Lori – A Neighbor’s Delight 5

Author: Kacey1999

By Kacey1999
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Lori – A Neighbor’s Delight – Chapter 5

Ken Patterson filled Lori’s dreams even though she tried hard to put her hated neighbor out of her mind. Ken was Ken… arrogant, conniving, demanding, depraved, manipulative, egotistical, and crude. A real bastard who got what he wanted and was accustomed to getting his way most of the time. He worked his magic on Lori, bent her to his will, humiliated her, violated her, and treated her like his personal slut. On the positive side, he gave Lori what she needed, great mind-blowing orgasms and sexual ecstasy far beyond anything she imagined in her wildest fantasies. When it came to sex, no matter how raunchy he was, Ken gave as well as received.

Lori was deeply troubled by how she succumbed to all of Ken’s demands. She loathed Ken as a person, yet craved and obsessed over the incredible sex he provided her. She shuddered with the comparison between her loving husband whom she dearly loved and sought to please, and Ken. Lori looked forward to intercourse with Andy because she truly loved him. This despite the fact he was so fast, and she always had to hurry to bring on her own orgasm. Still the times were pleasurable. Ken on the other hand, she personally despised. But unlike her husband, he not only fucked her to completion, he fucked her to oblivion giving her immense satisfaction.

A tiny sob of frustration was uttered with the realization that no matter how she tried, she could not outlast Ken. Her orgasms exploded long before the disgusting man filled her womb with his seed. The fact that Ken’s two boys, boys young enough to be her own sons, had sex with her was also deeply troubling. However, they too, like their dad provided Lori with what she really needed.

Rex? How perverted was that, she wondered? Rex took her to places Lori never knew existed before, and she loved the sexual high yet was appalled at the vile depraved perversity. She craved the sexual bliss, but at the same time felt extremely guilty about it. If it were all up to Lori, it would all stop immediately, but neither Ken nor Andy wanted it to stop, and she was powerless to say ‘no’ to either of them.

Andy was having his every fantasy fulfilled, exhibiting Lori’s gorgeous body to the leering eyes of strange men. Lustfully he had watched Lori fuck Ken and his sons. It was wrong and he knew it, yet he loved it and craved to see it again. When Rex, who he knew Lori despised, had sex with her, Andy could not envision anything more shamelessly immoral. Yes, Andy realized, Ken and company turned his beautiful Lori into a wanton slut just like in their shared fantasies.

Then Ken unlocked a totally new beginning when he introduced Lori to anal sex. Andy certainly was happy that the way had finally been opened to him for anal sex. The fact Ken and Sean had fucked Lori’s ass should have made him jealous but he merely felt a slight envy for not being first. Andy noticed Lori appeared reluctant at the beginning of each adventure but quickly became the eager, wanton slut with anyone, man or beast, who fucked her.

At first Andy was bothered by the hickies sucked onto Lori’s body during the wild three-day gangbang. But every time he noticed the dark red blemishes, it made him think of Lori being ravaged by one of the Pattersons and that excited him. Eventually, the marks were considered tattoos of desire and Andy threatened to add to the array, much to Lori’s dismay.

Ken’s sexual advances were fully condoned and within reason, Andy thought, since Lori dressed in a provocative manner on each occasion. Visions of Lori in a less than modest bikini or wearing a braless halter top made his stomach quiver with excitement knowing she looked so attractive in sexy outfits. The couple talked many times of Lori teasing and enticing strangers but she always hesitated to dress in such a bold and daring fashion.

Unlike Andy who always seemed to ejaculate prematurely, Ken, and his sons for that matter, had exceptional stamina but Andy brushed the detail aside. Andy was completely unaware of Ken’s efforts to sap his limited endurance before he could perform. Not that Andy was any raging bull, but Ken still made sure his strength was diminished whenever it was his turn to fuck Lori. His poor performance could be directly attributed to Ken’s devious plans and they would continue to bring ruin to the oblivious husband.

Sean and Troy, like all horny teenage boys, just wanted to get laid. They were devoted students of their father and would do anything he asked of them. That would become very evident when Ken asked for a favor from his boys but in return, he promised a payback that would blow their minds.

Rex was Rex. He was a devoted pet and relished any visit from the best bitch in the neighborhood. The number of bitches he had screwed the past couple of years were countless but he deemed none were as good as Lori. He loved the way she seemed to fight his advances but in the end, fucked his brains out. She was definitely his favorite bitch.

Ken had failed in only one goal, to humiliate and totally dominate Andy. Andy had eagerly supported Ken and his carnal dealings with Lori, first with the photo shoot, then the tub party and then in the basement. Ken was smart enough to realize he was fulfilling all of Andy’s basest fantasies; therefore it was easy to gain his cooperation. Ken may have plotted to trick him, but Andy needed no trickery. He nearly jumped at the opportunity. Andy, in fact, looked at Ken as a good buddy and confidant, the willing facilitator of his wildest dreams. He did not see him as the threat that he really posed. Ken was certainly happy with Andy’s enthusiastic participation. It made it all so easy for him but Ken knew he held nothing over his neighbor and that did not sit well with the domineering man. “Soon that would change,” gloated Ken with evil intent. Ken was determined that his plans and the ultimate outcome would cement His dominance over the next-door couple.


It was bright Sunday morning when Ken woke up with a raging hard-on. Recollections of Lori squirming in ecstasy on his throbbing cock as he orally abused her tits were vividly etched in his mind. As in the past when he merely fantasized about Lori, he began to masturbate, then stopped. “I have a much better idea!” he exclaimed jumping out of bed. Glancing at the clock he mumbled, “They’re at church getting all holy. I have a couple of hours.” Then he set about to secure his neighbors’ downfall with a devious plan mapped out in his head.

Ken’s wife had returned home a couple days ago from her visit to her parents but that did not make him unhappy. Helen went to church every Sunday with the reluctant boys and Ken often used the time to unwind from a busy workweek. They would not be home until at least 1 o’clock, which gave Ken plenty of time to implement his plan.

It would start today. In his wildest dreams, Ken could not imagine anything could top the three days of erotic bliss when Helen was away taking care of her ailing father. “Well,” he chuckled, “that may not be true.” Ken’s new plans would include getting control over Andy to enable him to keep Lori as his devoted slut.

He did not bother getting dressed and the only thing Ken wore was baggy, boxer shorts. His big hand grabbed the large bulge protruding from his groin as he daydreamed of possessing Lori’s naked body once again. Ken smiled knowing his daydream would soon be fulfilled, then made way to his destination at the house next door.

Meanwhile, Lori had been awake for several minutes. The sordid events with her despicable neighbor were playing in her head like a bad movie. She was guilt stricken with the memories of being used and defiled in such a degrading manner by Ken. At the same time, the memories of the incredible sexual highs she experienced made her needy, moistened pussy yearn for more. She kept her eyes closed while daydreaming of Ken taking her, over and over. Of him making her do all the awful things he demanded, and how he broke her once faithful spirit with every punishing thrust of his big cock.

Slowly, almost reluctantly her hand went to her quivering tummy and she was positive she could feel tremors. Her breathing quickened and it made her feel very flushed and shamed. ‘Why, why do I feel like this when that disgusting man enters my dreams?’ Lori wondered, but that did not stop her hand from trailing downward. She just had to find out if indeed the wetness was real. “Oh gawd, I’m doing it for that bastard, oh why,” Lori whispered as she wondered what had come over her? Her dainty fingers slipped between her thighs and found that she was not only wet, but soaked. It sent a shiver up her spine knowing she was aroused by her thoughts of Ken.

Beside her, Andy woke. His head was immediately filled with memories of debauchery and orgies. Feeling his wife stir next to him, he knew what he wanted more than anything else in the world. ‘By God,’ he thought, ‘I want to fuck her ass and I am going to do it!’ He had watched his newfound friend break a barrier once considered forbidden and in doing so he reasoned that Lori could not deny him or say no to anal sex ever again.

Andy decided to follow Ken’s cue and ordered his devoted wife to perform as if Andy were her master. “You awake? Good. Get on your knees honey, I am going to fuck your ass just like he did,” Andy whispered to his drowsy wife. “Get on your knees, baby, reach back and spread open your precious cheeks for me,” he said and his voice quivered with excitement.

It did not take long for his demands to sink into her tired brain. “Andy, you can’t be serious! I am too fucking sore to do anything right now. Please, not now,” she pleaded with her suddenly aroused husband. For the strangest reason, Lori desired only one man and he was not in bed with her.

“You mean you’re saving your asshole for Ken and his boys?” Andy growled with jealous anger.

“No, honey, it’s not that, no it’s…” Lori pleaded but broke off when she saw fire in her husband’s eyes.

“Then do it!” he whispered with a stern voice.

Lori loved her husband and always tried to please him. Slowly, and somewhat reluctantly, she moved to comply with Andy’s sordid wishes and presented her ass to him for the first time. Once she was in a perfect kneeling position, Andy jumped her like a sex-starved teenager. Roughly he tried to shove his cock into her butt without lubrication and it brought an instant response.

“Owwww! You’re hurting me!” Lori protested.

Andy was impatient but ran his cock through Lori’s pussy for lubrication making a couple quick passes before pressing into her ass again. He grunted but managed to force the head of his pecker in while Lori dreamed of how Ken had taken his sweet time when he fucked her. Ken had ensured his big cock was properly lubricated and he had easily entered her virgin ass causing very little discomfort despite his size.

Her husband held Lori by the hips and forced his slender cock into the tight hole. Like an obedient wife, Lori kept her body upright and held her breath until the pain subsided. A tear or two came to her eyes but still she dearly wanted to please her husband.

Andy was almost ready to shoot his wad up Lori’s ass when a rustling noise caught his attention. Out of the corner of his eye, he noticed movement at the door. Turning his head he saw his burly neighbor. The sight of an intruder caused him to freeze and hold absolutely still. Lori felt Andy’s hesitation. She also paused, killing the erotic moment between the two. She gave a momentary sigh of relief for the reprieve and quickly twisted her body to get Andy’s cock out of her ass.

Ken, bare foot and almost naked, had grabbed his digital camera on the way out of his house and used it on the naked neighbors. He stood at the entry to the couple’s bedroom boldly taking pictures. Lori and Andy were dumbfounded. They noticed how his shorts bulged out prominently in front threatening to release a demon. Luckily, the back patio door was not locked and he entered the couple’s home unannounced.

Ken was proud of his enormous endowment and wasn’t shy or timid about showing off to onlookers. In one quick move, he stripped the boxers and kicked them away. The couple was speechless; both staring at the man’s large cock that he shamelessly presented almost like it was a weapon. Ken grinned and took a couple more pictures of the stunned pair before lowering the camera. With his free hand, he began lewdly stroking his pecker enjoying the obvious discomfort on both Lori and Andy’s faces.

Ken was the first to speak. “You just can’t get enough cock. Now can you sweetheart? Lucky you, I am here to give my favorite slut another loving fuck!” he stated in a mocking tone.

Suddenly, Lori got her voice back. “What are you doing here?” she screamed, outraged at the intrusion into the privacy of their bedroom. “What the hell are you doing in our bedroom?” she yelled demanding an explanation. She was astounded by Ken’s brazen audacity and didn’t know what else to say. The fact he had taken pictures of her and Andy having anal sex was lost with the unexpected invasion.

“What do you think, sweetheart? I’m here for a little Sunday morning fuck-and-suck,” he said and laughed at her surprise.

Andy felt totally awestruck by Ken’s powerful presence and the promise of being able to watch him fuck his wife. He realized Lori wanted him to throw the man out but he was almost intimidated by the commanding man. Ken’s cock hovered in front of his hips and Andy had never witnessed anything so hypnotic. Without thinking, his fist went around his own raging hard-on as he dreamed of watching his sexy wife once again having sex with other men.

“Get out! Get out!” Lori shouted at the shameless neighbor before turning to Andy to do something. Noticing his total lack of concern, she felt like hitting him rather than Ken.

Ignoring her screeches, Ken moved quickly and grabbed Lori by the ankles before she could jump out of his way. Brusquely he pulled her ass to the edge of the bed completely ignoring her ineffective struggles. “Andy, help me out, buddy,” the larger man said. “Grab her arms… That’s it… hold’er down and I’ll spread’er wide. Fuck, she’s dripping wet already! I can almost taste her sweet pussy,” Ken said while Andy followed his directions.

The two men had Lori flat on her back and stretched out within seconds. Adding to the suspenseful drama, she kicked and twisted her legs and arms struggling to escape from the impending rape; a rape aided and facilitated by her husband; a rape that only moments before she had dreamed about; a rape that wouldn’t be a rape because she desired it so much.

Andy realized that he would have an unobstructed view of the intended assault and he would see Ken’s big cock fucking his wife’s tight pussy. Much against his wife’s pleas and sobs, he easily pinned Lori’s arms high above her head while she lay flat on the bed. This allowed Ken complete freedom.

Ken’s big, strong hands went to Lori’s flailing legs and held them apart much to her dismay. “Please, no. Let me go, please,” she implored, her desperate pleadings falling on deaf ears. Held down by the two men, Lori was defenseless. Her heart rate sprinted out of control making her feel hot and flushed as she anticipated penetration.

What surprised Andy and Lori most was Ken’s next actions. Instead of using his hard pecker, which was bobbing up and down, almost signaling for a target, he swooped down and his mouth closed over Lori’s vulnerable opening. His tongue skillfully separated the pussy labia and licked the pink slit almost like he was Rex. Every time his head came up, rising above the shaved pelvis, his eyes locked with Lori’s.

She stared at Ken not believing his bold talent and saw the grin of arrogance across his face. His damaging tongue flicked the tenderest morsel at the upper reaches of Lori’s opening, sending violent shivers through her entire body. “Ken, get the fuck out of here, I don’t want you to touch me, ever!” Lori said in the sternest voice she could muster.

Ken believed that Lori’s protests were only for show because Andy was present. He suddenly devoured her pussy, ramming his rigid tongue into her opening as far as possible. He feinted a fucking action for a few seconds, and then sucked the swollen nub of her clitoris into his hungry mouth. The noises were loud and very distinct. Ken nibbled and sucked the engorged clit non-stop and quickly felt Lori’s hips respond in a most random manner.

Andy was totally amazed at the way his wife’s body seemed to react to the man eating her out. He could swear she thrust her hips toward the demanding mouth even though she begged him to stop. “Andy, oh gawd Andy, tell him to stop. Make him stop, please,” Lori pleaded with her husband for help. Andy’s total focus was on the noisy cunnilingus and he ignored every word she said.

Ken felt powerful and in total control of both, wife and husband. Planning to humiliate Lori to the utmost right in front of her husband, he paused the tantalizing lapping for a brief moment. “We all know, Lori, that you love cumming on my cock. You’re a real slut! You always cum on my cock, don’t you, honey?” he asked and waited a perilous few seconds. He did not expect an answer without persistence.

His conceit infuriated Lori and her whole body shook in frustration. Hatred filled her tear-stained eyes as she stared into the eyes of the devil. Her mouth hung open while her breathing got more ragged by the second.

“You always cum when I fuck you, don’t you sweetheart?” he repeated and smiled. “In fact you can never wait, you are a slut and cum almost as soon as my hard cock is in your cunt,” he whispered wanting the humiliation to continue in front of her husband.

His arrogance shook Lori’s confidence but there was no more pleading for Andy to stop what was to happen. It was almost like it was the two combatants and Lori felt alone in her struggle against the strong, commanding man. His strong fingers dug into the tender flesh of her splayed thighs and there was no doubt what he wanted. “His eyes, if only,” Lori said to herself and uttered a tiny sob.

“Yes, yes you bastard. You fucked me and, and I wanted you to fuck me. Are you fucking happy? I hate you, you bastard!” Lori whispered and the two lovers held their ground, both knowing who would win.

Andy watched the interlude and knew he should feel jealousy. That did not happen as it was only shear lust that filled his brain. He watched in utter amazement as Ken rose, put his hands around his wife’s bare ass and pulled hard. It spread Lori’s thighs wider and Ken shifted his big hands to grab both ankles. He reached back and curled her lithe legs around his wide hips holding her prisoner. He stood up straight with his hard cock aimed at Lori’s midsection and brushed the wet tip against her exposed opening in a daring fashion.

Lori stiffened, pushing the back of her head backwards into the soft mattress. She closed her eyes in anticipation finding it almost impossible to breathe, gasping for much needed air. Totally helpless, Lori knew Ken was about to demonstrate his absolute dominance. He was going to fuck her; Andy was going to watch. She could do nothing to prevent it. It felt like she was clinging to a sheer precipice by her fingertips and desperately wanted to hold on if just to save her dignity.

“Put it in, Andy. Put my cock where it belongs,” Ken whispered. Lori stopped breathing at the meaning of his dire words. She could not believe the audacity of the man and it puzzled her to think of a reason for his bold statement. Ken teased and held his hips forward to indicate he wanted someone to help him hit the target.

Andy hesitated but his heart rate increased so rapidly that it made him feel flushed and very overcome. How his hand reached over his wife’s pelvis and grasped the big, hot organ was a mystery to Andy. But it sent a jolt to his fired up libido. His head was filled with brilliant flashback memories of summer camp and a summer of discovery. Andy and his camp chums experimented. It was the first and only time. He vividly remembered the thrill of feeling another boy’s cock in the night and stroking it until cum shot all over the place. When one of his buddies sucked his cock, the resultant mind-blowing orgasm had been pure lust in the rawest form.

It was strange but for a couple of years, the boyish actions upset Andy. He was inwardly shamed by his visions of having sex with a guy and even of him sucking another man’s cock. He worried about being gay but that eventually passed. But this cock wasn’t some randy daydream and it seemed far more illustrious as he felt it throbbing in his hand. Without thinking, he began moving his hand back and forth on the long shaft and marveled at how the foreskin flowed so smoothly over the moistened head.

Suddenly Ken broke into his trance. “C’mon, quit playing with my cock, Andy. I want your wife’s pussy, not your fucking hand,” Ken said with a chuckle. Shocked and embarrassed, Andy immediately complied with the vile request by guiding the seeping tip of the large pecker to his wife’s defenseless pussy. Gleefully he watched as her swollen lips stretched ever wider to surround the enormous girth. His eyes glistened when Ken gave a short, swift thrust to bury the head in her wetness. Andy also saw that the protruding clit had rotated downward to make direct contact with the thick penis as it pierced Lori’s cunt.

Ken seemed to tantalize and tease Lori and moved ever so slowly in and out of her tight passageway. It was a surreal sight and Andy felt intense desire for untold fantasies, to see Ken fuck his loving wife and to feel the man’s impressive cock. He could not remember ever feeling such burning lust and it mesmerized him to watch the erotic scene unfold. The fact the vein-covered shaft was much larger than his own did not matter to Andy.

Lori shivered with anticipation knowing that whether she wanted it or not, Ken was going to give her that something no other man could give. Her chest heaved madly and it was hard to breathe. To Lori’s dismay, spasms began in her inner being and all she could do was moan out loud. “Oh gawd, no, no, not here, please don’t make me do it,” she whispered with a feeling that the end would soon arrive.

Ken found it magical watching the couple depart into worlds of their own. Ken could see Lori was again his devoted slut and now it was time to seduce the husband. “Put your hand around it,” Ken suggested to Andy and purposely held back a few inches for the purpose. Andy was in a complete lust induced daze. His hand went around the exposed penis without giving a second thought about possible drastic implications. Lori’s juices soaked the shaft and Andy had never experienced anything so arousing.

“That’s it, now let it slide through your hand, while I fuck your wife,” Ken whispered. His demeaning words did not offend Andy and he felt the burning shaft slide easily through his fingers. Ken fucked Lori and all Andy could think of was how the man’s cock pulsed in his hand.

Suddenly, Andy’s daydream traversed back, back into the past. He remembered being a teenager who fisted his buddy Gord’s pecker and how the boy had an orgasm. The flashback went to the first time one of the other boys sucked his cock. Andy shivered with immense excitement from the memory of the thrilling two weeks many summers ago. How often had he dreamed of repeating the affair, he wondered? It had been the first blowjob he had ever received but he vividly remembered how wonderful the climax felt. He knew Ken would never do such a thing, but, but, he wondered?

Two, three and minute after minute Ken slowly pumped his big cock in and out of Lori relentlessly. Her body began to tremble and Lori swore to be strong and fight off the unwelcomed orgasm building in her groin. ‘Not here, not again, not in front of Andy’, came the silent prayer. Lori desperately tried to ward off the unwanted, yet craved, climax that Ken always promised and delivered.

“Oh no, gawd no, I can’t stop, I am cumming… gawd help me, I’m, I can’t stop, ohhhhh,” Lori moaned in a soft yet resounding voice. Much to her dismay, she could no longer hold back. “Fuck, oh fuck, ooooh fuck, fuck me you bastard, fuck me,” Lori screamed like a lost child. She did not care anymore. ‘After all, Andy condoned it’, she told herself to liberate the guilty feelings.

As his wife screamed out her pleasure, Andy came without so much as touching himself. He shot his spunk over his wife’s undulating belly and did not take his eyes off his hand covering Ken’s hard cock. The climax quickly drained his reserve and he slumped down to Lori’s side while his brutish neighbor laughed at the inadequate husband.

Ken took his slut to the highest peak, and then kept her there with a constant pumping of his tireless hips. Although Andy’s hand prevented Ken’s cock from reaching Lori’s deepest reaches, the pulsing cock still defiled her tender G-spot to make Lori’s orgasm memorable. Ken’s protracted fuck was a result of his rare ability to prolong his stamina and he was determined to make this one last for a long, long time. His mission was clear.

“I don’t need your hand anymore,” Ken whispered for Andy’s benefit and slapped his hand away from his extended pecker. “I just want to fuck your wife with my hard cock. Pay attention little buddy, and watch a real man fuck your slut wife.

“Don’t worry slut, you will get to squeeze it again and taste the cum that is normally reserved for your slut wife,” Ken said to intimidate her husband. It caused both Andy and Lori to hold their breath. Each repeated Ken’s words over and over in their heads trying to determine the exact meaning.

Ken was not going to let Lori off easily. He reached under her shapely ass and dug his fingers into the firm buttocks pulling up with power and might. Lori’s hips were held high and Ken took advantage of her vulnerability as she somehow kept her legs curled around his body. His tempo increased and he hit to the hilt on every powerful thrust. His balls swung freely and strangely teased Lori’s asshole by slapping against her flesh as if by design.

Lori shuddered realizing she remained in a continuous state of heightened arousal every time this man fucked her. She actually hoped Ken would keep abusing her body to fuel the lust that now consumed her mind. Lori felt like an addict and fornicating with her hated neighbor was the only syringe that gave her comfort.

After many minutes of fucking the woman of his dreams, Ken felt that familiar twinge in his belly. It would not be long and he had plans to cement the future. Ken gave the husband a steely glare and snarled, “I’m getting close little buddy. Get that slut mouth of yours ready to suck my rod. You can taste your wife’s cum while I blast my filthy load down your fucking throat!”

Andy felt like a teenager again. Meekly he grinned at the man as he fucked his devoted wife and felt his stomach quiver with wild expectation.

“Have a good look slut, watch your wife cum again all over a man’s cock. When she is done, I’ll let you suck my cock and taste a real man’s seed,” he said and noticed how Andy remained motionless, waiting to comply.

Ken squeezed the tender cheeks of Lori’s ass and brought out the cry of despair he deeply sought. “No, not again, no I can’t, I can’t do it. I am not your slut,” Lori moaned with desperation of someone who did not want to struggle. “Oh gawd, your cock is so deep, I can feel it inside me and I can’t stop,” she hissed a response that indicated time was short. First a spasm rocked her loins, then another shot through her belly like a bolt of lightning, fast and furious. The spasms started seconds apart and quickly became a rapid train of spectacular explosions.

“That’s it babe, fuck my big cock like a slut you are. Damn, I love the way you orgasm every time I put it inside your filthy cunt. Fuck it bitch, fuck it hard,” Ken said with a voice that shuddered, fearing he would not be able to withstand Lori’s dramatic climax.

Ken suddenly pulled his rigid cock out of Lori’s hot, steaming cavity and offered it to her husband. “Here you go little buddy. Suck a man’s cock. I saw the envy in your eye earlier. I know you want to be a slut like your sexy wife,” he said in a voice that made him sound unyielding. “Go on, goddamn you, suck it!”

Not another word was needed and Andy slowly bent forward, reaching out with a hand that vibrated wildly. He seized the base of the torrid pecker and held it skyward to admire for a brief second. Before he could react or prevent it, Ken grabbed the back of his head and rammed the head of his cock into Andy’s lips. As if by magic, the lips separated and for the first time in his life, Andy had a grown man’s cock in his mouth. He was stunned and really didn’t know what to do but there was no need for knowledge.

Ken held his cock buried deep inside Andy’s mouth and felt the man’s hand begin a familiar pumping action on his long stem. “Oh fuck. I’m so close slut. Keep it right there. That’s it, lick it you little bastard. I’m gonna blow my load down your fucking throat in a second,” came the warning that was entirely needless.

Somehow Ken had retrieved the camera and shoved it to Lori with a challenging gesture. “Here sweetheart, use this. I want pictures of my slut boy when he gives me a blowjob. Do it or I’ll kick your sweet ass honey,” Ken whispered and smiled when Lori followed his command.

Lori snapped picture after picture of her husband swallowing dick. She knew enough not to do what the bastard wanted but still complied with his mortifying demands. Ken grinned ear to ear knowing that both wife and husband were now under his complete control and soon, so would their gorgeous daughter. The thoughts drove his desire over the mountain of ecstasy and he ejaculated forcefully. His cum flowed towards another man’s belly and the powerful orgasm quickly consumed all his reason.

Ken’s plan had worked perfectly. Watching the last couple of flashes go off, he realized that the wife had obeyed his directions to a ‘T’. The pictures would ensure that blackmailing Andy was concrete. Ken made sure to put on an extra special performance so the record would be one to remember.

Sometimes, a man had to do drastic things to accomplish a goal, Ken thought. He watched Andy stroke his long hard cock, attempting to drain all the glorious spunk. It was not the best blowjob, in fact it was far less than satisfactory, but it had served a purpose for Ken. He realized that should he need it, Andy would now be a faithful slut just like his wife and that made him extremely happy.

Ken had formulated plans for a party next Sunday and he would now have to think of a way to inform his servants. ‘Hell’, he decided, ‘One night, I’ll just have them over for a quickie. I’ll fuck my sluts and humiliate the little bastard even more.’

“Did you enjoy drinking my cum little buddy?” Ken whispered with a wide grin. “Don’t worry, nobody has to know about your little indiscretion. Of course, that’s if you are a real good boy,” he said and gave a mocking laugh. He gave his hips a quick jerk and removed his diminishing pecker from Andy’s mouth and watched the man collapse on the bed.

Ken didn’t take his eyes off the couple who now lay motionless and silent on their bed. Lori and Andy watched Ken slowly pick up his only piece of clothing and don the shorts all the while smiling at the two. He stepped towards Lori and reached to take the camera from her fingers. She did not resist. Lori knew what he now held was damaging but she was too weak to fight for salvation.

“I have plans for a party next Sunday and I want Lori to meet some of my friends. But I’ll phone you during the week and set up the details. Hey sweetheart, maybe we can have a quickie later this week. I’m sure you won’t mind, will you Andy?” he asked with the most confident grin. He knew the man could not refuse any request, not even one to have his wife fucked.

Ken tossed a kiss in their direction and left the couple in bewildered silence. It was not over, they both realized. Their future was now entirely in Ken’s hands and he could make them do almost anything. With that shocking revelation, Lori shivered realizing that ‘almost’ could be removed from the scenario. Strange, she thought, how a person would do such immoral and sinful things once their head was consumed my lust.

Lori fell into Andy’s arms and they embraced for a long time. Neither said anything and merely let their minds wander. They fantasized over what happened, each pleased yet mortified as they pondered about what the future held.

Lori and Andy discussed going over to Ken’s like he threatened and about the planned Sunday party.

“He just wants to fuck me! He and his two boys!” she protested.

“Yeah, I suppose… Damn, I’m getting a hard-on just thinking about it,” Andy responded.

“You can’t be serious?” Lori said in amazement.

“Of course I am! Look, his wife is home most of the time and he can’t do anything with her around,” Andy said in an attempt to stifle her fears.

“You want him to screw me?” Lori suddenly asked.

“No. Well, I don’t just want him to screw you. I wanna watch him screw you… Oh, don’t look at me that way honey. I’ve seen how you react. You love it!” he told her and it made Lori cringe with guilt.

“I hate him!” Lori whispered almost praying it was true.

“Okay, you hate him, but you love his cock!” Andy responded.

“No! It’s not true,” Lori said and her voice cracked a little knowing that it was a lie.

“Sure you do… You have any idea how gorgeous you are when you orgasm? Takes my breath away,” Andy said and his mind drifted off to visualize exactly that.

“But Andy!” Lori protested in futility. Suddenly she was struck with a fit of anger and shouted at Andy, “Okay! You can just watch that bastard fuck me! You’re nothing but a bastard just like him!”

That was all they could talk about as the phone rang. Lori started across the room to get the call struggling to regain her composure. Suddenly, Lori resigned herself to her fate of being controlled by both Andy and Ken. She wanted to yell at Andy. ‘If that’s the way you want it, okay’, Lori thought absolving herself of all responsibility. Realizing her fortune was in Ken’s filthy hands she conceded to herself, ‘I’ll release my inner-slut to enjoy herself and we’ll see how you like that.’

Andy watched his naked wife standing across the room talking to their daughter. It was Julia’s regular Sunday call from College and apparently she was extremely excited. He listened to the two women in his life chat and marveled at how lucky he was to have such a gorgeous family. The thought of Ken calling them up during the upcoming week and merely telling Lori he wanted her over at his place for sex was mind-boggling. Somehow the thought of it happening one more time filled his mind with expectations and envy. He sensed that Ken provided Lori with a desire for sex that was quite unlike her but instead of making him jealous, it made him horny as hell.

Lori broke into his train of thought. “Julia wanted to say that she would be home for the long weekend. She wanted to tell us that she has received a very, lucrative offer to do a modeling job for a local company and that she was considering it. She wasn’t sure what was involved but they told her that it would require modeling in a swimsuit. The company is supposed to be a backyard construction company that renovates and installs recreational equipment.”

The similarity of her first experience with Ken and Julia’s offer sent a shiver through Lori’s body. She remembered how Ken made her model for his company and how the disgusting man manipulated her until she was his loyal servant. Lori could not remember being so humiliated in her entire life like the first time Ken made her get completely naked. Her head filled with flashbacks of how he made her pose for his two sons and then how his oldest son give her, a grown woman, a spanking as if she was a spoiled, little girl.

Lori remembered the horrible events like it was yesterday and suddenly felt the overwhelming excitement of it being the most arousing experience of her life. She deemed that Ken broke her will that day and from that point on, Lori knew she would not refuse any demand from him. It did make her feel dirty, even sinful for feeling such desire and craving for something that was totally wrong.

She quickly brushed the horrible thought aside of Julia’s offer somehow being associated with Ken. Lori considered the man too incompetent to plan or think of anything so devious.

If only Lori knew of Ken’s true abilities but that was the case in most of life’s mistakes. A person never got the experience without making vital mistakes along the way. The fact was Ken pulled a few strings with someone he knew at the college and got the addresses of several members of Julia’s management class. He sent offer letters to many of them and informed them that anyone making the short list would receive a formal contract offer. When Julia was the only one in her class to receive a contract, she felt privileged rather than targeted.

“I guess they want her for Monday of the long weekend and it is right here in the city,” Lori told Andy. “She is really excited and is asking if it was okay for her to pose and do a shoot dressed in skimpy outfits,” Lori stated. “She has to return the contract offer by this Wednesday but I think we should look into it closer. Maybe find out what company and what they plan to do with the pictures,” Lori said voicing her motherly concerns to her husband.

“I am sure it is legit if they send Julia a contract. It sounds like a good opportunity to get exposure,” Andy said in an attempt to quiet his wife’s concerns. “I know she wants to get into the administrative and agent side of modeling but I think she needs to learn what it is like to be on the other side of the camera as well,” he said. “It will do her good to handle a photo shoot by herself and see what her clients will have to put up with,” Andy added.

They left it at that and Lori said she would call Julia. They agreed to give their support even though Lori hesitated. She remembered what it was like doing the modeling shoot with Ken that started her whole affair with the man. If only things had been different. If only I had not gone over his parents’ place that first night, she reflected, but realized it was far too late to go back in time. Surely this offer to Julia was on the up and up, she thought hoping for the best.


Ken was optimistic that the scheduled football party would be one his buddies would remember for a long, long time. He had everything planned down to the most intimate detail and it made his breathing quicken with the thought that his sexy neighbor would be the star attraction. With a knowing smirk, he remembered when he told her that she was going to be the waitress at the regular Sunday afternoon affair with his friends. The stunned look on Lori’s pretty face was evidence that she knew what that meant.

Every other Sunday the men took turns hosting a party and Ken was one of the five regulars. It was his turn and he was determined to score big by kicking the ball through the uprights with Lori’s shapely legs being the goalposts. He pictured the sexiest woman he had ever been with laying on her back with her long, muscular legs raised high in the air. They would form a ‘V’ and he envisioned the cleanly, shaven pelvis staring at him in a truly beckoning manner. It made his large cock twitch in anticipation as it always did when he dreamed of Lori.

The parties were an excuse for the guys to watch lots of NFL football and drink until they were feeling no pain. Seldom would the wives attend, as they hated nothing more than watching loud, drunken slobs cheer everything from hard tackles to beer commercials and with each guy trying to out do the others in vulgarity. Ken planned to have the house all to himself by sending his wife to visit her sister for the weekend. Helen never liked the Sunday-afternoon football parties with his beer-drinking buddies so she readily agreed to the visit. He trusted his sons to keep Helen away until after the raunchy party was over.

Sean and Troy, Ken’s two sons did not want to go with their mother but Ken insisted. He assured them that he would make it up to them and told them the sacrifice would be worth it. Once they got their hands on the treasured prize he offered, they would thank him, he promised. Ken already had plans formulated which included the best looking chick in the neighborhood, well he mussed, next to Lori. But he planned to payback his sons by giving them something every man dreamed of, lesbian lust.

Ken dreamed of the upcoming gathering with his buddies. Everything was set and he remembered the night he gave Lori the instructions for the party. Christ, Ken realized, he was constantly thinking of innovative ways to have sexual encounters with his adorable neighbor and relished any opportunity to get close to her sexy body.

He got his vision for the party from watching the vivacious waitresses at Hotties. The franchise was expert at displaying a woman’s attributes to hungry men and Ken and his buddies frequented the seedy place on a regular basis. It did not take Ken long to get to know one or two of the sexy waitresses who worked there. This made it quite easy for him to borrow one of the women’s uniforms that would fit Lori.

The main difference with the outfit Ken planned for Lori was the fact he left out some of the required garments. Like the mainstay of the woman’s attraction that caught many a man’s eye was the frilly skirt and panties that they wore. The skirts would flare out whenever the waitress moved or bent over and showed the perfect shape of their lower anatomy, which was covered by pretty, lacy panties. Lori would quickly find out the omission of such an item would severely hamper her movements once she donned the skirt.

His instructions had been very explicate and given to her during the heat of battle. While carefully scripting his demands, Ken was fucking her while Andy watched. Lori was to wear a Hotties’ waitress outfit and it would be skimpy, very skimpy. The way he put it to Lori was that the length of the skirt would not be more than a couple of inches below the crotch and she would not be wearing panties. Ken laughingly told her he wanted to see ass, lots of ass and he wanted her freshly shaved pussy on display for his crude, beer-drinking buddies.

When Lori begged him to allow her to wear something under the skirt, Ken found the request truly hilarious. He told her in no uncertain terms, to do what he demanded or everyone would find out about the skeletons in Lori’s closet. His stern, bold stare directly into Lori’s timid eyes said it all. “Lori is a neighbor’s delight,” he implied and insisted on strict obedience from his timorous servant.


Party time was fast approaching and Lori was alone in the master bedroom with her worried thoughts. Lori shivered with the demeaning fact that her neighbor owned her. Yes, she realized, Ken held enough evidence to make her do anything, anything his perverted heart desired and there was nothing they could do to prevent his control. What Lori could not understand though was the way her inner being craved, almost hungered for the untamed lust that her hated neighbor promised. It troubled her that she willingly vowed to be unfaithful for the opportunity to be with the vile man.

Then visions of Sean, Troy and Rex filtered through her mind and she realized that it was undaunted lust that would make her do anything immoral or sinful. Dreams of Ken treating her like she was the ultimate slave, a bitch for his taking flashed through her head and it made her shudder. These filthy acts should disgust and repulse her but they did quite the opposite. Every time she pictured the disgusting man’s oversized manhood, her heart quickened and her tummy quivered in expectation.

Lori went back over the past days and tried to think if there was any way she could have prevented Ken’s plans from coming to fruition. She replayed the events over in her mind as if they were happening at the moment. Instead of finding insight, she found that she got wet.

Lori and Andy were sitting at home relaxing after supper when the phone rang. It was Ken and he spoke to Andy with a sure and demanding voice. “Listen fuck-wad, I am horny as hell tonight and need my sluts over here to satisfy my needs. I want you both to come over right now and don’t bother changing. I am so fucking horny. I need to fuck your wife,” the man told Andy who stood frozen on the spot.

“You can get my cock nice and hard for her by showing her how good you suck cock,” he whispered and laughed knowing how Andy would fret over the details yet comply with his demands. Ken was full of confidence and knew he held ultimate control over the two.

“Helen has gone with her friends to bingo and I have over two hours to kill. I think a suck and fuck session should satisfy me, don’t you think?” he asked but Andy was too shocked to speak.

It did not take Andy long to think of what would happen once his sexy wife showed up at Ken’s doorstep. Suddenly, he thought of Ken forcing him to feel his cock like the other morning. ‘No wait,’ Andy reflected. ‘Ken had said he wanted me to actually suck his cock. Oh fuck,’ he wondered, ‘could I do that again with Lori watching?’ as if he really had a choice in the matter.

The couple tried to think of an alternative, any alternative that would not have Lori meeting the detested man’s orders but both found it hopeless. Andy neglected to mention the other demeaning demands for reasons his stomach was quivering madly in anticipation. The bastard, as Lori liked to call him, held all the cards, Andy deduced. Any protests from either Lori or himself would be met with a stern rebuttal from their evil neighbor and Andy knew it. Like a shy and timid little girl, Lori went over the Ken’s house that evening and Andy followed knowing he was not strong-willed enough to resist the man.

Pure and simple, Lori yearned for Ken’s attentions and when he called her his slut, Lori was inspired to be one. She merely prayed that his demeaning attitude would make her more determined than ever to stop the man from exploiting her. The plain fact was she was glad Andy was going with her as she hoped he would somehow find the backbone to convince Ken to leave them alone.

The memory was vivid. Ken ushered the couple up to his matrimonial bedroom. He had no qualms about using his own bed for immoral purposes. Without a pause, he quickly stripped his dirty t-shirt and the rest of his clothes. He stood proud as a peacock and looked bewildered at the couple, almost saying, “What the fuck are you waiting for?” It was eerily quiet when he motioned with his hands, and the couple began doing a strip tease until all three were completely naked.

Lori looked at Ken, then at the bed and wondered about having intercourse on another couple’s bed. She noticed Andy was overly aroused as his hard cock stood out straight from his hips. Her gaze went back to Ken and saw his cock was hanging downward giving an odd twitch every second or two. She shivered realizing it was longer and thicker in a semi-hard state than her husband’s rigid penis.

Suddenly Lori felt self-conscious when she noticed that both men were staring at her nakedness. “Fuck sweetheart, you’re gorgeous. You know, Andy, you’re a lucky man to have such a beautiful, sexy wife,” Ken said sincerely.

He looked at Andy and noticed that the man was thoroughly aroused. “I wish I could get a hard-on like that, without having someone stroke it for me,” he lamented disingenuously. “Here, give mine a few strokes,” Ken said in a mockingly deferential tone, “so I can get hard for my slut.” It wasn’t a request. It was an order. Andy and Lori were standing together as Ken moved up to them pausing right in front of Lori.

Ken looked Lori in the eyes. “The pictures you took the other morning are fucking priceless,” he whispered and both Lori and Andy knew what he meant. “I think the slut should do it again, don’t you think?” he asked. It brought a dire moan of agony from Lori, as she felt sorry for her husband who was now the one being blackmailed by the vulture.

He turned his hips slightly sideways but kept his eyes grid-locked on Lori’s. “Get to it little buddy, get it nice and hard so I can fuck your pretty wife. Do it just like you did in the pictures that your wife took the other morning,” Ken whispered to Lori but entirely for Andy’s benefit.

Bewildered and confused, Andy stood still for a few moments. He realized Ken was very cunning and certainly held enough incriminating evidenced to make him comply with any of his devious demands. ‘My God,’ he thought. ‘None of my business associates would understand a picture of me touching, let alone sucking another man’s cock’. For a brief second, Andy felt a surge of hatred towards his loyal wife for taking the pictures not realizing that she did not have a choice.

“On your fucking knees wimp, before I kick your mealy little ass out of here and fuck your wife without your help,” Ken said turning to glare at Andy. There was just enough room for someone to kneel and service Ken’s endowment.

Andy looked down and saw the man’s pecker was half erect. It was decision time and he really didn’t know how to refuse Ken’s order. Suddenly the bully grabbed Andy by the head, pulling his hair hard enough to make him move. In a quick move, the husband was on his knees with the big cock a mere inch from his face.

“Where’s a fucking camera when you need one,” Ken said laughingly as his eyes returned to his prize slut. “He’s a good little cocksucker, don’cha think? He will get me hard in no time,” he said in a whisper. “Then maybe I’ll fuck ya.” Suddenly Ken jerked his hand and shoved his hips forward, taking Andy by surprise. Before the smaller man could react or turn his head, the large cock was pressed into his lips.

Lori looked down in dismay to watch her husband suck a man’s cock for the second time in her life. Many mixed emotions rushed through her head from disgust, to pure desire. In a way she felt sorry for Andy, yet for the strangest reason, she felt a magnetic attraction towards her demeaning, vulgar neighbor. Lori only wished she could hate or despise what Ken did but mysteriously she could not.

“Look, hubby’s hard and needs to fuck his sexy wife, don’t you think?” Ken whispered to Lori who was dumbstruck by his remarks. In her mind, the man had already demoralized the couple to the extreme, why would he want to watch Andy fuck his wife? She glanced at Andy’s crotch and sure enough, his cock was stiff and ready for action. Her first thought was a wonder how he could get a hard-on from sucking another man’s cock, but then her devotion for the man she loved shone through.

Andy did not need any encouragement from his buddy. He and Ken worked together to get Lori on her back with her hips at the edge of Ken’s big bed. Andy positioned himself between his wife’s splayed legs, his cock bouncing with eagerness. He wrapped his arms around her thighs and held her legs at his waist.

“Here, let me help,” Ken whispered. He grabbed Lori by the ankles and deftly wrapped her long, slender legs around her husband’s body. Ken read the desperation in Lori’s eyes and smiled at her attempted salvation. Suddenly she realized his devious plan.

“Don’t worry, I can stick around so you can cum on my cock if you wish,” Ken said and laughed at the worried look covering her pretty face.

Lori knew Ken well enough to understand his scheme. She would show the bastard, Lori vowed. Her husband entered her womanly cavern and began pumping his hips almost at once. Like a dedicated wife and lover, Lori offered herself to Andy and thrust her hips upward to indicate her desire to please him. She was not one who liked to perform sexual or lewd acts with an audience but this was different, she deemed.

“Honey, please wait, don’t do it yet, please,” Lori whispered. “I need you, please hold off for a minute, please,” she said softly to Andy but felt his hips beginning to buck. “Gawd Andy, you can’t, please not yet,” Lori voiced a concern that was not heard or heeded by her husband. “Can’t you see what he is doing?” she wanted to say but did not in front of the devious bugger.

“This should do it nicely,” Ken said and gave Andy’s naked buttocks a hard shove towards Lori. Every time Andy pumped, trust his hips downward, Ken pushed hard so the two pelvises came together with a hard, loud smack.

“Darling, your cunt is so hot, so fucking hot and it makes my cock so hard,” Andy moaned and felt the flames of hell consume his passion.

Lori started thrusting her hips up at her husband indicating a desperate need but it was her own undoing. She wanted to bring on an orgasm and was determined. The problem was her actions only incensed Andy to the extreme. His stamina evaporated in a heartbeat. It was another 8-second ride until Lori knew exactly when Andy’s hot lava filled her inner region.

Ken smiled and looked deeply into Lori’s tear stained eyes. “I sense a failure to prolong it long enough for you to climax, my dear. I think my slut wants a real cock so she can have an orgasm, doesn’t she?” he asked knowing it would humiliate Lori.

It took Andy less than a minute from the get-go to extinguish the raging fire in his belly. Ken mockingly called him the ‘Minute Man’. “Here boy, let me show you how a woman needs to be fucked. Look at her sexy body all covered with sweat. She needs a big cock and needs to be fucked like a real bitch,” Ken said.

Lori desperately wanted to scream at the bastard and tell him he was crazy. But she resisted remembering how deflating it was when the vile man turned her into his personal slut. The disparaging four-letter word kept running through her mind and Lori was amazed by the fact it made her belly quiver with erotic lust.

Her eyes opened wide when Ken easily rolled Andy’s spent body away from her and stood at the bedside in a threatening manner. She truly wished his actions were considered a threat but her aroused mind did not. What she saw was a terminator. Every thing the vulgar man did seemed to destroy one more sector of reason and logic in her brain. Knowing that he was about to ravish her once again while her husband watched, Lori now considered Ken as her savior and the one to satisfy all her passions and desires.

Willingly, she held her legs wide; open so wide it was easy for Ken to fill the void. He slowly, tantalized her in every way. Lori could not stop the gasps of air from her chest and watched as the man moved his weapon towards the intended target. It was too much and she closed her eyes. She felt the head of his big cock graze her opening, push into the wetness and tease her clitoris, which seemed to be begging for his touch.

Ken saw her hips thrash and move wildly when he rotated the tiny bud with the tip of his penis. He glanced at Andy and grinned knowing the man was consumed by the very erotic scene. “She turns into a slut every time I fuck her. Watch her hips move when I do this,” Ken whispered for the benefit of both Andy and Lori. Lori heard his demeaning remarks and thought her resolve was strong enough to fight the man.

“See, see her hips thrust up to fuck my cock. She wants it, Andy. She wants it so bad,” Ken said and the truth made Lori sob.

“I hate you, I hate you, I hate…” she began but the intense desire cut her off. She needed him, she needed his cock, and she needed him inside her immediately but didn’t know how to say it with dignity.

He toyed with her as a cat toys with it’s prey, heightening her anticipation until she surrendered her soul begging, “Oh gawd, Ken. Fuck me! Please just fuck me! I need you to fuck me, you bastard!”

While her husband expectantly watched, Ken’s thick cock speared into her needy cunt. Lori screamed out her pleasure as Ken fucked her mercilessly bringing on an explosive orgasm long before the stud was ready to have one. The sight of Lori’s naked and sexy body going through the throes of ecstasy and experiencing a climax of heightened proportions would make any man’s cock throb. Ken felt spasms rock her lithe body and knew she had climaxed but he was not done. His fingers dug into the tender flesh of her hips as he pulled hard on her body. The long, pulsating shaft rammed into her delicate hole while Ken took his slave for another joy ride.

“That’s it bitch, fuck me with your filthy cunt. Push it up to me so I can fuck you deep with my big cock. I want it deep in your belly, fucking you hard,” Ken whispered almost in a state of addiction. The embers inside Lori flickered and suddenly burst into a blazing inferno as the man once again turned her into an uninhibited woman. One orgasm flowed into the next until Lori was not sure how many the man ripped from her inner being.

Ken had given her the instructions for the football get-together while he had his illustrious cock buried to the hilt inside his consummate bitch. He bragged about how he was her master and it never failed to intimidate Lori to the utmost.

‘It happened during an earth-shattering orgasm so what was she to do,’ she reasoned? Her seared emotions rushed over the horizon of ecstasy as a climax flooded her logic and reasoning. Lori cried and tears ran down her flushed cheeks but they were not tears of pain. It was unadulterated joy that she felt and with it a promise to do whatever her lover demanded.

Lori was mystified over how she could not hold back from the man. Her passion and all her womanly instincts buried deep inside her body rose to the man’s demands and her stamina was lost once he touched her body. Like every time she was with Ken, her despised neighbor gave Lori something no other man could give her. With Andy, indeed with all her previous lovers, she added, Lori was the one to control the love affair. All the men would not be able to resist her charms and all were robbed of their staying power by the heat of her delicious body. With Ken and all the Pattersons, Lori suddenly realized, she was a pawn for their total satisfaction and she shook from the frightening aspect.

Ken had the Hotties’ waitress outfit in a bag and handed it to Lori when the couple prepared to leave his home that night. He gave strict orders. The first game started at 1:00 so Lori had to be there before. He looked right into Lori’s bewildered eyes, “Wear the outfit and be here on time. Don’t make me come looking for you!”

Lori took the bag and couldn’t believe her eyes when she took the outfit out. Oh how could she wear such a thing, she pleaded with Ken after seeing how skimpy the garment was and hearing his very explicit instructions. It was all to no avail as he merely laughed at the disturbed look on both Lori and Andy’s faces. They would fulfill every one of his demands otherwise their indiscretions would be divulged to the world, Ken reasoned.

So Ken convinced the couple that Lori would help him out and be the waitress during his football Sunday. Lori suddenly realized that she was obliged to be there on Sunday and be his devoted slave even if it meant being humiliated and embarrassed. The consequences were too dire to consider and she blocked them from her mind.

When Ken told them that Andy was not allowed to join the festivities, Lori questioned the decision. “Don’t worry honey, your husband loves watching his slut wife get fucked. He can entertain himself in my god damn living room and wonk himself off like he probably does all the time,” Ken told them laughing at the intended intimidation.

Everything was set for Ken’s big day, one that would cement his place in history with his beer-drinking friends. Lori fretted over what she would be required to do but her worried mind could not find a viable way of stopping Ken’s plans from being implemented.

Ken, Lori and Andy were each filled with lifelong fantasies and nothing seemed to deter them from the wonderful illusions of how splendid their relationship was evolving. Any observer would find one thing quite strange. That was the fact Lori called Ken her lover, her master, the man to fulfill her fantasies and he called her his slut, his bitch and his slave.


The chapter ran on much longer than I anticipated so I will cut it off at this point. I will start chapter 6 with Ken’s Sunday Football gathering and it will be posted shortly. Please send your comments and suggestions as I always appreciate feedback.

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