Lori – A Neighbor’s Delight Ch13

Author: Kacey1999

By Kacey1999
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I intended this chapter to be Ken’s second football party but first I needed to explain a few things in Lori’s life. Chapter 14 will be the party.

Lori – A Neighbor’s Delight – Chapter 13

‘What a night,’ Ken mused. His meeting with Lori, Julia and Kim last night went extremely well. He had laid out his plans for his upcoming party, ‘well gangbang’, he added with a chuckle. Once again his ego blossomed out of control remembering how the evening went. He had invited his two gorgeous, next-door neighbors over along with the young woman who lived down the block. Ken reveled at his good fortune, as he was able to get Julia to give him a glorious blowjob. He was truly astounded by the way Lori’s, sexy daughter seemed to savor being his slut. But the definite highlight of last night was fucking Kim. His heart skipped a beat thinking of her having an orgasm probably for the very first time with a man. That was some accomplishment, he thought, having a bonafide lesbian fall under his masculine control.

Ken was on the ultimate power trip. His plans included hosting the best party his buddies would ever attend, even better than his first one. He informed the three women that they would be putting on a sex show for his friends. At first, the women balked at the horrible idea but once he stressed how people would react to his blackmail material, they saw his point. Ken relished the demeaning demands. He was upfront with them, he reasoned, and they had the final say, didn’t they?

Certainly, Ken held plenty evidence of sinful demeanor by Lori and her daughter. They both knew that none of their friends or acquaintances would understand such immoral, sexual behavior. The initial incriminating evidence he attained and used to blackmail Lori, was nothing compared to the movies and pictures he had accumulated the past few months. It made Lori shudder at the prospect of him revealing the damning movies, especially the ones with her having sex with Ken’s dog and his sons. Also, every time the astonishing images of what Rex did to her flashed through Lori’s fluster mind, she felt extremely humiliated. Having her precious daughter in the same derogatory predicament, easily manipulated Lori into complying with each and every of Ken’s blackmail demands.

It was unforeseen that the young lesbian would also fall under Ken’s control. Kim had fallen in love with her beautiful babysitter years ago and that devotion enabled Ken to get the upper hand. She was determined to do whatever it took to protect the woman of her dreams and Ken took full advantage of that commitment. It thoroughly pissed Kim off that the hated man was able to sexually satisfy her but she deemed it was because of Lori’s caresses and affection at the time.

Ken explained that it would be a show of lesbian lust for his pals. He saw the initial sign of protest from Kim but overcame her reluctance with the dire threat of destroying Lori. ‘Fuck,’ he thought, ‘The little bitch Julia even threw in her best friend Sally.’ Ken had found that remarkable and could hardly wait to see if she was as beautiful as the young woman described. His proposal was for a two-act performance from his sexy harem. It meant Lori and Kim would be act one while Julia and Sally would be the finale.

Ken did not like lying, but was an omission a lie? What he told them was true. They would be staging a show for his buddies. But he neglected to tell them that the party was actually going to be a gangbang. He had already told his friends that they could have intercourse with his sluts.

His plans were quite simple and easy to implement. He would have the women put on their raunchy lesbian shows. Then he planned to have all four royally fucked. The only thing not written in stone was which woman Rex was going to fuck, as Sean, Troy and himself would screw the other three women. After that, the sluts would be used, used by his buddies in the gangbang of the century.

Ken readily recognized that Kim was not his willing partner in crime although she agreed to be his cohort. He knew she was plotting to rebel against his control and take Lori with her. That also meant Julia would most likely be lost as well so he came up with a way to retain their loyalty.

When Lori left his place last night, he spelled out a new direction for their relationship. His scheme was quite simple but the results would be astounding. He told Lori that she was going to be his partner in crime and that she would do his dirty work. At first she thought he was crazy but that changed in a heartbeat. Ken informed Lori that her lovely daughter was going off the pill so he could get her pregnant. The shock and utter dismay put Lori almost on her knees and she surrender immediately to his demands. His ultimatum was for her to do his dirty work and get Kim under his full control. It would be Lori’s lover that he would force off the pill making her extremely vulnerable to his virile seed.

Ken pictured the lust ridden young woman last evening and how fantastic it was to finally fuck her. The eventual outcome of having Kim experience an orgasm with his hard cock, deep inside her cunt was a surprise even to him. But Ken did not think of the affair as plain, good luck, but chalked it up to his superior male attraction.

He had been quick to explain his future plan to Lori. When the party was over, Ken told her that she would have to convince Kim to go off the pill. He stroked his pecker feeling it respond and stiffen with the thought of getting the young woman pregnant. Ken understood that it was not the smartest idea in the world but just the thought of Kim being a lesbian was far too tempting. The challenge of fucking someone like Kim while she was vulnerable was irresistible to a man like Ken.

There was still a few days until his party and Ken decided things were falling into place nicely. He would take the barmaid outfits over to Lori’s in an hour or so. The appointment for all the electronic equipment to be installed was made and would be setup later in the day.

Ken arranged for closed circuit cameras to be hooked up in his house. They would record everything that happened at his party as well as send a live feed next door. Andy would have a joystick hooked to one of the cameras so he could zoom in on his wife when her lesbian lover ate her. But Ken really liked the idea of Andy zooming in on both his wife and his daughter when his buddies pounded them. Lori and Julia would be filled with so much cum that the idea stimulated Ken when he fantasized about the upcoming gangbang.

He still had to inform Andy about his role. Ken reasoned that the little puke was going to be surprised as Hell when he found out that he could watch all the action from the luxury of his own bedroom. Also, an extra camera was getting installed in the couple’s bedroom and Ken was overly thrilled with the plan. Wireless technology was a true marvel in today’s world and it made things very easy to spy on people. Ken planned to inform Lori that he had further instructions for her to carry out. “You can cut him off. Any sex from now on will come from me. I like my sluts to be faithful… fucked and satisfied,” he would tell her when he gave her the barmaid outfits. Lori would be shocked by his request, but he was confident that she would accept it very quickly.

The camera would record all that happened in the couple’s bedroom but Ken really wasn’t worried about Lori. He trusted her explicitly knowing she would not betray him. She might go along with Kim’s ideas and schemes but she would never lie to him so he knew she would tell him everything if he asked.

Suddenly, it was time to get moving. He had lots to do in preparation for his party. Ken scheduled the gala event to coincide with his wife’s yearly, family reunion. He never liked Helen’s relatives and knew the feeling was mutual so he just never attended any of the boring functions. ‘It was time to get down to fucking business,’ Ken whispered. He laughed at the attempted humor even though he was alone with his evil thoughts.

His sons were on the way to the airport. They were taking Helen to catch her plane for the reunion and Ken smiled at the thought of having a few days of freedom. He had convinced his wife to catch a midweek plane so she could visit her family before the planned reunion on the weekend. Ken could easily be called a male, chauvinistic pig, as he stuck to his old ways. He considered his wife was good for cooking, washing clothes, cleaning house and, on an occasional, horny morning, she was good for a blowjob.

Helen was totally beaten down after years of living under Ken’s heel. Even the boys leaned more towards Ken’s way of thinking than feeling any sympathy towards their mother. They considered her ‘just a woman’ like Ken’s viewpoint of a female and she was good for picking up after them.

Ken did everything possible to hide his activities from Helen. He thought it was okay to fool around as long as she didn’t know about it. What she didn’t know wouldn’t hurt her, he believed. But Ken knew Helen could cause trouble for him so he tried not to take big chances when she was around. The last thing in the world he wanted to do was give her half of everything he owned if she left him. To Ken’s way of thinking, a 90/10 split was much more amicable.


The equipment was installed in his house as well as next-door. Ken was overly excited knowing that all the video and recording equipment was ready for testing. He ensured it was the most sophisticated equipment available. ‘Best of all,’ he chuckled, ‘Andy would pay for the whole bloody setup.’

Ken planned to give Andy the show of his life adding to the turmoil and demise of his trodden neighbor. Ken’s assurance was that Andy could watch all of the sexual exploits during his upcoming party but first Ken had to see if the recording equipment was actually as good as the company advertised. Earlier, he phoned Andy to inform him that it was ‘Showtime.’ Ken told him that he was having visitors and that Andy could make a personal DVD of what happened in his ‘playroom’ as he called it. Ken reasoned it would be a trial run for the football fuck-fest but he wouldn’t tell his neighbor all the details of the planned party.

Andy took the news relatively well considering he was given no choice. “Here is the bill. It’s the price you have to pay to watch me fuck my devoted sluts,” Ken told Andy that afternoon during lunch. The two men had met for a quick bite to eat and Ken informed his neighbor that he was installing video surveillance in his house and also in Andy’s bedroom. Andy knew it was futile to ask him not to or even ask why, so he sat silent during the one-sided conversation.

Ken was having three cameras installed that very afternoon in his basement with one of them specially designed for remote control. “I’m having the company put a joystick in your bedroom… you can control one of the cameras in my playroom and zoom in on some sweet-ass pussy. Hell little buddy, you can whack off in private watching me fuck one of my bitches,” he told Andy. “I’m having visitors in at 7 bells so you might want to give the joysticks a try tonight. That way you will know what the fuck to do during my party in a few days.”

He then explained that he was hosting a large, football party. Ken told Andy that he had invited many of his buddies to watch the first playoff, football game. Andy shuddered when he was told that his wife and daughter would be the sexy waitresses during the party and that they would be wearing the sexy ‘Hotties’ attire. Ken neglected to explain everything that was planned but did mention that Andy was free to watch the entire affair from the privacy of his own bedroom.

The idea of peeping on his wife with other men did excite Andy. He imagined watching her being groped and fondled during the upcoming party and even fantasized that she would be forced to have sex with strangers. Andy couldn’t fathom why the unfaithful actions did not repulse him like it should have. Instead, he got a hard-on every time he dreamed of his wife having sex and now the added prospect of seeing his daughter merely added to his aroused emotions.

After his meeting with Ken, Andy went back to work but it was not work that occupied his time. He spent the afternoon going over some of the movies that Ken had given him a while ago. Andy particularly liked the one from Ken’s first football party. He had every scene memorized when Ken’s buddies ravaged Lori’s body forcing her to comply with all their vile demands. The episode when Ken’s black friend fucked Lori with his oversized pecker always got Andy worked up until he could hardly think straight.

Andy also liked watching the movie when Kim’s little brother fucked Lori. He enjoyed the slow transition from his wife teaching a young teenager to dance to where she was eaten until she climaxed. He could never get over the scene when the young teen fucked Lori hard making her climax like a schoolgirl. What Andy found most thrilling was his wife going through an earth-shattering orgasm at the hands of a teenage virgin.

When it was almost quitting time, Andy needed one more movie before heading home. The thought of being able to watch Ken in a couple of hours with one, maybe two of his sluts was profound to Andy. Aroused to the point where his stamina was very limited, he popped the DVD from the 22 Riverstone visit into his computer. He skipped forward to the best part. His breathing was already ragged but it got even faster and more broken.

Visions of his sweet, innocent daughter flashed on the computer. Julia was in a lesbian encounter with their young neighbor, Kim, who was putting on the show to remember. Kim was between his daughter’s splayed legs and no amount of imagination was needed to know what she was doing. It was obvious that Julia was experiencing a gigantic orgasm, as her body was thrashing all over the carpeted floor.

Andy had never witnessed anything so sinful yet it never failed to get him thoroughly turned on. Then the scene shifted to his darling wife being led around the yard by a dog collar. She looked utterly ravishing and Andy found her the sexiest woman even after being married to her for so many years. Suddenly the mean bastard pulled hard on the collar and forced Lori to remain like his beloved pet. Ken fucked her and whipped her ass hard treating her like an animal. He ravaged his poor Lori until she lost all control, which Andy found totally profound.

The demoralizing scene had the same affect on Andy every time he watched it. He would always whip out his pecker and pound the throbbing shaft anticipating the next demoralizing scenes. Ken would dismount Lori’s trembling body as she suffered the final tremors from the severe orgasm. Andy could hear him telling his wife that she was about to become Rex’s bitch. He then watched Ken shift his body around so that he was in front of Lori and suddenly the furry animal appeared out of nowhere.

Rex mounted the naked, kneeling woman in true doggie fashion. The large hairy beast seemed far too overpowering for his vulnerable wife to defeat, Andy reasoned. The scene was truly bad but Andy could not stop watching the dog turn his wife into one of his doggie bitches. Every time Lori displayed her dramatic approval to what the dog was doing to her, Andy would blow his load. He would have to grab a handful of Kleenex and like numerous time in the past, he would fill it with a big cum-shot.

That seemed to be the only way Andy could stop watching the movies. Once he climaxed, he could control his emotions and put things back in the proper perspective. On this afternoon, he quickly straightened up his office and shut down all the computer equipment. It was time to get home and see exactly what Ken had done.


Andy drove home through snarled traffic, which significantly slowed down his commute. He rushed into the house wanting to see the new recording equipment as soon as possible. At a quick glance when going past the living room, Andy noticed that his daughter was sitting on the sofa. He was utterly surprised by her odd attire, which almost looked like something a schoolgirl would wear. She wore a plain, white blouse and a plaid, pleated skirt. Around her neck was a small, black bowtie and on her feet were black, paten-leather shoes.

Julia seemed to be waiting for someone and merely looked questioningly at Andy. He was about to comment on how silly she looked but decided not to waste time. He took the stairs to the master bedroom two at a time and could hardly wait to see the new recording equipment. ‘There it is!’ Andy sighed when he saw that the desk in the bedroom now contained many new gadgets.

Andy got into the bedroom just as the shower shut off. He could hear his wife moving around obviously drying before getting dressed. “Hi honey… I’m home,” he announced.

Suddenly Andy was totally confused. He looked at the bathroom door imagining his wife naked before getting dressed after her shower; he glanced at clothing that was carefully arranged on the large bed; he glanced at the various pieces of recording equipment sitting on the desk, and Andy imagined his daughter sitting downstairs dressed in identical clothes that lay on his bed.

Andy then contemplated the puzzling issues confronting him. His wife was taking a shower, which she never did at this time of day. She obviously was going to get dressed in the preppy clothing on the bed, which were schoolgirl type just like Julia wore. And all the new gadgets that Ken had installed seemed very inviting but Andy did not dare experiment or play around with the new toys. He certainly did not want to explain his actions to Lori at a time when things seemed bizarre.

Andy was speechless when Lori walked into the room. She was naked with a towel over her shoulders and his eyes devoured her exquisite charms. He noticed how her breasts stood proud and without hardly any sag even at her age and after two kids. The golden rings appeared eye-catching and made her nipples more erotic and appealing than ever. He noticed her flat tummy swooping down to a freshly shaved pelvis and Andy could barely make out the tip of Lori’s precious pussy.

Lori saw a glint in Andy’s eyes and purposely moved in an effort to make him suffer. His eyes were focused on her lower extremities and Lori opened her legs far enough so he could see the delectable slit between her legs. Then in a show of complete contempt, she wiped any remnant moisture from between her thighs with the soft towel.

She felt like saying, “Take a good look honey, because this pussy is not yours anymore,” but found the strength to resist.

Lori was not entirely thrilled with the way their married life had changed and put most of the blame on Andy. She reasoned that their powerful neighbor was able to get complete control over her family because her husband was such a pathetic coward and did not stand up to the man.

In the blink of an eye, Lori felt her heartstrings pulled in a certain direction. ‘Yes,’ she decided, she did care for her husband. In fact, she may even still love him, Lori reasoned, but that would not stop her from joining her new soulmate. Her mind drifted to the most pleasant and reassuring events over the past weeks. Many of the things that happened flashed through her head but one thing remained constant. She had fallen for the one person who had treated her with the utmost respect. The young woman’s smile and pretty face floated in her mind and Lori realized that Kim was the one she dearly wanted to spend time with.

Her train of thought was broken by Andy’s voice. “You look ravishing my love. God, you still have the sexiest body of any woman I know.”

The couple exchanged greetings with Lori spelling out her intentions. She told Andy that Ken was blackmailing her into visiting him and she had to dress in the provocative outfit on the bed. They both glanced at the attire knowing Lori had no choice but to obey Ken’s orders.

Suddenly, everything made sense. “Oh God, you can’t be serious. You’re not going over there to see him?” Andy suddenly realized that the visitors Ken spoke about that afternoon were none other than his wife and daughter. Ken had installed the remote camera equipment and insisted that Andy use it in an effort to become familiar with how it all worked. Andy realized his vile neighbor was going to take uninhibited liberties with Lori and Julia right in front of his nose and watchful eye.

Lori ignored his hopeless request. She slowly reached for the blouse, and then the skirt. Lori dressed in the sheer blouse and Andy could plainly see the darkened ends of her breasts. The metal studs put an obvious outline in the flimsy material and Andy wondered if a blouse could be any more see-through? He noticed the skirt came to the mid point of her thigh and Andy knew Ken would be entirely thrilled by his wife not wearing any undies. A sudden shiver of fright shot through his body thinking of his beloved Julia being in the same quandary.

“Here, please put these on!” Lori said. It sounded exactly like the order she meant it to be. Lori wanted her husband to suffer. She held out the shoes to Andy and sat on the edge of the bed waiting for him to comply. At first, Andy wanted to tell Lori to go to Hell but once he saw his wife sit down, he relented. Lori sat in a most unladylike manner. She raised the hem of her short skirt all the way up above her crotch and gave Andy a flash of her, bare-ass pussy. She held her legs apart so he could see all her treasures, which seemed to glisten with immense wetness.

Andy swore under his breath. The bastard had done it again, he thought. Ken had humiliated him to the nth degree by not being able to stop his wife and daughter from going over to his place. His eyes burned but lingered on the space between Lori’s thighs and he noticed a hint of razor burn indicating she had deliberately prepared for her masters taking.

Lori smiled watching Andy’s distraught facial features. Once he was finished putting on her shoes and doing up the straps, she shoved him backwards so she could stand. “It’s time. Julia and I have to go over to his place,” she whispered with the most intense feeling of desire roaring through her body. Her intimate thoughts were mainly on Kim and their newfound relationship but there was still something unique about how she felt about her neighbor. Lori was filled with lust and passion thinking of how the disgusting man made her feel every time they had sex. She came to the realization that Ken did control her destiny to a large degree.

She headed downstairs followed by Andy. Lori entered the living room to find her daughter waiting patiently with an excited smile of eagerness on her pretty face. “It’s about time. You know he said to be there by 7 o’clock,” Julia said to her mother. “You know what… I just saw Sean and Troy going home a couple of minutes ago.”

The factual statement had an enormous affect on both Lori and Andy. Lori’s thought were mainly on Ken and from what he told her earlier, he wanted her and Julia over for his sexual pleasure. The prospect of his sons joining the affair gave Lori pangs of uncertainty but she quickly resigned herself to the fact she did not have an alternative. Andy’s stomach sunk lower with the thought of Ken’s sons joining the sexual fray and there was absolutely nothing he could do about it.

The women looked at each other. Each could see the reflection of daring voyeurism and knew Ken was going to be extremely pleased with their attire. Their eyes took in the other’s appearance taking the time to notice each erotic aspect of their facade. The classic demeanor, ‘dressed like schoolgirls,’ was what Ken was after and Lori and Julia fit into his plans perfectly.

Andy stared but as hard as he tried, he was unable to rip his eyes off Julia’s chest. Any differences between his daughter’s boobs and his wife’s were very subtle but the similarities were totally astounding. He could plainly see that Julia’s titties were almost the same size as his wife’s without any sag. Her nipples were pronounced and stood out long and hard. Andy could see that she, too, had been pierced and the jewelry outline was very noticeable.

The two left the residence in silence. It took a mere few seconds to walk over to Ken’s and both women paused at the large double doors. Suddenly, Julia reached for the doorbell and the sound of music inside shocked both back to reality. “Oh gawd, forgive me for acting so unfaithful,” Lori said in a complete daze. Then she looked at her daughter and whispered, “I’m sorry you had to get involved in all the blackmail. It was probably all my fault.”

“Don’t be so fucking naïve mother. I am going to willingly have sex with him… and the boys are going to fuck your brains out mother.” Her daughter’s bold statements took all the wind out of Lori’s sails. Once again, Lori determined, her daughter had inside information and she shuddered to think that she, a grown woman and mother, was totally naïve.

When Ken opened the door, he immediately led her by the hand across the room to two waiting, impatient teenagers. There was a parade as Sean and Troy grabbed a hold of Lori and Ken reached for Julia’s hand. Everyone headed for the downstairs entertainment room in silence going directly to the pre-staged area.

Before Lori could resist or protest, Sean’s hands were all over her body. He spun her around so fast it almost snapped her head. Sean swiftly thrust his hands under her blouse, which he pulled out of the waistband of the skirt in a heartbeat. He rolled the flimsy material all the way above her breasts and held it there. “Take a look at the piercings Troy… I think we need some of these gorgeous tits, don’t you bro,” Sean asked.

It was most likely the fastest undressing in history. They stripped their sexy next-door neighbor naked, and then disrobed themselves. The teens were fully enraged from having their father explain his plans to them. He was explicit. “You boys… I want you to take turns with my sexy slut… fuck her till her old man can’t whack off any more.” The virile teenagers did not need any more explanation attacking Lori with a vengeance.

Ken had been smart enough to ensure the demise of the couple was ongoing. “I want you boys to set a record… to see how many times you can get the slut to orgasm in a evening… and don’t forget, make sure you keep all the fucking in front of the camera.”

Ken had one side of the large rumpus room setup with a large mattress and plenty of bedding. This was going to be center stage during his upcoming football party and he wanted Andy to get practice operating the newly installed recording equipment. He wanted Andy to watch his wife get screwed by Sean and Troy and record every demoralizing scene for future viewing.

It was a record setting evening all around. Ken took a few seconds to admire his sons as they ravaged Lori’s sexy body. He saw his oldest son put his hand between her legs and he had not witnessed anything so erotic. Lori was standing upright but her body was doing so many contortions that it seemed difficult for Sean to keep his hold of her slippery, control button. The teenager pinched Lori’s clitoris with the skill of an accomplished lover bringing on the first orgasm within minutes or her capture.

Ken planned to have a private session with the stunning daughter making sure she was fully entertained. He would also ensure to do much of his lovemaking within the range of the one camera Andy controlled. Ken wanted Andy to watch his daughter get sexually abused along with his wife. ‘Of course,’ Ken reasoned, ‘it really wasn’t abuse when the woman is fully willing and cooperative.’

Ken wasn’t going to undress Julia right away. He was going to fuck Julia fully clothed and show her father that she was a slut just like her mother. He cleverly moved Julia to the edge of the mattress and right in front of the remote camera. Ken could hear the faint whirring sound of the gyros moving and zooming the camera, as Andy tried to get the best view.

When Ken told Julia that afternoon that she was going to have sex with him, she was excited with the prospect. But when he told her that he was taking a video of the raunchy affair and piping it to her father, she did not like the idea. Her protests fell on deaf ears and Julia easily gave up pleading for Ken to reconsider. She was not an exhibitionist but after contemplating about being watched, Julia found the voyeurism quite thrilling.

Ken glanced at the small monitor sitting on a large bookshelf. He could clearly make out a man crouching in an office chair with his pants down around his ankles. The camera installed in Lori and Andy’s bedroom was setup to show most of the room including the remote recording equipment Andy was using. Ken could see the desired affect his erotic production was having on Andy. Once again, Ken held all the cards and it was time for action.


Andy was in a state of shock. He watched the erotic images of the two women in his life illustrated on the large flat-screen TV. He kept the camera moving not wanting to miss a thing that happened to either his wife or daughter. It gave him a queasy and helpless feeling knowing he could merely watch as his controlling neighbors molested his dear wife and daughter. “That bastard,” Andy whispered out loud. “He’s showing me this just to make me mad.”

Suddenly Ken dropped his pants and along with them his shorts. He stood right beside the slender schoolgirl putting his crude hands all over her clothing. First he felt Julia’s boobs caressing and groping them almost like a young, inexperienced teenager. Then his right hand dropped to the front of Julia’s skirt. Andy watched as Ken forced his hand between his daughter’s legs and shuddered when she willingly opened them for the invasion. Ken kept the plaid material under his hand and found the pinnacle of a woman’s desire. He could feel that the young woman was leaking like a river and used his thick finger to press the skirt material between her puffy labia. Ken treated Julia like a private possession and felt her up like she was a common slut.

“Here, let me show Daddy what he’s missing,” Ken whispered in her ear. He then pulled her skirt above her waist and pointed her pelvis at the camera. His fingers snaked in between the girlie pussy lips and pressed on Julia’s control switch. He rolled the clitoris around and around in the excess juices and her hips performed a magical rotation in tune with Ken’s caresses. Suddenly he pinched the pink clit with his fingers and Julia could not hold back. Whimpering sounds erupted from her throat and she realized the last shred of stamina was between Ken’s skilled fingers. He squeezed and pulled out at the same time and the tiny bud was exposed to the world.

Andy watched his baby climax as if she were an innocent schoolgirl. All he could see was the man’s hand moving at lightning speed and his daughter’s orgasm rocking her sweaty body in lost desire. Ken was a madman. He did not want to wait any longer to turn his puny neighbor into a wimp once again. He almost ripped the white blouse from Julia’s body and once she was naked above the waist, he turned her sideways to the camera.

His directions were easily conveyed to the young woman, as she was most cooperative wanting to please her master. Julia bent over at the waist letting her boobies hang down in a lewd fashion. Suddenly, Ken stepped up right behind Julia’s backside. Andy uttered words of astonishment as he noticed what Ken held in his hand. Ken’s fist was large but there were still a few inches of pecker above his hand pointed at the ominous target. He whipped the flared head of his cock through the vast wetness making the young woman meow like a pussycat.

It was a game Ken dreamed of winning every day and he gave his powerful hips a little shove. The head of his cock was perfectly aimed at the small hole and it was his turn to meow when the heat engulfed the first few inches of his ramrod. He wasn’t ready to fill his slut just yet so he played with her while keeping his eye on the monitor showing what was happening next door. Andy was stroking his dick like a wild man and Ken realized no man could withstand such madness for very long.

A sudden scream erupted from the mattress and Andy quickly shifted his attention. He zoomed the camera in on his wife who was in the midst of a catastrophic orgasm. She was riding a bucking mule as Sean was lying on his back and Lori was lying face down above him. They were pointed away from him and Andy could see that Sean’s massive cock was buried to the balls every time his wife thrust her hips downward on top of the teenager. Lori was pumping her hips in lost abandonment and it was obvious she was the aggressor.

Lori’s moans got louder. At first Andy thought his wife was pleading with the teenager to stop. ‘No,’ Andy decided, ‘she is begging for it.’ Lori was begging for the boy to fuck her and she cursed and swore at him to treat her like his slut. Suddenly the younger teen moved beside the thrashing couple and put his hand on her ass. Andy was mesmerized as Troy caressed and let his hand run freely all over Lori’s thrashing backside. Suddenly, his fingers slipped into the crack of Lori’s ass and followed it to the door of purgatory. When his finger found the puckered asshole, the scream was enough indication that Lori was achieving the most violent climax, which might never end.

Troy toyed with Lori’s crack and asshole threatening to invade her darkness. Every time he pushed the tip of his finger at the opening, Lori creamed even more all over Sean’s thick cock. Andy was in erotic bliss and before he could stop or pause, his load of white cum blasted through the air.

All of a sudden, Ken got an impulse of inspiration. He pushed Julia forward forcing her to fall face first on the mattress not far from her mother. Julia stared at her mother in the throes of an orgasm while riding a teenager and the second teen was fondling her nakedness. Julia had never seen a woman fuck a man so desperately or so passionately.

Suddenly, a dastardly command came out the speakers just as the copulating couple came to rest. Andy heard it and couldn’t believe his innocent daughter would obey. “Open your legs sweetheart. Show me your slut cunt… play with it until you orgasm all over your fingers sweetheart,” Ken said loud enough to be heard by the microphone. “I like watching my sluts masturbate,” he said to Julia.

She was still dressed in her skirt that was bunched around her waist. The blouse was long gone but Julia still wore the black shoes and bobby socks, which added to her seductive, schoolgirl appearance. Ken helped her roll onto her back ensuring that she remained properly positioned for the roving camera. She masturbated much to the horror yet delight of her father who zoomed in on her fingers between her legs. Julia was rubbing her pink, puffy clitoris so rapidly that her hand was a blur. Her fingers squeezed the extended clit while moving side to side in a furious fashion.

Ken seemed to know exactly what each woman desired and needed. Their emotion and passion reached tempered levels whenever he was around and he took advantage of their shameful desires. The young woman’s fingers barely came to a stop when Ken moved on to the next phase of his scheme. He ordered his sons and with their assistance, he positioned Lori and Julia side by side on the love mat. They were distraught at being so close to each other but that soon disappeared.

He spoke to the two gorgeous women. They stared at him with astonishment when he revealed his intentions. “We are going to show Andy how to treat a real woman. He is sitting in his bedroom with his pecker in one hand and the camera joystick in the other.”

Both women thought Ken was crazy. Lori had just gone through the throes of two explosive orgasms with the teenagers and she didn’t think she could muster another climax. Julia had been finger-fucked by her cherished master and also masturbated so she thought another orgasm was completely out of the question.

Lori was so close to her daughter that she could feel the heat from her flushed body. She looked into Ken’s steely eyes almost begging him to reconsider. He merely chuckled and told her the plan. “You’re the best slut, my love… and we’re going to show hubby how you cum all over a man’s cock… a real man’s cock buried in your belly.”

She was totally confused. Lori heard what he said but something wasn’t right. There were strong hands on her thighs and they were holding them spread so wide her hips hurt. Suddenly, a hot, burning mouth closed on the slit between her legs. Sean’s tongue stabbed between the swollen lips and moved in a circular motion until he found the pearl. The tip of his tongue twirled the clit around until he heard a confession. “Oh gawd, please don’t do that… oh gawd it feels so g…,” she moaned not able to talk properly.

Adding to Lori’s troubled state was the struggle right beside her. Troy was between her daughter’s splayed legs and his cunnilingus was causing Julia to tremble.

Andy’s hand trembled on the joystick. He adjusted the camera so that both women were shown and his beady eyes shifted from his wife to daughter not sure which was more alluring. Ken hovered near the women so he could continue to talk to them, ensuring that they remained stretched out on the mattress. From the camera angle, Andy could plainly see the faces of both teen boys. The boys smiled with contentment and their faces glistened from being covered with immense juices.

The impossible became reality before Lori could think straight. Sean’s tongue lashed her exposed clit like a wave on the shore. Each time his face came up to her raised pelvis, he smiled at the camera as his tongue lapped through Lori’s soul. Her hips rolled from side to side not trying to escape the caresses but in an attempt to find the monster. “Oh my gawd, oh my, I’m so close, soooo,” she moaned knowing it would make Ken happy.

Julia’s hand shot out grabbing Ken’s. She needed to be consoled by him as the young teen was driving her insane. His tongue just wouldn’t stop beating her clitoris, which lay barren because his fingers held her labia apart. It sounded like a dog licking his bitch, which merely inflamed the next-door onlooker. Julia heard her mother’s desperate pleas and could not help but respond. “Holly fuck… oh fuck, my clit’s on fire… oh God, the mouth is so hot… close, oh so close,” she moaned rolling her head towards her mother.

Lori bit her lip hard. She was determined to hold off, not let it happen until Julia let go. But that did not happen. Sean nibbled using his teeth on the raw clit and when he sucked the bud deep into his mouth, she let go a river of cum. The teen drank her nectar relishing the sweet taste of heaven.

Julia saw her mother’s ass thrusting upward as she creamed in the boys mouth. She only had a second or two but she wondered if anything was more beautiful or sensual than another woman going through the throes of a gigantic orgasm. Just as she saw the cream leaking from the corner of Sean’s mouth, her juices erupted. Troy almost choked but managed to swallow enough enabling him to concentrate on the pink pearl. He sucked Julia’s clit and used his teeth to bite down on the base just hard enough to make her scream. “Holy fuck, you bastard… eat me you bastard… oh God I’m cumming… cumming,” were the last coherent words from a suffering woman.

Things had gone much better than Ken anticipated but he was a greedy man. “It’s time boy. Time to fuck a slut,” he whispered to his youngest son. Troy was a stallion. His cock was ready to burst from throbbing during the entire time his brother had intercourse with Lori and while he ate Julia.

Ken gave instructions to his son. “We’ll get the sluts to do all the work. He’ll get the show of his fucking life… I’ll bet the asshole is jacking off right now.” He knew his son would understand what he said about Andy.

Andy was almost worn to a frazzle. He was fast becoming an expert with the remote camera and recorded every immoral gangbang scene. His sexual desire peaked long ago and remained sky high, as he noticed Ken and Troy had moved and shifted until they were lying flat on their backs. The most discerning fact to Andy was that each had a hard-on, which was lewdly displayed to Lori and Julia.

His eyes were just as focused as the camera on the two man-sized cocks. Andy felt jealousy as he watched Ken put his thumb and forefinger at the base of his big dick holding it skyward like a flagpole. He waved his cock around offering it, not only, to the two women but to Andy as well.

Troy was not to be outdone by his dad. He fisted his cock showing off his proud hard-on to the covert camera. Andy was utterly amazed at how much bigger the teenager’s penis was than his own. The boy’s girth was not over-sized but Andy could not imagine how any woman could take the enormous length. His beady eyes went from one penis to the other realizing that the world was cruel.

Suddenly there was a commotion on the fringe of the camera’s focal point. Ken had been giving orders during the interlude while he set the stage for his next conquest. Andy’s heart skipped many beats when he noticed Lori’s nakedness enter the scene. She crawled over Ken’s outstretched legs and knelt over his muscular thighs. The famous cock was merely inches in front of her and Andy noticed that her eyes were locked on it.

Ken wanted Andy to see how a real slut acted. His lips were moving although no sound reached the recording equipment. “Put your hands on it honey… show hubby how much you need a real man’s cock. Stroke it baby and get me nice and hard before I fuck you,” he whispered barely loud enough for Lori to hear. Slowly, her fingers reached out and one at a time, her hands wrapped around the long, thick shaft. Lori moved her hands up and down. She watched the head of Ken’s cock disappear, and then like magic her hands moved down to reveal the magnificent penis head. She wondered if she would ever tire of having it in her hands, but then she wondered if she would ever tire of it being inside her?

All of a sudden his daughter entered the picture. She followed Lori’s direction and took a similar position over Troy’s lower body straddling his willowy thighs. Andy saw her dainty hands surround the teen’s penis and stroke it with loving passion, and the devotion sent a shiver down his back.

Ken made sure that the camera angle was perfect. Andy could see down the length of his body from his head, down his chest, his midsection all the way to his toes. It meant that the lens captured the entire front of the naked women so Andy could see what they were doing at all times. Ken made signals with his hands and whispered to Lori. She bent forward until her face was very close to Ken’s. “It’s time sweetheart… time to show hubby that you are my slut,” he whispered. “And the best part honey… your slut daughter is going to fuck a young stud. Now I want you to sit on my cock and put it in your belly so that hubby can see you do it.”

He smiled at Lori and his confidence rattled her to the core. “But sweetheart… you better put on a good show, or else,” he whispered holding her stare. “And honey… try not to have an orgasm before your slut daughter. Now that would be precious, wouldn’t it?” Ken said giving Lori a devilish grin.

Lori wondered what the Hell Ken meant? Yes, she determined, she would satisfy his filthy needs and he could use her vagina for his rotten pleasure. But another orgasm was completely out of the question. She lay over his rugged body and there was something definitely hard pressing against her tummy. Just before she straightened up, she imagined the man’s cock. She pictured the immense size and thickness and how fluidly the foreskin flowed over the long shaft whenever she stroked it. Then a tiny tremor shot through her body envisioning the feeling of his cock buried deep inside her inferno.

Now in a trancelike state, Lori sat up straight. She looked down at the manly cock, which had sprung free. Slowly, her hand went to it and she wrapped her fingers around the thick rod. ‘Oh gawd,’ she thought, ‘it’s burning my hand.’ Lori stared at Ken’s cock knowing what he wanted her to do. ‘Oh gawd, it’s throbbing,’ she thought realizing how good it felt in her hand.

Suddenly, Lori glanced to her left. A loud sound drew her attention and she shuddered at the sight of her daughter sitting on Troy’s lap. There was absolutely no movement, but there were loud groans coming from two emotional, young people. Julia’s head was thrown back and her hands rested on the teen’s flat tummy as she tried to regain a measure of self-control. The teen had his eyes closed tightly also in an effort to retain self-control.

Lori decided it was time. Her fingers shook but managed to keep the ramrod pointed in the air. She shuffled forward and rose up until she was directly over the head of Ken’s menacing cock.

Andy was mesmerized. His wife sat on the cock until there was no sign of the extended pole. He looked wide-eyed at Lori as she sat still, not moving a muscle until her vagina was stretched to accommodate Ken’s big cock. Suddenly, a mere foot from his wife Andy noticed his daughter was no longer the passive participant. She rocked her body back and forth driving the young teenager crazy. Troy’s hands reached out and cupped Julia’s heaving boobs, which were too enticing for the teen to resist. To retain her balance, Julia put her hands on the teen’s chest and felt for his hard, little buds. When she squeezed his nipples, Troy uttered a loud squeal of delight realizing he had to struggle, or else loose a battle his father warned him about.

Ken wanted to make it a contest. He knew that by taunting Lori, the two loving family members would fight to see who could make her man climax. Ken encouraged his slut by putting his hands around her slender waist. He moved or guided Lori up and down until it was obvious she was ready. “Look! Your baby is one mad slut… I wonder if she will get my boy to cum before she does?” Ken whispered.

“You know, I think Andy will love watching you cum all over a man’s cock… a real man’s cock… and I betcha you love having it inside your belly.” His dirty talk made Lori’s stomach flutter with anticipation. She knew what he wanted. Ken was having her husband watch all the shameful action and nothing would drive Andy more insane than seeing his wife succumb to another man’s sexual appetite. Lori prayed for strength feeling some doubt creep into her mind from that familiar sensation deep inside her loins.

Ken wasn’t finished tormenting Lori. “Keep moving just like that… it feels so wonderful… I hope you can keep it up and not climax all over my cock like a little schoolgirl… like you always do when we fuck.”

The couple locked eyes in a deadly stare. It seemed that every time Lori tried to prolong any lustful emotions, they doubled in intensity. She listened to Ken’s verbal tirade while trying to calm her rising desire.

‘If only, if only he would stop touching me there… and there… oh gawd whenever he does that,’ Lori mused. She was dreaming of being much stronger when Ken put his fingers to her chin. He tilted her head to the side so she could watch what was happening a mere foot away. Troy and Julia were locked in an epic encounter with Julia’s pelvis sucking all the teenager’s reserve. Animal sounds came from both and Lori found the affair most alluring likely because it was her daughter filled with intense lust.

Lori watched her daughter’s hips rocking over top of the teen. Instinctively, her hips began an imitation that made Ken truly thrilled as her tight passageway intimately caressed his throbbing pecker. Ken shifted his demanding fingers to Lori’s tits. He pinched each nipple and rolled them around feeling them respond. It seemed that the rougher he squeezed, the harder Lori’s nipples got until they appeared like pierced pebbles.

Lori contemplated on what to do. Ken could see her indecision and pushed onward. “Your husband, he’s watching… watching his slut wife get fucked by a real cock… and watchin’ her ass move like grease lightning,” he whispered. “I love the way your ass moves when my cock is buried in your slut cunt.”

She shuddered hearing his enlightening words. Lori looked down at the point where her hairless pelvis met Ken’s hairy crotch. She could see the pink clit being ravaged every time she rocked backwards but it was the dire feeling of what his cock did to her epicenter when she rocked forward. The thick, flared head first battered and then sliced through her cervix. Seemingly he embedded his big cock to caress every nerve of her inner being.

Lori was riding Ken’s cock gaining a sense of accomplishment even with sporadic tremors shooting through her midsection. For the first time during sex with Ken, Lori felt a measure of control. Suddenly, a resounding slap echoed through the room and into the camera’s microphone. In a split second, Lori’s spirit was broken.

It appeared to Andy like his precious daughter was whipping her mother who was mounted on a bucking stallion. The first barehanded slap sounded, then more in rapid succession and Andy watched his wife’s hips go out of control. Ken latched onto her hanging tits and fondled them much to the delight of all the onlookers.

“Ride’m slut… you’re creaming all over his cock just like a slut, Mother… your ass is going up and down so fast that you look like Ken’s slutty whore,” Julia yelled sending waves of humiliation through her parents.

Andy’s wife was in the throes of another orgasm with her vanquisher while her young daughter waited nearby. Lori’s stud was filling her inner domain with his hot pecker while Julia waited for her chance. Julia’s eyes were on fire watching her mother get fucked by the one man she truly worshiped. Julia’s orgasm began with tiny spasms and built to an earth-shattering climax as she started pounding her pussy down on the teen’s steel rod.

Suddenly Ken grabbed the upper, flared portion of Lori’s hips and pulled down hard. He wanted his slut to know he was desperate. “It’s time honey… time to fill that slut cunt with cum… so hubby can see his wife get fucked, oh fuck I love it when I can feel you cummin’,” Ken said loud enough for all to hear. He tilted his head backwards so he could look into the lens. His glare was profound and told Andy exactly whom the slut belonged to.

Andy was transfixed on his wife’s passion. Andy had never seen Lori’s breasts look more desirable. The golden trinkets embellished her hard, protruding nipples and Andy drooled wondering what they felt like. Lori put on a show of lost stamina as the gigantic climax consumed her spirit. “Yes, slut… yes, I can feel you cummin’,” Ken said using his strong hands to pull Lori’s hips every time he drove his pecker deep into the distraught woman. Andy saw his wife unable to wait once again.

All of a sudden, Andy shifted his attention to his daughter. Julia was moving her torso up and down on Troy’s long penis and her head was thrown back Her naked hips thrashed on the teen’s rod, which remained hard even after a thrilling orgasm.

Julia wished it were Ken she was riding but at the present moment, all she cared about was self-gratification. She was determined to use the boy’s pecker to fulfill her dire needs. Julia smiled with the secret knowledge that any encounter with a man could be extremely damaging. She had stopped taking her pills a few days ago but didn’t want to tell anyone. The thought of the peril and how dangerous it was to have sex without being on the pill seemed to add to her heightened excitement and passion.

Julia was well aware that the teenager had filled her cavern with his virile seed and that her juices had coated his stellar cock. The male and female seeds had melded with untold future implications. She glanced to her right as the final convulsions erupted inside her womb. Her mother’s body was quieting and it was completely covered with sweat. At that moment, Julia relished the beauty and maturity of her dear mother.


Ken had set another perfect trap for his unsuspecting neighbor. Wanting to drive the father crazy with details about his sexy daughter, he phoned Andy at work. “I just thought you should know… Your darling Julia is not in class like she is suppose to be… She’s using your hot tub,” he said giving Andy fits of apprehension. But that was not the meat of his message, as Ken added, “She’s exposing herself in your backyard.”

The location was perfect for Ken’s setup. It was cool fall weather but the deck and hot tub were enclosed keeping the area tranquil for his evil scheme. He neglected to mention that the young woman would be acting as per his instructions. Ken wanted to drive Andy insane by putting all kinds of sinful thoughts in his head. His football funfest was drawing near but he wanted one more conquest over Julia’s father.

After a protracted pause to torment his prey, Ken continued. “Hey Andy, I can see the little prick tease clearly through my zoom lens. You ought to see this, little buddy! You’d love it! That slut daughter of yours is really putting on show. Of course she doesn’t know she has an audience, but… Shit, she’s rubbin’ lotion all over her luscious boobs… Man, you should see those gorgeous tits!”

Andy wanted to hang-up but Ken’s verbal diarrhea was far too alluring. His stomach churned imagining his nubile daughter acting like Ken described. “Whoa, she’s pulling down her bikini to show off her bald pussy! Man, what a sumptuous slut your girl is. Damn little buddy, I think I just might run next-door and run my stiff cock up the little showoff’s cunt. She’d like that, believe me she would.”

Andy was captivated. He listened to Ken’s tirade wondering if he should rush home to put a stop to Julia’s charade. Suddenly the line went dead. Ken knew he had put the seeds of doubt in his neighbor’s head now all he had to do was wait. The swift ending of the conversation put vivid thoughts in Andy’s head of being able to watch Ken with his precious Julia.

The day was still early but Andy could not resist temptation. He threw his stuff together and rushed out of the office with his mind going over past events. It had been a happy moment when his daughter informed him that she was transferring back to the local college, Andy thought. Julia decided that attending college miles away from her family and friends was not something she wanted.

Apparently, it all started with the photo shoot Ken had arranged and the event drastically changed Julia’s life. The first time the crude, rough man forced his will on her, Julia realized that she needed to be treated just like Ken had done. Although she had sex before and certainly wasn’t a virgin, sex with Ken was something she craved and yearned for each day from that first, eventful meeting.

Julia had grown mindless in her adoration of her masculine neighbor and actually believed Ken felt the same way about her. She believed his lies and tales of absolute devotion while doing everything possible to make him happy. Even though her mother had given dire warnings about having an affair with such a self-centered man, but Julia headed none of them.

Living at home also gave Julia the opportunity to nourish her relationship with Sally. From the first time Julia looked into the dark, brown eyes of the beautiful twin, she knew something was different. The two spent countless hours at the sorority house and Julia even started spending complete days and nights there. Sally had been a big comfort after the episode at Lu’s and her love and devotion made the healing time of the piercing go much smoother for Julia. The other members of the sorority quickly accepted Julia and fostered the lesbian relationship between two, willing women.

Andy drove like a bat out of Hell getting home in record time. Sex with his lovable daughter was totally out of the realm of possibility, Andy quickly recognized, but for some strange reason, seeing Julia have sex with Ken was a huge turn-on. He parked in front of his home not wanting to give his presence away by using the garage and hurriedly rushed to the front door not sure of what to expect. Andy entered the quiet home and slowly walked through the house to where he could look out the large patio doors.

He half expected to see his rotten neighbor satisfying his sexual desires by ravaging his erstwhile innocent daughter but Julia was simply lying motionless on a lounge chair. It was a sunny, fall day and a brilliant splendor shone through the vast windows setting the stage for a breathtaking encounter. His daughter lay beside the steamy water dressed in an extremely skimpy bikini and one Andy thought was far too provocative for his childlike daughter.

Ken was the devil. He ensured his servant was positioned just right while he remained hidden. Julia was lying on her back with her head towards the house. Ken reasoned that anyone watching would have a sense that Julia would not know of his or her presence. Andy could clearly see Julia’s bikini-clad body. From his vantage point her abundant cleavage was clearly exposed to his prying eyes.

Going unnoticed by her observer was a cell phone. Julia had placed the instrument inside a towel but close to her ear. It had been put on speaker so after receiving a call, all the voices could be heard without putting the phone to her ear. Ken’s instructions were devious but very sly. “I’ll call you once he gets into the house and then tell you what to do,” Ken told his most cooperative young slave. “All you have to do is put lots of body lotion on your sexy body… but making sure your daddy can see your gorgeous boobs.”

The phone’s ringer was low and all Julia had to do was hit the send button. Ken’s voice came out loud and clear. “It’s time sweetheart. Start with your chest and arms… then put oil all over those suckable tits.”

Andy stared and dared not look away. His daughter rubbed a creamy lotion over her skin and he watched it turn a brilliant, moistened texture. What he anticipated turned to reality when Julia’s dainty fingers slowly shifted the small, triangular patches to the sides. She deftly exposed her breasts and Andy noticed the golden trinkets glistening in the bright sunshine, as it shone through the windows. Soon, the oily substance coated Julia’s big, firm breasts and Andy’s eyes grew wider in amazement.

Julia needed complete fulfillment knowing she was doing things right. She quickly untied the strap, which was the only thing holding her bikini top on. The flimsy garment casually fell off her chest and she nonchalantly tossed it to the ground. Her hands began rubbing and caressing her boobs paying special attention to the nipples that were beginning to throb. Julia knew exactly what felt good. She pinched her nipples between her thumb and forefinger ensuring to display the eye-catching, golden studs. Julia arched her back giving anyone inside the house the best look at her heaving chest.

“You’re doing great sweetheart. You won’t believe it but he’s got his cock out of his pants… stroking his fucking penis as he watches you play with your tits,” Ken whispered in his cell phone. “Woman you have the best looking tits around.”

His words were magical to Julia. She heard Ken’s praise and how he adored her body, which turned Julia into the consummate actress. She fondled herself and made sure that everything was visible from the patio doors.

Julia took matters in her own hands so to speak. She began applying the slick oil to her belly and then to her flared hips. Once all the exposed flesh was glistening with plenty of lotion, her fingers began the most tantalizing adventure. Every couple of seconds, the tips of her fingers dipped beneath the bikini bottom threatening to invade her most private region.

Andy was positive he would die when her fingers grabbed the bikini bottom at the waistband. Slowly, almost as if teasing someone, she rolled the sheer garment down her seductive hips, and all the way to her feet. With a playful flick of her toes, she tossed the bikini across the deck making it land in the hot water.

Again her fingers went to work. She applied the ointment all over her legs, her thighs, then between her legs. Andy was amazed when his daughter spread her legs and anointed her crotch. He could see her hand moving ever so slowly until it seemed to stop. He imagined what her fingers were doing, as her body was pointed away from him. Suddenly, the fingers moved again and Andy could see that something was pinched between her forefinger and thumb. Then her hand was a blur and her hips started thrashing.

“Oh my god, she doing it, she doing it,” Andy realized. Julia was masturbating in the backyard oblivious of anything around her. Andy’s heart was beating so rapidly he was afraid it could be heard on the deck. Watching his daughter’s self-gratification, he yanked on his raging hard-on and beat it like a madman.

Julia had enough suspense and needed hardcore teasing. She quickly stood up and turned to face the house. Luckily for Andy, the patio doors were heavily tinted so Julia could not see inside but he still felt a moment’s hesitation. Julia was in another world. His daughter lay back on the lounge but this time her head was the opposite direction. She was flat on her back with her feet on the cedar planks, one foot of either side of the deckchair. Lewdly her legs were splayed to their widest reaches allowing Andy an unfettered view of his daughter’s cunt. The sight of wet pink, pussy lips almost made him blow his load on the spot. Andy pounded his pecker with a furious burst of rage seeing the splendid offering of sheer lust.

“Holy fuck, sweetheart… you’re the best. Yes, play with that fucking clit baby… it’s so damn beautiful. I think the little bastard is going to blow is fucking load,” came over the speaker but Julia really wasn’t listening. Ken had to admit that he had never witnessed anything so erotic and shameless.

The fingers of her left hand spread the puffy labia revealing her ultimate treasures. Suddenly the fingers of her right hand performed magic. She held the swollen clitoris out from her slit and seemed to offer it to anyone who might be standing nearby. Then she twirled it around rapidly in a display of obsessed passion.

Julia’s teasing affected Ken more drastically than he expected and he dearly wanted to run into the backyard to accept what the young woman was offering. It took sheer determination to resist the strong temptation. He wanted to humiliate Andy to the extreme.

Ken had quietly sneaked up behind Andy whose attention was riveted on the outside activity. “Leave it out little buddy… let your daughter see you whacking off watching her masturbate,” he whispered.

When he heard the shocking voice, Andy wanted to crawl into a small hole and die. Suddenly his big, burly neighbor stood in front of him and his stern demeanor gave the indication he wasn’t taking any back talk. “You can come in now sweetheart… I want you to see something pathetic,” Ken whispered into his cell phone.

Andy heard the patio door open and close. He desperately wanted to disappear knowing his daughter was st

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