Lori – A Neighbor’s Delight Ch10

Author: Kacey1999

By Kacey1999
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Lori – A Neighbor’s Delight – Chapter 10

Ken Patterson relished having complete control over his next-door neighbors. The continuing saga seemed to get more exciting and more thrilling with each chapter in his life. His aroused mind went back over the episodes, which started innocently years ago. He managed to take pictures of Lori and her family without them being aware of what he was doing. Through his subversive actions, Ken managed to get naked pictures of both Lori and Julia plus shots of Lori and Andy acting thoroughly inhibited in the privacy of their backyard.

He chuckled at the incriminating photo album he put together for the evil purposes of blackmailing the family. First it worked to perfection with Lori, then Andy, and now Julia. God, he marveled at yesterday’s events. Even his most hopeful aspirations of getting control over the young, sexy daughter did not come close to what eventually happened. Julia was not only turned into a devoted slut just like her gorgeous mother, but she willingly accepted her role of Ken’s mistress.

The erotic scenes of Julia having sex with him, his two sons Sean and Troy, and his loyal dog, Rex, were totally mind-boggling. ‘Holy fuck,’ he whispered, ‘I’ve never seen a woman fuck like that.’

But Ken was not one to stand idly by and rest on his laurels. He remembered the luscious piece of ass, as he liked to call Kim, the young woman who lived down the block. She was a confessed lesbian but it was totally out of this world when he forced her to give him a blowjob. Maybe it was not the best BJ but it was more than rewarding watching her swallow his semen.

All reports from Sean, who was best friends with Kim’s young brother, Joey, implied that she was a dominating bitch who liked to control all her friends. Sean mentioned how Kim tried the bossy crap on him but he quickly set her straight. In fact, through time, the two had become fairly good friends most likely because he was around their home a lot hanging out with Joey.

Yes, Ken decided. Kim was certainly worth perusing and he laughed at the possibility of actually getting into her panties. He was positive she would do anything to get complete control over her idol Lori and the sexy Julia. ‘Hell,’ he chuckled, ‘I’ll even throw in hubby for the fun of it.’ Ken pictured having the young woman ravage Andy’s ass with the biggest strap-on imaginable.


Ken cooked burgers on the barbeque while his sons lounged nearby. Helen, Ken’s wife, was only too happy to get a break from cooking and could hear her family’s robust conversation. Luckily for Ken that she did not pay close attention or she might have heard him talking about future plans. “It will be a night to remember,” he said. “Well for us that is. I’m not too sure the rest will want to remember how we fucked them all night,” Ken said to his sons with a meaningful laugh.

He went on to explain his scheme. “I’m going to fuck that sweet-ass Kim. Fuck, I’m hard just thinking about getting into her panties.” The three Pattersons were totally thrilled at all the possibilities and Ken proceeded to give Sean and Troy all the details. “I’ve already ordered the little honey to be here after your mother leaves for bingo. You bet I’m bribing little Kimmie and I’ll be fucking her brains out by this time tomorrow,” he whispered just loud enough for his son’s to hear. “Listen, her reward for being my slut is that she can help herself to the best pussy in the neighborhood. Both of them! And guess what, I’m going to get the little bitch to fuck poor Andy, too,” Ken told his enthusiastic boys.

Ken outlined all his plans much to the delight of Sean and Troy. The teens listened to every word knowing their dad would include them in all the fucking around. Ken assured both that on Friday night they would be able to fuck more pussy than they could handle. The three chatted and all laughed at the many humorous remarks made by each, as the wonderful afternoon passed until Helen joined them for something to eat.

Nothing else was said about Ken’s plans for an afternoon rendezvous with Kim. His pretense for the meeting was so he and Kim could form a united front. Ken timed his arrival home from work the previous day perfectly so he could catch the young woman on her way home from college classes. “It will be the two of us. I have ultimate control over Lori, Julia and Andy too,” he said holding Kim’s complete attention. “We’ll be partners sweetheart. I’ll give you Lori… she’s all yours. All I want is to watch you fuck that sweet-ass daughter. That is if you think you can handle such a sexy piece of ass,” Ken whispered. It was almost a dare and Kim immediately felt the challenge to her honor.

Partners! At first the idea sounded ridiculous but after thinking about having the two women under her spell, Kim became overly excited, which clouded her judgment. Kim’s persona made her a perfect target for Ken. She naively thought that she could gain control of any situation, but Ken was even more calculating and conniving than she ever hoped to be. He used persuasion, reasoning and blackmail to convince the young woman to join forces with him. The two would conspire to have countless sexual encounters. Kim really wasn’t interested in any affair with anyone other than Lori or Julia but certainly she would entertain other possibilities. Despite having sucked him off, Kim did not think about having sex with her pushy neighbor, even in her wildest dreams.

Ken managed to convince the young woman that everything was being done for her benefit only. He instructed Kim to meet him across town at 22 Riverstone at 5 the next afternoon. The owners of the residence readily allowed Ken to use their home to shoot advertising segments to promote his company. Ken’s company had shuffled their busy schedule to fit the family’s vacation plans and installed a backyard, hot tub system while they were away. Since installing the hot tub almost two weeks ago, Ken had taken full advantage of the family’s gracious offer. Luckily, they would not be home for another three days and that fit clearly into Ken’s plans.

He explained to Kim that they would make a perfect team and he assured her he would deliver Lori and Julia at her feet. The short, secret meeting was almost done but Kim needed more assurance. “Lori will be mine? You can make sure she comes to my place?”

Ken could see the excitement on her pretty face. “You bet sweetheart. I’ll make sure she shows up at your door. You set the time and day and I’ll make it happen,” he said.

Kim wanted all the facts. “What about Julia? You said you wanted to watch.”

“We don’t have time for me to explain it all. People might start wondering why a gorgeous, young woman is putting the moves on me here in the middle of the street,” he said with an obvious chuckle. His arrogance made Kim’s anger flare, but she did not run away.

“You be at that address, and honey, bring your bikini. The water’s hot and so are you, which should be a great fit… don’t you think?” he whispered. “I just installed a hot tub at the place and it’s time to test it. We’ll have a party of two.” His explanation was for the two of them to mull over the details of coercing Lori and Julia into a sexual affair with Kim. He assured the young woman that his two neighbors would be Kim’s slaves and she could do whatever her heart desired with them.

Kim wondered at Ken’s weird sense of humor but let the off-handed compliment slide. ‘Surely he wouldn’t try anything too serious, would he?’ she wondered. The thought of wearing a bikini in front of the man did not bother her too much, as she did love showing off. Kim had a great body and did not mind letting everyone know it. Like typical young people, she did not think anyone could be as unscrupulous or perverted as her neighbor, Ken Patterson. Unwittingly, Kim was on the same path as Lori and her family.

Ken turned and left her standing on the sidewalk. With a shrug of her slender shoulders, Kim rushed in the opposite direction wanting to get into the sanctity of her home. Sean was visiting his best friend and the boys were surprised by Kim’s sudden entrance. She quickly ran by the teens and felt immense relief when she was behind the closed door of her bedroom.

In Sean’s mind’s eye, he imagined what Kim would look like naked. He nudged his friend in the ribs to get his attention, as both boys stared after Joey’s sister. He knew his father’s plans and understood why Kim appeared nervous and upset.


All day during classes, Kim wondered if she should meet Ken. The 5 o’clock deadline approached and suddenly the young woman decided her fate. It was the glorious thought of possessing the two women like Ken promised that made up her mind.

She drove up to the sprawling residence at 22 Riverstone and noticed a curtain in the front window move. ‘The bastard is watching. I’ll show him some skin and make the dirty bugger suffer,’ she whispered, but her heartbeat started to quicken. In a matter of seconds, Kim felt flushed and fully energized with the thought of being alone with her tormenting neighbor. Ken’s scheme of them being partners was truly exciting and Kim believed they were on an equal footing. She decided that paying a price for the rewards he offered was worth almost any demeaning act.

Kim went to the door and it opened right away to the shit-eating grin on Ken’s rugged face. “Glad you are on time. I hate my sluts to be late and not follow orders,” he said piggishly. Instantly Kim’s face turned cold and serious. Oh, how she wanted to slap the obnoxious man but somehow he radiated a sense of power and control, which stopped her.

Ken motioned with a jerk of his hand that she should enter. Her first instinct was to flee but suddenly her feet were moving forward. She entered the room and when the door slammed shut, she jumped from the loud noise.

“Look sweetheart, you want pussy as much as I do so don’t use that superior bullshit with me. Get your ass out to the backyard and let’s see those gorgeous tits,” he said and held her eyes in a deadly stare.

Kim didn’t know how to combat the sudden show of force. Everything seemed to be so overpowering and she felt totally weak and submissive. Never in Kim’s, young life had she felt such timorous feelings. Suddenly Ken was holding her by the elbow and guiding her towards a set of large, patio doors. She could hear voices coming from what must be the backyard and looked at Ken with a questioning look.

“That’s Sean and Troy. They’re here for the fun, so hope you don’t mind. After all, they know everything and they both want to watch you suck my cock,” he whispered making Kim’s heart stop. She stared into the eyes of the devil and the standoff lasted a mere few seconds. Her feet were moving again and suddenly she found herself in the bright sunlight. She raised her hand to shield her eyes, as Ken pushed her towards the steaming hot tub.

Ken was speaking but it took a few moments before Kim heard. “I hope you wore your bikini, honey, because we’re goin’ in,” he said and promptly removed his clothes instantly stopping her breathing. Kim couldn’t believe his bold, brazen act and watched as he stripped naked. He stood motionless before the shocked, young woman although he did not have to. His large pecker was placid and hung between his legs drawing Kim’s eyes like a strong magnet, which put a grin on Ken’s face.

The memory of what happened days ago flashed in her head. Ken catching her spying on her childhood idol, Lori, and watching her brother lose his virginity. Then disgusting images of Ken forcing her to suck his filthy cock, as if she were his devoted slut, became clear and vivid. When her baby brother and Ken’s sons caught her on her knees paying homage to the vile man’s genitals, she merely shuddered, but did not stop sucking his big cock.

She should have felt rage and been filled with a fury at what was happening at that moment, but she did not. A shiver shot through her body realizing her only thoughts were how different a man’s pecker looked when he was not fully aroused. She watched Ken’s penis hanging downward and swinging slowly, as he casually moved to the tub. He sat down in the hot water and thankfully shielded his lower body from her eyes, but it took longer for her breathing to resume.

Kim could tell that the affair was going downhill in a hurry. She realized that there was only a slim hope at keeping her tormentor at bay. Suddenly the assumed party of two threatened to become a full-blown orgy. Ken motioned for her to comply with his demands and his face indicated, ‘or else.’

Thankfully, she wore her bikini under her clothes. Still it was a mystery to Kim why she started removing her garments rather than fleeing. She stood on the cedar decking and slowly took off her t-shirt, shorts and sandals. Kim noticed the three, wide-eyed males ogling her skimpily attired body and realized she was an incremental piece to the unfolding puzzle. Somehow it gave Kim a feeling of power and a sense that she held an element of control over what would happen.

Kim’s bikini left very little to the imagination. The young woman was probably her own worst enemy, as she turned Ken into a determined mastermind. ‘She has a body to die for,’ Ken told his sons on a few occasions and he was resolute to fuck her if it was the last thing he did. The suit gave Ken a hard-on from the moment Kim stripped her clothes revealing her sexy body. The water was clear enough for Kim to see his obvious aroused state, but it did not worry her. She giggled knowing it was easy to make a man suffer.

The sound of Ken’s voice broke her train of thought. “Honey get in, the waters great. We can discuss my plans. Talk about how you are going to have Lori and Julia for your very own.”

Suddenly Kim remembered why she was there. Slowly her feet shuffled until she stood at the edge of the hot tub. Seeing the three Pattersons stare at her near nakedness continued to build her confidence. There was a space between Sean and Ken, which appeared wide enough to allow her to retain some freedom from her tormentors. She put one leg in the hot water and then stepped in completely sitting down as quick as possible.

Everything had progressed beyond Ken’s expectation. He was smart enough to realize that taking things too fast would be a fatal mistake. “Sean! Make us drinks before we get down to the nitty-gritty,” he said giving Kim a pleasant smile. The teenager served drinks and the time passed with idle chitchat. Kim knew Ken was up to no good, but waited for him to eventually get to the point of the evening.

The talk was somewhat nervous and did not flow smoothly. That did not bother anyone because each understood it was a cat and mouse game. Ken would get to the point in good time. The first drink was nice and the second made Kim feel more relaxed with a warm, queasy feeling in the pit of her tummy. Sean served a third and Ken was getting impatient.

It was subtle. Ken and Troy slid across the hot tub seat until they were next to Kim. She suddenly realized it was a mistake to remain in the hot tub with her neighbors. Kim recognized Ken and Troy would surely overpower any resistance from a woman who was much smaller than either of them. Ken put his thick, muscular arm around her slender shoulders and prevented any attempt by Kim to stand up. Troy’s body was pressed against her and left no wriggle room.

Ken’s arm easily held Kim upright with her back against the wall of the tub. Her fearful eyes watched him nonchalantly toss a bikini bra across the yard and she wondered how that could be? Stunned, she glanced down at her chest and saw her titties were bare. Her boobs seemed to float on top of the steamy water and all Kim could do was slouch in the tub until the water covered her breasts.

Suddenly, Ken’s big hand closed on her tit. He squeezed and fondled her like a teenager and he honestly felt like one. It was the first time in her life that the idea of having intercourse with a man appeared likely. Troy did his best to keep Kim’s arms pinned at her sides while his dad feasted on her gorgeous titties.

Being mauled by a brute, Kim did her utmost to imagine it was a girl kissing and caressing her breasts and in doing so she reasoned there would be no problems controlling the affair. Ken worshiped her firm boobs like a man possessed. He was certainly rough, a lot rougher than the twins, or any of her other girlfriends.

Kim’s daydream flashed to the twins. One particular sexual encounter came to mind and it made her shiver with an enormous feeling of lust. It might have been one of those kinky moments that everyone gets, but Kim had made an agreement with the twins. The two, young women would make love to her and use complete dominance, which was something foreign to Kim.

In all her affairs and relationships, Kim was the leader or the governing person especially in her lesbian encounters. She shuddered remembering how the twins tied her hands and feet to the four corners of a bed. They worked together, one above and one below and fucked Kim until she begged them to make her orgasm. It was a climax like no other and although it was months ago, the memory was vivid and animate.

The erotic dream about the episode put a little smirk on her pretty face and she appeared to be in a trance. Ken’s molestation gave Kim very similar feelings. Every time her hand slipped free from Troy and went to protect a breast, Ken attacked the other. In complete frustration, Kim eventually allowed him complete freedom, making Ken the happiest of men.

“Open your legs sweetheart, it’s time for a Patterson’ cock,” he whispered.

Suddenly Kim found new strength and determination. She struggled and pushed against Ken’s muscular chest but she was no match for the powerful man. In a flash her bikini bottom was ripped from her seductively rounded hips and Kim’s breath caught at the expectation of Ken screwing her sexy body.

Knowing that Ken was about to sexually ravage her body, fear gripped the normally confident girl, as she became fully aware that she was incapable of stopping the man. Her eyes shifted from Ken’s rugged, manly face to his dark, controlling eyes. “Please, oh please. It’s gone far enough, please… I’m, I’m a virgin.”

As soon as she said it, Kim knew it was a mistake. She didn’t want to play his game but found the confrontation too tempting and abruptly changed tactics. “You bastard. Use me for your filthy pleasure but I hate all men. You’re nothing but a dirty scum bag,” she whispered. Her demise was imminent but that did not stop Kim from protesting.

Her pleas and struggles were made to infuriate the man but they made him even more determined. “I hate you. I’m only here because you made me come. And please, don’t touch me with that thing,” she moaned, as her hand was forced to Troy’s crotch. Kim never stopped twisting and turning in an attempt to stay free of the two, which merely added to Ken and his son’s pleasure.

Ken planned for a final onslaught to become the young woman’s master. “Now I know you love Lori and you proved that the other day. I’m sure you would do anything to protect your secret lover so no one in the city ever finds out you had sex with her,” Ken said knowing it was the beginning of the end. “I think you would do anything to have sex with her. Now sweetheart I have something extra for you. Julia… Would you like Julia too? I can ensure she is yours,” he whispered pausing for effect.

Kim’s heart beat fast in anticipation from knowing her neighbor was sure to surprise her. “You can have Julia too. You can fuck the little bitch and I can make it happen,” Ken said and saw the heightened excitement written on Kim’s beautiful face.

‘Could he be serious?’ she wondered. ‘That damn, little miss-perfect. That damn, goodie two-shoes. She thinks she’s better than me. Well, I’ll show the little bitch she’s good enough to eat my cunt,’ Kim thought to herself accepting the man’s offer immediately.

Ken could see her mind going over the possibility. He knew she would accept his proposition, as he understood about being a dominator. “But you have to do one thing for me. You have to use a strap-on and fuck Lori’s husband with it.”

Ken saw the glint of devilment in her eye even before she answered. “You promise that I can have both Lori and Julia?” she asked needing him to agree one more time.

When he nodded, she continued. “Okay, you prick, I’ll do it.” She looked at him and could see he had something else on his mind. Instantly, Kim understood there would be a high price to pay for Ken’s promised rewards and what that high price would be. Kim did not even have to ask. She knew from his body language that he wanted to have intercourse with her. Oddly, the thought did not bother her all that much, but instead sent a shiver down her spine. She was the type of woman who would do almost anything to get her way. Sex with a man was something new but the thought did offer a purely interesting angle. To broaden one’s horizon was always something Kim took pride in doing.

Below the surface of the water, Kim’s body was being submarined. It was futile to stop the hands groping and fondling her titties and even lower. Troy, who was beside her, felt her up much to his delight. He had his left hand on her boob while his right hand was holding her dainty hand in his crotch. Kim’s fingers were wrapped around his throbbing pecker, which was getting harder by the second.

Sean had jumped in the hot tub after serving drinks and enjoyed the sight from across the tub. He watched his younger brother and father molest the young woman knowing he would get a turn. Kim was facing Sean and he admired her sexy body with a growing hunger.

Suddenly, Ken forced Kim to stand. He sort of rolled her around his knees until she was standing between his legs still facing Sean. It was easy moving her body through the water and he held her steady with his hands on her shapely hips. Kim’s butt was mere inches in front of him and Ken was in awe from the sight of such a perfectly, rounded ass.

Kim’s heart beat so fast that blood rushed to her head making her head throb like mad. The anticipation was excruciating, which made her breathing get very ragged fearful of what exactly Ken planned for her. She felt his fingertips digging into her tender flesh and suddenly realized the awful peril of what was happening. It wasn’t just going to be Ken, but his two boys too.

Ken slouched slightly in his seated position forcing his hips upward and pulled Kim back so that she was forced to sit in his waiting lap. She felt his hard cock poke her backside but thankfully it missed the intended target. Kim wriggled her butt until the head of Ken’s pecker slipped away from her crotch, but in so doing, it slid forward through the narrow space between her thighs. She could feel the thick steel running along the entire length of her pussy, which made her tremble with worry.

Kim could not see clearly through the steamy water but looked down anyway. She could barely make out the head of Ken’s penis poking out from between her thighs and it sent a shiver through her body. For the first time in her life she realized that she might get fucked with a real penis. The memory of being forced to suck Ken’s, ominous cock was still fresh in her mind, but all of a sudden the consequences were even more drastic.

The hot water came up to her boobs making them sort of float on the surface. Sean was getting a perfect view and ogled Kim’s luscious tits hoping for an opportunity to molest his best friend’s sister. His eyes opened wider as he watched his dad’s big, calloused hands reach around Kim’s slender frame. Ken grabbed the titties pretending he was a kid experiencing something strange. His strong fingers pinched the ends of Kim’s tits and stretched the luscious nipples out from her chest until she protested out loud.

She looked at what Ken was doing to her boobs. He rolled the nipples around like he was crushing a grape and Kim wondered what he planned. Suddenly a mixture of pain and stimulation shot through her head, but any hurt quickly passed, being replaced by total stimulation. All her girlfriends were tender and caring when caressing Kim but Ken was crude and brazen. Yet somehow, she found his unwanted caresses unique and exciting.

Kim held onto the hope that this affair was similar to all the others in her past. Those affairs were all with girls or women, and she anticipated that with Ken, she would eventually gain the upper hand. But Kim would find out that the best she could hope to achieve with her powerful neighbor was an equal footing. Ken dearly wanted a partnership with his youthful neighbor, knowing many rewards would come of it.

The rewards would be for both Kim and Ken. Kim would get to possess the two women she had admired and worshiped for years giving enough incentive to succumb to Ken’s disgusting demands. Kim would be happy to be the man’s devoted servant as long as his promises were fulfilled to her satisfaction.

Suddenly there was a lot of movement. The water swirled and Kim sort of floated, as her body was easily shifted upward. Ken’s hands dropped to the sides of her hips. There was a moment of stillness and quiet, as she floated in the hot water, before he yanked back and downward. Kim felt his thick pecker fill her opening and the lights went out.

Kim did not think in all her dreams that she would ever have sex with a man. Her mind was now in turmoil. Being fucked by a big dildo was one thing, but somehow a real cock seemed different. Ken began a slow, steady pumping and his cock stroked in and out of her tight pussy filling her inner being with every thrust. It almost appeared to Sean that his dad was using Kim as a masturbator. Her body was featherweight in the water and Ken easily moved her up and down in his lap.

Someone was kissing her breasts but Kim did not care. Her total concentration was on Ken and what was happening inside her virgin territory. She remembered thinking, ‘When is he going to be finished?’

Suddenly a foreign spasm shot through her insides and Kim wondered why? Ken’s tempo increased until he was screwing her like a madman. He sat on one of the hot tub benches and Kim sat in his lap like a loyal servant. The water level was around their chests and Kim’s breasts looked totally seductive bobbing in the water. Obediently, her hand remained on Troy’s pecker and the young teen kept his hand wrapped around Kim’s to ensure the servant gave him a stimulating handjob with his help.

Sean’s eyes were glazed and he worshiped a glorious tit by devouring a nipple in his hungry mouth. Kim was not used to lovers being so demanding or so challenging. Suddenly another, and another spasm rocketed through her tender midsection. Kim did not believe the sensations, which were making her body belie the fact she did not desire sex. Ken’s strong fingers dug into her flesh surely to leave marks and he was determined to fuck her, demonstrating sheer dominance. No one had ever treated Kim in such a demeaning and sordid manner, but strangely it did not upset her.

Ken suddenly got a brilliant inspiration. He withdrew his cock from the volcanic cavity and quickly forced Kim to stand. He pushed her forward until she was at the edge of the tub and put his hand in the center of her back. With a hard, demanding shove, Ken made her bend over at the waist. Kim had to put her hands on the edge of the tub to retain her balance and that left her extremely vulnerable from behind. Ken pressed into to her buttocks with one thing in mind. He gave a violent thrust with his hips.

His cock was aimed perfectly at Kim’s opening and abruptly filled her cunt. The violent attack took the air out of Kim’s lungs with an “Oppphh!” Ken did not pause, he fucked her with a vengeance, causing her body to rock and shudder with every brutal thrust of his big cock. His son’s cheered him on. Ken did not disappoint and he pumped in and out of Kim’s precious pussy with a rage not known to her. She was afraid to move her hands for fear of falling and hitting her head on the tub so she remained outstretched and obedient.

Sean began rubbing her arm with his hardened cock, even slapping her every so often with his hard meat. He teased Kim and wanted her to be fully aware that the session was far from over. “C’mon honey. You’re goin’ to suck my cock next,” came a warning from her brother’s best friend. “Damn, I never thought I would see you fucking a man,” Sean stated, marveling at Kim’s sexy nakedness. Her titties swayed seductively under her heaving chest and he grabbed a swinging nipple.

Ken’s hands were firmly around her slender hips once again. Every time he pumped forward with his powerful hips, he pulled back on Kim’s shapely hips. When the head of his swollen cock pierced her virgin womb, Kim almost fainted. She gritted her teeth and prayed he was almost finished. She wondered, ‘How much more can I take?’ The sensations she felt deep inside were new, but still quite recognizable.

Kim traveled through time realizing her plight was to satisfy her neighbor if she was to achieve her ultimate goal. Ken’s movements got very jerky and erratic losing all rhythm. Kim become conscious that he was filling her reservoir with his filthy seed, but she did not care. Her mind left reality and imagined she was making love with a woman. She thrust her hips backward with all her might at the phantom woman. Kim welcomed the assault knowing full well she would be a bitch for the first time in her life.

Ken’s man-cock ravaged her inner being, as he reveled in immense glory. Before Kim could stop the untamed lust, the damn burst and her juices flowed to mix with a man’s for the first time. Sex was sex and lust was lust. Kim had always imagined sex with a man would be depraved and unfulfilling, but strangely it felt like every other orgasm. Her body twisted and jerked matching Ken’s furious tempo and the two orgasms melded into long, earth-shaking climaxes.

The spasms rocketed through her womanly being even after she recognized Ken’s orgasm was finished. It appeared that she was the most wanton slut, but Kim could not stop her hips from thrusting wildly. Her mind willingly accepted Ken’s crude assault with a climax that shook her to the very core. Kim fully realized that raw lust was making her use a man for her ultimate pleasure and she welcomed the shuddering climax.

She was bent over at the waist with her hands holding onto the sides of the hot tub for dear life. Sean managed to scoot around her torso until he slipped between her outstretched arms. He slithered into a seated position on the edge of the tub with his pulsating cock aimed proudly in the air. Kim stared at the brazen teenager wondering what was next?

Ken refused to pull his cock out and watched his oldest son perform magic. Sean’s fingers curled into Kim’s short hair and guided her head downward. When the flared head of his penis pressed into her lips, Kim refused to open up. Suddenly the teen jerked her head downward in a harsh manner and her hot mouth engulfed his cock. His hips began to quiver from the wonderful sensations and he held her head steady not allowing her to spit his cock out of her mouth.


Ken arranged everything. “Hi sweetheart. Think of it this way. It will be a lovely family night out and everyone will have a fucking great time… literally,” he said giving a chuckle at the attempted pun. “You already know all about Kim, but what you don’t know is that the little bitch has the hots for Julia too,” he whispered and the phone line went absolutely quiet.

Lori’s breathing stopped. She knew what Kim was like and how the young woman made her body do things she never dreamed of. ‘Oh my gawd, the woman is a lesbian. Surely she wouldn’t try anything with so many people around? Surely not with Andy and I there.’ Lori’s conviction was determined, but in crept an element of doubt. ‘Not with Julia?’

The rest of his instructions had been very precise and explicit. Lori’s mind was in turmoil thinking of why the man invited Julia along with Andy and herself? The three were to be at the Riverstone residence for Ken’s scheduled party. She thought out loud. “Ken will be there. Sean and Troy will definitely be there, too. What will he do? And gawd… he said Kim would be there, as well.”

Lori thought about the young woman. “She will be on his side. I’m sure he has some arrangement with her and she will probably do anything the bastard wants her to do,” she said. “But why Julia? He can’t be serious? She would never go. But he had been deadly serious when he told me that Julia was expected and that I had to ensure she attended his exclusive party.” Lori was totally confused and went about her day in a complete daze.

With daunting apprehension and against her better judgment, Lori mentioned Ken’s demands at dinner. Hoping, indeed counting on Julia having other plans or simply begging off, she was shocked by Julia’s reaction. “That’s wonderful. A hot tub party will be blast! I can hardly wait to try on my new bathing suit,” Julia said cheerfully.

‘Hot tub! Blast! New suit!’ Lori didn’t know what to think and she was stunned by her daughter’s response. Julia had always loathed the Pattersons. Lori was now afraid to press the issue for fear of finding out the truth.

Andy broke her train of thought. “What else did he say? The three of us and who else is going to be there?” he asked his devoted wife.

She shuddered not knowing how to lie. “Well, eh… the boys and he mentioned that, uh… Kim would be there as well.”

Julia couldn’t prevent an outburst of surprise. “Kim! Why the hell is that butch going to be there? I hope Ken puts that little bitch on a leash and puts her in her place!”

Both Andy and Lori looked at Julia, but it was the mother that didn’t know what to say. How could she explain that Kim seduced her in the home she shared with Andy and Julia? ‘Oh gawd! Why is she going to be there?’ Lori was at a complete loss to say anything about the party invite, including the young woman.

It wasn’t long before the three went their separate ways. Each needed to think. Think about the drastic consequences of attending an affair with Ken. Andy, Lori and the youthful Julia all experienced the mastery of their neighbor and fully understood how he controlled their destiny. It was with a mixture of excitement and anticipation that the family passed the time until the fateful rendezvous evening arrived.

The three were in their own, private worlds getting ready for the party. Each realized they would be required to either wear a swimsuit under their clothes or take one with them in anticipation of the hot tub party. Each knew that once there, the swimsuits would be discarded at Ken’s command. Lori caught a glimpse of her daughter, as she passed her bedroom and almost fainted.

It took many seconds before she could speak. “Wh… where di… did you ge.. get that?” she stammered with her mouth agape.

Julia didn’t want to tell her mom that she had received a gift from their hated neighbor so she lied. “I found it in a little boutique the other day. And just couldn’t resist it. Don’t you think the pink looks good with my tan?”

Lori didn’t know what to say. Under her own dress was the skimpiest suit imaginable and it had arrived at their door in a small envelop with a note. ‘Wear this. Or else!’

A shiver that shook her whole body shot up her spine until a tingling occurred in the back of scalp. She wore the damning, white suit Ken had given her and somehow her daughter was wearing the exact, pink suit Ken had forced her to wear during the eventful photo shoot. Lori was too afraid to say anything else and rushed to her room.

She should warn her husband, she thought. ‘No, that would not help,’ Lori decided. She finished getting ready for the party realizing Ken was a truly powerful and scheming man. Lori did not say a word to Andy and her hands trembled as she finished dressing. As hard as she tried, she couldn’t get the image of Julia in the small, sexy bikini out of her head.

Even meeting her daughter at the front door on the way to the car, Lori pictured Julia in the pink bikini. ‘Oh gawd, how could he do this?’ she wondered.

The drive to Riverstone was silent. When they arrived at the residence, Ken met them at the door, inviting them in with a cordial smile on his rugged face. The young woman rushed through the door and the scene made her parents almost collapse in astonishment. Julia fell into Ken’s open arms and the two kissed on the mouth. It was not a prolonged kiss but definitely long enough for suspicion to build in Andy and Lori.

Ken greeted the couple and all four went directly to the patio doors leading to the backyard. The area was fairly dimly lit and it was late enough in the day to give a sort of romantic appearance to the secluded yard. Sean, Troy and Kim were there dressed in swimsuits. “Go join the rest and I’ll get us a drink,” Ken said and motioned the three towards the newly installed cedar deck.

They walked to the deck and Lori stopped dead. Kim came up to her very quickly and before she could stop her, Kim kissed her on the lips. The young woman hugged her tightly and the kiss was long enough to cause a hoot from the two teenagers standing a few feet away. Lori did not want to cause a big scene so when the woman’s tongue forced it’s way between her lips. She allowed Kim to kiss her far more passionately than was comfortable, considering there was an audience.

Lori was breathless when Kim let her go. She almost tripped moving across the deck in an attempt to get away from the girl. Her relief did not last long though, as Ken wanted to get down to the nitty-gritty. He was hard and horny and needed some action. “Let’s get wet. The water’s hot and the drinks are fresh,” he said going to each person with a tray of drinks.

The words were barely out of Ken’s mouth when Julia undressed. A hush came over the area especially from the men. The young woman looked absolutely stunning and sexy in the Wicked Weasels’ creation, but it was Kim who took the initiative. She followed Julia into the tub and sat down right next to her. Julia was going to protest, but when she saw the happy smile cross Ken’s face, she relaxed.

Kim started whispering to her barely loud enough for Julia to hear so no one else could eavesdrop. “Ken wants us to fuck. He wants his little piece of ass eaten out by another woman. Now were going to see how much better you are than me. And see how that poppas ass can move when I eat your delicious pussy!”

Julia was dumbfounded and speechless. That was most likely why she did not raise a hand when Kim untied the pink straps around her neck letting them fall. The two young women locked eyes and the stare was riveting for both. During the astonishing interlude, Julia felt Kim’s fingers pinch the upper portion of the bra and roll it. Julia did not have to look down to know her breasts were suddenly bare for all to ogle. Her arms flinched and moved slightly but she did not re-adjust the bikini bra. Julia sat beside the young woman thinking, ‘He wants me to obey her.’

Lori and Andy stared at their daughter not believing what was happening. Sean and Troy jumped into the hot water taking an ideal seat directly across from the two young women. Suddenly, supreme power surged through Kim’s head. Her mouth dropped to a wet nipple that stood out prominently from the large titty. She made loud slurping sounds and everyone’s stomach churned with utter jealousy and anticipation. Kim devoured the end of Julia’s firm breast and sucked the hard nipple deep into her hungry mouth much to her parent’s dismay.

The young woman reasoned, “If it’s an actress he wants. It’s an Oscar-winning performance he will get.” Nothing less than Sharon Stone would suffice in Kim’s mind so she gave the best performance of her life despite trying circumstances.

Kim purposely made seductive noises sucking Julia’s right titty while neglecting the other boob. Everyone could see Julia’s exposed tit and each had a different fantasy of what would happen. Kim put her hand under the bottom of Julia’s free tit and jiggled it around in a most taunting fashion. The teens sitting barely a few feet away wanted nothing more than to feel the velvety breast that Kim seemed to be offering.

A person could not see far below the surface of the water. Suddenly the sound of shock, surprise and horror came from the prisoner. Kim’s right hand was out of sight in the swirling water. It did not take a wizard to know what she had done. Ken was thoroughly pleased at what his young partner was contemplating. The two had discussions about what Kim would do once she was in the hot tub with Julia and she was following the devious plan to the letter.

Kim enjoyed exacting revenge against her sexy neighbor. Julia radiated a confidence and poise of being older, wiser and superior to someone who wasn’t her close friend. But, her life had changed drastically a few days ago when Ken became her master. She looked in his direction and his sign of approval made her extremely contented.

Lori was torn. She ripped her focus from the two girls in the hot tub and could not understand how her daughter was acting and flaunting her body to strangers. This was not the Julia she knew. One look at her husband and Lori knew not to waste her time. Andy was grinning, obviously enjoying the salacious display involving his daughter.

In desperation, Lori looked at Ken to protest and tell him to stop the affair at once. She tried to speak, but the words would not form.

Ken motioned with his open hand and waved for Lori to join him. How or why her feet started moving was a mystery because all she wanted to do was slap the man. Lori neared Ken and he grabbed her by the hand leading her to the edge of the tub. “Let’s join the lesbians. Oops, that’s right. Kim has made love to you already so you know what she can do?” he said, as if it were a question. The informative remark brought a questioning look from Julia, as she looked at her mother.

Lori shuddered and her whole body trembled from the memory of how the young woman made her feel. This can’t be happening, Lori thought, as she watched Kim lean forward and kiss her very own daughter. One instantly could tell who was the aggressor and that the other was in for the time of her life. Soft, mellow noises escaped Julia when Kim pinched a vulnerable nipple and stretched it bringing louder protests.

Kim broke the kiss and put her lips to the woman’s ear. “Stand up, baby!” Kim dearly wanted to model her slave and demonstrate her ultimate control over such a lovely woman. Julia obeyed looking around the area at all the lust-filled faces. The water came up to top of her thighs but did not hide the most sensual picture. The pink material was glued to her flesh and left nothing much to the imagination. Kim’s previous groping left the sheer bikini buried so far into Julia’s precious pussy that the puffy lips were clearly recognizable.

Kim pondered the future for a brief moment. Ken’s promise that Julia would remain under her control had given her a vision. Her slave would feel the wrath of her sorority. Julia would be at the mercy of the twins. Sally and Sarah would demonstrate utter dominance and make the woman do things she never dreamed of. Kim vowed to make the woman suffer. ‘We’ll see just who is too good or superior to associate with someone like me,’ Kim thought. The possibility made Kim’s tummy do numerous summersaults picturing the lesbian lust of enormous magnitude.

She was aroused beyond a point where she could not wait. Stepping out of the tub, Kim reached back and grabbed Julia by the hand. Julia looked to Ken for guidance, and received the nod for her to go and be taken. Sean and Troy could not believe the scene, as it unfolded before their eyes. Kim helped Julia out of the tub and the teens felt like jumping the pair. Julia’s bikini bra remained around her chest but below her boobs leaving her succulent titties exposed much to the delight of the men, including her own father.

Her back was to the crowd and the view from behind was absolutely ravishing with the pink material appearing like a second skin. There was no doubt about Julia’s well-shaped ass. The sheer material was shaped like a skimpy thong running through the crack between the luscious cheeks portraying a most tempting picture.

In a most taunting and teasing fashion, Kim stuck out her tongue. She moved it in a flicking manner pretending that she was licking something sweet and innocent. “Your sweet, horny daughter is going to feel the wrath of my tongue. I hope she tastes as good as you,” Kim whispered, her eyes on Lori the whole time.

Suddenly, Kim turned on her heel and led the way. The scene was riveting and held everyone’s focus as the well-built, young woman wearing a very revealing bikini appeared strong and Amazon like. She led the slightly shorter, adorable woman who was nearly naked and all knew she would be so in a matter of seconds. It was spell-binding watching the two sexy bodies stroll through the patio doors.

Kim deliberately left the doors open. She walked across the room leading her prey to a soft, leather sofa positioned exactly to enable anyone outside to see what was happening. She turned and faced her childhood friend who appeared bewildered. Julia opened her mouth to protest but was stopped with a kiss. Kim’s left arm went around her waist and pulled Julia tight into her body, practically lifting her off the floor. Julia was powerless. The kiss took her breath away and Julia sensed that Kim was in total control.

A shiver so strong it rocked Julia to the core went through her body. Kim’s right hand quickly found the wetness between her legs and without an order being given, Julia opened her legs. The young woman’s fingers covered Julia’s puffy lips and with determined pressure, she pushed the sheer, pink material with her middle finger into the soaked crevice. ‘Oh gawd Kim. Dear gawd you have to stop. Please, oh please don’t touch me there,’ came a silent prayer that Julia could only imagine.

Kim broke the kiss putting her lips to Julia’s ear. “Open your legs wider slut. Have you been screwed by a real lesbian before?” she whispered and did not wait for an answer. “I’ve watched you strut that sweet pussy around the neighborhood and now it’s time I tasted it. Holy fuck, I can’t believe how wet you are!” Kim said and pushed harder with her middle finger bringing another loud moan.

“That’s right honey, spread’em and let me feel that delicious clitoris. What do you think? Should I make you cum with my fingers?” she whispered, giving Julia’s ear a few licks with her tongue.

Julia felt her tummy go into convulsions. “Oh please, please Kim don’t touch me down there. Oh gawd, don’t squeeze my clit, not like that. Oh gawd you pulled it out… oooooh, pleeease don’t do that.” Julia knew enough not to give detailed comments about what was happening, but understood her role. “Gawd Kim, please stop or I’ll… I will not be able to stop.”

Kim evaded the thin strip of material between Julia’s thighs and yanked the tender morsel out of its hood. She squeezed the clit hard between her strong fingers and rolled it around in abundant juices. Kim bit down hard on the lobe of Julia’s ear with a definite show of dominance. ‘This woman was so much like her mother and her body was just as desirable,’ Kim thought. ‘She’s as hot as her mother, God, maybe hotter.’

The young woman summoned every ounce of resistance and did her utmost to quell the rising desire in her belly. She almost yelled when Kim pinched with all her might wanting to hear a confession from her newly found slave.

Suddenly Kim loosened her left arm. She released her grip on Julia’s body and allowed the woman to breath again. Julia’s breathing came in short, rapid gasps and her eyes stared at Kim. A mere order sounded, “Strip,” and both women followed a set plan.

Julia watched her aggressor strip. Slowly her fingers followed the example and within seconds both were naked standing close to each other. From the hot tub, the actresses were visible even in the shaded, dimly lit room. Ken put his muscular arm around Lori’s shoulders and held her close. “This keeps getting better all the time. We’re goin’ to sit here and watch Kimmie fuck her little slut. I never get tired watching lesbians fuck,” he whispered not taking his eyes off the pair inside the house.

Kim put everything into perspective. “Ken and I will blackmail you and your family. You’re a slut just like your mother and father and I’m going to fuck your brains out.” She grabbed Julia by the hair and pushed her to her knees. “Eat my pussy! Slut!”

It was the most demeaning and degrading act when her face was pulled into the waiting crotch. Julia closed her eyes and squeezed her eyelids tightly in a futile attempt to ignore what was happening. She could smell the definite odor of Kim’s womanly treasure, but she dreaded having to taste the awful thing.

Kim grinned, as she purposely kept her body turned, so that spectators on the outside could see what was unfolding inside the dungeon. Everyone sort of huddled in one section of the hot tub in an effort to see the erotic episode unfolding in the room. Kim glanced sideways to see the hungry faces and spread her thighs wider. “Eat me slut, eat me!”

Julia tasted another woman for the first time in her young life. She vowed not to succumb to the woman’s demands yet her tongue came out of her mouth. Suddenly Julia could feel Kim’s legs shiver and she realized with horror that the tip of her tongue was flicking the girl’s clit back and forth at a furious rate. She could not imagine a girl having such a long, floppy clitoris and it appeared almost like a tiny penis. Her hands went to Kim’s butt to steady herself, as her fingers caressed the girl’s ass much to her delight.

“Yes, yes, eat me slut,” Kim moaned feeling her lust reaching a peak. She forced the woman’s face to remain in her crotch and relished the wonderful feeling roaring through her body. Glancing outside, Kim could see the lustful faces not wanting to miss a thing. Kim actually felt jealousy when she noticed Ken had removed Lori’s bra and his hands were freely caressing her titties.

Quickly, Kim decided it was time to ravage her captive. The tonguing from Julia felt truly wonderful and Kim marveled at the skill and dexterity displayed by her servant. Suddenly, Kim pushed Julia backwards forcing her to loose her balance hitting the floor on her back. The sudden shock knocked the wind out of Julia and she rolled onto her stomach desperately holding her tummy. It took a few seconds to recover and take a breath, but by then Kim had her legs spread wide.

Kim gave a wicked grin to the onlookers just before her face dropped to the burning inferno. Kim’s body pinned Julia’s legs holding her prey for her attack. She licked like a dog and dreamed of Rex being the aggressor realizing her thoughts were evil and wicked, but that did not bother her. Kim held the shapely legs spread wide and ran her tongue up and down through the damp crack.

Andy’s eyes were ablaze. He watched his young neighbor knowing full well what she planned to do to his lovely daughter. The sight of two, sexy bodies wrestling with Julia prone on the floor gave Andy the hardest cock imaginable. Strangely, the father found it mystical to watch one extremely strong, powerful woman forcing another to submit and surrender.

Every instinct and ethical filament in Andy’s head told him to stop the young woman raping his daughter, but he did nothing. He merely pretended it was not Julia being ravaged and stared at the luscious pussy lying exposed to the vicious attacker.

“Holy fuck,” Andy whispered. “She’s really going to eat her out.” He must have dreamed of lesbian sex since he was old enough to get a hardon, Andy thought. Now he prepared to watch such an illustrious affair while it almost appeared like the lesbian was teasing the onlookers.

Kim could not reach the delectable pussy with Julia lying on her stomach but the perfect alternative was before her eyes. Kim licked Julia’s ass and stroked her asshole much to the horror of the young woman. She put her fingers on the firm, ass cheeks and held them apart enabling her to focus on the virgin, pink hole. Kim started fucking her with her tongue and forced her face between the velvety cheeks. She could feel the wetness on her chin and swiftly moved her right hand to Julia’s leaking slit.

Julia was unable to move her lower torso, but she did manage to arch her back raising her chest up. She looked backwards noticing the assault on her rear by a woman who appeared far too powerful to overcome. Desperately, she glanced around the room and outside. Was it to see if anyone was there or to see if anyone was watching, she wondered? Julia felt totally helpless, but kept whispering words of encouragement to herself. ‘I can take it. I can withstand it.’

The feelings going through Julia’s inner regions every time Kim’s tongue jabbed her puckered asshole were not familiar and her body reacted in a strange way. A sudden spasm shot through her loins giving her doubt to her resolve. The doubt lasted a mere few seconds before a severe tremor rocked her confidence.

Kim sensed the young woman was on the brink. She quickly rolled Julia over onto her back rolling her own body at the same time to remain between Julia’s spread legs. A sudden surge or desire filled Julia’s body and she wanted nothing more than to cream. To climax and finish the orgasm so she could come back to earth and calm her intense passions.

Kim’s eyes were blurry, staring at the unprotected pussy right in front of her face. Like a hungry vulture, Kim’s mouth swooped to suck Julia’s clitoris deep into her mouth. The onlookers all realized that the foreplay was over. When Kim’s teeth raked and caressed Julia’s throbbing clit, the resultant moan sent shivers of jealousy through the men.

Julia knew her stamina was suspect without a respite. Suddenly Kim coated her long, middle finger with excess juices and rammed it in her ass. Julia’s head exploded with bright lights and fireworks like never before. She rolled her head side to side in a most futile attempt to find a savior, but instead noticed leering faces. She remembered looking at Ken thinking, ‘How happy he appeared.’

Her hands went to the head between her legs with thoughts of resisting. The shameful affair should be stopped, but surprisingly Julia held Kim closer. Her fingers wound through the girl’s, short hair and appeared to hold her head steady wanting to fulfill a lifelong fantasy. Her last recollection was a thought of regret seeing her mother’s face, but it did not diminish the profound orgasm brought on by her lesbian master.

There was no let up or reprieve from Kim. She literally tasted victory and drank Julia’s sweet nectar. Kim marveled at how the woman’s body shuddered and beads of sweat formed over her smooth, silky flesh. Suddenly she pumped her long, skinny finger in and out of Julia’s ass like a wild woman. Kim nibbled on the throbbing clit in her mouth and beat the very tip with the tip of her tongue. Julia could not understand what was happening to her body, but one thing was very apparent, she was experiencing a mind-blowing orgasm.

Julia pretended it was all a dream. The climax was merely a fantasy, a lesbian fantasy! She thought it was almost over when Kim switched her finger to her vacant, honey hole. Kim skillfully curled her finger upward and raked the tender G-spot and Julia could not prevent the flood of lust. Every muscle in her lithe body burned from the stress and Julia surrendered her soul to the devil. Her orgasm went on forever.

Ken watched the obvious loss of control. Julia truly was a rare woman who emanated sheer erotic desire and lust much like her mother. He watched his partner fuck Julia knowing he held ultimate control over both, as well as Lori and Andy. Ken realized Kim’s weakness was her love for Lori and that she would do anything in the world to be with her. He grinned with devious thoughts about his scheme for the rest of the evening.


Things happened fast and furious. All the onlookers got out of the tub and their bodies wet and dripping joined the exhausted couple in the room. With the last colossal spasms rocking and shacking Julia’s body, everyone surrounded the naked pair. Ken held Lori’s trembling hand not allowing her any freedom.

So many things were happening all at once. Kim refused to release the demon and although her hand was not pumping, a person could tell her middle finger was furiously raking the core of Julia’s being. Julia fully understood her body would not stop convulsing, as long as Kim fucked her vulnerable G-spot. Sobs shook her entire body with the shame knowing her spirit belonged to her young neighbor.

Suddenly, Ken’s furry pet, who had been hidden somewhere, bounded around the room unable to control his immense delight. The aromas in the air were unmistakably that of faithful bitches, some more familiar than others. Rex sniffed and roamed around the room not knowing where to linger. He quickly smelled a bitch who was on her knees, but she screamed at him to stop. Rex shifted around to a spot he knew well, which belonged to another woman who was struggling. His tongue stroked the soaked crevice much to Julia’s horror.

Kim had removed her mouth and hands from Julia’s lower body, but still held her legs spread. Julia was unable to evade the dog’s evasive licking, making her extremely embarrassed, knowing her family was now in the room. Kim was unsure of what Ken’s plans were, but realized that she was safe as long as she held Julia hostage.

She glanced at Ken standing beside her lovely mentor. Kim’s questioning expression on her face made him laugh. “Sorry sweetheart! You didn’t think you can have my two lovebirds and not pay a price?” Ken whispered even though others could hear. Suddenly he ignored the young woman and moved forward with his plan.

Everyone looked to the center of the room. Ken implied his instructions to Lori with words and actions. “I want everyone to know you are my devoted slut,” he whispered while giving her husband an evil grin. Lori stood absolutely motionless allowing Ken to slip a collar around her neck. Lori whimpered with frustration, as Ken indicated he wanted her down on the floor, and then he forced her to her hands and knees.

The scene was purely erotic and seductive. Lori knelt on hands and knees wearing only an almost invisible bikini bottom and a dog collar. She sobbed hanging her head down afraid to look at anyone. Her demise had been scripted long ago and she was unsure of how to fight the powerful blackmailer. The horror of it all in her mind was the fact she wasn’t sure she wanted to fight Ken.

As unbelievable as it seemed to Andy, his wife had a collar around her slender neck and suddenly his demanding neighbor slipped a leash on it. Ken was in his glory. He purposely conveyed dominance and wanted all his captives to know he insisted on strict obedience. His plans included humiliating all his hostages and it would start with his treating Lori as if she were his devoted bitch. The previous sexual act inflamed his desires and his cock was fully engorged, throbbing madly inside his swimsuit. With a swift jerk on the leash, he forced Lori’s head up until he could see her eyes.

Lori could hardly see through tears, but she could distinguish the obvious tent in the front of Ken’s boxer trucks. She wasn’t positive if he ordered her to remove his suit or if the order was implied. Her hands trembled, as she grabbed the waistband of his wet suit, pausing slightly before rolling them down his hairy, muscular legs. When his big, hard cock popped out, Lori’s breath caught, as if it was the very first time she had seen his over-sized manhood.

Lori could not look up. Her tummy was in turmoil with trepidation of how much she craved the man even though she refused to believe it. She kept her head bowed with her eyes cast straight ahead knowing her husband and beautiful daughter were watching. Lori believed she was doing the dastardly deed to protect her family relieving much of the guilt from her mind.

Suddenly, Ken’s pecker brushed the right side of her pretty face leaving a wet trail along her flushed cheek. “Suck it honey. Get it nice and hard so I can fuck my horny little bitch,” Ken whispered, letting Lori know exactly what was next. Sobs raked her lithe body, as Ken deftly pulled back slightly, and shoved his ramrod into Lori’s tightly closed mouth. In one demanding jerk, he pushed the end of his penis between her rosy lips, into her hot mouth. Ken tightened the leash for the purpose of demonstrating his power and control, but there was no need other than to humiliate Lori.

Ken glanced around at the lust filled faces. Sean and Troy had a serious, pained appearance, knowing they had to wait for their dad’s permission before ravaging a woman. Kim’s face displayed an inquisitive look, as she watched the drastic scene unfold. Julia stared at Ken and her mother with a thoroughly stunned expression on her overly flushed face. Andy was fully aroused and could hardly wait to witness the erotic affair, even though it was totally demoralizing.

“Sweetheart. You’re the best cocksucker. I love it when you suck my cock and yes, stroke it with your hand like you’re my little bitch,” Ken said. His rugged face displayed complete satisfaction and he grinned at the crowd. He purposely made his cock go in and out of Lori’s mouth, making loud slurping sounds, ensuring everyone’s attention. Suddenly he grabbed the back of her head and shoved his cock into Lori’s restrictive throat.

Knowing what Ken demanded of her, Lori gagged and struggled madly to remain submissive, but at the same time she was being suffocated. Barely before she collapsed, Ken allowed her to take a breath by pulling his cock out of her mouth. Lori was fully engrossed at regaining her breathing, which gave Ken the freedom to proceed. He continued to hold the leash while shifting around her kneeling frame until he was behind his prey. Suddenly he too knelt and positioned his hips so that his dangerous cock was directly behind the intended target.

Lori followed the man’s demeaning instructions, somehow blocking the knowledge that her daughter was watching the demeaning affair. Fully aware of what he intended, it made her shiver with a curious mixture of fright and desire. Suddenly Ken made two or three swift swipes through her exposed slit, teasing her pussy while delaying the sexual act. It was a most eye-popping sight when he placed the flared head of his pecker at the entrance of the fiery volcano. He pulled back on the leather leash and forced Lori’s head up high. The degrading position put a big arch in her back aiming her extremely vulnerable opening at the perfect level.

“Watch your slut mama, Julia,” he said renewing Lori’s awareness of just who was in her audience. “She’s mine to do with as I please, just as your sweet ass is mine too. Watch and see what a wanton slut she is. Watch and see what I expect from you.” With Ken’s prodigious cock poised for immediate action

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