheme. It was probably the most astounding thing that ever happened to Lori when the girl took her dainty hand in her own. Then she led the bewildered woman down the short hallway into the spare bedroom. Not one word was said as Lori followed the young woman like a slave in training.

Lori’s legs worked but not with perfect coordination. She wobbled just a tiny bit and her muscles felt like they would give out at any second. Kim stopped and turned around facing Lori once they were inside the room. Lori felt the girl’s fingers pinch the elastic waistband on her skirt and watched in horror as the girl stripped her naked. In one fluid motion, Kim removed the garment noticing every minute detail of Lori’s nakedness.

Lori stood before a girl who was half her age. Bewildered, she felt so desperate it was hard to mount a serious protest. “Kim, darling what are you doing? You can’t be serious? Please, I know I was wrong for doing what I did with Joey but not this, please?” she begged.

It was as if Lori never uttered one word of protest. Kim shut her up with a kiss. Lori was stunned by the brazen move and before she could react, Kim’s tongue was intertwined with her own. Other than normal family kisses between females, Lori had never kissed another woman on the lips and certainly not used her tongue.

With a most sudden struggle, Lori broke the bond and gave a loud gasp of shocked dismay. Lori backed up until she hit an obstacle and Kim held her against the wall. The naked woman twisted and rotated her body but Kim’s strength was astounding. Lori felt weak and quickly overcome by the young woman. One sudden tactic by Kim was not accidental. The girl’s hand slipped between Lori’s slender thighs, which were moving like mad but going nowhere. Her skilled fingers closed over the most sought after pussy. Lori’s hand shot downward to grasp Kim by the wrist but she was unable to pull the girl’s hand from her crotch. The standoff was pronounced by heavy breathing from both women.

Lori’s mind battled like mad. How could she tell the girl that she was crazy, Lori wondered? There was no GD way in the world she would experience lust or desire with another woman. Her thoughts raced in a million directions but suddenly got trapped on one, deadly track. The young woman viciously molested the core of Lori’s sanity and struck a lethal blow. Kim’s skilled fingers pinched Lori’s clitoris so hard it began to swell making it feel like it was three inches long.

Standing on her tiptoes, Kim put her lips next to Lori’s ear. “I love you!” she whispered pinning the older woman against the wall. Lori’s heart skipped so many beats she felt faint. The professed lesbian twirled the tiny bud around with her fingers and Lori’s hips jumped violently in retaliation. “I’m going to make love to you and show you how much you mean to me,” came the confession which Lori heard but did not want to believe.

Suddenly, Kim released the raw clitoris. She grabbed Lori by the upper arms and quickly turned her around leading her away from the wall. Lori felt like a rag doll as the younger girl forced her backwards across the room in the direction of the waiting bed. Kim let go of her arms and put the palms of her hands in the center of Lori’s chest. She pushed hard with a definite urgency. The force was perfectly calculated by Kim and caused Lori to fall backwards landing on the bed. She lay spread-eagled for a split second but that was long enough for Kim to seize the advantage.

Kim jumped on the bed and wrapped her strong arms around Lori’s upper torso. “Let’s get one thing straight! You broke the law by having sex with an innocent teen and now you are mine. I am going to fuck your brains out! Show you how much I love you and how much I care for you,” Kim whispered. Her revelation stopped Lori’s struggles immediately and her body relaxed back onto the soft mattress.

The two women looked at each other, eyes locked in a deadly stare. Lori was quiet and waited. “I have wanted to make love to you ever since that day you took a shower while I watched. Do you remember?” Kim asked with a serious look on her face.

“I really don’t want to blackmail you but I will if you resist,” Kim whispered. Her hands relaxed her hold on Lori’s upper body and began to roam. Lori was confused enough to lay motionless waiting for more from the young woman. The brazen fingers traced a trail across Lori’s chest directly to the most sought after twin peaks. Lori shuddered wildly as the bold fingers circled the hardened tips refusing to caress the two, crown jewels.

“You have gorgeous breasts and I have waited a long time to feel them,” Kim said doing just that. The girl lay beside the woman and there was nothing preventing an escape attempt. There were no bonds, no ties on her body, but Lori was unable to move. Lori could feel the girl’s hot breath on the side of her face.

Kim’s lips were next to her ear. “Your nipples are so hard and I just know they will feel wonderful in my mouth.” Her fingertips grazed the hard pebbles ever so lightly sending a shock wave through Lori’s body. When Lori felt the girl’s body moving, she knew what to expect. Lori was utterly astounded that she remained motionless under the brazen assault. She closed her eyes tightly but still saw the head shifting until it hovered over her chest. The lips suddenly touched the upstanding buds and Lori jumped as if she was surprised.

Lori flung her arms to the sides and pretended some imaginary rope bound them. She was not the type of woman to succumb to such sexual tendencies but did not know how to combat the young woman’s dominating manner. With the quickness of a wildcat, Kim devoured a rosebud in her burning mouth. She sucked Lori’s hard nipple and heard the response needed for encouragement.

Kim teased the nipple with her tongue and felt the woman’s body twitch with every damning caress. Her fingers played with the other nipple and the teasing quickly had the desired affect. Even though Lori wanted to push back into the soft mattress, her chest was held high as an offering to Kim.

Lori’s breathing which had stopped began to get ragged. Normally Kim acted with a controlled and leisurely fashion but that was not the case with Lori. She raised her head and saw Lori’s pretty face was etched with desire. Kim took a second to admire the immense beauty of the woman she was about to make her lesbian slave. How much older she was but yet so innocent, Kim thought.

It was time! Kim almost ripped the clothing off her lust-filled body and all the while her dream woman remained motionless as if waiting for a mystery lover. When she was naked like Lori, Kim twisted on the sheets until her glazed eyes spotted the intimate target. The raised pelvis was shaven and looked so seductive to her. She could just make out the tip of the slit between Lori’s legs and Kim knew what to do.

“I have to have it,” she repeated in her head once, twice, three times. Her body slithered down the naked torso until her face was within inches of the Garden of Eden. Lori could feel the hot breath burning her pelvis. Her chest filled with air and held knowing something drastic would happen. Kim’s fingers touched the inside of Lori’s thighs and obediently the woman spread them wide for her young molester.

Kim’s fingers reached out and pressed on the puffy hood trying to protect the throbbing clitoris. She moved her fingers outward and there it was! “I have to have it,” she whispered again.

The anticipation was earth-shattering. Lori’s muscles tensed and her fingers dug hard into the linen sheets as her arms were still flung to the sides. She felt Kim at her precious treasure and did not know if she should protest. Any hope of a salvation or deliverance from evil disappeared in a split second when the volcanic mouth devoured Lori’s sweet riches. Kim sucked the engorged clit into her hungry mouth and let her teeth rake the entire length until they closed on the base of the swollen mass.

Lori’s body reacted just like it would when any lover caressed or kissed her most sensitive being. It thrust and jerked wildly falling prey to a skilled attacker. Kim let go of the puffy labia with her fingers and her hands shifted around the flared hips to the fleshy cheeks of Lori’s ass. With the desperation of a killer, she dug her razor-sharp fingernails into the tender flesh and it was enough to bring out a loud, passionate scream.

Lori’s back arched pushing her hips into the mattress in a futile attempt to escape the assault of the girl’s skilled mouth. It struck so swift and fast that Lori did not have time to calm the intense lust swelling in her epicenter. “Oh gawd, please… gawd, don’t do that. Oh please… not that,” she moaned knowing there was no time. A spasm roared through her inner being with the fury of a raging tornado and destroyed any hope of recovery Lori might have. The spasms began a second or two apart but quickly melded into one never-ending convulsion.

Lori cried not knowing what else to do. “Oh gawd, Kim… Kim, you are doing it to me. Gawd… I can’t stop. I can’t stop… the orgasm. Gawd, I’m cumming… cum…” came moans of lost passion. The young woman sucked the life from Lori’s womanly being and her tongue caressed the throbbing clitoris with a thousand vibrations.

Kim had waited years. Waited to make love to the one woman she admired and cherished. The nails scrapped the sweaty cheeks of Lori’s ass and the scars would most likely take days to heal. Only one obsession filled Lori’s head and that was the traumatic climax being sucked from her body by a woman. Suddenly Kim curled her arm between the wide-spread thighs and placed her finger at the puffy opening.

She paused for a second relishing the complete control over another woman. With the speed and ferocity of a killer shark, her finger entered Lori’s pussy, instantly finding the G-spot on the upper potion of the flooded vagina. The tip of Kim’s finger raked the puffy spot and her teeth closed on the throbbing clit. She held the bud between her teeth refusing to let go now that she found the ultimate treasure. Kim’s tongue caressed the tip of Lori’s clit that was buried in her mouth and her finger stroked the G-spot for one final demonstration of total dominance.

Lori’s orgasm rolled along the highest crest for the longest time before the tremors began to subside enough so the muscles in her body could relax. Kim was a pro. She shifted her body until her knees were on either side of Lori’s upper body and positioned her hips directly above the pretty, tanned face. Lori’s eyes had been closed during the entire orgasm but suddenly she felt something above her. She opened her eyes and saw something for the first time in her life. Another woman’s pussy was mere inches from her face and left nothing to the imagination. She tried to take it all in within the time span of milliseconds.

There was a smallest patch of neatly trimmed hair above the wet, pink opening. With Kim’s legs spread, the wet labia were slightly parted revealing the tip of the young woman’s fortune. It was obvious she was willing to share and in the scant seconds of staring at the exposed pussy, the puffy lips spread even more exposing more of the throbbing clitoris.

“What to do? What do I do?” was the only thing going through Lori’s mind. Suddenly the hips lowered and Lori could smell the scent of real, female sex. It was like a drug and made her close her eyes feeling dizzy. Lori let her instincts show her the way to act. She was finally able to move her arms and curled them under the sweaty body overtop of her. Her hands searched between the milky thighs for the wet open crevice in front of her face. She opened her eyes wide and watched her fingers part the pink, flower pedals revealing the inside of passion.

When the wetness brushed her face, Lori obediently opened her mouth to taste something new. The juices seemed to burn her lips so she used her tongue to lick them clean. Lori thought it would make her sick by tasting a woman’s cunt but that did not happen. She had never tasted anything so erotic and intoxicating. Without being asked or directed, her tongue darted out and slipped between the swollen labia. Her tongue hit the clit and licked it in devoted fashion. Kim’s hips jerked and Lori knew she was doing good. When her lips closed over the extended mass, she sucked hard and engulfed as much of the woman’s pussy as she could. It was enough to make Kim’s body speak volumes as her hips quivered madly.

Lori sensed the total loss of control by the young woman and it gave her encouragement. She raised her head so her tongue could dart into the wetness and she pretended it was a tiny penis. In and out of Kim’s opening it went until the young woman was making strange noises.

Suddenly she got the urge to embellish the swollen clitoris like Kim had shown her. Her teeth raked the clit and she closed her mouth with Kim’s control button deep inside her steamy cavity. Her tongue started to rub and caress the throbbing clit. The sounds from Kim turned purely animal and nothing she said was coherent or rational. Suddenly something was running in her mouth and Lori swallowed in loyal fashion relishing a woman’s sweet nectar for the very first time.

During the cunnilingus, Kim was holding onto Lori’s wide spread legs for dear life. Her flushed face remained perilously close to the beaten womanhood. The young woman felt the orgasm erupt deep inside her body and suddenly put her mouth on Lori’s abused pussy. Her teeth found the raw clitoris and bit down hard. The pussy in Lori’s mouth muffled the resultant scream but Kim knew how to demonstrate her ultimate control. She nibbled on the clit using enough force to make Lori cry before letting up the pressure. Lori held onto the girl’s clitoris with a passion she had not encountered before realizing she could please her young lover.

Lori sucked the cunt and treated it with gentleness only a woman could understand. The caresses and licking pleased the girl and her body continued to quiver with a drawn-out climax. Kim found the experience most gratifying and realized her newfound slave was superior in many ways. Her fantasy for so many years may have prepared her for the climatic affair but she still felt totally overwhelmed by finally being able to fulfill her dream.

The room was extremely tranquil. The rapid heartbeats could not be heard and the only sounds were that of heavy breathing. It was difficult to let go but Kim finally managed to release her hold on Lori’s sweaty body. She twisted around and it seemed so natural to fall into the older woman’s arms. Lori held the young woman knowing that was what Kim wanted. Strangely, so did Lori. Kim’s hands roamed and caressed her body so softly that it made Lori feel loved. The two cuddled and held onto each other for what seemed like an eternity?


“My fucking lord,” came from the mouth of a man who was flabbergasted to see Ken leave his home with the two teenagers. That meant only two remained in his house. His wife and the young girl, no woman, he corrected himself realizing Kim was now grown up. Andy’s imagination ran wild thinking of what the two could possible be doing.

He waited for what seemed like hours. In reality it was minutes and finally Andy decided to take a chance and go home. After all, he thought, Ken was no longer there so what harm could he encounter? He quickly drove to the far side of his house as far from Ken’s as possible. Andy parked and without making much noise, rushed to his front door. Quietly and with the care of a clandestine thief, he entered his own home.

Andy could hardly breath. He listened and although he could not see what was happening, there was no doubt to the severity of the affair assumingly going on downstairs. Standing at the top of the stairs leading to the downstairs entertainment area, the sound drifted up to his vantage point. Strangely, all the erotic noises quickly turned into vivid pictures of Lori and Kim consumed with an ecstasy that drove Andy’s mind crazy.

He found it difficult to contain himself. He heard the obvious sounds of two women having a sexual affair and realized they were in the spare bedroom. Lori would have been astounded by how she acted when Kim fucked her, Andy thought. He was like all men and fantasized about watching lesbians in action. It never ceased to get him aroused and many times he and Lori had discussed her having an affair with another woman. But Lori always refused to entertain any such scheme saying she considered it immoral and sinful.

Suddenly, Andy heard his wife scream and cry out for the young woman and even beg Kim to fuck her when the obvious orgasm flourished. His wife uttered noises that only happened when she was overcome with lust. It was her voice that confessed to not being able to stop her orgasm. It was Lori who said that she was cumming and that she wanted Kim to lick her cunt. Lori pleaded and begged the young girl throughout, until the earth-rocking climax, when she described in intimate detail what she felt.

The fire in his belly soared to great heights hearing Lori’s dirty talk of intense desire and lost passion. What made it most exciting for Andy was knowing his wife was being eaten by Kim. Andy’s visualization was perfect, seeing his naked wife flat on her back with the neighbor between her splayed legs.

The young, neighbor girl stated her love for Lori every little while. She described in very dramatic terms what she was doing to his devoted wife. Andy heard Kim say how she was going to nibble on Lori’s clitoris. After a short pause, the sounds of his wife’s cries were enough to tell Andy what Kim had done. His temper rose profusely when Kim said she was going to finger-fuck his innocent wife.

Neither woman would comprehend the dramatic affair or even know what was being said in a moment of burning passion. Andy was the only one to fully understand Kim’s statements. “You’re my little lesbian slut and I am going to fuck you whenever I please. I truly love the way your orgasm tastes in my mouth.” Andy heard the young woman’s revelations and wondered if his wife would really succumb to such a devious shyster.

It was too much. Andy had to look so he quietly crept down the stairs and sneaked to the bedroom door. His heart would surely give him away, he dreaded as the pulsating muscle pounded madly in his chest. He paused at the doorway and pressed against the wall like Spiderman listening to every sound. The women were rapidly moving forward and now it was Kim who was whispering sweet music of ecstasy. She uttered an undying love for her new lover and professed to the world she was going over the top.

Slowly, Andy twisted around the doorframe and peaked inside. He saw his dear wife’s spread legs and Kim was between them. She hovered over Lori’s precious pussy and Andy witnessed a truly tantalizing event. He could see Kim spreading Lori’s swollen labia and knew she was about to do something drastic. Suddenly, her head dropped to devour his wife’s cunt and the resultant screams were profound.

There was no fear of getting caught at that precise moment. The two women were locked in intense lust and their only concerns were prolonging the extreme climaxes. He caught just a glimpse of Lori behind Kim’s naked body but that was enough to know she was sucking Kim’s pussy. Her head was raised and her face was pressed into the heated space between Kim’s thighs. He suddenly realized his wife was not being forced to do anything… she was willingly eating out another woman. Andy had never seen anything like it in his life.

When the young woman’s white teeth closed on Lori’s aching pussy, the resultant compromise was shielded from his view. But it was certainly one of enormous magnitude as Andy heard Kim utter animal noises from what his wife was doing. Kim’s body was quivering and appeared to be in convulsions making the obvious orgasm look even more erotic to a peeping tom.

Andy hated like hell to leave but did not want the women to see him. He crept back to the stairs, taking them two at a time. Reaching the upper level, he sat down and waited. His heart continued to beat rapidly. Minutes passed before his breathing returned to normal. He would hide when the women came upstairs but not until they were finished the immoral affair. Images of the two lust filled women kept running through his head making it hard to concentrate.

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