Lori – A Neighbor’s Delight 4

Author: Kacey1999

By Kacey1999
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Lori – A Neighbor’s Delight – Chapter 4

It had been a long night entertaining his charmed sex slave and her wimpy husband so it was mid-morning before Ken stirred from his slumber with a raging hard-on that quickly filled his fist. Ken loved the feel of his cock when it throbbed in his hand and he honestly believed he could convince any woman to love it as much as he did. There was no shortage of male ego in Ken Patterson.

Lying in bed stroking himself, Ken daydreamed about Lori and what he had planned to do with Lori today. It was the final day Ken’s wife would be away and he wasn’t about to waste the opportunity.

Ken jumped out of bed and immediately went to the phone to call his charmed sex slave. Lori saw her neighbor’s number come up on her cell phone’s display and was very reluctant to answer the call. So many things flashed through her head that she became totally confused and unsure of what was the right thing to do.

Her fingers were shaking when she pushed the green button on the phone and Ken’s voice was heard. “Hi sweetheart,” he said to Lori. He called her loving names because he knew how much she hated him using terms meant for ones, dearest to the heart. “This is your lucky day. Helen will be back tomorrow so it’s the last day you will have to submit to my demands,” he told her and Lori’s stomach felt like it was filled with a million butterflies. It was relieving to know Ken would soon leave her alone once his wife had returned from visiting her parents.

The problem with her reasoning was one of Lori’s personal faults. She believed what a person said to her, even Ken. In reality, his clever planning went far into the future and he was determined to keep control over his delightful neighbor for a long, long time.

Her daydreaming was interrupted by Ken’s gruff voice. “I want you in my backyard within ten minutes or else,” came the dreaded demands from her feared next-door neighbor. “Ten minutes or I plaster your naked-ass pictures all over the city.”

“You bastard!” she snapped back, full of piss and vinegar. “I ought to call…”

“Hey, what do you think people will say when they see your naked body under Rex?” he asked with a voice dripping with menace. “Or how about that pretty daughter of yours?” The fight immediately drained out of Lori knowing it was hopeless to fight the man.

“Damn you,” she muttered impotently. “Okay, you win, but look, I can’t possibly be over in ten minutes. I’m downtown. I’ve got an appointment with a client in ten minutes. I can’t possibly get over until after lunch.”

Ken was not a stupid man and knew Lori’s work schedule was extremely flexible. She could be anywhere without answering directly to anyone, but still there were limits, he realized.

“Okay gorgeous. Let’s make a fuck-date for after lunch, say 1:30? That’ll give me a chance to take care of a few things, like buying something special for a special neighbor,” he told her.

“You don’t need to buy me anything,” she replied icily. “I don’t want anything from you!”

“Except my cock!” he laughed.

“You think your so…” she said while getting madder by the second.

“You love it, so just drop the haughty crap! Now I’m just going over to Wicked Weasel to buy you something to replace that cute little pink number you liked to prance about in. Sorry it got ruined. But just to show you that I’m a generous man, I’ll replace it,” he said in a cheerful tone.

“Don’t bother,” she replied with unconcealed contempt. Wicked Weasel, Lori had heard of the company. They made daring and sexy outfits but she had never really seen one of their outfits. She made a mental note to check their web site when she got the chance. Wicked Weasel’s items were supposed to be very sought after by couples that yearned to live out erotic fantasies.

“Just get that fine ass of your over here on time, sweetheart. Don’t be late,” he said in a demanding voice and hung up.

The line went dead just as Lori pulled into a parking space. After checking her makeup in the vanity mirror, she stepped from her car for her appointment stripped of her usual confidence. She looked very professional dressed in a sharp business suit comprising of a white, silk blouse, pin stripped jacket which came down to hug her slim, curved hips and a matching skirt that reached down to a few inches above her knees.

Lori drew much attention from the opposite sex and likewise from women, not because she dressed in a stunning manner, but also from the fact she was a beautiful woman who had the sexiest body. Her face was youthful and tanned, and most people who met her thought she was in her 30’s instead of married with two children and in her 40’s.

Hispanic heritage gave Lori an extremely attractive look which most men found sexy with high cheekbones and pouty, seductive lips. The fact Lori was 5’5″ and weighted a mere 110 pounds made her good-looking but she also had boobs that were the envy of most women. They were very firm and stood out prominently above Lori’s slim waist and hips appearing even larger than they really were. Most men would guess she was anywhere from a 35 to a seductive 37. Ken would never tire of the two, gorgeous tits and wondered how an older woman could keep them looking so radiant and firm. Yes, they did sway slightly when Lori walked but that only added to their beauty and magnetic charm.

It was hard for her to concentrate during her business meeting and lunch afterwards. Many things rushed through Lori’s mind and she wondered what evil things Ken planned today. He would fuck her, that was for sure, but what else lay in store for her, she wondered. Lori’s mind was perplexed during the drive and the expected rendezvous gave her an intense feeling of apprehension. “What will he do to me? What will the new swimsuit look like? What will he make me do? Will he be the only one there? Should I call Andy? Would Andy even care?” were some of the questions rushing through her troubled mind. She took a certain comfort in the knowledge that it was a school day and Ken’s boys would be at school.

“Maybe he just wants me for himself,” she thought with a strange sense of reassurance. Her mind drifted as she recalled the intense feelings of pleasure she had gotten from the loathsome man. “Oh gawd,” she muttered as the moistness grew between her legs. A feeling of utter dismay filled her as she realized that she was becoming aroused at the prospect of his big cock filling her pussy once again.

The drive home seemed to take forever and her heart started to beat much faster once she pulled into her own driveway. With her mind dazed and confused so she could not think straight, Lori headed towards the front door of her home. Suddenly the door of her neighbor’s house opened and Ken appeared wearing nothing but a pair of boxer shorts. “Your time is up sweetheart. I want you over here now! There’s no need to go home, just get your gorgeous ass over here. I have someone you will want to play with,” Ken said and laughed out loud at his attempted humor.

Lori paused not sure of which way to turn, but the determined look in the man’s eyes made up her mind. She slowly turned and obediently headed towards Ken’s house.

He held the door open to allow her to enter and as she passed he swatted her on the rump. He laughed as she spun about in self-defense. “Nice suit,” he remarked with a smirk, “so sophisticated and proper… but I think I like you in something a little more revealing.” As the front door shut behind him, Lori fumed at the arrogance he displayed, but she was powerless to do anything about it.

Watching her intently, Ken couldn’t fail to notice her looking down at the prominent tenting of his shorts. With a little shudder she tore her eyes away from the cock that she knew would soon be ravishing her and looked up to the smug smirk of his face.

Knowing he had complete control over the sexiest woman in his ordinary, mundane life, Ken decided to take his sweet time. He enjoyed watching the beautiful woman squirm and beg him for mercy and set out to fulfill his day on Pleasure Island. The thought of having immense power was astounding and it filled him with much excitement.

If he played his cards right, Ken knew that Lori would again fall prey to his wicked demands. “I thought I would take the day off work and enjoy the beautiful weather with my gorgeous neighbor. Kinda neighborly of me isn’t it?” he asked while grinning at the sarcastic wit.

“I have bought an absolutely gorgeous swimsuit for you from Wicked Weasel. Here, put this on,” Ken said tossing Lori a piece of material. “You can use the bathroom or any of the rooms down there to change in. When you’re, umm, dressed, I want you out in the yard with me,” he said as if it were an order.

Lori’s reactions were quick enough to catch what he was calling a swimsuit. She held up the flimsy white material and instantly noticed how revealing it would be. Calling it a bikini would be stretching ones imagination, as it was the skimpiest item Lori had ever seen.

“They do make the sexiest garments,” Ken told the dismayed Lori. “I picked it out and knew you would look absolutely luscious in it, don’t you think?” he asked and smiled at the troubled look on Lori’s pretty face. The suit was small, even a lot skimpier than the ones Lori wore sun tanning in the privacy of her backyard. The top consisted of two thin strips of white material that had to be, at the most, two to three inches wide and Lori was positive that the strips would not cover her aureoles. It had an elastic band that went around the chest below a woman’s boobs and strings from the top of the front strips that tied around the neck. Lori spread the material to see exactly how wide it would stretch.

She gasped when holding up the bottoms. “Ken, please I can’t wear this. Gawd, it will barely cover me up,” Lori protested knowing the vile man would not listen. She held the bottom and noticed that it was merely strings attached to the smallest triangle shaped piece of material that was suppose to cover a woman’s privates.

Luckily she had completely shaven her lower region a few days ago and no hair would be visible other than very short stubble that would be hard to see. Holding the strings to the side of the small patch, Lori shuddered. It definitely was going to leave her fully exposed to the rear, as the string would most certainly bury in the crack of her shapely ass. Yes, she realized that both rounded cheeks would be in the open for Ken’s deviate eyes.

Lori looked at Ken and saw the determined look on his rugged face and knew her plight was hopeless. Slowly, she shuffled down the hallway and went into the bathroom to change. It didn’t take long to strip her clothing and she stood naked in front of a long mirror. Her reflection always made her happy because Lori did work hard to keep her womanly attributes in perfect shape. Her breasts really didn’t have much sag although they did bounce slightly when she moved. Most men found the way they swayed when she walked very seductive and she often caught men staring at her boobs.

She looked over her nakedness and saw the red marks still adorning her once unblemished flesh and a few quick shivers shot though her body. Lori suddenly realized the bastard Ken had made sure to have her body tattooed with these marks so she would know he was in control. Lori closed her eyes and remembered the horror of finding out that Andy actually loved the marks. She cursed the fact he merely wanted to take a picture of them once the couple was home from Ken’s demeaning affair.

“Oh gawd,” she thought, “I feel so helpless, so helpless against such a strong man. I hate the bastard”. She said it twice hoping to convince herself of its validity but deep inside there was something wrong. Yes, Lori determined, she hated Ken, even despised him, but he had given her something no other man was able to give.

Lori glanced at her crotch and saw the nicely shaven area and made a mental note to do it again as there was a beginning of a dark shadow visible. A person could barely see the tip of her pinkish slit when she stood with legs together and she liked teasing Andy with the young, girl look. Often she would open her legs just enough so the pussy lips could be seen in all their splendid beauty. Then with a finger, she would spread the puffy lips so that Andy could see her tiny clitoris.

With a shrug, Lori came back to the present. She donned the suit and looked at her reflection in the mirror. It took her breath away when she noticed how truly revealing the suit was. She had to actually spread the strips of material covering her breasts so that they did at least cover her nipples and swelling aureoles. Maybe it was the shear excitement of what Ken was making her wear but her nipples were so hard they were plainly visible because of the thin fabric. The reddish hickies could be seen around the edges of the bra cups and the tattoos made her tremble in anger.

Glancing downward, this time her breathing stopped. One could plainly see the outline of Lori’s pussy and the material had almost disappeared into the wet crack. The string running from the bottom of the triangle was elastic-like and pulled hard on the material so that it was impossible to keep the patch from being embedded in her slit. “Okay,” she reasoned, “Maybe you couldn’t see the labia, but you could clearly see the labia”. Yes, it didn’t make sense when she said it to herself and the reflection initiated her demise.

Ken waited for the bathroom door to open and rushed to meet Lori. She was greeted by Ken’s grinning face and it was all Lori could do to remain quiet. The shit-eating grin on his face indicated his obvious approval of her appearance and sent a shiver of hatred through Lori. She desperately wanted to bolt from the house but feared a backlash from Ken. His controlling demeanor ensured her total obedience.

Ken anticipated that he would have to convince her to join him in the yard. Not because of what he was making her do, but because once Lori saw his sons, she may not be very cooperative. True, she had sex with both of them, several times, but not willingly, at least at first. “Come, we will have a drink or two in the backyard and see what pops up!” he said and Lori fully understood the implied meaning.

“Oh, gawd! Not that awful dog?” Lori whispered hoping Rex was not there.

“He likes you,” replied Ken with a chuckle. “You two make such a lovely couple.” He roughly took Lori by the arm to escort her through the house. He led the way and sort of coaxed her along while Lori attempted to keep away from him. It appeared like a little girl was about to be scolded by her parents and she timidly resisted.

They entered the secluded yard where Lori spied Ken’s two sons and the family pet. She should have expected such a thing but it still stopped her dead in her tracks when she saw the two, grinning teenagers. The only exits from the enclosed yard were across the patio to the gate between her yard and the Patterson’s, and through the door she just came through. She stood frozen to the spot refusing to enter the yard and felt totally trapped by Ken Patterson.

His assumptions were correct and Lori wheeled quickly after seeing Sean and Troy sitting on the patio. Ken jerked hard on Lori’s arm keeping her captive and he got a strong sense of power from her trembling body.

His big, strong hand easily held her prisoner and with a sudden hard push, he sent Lori stumbling into the backyard. Lori wanted to run, but nearly tripped when Ken sort of flung her towards the patio. By the time she came to a stop, the deviate boys and Ken surrounded her, hungrily admiring her virtually naked body. There was no escape.

“Aren’t they supposed to be in school?” she asked timidly.

“You wore them out last night,” answered Ken with laugh. “I let them stay home and get some rest. Besides, they’re gonna learn something today that they’d never learn in school; how real men treat a dog-fucking bitch like you!”

As the cruel words tore through Lori’s very soul, her pretty face burned with shame. All the rational she had conjured crumbled like a house of cards. He was right, the loathsome man was right. That’s what she was, a bitch, a dog-fucking bitch.

The three stared at her near nakedness, which looked even sexier with the seductive white, bathing suit. It highlighted her dark, Hispanic skin tone and the ravishing appearance quickly had an affect on Ken and his two sons. Not only that, the silent bystander sat with an obvious erection beginning to show between his hairy haunches.

Lori wanted desperately to ensure the tiny patches covered her private areas but didn’t dare move a muscle for fear of a reprisal. Only heavy breathing was heard and that included Lori who was more afraid than excited. The teenagers were also afraid but for an entirely different reason. They were afraid of missing a single image of the sexy woman who had been promised to them by their dad.

He had promised that once his Rex was finished putting on the raunchiest show ever witnessed, Sean and Troy could have a turn at the bitch. That’s what he called Lori, his bitch. Ken thought of his drinking buddies and how they would react when he told them about how he had sex with Lori, and even how his dog did it with her. None of his buddies would believe him. He chucked inwardly as he visualized them exclaiming, “Bullshit!” just as they always did whenever he bragged.

Ken Patterson was a smart, devious man and almost had the perfect plan formulated. He would show his doubting, beer drinking buddies. He had a plan that would ensure his place in history. “Yes,” he repeated to himself, “My little bitch-slut will be the waitress they’d never forget.”

Suddenly a deep, loud growl was heard from a remote side of the yard and everyone froze thinking of what it meant. An eerie quiet followed until a second growl sounded and slowly everyone turned in the direction of the noise. Rex sat on the plush grass and gave another mournful sound, which indicted one thing to the Pattersons. The dog was horny and he wanted his bitch! In eager anticipation, Sean and Troy sat with their mouth’s agape waiting for the perverse coupling to begin.

Ken and Lori sparred in the center of the patio, but Lori was no match for her massive neighbor. Ken pushed and coaxed her shivering body towards the excited animal, but all the pleading in the world would not prevent the upcoming affair from happening. Her evil neighbor pushed, pulled and shoved Lori until she was standing two or three feet from Rex.

Lori was dressed sexier than at any time in her past. The white swimsuit made her look like the most desirable woman. Sean and Troy, even Ken yearned for a turn with Lori. All envied the large dog who was chosen to be first.

The dog merely waited patiently. His long, drooling tongue was hanging from the side of his mouth and he panted heavily knowing it would not be long. The female scent was magical and his nostrils flared trying to take in all the wonderful aroma of his cherished bitch.

Lori stared at the demented dog. She could see he was more than a little aroused as his sheath was already pulled back to reveal almost half the dark red, doggie cock. She shuddered with disgust. Her head turned towards Ken and he merely gave all the signals that told the distraught woman she was to remain on the spot. It happened in theatrical fashion and like a dramatic, motion picture show. A slow motion effect intensified the action when the dog got to his feet and moved the short distance to Lori. He suddenly licked her hand, which was hanging at her side, and instinctively Lori jerked away so he would stop.

Both woman and beast stood motionless and seemed to pose for all eyes, which developed erotic pictures of the unfolding scene. Lori began to sob and again looked at Ken for mercy. Of course, he had none and indicated that she would have to remain on foreign ground. Suddenly, the long, wet tongue lashed out and gave the most immoral stroke to the burning flesh of Lori’s inner thighs.

Rex knew exactly where he wanted to be and his extraordinary sense of smell guided his actions. Yes, he deemed, it was exactly the same odor as all his bitches and the aroma he remembered so vividly from yesterday when he fucked his prized bitch. The memory made his haunches flex and another inch or two of his massive cock came free of the hairy sheath.

When Rex jumped up on his hind legs, he was a splendid animal that stood as tall as Lori. His sudden assault made her twist her body around trying to escape Rex’s attack but she merely fell to the ground as the large dog put his paws on her shoulders. She landed on hands and knees in the soft grass. Rex immediately licked the open crevice aimed in his direction like it was a gift from doggie heaven. The sight was far too erotic for the teens, who acting exactly like teenage boys, and grabbed the hard evidence in their laps.

Without hesitation, Lori furiously tried to crawl across the lawn but it was a vain attempt to get away from the big dog. Suddenly there were two, stout legs that blocked Lori’s escape as Ken stood in her path like a permanent structure. He planted his feet apart and refused to yield when Lori’s head came against his shins. Lori struggled but stayed on her hands and knees not knowing what else to do. Peering up at the powerful man, she pleaded with her eyes in vain.

Feeling immense excitement from watching Lori’s humiliation, Ken merely snickered. It was a scene of perfect obedience when the master stood erect without speaking, conveying his wishes with a mere look. A tear came to her eye, and the slave whimpered as if accepting defeat without a fight. It was surreal the way the actions transpired without so much as a struggle.

Rex started licking and at first Lori cried and wanted to close her legs to stop the tantalizing tongue. The immense wetness drew the dog’s tongue like a magnet and he lapped the open crevice at will.

Her pleading eyes were ignored by Ken and Lori fretted, ‘It is wrong and immoral but what can I do?’

Rex gave the long, narrow slit more licks and Lori deemed his caresses as sinful yet exciting. He knew what lay beyond the puffy, hairless lips and could tell by the animal aroma Lori gave off that she was more than ready to be his bitch. Suddenly his long, powerful legs went around Lori’s torso and stopped her movements in an instant.

All Lori could think of was to somehow get away, but Rex was far too smart. He clamped his powerful legs around her slim waist and curled his paws into her abdomen almost as if he knew what to do to keep her restrained. Rex sensed his bitch was obedient and he wanted what she was offering. Lori’s heartbeat increased so fast that she felt dizzy knowing what the dog planned.

Every time the big dog would pull hard on her hips with his front legs, and push his haunches forward so that their bodies would meet, Lori tried to scoot away from Rex. The only sounds coming from the patio were that of heavy breathing and each onlooker had a raging hard-on. Ken and his sons were extremely envious of the big penis now protruding into Lori’s open crotch. They could see her flinch every time the pointed end struck her flesh in a threatening manner.

Jets of hot fluid shot from the narrow tip and seemed to coat the entire area of the distraught woman. Rex sprayed pre-cum all over Lori’s quivering body and Ken was utterly amazed by the animal lust. “Holy fuck! Look at the size of that cock. And you can see his knot almost out of the sheath. Fuck, I can hardly wait to see her turned into Rex’s bitch again, what a sight,” Ken whispered and felt pure lust himself.

Suddenly, the dog was satisfied with how he prepared his bitch and it was time to mount her thrashing hips. Lori prayed the skimpy material would be enough to prevent the dog from attaining his goal but it took a split second for that prayer to be answered. The string between her milky thighs offered zero protection and the pointed tip of the dog’s ramrod easily bypassed the skimpy material to gain entry to Lori’s private domain.

The heat was intense, like she remembered, and Lori realized the material had shifted to the side to expose her pussy to the dog. It filled her beating heart with fear knowing she was alone in her fight against the big dog. The sudden invasion by the dog’s fiery cock made Lori stop moving and hope she was dreaming.

Then Rex pumped a few times in such a rapid tempo that it was impossible for Lori to counter the dog’s assault. Lori was a prisoner in the large dog’s clutches with his legs curled tightly around her waist. He pounded away like the supreme beast that he was and his cock went in and out of Lori’s tight passageway at a most furious speed. Her slender hips bounced in unison with Rex’s brisk pumping.

What amazed each and every one of the Pattersons was the size of the dog’s pecker as it was certainly large, and with the added swelling at the base, it was indeed massive. Ken no longer was required to block Lori’s escape and Rex had everything his own way. There was a hushed silence over the area when Rex paused, lowering his hips slightly. Everyone knew what to expect.

A sudden, vicious thrust was seen and Ken, Sean and Troy grunted along with the dog. Rex pulled back with his front legs using all his mighty strength and Lori’s hips were held high in the air at a perfect angle. He rammed forward in such a manner to demonstrate he was King and the beast mounted a woman yet again. Rex planted the full length of his enlarged cock into his gorgeous bitch and he claimed the ultimate reward.

Lori’s head came up and her mouth opened wide all the while attempting to keep breathing after Rex’s vicious attack. Lori was lost; nothing was left for her frustrated mind but uncertainty and confusion.

“Watch her boys, isn’t she the best fuck you’ve ever seen?” Ken said and making obscene hand signals along with his speech. “Rex will make her have an orgasm from hell, you just watch. See, see her ass go? She’s getting ready for him,” Ken mumbled without caring that there was no one listening. The three watched without blinking and saw how Lori’s hips seemed to be pushing backwards.

Lori was very distraught and for many reasons. She didn’t want to put on yet another degrading display in front of strangers and she was concerned that the brutish dog would actually hurt her. Yet she felt those strange, sometimes wonderful sensations starting in her deepest, internal regions and spreading outward to her filled cavity. She tried to will away the growing desire welling up within, and Lori lamented the possibility of what could happen if she didn’t quickly do something. The thought of being tied to such a dominating animal, filled her with dread, yet at the same time…

All her fears and expectations were answered with the violence only an animal could give. Rex rammed his weapon into Lori and the fiery tip plunged into a wall. The resultant scream was music Ken’s ears as he watched the ultimate violence. “Fuck, her hips are moving faster than the fucking dogs,” he whispered enjoying every second of animal lust.

“Holy shit, I’ve never seen a dog do that,” Sean said and watched wide-eyed.

“Geez, he stopped moving, what the fuck is happening now?” Troy added but there was no need for anyone to answer.

The powerful dog thrust upward and the ultimate sexual encounter ensued. Rex held for a brief moment but knew his bitch was not going anywhere. There was not a bitch alive that could get off his engorged cock once the ball enlarged to full size. He could feel the blood rushing to the knot and it quickly swelled to seal Lori’s fate.

Lori felt the now familiar knot spread and imprison her universe like only Rex could do. It pulsed inside her delicate vagina and she felt the intruder so deep inside her womb it caused her to secrete abundant juices to coat the big cock. Lori knew the dog was about to fill her with his vile seed but she was powerless to resist. His meat throbbed madly and every pulse was radiated to her tender being as if he were actually her devoted lover.

Every thought and every part of her brain screamed for it to stop but the flames slowly eroded her last remaining willpower. It began with short, swift spasms rushing through her internal boiler and eventually her whole body was thrashing around the large cock. The light was so bright inside Lori’s head she was forced to keep her eyes closed and she shuddered from the fact she was coating the large cock with cum.

It amazed her to no end that she could succumb to such degrading demands but the facts spoke loud and clear. She tried not to utter any sounds or distinguishing remarks but anyone could testify of Lori’s loud moans and futile gestures. The explosions erupted deep inside and she was the bitch Ken bragged about. On and on the orgasm flowed and all the while the dog’s heated tool scorched every inch of Lori’s womanhood.

Rex felt his bitch quivering and thrashing wildly on his embedded cock but held off not wanting to rush the wonderful climax. The ball swelled and held and Rex knew it was time. The first blast of molten lava shot out of his enraged cock like a gusher. Lori knew exactly what the filthy dog was doing. He had consumed Lori’s sanity before and it was not new for her to fall prey to the beast.

His haunches barely moved and all that happened was his thick penis pulsed madly while his hips shuddered only slightly. There was more dog cum than any woman could hold and Rex filled every tiny cranny of Lori’s battered womb. The seconds turned into minutes. The Pattersons could not imagine an orgasm so intense and so extreme and all three got even hornier when they watched the dog’s, torrid seed somehow leak from the tight seal.

When Rex was finished and wanted the aftermath of cleansing his male tool, he stood up, swollen with pride and fully proud. Ken and his sons anticipated seeing a woman tied and locked to a dog. When it happened, it was like it was the first time and they could not believe their eyes.

Rex stepped over Lori’s sweaty rear end and faced the opposite direction to that of his lovely bitch. He did howl when the agony and pain put on his enlarged ball became extreme but still he held his ground relishing the perfect bond. In royal dog fashion, the juices and sperm kept being shot into the captive bitch much to Lori’s utter horror. She actually felt bloated from the vast amount of dog chizz and realized the animal kingdom was definitely different than any man’s.

Lori was unable to get free and knew the time would slowly drag while locked with her dog lover. Whether it was mere seconds or even minutes, she didn’t know. She was still sobbing and whimpering in self-pity when Rex released her trembling body, letting her fall onto the cool grass. She slumped to the soft ground thoroughly exhausted from the drastic ordeal but Ken was not about to allow her time for any recovery.

With a push from his foot, he ordered her to roll over onto her back with a stern, demanding voice. “I want you on your back so my boys can see the beautiful slut that is going to fuck each of them,” he said not caring how discomforting his words were to Lori. “Keep those fucking legs spread, bitch. You had sex with my boys already, but now you can turn them into men. I want to watch them fill your pussy like they did yesterday. Do you remember how you fucked and fucked Troy when he screwed you?” Ken asked and wanted her aware of her total demise. “Yeah, you loved that, didn’t you?”

Rex was finished with his bitch, but was he? Suddenly the big dog uttered a bark that instantly got everyone’s attention. Lori cast a glance down at her used body and noticed how the skimpy material, which once covered her breasts, was askew. Her large tits had swayed so violently when she was in the perfect doggie position that the narrow bands of bikini were rolled to the sides of her gorgeous boobs. This left her titties fully exposed to all the hungry eyes and Lori shivered realizing her nipples were enlarged to a point they stood upright and proud.

“Look at her nipples, boys! That’s a sure sign this slut’s hot for cock!” Ken said and Lori uttered a sob hearing the disgusting detail.

A second howl and Lori looked to see what attracted the dog’s attention. The small triangular patch of white silk was molded and glued to her sweaty flesh but it again was off to one side. She frantically wanted to fix the suit but Ken put a stop to any rectitude. “I wouldn’t move if I were you, Rex has been known to bite,” he informed her. The overbearing dog stood over Lori and his nostrils filled with the enticing scent of female sex.

Suddenly Rex’s long, wet tongue lashed out before Lori had time to move and she felt stranded on a remote island. Desperately, she looked down and saw Ken had her feet pinned so that her legs were spread and the tongue stroked again and again. Each pass through the wet opening between her creamy thighs brought a cry of protest until tears ran down Lori’s flushed cheeks. She franticly wanted to fix the suit but her hand held still on the small, white patch. She was afraid to move for fear Rex would bite and because of Ken’s stern warning.

Each time the dog licked the narrow crevice, Lori’s body shook and vibrated and the tongue actually entered her cavity. It was amazing to watch Rex twist his lengthy tongue and skillfully embed the tip into Lori’s open pussy almost in a fucking fashion. He would remove his tongue from her hole and rake the tender morsel laying above in a teasing manner as if he understood what a woman wanted. The bastard Ken held her legs splayed and it was impossible to stop the dog from assaulting her throbbing bud, which lay unprotected in his tongue’s path.

It was most likely the most obscene gestures ever witnessed by the teens yet each yearned for every unobstructed view. Rex tasted the stale sex and drank every ounce that leaked from her womanhood much to Lori’s dismay and to the delight of all three Pattersons. Ken wouldn’t let Lori move or shift away from his mad dog and even coaxed Rex to lick long after all the juices had been devoured.

Somehow Ken had gotten a camera and got the most panoramic view of pure animal desire. Lori watched him snap picture after picture without a chance of stopping him. In frustration, she glanced around and saw Sean and Troy’s faces were etched with pure lust, both with burning desire to fuck a helpless slave. She thought of pleading with the boys to help her against the debasing actions of Ken and his pet, but realized how futile that would be. Lori’s brow wrinkled and she wondered why the teenagers were listening so intently to their dad’s every word?

Rex licked and Lori looked down to see the dog’s tongue molest her tender clitoris like coarse sandpaper. Ken used the camera and grinned as he said, “Holy fuck, look at her hold the suit to the side so Rex’s tongue can lick her clit.” It brought tears of anguish to Lori and she cried wondering if she had a choice. She desperately wanted to yell at the man and tell him that he was wrong.

When strong demanding fingers reached out and grabbed onto her enlarged nipples, Lori watched helplessly as the buds were turned into stone. The tears filling her eyes caused a hazy vision but she saw the teen’s head lower until her breath caught at the pain of sharp teeth on her throbbing rosebud. Sean was a raging tiger who wanted something without waiting for it.

The mixture of sudden pain combining with the lustful emotions deep inside her feminine body made Lori moan with a certain discomfort. She noticed Sean’s strong, demanding fingers on her left nip and saw how he stretched the delicate bud out from her chest. It took a few seconds before the pain traveled to her brain and when the wave hit, she tried to grab Sean’s hands. Someone, possibly the boy, slapped her hands away and she lay trembling on the ground unable to get free of the damning caresses.

Lori was in a state of shock as she watched Sean suck her swollen nipple and expected him to bite hard on her vulnerable tip. Instead, the teen gently used his teeth on her hard nipple and tenderly pulled it out from the rest of her titty. He used his tongue ever so carefully to caress the very tip that was buried inside his mouth. To her utter amazement, she was unable to keep her breathing under control once he began battering the throbbing bud at a furious rate.

She was so focused on what Sean was doing and trying to catch her breath that Lori was only vaguely aware that someone had slipped between her wide spread legs. Suddenly Lori knew enough to struggle but it was all in vain as Ken was far too strong to combat. A dire, helpless feeling overwhelmed her when she felt her puffy labia being spread to the outer limits by his expansive penis. There was nothing in the world to prevent what was about to happen.

Lori was at a loss to understand why she pleaded. “Oh gawd, please don’t do it, oh no, I can feel you enter me, entering me, oh gawd, it’s in me,” she moaned. It was the strangest feeling ever for Lori and she realized only one man had ever made her feel so dominated. Knowing her master wanted her to talk she whispered, “Ken, oh gawd Ken, it’s in me!” Lori was a strong, powerful woman who dominated at work and had an equal footing at home with her loving husband, Andy. But this man made her feel like lust was her dominator and he was the creator of her destiny.

The intense feelings of ultimate joy filled her head and she was unable to stop. “Oh yes, it’s in me. Oh gawd Ken, your cock, it’s, it’s so big. Oh Ken, oh fuck, are you going to fuck me?” she asked and knew it was the silliest question. But that did not matter any more and Lori wanted it to sound like she was begging. “Ken, I need you, I need your cock inside me,” Lori whispered hoping to please him.

Lori hated what Ken did to her. She hated the fact she was unable to resist the man’s base desires and acted like the slut he wanted her to be. There was a large craving inside the pit of her stomach that he created and now only he satisfied. The promise of Ken’s large cock filled her with lust. Although all sense and reason told her to fight, she opened her legs wider to welcome the hefty invader. Lori rolled her head side to side with an almost distraught appearance whimpered, “No.” The momentary reticence faded as she suddenly realized she would do whatever he wanted, even be a pawn for his two, young sons.

Suddenly he rammed his hips downward with a violent thrust. Lori’s mouth opened wide and her breathing came in ragged, short gasps as Ken pumped his big cock in and out like he was fucking a whore. There was no care or loving tenderness, only immense passion to fuck the sexy body of the entrapped woman of his dreams.

Her vile neighbor dug his strong fingers into the tender flesh of Lori’s hips and pulled them high in the air to enable him to split her spirit into shreds. Her tits belonged to his son and Ken took possession of Lori’s cunt. She was destined to fulfill fantasies of the three sex crazed Pattersons. A fate she now reluctantly accepted.

Lori was like a Barbie doll, easily manipulated, and it took measly seconds for the first load of cum to refill her heavenly chamber. Ken plowed his hard cock in and out of Lori non-stop and with each thrust downward, hot lava erupted from the head of his cock. She cried out not knowing whether it was from the disgusting fact her neighbor was fucking her pussy, or that his young son was sucking her tits. Ken and Sean were in erotic bliss after sitting idly by for the first hour watching a dog fuck Lori and it made them crazy with lust.

Suddenly Lori felt Ken roll off her legs and away from her body. Horror mixed with elation filled her head when she realized the youngest boy had shifted his tall, lanky body so that he now had his hips between her splayed legs. Looking downward, Lori saw the long, slender pecker pointed directly at the heart of her soul. She knew exactly what he planned and her struggles were entirely futile and hopeless. The three male heartbeats quickened seeing what appeared to be a willing woman submit to a young stud.

Lori never realized the full extent of what had happened yesterday and how this young boy destroyed her sainthood. Troy was not vulgar or disgusting like his brother or father and for some strange reason, Lori felt an uncommon eagerness to satisfy his deep, seeded desires. Maybe it was a mother’s love that made her feel devoted to such a young boy but all she could think of was being his loyal mistress. Somehow she believed this teen was the moral part of Ken and she must comply with Ken’s ultimate wishes.

“Oh my gawd. I’m going to be fucked by a minor, a mere boy,” she began the dire protest which quickly turned into a complete confession. Ken wanted to be part of her struggle for righteousness because he relished the supremacy of winning over such a dominant woman. Lori was not a sinful person, not one to seduce or take advantage of a young person. To act and perform with undaunted lust was out of character for Lori and she just could not understand what was happening to her.

Ken realized the dilemma facing Lori and wanted to humiliate her to the utmost. He could feel his chest pounding with excitement and knew his sexy neighbor could not resist his demands. He silently shifted his body so that he was facing Lori and grabbed a firm hold on the back of her jet-black, curly hair.

Lori could not look away from Ken’s eyes and gazed into the steely dungeon. She did not believe in telepathic energy but somehow she understood what he wanted. “Ken, I am a grown woman, a mother and it is not right. Troy is far too young to satisfy a woman and it’s not right for a woman to have sex with someone so young,” she whispered but knew it was all a lie.

The visions and vivid images of what Troy did to her yesterday, no, not what he did to her but what she did to him flashed through her head. Her body started to tremble and got wilder with each passing second. A movie played in her mind’s theatre of an untamed, passionate woman in the throes of lust so strong and powerful she was rolling under the naked body of a male. She was afraid to put a face on the figure for fear she would be punished.

“What is he doing now,” Ken whispered and an evil smile crossed his rugged face.

“Gawd, oh gawd what is he doing?” she whispered and could not stop. “Ooh no, oh he’s touching me there, touching me so soft and tender, oh gawd what is he doing to me?” she continued and was lost for the correct answer.

“Let me hear you. I want my slut to tell me what she wants,” Ken said and his disgusting words sent a shiver through her complete body.

There was no way to stop herself. She had to tell the man, the one she hated most in the whole world. “His cock is there, it is inside me. Oh gawd, I can feel him inside me. It’s so big, so big and inside me,” she whispered with a dire tone, which trailed off into oblivion. Everything that happened to her was from Ken and she saw him everywhere.

“Who is inside you?” Ken asked.

“Oh gawd, you’re so, he’s so deep, so deep inside my cunt. I can feel his c…cock inside me and fucking me,” Lori moaned. Ken tweaked her swollen, left nipple to indicate he wanted her to say more. She blushed with embarrassment and did not want to talk but the lust was far too controlling. Lori knew his threats were idle ones and he would not really hurt her, but she used his words as an excuse for complying.

“You like my boys? You like my boys fucking you?” he snarled as he twisted her already very sore nip.

“Fuck, fuck, please don’t hurt me. Yes, he is fucking me with his teen cock. Yes, I want his cock inside me, fucking me you, bastard! Are you fucking happy?” she moaned at Ken.

Suddenly the teenage son hit a spot inside Lori that took the last shred of decency from her mind. “Fuck me you bastard, fuck me like I’m your slut bitch, fuck me, oh gawd, I’m gonna come! I.. I…I can’t stop, I have to come for you, oh gawd, it’s so fucking good. Bastard, bastard, you bastard” she moaned in lost passion and letting Ken know she still had some fight left.

It did not matter to Lori who was touching her, who was caressing her, or who was fucking her. Lori’s dreams were that of Ken and his family were merely a reflection of him. “Oh gawd,” she pondered the thought, “how can I ever explain it to Andy?”

Ken gave her head a demanding shake and wrapped his fingers tightly in the curly strands of hair. He suspected her dilemma and wanted more. “I can’t hear you my pretty slut,” he stated with a stern voice.

“He would never understand. Never understand how I could let you fuck me,” she whispered and paused for a few seconds. “And let your son fuck me. And how I had an orgasm each time. And how I can’t wait, I can’t wait for him, for them, for you,” she said with a soft, quiet tone.

“Oh, oh, no, I can’t wait, he is so deep and I can’t wait any longer,” she said and thrust upwards with every bit of strength in her body. Her last degree of stamina was hanging by a mere thread.

“Squeeze his dick, slut. That’s it, fuck my boy. Make him a man!” he whispered.

Her conscious torn between right and wrong, Lori thrust upwards again. All the sounds from her lips that followed were not words but merely sounds of someone in the throes of wild ecstasy. Lori grunted, moaned and groaned out loud with lost passion. She had no cares in the world other than reaching the pinnacle of desire that lay within reach and her breathing held in a last attempt to stave off an orgasm.

Seconds passed before she could breathe again and by that time, Troy had gained the fucking rhythm of a madman. In and out he went like a racing locomotive and with each penetration to the hilt, Lori felt more and more like a consumed bitch. Someone took the liberty to wrap Lori’s long, slender legs around the narrow hips of the boy and held them there for security. She knew full well she was now a mature bitch being fucked by a mere boy, a boy that would soon fill her cunt with youthful cum.

“Oh, oh I should be able to fight this, I should be able to fight back,” Lori whispered not believing the heat rising to searing temperatures in her delicate inner being. She was positive if she reiterated the facts it would enable her to overcome the intense emotions. “I am a woman, much older and experienced than a boy. I can hold back, surely?” she whispered but it sounded more like a question than a statement.

Suddenly a spasm shot through her loins like a hot bolt of lightning, just as fast and with the same intensity as an electric shock. “No, no,” she kept telling her troubled mind but all the while knew the Pattersons were not going to be satisfied by merely fucking her. The more she tried to fight off the demeaning orgasm, which was welling up deep inside her womb, the more it reared its raging head.

Out of nowhere, Ken reached for her swaying titties and pinched both nipples between his strong fingers. He pinched so hard it was impossible not to get Lori’s complete attention, and then he whispered ever so sarcastically. “Tell me you want Troy’s cock to fuck your tight cunt. Tell me or else! I want your mother ass and I want to hear you say it. Say you want a teenage cock!” he whispered and suddenly pulled the nipples with a wild fury.

Troy pumped in and out and there was no respite for Lori. He took her to the brink and smiled the biggest grin when her sweaty body shuddered out of control. The lust overtook Lori’s sanity and an orgasm flourished like it had no boundaries.

“No, I can’t stop it. It’s too much, I can’t wait for him, please Ken, please let me. I can’t stop it,” she whispered in an effort to satisfy her man.

Ken quickly grabbed a handful of long, jet-black hair and jerked Lori’s head and indicated he needed more.

“Gawd, I’m cumming, cumming. Your son is fucking me like a man, he’s fucking me with his big cock and I have to cum,” she moaned and her body thrashed about without any control or rhythm.

It was time for Troy to release the demons and he felt his stamina give way with a sudden rush. He climaxed in utter satisfaction knowing he was master of a princess if just for a brief moment in time. Lori clung to the boy and used her body to milk his sperm in a royal display of loving devotion. She could not imagine anything more climatic than what Ken had given her, even if he were not the one experiencing the mind-blowing orgasm. All that mattered now was being a loyal servant to Ken.

When it was over, Lori’s was completely exhausted and her arms and legs were easily flung to the sides. She lay on the grass completely spent from the ordeal and did not even attempt to get away from the next suitor. The fight had gone on for what seemed like forever and it was time to concede. She was a beaten woman. No protest was heard when hands again took liberties once forbidden.

Someone caressed her titties like he had never felt such enormous beauty, squeezing them as if they might break and teasing the ends like they were precious jewels. Lori understood what would make Ken happy and she obeyed every demand with little objection.

Her vision was blurred but still precise enough to see that Sean was ready for his turn. When the flared head of a big cock separated her soaked labia, Lori merely groaned with contentment knowing Ken was going to be pleased. Yes, even if it was not Ken, he would be pleased that she was acting like a slut the demanded.

The body between her legs suddenly got more determined and demanding. She could tell by the rough, careless manner that the teenager wanted to treat her like a slut so she would try to fight him off. Lori fully realized that any struggle or protest was futile but that was what Ken wanted.

Sean found it thoroughly arousing to feel her hands push against his muscular chest and try like mad to hold him at a distance. Lori tried to close her legs but that was impossible with 200 lbs of teenage passion between her thighs. She twisted and rolled her hips but not far enough to escape the head of Sean’s big prick. He laughed out loud at her futile escape attempts and tantalized her by aiming the tip of his ramrod at the puffy labia.

A quick jab every few seconds threatened to invade Lori’s internal chamber and she began to plead with Sean to stop. “Oh please, don’t, oh don’t do this to me, please,” she moaned. The vile boy loved every word. Again and again he teased her knowing he could shove his large cock into Lori at will.

Oh how Sean loved Lori, her maturity and sexy body. He had dreamed about Lori for years, ever since he was old enough to fantasize about sex. The numerous sexual experiences with teenager girls had been nothing compared to the ecstasy promised by the sexy mother from next door. Sean dearly wanted to possess Lori at any and every opportunity.

By pure reflex, Lori’s dainty hand dipped to protect herself from the crazed teenager. She arched her back and thrust her hand over her raised pelvis to cover the opening the boy so dearly sought. His insistence and probing by the head of his pecker into the back of her hand made her panic and without thinking, she twisted her hand and grabbed the thick cock.

Suddenly Lori blushed with embarrassment knowing she relished having her hands around a hard throbbing penis. She marveled at how nice the teen’s cock felt in her hand and hesitated for a few seconds. The words out of her mouth were merely for effect and not ones of protest. “Ken, for gawd sakes Ken, please ask him to stop, please Ken, I’ll do anything for you but not for a boy,” she whispered with desperation in her voice. It was a sterling performance.

She felt herself suddenly being manhandled and strong hands were all over her body. In a matter of seconds, she was once again a bitch. On hands and knees, Lori felt the teenager’s body move so he was directly behind her vulnerable backside and her breathing paused in expectation. She did not have to wait long for Sean’s large hands to close around her flared hips and hold her steady.

In a most taunting fashion, Sean ran the flared head up and down through the abundant juices still evident between Lori’s velvety thighs. She dared not move and felt utterly lost knowing she was about to be ravaged by the teen. Lori emitted a loud moan of distress when the boy separated her wet lips and held the head of his cock at the entrance to her soul.

“Now my little doggie is going to get fucked, fucked hard. What do you say doggie slut? Do you want me to fuck you?” Sean asked and time stood still. Lori’s stomach heaved knowing that at any second he would ram his cock into her, splitting her cervix on the way to her womb. Sean dearly wanted the foreplay to last forever but knew the heat of Lori’s love chamber would quickly rob his endurance.

Lori could not remember wanting something so badly. She dropped her head and the suspense was too much to bear. “Take me you bastard, take me now! I want you inside me now,” Lori moaned so desperate that she turned red with shame. Secretly she hoped he would not notice when she pushed backwards almost demanding the boy do it.

Ken heard the ragged breathing and marveled at how much Lori was panting like a bitch in heat. Every degrading act by Lori intensified the lust in Ken’s brain and he wanted the humiliation to continue. The sudden thrust by his oldest son brought a guttural grunt and groan from the kneeling woman. Ken felt a twinge of jealousy as the submissive woman willingly surrendered to the boy’s foreplay.


Arriving home late from work, Andy had noticed Lori’s car in front of the house but couldn’t find her anywhere. Sounds, passionate sounds, coming from next door caught his attention. He listened intently. His cock stirred as he began to realize what must be happening.

Andy suddenly realized how gullible he was but the fact really didn’t make him angry with Ken. He should have comprehended the fact Ken was not out to please anyone but himself. Ken had complete freedom for one more day because his wife was still visiting her parents and Andy overlooked the detail. He should have realized that Ken would take advantage of vulnerable neighbors. The fact his vulgar neighbor would seduce Lori without Andy’s consent was lost to his impassioned mind.

The sun had long since set and the darkness and thick bushes easily hid Andy from Ken’s backyard. Andy found the perfect location and watched the most erotic scenes unfold before his very eyes. He could not hold back his enthusiasm and his heart raced. Even all the sexual encounters of the past two days could not tame his rising emotions as he saw the Pattersons taking free reign with his princess. Andy mistook the distress etched on Lori’s face as blissful agony. In reality it was anything but in Lori’s mind. She struggled to retain even a shred of dignity knowing the perils that lay ahead.

Andy’s head filled with all the sensual fantasies from the past and he quickly rejected any thought of interrupting the sordid affair. He felt intense lust and excitement and it was almost as if he was a teenager again. His movements were robotic like and there was no time to dwell on his sexual inadequacies.

He focused on the junction that united the pair of sweaty bodies and vaguely noticed Ken and Troy. Andy’s eyes were on fire watching Sean pounding the ass end of his sexy wife’s, kneeling body. A loud, slapping sound resonated in the air every time the teen madly thrust forward and the cheeks of Lori’s bum smacked into the boy’s crotch. The teenager treated Lori like she was an unfaithful slut but that only incensed Andy more.

Lori was on her hands and knees pretending to be Sean’s little bitch but that did not anger the husband. He watched his olive, skinned wife being fucked from behind and yearned to be right there. Suddenly to Andy’s amazement, Ken and Troy joined the scene.

Ken deftly sat on his haunches next to the upper torso of his slave and held Lori’s head by the hair so she had nowhere to turn. Andy’s emotions soared higher from watching his neighbor treat his wife rough, as if he were acting in a porno movie.

Andy’s hand slipped into his wet pants soaked with pre-cum and surrounded his pulsating pecker. He could not resist the temptation to pull his cock out into the cool, night air. Within seconds, sticky, white chizz shot into the covering bushes while his eyes stayed riveted to the teenager fucking his lovely wife. Watching Lori have intercourse with Ken’s son was about the most tantalizing thing in the world to the stimulated husband.

Rex betrayed the fact there was a scent of an intruder nearby and gave an indication to his master. Ken then noticed what looked like a telltale reflection of light hitting a metal object. He correctly surmised that Andy was spying from the bushes. Ken correctly assumed the husband was satisfied with staying out of sight and would watch the action from the darkened hideout.

If his neighbor wanted to see a show, Ken vowed to give him one to remember. Out of sight of Lori so she wouldn’t know his secret, Ken motioned his son to slow down, pause his assault for a few minutes. “Make’er wait boy,” Ken whispered softly and motioned with his thumb to the bushes. “Dickhead’s watchin’,” he said almost mouthing the words so Lori couldn’t hear. Sean quickly got the jiff of his father’s orders and held Lori’s hips still.

Ken guided Lori’s head to his lap and it was a matter of seconds for his cock to start bobbing up and down. The man’s penis gave Andy pangs of jealousy and the apparent stalemate between the woman and man was short lived. Ken swiftly jerked the captured face closer to his semi-hard cock. “Now you can see what turned you into a real woman earlier. Did you like it when I fucked you with my hard cock?” Ken asked not expecting an answer.

He stared in the direction of the silent peeper and wanted to make the man suffer. “I want you to suck my cock and get it nice and hard. I want your pouty lips on my cock but not yet,” he said and kept smiling. “I remember you sucking my dick last night and how you swallowed my load. I am going to cum in your mouth again. Do you want to drink my cum?” he asked and held his swelling pecker against Lori’s flushed cheek.

“I want to hear you tell Andy what you want, or else,” he demanded and gave her head a few little shakes for effect. “I want you to tell him how much you want to suck my cock and to be fucked by Sean. Tell him how much you like being a slut. My slut!” Ken added.

Ken could see an opportunity for Troy and he spurred him on. “Troy, grab those gorgeous tits boy and see if you can make a grown woman cry,” Ken demanded with a laugh. Without hesitation, his son pinched both the hanging nipples and rolled them hard enough to bring a response. Still swollen, her nipples were very tender. Even though the teen was rougher than Lori was used to, she yearned for his harsh caresses.

It never donned on Lori that Andy was listening and obeyed Ken’s instructions without fear of penalty. At first Lori’s words were barely distinguishable. “Yes, your cock is so big. Oh gawd, it’s throbbing. I can feel it throb and it looks so beautiful,” Lori whispered and now every ear was tuned to her sweet voice. She felt Ken’s penis burning her flesh and could not visualize anything more precious.

“Yes, Sean is fucking me, and I can feel his cock, so deep, so deep inside,” she began and found the words got easier to say once she knew Ken approved.

“Oh my gawd, oh my, he’s inside and when he moves like that, oh, he’s so big and I don’t know how to wait,” she moaned the confession and received more encouragement from Ken. “He’s touching me everywhere, oh please, don’t make me say it, please,” she begged but Ken merely slapped the side of her pretty face with his expanding cock. One slap, then another and another until her mouth opened and he knew she would continue.

“He’s so big, much bigger than Andy, oh so much bigger and… he fucks me so hard. Like a man, he fucks me hard… and oh my gawd, when he fills my cunt with his chizz, I can’t stop creaming,” she whispered and all breathing stopped to hear the full statements.

Ken rubbed the moisture off the head of his cock all over Lori’s hot, rosy cheeks and soon had them glistening with wetness. Every pass, he would tease her by touching her lips to the flared head of his cock and every time he did, Lori opened her mouth in anticipation.

“Not yet baby. I want you to suck my cock but first I want you to tell me what you want. I want my slut to say how she wants my cock,” he demanded and immediately Lori obeyed.

“Your cock is so big, so hot and when you touch my face, it feels so good. I want your cum all over me, all over my face, in my mouth. Oh gawd, I want your cock in my mouth so I can suck it for you,” she said and waited. Her stomach was trembling so madly that it was hard for her to think straight and again this man turned her into his servant. “Please, let me suck it.” Lori was possessed and could not remember wanting something so badly.

“I want to suck your cock. I want to make it hard again. I want you to fuck me again and again. Oh gawd Ken, I need you inside me, fucking me like I was your slut,” she gave the utter confession without holding back. Her eyes blazed watching the miraculous revitalization of her demon. Ken kept touching her face with his pecker in a taunting fashion but did it so Andy could see.

“Bitch, you are my slut,” stated the domineering man. “Say it. Say it loud enough, that everyone can hear you.”

“I’m your slut!” she said knowing it was true.

“I’m gonna fuck you whenever I want.” Ken stated with a stern tone.

“Yes! I want you to fuck me. I want your boys to fuck me,” came the ultimate confession.

Andy could hear every defiling word his wife uttered and wondered if she was telling the truth. In his aroused state of mind, the truth really didn’t matter. What mattered was sex and lust, and he was watching that with his own eyes.

The older boy renewed pounding his big pecker into Lori with a desperate need. No one could withstand such a violent fucking for long. Sean dug his fingers into Lori’s firm, rounded hips and pulled hard forcing them skywards. He thrust his powerful hips like a madman and embedded his cock to the hilt on every occasion. The tempo was fast and furious and matched only that of Rex who also watched the action in anticipation.

Lori was at the mercy of Sean. With a cry that every neighbor could hear, he added his steamy cum to that already filling her love cavity. Suddenly Ken rammed his rod into her mouth. The head went to her throat and it was all Lori could do to stop the temptation to choke. In a matter of seconds, she managed to control the man’s thrusts by wrapping her dainty hands around the thick shaft so he wouldn’t ram it all the way down to her belly.

She could feel that familiar quivering deep inside her tummy and knew all was lost. The loss of control and any sense of moral actions made Lori wonder what had come over her. Ever since this vile man touched her body the first time, she felt desire and passion like no other. No matter how much she hated Ken and how much she tried to resist his vulgar

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