Lori – A Neighbor’s Delight 2

Author: Kacey1999

By Kacey1999
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Lori – A Neighbor’s Delight – Chapter 2

Ken was the consummate planner and it had taken weeks to get all the details worked out so he would have full control of his innocent victim. He had complete confidence in his blackmail scheme against Lori and forged full steam ahead. Two days ago he and his sons ravaged Lori’s sexy, desirable body, but he was a greedy man. Day and night he dreamed of the historic evening, treasuring the experience as having the best sex of his life. Ken couldn’t get his sexy neighbor out of his head and it seemed he walked around with a semi-hard on ever since the climatic affair. Lori was now a cherished prize, a prize he had coveted and yearned to possess for many years. She was his conquest and for the taking.

Contemplating the next phase of his evil plan, he wanted Lori’s husband to give his consent to what would happen between his gorgeous wife and himself. When Ken was done with the couple next door, he and his sons would fuck Lori anytime, anywhere and anyhow they desired with Andy’s full consent. The lusting neighbor formulated a three-day plan to have Lori at his mercy and Ken was determined to make her his sex slave.

Andy and Lori broached the subject of what happened with Ken a few times but never got very far into the raunchy details. Andy couldn’t listen to the erotic particulars without getting a full-fledged hard on, which quickly lead to the couple falling into a heated embrace. He couldn’t keep his hands off Lori’s body and just the thought of another man having sex with his enchanting wife inflamed his mind.

Thinking how his vulgar neighbor sucked his wife’s titties and marked them with his trademark filled Andy’s mind with extreme envy. The dark, red hickies were like precious jewelry tattooed on Lori’s body and Andy marveled at the enticing beauty of the marks. It was apparent that Ken did it to demonstrate his control over Lori and Andy wistfully wondered what his erstwhile, faithful wife did when their vulgar neighbor degraded her in such an offensive fashion.

Lori was all too willing to please her husband and to Andy’s delight, lovingly sucked his cock more than usual. She hoped he would forgive her for what she considered a most unfaithful affair. True, she had resisted the vile man she reasoned, but she also knew full well that before the fateful night had ended that she too was an all too willing participant in the wanton fornicating.

Recollections of the intense, passionate pleasure she had received at the hands of the three Paterson males filled her with unremitting guilt. ‘Oh gawd,’ she thought, ‘what if he found out about Ken’s sons… would Andy disown me?’ Lori kept her worries and fears to herself and didn’t want to upset Andy with them. The recollection of what the disgusting man did to her and what he made her do with his teenage sons was a most momentous memory.

There was no way Ken could invite the neighbors over to his place with his wife, Helen, home. It took time and convincing but he eventually talked her into visiting her parents for a few days. The fact that Helen’s father had a few health issues aided in persuading her to take a small vacation without him. She was barely out the door when Ken put his carefully crafted plan into motion. Helen’s absence would give him three full days and all the freedom in the world to implement his devious scheme.

The first requirement was to convince Andy to go along with his perverse plan. Day One started with a strange, suspenseful meeting when the two neighbors saw each other. Andy was in his backyard puttering away with yard work and Ken was pretending to trim the hedge between the two properties. Seeing Ken, Andy realized he was looking at the man who had ravaged his wife’s body just a few days ago. Seeing Andy, Ken wondered how Andy really felt about Lori having sex with him during the “photo shoot”.

Ken pondered about what was the best method to approach the subject of getting Andy’s assistance. He wanted to coerce Lori’s husband into allowing Sean and Troy as well as himself another opportunity to have sex with his adorable wife. What the hell, he decided, Andy was a fairly passive individual and not one to put up much of a fight against superior opposition.

Ken felt a renewed sense of supremacy over the man. He reasoned he held enough incriminating details to force Andy into following his scheme if it came to blackmail, so he plunged full-steam ahead with his plan. “Hi Andy,” he said in a disarming cheerful manner to his neighbor. They soon fell into a dialogue about the weather, news of the day and neighborhood happenings. When they were both at ease, Ken asked the pertinent question. “I am testing my hot tub out tonight and would like you and Lori to join me. You see, Helen is away for a few days and frankly, I don’t like to drink alone,” he said with a chuckle implying that was the main reason for his invite.

Andy was very happy with the news of Ken’s wife not being present, as he really didn’t like the disagreeable woman. She was extremely unfriendly and always seemed to treat Lori badly, most likely because she was jealous of her, he reasoned. “Why not,” he said after considering Ken’s request for only seconds, “It’s hot and I could use a few, cold beers.”

The two men concluded the meeting and discussion with one last request from Ken. “Oh yeah, have Lori wear that gorgeous, pink bikini. She looks absolutely ravishing in it,” he told the beaming husband. Andy wasn’t sure whether it was a request from Ken or an order, but he quickly reasoned that his neighbor merely wanted to see his delectable wife in something sexy and revealing.

The fact Ken even knew of the scanty bikini got lost in Andy’s aroused brain. ‘What man wouldn’t want to see a woman in a skimpy bikini, after all, it is a tub party,’ he told himself.

Correctly appraising Andy’s reaction to the bikini request Ken said, “Man to man, you’re a very lucky man, Andy to have a sexpot like that for a wife.” Then with a pleading look he added, “Look at what I’m saddled with, an ox… Hope you won’t be offended Andy, but damn, that woman of yours gives me a hardon every time I see her.”

Andy’s heart beat rapidly with the certain knowledge that his brutish neighbor had already fucked Lori, several times, and probably wanted to have sex with her again. ‘Geez,’ he thought, ‘what if he does it and I get to watch?’ Visions of being a bystander while another man openly had intercourse with his sexy wife was a long standing dream, a dream that inflamed his mind into an inferno.

When Andy explained what was on the schedule for the evening to his lovely wife, Lori’s reaction was one of dire fear and apprehension. She knew Ken was a predator and most likely had wicked intensions. That made her very hesitant to agree with her husband’s planned visit. Lori shivered with fear thinking of the bikini request. She only wore that one when sun tanning in the privacy of her backyard and certainly didn’t consider it decent enough to wear in public.

Lori decided to reason with Andy. “Can’t you see what he wants? He is going to put his filthy hands all over me and what are you going to be able to do?” she asked her overly excited husband. “Are there any others from the neighborhood going to be there?” she asked hoping for the best. “And gawd Andy, I can’t wear that bikini, you know that it’s too skimpy to wear in front of that animal,” she moaned with one last protest.

Andy quickly brushed her protests aside as he was far too enlightened and aroused for any rational or logical excuses. “Don’t worry, I’ll be there and nothing like that will happen when I am present. He’s not that bloody asinine or bold,” Andy stated but it really didn’t make Lori feel any relief. “No, he didn’t mention about inviting anyone else so I guess it will probably just be the three of us… Oh, come on honey, you know how much it turns me on when another man desires your gorgeous body. Let’s go for awhile and have some fun,” he pleaded with his wife.

She prayed that it would be a true hot tub party with some drinks, some other neighbors and that was all. It was with great trepidation that Lori dressed, if one could call putting on a skimpy bikini dressing, but she did slip on a terrycloth robe to give herself some security. She joined Andy at the back patio door, and without a word, they slowly went to the gate between the two properties. Ken’s rugged, smiling face greeted them and the first thing he did was shove a beer at Andy. He invited them into the hot tub area and asked Lori what she wanted to drink.

Lori shuddered seeing her hairy and domineering next-door neighbor in a swimsuit and scolded herself for even looking at him with any sort of inquisitive admiration. Ken escorted the couple to the cedar decking around the hot tub and went to the makeshift bar on the patio to prepare Lori’s drink. The hot tub jets were bubbling away and steam was floating through the air giving a nice, peaceful appearance to the area.

Without an invitation, Lori swiftly removed her robe and stepped into the hot water, slumping down to fully cover her nakedness below the surface of the water. It gave her a secure feeling to get the vulture’s eyes off her body and the wonderful hot water on her tensed-up muscles tended to make them relax. Andy quickly joined her and much to Lori’s amazement, Ken didn’t attack her. He merely got into the tub and acted as if nothing drastic was really going to happen to Lori. The two men carried on like they had been friends for years but much of it was due to Ken’s devious scheme.

Ken kept a beer in Andy’s hand at all times and it had the desired affect after the first hour. Andy’s speech got somewhat slurred from the beers and numerous shots of liqueur that the guys gulped down every ten minutes. Andy was far too keyed up to even realize what Ken was up to as his mind was dreaming about seeing Lori with another man. Ken was not a stupid man and made sure to fake most of his drinking and in reality, barely consumed any liquor. He wanted to remain fully cognizant and sober for the impending session he had planned down to the minutest detail.

Lori had to give the disgusting man credit. He did have the gift of gab and easily carried the conversation for the first hour or so. Suddenly he got out of the tub to get another round of drinks, asking Andy to join him at the bar. Lori welcomed the loneliness and watched the men converse with Andy merely nodding his head in agreement at whatever Ken said.

Andy found it hard to hide his immense excitement from Ken’s suggestions that they turn the evening into an erotic orgy of sorts. Ken told Andy that they could both fuck his desirable wife and at the same time, Andy could watch his wife have sex with another man. The fantasy never ceased to get Andy aroused and knowing Ken already had sex with Lori, it was a perfect opportunity to watch it happen with his own eyes.

The men returned to the tub and unknown to Lori, her fate had been sealed in a gentlemen’s agreement. Her devoted husband had fallen into a trap and had vowed to support Ken’s sexual advances towards his wife. Lori sensed that the two men were up to something as they both seemed to look at her with evil intent in their eyes.

Andy wasn’t helping matters as he put his arm around Lori and kept hugging her tightly even with Ken watching. Twice she had to scold him for feeling her breasts and once he even slipped his fingers under the flimsy, pink material. “Heck, honey, you may as well take this thing off. We’ve both seen your gorgeous boobs. You don’t have to hide them from us,” Andy said in taunting fashion hoping to convince his wife to remove her bikini top.

Lori was getting a little concerned at the rate her husband was drinking and noticed that he made short work of every drink. His eyes burned with desire from watching his sexy wife soak in the hot water and he kept glancing towards Ken to see that he, too, was eyeing Lori.

Ken finally decided it was time for action. He wanted a short time with Lori so he could explain the specifics of what was going to happen. He was going to put demands on Lori and blackmail her into being his faithful servant. Ken already knew that the threats of revealing her past indiscretions from the other day would force her to obey his every whim.

“Lori, please join me for a minute or so, I need to tell you what Andy and I have discussed,” Ken said and proceeded to the bar for fresh drinks. He waited a merciless few seconds for his words to sink in and noticed a puzzled look on Lori’s pretty face. Lori stared at the man and felt her stomach turn a million summersaults with the possible, drastic scenarios Ken could place on her. Nervously she glanced to Andy for support but the dazed look on his face told her that he was in another world. It was a world where he was delusional with lust and desire and a world where too much liquor clouded his logic and reason.

Ken signaled her to join him. She almost stumbled getting out of the tub and a shiver ran down her spine when she noticed Ken ogle her body as she moved. The wet bikini clung like a second skin to her flesh and it didn’t hide very much at all. Ken observed and studied every curve and shape with the knowledge he would soon feel each and every one.

“Andy has agreed to let me fuck you,” Ken blurted out so fast it surprised Lori. She looked in his direction as if she needed to hear more. “Apparently, Andy wants to see his wife get fucked by another man. He said that you had talked about it many times in the past,” he said making her cringe. She cursed Andy for letting out such intimate details. Things like that were usually said in the heat of the moment and not something to reveal to strangers.

All Lori could do was make a valiant attempt at calling his bluff. “There’s no way Andy would suggest that. He would never condone someone having sex with me right in front of him,” she said in hopes she would convince Ken to reconsider.

“That’s exactly what he wants,” Ken declared. He decided to play his trump card right away and merely held up a CD, waving it in the air. They were out of earshot of Andy and Ken whispered, “Do you know what’s on this CD? It is a depiction of you sucking Troy’s hard cock and it’s in living color,” he told the stunned woman. Lori was unable to speak and pleadingly looked at Ken with her eyes.

“So this and the lovely pictures of your innocent daughter should have my cock inside my dream woman in no time, don’t you think?” he asked with a devilish grin on his face. “In fact, we’ll just do whatever your sweet husband says. He can call the shots, so to speak. So you won’t have to worry about doing a thing, just let things happen,” he told Lori.

It was time to get on with it and Ken decided to take complete control. “Now get your gorgeous ass back in the tub and do what I say… or else,” he ordered and waved the damning CD again. She was numb. Ken handed her a fresh drink and Lori returned to the tub on legs that trembled so bad she found it hard to walk. Surely Andy must see that something was wrong, she mused but saw that there was an intense, excited look on his face.

The three continued drinking and chatting but the air was electrically energized with highly charged ions causing each to anticipate something erotic soon would be happening. With a sound that drew everyone’s attention, the patio doors of the home opened and all eyes turned to see Ken’s two sons and Rex, their dog, enter the backyard.

Ken was the one to break the silence. Suddenly he ordered the frightened woman to get the new arrivals a drink. Ken planned the timing of what was happening down to the second. Looking directly into her eyes, Ken whispered ever so softly. “Remember what I have! Do what I say, or else,” he told Lori. “The boys are thirsty and need a drink. Sean will have a beer and Troy a coke,” came the request that Lori knew was not going to be repeated.

Lori looked for help. She pleadingly stared at Andy but the hopeless look on her husband’s face said it all. Do what the man’s wants honey, or he will kick the crap out of me in a heartbeat, was the silent statement from her husband. Slowly, Lori rose and got out of the steaming water attracting every male eye in the yard. She could feel the eyes and also the fact the fabric of her bikini bottom was sucked deeply into the crevice of her bum. Lori desperately wanted to straighten her bottoms but didn’t want to draw any unnecessary attention to her plight.

The young boys gawked at the sexy woman with intimate lust in their eyes. They had first-hand knowledge of what ecstasy was like with Lori and it caused an immediate reaction in their pants. Ken almost laughed out loud at his devious scheme. It was going to be priceless watching his oldest son give Lori the spanking of her life, then when the boy made her orgasm right in front of her husband, Ken was sure Andy would blow his load right in the hot tub.

Lori quickly got the drink order from the makeshift bar but remained with her back to the four for as long as possible. She knew that they were getting the view of their life of her shapely backside but she dreaded seeing the aroused faces of the four animals. Lori could feel their prying eyes burning into her flesh. She didn’t want to turn around so they could ogle the front of her body, as she was well aware that her big, hardened nipples would most certainly betray her like they always did when she felt excited.

She could hear Ken clearing his throat and knew he was ready to insist she obey his demands. Turning on her heel, Lori slowly took a few steps towards the boys while holding their drinks in her outstretched hands. She looked at Sean as she handed him his beer and immediately noticed the boy’s obvious excitement by the tent in his pants. A most vivid memory flashed through her mind of the past evening with the teen. ‘Oh gawd,’ she wondered, ‘did I really enjoy that episode as much as I remember’?

The obvious effect her scanty attire had on the teens made Lori feel embarrassed for acting in a shameful manner. Lori reflected on how much she loved the skimpy sun-tanning outfit, but the erotic fantasies it gave her were merely that, fantasies and not ones to become reality. At the moment, she felt like a common floozy strutting around in front of four virile males.

The sound of Ken’s voice shocked Lori out of her dream state. “Now look what you’ve done to the boy. You teased the poor lad so that he has a hardon that’s ready to explode,” he stated much to Lori’s dismay. “You know what we do to bitches that tease, don’t you?” he added. It was as much a statement as a question. “Right Andy?” Ken asked. Andy quickly nodded his head in agreement even though he didn’t know what the hell the man really meant. The fact his wife was almost nude in front of a strange man and now two boys was driving his mind crazy with desire.

There were many things Lori wanted to yell at Ken but held her tongue fearing a worse reprisal from the evil man. Ken sensed his ultimate goal was within reach and pressed in for the kill. “Right Andy! I think poor Sean should give her a spanking, don’t you?” he asked the overly excited husband.

Andy pictured his beautiful wife over the teenager’s knee, and it looked absolutely enchanting in his drunken mind. “Yuees, yes, let’s have Sean give her a spanking,” he slurred voicing his drunken approval.

Lori sobbed and gave Andy a most distraught look. She realized that there was not going to be a viable solution coming from her husband so she looked in vain to Ken for salvation. Ken had gotten out of the tub and moved in Lori’s direction. “Please, oh please you can’t be serious Ken?” she pleaded with her grinning captor.

Whispering to her so that Andy could not hear Ken said, “You know what I have against you. What do you think? Will Andy want to see his precious wife spanked?” he asked. It brought tears to Lori’s attractive eyes knowing she was lost. “I think Andy will get a kick out of it, don’t you?” Looking at her besotted husband, Lori knew that there was no use in denying Ken’s words. Andy was far beyond reason as the alcohol fed to him by Ken had removed most of his willpower and logic.

“I can’t, I just can’t. I am a grown woman, with two kids and a family. I can’t let a 18 year old kid spank me,” Lori pleaded with Ken. “I just can’t, he’s too young, just a boy. Oh please, I’m a woman,” she said in a desperate tone trying every excuse she could think of. Lori looked into Ken’s eyes and saw her dilemma worsened.

“And a real sexy woman I might add, too. But don’t you remember what happened the last time you played with that boy’s pecker?” Ken asked with a devilish grin covering his face. His insinuating comments made Lori blush a bright red when she remembered back to two nights ago.

Suddenly, Sean stepped closer to the delectable servant. Lori squirmed to stay out of his grasp and wheeled to run from the teen, but instead she felt big, strong hands grabbing her bodily and wrestling her down to the soft grass. Troy was helping his brother and between the two, they easily placed Lori over Sean’s legs as he sat on the ground. Lori’s suit was wet and the first slap resonated throughout the enclosed yard causing everyone to take a sharp breath. It took Lori’s breath away and the next couple of slaps made her fight for her freedom with all the strength in her body.

Sean was crude; he was clumsy but he managed to hold Lori in a compromising position over his outstretched legs. His eyes bulged out at the sight of Lori’s skimpy bikini barely covering her coveted flesh. The bottoms were askew with one side wedged between her bum cheeks exposing one entire cheek of her ass to the aroused teenager. He promptly spanked the bare flesh first lightly, and then harder which drew loud protests from the punished woman. Lori yelped for sympathy but no volunteers came forward to help her out.

The boy couldn’t understand how he could be more aroused and excited than he was the other evening when he experienced so many orgasms with Lori. But it seemed his insides were now quivering with a maddening anticipation that got worse with each spank.

It was strange to all how Lori’s arms and legs were wildly flailing about yet she didn’t try to get away from Sean. “Spank her son, spank her for being such a bad, bad prick tease. She should have to pay for taunting you and making a young boy so horny,” Ken said. Ken watched Andy and saw that his reaction was one of pure passion and desire. He quickly surmised that Lori’s husband would offer no formidable resistance to his plans for the evening.

Lori rose up by arching her back and looked over to Andy with extreme anxiety. The only problem was that Ken had fed her husband so much liquor that he was essentially in a drunken stupor. So drunk in fact, he laughed at everything even though it was happening to the woman he loved. Ken decided to test Andy’s cooperation and see if he would assist in Lori’s demise. “What do you think Andy, should Sean spank her bare ass too?” he whispered and giggled at the frightening look on Lori’s pretty face.

“Yes, oh friggin yes, take her suit down and give her a royal spanking,” Andy said with a wild flourish of his hands. Sean grabbed the waistband of Lori’s bikini and yanked. In a flash, he had the skimpy bottoms down to her knees. “Oh, fuck yeah!” her husband hooted when her luscious flesh was completely exposed.

Another resounding slap echoed around the hot tub as Sean began again the ardent task of punishment. One, then another and another until both ass checks were a brilliant crimson color and more tears ran down Lori’s flushed cheeks. “Oh gawd, don’t, don’t do that, please don’t,” the mother of two pleaded with her teenage retaliator. Lori could not remember her heart beating so fast or with such vigor and blood rushed to her head making her feel dizzy, as she lay squirming in Sean’s lap.

Her ass was on fire and how anything so degrading could make her feel any amount of pleasure was astounding to Lori. Frantically, she looked at Andy and saw the inebriated look on his face and knew her plight was hopeless. Sean and his family were going to do whatever Ken planned whether she liked it or not. There was nothing Lori could do to prevent her downfall at the hands of her three perverted neighbors.

“Spread your legs bitch! Show us that bald pussy!” Ken ordered. “Let my boy give it a spanking too, not just your beautiful ass,” he added. Ken turned to Andy and said, “Come on Andy, ask her to open her legs. I’ve heard that women can cream when they get their pussy spanked. Damn, I’d give anything in the world to see that. How ’bout it buddy?”

Lori was stunned and couldn’t believe what the men were saying. Her attempted battle was totally ignored by Ken and unheard by her husband. “No, no fucking way you bastard. You may have your rotten boy spank me, but I won’t do that,” Lori whispered the promise and vowed to remain resolved against overwhelming odds.

Suddenly, Lori felt hands on both of her thighs and was unable to prevent them from being opened wide. When the first blow hit her crotch, Lori thought her head would explode. Another, and another slap hit her exposed grotto and she cried out loud. There was no pain, no hurt that made her cry. It was because the feeling between her legs was so outrageous and shocking that her whole inner being went into convulsions.

The truth was revealed by the bastardly neighbor and it made Lori realize that she was indeed their personal slut. “For fuck sake Sean, she’s creaming in your lap son,” Ken said to bring more tears to Lori’s puffy eyes. Ken moved closer to where Lori was receiving the whipping of her life and whispered, “Fuck, I love seeing your shaved pussy. You look ravishing and I think the boy is going to make you climax. I can hardly wait for my turn.” The sudden realization that the ordeal was only beginning filled Lori with heightened trepidation.

The two teenage boys held Lori’s body with Troy preventing her from closing her legs. Sean spanked the vulnerable pussy ever so expertly, just hard enough so that it did not hurt but did bring ultimate joy to his prisoner. Somehow Lori’s swollen labia had separated to where the tip of her raw clitoris was exposed and a delicate blow after blow rained down on the tiny bud.

There was no respite, no recourse for the dishonored woman. The boy held his hand next to her exposed opening and merely patted her puffy, pussy lips with short, rapid slaps. So numerous and so fast was the spanking that it felt like a constant caress by the teenager to Lori’s tender love-button. She soaked Sean’s fingers with each paddle and it was far too much for Lori to endure. Each spank resulted in a spasm of ecstasy rushing to meet the boy’s hand. Lori fought for everything she was worth in a dire effort not to succumb to the demeaning spanking.

With an unexpected move, Sean suddenly rolled Lori’s body off his legs and onto the grass. She landed on her back and immediately two teenage predators were on her. Troy held her upper torso so that her shoulders were pinned to the ground. Lori was too late to react to his hand as it closed on the small strip of material between her breasts. With one swift jerk, the cups were stripped from her chest and flung across the yard.

Lori’s attention was diverted by Troy and she could hear voices coming from Andy and Ken. She wondered what the two men were talking about and why her body was trashing around, seemingly out of control? She couldn’t feel anything and her mind was confused as to why her hips were thrusting. Sudden realization hit her like a ton of bricks and it felt like the most embarrassing moment of her life.

Sean was between her legs and Lori glanced down at his handsome face. It was like watching everything happen in slow motion. The teenager pried open the protective hood between Lori’s thighs and her vulnerable clitoris lay barren and exposed. Her heart raced when the boy’s fingers pinched and pulled the throbbing bud out from her body. Suddenly she could feel the intense lust overtake her soul. Her outburst of joy was heard throughout the backyard much to the delight of all four males, especially Sean who was drinking from the oasis of love.

Lori rolled her head side to side and noticed the lust filled faces around her. A large, dark shadow suddenly developed into the form of a man and Lori locked eyes with Satin. She understood the emergency in his glare and knew her master wanted her to speak. Immediately Lori obeyed. “Yes, yes, oh yes you spanked me. You spanked my bald cunt and made me cum all over your hand. I can’t stop myself when you touch my pussy like that. Oh gawd, do that to my clit,” she said to Ken as if he were carrying out the punishment personally. Lori willed herself to complete the humiliation and her spunk ran out of her honey hole flooding Sean’s hand in wanton fashion.

The teenager continued to caress the open crevice and took the grown woman on the ride of her life. Lori sounded a cry of gratification when Sean’s mouth swooped down to devour his dream woman’s adorable honey pit and the end came with a vicious rush. She worshiped her love child and dearly yearned to have him satisfy his newfound thirst with her loving juices. The convulsions deep inside seemed to go on forever and ever, and Lori could not remember secreting such a vast quantity of sweet nectar.

Once her emotions roared over the crest of the violent climax, Lori felt like she wanted to die or crawl in a hole somewhere. The embarrassment of having such an earth-shattering orgasm at the hands of a measly boy would haunt her forever. Her flat tummy jerked and twitched with the last remaining spasms erupting deep in her epicenter and as the last one rocked her soul, Lori collapsed in Sean’s arms.

Vaguely, she could hear the two men talking and wondered what evil suggestions Ken was giving her husband. Their forms were a blur through her tear, stained eyes and Lori strained to hear what Ken was saying. “Andy, she’s the sexiest woman and you’re a lucky man,” she heard and could sense that he was building Andy’s esteem. It worked and Andy did feel extremely proud of his beautiful, sexy wife.

“Have you ever watched you wife give head? Have you watched her suck someone’s cock?” Ken asked the awestruck husband.

Lori wanted to scream at her husband. Tell him that Ken was merely leading him on. She wanted her husband to tell the bastard to take a hike but knew it would do little good.

“Andy, let’s have her suck Troy’s cock, then you can give it to her and fuck her hot pussy. Then you can watch me fuck her. I’ll make her cum all over my big cock just like she did the other night. You can watch her orgasm. Oh yes, she couldn’t stop coming on my cock and she acted like a real bitch in heat,” Ken whispered and chuckled at the meaning of what he told the husband.

Seeing the wild-eyed look of lust in Andy’s eyes, Ken pressed on. “Andy, you’re really going to see what kind of bitch you’re married to tonight, I promise,” he told the husband who listened intently to every word even in his intoxicating stupor. The problem was Andy really didn’t grasp what Ken meant but it wouldn’t be long until he fully understood. He would understand the true meanings of bitch, big cock and orgasm.

Lori moaned in despair knowing what lay in store for her. She was going to be ravished by Troy, then Andy and then the bastard Ken. Her mind raced to all the possibilities and off to her right she could see Ken’s grinning face. He appeared to have won the contest and was in the midst of enjoying total satisfaction of seeing his sexy victim acknowledge defeat.

In her own little world of agony, Lori prepared to be vanquished by her strong opponents but promised herself to do her utmost to beat the villain Ken. It always turned her stomach to hear such arrogant men boast of sexual conquests and brag of their prowess with women. She vowed to remain steadfast and not surrender to Ken’s brash measures.

Suddenly there was a familiar cock thrust in front of her face and somehow her dainty hand went to the long, narrow shaft. “Oh my lord, is that for real? It’s so long, so big for a boy,” Andy whispered as if he was talking to himself. Yes, he thought, it was a dream come true but he had to admit, Troy’s cock was more than man-sized. He stared at the long pecker without blinking and saw it disappear into his wife’s wondrous mouth. He knew how Lori loved sucking his cock but certainly she didn’t feel the same about this one, he hoped.

Ken watched the enthralled husband who was all by himself sitting in the hot tub mumbling to himself. Andy’s hands were below the water’s surface and by the look on his face, he was in the middle of erotic bliss. It appeared his hand was stroking his hardened cock and it pleased Ken to know the man’s stamina was being sapped.

“Wow, she’s the best cock sucker ever but you already know that, don’t you?” Ken said and moved closer to the tub. “My boy will get his first blowjob and he couldn’t ask for a better teacher, don’t you agree?” he asked Andy marveling at how good things were working out. He watched the submissive wife suck his son’s pecker and knew Andy was too engrossed to care that it was his wife he was watching.

Out of the corner of her eye, Lori noticed the three onlookers. Ken and Sean were giving encouragement to Troy while Andy was suspended in time, too aroused to be of any assistance to his wife. Lori’s stomach quivered from the memory of how the teen filled her belly the other night and knew he was only a short time away from doing the same thing again. His enlarged cock throbbed in her hands and Lori had to keep both fists wrapped around the boy’s pecker to stop him from ramming it all the way down her throat.

Ken wanted to humiliate the couple, both Lori and Andy, and spoke loud enough for all to hear. “That’s it honey, suck his cock and make him a man. Christ, that big meat looks good in your mouth, Lori,” he said and smiled at Lori’s reaction as her face turned a bright red in embarrassment.

Then he spoke much softer and directly at Andy. “Ask her to play with Troy’s balls. Have her caress his nuts until the boy blows his load in her mouth,” he told the enthused husband.

Andy had watched his consummate wife suck his cock many times but never someone else’s and it inflamed his mind with the opportunity. He didn’t have to say a word and it was as if magic happened when Lori obeyed the rotten orders immediately. She cupped the delicate balls, which were swinging freely between the boy’s thighs and caressed them as if they were Andy’s.

“Look at that big, long cock in her mouth, Andy. I think he is shooting his hot load of cum in her mouth and she’s swallowing it like a perfect slut,” Ken said to the stimulated husband. He had complete control over the couple and relished debasing them totally.

Troy’s hips began thrusting wildly about without a definite pattern and it was truly magical watching Lori’s cheeks cave in when she sucked the boy’s cock. Her head bobbed back and forth on the end of Troy’s pecker and it was a picture of sinful infatuation. Lori realized she was fulfilling a teenager’s boyhood dream and gulped the molten lava down her throat in true, immoral fashion. She didn’t want to embellish the affair but somehow her hand milked the long shaft, squeezing it hard enough so that all the creamy liquid flowed into her mouth. The cum seemed to erupt from the flared nozzle for a very long time and Lori marveled at the extended stamina of such a young boy.

The relief of feeling the boy’s hips quiet and slowly subside was extremely short lived for Lori. Someone suddenly put his arms around her flushed body and looking to her left, Lori saw Ken’s rugged features. He guided her lithe body down onto the soft lawn and effortlessly positioned her on her back. Lori was no match for the man’s brutish strength and a shiver ran down her spine as she realized Ken was so powerful.

He put his face next to Lori’s and whispered, “It’s time for hubby to fuck his desirable wife. Don’t you think?” The pair locked eyes and his stern, demanding stare quickly won out. “Spread your legs bitch and show him that you are his slut. And I am truly going to enjoy making you climax after he is finished fucking his sexy wife. You will cum for a real man, won’t you?” he asked and laughed out loud. Lori shivered with immense disgust at the man’s fearless arrogance and vowed to fight his evil intensions with her last breath.

She felt sort of numb and shocked that Andy would comply with Ken’s demeaning orders. Lori felt utterly ashamed that her devoted husband was going to have intercourse with her right on the ground and in front of three vulgar individuals. She looked at Ken’s, Sean’s and Troy’s wide, confident smirks on their beaming faces and observed the evidence of intense, male lust.

Ken merely ushered Andy to his naked wife. He knew that any man who watched his wife perform illicit sexual acts, similar to what Lori had done, would have virtually zero staying power. It seemed that Andy was reluctant to remove his tightened fist from his hard cock and that made Ken thoroughly pleased knowing he was so stimulated.

Lori could see that her husband’s eyes were glazed and he was intently focused on only one thing. With one quick footstep, Andy stepped between Lori’s legs and forced them to open wide to accommodate his body. His burning desire spied the shaven beauty and he immediately struck a blow for sovereignty. Swiftly he knelt down, and then lay prone over his wife in a missionary position. It took one dynamic thrust for his cock to find utopia, ramming his rod to the hilt and bringing a whimpering sound from his troubled wife.

Ken had never touched another man before but this was different. He reasoned just a little assistance would ensure his ultimate goal of having the sexiest woman in his life all to himself. He treasured making Lori his devoted slave and he would ensure her loyalty with secret measures and blackmail. With slight hesitance, Ken reached for the naked ass, which was thrashing out of control on top of Lori. He gave a strong push on the soft, rounded cheeks and embedded Andy’s cock to the max in the distraught wife who was beginning to panic.

Lori wanted to scream at her husband. “Please wait, please hold it just for a few more minutes. Wait for me, please, oh gawd you have to wait for me,” she prayed out loud. Lori desperately wanted Andy to understand that if he didn’t prolong the session until she experienced an orgasm, her demise was imminent. “Oh please Andy, please sweetheart, not yet, wait for me,” she pleaded and begged him not to orgasm without her. She thrust her hips upward and tried with all her willpower to bring on an orgasm. It seemed that the more she wanted it, the farther away the summit of ecstasy appeared. All the while her eyes were locked with Ken’s and Lori noticed the wide, assured smirk covering his face.

Suddenly she felt Andy’s hips jerking out of control and Lori knew her dilemma just got dismal. Her poor husband had to endure all the erotic scenes with the teenagers and his endurance had long since elapsed. She hugged his straining body and clung to him for salvation but there was not going to be any. It seemed that for every wish for her orgasm to hurry, merely slowed it down. Andy’s climax only lasted a few seconds and Lori felt the hot lava fill her womanhood before his hips quieted.

Deep within, Lori sobbed amid the knowledge her emotions had reached a plateau near the summit. Now she would have a desperate struggle to keep control of her excitement. She vowed to remain steadfast against the man she hated most in the world even though he appeared more potent than any man she knew. Tears came to her reddened eyes when she looked to her side and noticed the now naked man approaching. There was more in store for her and Lori was well aware of Ken’s intentions.

She watched wide-eyed as Ken gave stern orders for Andy to let a real man take over and doubt crept into her confused mind. “Andy, Andy guess what, buddy. I am going to fuck your gorgeous wife and fill her hole with my spunk. Have you ever watched her have an orgasm with another man?” Ken whispered to Andy. There was no fantasy that had occupied his mind more than of having Lori screwed by a stranger, indeed it was fantasy also shared by his delectable wife.

Andy was more than eager to see it happen and quickly responded. “No… I mean, no I haven’t watched Lori have sex with anyone, but I want it to happen,” he told his newfound pal.

Lori wondered if she could stave off being conquered and the question was answered almost immediately. Ken hovered over her body and forced her legs to remain separated in a display of wanton desire. He slipped his lower torso between Lori’s widespread thighs and held her pinned to the ground. She reached forward with her arms and did her best to hold Ken’s hairy chest away from her body. Lori couldn’t get much leverage when lying on her back and felt at the mercy of the much larger man.

Ken had set the stage when he persuaded Andy to screw his wife while she lay on the grass-carpeted lawn. Andy had been overly aroused from watching his wife suck a teenager’s cock and the length of time it took him to reach an orgasm fit perfectly into Ken’s devious scheme. Ken anticipated the thrill of seducing a thoroughly frustrated wife right in front of her contented husband. He could not remember feeling so confident ever before.

Lori was totally exhausted from giving Troy the ultimate joy of any 16 year-old and then submitting to the brief sexual encounter with her devoted husband. Doing it right in front of spectators seemed to add a dreamlike sensation and it simulated the many fantasies the couple had about being exhibitionists. Determined to make Lori his faithful bitch, Ken took advantage of her vulnerability and sought to annihilate her willpower. Lori was going to find out that she had a dark side and it was full of secret desires.

Looking to the far end of the deck, Ken could see Rex panting in anticipation of being rewarded by his master. Ken’s best friend had a hungry look and seemed to smell something special in the air. ‘Oh sweet fuck’, Ken thought, ‘you just wait for your turn boy. This bitch will be all yours in a very short time,’ Ken secretly promised his faithful dog.

Suddenly, Ken arched his back and purposely teased Lori by shoving his naked hips into her crotch region. Lori could feel the head of his pointed dagger poking into her flesh. It was perilously close to her defenseless opening. Twisting and rolling her hips, she kept trying desperately to evade the protruding weapon. Ken chuckled at the evasive maneuvers.

“It’s too bad he couldn’t wait,” he told his victim. “I could see how you wanted to cum. You do want to cum, don’t you?” Ken whispered knowing how it would haunt Lori. “I’m going to fuck you with my big prick and then you can cum for me. I’ll make you cum, darling. We both know how you love to cum on my big dick. Oh yes, you can suck up my hard pecker deep in your cunt like a real bitch and show hubby how you can cum, really cum, for a real man,” he said with open conceit. The words filled Lori with immense anguish. Not because of the erotic content but for the way her tummy quivered crazily like she anticipated something enchanting to happen.

She felt the flared head of the big man’s cock at her entryway and suddenly found new strength. Lori held her hips downward and dodged to the side keeping Ken from attaining his goal. He loved the challenge and smiled at the dire look on Lori’s pretty face. With the skill of a picador, he stabbed the tip of his lance into the soaked crevice and made Lori twist and turn even harder. Suddenly, he ran the flared head up and down the pink slit and purposely lingered on the tiny clitoris. Lori’s tummy twitched madly every time he caressed the most sensitive bud and she moaned is despair at his demanding attempts at seduction.

Looking directly in Lori’s eyes Ken whispered, “You’re going to cum for me like a good little bitch. You know you are. You’re already fuckin’ soaking wet. You can show hubby how a real woman climaxes when she has a big, hard cock deep inside her belly, right honey?” The man’s insufferable arrogance made Lori’s stomach churn but she was unable to prevent the reaction from her deepest regions. Her whole body shivered and she prayed for strength.

Basking in the immense wetness, he suddenly gave his hips a powerful stab forward. The result was profound and everyone’s heart stopped, waiting for the next phase. Ken held his body still with the elongated manhood spreading the opening of Lori’s cherished honey hole. Her desperate struggle stopped and Lori stared into Ken’s savage eyes with his body poised above her motionless torso.

The sudden entry made Lori plead for mercy and she knew what he was going to do. “Oh please, no, oh gawd no, please don’t let him do it, Andy,” she begged looking over at her husband. His eyes were distant and suddenly Lori was aware that the journey was going to be a long, lonely one. She could tell Ken was circling the globe, teasing her, waiting to plunge downward into a canyon of lust. Lori resigned herself to the fact that Andy would not be any help to her as her hated neighbor slowly slid into what would become his private domain. With a sharp jab, the head of his manhood separated her cervix and entered the dark grotto. The flashback to her first encounter with Ken nearly pushed her over the edge.

“I love your tight cunt and I can feel your sweet ass shoving it up to me. You go right ahead and cream all over my rod and I’ll show you how a man waits for his bitch,” he whispered and even had the audacity to grin at her.

Lori’s determination was hanging by a slender thread. “No fucking way you filthy bastard. You’re nothing but a vile beast, a fucking scum sucker and I’ll never be your woman,” Lori whispered back to the devil. Her aspiration to win was gone but it didn’t stop her from uttering words of protest. As the last thread of self-control began to unravel, Lori not only knew he was forecasting the future and that she would indeed be Ken’s bitch in waiting. “If only, if only,” she started to say to herself but was sharply cut off by the violent explosion in her womb as the thread snapped. Suddenly, she was filled with a burning desire so intense and lustful that it caused her to tremble all over.

Ken decided to nail the coffin shut and reward his wicked mind with Lori’s soul. “Oh, you’ll be my woman and you’ll cum all over my pecker like the slut you are. You sluts are all the same, you want cock and will do anything to get it,” he whispered and Lori felt the profound sensation that he was correct. There was nothing she wanted more than to satisfy her lustful desires and, by doing so, she would satisfy her despised lover. She could not believe that someone other than Andy owned her spirit.

She listened to his voice and her tummy quivered madly with tremendous passion. There were no cares, no worries and Lori felt her womanly nectar flow towards her mentor. She welcomed him into her secluded sphere and knew Ken would give her a most satisfying climax. Her hips thrust upward with all her might and embedded the monster to the fullest.

“Fuck, you’re the best fuck I’ve ever had and I can’t believe how tight your pussy is,” Ken rasped and Lori believed every word. She clung to Ken like he was her savior and hoped he would reward her with his virile seed. He gave first one vicious pump, then another, and then he was pounding Lori’s ass hard into the ground like a savage beast. She was unable to move or assist her lover but merely open her legs as wide as she could to allow him full access to her womanly charms. Ken realized that women such as Lori came along once in a lifetime and he truly loved the way her body responded to his male needs.

The two sweaty bodies thrashed and humped like wild animals on the grass-covered lawn and all eyes were focused on the zealous ecstasy. A lifetime’s dream of watching his wife have sex with another man was realized and the scene was overwhelming. Andy held his groin like it was in terrible need of gratification. The two bodies slowly became motionless yet still locked together at the critical connection.

It took many seconds before Lori’s heart rate returned to a bearable level and she remained in the arms of her hated neighbor and lover. Ken could not focus; it was working out even better than any plan. Lori was vaguely aware that Ken was saying something and giving motions as if he were talking to a pet of some kind. Rex saw a hand beckoning him into the waiting valley that had a definite feminine aroma.

Ken had shifted his lower torso off Lori while keeping his chest over Lori’s. He put his hand between her legs and coaxed his big dog forward. Suddenly, Lori felt something rough and wet raking over the inside of her thighs and dangerously close to the narrow crevice between her legs. Her first reaction was surprise and Lori wondered how a boy’s tongue could feel so wet and rough on her tender skin. Somehow, Ken rolled his spent body to one side and curled his leg around Lori’s to hold her pinned on the soft ground. Sean moved to her side and was holding her left leg still, which left her completely vulnerable.

Lori was perplexed and confused by the sudden wet caresses, so she twisted her upper body to see why. Much to her horror, she saw Rex, Ken’s mangy dog lapping the juices from her body like it was sweet honey. Lori was filled with newfound strength and attempted to get away from the animal. To her astonishment, Ken and Sean easily held her motionless on the ground for their pet. Mortified and utterly appalled, Lori cried out in her useless husband’s direction, “Andy, Andy for gawd sakes, help me, help me get away from his fuckin’, ugly dog!”

In his drunken stupor, Andy saw the erotic scene like none other he had ever witnessed. His wife’s distended pussy lay open to the dog and Rex did what animals did best, licked the nectar in cleansing fashion. Every time the long, drooling tongue lashed through the gaping slit, Lori’s body jerked in a most violent manner. She tried to press her thighs together but the two Patterson’s held steady to keep them separated.

Suddenly, Ken’s mouth was at the side of her face as he grabbed a handful of Lori’s hair twisting her head sideways. This took her eyes and concentration off her lower extremities and her only focus was on Ken. He put his lips next to her ear and whispered, “Now what are you going to do for me? My Rex has the biggest cock hanging between his legs and he wants a woman in the worst way,” he said and Lori held her breath waiting for him to continue. “Rex has smelled and licked your slut pussy and now needs his woman to open her legs real wide so he can lick her some more,” he whispered. “Are you going to be Rex’s bitch?” he asked. Stunned, Lori stared back not knowing how to respond to the depraved demand. Ken gave her head a vicious shake demanding she reply.

How could her life get any worse, Lori wondered? The most degrading aspect about the question was the fact she felt a raging desire to be used by a most magnificent dog. “Oh no, please Ken, don’t make me. Don’t make me do it, please,” Lori whispered in the quietest voice. “Not in front of Andy, the boys, please no,” she begged. Lori quickly looked at Andy, Rex, and Ken and kept shifting her attention from one to the other every couple of seconds hoping someone would help her. Ken abruptly released his hold on her and told his son to follow suit.

Suddenly she felt free; there were no hands or bindings holding her steady. She could feel her chest pounding with sheer excitement and anticipation, and had never felt anything so dramatic in her life. Swiftly, she closed her legs and crossed them in an attempt to redeem her soul. She held her thighs, locked together with all the determination remaining in her body and knew she was safe as long as the dog could not taste her.

Vaguely she heard, “There, I am not going to hold your legs. Rex wants his little bitch to open her legs. He wants to lick your bald pussy until you get on your hands and knees. My fucking lord, I’ve never watched a dog fuck a woman before but by god, I will tonight,” Ken boasted and looked Lori straight in the eyes.

Lori returned the man’s steely gaze for a long moment and Ken deviously allowed her time to consider her fate. Her mind went to the many times that Andy and her had talked about sex with a dog. About her having sex with a dog like Rex but Lori never thought it would come to a point in her life where she would have to decide. How many fantasies of sex with a dog did she have, she wondered?

She remembered the last time she chased Rex out of their yard as one of the most enlightening events ever to happen to the couple. Andy and Lori had been soaking in their hot tub when Rex showed up in their yard. “He’s letting his ugly dog into our yard so he can do his business on our lawn,” she told Andy. “I’m going to get that fucking beast out of here right now,” Lori told her husband.

Lori got out of the tub and wrapped a towel around her dripping, nude body to be discrete. She decided to chase Rex out of the yard but just as she approached him, he wheeled. Rex bared his teeth and froze Lori on the spot. It was time to make a hasty retreat as Lori sensed the dog was far meaner than she suspected. She quickly turned and Rex nipped at the corner of her towel when it flared outward. He grabbed the terrycloth with his sharp teeth and gave a powerful yank to dislodge the covering from Lori’s body. Lori didn’t know what to do and the shock of being turned naked by a stupid dog stopped her for an instant.

Run like hell or stand still hoping the dog would leave her alone, she asked herself? She choose the former and Andy watched the most adorable scene as his sexy wife ran naked across the lawn to the tub. He admired her large but firm breasts as they bounced every time her foot hit the ground. His wife was completely out of breath by the time she returned to the hot water and he wondered whether it was the result of excitement, fear or exercise?

Andy marveled at the almost comic episode and kidded Lori about almost becoming dog meat. The couple laughed at what happened but Lori got the surprise of her life when her hand inadvertently went to Andy’s crotch. His pecker was stiff as a pole and Lori gave him a questioning look. “I’m sorry honey but it made me extremely horny to think you were dog bait and Rex wanted to hump your sweet ass,” Andy explained. It quickly became evident that both Andy and Lori were highly aroused and needed gratification in the worst way.

Suddenly Lori’s mind left the erotic memory and rushed back to the reality of what was now happening. It was the most dramatic event ever and she looked at both men with deep curiosity. In Ken’s face, Lori could see male lust and sheer animal desire while on Andy’s handsome face, she saw an inquisitive, uncertain look. She realized that once she went forward, there would be no turning back. It hit her like a bolt of lightning. She would be a bitch, a doggie bitch for Rex if she did what Ken wanted! She fully comprehended that Ken would let his dog into her yard in the future and she would be expected to satisfy the furry beast.

Lori looked at Rex’s big, dark eyes that seemed to speak to her, plead to her to open her legs. Lori remained still, not moving a muscle until Ken put his lips to her ear. “You heard me, bitch? Open your legs and let Rex show you why he is the master of all bitches. Once you feel his large, doggie cock, you will be his bitch for ever and ever,” he said with the same arrogant tone he used with all women.

Suddenly, Lori felt the cool grass on the back of her legs and everything turned serene and tranquil. It was as if a madman devoured her sense of right and wrong and Lori was absolutely bewildered at how she could comply with such immoral demands.

“Andy?” she called in a last ditch effort to save her soul.

“Do it, Babe,” came the ragged whispered answer from her crazed husband.

As the meaning of Andy’s words sank in, an earth-shattering awareness surged through her loins like a tidal wave. Much to Lori’s dismay, she parted and she held her legs splayed for her beastly lover.

There was a sudden slurping sound and then a fierce consciousness ran through her body. It was eerie, a loud licking noise then a powerful sensation rushing through her tender being like no other. Lori glanced at where Ken was staring and saw what captivated his attention. The longest, drooling tongue made a slow, exact stroke through the vast wetness between Lori’s legs and her whole body jerked wildly with her ass leaving the ground the whole time. Another, and another stroke, each started at her asshole and split her puffy labia with ease. When the course tongue hit her delicate clitoris, Lori thought she was a lucky woman to be on her back and not standing. She was certain her legs would have collapsed from the overpowering vibrations running through her deepest regions.

All eyes were tuned to the animal lust being displayed by the two combatants. Lori was absolutely positive that she would experience an orgasm if the dog did not stop licking. She teetered on the crest of collapse and prayed someone would prevent her drastic fall. Lori began sobbing with the knowledge that she pleaded for Rex to stop drinking from the geyser between her legs because she wanted more. She could not remember such a river of pussy juice flowing from her insides without an eruption of a total climax.

Ken saw the apparent demise of his sexy prize and grabbed the collar around Rex’s neck. He yanked the big dog away from Lori but not without a fight from his shaggy friend. Suddenly Lori’s heart rose to her throat and she wondered if she might faint. She peered down between her legs and saw the big dog being held at bay but it was the half-sheathed dog cock swaying between his haunches that made her heart rate soar out of control. The immoral sight held her total focus even though she knew that it was wrong and that she should look away.

Her eyes never left the swinging meat, which looked, huge, almost too big to consider as a feasible alternative to a man. It was the darkest red and seemed to be squirting beaucoup quantities of liquid from the odd shaped tip. She began to whimper and it appeared to Ken like she was a lost child who needed help. He leaned in to her and whispered, “It’s time slut! It’s time to become Rex’s bitch. Now get on your hands and knees and act like a bitch you are.” For some unexplained reason, what Ken said did not upset Lori like it should have.

Lori rose to a sitting position and looked at her dear husband. Yes, she remembered how turned on Andy was when they talked about Rex and about her being used by a dog. Lori consoled herself with the fact she would do it for Andy. She got up and felt the grass beneath her bare feet and appeared to be in a pleasant trance. Lori was well aware that she would only feel comfort and satisfaction after she had succumbed to the captor’s demands.

Andy saw his wife stand like she was in a dreamlike state. He was positive she was going to run for it and escape the immoral demands of their neighbor. His eyes opened wide when he noticed her turn around and get down on her hands and knees. “Oh fuck, yeah!” he muttered in delight.

Lori hung her head low to the ground and acted like she was waiting, willingly submitting to the severe treatment. Andy noticed Ken holding his big dog in check and saw how badly the animal wanted to attack as he rose up on his hind legs. When he did, Rex stood as tall as Lori and certainly weighed about the same.

Suddenly Ken released his hold on Rex’s collar and the dog bounded towards his timid prey. A sob escaped Lori’s throat when the heavy weight of an animal mounted her back and long, hairy legs went around her slim waist. There was a need and a furious demand from the dog and it was conveyed into his bitch by animal lust. He clamped his front legs tightly around the bitch’s waist like a giant vise and pulled her hips back into his soft belly with a ferocious pull. It was Lori’s last recollection of sanity.

She felt the soft fur against her bare ass and suddenly something hard poking in her crotch area. The beast emitted hot, burning pre-cum from the nozzle of his cock and it scorched Lori’s flesh everywhere it landed. The sight was spellbinding to the four males. They had never witnessed a more erotic, or immoral scene. The noises from the pair were merely animal sounds and it was hard to tell whether they were ones of agony or ecstasy.

“Oh gawd, he’s trying to fuck me, he’s trying to put his cock in me. I can feel it burning, burning,” Lori said to no one in particular. Her words were barely out of her mouth when a dog’s ominous growl filled the air. Rex was a master and kept squirting the secret potion covering the complete crotch of his hairless bitch. He noticed how she stood on all fours waiting faithfully for him to mount her and she appeared no different than the other dogs he fucked.

Rex had screwed many bitches in his time and he was experienced at making sure they accommodated the full extent of his big endowment. He was an expert at filling a bitch’s womb with his doggie seed and expert at keeping it there for as long as it took to consummate the affair. He felt the end of his blunt cock go into the bitch’s wetness and knew he could mount this bitch with one thrust. Rex loved the sounds coming from his enslaved bitch and he tightened his legs around her waist to bring louder moans of obedience.

First, it was imperative for Rex to soak the whole area with vast amounts of lubricating gel as that never failed to ensure he planted his knot and sealed the bitch’s opening. His hips were pounding like a machine gun and every time he thrust forward, he coated the velvety skin with hot pre-cum. Lori could feel the intense heat of the clear, slimy oil and there was so much of it that the inside of her thighs were coated as well as her exposed crotch. Rex abruptly shifted his body and Lori could feel the burning rod slip under her belly and shoot flaming jets of pre-cum all over with some landing on her chest and titties.

The flat tip of Rex’s penis suddenly jammed into Lori’s crevice with blunt force and made her jerk as if to get away. Her back was severely arched and Rex clamped his front legs around her flared hips and Lori felt like a prisoner. She had never felt so controlled or restricted and the aroused dog seemed to know what a woman wanted.

Rex skillfully moved his cock head until it struck the narrow valley between Lori’s milky thighs and every odd jab pierced the puffy pussy lips, almost tantalizing her by saying, “There is more to come.” He felt her body twitch and hump as if begging him to hurry up but he was far too experienced to fall to temptation. He continued coating the gaping pussy with transparent liquid until a pool of it soaked the ground.

Suddenly Ken was near her and Lori glanced in his direction. “He’s finished? He’s going to leave me alone now?” Lori asked as if it were a pleading question. The stream of hot, sticky cum made her believe the man’s large dog

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