Lori – A Neighbor’s Delight 3

Author: Kacey1999

By Kacey1999
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Please send your comments and suggestions as the feedback is always appreciated. This story is written at the request of a reader and I hope I do her fantasy justice. This is chapter 3 in the story and I will write chapter 4 after posting this chapter.

Lori A Neighbor’s Delight – Animal Lust

Ken Patterson was living his dream. He had gotten extremely lucky and now had complete control over the sexiest woman, his next-door neighbor Lori. Not only did he have control over Lori but also her husband who was as thrilled as Ken was to watch his wife have erotic encounters. Ken considered the fact that he talked his wife, Helen, into visiting her parents for three days a true stroke of genius. He looked forward to ‘day two’ with immense anticipation. Sex with Lori last evening had been the most memorable of his life. Further episodes would surely give him more memories to treasure.

His plan was simple. Wait until Lori’s husband, Andy, was home from work, then Ken and his sons would get together with the couple. They would watch a movie he had covertly recorded of yesterday’s affair and just let things happen after that. Ken was positive that after four, virile males watched a blue movie of Lori having sex with his dog Rex, they would all be thoroughly charged up for another orgy.

The phone rang not long after Andy arrived home from work and Lori answered. “Hi sweetheart. Glad you answered, as I wanted to tell you how much I loved having sex with you last night,” Ken said and Lori stopped breathing while he continued. “That was quite the show you put on with the boys. Not to mention Rex. By the way, does Andy know my boys had already fucked his sexy wife,” he whispered in an almost taunting manner. “Well, I don’t suppose that after last night he’d mind them fucking you again.

“I have a wonderful movie that you will want to see tonight. Bring your cute little ass over to my place at seven and tell Andy he will get another chance to see his charming wife fucked by a real man,” he said laughing in Lori’s ear. “Christ you had an orgasm to remember last night. Too bad poor Andy couldn’t hold off so you could have one with him but hey, I was only too happy to oblige a woman in need,” he told the guilt stricken woman as the memory of that fateful orgasm flashed back to her. “Oh yeah, please wear something revealing so me and the boys can feast on your luscious body. And no fucking underwear, please. It only gets in the way, eh? Now be a good slut bitch and do as I as say. Oh, now don’t you worry, darling, you’ll have fun, lots of fun. I promise you’ll be squirming on my dick again. Now, I really don’t want to kick your ass out and use my blackmail evidence against you,” he said with a most threatening tone, “so be an enthusiastic fuck tonight.”

After the demeaning conversation with her hated neighbor, Lori did her best to describe it all to her husband. She did leave out the embarrassing things about the orgasm and what she was told to wear. Despairingly she noted an eager gleam in Andy’s eyes, and knew that she would be totally at the mercy of Ken again tonight.

The time drew closer to the rendezvous and Lori took many minutes to pick out the proper garments to wear. She selected a halter-top that was loose but it was made of a thicker material so it did not reveal her nakedness underneath. She decided to wear a pair of cotton shorts and they served the purpose enough to hide the fact she did not wear undies.

Andy wondered what had gotten into his attractive wife as it took her forever to get dressed. And when she finally did, he noticed she omitted a bra. Considering last night, he took that as very brazen for Lori. ‘She really wants to get fucked tonight,’ he thought. It bothered him somewhat that she was so eager to have sex with Ken and his boys again, but he eventually shrugged it off, choosing instead to think of how erotic and lust filled the past evening was with the Pattersons. He had been a little too drunk last night. His own performance left a lot be desired and vowed to remain sober tonight.

Both Andy and Lori were very excited when seven o’clock rolled around but for different reasons. The thought of once again watching his gorgeous wife have sex with another man inflamed Andy’s mind beyond reason. Lori’s heart rate was rapid because she feared the unknown and wondered if it would be possible to fight off the vulgar man’s advances and regain a modicum of her dignity. She was sure Ken would insist on having sex with her and really didn’t know how to prevent it from occurring.

Without a word, the couple went the short distance to the Patterson’s house. Ken’s smiling face met them at the backdoor before they could ring the bell. “Come in please, I have a wonderful evening planned. I have a movie that I am sure you will both enjoy and hope you haven’t seen it before,” he said with a grin knowing he was kidding. “Let’s go to the basement and get comfortable,” he said and promptly handed them each a cold beer. Despite Andy’s earlier vow of sobriety, both Andy and Lori needed something to help them relax and eagerly took the beverage from their host.

The couple wondered what was in store when Ken told them that they would go into his basement den and watch a movie. They could only imagine the movie was one of sexual content but neither imagined it was of Lori. Ken led the way through the home to the lower level. Lori stopped short when they reached the bottom stair. Sitting on sofa chairs in the large, open den were Ken’s two sons, Sean and Troy. Looking into the room, Lori knew that once she entered, she was lost.

The silence went on for many seconds until Sean, the oldest teen, broke it. “Come on in bitch and join us. I’m just about to start the movie,” the insolent teen said with a grin. “Flick the lights off so we can have a nice, erotic atmosphere,” he said to no one in particular.

Lori wasn’t sure how the lights dimmed but suddenly it was fairly dark in the room. She was ready to bolt back up the stairs but Andy push her gently with his hand to enter the room. On legs that were trembling so badly that she was afraid to walk without Ken’s muscular arm to guide her, Lori was escorted to the plush sofa. The settee was on one side of the room and a large plasma television was mounted along the opposite wall. The boy’s eyes were tuned to the darkened screen anticipating something thrilling and exciting would soon be broadcast.

Lori was pushed onto the sofa and landed in the middle of the soft cushions with Ken sitting beside her. She struggled to gain some distance from the overbearing man but was held steady by his powerful arm. He put his muscular arm around Lori’s neck and hugged her close to his burly chest as if to indicate that Lori was his personal possession.

Lori continued her fruitless struggle. Ken reached out to put his hand on Lori’s chin and tilted her head in his direction. “Just sit the fuck still and watch the movie like a good little girl. Your loving husband brought you to me tonight, so be still. Enjoy it.” Lori renewed her effort to escape his clutches. “Damn it!” he hissed. “You know I have more than enough blackmail evidence so you really don’t want to piss me off. Cooperate, or else,” he whispered and held Lori’s gaze for a merciless few seconds. Lori felt totally devastated by the damning and dire remarks and knew she was in for a hard time at the hands of the man she hated most in the world. “That’s better. Now, you may recognize the actors in this production and it is one of their best performances, if not their best,” he said with a playful tone.

Out of the corner of her eye, Lori noticed the television screen light up and then she heard what sounded like a dog panting. Slowly, Lori turned her head until the screen was directly before her eyes. She gasped as she saw the most dreadfully vile scenes ever. Rex was madly humping a woman who was on her hands and knees. The woman had olive skin, which appeared to be completely tanned, and it was more than obvious that she was totally naked.

Time stood still, allowing Lori to take in all the minute details from the short, demanding pumps of the dogs hind end to the large swinging breasts hanging below the woman’s chest. The woman’s identity could not be determined from the camera angle; Lori was grateful for that, but that didn’t make her feel any better. It was the most erotic and thrilling movie clip she had ever seen yet because she knew she was the star attraction, it made her shudder with nervousness.

Rex’s ass was humping at a furious speed and it was obvious his cock was buried in the woman. He had his front legs wrapped around the woman’s slim waist and every time he thrust forward with his hips, he pulled back viciously with his paws. The woman was like a rag doll in the big, dog’s clutches and her body rocked back and forth in a most dramatic fashion. The sight of the woman’s tits, which were swaying violently to and fro in lost passion, mesmerized Lori.

Suddenly, the powerful hind legs bent and held for a few seconds before driving upward with a potent thrust. The woman’s knees visibly came off the ground and Lori got the shock of her life. She knew exactly what had happened as the memory was still fresh in her mind. Skillfully, the camera angle changed so it could show a close-up of the immoral scene, depicting the dog’s balls hanging downward. The camera angle changed slightly and it was apparent that the dog’s cock was planted to the root between the obscenely bulging pussy lips of the woman. From the grotesque bulging, it was obvious the dog had knotted with his bitch.

Shocked by the drastic scene, Lori’s heart felt like it stopped beating. Her eyes noticed how the large dog barely moved, yet the juncture of where they were mated pulsated as the dog filled his bitch with doggie sperm. Eventually, a trickle of slimy, white fluid somehow leaked from the sealed entrance and caused everyone to pant almost like Rex was doing on the screen.

Lori looked around the room, which seemed to be closing in on her, and noticed the lust filled faces all watching the drama on the television. Ken leaned in to Lori and whispered, “Watch this, it’s the best part of the movie.” Lori merely anticipated the illicit actions he mentioned and slowly returned her gaze to the screen. She started to sob with immense repulsion when she noticed the hips of the woman quivering and Lori watched herself experience her first orgasm with a dog.

It was with great nausea that Lori understood the consequences of the movie. The night ahead was going to be one with many theatrical performances and she would pay a large penalty for her past infidelities. She felt like it was a triple-X movie theatre where a man felt up his girlfriend in front of numerous spectators. The billboard would have described the movie playing, “A beautiful woman having sex doggie style.”

Suddenly, Ken reached under the bottom of Lori’s top and popped her right tit into view of the many hungry eyes. They noticed the magnetic splendor of her magnificent boob, still tattooed with numerous hickies, some new, some barely fading. Each felt a deep urge to feel the smooth, soft flesh.

Ken easily rolled the halter-top over her shoulders and stripped it off her body before she could do anything to prevent his actions. The enlarged nipples stood out most prominently displaying her excitement to all. Ken seized the opportunity to touch one. He pinched and rolled the hard bud without any consideration for how Lori felt. Lori tried to move his hand away but he merely slapped her hands aside with his free hand.

She looked to Andy for protection, but her husband failed to meet her pleading eyes. Instead his attention altered between the TV screen and her tormented nipple. After Ken’s stern reprimand and Andy’s failure to intervene, her plight seemed hopeless. Resignedly, she merely sat on the sofa without a struggle

Ken’s oldest son, Sean moved to the sofa, bringing a brief protest from Lori when he sat beside her. Lori’s eyes shifted around the room at all the leering males and suddenly her gaze caught sight of the well-trained Rex. He appeared extraordinarily happy and wagged his tail in eagerness at the scent that was in the air. He watched his adorable bitch sitting between his two masters, confident that they would reward him later.

Lori felt helpless and decided to try one more time to reason with Ken. “Ken, oh please, you just can’t do this,” she whispered in a shaky voice. Then she wondered, what did he expect of her and what were his intensions? Maybe she was just jumping to conclusions and Ken was merely teasing her. Suddenly she felt Sean engulf the extended tip of her tit, sucking it so deep into his mouth that his teeth closed on her golden globe. His deft fingers found the tiny, front clasp at the waist of her shorts and easily undid it. Lori’s arms were pinned at her sides by the two Patterson’s and the teen swiftly lowered the accessible zipper to reveal bare flesh, nakedness that brought gleams of erotic eagerness to many faces.

Andy watched wide-eyed as the boy engulfed his wife’s hard nipple, amazed at the brazen attack. He knew he should halt the proceedings but the erotic nature of what the young teen was doing was profound. Lori squirmed in the soft cushions and it did appear like she was trying to get away. Why she pushed her chest upward and towards the evil boy, Lori would never understand. When Sean moved his hungry mouth to her other bud, Lori felt her stomach quiver madly in anticipation and she uttered a little squeal. Andy wondered whether it was from joy or fear but in his heightened state, he really didn’t care.

“Go ahead son, kiss her titties and put nice, big hickies on them. Mark the bitch just like Rex will do later,” Ken whispered and smiled with sheer pleasure at what was intended. Lori’s eyes opened wide with horror as she watched the rugged teenager use his mouth on her breast in a wanton fashion, sucking hard enough for his cheeks to cave in. In a matter of seconds, he shifted to another spot on the lustrous, tanned flesh and put a second fresh red hickie almost touching her enlarged nipple.

The fresh, dark markings stood out prominently and Lori was speechless until Sean moved to her other breast. “Oh gawd Sean, please don’t do that, don’t put marks on me like that,” Lori pleaded with the boy. Suddenly, Ken grabbed a handful of Lori’s hair and aimed her face at the immoral scenes on the screen. Ken had purposely begun the movie with the most damning and incriminating images but now the full-length movie started at the beginning.

Her attention drawn by the images allowed the teenager to perform his tattooing at will and he took full advantage. He put one hickie after another on the already bruised flesh and made absolutely sure they were perfect blood markings. In typical youthful fashion, Sean got carried away and soon had numerous tattoos all over both of Lori’s titties as well as her tummy.

The men watched the movie and got more aroused by the minute watching Rex perform animal magic with his bitch. Andy loved erotic movies but this one with his wife as the main actress seemed totally mind-boggling. He couldn’t take his eyes off the furry beast when he mounted his gorgeous wife. The movie was at the point where Rex was humping Lori so fast his rump was a blur. Andy could see why his wife was thrashing so wildly as the cock’s knot was beating her swollen clitoris like a battering ram.

Suddenly the large dog slumped down while keeping the tip of his searing rod inside his bitch. Everyone could see the half-sized ball at the base of Rex’s cock and knew he was about to claim his ultimate accolade. Lori couldn’t believe the scene when the dog plunged his cock into her with such violent fashion it caused her knees to come off the ground. The scream from the speakers made her tummy summersault with anxiety because deep inside, Lori knew it was a scream of intense passion.

Ken could feel the heat from her body radiating into his side. He didn’t want to wait any longer. “C’mon Andy, let’s all do it the way Rex did! Get the bitch down on all fours and let’s all fuck her doggie style,” he voiced his dramatic plea. “How ’bout it, buddy?” Andy pondered the man’s question and wondered if he really had a choice.

He didn’t want any surprises to turn Andy against what he had planned so Ken decided to outline his scheme. “I am going to fill her cunt with chizz and you can get her to suck your cock at the same time. We’ll fill her stomach with cum,” he whispered and smiled at the same time. The power he held over the couple was compounded by his intense lust for his sexy prize and his cock throbbed it was so hard.

Lori was like a puppet in the hands of the two strong men and she quickly found herself on hands and knees between the pair. They worked in unison with a common goal and Ken marveled at the sight of his dream woman waiting obediently for him to conquer her. They quickly removed the only garment Lori wore, leaving her naked as when she was born. “That’s it man, shove your pecker in her mouth like that,” Ken said and gave the order for Andy to fuck her mouth. Suddenly, Ken rammed his hardened cock deep into Lori with the compassion of a rapist and put his big, rough hands around her slim waist.

Andy was impatient and thrust his hips at Lori’s face with a wanton desperation. His fist surrounded the hard shaft of his pecker and guided the flared end between his wife’s lips. There was no way Lori could refuse her husband’s demands while in the embrace of a strange man who was fucking her as if she were a slut. “Come on Andy, let’s fill her belly with cum, you down her throat and me in her cunt,” Ken whispered through tightly clinched teeth. It was the most disgusting thing Lori had ever heard.

Caught between the thrusting cocks of the two men, Lori felt consumed by unadulterated passion, so powerful that she was willing to do anything. Her vile neighbor was degrading her beyond belief, yet she complied with the man’s wishes. Even her husband was treating her like a bitch, a dog in waiting for Rex who was watching the erotic action with great anticipation. Rex could smell the bitch’s scent and it made his cock throb knowing he would soon be able to relieve the pent up fire roaring out of control in his loins.

Lori kept glancing around at every opportunity and saw the two teenage boys and Rex. She realized there would be no reprieve until they all had sex with ‘Lori the bitch’ and the knowledge added fuel to her lust-filled mind.

Lori could taste the salty pre-cum seeping from the tip of Andy’s cock and sucked harder knowing she was making him happy. That was the least she could do, she reasoned. She somehow put her fingers around the throbbing shaft and felt his hips thrust erratically. Suddenly, molten lava filled her mouth and Lori swallowed as fast as she could to prevent choking on the hot cum. She loved the feeling of Andy’s hard cock pulsing madly in her fist and milked his penis in royal fashion.

Ken watched the faithful wife give her husband immense satisfaction and his emotional roller coaster slowly crept to the summit. Suddenly Ken was reaching the crest of the mountain and mercilessly pounded Lori’s tender backside. He dug in fingertips into the velvety flesh of her slender hips and pulled back hard with every thrust. Once again the hated man penetrated Lori’s innermost regions and she became conscious of her dilating cervix welcoming his immoral actions. She was keenly aware of the feelings deep within her, well beyond the reach of husband.

Why she succumbed to Ken’s demeaning measures troubled Lori but the rising waters of passion quickly drowned out any reason or sanity. She was like a doll and Ken pulled the strings to make her orgasm despite gigantic efforts to keep it under control. Andy could feel his wife’s body thrashing madly with the big weapon embedded inside her and it was more than he could endure. He blasted every last ounce of creamy lava into Lori’s mouth and down her throat.

Ken wanted to humiliate the couple to the utmost and gritted his teeth as his orgasm rapidly approached. “Look at her fucking ass go, she’s having a fucking orgasm and my big dick is so deep inside her that I think it’s in her belly,” he said with an evil grin. The filthy discussion made Lori feel deep remorse, but she could not prevent the impending violent climax running through her body like a runaway locomotive.

“Come on, fuck my cock like the little doggie bitch you are. Can you see Rex watching you? He is going to do the same thing and fill your filthy cunt with his doggie chizz,” he said and gave a sadistic grin. “Do you know what I am going to make you do?” Ken asked and the room went silent. “I am going to make you suck my dog’s cock and feel his balls with your pretty hands,” he told Lori. Despite being in the throes orgasmic bliss, she heard and understood the vile words, words that now filled her with panic.

Ken was not done and wanted to keep up the punishment. “You seem to like giving blowjobs and Rex has never had his cock sucked by a woman before. Yes, you’re going to feel his monster cock and suck it like a real bitch in heat, aren’t you honey?” he asked and gave indications he wanted a response from his beaten adversary.

The orgasm was making Lori crazy and her mind was utterly confused, not knowing what was reality or what was fantasy. Ken pounded his cock to the hilt and entered her delicate womb with the flared head of his cock robbing her last degree of wisdom. Lori was desperate; she felt the passion go over the edge and couldn’t stop the convulsions erupting deep inside her inner most regions. Glancing around, it did not help as she noticed the excited faces and also the intense hunger in the large dog off to her side.

Lori didn’t know what to say or do and Ken could see her demise. Her orgasm went on so long that she thought it was over but then the hated man uncovered a secret passion inside Lori. The last thing in the world she wanted to do was please Ken but her hips pushed back with a newfound need. For some strange reason Lori understood this man was her master and he was willing to give her great satisfaction.

Ken arched his back and exposed the bare flesh of Lori’s ass, slapping it so hard that the pain quickly turned into desire for both parties. The floodwaters had been held back so long but suddenly the dam broke and Ken shot steamy lava deep into Lori’s soul. Her orgasm burst into full bloom and all that was heard was a long, sorrowful moan from a woman who was experiencing a momentous climax.

“I’m filling her hot box with cum,” he grunted. “Damn, I love the way she squeezes my cock,” Ken informed the world. “Christ, she’s the hottest slut,” he whispered and clamped his strong fingers onto Lori’s slender hips. He pulled back so hard it brought further anguish to Lori but it was disguised in the form of pure joy. She cried and sobbed but realized a vulture fulfilled her fantasy. Her heart skipped a few beats from the knowledge her inner most desires were secretly waiting for Rex.

Ken wanted to keep his hardened pecker deep inside her comfortable grotto but the thought of his young son fucking a grown woman was too much to resist. Slowly, Ken withdrew his spent weapon, which was beginning to diminish. “Come on boys, it’s your turn to fuck her. Sean you stick it in her mouth and Troy you get the pleasure of fucking her from behind. Make her your devoted bitch, son,” Ken said and everyone moved to comply with the man’s instructions. Lori’s didn’t have time to move or get away from the enthused teenagers and they attacked like a hungry pack of animals.

Before Lori could react, Sean knelt in front of her and thrust his slim hips at her face. It was very obvious what he wanted by the throbbing meat he shoved in Lori’s face and he instantly placed it to her lips. She wondered if resistance was possible but swiftly found out Sean was on a determined mission. He pressed the tip between her tightly, closed lips and grabbed a handful of Lori’s dark curly hair demanding she comply. Obediently, she opened her mouth and tasted the boy. Her dainty hand went to the thick shaft and attempted to hold Sean at bay so he wouldn’t shove his cock down her throat.

Lori’s full attention was on Sean when suddenly her lower body came off the floor. Troy was impatient and rammed his extended pecker into her so hard it took her breath away. In a futile attempt to protest, her mouth opened which enabled Sean to reap the benefits as he shoved his dick down her throat. Dutifully, she massaged the boy’s cock with her constricting throat while Troy reached a spot of Lori’s womb that only he would embrace. Lori’s body writhed erratically and her mind realized that this young teen was different. He did things to her that no other person could achieve and Lori opened up her world to welcome her special lover. Cut off from air by Sean’s deeply embedded cock, she grew increasing desperate; she had to resume breathing or faint. Somehow her chest filled with needed air.

The two teenagers felt profound power and supremacy and proceeded to assault the waiting body without mercy. Sean’s stamina was quickly reaching an end and he could feel the pre-cum leaking from his man-sized cock. He tightened his groin muscles and held steady for many seconds hoping to extinguish the forest fire building inside his loins. With skill and expertise, Lori ran her tongue around the wide, flared head of the boy’s cock and it was the undoing of his willpower. The flames shot through his body like a blowtorch and molten lava burst from his reservoir into Lori’s waiting mouth.

Troy watched his older brother receive a blowjob from his dream woman and knew time was running out on his staying power. He felt like a zealous animal and began pumping his long, slender penis in and out of Lori’s honey hole with intense speed and power. He could feel the walls of his lover’s pussy caress his cock like a million tiny fingers and Troy ravaged every inch of her pulsating grotto like a madman. Lori’s heart was beating so fast it rushed blood to her head, giving her a thoroughly flushed appearance and indicating her heightened, emotional state.

Marveling at Troy longevity the boy’s father urged, “That’s it son, fuck her! Fuck her like that and you’ll make her your cock slave forever!” The teen kept pumping in and out for a long time while the young boy held Lori’s hips in his strong hands to keep her imprisoned on his reciprocating rod. Having succumbed to the dad’s demanding episode a short time earlier, gave Lori endurance to survive the young teens actions, or so she thought. There was a strange feeling welling through Lori’s slender body that made her wonder what magical affects this young teenager had over her.

Suddenly, Troy reared back and thrust into the tiny opening with all his might. Time stood still for the kneeling woman when the cock’s head pierced her soul and her spirit drifted towards the clouds. Not only did Troy open the deepest regions of her womb, he shot burning lava into it to inflame Lori’s mind beyond tolerable limits. The enormous cock Sean refused to take out of her mouth stifled the scream of elation, which came from her quivering belly. Lori was baffled by her ardent desire so close in succession to the earlier orgasm and her passion climbed a slippery slope towards the pinnacle of ecstasy.

Her keen senses found all the smells, tastes and feelings overwhelming and she could not remember feeling anything like it. Salty remnants of Sean’s cum filled her mouth, and for the oddest reason, Lori craved the taste of the boy’s nectar. It was immoral and sinful but she drank all of the teenager’s sperm with a dire thirst. The strong, sweaty odor from the boy drifted to her nostrils and caused strong urges to consume any remaining sanity she may have retained.

Feelings of wanton desire devoured her conscious mind as Sean and Troy took her on a joy ride. Troy was in paradise. Stroke after stroke, he moved his long, slender pecker through Lori’s cavern, caressing every nerve with tender, loving care. Her womanhood sucked at the cock tightly and Lori felt immense compassion for the teenager. Troy seemed to treat her with dignity even though his father controlled the situation. The teen put his long, strong fingers around Lori’s waist and slowly moved her back and forth over his extended spear. Each time the two bodies collided, he inserted the head of his cock into the inner sanctity of Lori’s domain and she secreted love juices to mix with his. With a howl, Troy’s baby juice filled her womb to capacity. Soon it was seeping out the stretched opening.

Lori could only imagine what it looked like with her lithe, naked body being rocked back and forth by the teens as they satisfied their intense lust. When Sean removed his spent penis from Lori’s mouth, she caught a glimpse of her devoted husband. His face displayed the immense emotions running through his head and it was obvious he was overly excited. Lori refused to move a muscle to regain her freedom and relegated the next move to the youngest teenager. Troy kept his cock embedded in her inner being until his balls were fully drained.

As the boys finished, Rex moved towards Lori anticipating he was next. He sniffed, drawn ever closer by a most alluring scent. Ken began giving orders but at first nothing registered in Lori’s distraught mind. “Grab her arms boys, and get the bitch on her back. It’s time for Rex to get his first blowjob! Damn, I can hardly wait to see her swallow his doggie cum,” he whispered and suddenly Lori realized the meaning of what he was saying.

“No, no, for god’s sake you can’t be serious? Please don’t,” Lori pleaded with her captors. Without hesitation, the two boys easily shifted her vibrant, featherweight body so she was flat on her back. Each teen held an arm at her sides and Lori was detained with no hope of escape.

She looked at Andy and begged him to help. “Oh gawd Andy, do something. Don’t let the bastard do this to me, not with his filthy dog. You know how I hate the fucking beast,” Lori said but saw an almost crazed look on Andy’s face as he rapidly stroked his turgid member.

Knowing enough to cover her exposed treasure from the mad dog, she crossed her legs. Rex couldn’t get at her cunt so he licked her smooth, flat tummy sensing that his goal was within reach. The bitch’s aroma left no doubt as to her aroused state. Violent shivers consumed Lori’s body as images of the dog’s long, wet tongue made her squirm with a futile protest.

Sean could see the dog’s obvious excitement and grabbed the hanging meat swinging between Rex’s legs with his right hand. He moved the hairy sheath up the long, thick shaft and slipped it over the slightly swollen base of his dog’s cock. All eyes focused on the naughty sight of the obscene big, red cock squirting clear liquid in every direction. Sean aimed the hose at Lori and the nozzle sprayed pre-cum all over her outstretched legs.

How her legs got opened and spread so that Rex could stand between them was a mystery to Lori. She looked down just as the dog’s rough tongue hit her asshole and licked an everlasting path along the gaping, seeping slit between her thighs. When the razor-like tongue crossed the threshold and raked her tender clitoris, Lori’s dreams of salvation came crashing to an end.

One of the boys held the dog’s head at the intended target and encouraged his pet to lick. Lori assumed anything so ghastly and crude could never make her feel desire but she was wrong. Once, twice and again and again the dog ran his wet tongue through Lori’s universe and each time it pulverized her tiny clit. Every time her throbbing bud was caressed, she felt her tummy shudder in excited anticipation.

Lori held her head up and watched the tongue work magic on her defenseless pussy. It was like things happened in slow motion. It was almost surreal when Rex’s tongue hit her exposed clit and her expectations soared sky high. She knew from past experiences that whenever her sensitive bud was caressed, she could not keep her emotions under control. The coarse tongue scraped the tender morsel and after what seemed like many seconds, her body jerked madly from a most explosive spasm. Lori refused to believe it was happening to her and pretended to traverse into another state.

Rex licked the hairless bitch and tasted a potion that enraged his animal instincts. He had never encountered a female that emitted so much fluid and he lapped away in an effort to satisfy his thirst. His long, powerful tongue curved and twisted at every angle and it enabled him to split the swollen labia with the skill of a surgeon. Lori could not remember there being a river running through her wide-open crevice and she was utterly amazed at how the dog penetrated her outer barrier with his tongue. She was absolutely positive the animal inserted his tongue inside her unguarded cunt and she shook with sheer dismay.

Suddenly, his young master squeezed Rex’s cock behind the large ball and it made the knot swell to full size far earlier than Rex intended. Sean coaxed the big dog to stand erect and made him move so that he stood over Lori’s chest like an ultimate warrior with his front legs on either side of her head. This put his endowment in full view of Lori’s wide, amazed eyes and she stared at the most unbelievable sight. She could not imagine how anything so big could fit inside her restrictive womanhood.

Streams of transparent, burning semen shot from the tip of Rex’s cock with every throb of the thick shaft and quickly covered Lori delicate flesh with joy juice. “That’s it boy. Christ what a sight with that hot shit soaking her body. Get her to suck him and show us what kind of bitch she really is,” Ken rasped making Lori shudder in disgust. Would she really succumb to the despicable man’s wretched wishes, she wondered?

Somehow the end of Rex’s cock was placed mere inches from her face and it mesmerized her the way it emitted vast amounts of fluid, some of it landing on her pretty face. It was so hot, much hotter than anything she experienced in the past and it seemed to burn her flesh wherever it landed. There was so much fluid that Lori had to keep her eyes closed, but she couldn’t turn her face away from the jet because one of the boys held her head steady. Why her mouth was open, she really didn’t’ know, but she tasted the nasty doggie cum and to her surprise, found it was not repulsive.

Ken cupped the back of her head and lifted so Lori could drink from the fountain and suddenly the hot, burning cock was between her lips. Lori remembered hearing an order for her to suck and before she could respond, the meat was forced inside her mouth. At first the feeling was so intense and scorching hot that she wondered if it was natural. Then as her mouth filled, she began to swallow so that she wouldn’t drown.

She heard Ken speaking. “That’s it baby, suck his cock and give him a blowjob,” he said demanding she act like a sinful slut. “You’ll be surprised how long he can last and guess what? He still gets to fuck your sweet cunt,” A shiver ran down Lori’s back with the knowledge she was Rex’s bitch and there was no way to prevent the future from happening. “And I just love it when you climax on Rex’s big cock, it’s the most erotic thing I have ever witnessed,” Ken whispered. Lori had no illusions; she knew her future was written.

Lori recognized she should resist, stop doing what she was doing to the dog but the searing flesh was put in her dainty hand. Ken moved her arm until her hand was against Rex’s pulsing pecker and after the initial shock of the blazing meat, Lori’s fingers went around the massive ball. When she lightly squeezed the knot, Rex shot vast quantities of pre-cum down her throat anticipating a final conquest. There was so much liquid that Lori wondered if he was climaxing and she was drinking a load of his filthy, doggie cum.

“C’mon Andy. Let’s get this bitch on her hands and knees so Rex can fuck her in royal fashion,” came the words Lori dreaded most. Suddenly, there were hands all over her body. Looking from one person to the other, she saw that all four, including Andy were aiding in her demise. “Get her in position as Rex needs his bitch right now… Fuck, his cock is still squirting cum all over the place! When he’s done, I’m going to ream her out like she has never been fucked before. I’m going to fuck her goddamned ass,” Ken boasted and Lori began to cry. She wasn’t sure if it was because she was about to become Rex’s bitch for the second time or if it was from what Ken promised.

Her thinking was abruptly interrupted when the large dog mounted her back and his weight came crashing down over her torso. Tears ran from her puffy eyes and everything was a blur so she couldn’t focus on her predators. Everyone knew what was to follow and the anticipation was making emotions reach towering peaks.

Rex mounted his prized bitch. His dog brain filled with vivid memories of how unyielding Lori’s pussy was the last time and how much he enjoyed the powerful bond he formed with her. He felt her hips remain nice and high to enable him to pound his ramrod into the narrow crevice between her milky thighs. The long wait had built up such intense desire that he furiously probed for a solution to his maddening lust. He pounded the end of his pointed cock into Lori’s tender flesh and coated every inch of her lovely body with oil.

Lori’s breathing was coming in an extremely ragged, almost panting fashion. Rex’s powerful front legs wrapped around her slim waist and his paws pulled her midsection backward to prevent any evasive action from the trapped woman. Suddenly the sharp end of Rex’s cock stung her like a killer bee. It filled her with panic when she felt her honey hole being invaded and with one vicious thrust, the dog pierced her cervix and entered her most cherished domain. It took all the air from her lungs and Lori desperately gasped for needed oxygen.

At 5’5″ and 106 lbs, Lori was no match for the powerful animal and she was like a rag doll in his grasp. He pumped his weapon in and out of her tight hole so fast his furry rump was a blur. Lori could feel the soft hair of Rex’s belly surrounding her backside and felt helpless in the powerful dog’s clutches. Rex wanted to plant his seed deep inside his bitch and show her he was master. With the knot enlarged prematurely, it was impossible to penetrate Lori’s barrier and the large ball pounded her clit without a respite. The enormous heat and merciful bashing took a toll on her stamina and Lori wasn’t positive of her resolve.

She whimpered like a tiny puppy and felt a huge storm turn her belly into a quivering mass. “Oh sweet fuck, she’s creaming on Rex’s cock,” declared Ken to the hushed audience. “Look at her ass go! Christ, he’s pounding her pussy like a wild beast.”

Lori quickly realized the truth and released her love juices to coat the dog’s thick cock. All her life, Lori was the controller, able to keep her climax under wraps waiting for her partner to achieve ultimate pleasure but not with the Patterson’s or their unruly dog. It was as if she were an immature schoolgirl yearning for sex without any limits or boundaries.

There would be no knotting with his bitch tonight but Rex was completely satisfied with filling her womb with his spunk. Lori knew exactly when the big dog climaxed. The volcanic emission coated every tender morsel of her inner being and it felt like a raging fire inside her belly. So much cum flooded into her that it started to seep out and run down the insides of her thighs. Rex’s cock pulsated like crazy and Lori felt every surge like it was a heavenly body inside her loving womb. The juices mixed and melded together as two orgasms rushed over the horizon and down the far side of ecstasy.

Having expended his load, Rex knew his ultimate goal was out of reach. An overpowering urge to cleanse his mystic cock came over him. He stepped over Lori’s back with one front leg and his ramrod came out of her honey hole with a gush of steamy liquid. It was whitish and fairly runny and pooled between Lori’s knees much to the amazement of all watching eyes.

Her first recollection of what the disgusting man was going to do came when he simply pushed Lori onto her stomach and forced her legs apart by simply kneeling between them. As degrading as Ken wanted to be, Lori never felt the shame of what he had planned. He coated his middle finger with an abundant amount of lubrication leftover from the dog’s penetration, and then whipped his finger through her slit. Once, twice and many times his finger slithered through Lori’s wetness until it was thoroughly oiled.

The puckered asshole lay barren and the slick finger pierced her forbidden entrance, slipping inside purgatory with one shove. Lori’s back arched and her head came up when a sudden spasm shot through her body from the most offensive maneuver. She tried to recoil and get away from Ken’s hand but it was too late. He curled his rugged body over Lori’s and put his lips next to her ear. “I am going to coat my cock with dog chizz and fuck you in the ass. Have you ever been fucked in the ass?” he asked and chuckled. Andy and Lori had talked about anal many times but never experienced it. She never expected it to happen with her vulgar neighbor and struggled to get out from under his overpowering body.

Ken began imitating his upcoming plan and moved his invading finger in and out of Lori’s twisting torso. His hand followed her every move. “Oh please, please don’t. Not there, not in my bum, please,” Lori pleaded most desperately with Ken. He merely laughed at her vain attempts to get free and kept molesting her coveted rear end.

“Honey, you aren’t going anywhere so just enjoy it. You know what’s going to happen? We are going to fill every hole you’ve got and fill them all with cum. But first, I’m going to stretch that gorgeous ass of yours with my big prick,” he told the shivering lady. Deep down inside, Lori had wanted to try anal sex but it always scared her to think of Andy using her ass for pleasure. The thought of Ken forcing her to succumb to his depraved demands made her shiver with fear but at the same time, eagerness.

“Hey Andy, hold this slut by her shoulders,” came the crushing order. Looking up at her wild-eyed husband, she pleaded, “Oh, please Andy. Not this… not this.” Her pleas fell on unhearing ears.

Seemingly forever, he’d always wanted and fantasized about sodomizing her, but she always steadfastly refused him that pleasure. Now was his chance to fulfill that sordid fantasy too and if letting Ken do her first was the price he had to pay, then he was all for it.

Ken shifted his muscular body until he reached a position with his hips between her thighs. Little sobbing sounds escaped her throat when she felt him run his hard cock through her vast wetness, coating the bulbous head with oil. When he paused at the door of her virgin asshole, Lori held her breath in expectation allowing her head to droop towards the floor.

There was no pain, only slight discomfort when he inserted his thick weapon between the globes of Lori’s sweet butt. With a grunt, her asshole opened and he was inside her. Again she held her breath, grunting as he slowly shoved his thick pecker into her ass.

“Holy sweet Jesus, he’s got his cock in your ass dear,” Andy whispered in an attempt to reassure his lovely wife that he approved. “He’s going to fuck your ass, honey, and it looks absolutely wonderful.” Gleefully he watched his neighbor take his wife in the most depraved manner yet loved seeing her squirm under Ken’s control.

“That’s right baby. I’m going to fuck your ass and shot my hot cum into your slut belly,” the neighbor man bragged. “When I’m done, the others are going to fill all three of your holes with their hard cocks,” he said and meant every word. Slowly he pumped his big pecker in and out of Lori’s corn hole and stretched it for the very first time. Eventually, it was easier to pump his rod in and out and he grabbed Lori’s slim, curved hips with his large, calloused hands.

Ken started fucking Lori in earnest and pounded her hips into the floor in a violent fashion. His eyes were a blaze and he increased the tempo until he was thrusting at a furious rate. Lori had never felt anything so astounding or mind blowing and she had to struggle to control her rising emotions. She imagined this type of sex would be painful and it would make her feel totally shameful. But she was wrong. The muscular man held her ass with his strong hands and fucked her like she was a rubber doll.

Suddenly Lori realized Ken’s hips were thrashing out of control and his groans of pleasure meant he was christening her rear entrance with gooey sperm. No man had ever done that to her and her tummy somersaulted in trepidation. She felt completely embarrassed yet thoroughly excited by being a pawn for the demanding man. With renewed lubrication, Ken moved fluidly in and out of her ass and felt her trembling body actually pushing back to meet his powerful thrusts. He marveled at how sexy and obedient Lori appeared.

When Ken was finished dumping his large load of cum deep inside her forbidden territory, Lori heard voices. The men were talking and although she couldn’t distinguish what they were saying, she knew she was the main topic of conversation. “Okay Andy, its time for your beautiful wife to perform like a true slut. We’re going to fuck every hole she has,” Ken informed the startled husband. “You get under her and we’ll lay her on top of you so you can fuck her pussy. Troy can get her to suck his cock and Sean can do it in her ass,” Ken told the enthusiastic onlookers. “Maybe after you guys have a go at her, I’ll be ready to fuck her again,” he said in a teasing manner.

Lori shuddered in fear as nothing so drastic had ever happened in her sheltered life. So many things were merely fantasies or dreams before she met the Patterson’s. With ease Ken moved Lori’s defiled body, determined to heap another indignity upon her. He had seen such things in erotic movies and now he was getting the opportunity to actually realize his most sordid dreams. Lori shivered from the thought of Sean filling her once virgin hole while her devoted husband was inside her honey hole. Her mind raced to all the scenarios and possibilities.

Suddenly Lori’s lightweight body was overtop Andy’s and somehow positioned so vulnerable that his upturned cock was pushing into the narrow gap between her legs. She pushed the palms of her hands into Andy’s chest and tried to hold herself apart from her husband. Andy almost blew his entire load when someone’s hand surrounded his throbbing cock and aimed it at the open target. He was encouraged to thrust and within seconds, the head of his manhood was between Lori’s puffy labia.

The volcanic heat of his wife’s opening was like a dominant magnet and urged him forward. Andy overlooked the traumatic incident Lori was about to experience and readily succumbed to Ken’s devious plans. The combination of him thrusting upward and someone pushing Lori’s hips downward embedded his pecker to the hilt in a matter of seconds.

Enslaved by his wife’s wondrous pussy, Andy quickly became aware of Sean hovering at Lori’s backdoor. The teenager crouched over the prone bodies of the married couple and used his own saliva to oil the flared head of his penis to allow him to achieve penetration. He held his breath as he pushed the soaked head into the yielding restrictive entrance. Everyone knew what was happening and all felt an intense level of excitement.

Lori’s eyes were glazed as she watched the handsome, youngest teenager shift his muscular frame until he was in a perfect kneeling position directly in front of her face. Troy grabbed Lori by the hair and guided her charming face to the end of his long javelin. She remembered wondering how he could keep such a raging hardon but quickly shuffled it off to the fact he was a virile teenager.

Ken watched his sons ravage the adorable woman and knew the treat ahead was going to be most memorable. Sean and Troy were poised to vanquish their wonder woman in a manner their dad planned out in every detail. Lori was positive that she uttered protests and threats of retaliation but if she did, they fell on deaf ears.

When the oldest boy slowly thrust his powerful hips downward, Lori’s brain was filled with anguish. She had no time to dwell on what was about to happen as Troy easily separated her rosy lips with the swelled head of his penis. Andy merely arched his back to keep his hips upturned and tried his utmost to keep his cock buried inside his wife’s heated grotto.

Inch by inch Sean worked his excessive ramrod into the channel opened by his father. Lori dearly wanted to scream in agony. She kept expecting intense pain and her insides were like a tight, violin string of anticipation. Luckily, Ken’s earlier invasion had prepared Lori for Sean. Her vivid imagination went over the movies from the past where she watched three men fuck a woman. She never visualized such a dramatic event would ever happen to her but the Patterson’s would ensure another lifetime experience. Sean’s thick shaft spread her ass, which was even tighter because of Andy’s presence, while Lori clamped down on his rod like a giant vise.

It would take many minutes before the teenager was able to move his cock in a fucking action but much to Lori’s dismay, his hips began going back and forth. Moments later, the three males were pummeling her lithe, slender body. For the first time in her life, Lori was experiencing anal sex along with vaginal sex and a blowjob, and she shuddered from the debasing measures. She always thought it would be a most shameful event but the feeling of excitement within made her realize it was not so appalling.

To her utter disappointment, Andy’s hips were soon thrusting madly and it was obvious his orgasm was in full bloom. He filled Lori’s inner tomb with hot, burning lava while the teenager slowly moved his cock in and out of her once forbidden chamber. Once again, Lori was left alone to deal with Ken and his sons.

“Atta boy, fuck her ass and make her love your big cock. Do it like that,” Ken said relishing the purely erotic scene.

Suddenly, Lori was drinking cum and with two hands around Troy’s throbbing pecker; she did her best to control the boy’s wild climax. Blast after blast of the creamy cum flowed down Lori’s throat and the three treated her like a royal slut.

“That’s it baby, swallow and drink the baby juice. Ya know, it’s almost time to turn poor Rex loose. He can’t keep his nose away from his bitch. Look at him, his fucking cock is hard again and swinging out of his sheath,” came the filthy words that made Lori shake with disgust. “He’s one horny dog and loves filling his bitch with doggie cum,” Ken whispered and giggled at the expected encounter.

‘Oh gawd no’, she thought, ‘he wants to let his ugly dog do it to me again.’ Suddenly she felt the hips above her begin to thrash out of control and realized that the teen was about to empty his load into her rectum.

Although Lori did not achieve an explosive orgasm, her emotions ran a gamut a mile high. She could feel the boy’s molten lava fill her ass and knew she was acting like a slut in the hands of a mere boy. Lori gave a tiny curse at her husband, who was in a state of total bliss because he did nothing to help her allowing the Patterson’s absolute power.

Troy hesitated and cherished the erotic feeling of Lori caressing and handling his dwindling cock. He noticed the conclusion of the two compatriots and saw his older brother slowly remove his spent organ from Lori’s rear with an audible sound.

The loyal pet began sniffing around; noticing the enticing scent of the opposite sex and everyone could see the dog was thoroughly aroused. He jumped about excitedly and his massive cock swung freely between his hairy haunches.

Knowing what would come next, Lori let go. She felt alive, so alive that her belly was churning madly with the anticipation of being ravished again by the large, unruly dog. It didn’t matter that Andy or the others were present, her mind was in another space, another universe. The previous three-way affair and events were without a satisfying resolution and her emotions remained aloft at a surreal peak demanding satisfaction from whatever quarter offered it.

When the dog’s long, wet tongue plunged through her wetness, Lori thought the top of her head would explode. Rex tasted the sex, the woman’s enticing nectar and lapped away with great enthusiasm. Lori marveled at the rough texture of the dog’s tongue and the feeling of pure ecstasy as it roughly raked across her almost raw clitoris. How her hips got placed high and totally open to her bestial lover, Lori was at a loss to figure out. With skill and enthusiasm, Rex licked the open crevice and even appeared to linger on the tiny, throbbing bud at the head of Lori’s pussy.

Why she willing complied with the vulgar man’s demands would haunt Lori for a long time. “Open your legs bitch and let Rex do it to you. Become a doggie bitch and let us watch Rex fuck you again with his big cock,” Ken whispered wanting Lori to feel totally compelled to obey his wishes. “Goddamn, I hope he does it and puts that big knot of his inside your slutty cunt like he did the other day! Do you remember being tied to him? Oh fuck, that was hot!” he said not expecting an answer.

“I said open your legs bitch!” he repeated the vile demand. Lori began to whimper, giving a moan of protest but did as she was ordered.

“That’s better bitch. Yeah, spread’em wide, baby. Now on your knees, damn you!” came the order that made Lori wince.

Lori complied with his demands. Knowing Rex was close by, she remained motionless, waiting for the animal to mount her. Suddenly she felt the weight of the large dog on her back and he clamped his powerful legs around her waist like he did earlier. Rex pulled back hard knowing exactly what to do and thrust his steel rod into the narrow crack aimed at his cock. Jab after jab caused Lori to emit sounds of utter compliance and she could feel the tip of Rex’s cock hitting the entire area exposed to the dog.

Everything was so vivid and stunning that Lori found it hard to breathe. Her entire insides quivered and shuddered frantically knowing that her orgasm was teetering on the edge of another disaster. She fully understood once the mad dog entered her overheated pussy her teetering climax would explode, forever ruining her stature and what tattered pieces remained of her dignity.

Ken saw the utter destruction of her soul brought on by his beloved pet and moved next to Lori’s face. He grabbed a handful of her jet black, curly hair and twisted her head to gain her complete attention. “You’re a bitch. Say it! Tell me you want Rex inside your cunt and fucking your cunt. Say it! I want you to say it or else,” Ken whispered the threats that Lori took for real.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck he’s so close to my cunt!’ she pitifully groaned. “I can feel his dirty cock touching me… almost go in me,” came the moaning voice of the hopelessly lost woman. Suddenly she grunted and groaned, feeling the end of the dog cock penetrate her universe, but then withdraw as he was merely lubricating her. Rex had more experience than most dogs and he knew that it was imperative to oil a tight bitch if he was going to seal her entrance.

At the moment he pushed into his wife, Lori heard her husband hiss, “Oh fuck, yeah… The dog is going to fuck you again, baby,” she heard her husband hiss.

Rex’s animal instincts taught him how to impregnate a bitch. He had to seal her opening with his ball while filling her pouch with his royal seed, and hold the spermy lava within the bitch’s womb for a long time. Rex skillfully kept control of his knot not allowing it to swell until it was time. Every time he entered the tiny grotto, he felt the powerful muscles of her vagina clamp around his thick shaft but still he shot pre-cum in vast amounts.

There was one thing that Lori feared. Every time the big dog grazed her rear entrance, she twisted her hips in desperation trying to evade his weapon and prevent him from entering her ass. Suddenly, the end of the cock scorched the inside of her vagina. Lori moaned and Rex knew what to do next. He lowered his hips slightly but kept the tip of his heat-seeking missile in the hot cavity.

The scene was extremely heated and Ken pulled Lori’s hair hard demanding that she keep talking. He wanted more humiliation from his gorgeous servant and his emotions were heightened seeing her struggle to evade the dog while pleading for him to have mercy. The darkness inside her head was profound and Lori’s mind was overtaken by ecstasy. “Andy, Ken, dear gawd he’s going to do it to me. His cock is so big, so hot I can feel it burning my cunt. Oh no, he’s inside me again, inside, ins…” she said before her voice was cut off by a vicious thrust by the untamed beast.

Rex used his powerful hind legs to thrust upward with the velocity of a catapult and propelled his long, thick weapon into his waiting bitch. He could feel his cock rip through her cervix, into the inner sanctity of her womb and his hairy sheath rolled backwards. It uncovered the base of his cock where three or four inches of ball remained dormant.

The big dog was in control this time and knew not to allow his massive ball to expand before it was time. Rex pumped his cock in and out of Lori’s small cavity so swiftly that her body rocked back and forth furiously. He squirted pre-cum into Lori, which not only lubricated her passageway but also heated it to boiling temperatures. Lori felt the extreme heat from Rex’s lance and realized how much hotter it was than any man’s.

It was time to breed his hairless bitch. Rex paused briefly, crouching down slightly to give Lori a short-lived respite, remaining motionless for a few seconds. Lori deemed her turmoil was almost over and relaxed, allowing her body shrink downward along with Rex’s. The mad dog suddenly thrust upward with such power and accuracy that he implanted his raging cock into Lori’s most inner being. Her outer opening clamped tightly around the far side of Rex’s knot and he knew it was time to pump blood to his cock to ensure a perfect seal. The ball swelled in size and Lori was his bitch like he remembered.

Lori could not stop her juices from coating the dog’s prick in royal fashion and her orgasm exploded to erode every bit of stamina left in her body. “He’s so deep, so hot, I can feel him in so deep and I can’t stop it, I can’t stop myself,” Lori moaned so distraught from the fact her orgasm was pre-mature even happening before that of a mere dog. Rex kept his dog meat fully embedded in his wonderful bitch and kept blood flowing to his cock until it reached maximum size.

It was the first time Andy heard such loud screams of utter bliss from his faithful wife and it sent shivers of joy down his spine. He watched his wife’s orgasm consume her being and heard how the violent explosions in her belly forced her to make loud animal sounds. All Lori’s attempts to conceal what was happening to her were for not. All four men watching the amazing scene were fully focused on the two animals and noticed that one was experiencing a full-blown orgasm while the other was merely getting ready.

His bitch’s body rolled and jerked so hard that it put intense pressure on the raging knot and his cock throbbed madly in anticipation. Rex assumed Lori’s struggles were an attempt to escape his attack and he pulled back with his front legs using all his strength. The orgasm was the most earth shattering of all time and the rising tide of lust flooded Lori’s judgment. Severe convulsions ran through her midsection and Lori secreted a womanly potion to mix with the dog’s emissions.

Lori cried and tears ran down her rosy cheeks as she felt the embarrassment of having an orgasm with a dog. Not only was it an orgasm but also it was one of gigantic proportions that rivaled any in her history. A titanic orgasm that was witnessed not only by the loathsome Pattersons but also by her husband as well, an orgasm that no doubt was recorded for posterity and unremitting blackmail.

She could feel every jerk, every spasm that ran through Rex’s cock from the thick, bulbous base to the fiery tip as he began secreting massive amounts of real cum into Lori’s inner chamber. His flaming tool jerked and throbbed at a rapid tempo although his hips remained fairly steady, as Rex filled the vulnerable cavity with more dog juice than it could hold.

Rex panted like crazy and felt fully invigorated by the lustful affair. The climax seemed to get better each time with his prized bitch. Nearly spent, he suddenly yearned to cleanse his pulsating cock. The immense pressure of Lori’s tight opening actually pained him and he quickly twirled his body so that his front leg stepped over Lori’s back. He turned completely around and the two bodies held by the tight union. Time was suspended while the weight of Lori’s body, which was slightly lower than Rex’s, pulled hard on the secure bond. The large ball came free after what seemed like an eternity followed by a surge of liquid and Lori’s legs collapsed. She sank to the ground and felt an enormous relief to be liberated.

Andy was immensely thrilled from watching his lovely wife performing fantasies that the couple had dreamed about for years. He watched her collapse on the soft carpet in a heap of exhaustion and saw that her evening was not over yet. Ken had his large hands on Lori’s body and his hungry mouth began a pleasant task. Andy watched him tattoo his wife’s flesh with a dark, red hickie, placing it on the sweaty cheek of her bum. One, two, three until he shifted to the neglected cheek to do the same.

Andy was mesmerized by the man’s demoralizing mission and watched as Ken rolled Lori onto her back. Then he sucked more red blemishes into the silky flesh lingering in the shaven area to ensure complete intimidation. Added to the earlier ones already covering tits and her body, these hickies were the most beautiful marks crafted onto his wife’s flesh. The degrading deed should have infuriated him but for some strange reason, it had the opposite effect.

“Here, clean my dick off so I can fuck your pussy with it,” Ken whispered and immediately shoved his semi-hard cock in her startled face. Lori didn’t know how to resist the man who demanded to be master of her sphere. She did not struggle as he placed the head of his cock between her lips and insisted she suck it. In a matter of seconds, his ramrod was deep in her mouth and Ken reaped all the rewards of an expert blowjob. Andy would never tire of such erotic scenes involving his wife and he remained in the background just as Ken assumed he would.

Lori’s mind was on cruise control and knew exactly what each male wanted. She felt the blood rushing to the oversized pecker and in no time it was rock hard. It throbbed madly in her mouth and she put her dainty hand to the thick shaft to gain a firm hold to prevent him ramming it further down her throat. Ken’s intimidation worked to perfection and Lori felt a slave to his wishes and demands. She looked at him in a new light and realized his ultimate strength and authority.

Lori wanted desperately to stop acting like Ken’s slut but didn’t know how to stop. She felt a raging desire for everything the vile man did or made her do, and readily accepted his sons as worthy sexual partners. Not only was Lori’s body in tune with the three Patterson’s, but it was also in tune Rex their dog. Rex had forced Lori to become a devoted b

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