Lori – A Neighbor’s Delight Ch12

Author: Kacey1999

By Kacey1999
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Lori – A Neighbor’s Delight – Chapter 12

Kim could still hear the man’s stern voice as she dressed. Glancing at her watch, she noticed there was barely enough time to make the scheduled appointment Ken had setup with Lu. A shiver shot down her spine thinking of what Ken demanded. She was to take Lori and Julia to get their nipples pierced by the old Chinaman. ‘Oh, God,’ she thought, ‘Surely there had to be another way or someway to escape Ken’s blackmail demands.’

She noticed the two women dressed and standing at the door. Lori shuddered at the prospect, but readily accepted the excuse that Kim had no choice but to follow Ken’s orders. Julia was more than a little excited, knowing it was Ken who was behind the plan to have her nipples pierced. Kim was being forced into something that she deemed impossible before experiencing Ken’s vile blackmailing. It was bewildering to her. The demeaning scheme to debase her unblemished body gave her pangs of fear, but at the same time, she felt compelled to demonstrate her loyalty to her dominant neighbor.

With a shrug of her tense shoulders, Kim followed her illustrious neighbors out of the sorority house for the disparaging appointment at Lu’s tattoo parlor. Strangely, Kim was more upset by Ken’s orders than either Lori or Julia. In fact, the mother and daughter were both eager to get their nipples pierced to please Ken and the only thing bothering Lori was the fact it was at Lu’s. She remembered how the disgusting little man took full advantage of her situation when he decorated her body with the Seahawk tattoo.

The drive downtown was quiet. All three dreamed of what was about to happen and how damaging it would be to their precious titties. Lori actually relished having it done and then showing the charms to Andy. Deep down inside, she wanted him to know his control over her was slipping and that Ken and Kim were becoming masters of her destiny.

Julia dreamed of a wide smile on Ken’s rugged face when he saw her nipples adorned with golden jewelry. The only thing that bothered her was any pain that came with the piercing but she was more than willing to forgo that to make Ken happy. Her fingers actually caressed the hardened ends imagining what it was going to be like with her nipples pierced.

Kim was far more pessimistic. She imagined the old man putting his filthy hands on her boobs and not being able to tell him to go to hell. Then she remembered the 8 o’clock phone call. Her hands had been shaking when she picked up the receiver. “Hi sweetheart. I hope the night of screwin’ your girlie friends went good… but now honey, its time to pay the piper,” Ken began. He waited many seconds knowing the young woman would be distraught before adding, “You remember your promise? Make sure both sluts get pierced … both fucking nipples… just like we decided!”

Kim had not said a word but merely listened. Her heart had been beating so fast that the color of her face had turned bright red hearing the man’s voice. “And sweetheart, don’t forget… yours too. Fuck, I can hardly wait to see those gorgeous nipples of yours with golden trinkets… so get them pierced just like your two sluts, or else!” Again the disgusting man had added to Kim’s turmoil by pausing before ending the conversation. “Kim, honey, I must admit that you have the nicest pair of knockers in town. God woman, I just hope old man Lu doesn’t fuck your sweet, little ass after he pierces your tits!” It had been the laughing on the other end of the line that had really made Kim’s tummy do serious cartwheels.

The line had gone dead before Kim slowly put the phone down. She remembered glancing at Lori who had dozed off and thinking, ‘OMG, she looks so innocent, so loveable.’ Now she wondered, ‘The bastard! How can I stop it?’

What had Ken told her when they discussed the dire event? Kim remembered how Ken wanted Lori’s husband and especially herself to know who was in control by marking his sluts like they were his animals. ‘Oh God,’ she thought, ‘he is nothing but a filthy animal without any conscience or ethics.’

When the neon sign on Lu’s parlor came into view, Kim desperately wanted to turn back. She glanced at the goddess sitting in the passenger seat and realized that all the turmoil and blackmail she had to endure was worth it. Lori’s expression was one of sheer excitement as the intense emotions were conveyed on her pretty face.

It seemed that Kim was the one being led. Lori and Julia got out of the car and went straight to the parlor meeting Lu at the door. The old man grinned from ear to ear seeing the sexy, luscious bodies of the two women. He held the door for them and enjoyed the perfect view of two sweet rear-ends, as Lori and Julia went into his shop. Suddenly Lu was aware of another woman and one that seemed very hesitant and reluctant to enter his parlor. ‘This must be the one Mr. Ken want me to screw… oh yeah, Lu fuck this one for sure,’ he mused.

Lu watched the sway of Kim’s seductive hips wondering why Mr. Ken was so adamant that this young woman needed to be severely humiliated. The man even outlined every aspect of what Lu was to do to the young woman. Being old and wise, Lu was always suspicious of gifts from people he was not related to, but his calculating mind could find no reason not to follow Ken’s sinful instructions.

Lu thought back to his last meeting with Ken. The man had been explicit when he told Lu that he was supposed to not only pierce the woman’s nipples, but also he was to leave permanent reminders on the woman’s body. ‘What had Ken told him? He wanted the woman’s will broken.’ ‘Broken? What the hell did that mean?’ Lu wondered.

Lu stared at the three sexy women standing near his desk. Suddenly he felt a familiar twitching in his pants and he did not care anymore. He would do as Ken requested knowing that such good fortune did not happen often to someone like him. His head was filled with erotic visions of Lori. Illustrious pictures of the best piece of ass in his life gave him a hard-on like it always did when he fantasized about Lori. After that glorious incident, he dreamed of fucking her almost every day.

The old Chinaman’s stomach did summersaults in gleeful anticipation. He thought about feeling the boobs of the three women knowing they could not stop him. His good friend Mr. Ken held far too much incriminating evidence over the women, which made them puppets to be fondled and enjoyed to the utmost. His fantasy blossomed while his excitement kept building, which made his pecker get harder by the second.

‘By God,’ Lu reasoned, ‘I’ll get my rocks off with one of these gorgeous bitches.’ He was using Ken’s terminology for women despite his religious, conservative background. Strangely, lust and the opportunity to have sex with young, sexy women turned the aged man into one of Ken’s pawns to do his dirty work.

Lu was a true professional. Everyone in the city was familiar with his parlor and his work was highly praised. Mostly, he did tattoos, as inking one’s body seemed to be more popular than ever although he also did many piercings. His stomach would not stop churning as he dreamed of feeling boobs. He rushed across the room to his desk and quickly opened a large, wooden box, which sat in the middle of the clutter.

The three women merely stared at the plentiful golden trinkets. The box was lined with dazzling velvet and contained every imaginable type of jewelry a person could use to decorate their body. Some of the golden charms were very exquisite and beautiful but others were the opposite, menacing and ugly. “Not to worry. Mr. Ken, he say you can pick one for nipple,” Lu said looking right at Lori. “You too. You pick,” he said switching his stare to Julia. Both women shivered trying to imagine their delicate nipples pierced by the old Asian.

Lu’s finger indicated a row of bead rings and barbells. The jewelry was of the highest quality titanium and included many sizes and shapes. He remembered the comment from Ken when he mentioned titanium. “Tits! Titanium! What better to put on their luscious tits than that,” Ken joked enjoying the humor only he found funny.

Ken had outlined his instructions and Lu intended to follow them exactly. “You missy. You no get pick. Mr. Ken, he pick lovely ornaments for nipples,” he told the flabbergasted young woman standing beside the mother and daughter. His fingers darted from one pretty gem to the next until his agile fingers held up a nipple piercing lock. He did not say anything but the evil smile told Kim she was in dire straights.

Lu spoke in a stern voice asking Lori and Julia to choose a gem from the rows of bead rings and barbells. Julia took no time to decide and picked pretty, circular barbells. Lori could see no way out of the dilemma and quickly chose studded barbells very similar to her daughter’s.

In a flash, Lu wheeled and headed for the operating room. He could hardly wait to get his hands on these women’s luscious boobs. He placed the three sets of jewelry on a neat, organized cart, which obviously contained all the instruments needed for the upcoming adventure. His hands moved with skilled dexterity. Quickly he was ready for the first piercing.

Lu motioned to Lori knowing she understood what was required. Slowly with her legs trembling, she went to the familiar operating chair, which Lu adjusted so that Lori was in a reclined position. “Take off!” he said and it made Lori flinch in agony.

Her fingers slowly undid the blouse until Lu showed his frustration. “Take off clothes fast or I’ll change rings to padlocks like hers,” Lu whispered indicating Kim’s upcoming dilemma. Lori quickly removed her top and bra hoping the ordeal would soon be over.

Lu picked up some instruments and gave orders. “Get nipples hard. Hard so it easier to pierce.” He could have had two willing volunteers but Lu chose to ignore them. He wanted to humiliate Lori to the utmost so he was determined to get her to degrade herself by fondling her own breasts. “Get hard! Get nipples hard or else,” he said with a tone indicating he would not repeat the order.

She blushed a brilliant red but did as the man demanded. Her fingers pinched the buds rolling them between her delicate fingertips with soft, loving care. She did not do it hard or in earnest until it was evident Lu was getting mad. Lu smiled at Lori’s struggles and noticed how successful she was getting her nipples to look rock hard.

He was satisfied with the humiliation. It was time he got his hands of Lori’s luscious boobs so he could do some feeling and groping of his own. He slapped her hands away with a stern slap. She put her arms down at her sides and closed her eyes not wanting to see the evil smile of triumph on the Chinaman’s face. Lori desperately wanted to hit the man but knew any retaliation on her part would only worsen the episode.

Lu pinched and rolled Lori’s nipples while pulling outward to stretch the nips beyond tolerable limits. She tried her best to relax knowing her body would be changed forever. She fully understood that the old man was fondling and playing with her titties but what could she do to prevent it, she reasoned? Lu marveled at the woman’s extraordinary boobs and how her nipples stood erect. The two buds were perfectly defined and Lu purposely took his time.

Suddenly she felt a reprieve. Lu removed his hands from her breasts and Lori opened her eyes to see what he was doing. The horror of the situation hit her as Lu picked up a sterilized needle in one hand and a cleansing, alcohol pad in the other. Tears came to her eyes as Lu wiped the pad over her delicate nipple, then the other until he was satisfied they were germ free. Her heart beat rapidly in dismay as in a millisecond, Lu pierced her hardened nipple.

Tears ran down her flushed cheeks. She held her breath as the first nipple was pierced, then a second needle was put through the other. Lu purposely left the needles inserted in her nipples knowing the pain would subside. Lori actually sobbed while her manipulator went to work. Her mind followed Lu’s actions, as she could not bear to watch. He skillfully replaced the needles with the jewelry she had selected.

The two onlookers found the procedure very alluring and provocative. They watched with wide eyes knowing they too would have it done to their precious nipples. Julia could not even blink afraid that she might miss the most erotic sight of Lu piercing her mother’s nipples. She flinched when Lu’s needle swiftly went through each hardened pebble anticipating what it would feel like.

Julia did not have to wonder for long. Lu performed the intimidating task in practiced fashion and motioned for the two women to switch places. Lori opened her eyes noticing the gold nuts on the ends of the barbells. The dull ache was easily forgettable when she thought of the upcoming explanation to Andy once she got home. She was still thinking of what to say when Lu helped her out of the chair while he motioned for Julia to take her place.

The young woman slowly slinked into the chair. Julia looked into the old tattoo artist’s eyes and he did not have to say a word. Her hands performed the striptease he so dearly wanted until Lu was staring at bare flesh of her gorgeous boobs. Tan lines left little doubt that Julia liked to suntan and her dark complexion made the lighter colored ends seem appealing. Julia’s breasts were almost the same size as her mother’s but there was a definite firmness keeping them standing upright. Lu’s mouth began to water but it would have to wait. Lu fully realized that Ken forecast his actions and the remaining young woman would suffer the greatest humiliation.

Julia was overly excited. She was baffled by the incredible tremors rushing through her body and she could feel dampness creeping into the crevice between her legs. Visions of the man she considered masculine and dominant filled her head. Julia could hardly wait to show Ken the golden trinkets. She watched the complete affair as Lu’s fingers moved like magic. It surprised her that there was not much pain and she had to admit that the curved, bead rings looked utterly fascinating on her swollen nipples. Julia merely hoped that her master would adore them as well.

Lu was finished before Julia was ready to switch places with Kim. He grabbed her arm roughly pulling her out of the chair leaving lots of room for his new victim. Julia and Lori knew that Kim was going to suffer the same humiliating procedure as they had, but strangely they felt a higher degree of tension in the air.

Lu held Kim by the arm and guided her into the vacant chair. She tried to sit up fairly straight but Lu gave her a sudden push in the middle of her chest. Kim fell into a laidback position in the reclined chair getting a dire, submissive feeling lying on her back.


Some of Lu’s customers had a great fear of needles and of experiencing the pain of a tattoo so he took the initiative to learn about conscious IV sedation. Used mainly in sleep dentistry, it was often called twilight sleep or dental sedation. He liked using this type of sedation on a client as the patient still understood and responded to any requests he made. It did cause a type of amnesia and left almost all clients with no memory of the tattoo.

Lu was very competent with IV sedation. He needed to ensure Kim’s complete cooperation so he asked for assistance. “You help. You hold arms still so Lu can work,” he said to Lori and Julia wanting them to each hold one of Kim’s arms steady. They did, as he requested not thinking about why they followed his demands.

Kim was totally immersed in the impending dilemma. She believed that Lu was only going to do the dreaded piercing and that would end her turmoil. Her inaction allowed Lu ultimate control to perform the sedation. Suddenly Kim glanced at her arm and noticed the sneaky bastard had a needle in her arm. Her mouth opened as if to protest but all of a sudden she did not feel the urge to fight the man. Kim felt completely dazed and could not even feel her arm.

In a matter of seconds, Kim was at the mercy of the old tattoo artist. Lori and Julia watched in amazement as Kim seemed awake and even talked although her speech was slow and slurred. Lu had used IV sedation before but never for such evil purposes. But the illusion of having sex with such a seductive, young woman removed any lingering doubts he had when Ken explained his scheme.

The mother and daughter did not lift a finger to help their domineering neighbor. They watched as Lu sedated Kim making her a willing toy for his masculine pleasure. Lu reasoned the beauty of sedation was it left a client with no memory of what happened and the process was relatively safe because it did not affect a person’s breathing. Lu knew the young woman would do whatever he demanded without any recollection of being sexually abused or experiencing the pain of a tattoo.

He suddenly shushed the two helpers away with a wave of his arms. Ken’s directions came back to him. “I don’t care how you do it, just put that fucking Seahawk tattoo on her sweet pussy,” were his exact instructions. “Get it nice and close to her cunt, as close as possible is that clear?”

Lu felt anxiety for the upcoming encounter. He knew Kim would obey his orders but his patience was running thin. “Missy. You sit up and take off clothes. You need naked for Lu,” he said with a big grin. His heart beat so fast that Lu was not sure he could wait to ravage Kim’s sexy body. He was going to fuck this little victim but first he must fulfill Ken’s demands.

“You hurry! Take off clothes! Take off clothes before Lu get mad,” he whispered watching the helpless woman obey his orders. Kim’s hands went to work but Lu’s hands swiftly helped her remove every stitch leaving her naked and shivering. He guided her into a laidback position again on his operating chair while going to work immediately. She would remain sedated for only a short time and Lu had lots to do.

The nipples were magnificent. Lu stared at Kim’s breasts and his cock jumped madly inside his pants. Her boobs were definitely unique and far different than most with the largest areolas, which seemed to be distended and swollen. Lu noticed how the big nipples were merely an extension of the puffy areolas and he drooled wondering what they felt like? He ran the tip of his tongue around his lips. Lu knew that he would have one of the gorgeous nipples in his mouth in a matter of minutes.

The two women watched with astonishment. The elder artist went to work and his hands moved with meticulous care. The cleansing swabs and sterilizing ointment felt cool and soothing on Kim’s nips until the sharp pain hit. Lu inserted the initial needle in her left nipple before she could react. Her hands instinctively responded to the sharp pain but Lu spoke with a stern voice to stop any retaliation by the young woman. “Not move or maybe you lose nipple,” he said with an evil grin. Kim was aware of everything around her but nothing registered in her conscious mind. She assumed he was kidding but somehow she did not dare move a muscle just in case.

Kim was captivated by what was happening to her breasts. Lu pierced Kim’s enlarged nipples following strict procedures to ensure everything went correctly. He replaced the needles with titanium ‘U’ shafts to which he attached the golden locks. Lu let the locks dangle from her elongated boobs and all eyes were awestruck by the daunting event. He flicked the locks making them swing freely for no reason other than to make them appear extremely tantalizing.

Lori was positive the old man caressed and fondled the young woman’s breasts much longer than need be but she was just glad it was not happening to her. The padlocks looked menacing and Lori was sure that Ken’s plan was to humiliate Kim to display his superiority. She felt immense sympathy for Kim vowing to comfort her with motherly love once Lu was finished.

Kim was dazed with her mind floating through space without a care. Suddenly she felt the old man’s hands on her lower extremities so she tried to shield herself. The past few minutes of her life and the next short while would always be independent from her cognoscente memory. Strangely, while she watched Lu perform magic on her flesh, Kim was unable to put up any form of resistance even though she thought his actions were wrong.

Under normal circumstances, Kim would have beat the old man off with every resource available but she had no desire to put up a fight. She was not the only one mesmerized by Lu when he took a razor off his instrument tray. Lori could not believe what was happening. The man spoke his orders in a steady, stern voice while his hands operated with swift precision. Kim’s raised pelvis was shaved already but not clean enough for what Lu had in mind.

The two bystanders were shocked by the man’s brash actions, as he boldly lathered and shaved the young woman. His fingers purposely moved the puffy lips to and fro even when the razor was not near Kim’s narrow slit. “Keep hands away or you feel razor cut pussy. Put hands down,” Lu whispered indicating he wanted Kim to keep her hands at her sides. Still in a trancelike state, she obeyed immediately giving Lu all the freedom he wanted.

There was no need for an explanation but Lu decided to give one anyway. “Lu fuck pretty slut. But first I put Seahawk tattoo on pussy like Mr. Ken say,” he said to Lori. Lu put a stencil on Kim’s freshly shaved pelvis pressing the template so that the Seahawk outline was clearly visible. He slowly removed the stencil and Julia gave a gasp of utter surprise. “Gawd, it’s right beside her pussy. Oh gawd it’s touching it,” the young woman whispered to her mother. Lori desperately wanted to plead with Lu to shift the tattoo away from Kim’s most precious jewel but knew he would not listen.

The young woman lay back in the soft, leather chair feeling much more relaxed than normal. She did not have a care in the world and readily shifted her body to comply with Lu’s instructions. Julia was dumbfounded by Kim’s bewildered state. “What will she say when she wakes up? Frig, she’s going to be pissed,” Julia whispered to her mother.

The tip of the hawk’s beak was touching the upper most tip of Kim’s slit appearing to be either going in or out of the woman’s pussy. Lori and Julia knew the shock of seeing the tattoo when Kim regained her senses would surely cause the young woman to think of vengeance. ‘But what could Kim do about it,’ they wondered?

Lu’s machine buzzed and ink covered Kim’s pearly, white flesh. He inked the template lines turning them into the popular Seahawk emblem. Near the end, Lu wiped excess ink from Kim’s skin so the ominous tattoo was clearly displayed for the audience. Lori saw the tip of the bird’s beak disappear into the wet opening. She knew Kim was going to be distraught when she saw the inked drawing once the sedation wore off.

Lori knew exactly where Lu got the idea for the tattoo. Instinctively her hand went to her butt feeling the evidence left by the tattoo artist not long ago. Her eyes shone when she watched Lu’s deft hands ink Kim’s unblemished body. Lori felt pangs of pity and much sympathy for the woman who she had grown very fond of a scant time ago. She decided that she would be there for Kim once the menacing old man was finished his degrading task.

Once the tattoo was completed and Lu cleaned Kim’s pelvis of all the splattered ink, Lori realized Kim’s dilemma had only begun. She noticed the uncaring and docile look in the young woman’s eyes and knew the sedation would last a little longer. In horror, Lori watched Lu strip his trousers dropping his shorts at the same time. His sturdy, proud cock jerked in anticipation in front of his skinny hips while aimed at the perfect target.

Lori and Julia were standing together while Lu boldly ravaged Kim. Lori squeezed her daughter’s hand just a little harder realizing they both would do almost anything for one man, Ken. Lori’s admiration for her neighbor increased thinking of how ingenious he was in getting so many people to fall for his blackmailing schemes.

Although conscious and awake, the young woman would not remember getting fucked. She would willingly give her consent even though the disgusting act was against her morals. Lu felt supreme and in complete control. He leaned forward and whispered, “It time for slut to get fucked. You feel cock and show Lu how you like being his slut… put hand on cock!”

Her mind was totally confused. Kim knew that sex with a man was not something she would normally do, but she just couldn’t grasp any reason for not obeying Lu. She could feel no shame and the repulsing request seemed far too commanding to refuse. Her fingers wrapped around his skinny shaft holding his pulsating ramrod out from his body. Kim spread her legs wide and allowed the old man to shuffle between them until he was almost touching her crotch.

Lu could have easily shoved his pecker into Kim but he wanted her to debase herself so he waited. The young woman sat on the very edge of the operating chair unable to move away from the man. The chair was a perfect height and it placed his pecker so close to Kim’s pussy that both Lori and Julia could imagine the inevitable. Slowly, Kim’s hand moved up and down his cock making him a very happy man. Lu’s pecker throbbed madly but he wanted more. His hips jerked forward indicating one thing to Kim. Still in a trance, she pulled the head of his cock to her opening. She gasped out loud when her pussy lips spread surrounding the flared head much to the old man’s delight.

The heat of her volcano was like an inferno to Lu. He had intended to prolong and hold off the intercourse, but he couldn’t hold still for a measly second. He thrust with all his might to bury his weapon to the hilt. His hips began to vibrate with intense lust while his hands went to Kim’s ass pulling her body forward. Lu dug his sharp fingertips into her flesh but still there was no pain in the young woman’s head.

Her words were slurred as her mouth moved slow but Lori had no trouble discerning what Kim said. “I am… am a… a slut. Fuck me… yes, fuck me,” Kim said not knowing any better. She fully understood her role and complied with Lu’s wishes. Her upper body fell back on the padded, leather chair and Lu fucked his helpless wench with lost abandonment.

“I’m your slut… slut… slut,” she whispered with her words trailing off into the extraordinary climax by the old man. Her head rolled from side to side as if she was lost. Lu’s hips were a blur as he pumped his hard, skinny cock in and out of Kim with the same passion he experienced with Lori. He actually stared at the beautiful, older woman while fantasizing about having sex with not only Kim but Lori and Julia as well.

Lu’s temperament changed so fast that Lori almost didn’t have time to put Kim’s clothes back on. The orgasm had drained the old man and his passion was replaced by feelings of guilt and remorse. “You go now. Go!” Lu said voicing his wishes with a stern tone.

Lori was at her best displaying motherly love towards the young woman. Kim was like a rag doll and moved her body in conjunction with Lori’s instructions. Quickly, Lori dressed Kim and the three left the tattoo parlor in a rush. Julia could see her mother had her hands full so she drove while the two women got in the backseat. Lori was protective and hugged the still groggy woman as Julia drove them home.

Andy heard the car enter the garage. He quickly went to the door just as the three women got out of the car. His beautiful, young daughter had a concerned look on her face but it was his wife that he paid attention to. She helped their young neighbor as if the woman was drunk staggering and stumbling with every move.

Slowly they made their way into the house, as Andy waited for an explanation. “That man did it to her. He made that little bastard do it. He made Lu pierce her nipples… Oh gawd, he made him put that disgusting tattoo on her body,” Lori said knowing Andy would know which tattoo. She tried to explain everything in just a few seconds taking fast and furious.

Wanting to know all the sordid details, her husband was overly excited. He helped his wife guide the staggering woman into the house until the pair fell onto the living room sofa. Lori kept her arms around the young woman in a display of affection that made Andy wonder about her motives. Intently Andy listened to every word Lori said, and with each passing minute, he was getting more and more aroused.

Lori started and ended her brief explanation with the visit to Lu’s parlor. Although the fantasy and thoughts of what might have happened last evening and through the night filled Andy’s head with immense images of lesbian lust, he was willing to wait. After all, he was horny as hell hearing all about nipple piercing and pussy tattoos and wanted desperately to see the changes to his wife’s luscious tits.

Andy was utterly dismayed when Lori finished her torrid story and she left the living room with her girlfriend. The women were arm in arm as they went into the couple’s spare bedroom. Andy watched his wife close the door and his jaw hit the floor with the daring display of valor.

Andy rushed down the hallway putting his ear to the door listening carefully to every sound. “I’m so dizzy. Oh God, what happened there? What did he do? Oh my God… my breasts… my pussy… the tattoo… but did he screw me when I was out?” the young woman whispered. She had vaguely heard Lori telling her husband about a tattoo, but could not bring herself to believe Lu had intercourse with her while she was out.

Reasoning that he would be listening, Lori didn’t care if or what her husband heard. “You poor dear. The little bastard put the tattoo down there because Ken ordered him to do it.” Andy heard the rustling of what was most likely clothing being removed. Then noises indicating the women were getting comfortable on the bed made Andy’s heart beat faster in anticipation.

Kim’s head was clear of cobwebs with no more affects from the sedation. Often dominant and forceful, she relished the reassuring caresses from the woman of her dreams. “Here, let me rub some of this cream on you,” Lori said making Andy’s heart skip a few beats. He envisioned his wife’s hands touching the young woman not only cleansing her newly tattooed pelvis but her tits and between her legs.

He almost burst through the door at the sound of Kim’s voice. “Yes, yes my love. Do that, oh yes…”

Andy kept his ear plastered to the door. “Oh, God yes! Suck me… suck it like that. Suck the bastard’s cum out of me and make me… Oh, God you make me want to cum when you do that.”

Lori ignored the rustling noises outside the door and licked her young, lover’s pussy with a passion that made her extremely happy.

Suddenly everything went quiet inside the bedroom. Then there were sounds of someone bouncing on a mattress, or possibly thrashing on a mattress as well as someone sobbing. Andy correctly assumed they were not cries of sadness or sorrow but ones of lustful joy. The pain or soreness from any of Lu’s work was overshadowed by the expert cunnilingus, which had quickly turned Kim into a quivering wreck.

That was all Andy would get a chance to hear and imagine. His heart stopped immediately by the sound of his daughter’s voice. “Daddy! Daddy what are you doing?”


When Kim woke up in the morning and slowly came to her senses, she became aware that she was in a strange bed. It did not bother her too much as the most comforting arms of her angel were holding her in a hugging embrace. The affection and show of compassion made the young woman feel relaxed. She closed her eyes trying to take in the numerous sensations floating through her head. It was so quiet and peaceful in the room that Kim relished the feeling of tranquility. There was a sheet over the two women and gradually Kim realized she was not wearing any clothing.

Kim was well aware that her nipples were sore for a very good reason. Ken’s orders were to get them pierced by Lu and the dull, throbbing ache of her two precious buds was the result. ‘But that was all that was suppose to happen,’ she reasoned. Her mind was in dreamland but suddenly there was a burning sensation on her upraised pelvis. She was afraid to consider or find out what the strange feeling was but slowly her hand went to her pelvis. Her breath caught as she felt a sore, a pictorial that surely was the result of being at the tattoo parlor.

It was coming back to her little by little. The first memory of last night was being in Lori’s living room. Kim recalled the most comforting feeling of being in Lori’s arms and of the realization that she loved the woman. Slowly it was coming back. Suddenly, a vision of being in Lori’s bedroom came to her and again she felt the loving embrace of being in her arms. Then the scene forwarded to the glorious, most vibrant feeling of Lori making love to her.

A tiny shiver shot through her body with the sudden recollection that Lori had explained what happened to her. Lori filled in the black hole in time. Kim’s mind went over what was said before falling into a dead sleep. “While you were sedated, he put the padlocks on your nipples,” Lori had whispered. She then went on to tell Kim how erotic and seductive she thought they looked. Lori told her that they excited her and filled her with desire, which made Kim feel a lot better about having her nipples pierced.

Lori had fully understood how distraught Kim was after regaining her senses. She had comforted and hugged Kim when they lay on the bed knowing it was better to remove any uncertainty about what happened. She purposely told Kim the truth. “He put the Seahawk tattoo down there. And then… and then he pulled down his pants and had sex with you,” she whispered confirming what Kim already suspected.

“It’s okay. You couldn’t do anything about it. Lu sedated you. I would have given anything to scratch his eyes out but he threatened us. And then he just threw us out of the place as if we were common sluts,” Lori had explained.

Kim couldn’t bear to look at the way her body had been permanently disfigured. She felt like crying but quickly reasoned it would do no good. She had to remain strong for the woman of her dreams. The loving feeling grew stronger between the two and they lay quietly in each other’s arms, as the sun came up. Suddenly the younger woman rolled on her side. She took command of the situation by pinning Lori’s arms at her sides while gazing into her eyes. Kim conveyed her emotions with a mere look and kissed Lori on the lips.


The party had taken Ken weeks to set up. First he had to find a time that was safe to host a gangbang. Also, he had to wait for the anointed bodies to heal enough so that the women could have sex. Lu had been very specific in warning Ken that it would take a few weeks for the piercing and especially the tattoo to heal properly.

Ken remembered the reaction of the three women when he told them they were invited to his party. He mockingly used the term “invited” knowing full well they understood it was more than an invite. He had caught Lori on her way home from work. “Hi sweetheart. You’re looking gorgeous and I’ve missed you,” he said while boldly mauling her fabulous boobs. “We’re going to make up for lost time. Let’s have a drink at my place. C’mon over at 7 and bring Julia with you,” he said making it sound more like an order than a request.

Ken saw the worried look on Lori face. “Don’t worry sweetheart, we just need to have a little talk, that’s all.” Then seeing the anxiety fade somewhat from her face, he added with a laugh, “Of course, with you two beautiful bitches so close, something may come up.” Seeing the apprehension return, Ken amusedly wondered if it was more fun fucking with her head than fucking her pussy.

Lori didn’t know why she looked at her watch. She saw that it was 5:30, which meant her neighbor wanted her over at his place in just over an hour. It certainly would not be a problem to explain her predicament to Andy, as their relationship was not what it used to be. Andy realized his role of husband was changing on a daily basis because of Ken’s influences. It did make him jealous to some degree but upon contemplation, Andy quickly decided it was beyond his control. He determined that Ken held plenty of blackmail material enabling him to have complete control over his family.

Julia was a different matter. Lori was at wits end trying to protect her darling. She was very uncomfortable with how things had developed seeing how her Julia had fallen into Ken’s cleaver trap. It was utterly strange seeing her very own daughter willingly become one of Ken’s devoted ‘pieces of ass’, a remark he used often. Lori cringed when Ken called Julia his personal slut but that’s exactly what it seemed like, she reasoned.

Lori went into the house knowing Julia was home because it was break period at the college she attended. “Hi, Mom. Hey, Ken has invited us over for a drink tonight. Isn’t that fantastic?” Julia said enthusiastically making her mother’s knees almost buckle. Lori almost flew into an instant rage hearing that Ken had already spoken to her daughter. ‘Gawd,’ she thought, ‘what else happened while I was at work?’ The many drastic scenarios gave Lori fits of trepidation so she quickly retired to her bedroom. She tried to console herself in the quiet sanctity until it was time to get ready for the upcoming rendezvous.

She dressed conservatively not wanting to convey the wrong impression. Her stomach was churning madly when she stepped into the living room and for good reason. She must explain where she was going to Andy and also take their beloved daughter with her to meet Ken. Her husband readily accepted the planned appointment knowing their neighbor held all the cards forcing the couple to comply with his every devious demand.

Lori and Andy turned their heads at the sound of Julia entering the room and the parents almost fainted. Julia was dressed like she was going out on a romantic date. She wore a black dress that was far more provocative than a woman would wear to visit a strange man.

“You’re not going there dressed like that,” Lori said in a stern voice. “Julia! For gawd sake darling, you can’t go to Ken’s dressed like that.”

“Mother, it’s okay! He gave me this expensive dress telling me to wear it. You know I can’t disappoint him,” Julia whispered hoping her mother understood.

Lori wanted to yell, even scream to relieve some pent up stress. She desperately wanted to tell her daughter that she looked like a woman of the night wanting to turn a trick. Julia’s abundant breasts were barely covered by the swooping neckline and it was very obvious she was not wearing a bra. Her large nipples were clearly recognizable as the thin, satiny material clung to the protruding buds like crazy glue. The flaunting gesture sent a shiver of anxiety through Lori wondering how Ken would react to her daughter’s picture of outstanding desire.

The dress hugged Julia’s curves letting all know she was a well-built, sexy woman. The hemline was short barely dropping below her crotch. Lori remembered mini shirts from years ago but she was sure they were not that short. The dress was extremely tight yet no indication of any under garment was evident which made Lori wonder.

Julia spoke up sending a shock wave through her parents. “Mr. Patterson gave me this gorgeous outfit, the dress and shoes, and said that I should wear them tonight,” she said with an innocent smile across her pretty face. Lori desperately wanted to warn her daughter but knew it would do little good. The two women were like zombies, as they slowly walked next door to meet with destiny.

The evil bastard purposely showed his superiority. He welcomed the two with a hug and a kiss but it was the embrace with the younger woman that told a tale. Ken put his arms around Julia and his right hand went to her luscious butt. He made sure her back was facing her mother and then he purposely pulled the hemline upward. The only thing keeping Lori upright was sheer determination to survive. Her daughter’s bare ass was displayed like a trophy by the domineering man and Lori fully understood what he intended for the evening.

Ken’s eyes meet Lori’s and he gave her a smile. “Come in. We only have a short time so I want to make sure you all know what I have in mind,” he said leading Julia into the adjourning living room where Kim was already seated. Lori followed not wanting to leave her daughter alone with the man. Kim greeted the two newcomers with a nervous smile but felt much better when Lori crossed the room to sit beside her.

He called them his harem making Kim and Lori mad. It did not bother Julia at all and Ken played the angle like a fiddle. “Well girls,” he began looking directly at Julia. “I need four sexy barmaids for my Sunday football party next week.”

Lori’s face turned cold with the news. She had already been a waitress at Ken’s first football affair and knew the consequences. Kim sat beside her with a dumb look on her face but not Julia. “I am assuming you mean us three… and I know a perfect girl to join us. Sally, one of Kim’s friends in her sorority,” Julia said shocking both her mother and Kim.

Neither woman was able to speak but it did not stop Julia. “Sally and I get along real good… real good, and I am sure she will come if I ask her. You’ll like her,” Julia said hoping to make him happy. She wasn’t thinking straight causing her to blabber on and on, which made Ken laugh at the discomfort shown by the other two women. “Sally has a sexy body. She is tall… slim… and in fact, she looks like one of those Amazons you hear about. She has the nicest boobs,” she declared. “And she’s shaved just the way you like. You know, Sally’s the only girl I’ve done it with… more than once,” Julia said digging the deepest hole much to the amazement of her mother.

Ken proceeded to explain his plans to the three women. He told them when and where without giving them too much detail into what was going to happen. It was the same pretext he used with Lori for the earlier football party and she squirmed in her seat thinking about what happened with Ken’s buddies. They certainly were a lot like Ken and acted in the same, purely chauvinistic manner.

Hearing Ken say he wanted them all to wear the barmaid attire, which Lori was all too familiar with, sent a shiver up Lori’s spine. He jokingly assured them that it would be no trouble getting three more of the skimpy outfits. Even the location brought back memories to Lori. The business friend of Ken’s was taking his family on another vacation. Ken conveniently used the excuse for another promotional shoot for his hot tub company and his friend readily agreed to allow him the use of his nicely secluded home.

Suddenly, Ken took the meeting one step farther. “It’s been nice having three gorgeous, sexy women in for a visit. But Hell, I’m horny and need a blowjob from one of you lovely women,” he whispered. Kim and Lori sat with stunned looks while Julia appeared excited by the proposal.

The three looked at each other. Lori instantly saw a look on her daughter’s pretty face that made her stomach shudder with fright. Although she, herself, did entertain the prospect of such a demeaning act, she would never do it in front of others. Lori’s look of disapproval to her daughter did nothing to discourage Julia.

Julia immediately noticed the reluctance from the other two so she gracefully walked across the room. Julia stood directly in front of Ken not wanting to proceed without being persuaded by her master. She wanted to make it to seem nonconsensual for appearances sake.

Ken was in his glory. He understood how Julia wanted to be physically persuaded to fulfill his wicked desires so he became the consummate actor. He grabbed a handful of Julia’s hair and twisted her head to the side. The resultant whimpering noises that the young woman uttered gave the scene a most surreal appearance.

He leaned forward putting his lips to the woman’s ear. “Sweetheart! You are going to show these two how a real slut is suppose to act,” he said before kissing her on the mouth. They locked in a passionate embrace but Ken did not keep his hands still. Julia’s back was to the women so he gave them a picturesque view they would not soon forget. His right hand was on Julia’ butt. He innocently pulled upward until the bottom hem of the short skirt was all the way up to her waist. Ken purposely broke the kiss for a second whispering his next command. “Spread those gorgeous legs sweetheart, I want to feel that wet pussy.”

Julia was on another planet, wet and hornier than she had been in days. She did as Ken requested. Lori shuddered and fell into the arms of the one woman who she could trust. “It’s okay. He’s doing this just to make you jealous and mad,” Kim whispered hugging the woman of her dreams. Lori closed her eyes not able to watch how the man degraded her very own daughter. She was very aware that Ken would have a camera or two somewhere, recording the whole episode for posterity and his own profit.

Kim saw the exhibitionism of a young woman who really didn’t know what she was doing. Her legs were spread enabling anyone behind her to see the hazy shadow of what could easily be deciphered as glistening pussy lips. Ken’s middle finger easily separated the wet lips bringing a squeal of delight from his slave. When his fingers closed on the throbbing, exposed bud, Julia began sobbing out loud. She was positive that an orgasm was imminent if Ken kept touching her most sensitive trigger.

Suddenly Julia emitted a gasp of wonderment when Ken forced her down to her knees. There was a large bulge in the front of his jeans sending a tremor of anticipation through her body. Then her dainty hands went to work. The sound of a zipper being lowered drifted across the room to waiting ears. Slowly, almost like she was teasing someone, Julia lowered his pants along with his shorts.

All of a sudden, the long, quivering shaft bounced barely an inch from Julia’s flushed face. Her eyes opened wide, as she stared at Ken’s cock knowing exactly what to do. She put her left hand at the base of his hard pecker and her right hand in the middle of the thick shaft. When her hands started moving in opposite directions, Ken smiled across the room. He was determined to give the two, awestruck women the show of their lives. ‘I’m just the man to do it,’ he reasoned.

“That’s it honey. stroke my cock. Get it hard. Nice and hard,” he whispered never taking his eyes off his audience. “Fuck sweetheart. Your mouth… it’s so fucking hot. You know how to make a man happy.”

Lori cringed at his every word. She struggled not to, but she had to watch. Her eyes opened to the sight of his magnificent cock, which sent a tremor through her body. Her eyes burnt watching her daughter giving the shameless man a blowjob. Julia sucked the head of Ken’s penis while her right hand did not stop stroking up and down along the hard shaft. Her tongue swirled around the flared rim bringing a wide smile of contentment to her man.

Suddenly, Ken reached down and easily slipped his hands inside the loose fitting dress. The front gapped out from her body and Ken cupped Julia’s boobies in his big, calloused hands. Julia did not object when he popped her titties out of the flimsy shelter exposing her luscious boobs. She seemed to push out her chest as if offering him both breasts. Ken swiftly pushed the top of the dress off her shoulders while Julia shifted her arms out of the top so that it fell to her waist. He groped her titties at will rolling the stiff pebbles around and around to make them rock hard.

Lori could not remember watching anything so raunchy or crude, yet the scene was purely erotic. Tremors rumbled through her belly as her daughter paid homage to the cock that had given herself much pleasure on many previous occasions. Suddenly, a scene so dramatic and powerful unfolded before her very eyes. Julia made loud sucking noises while her cheeks caved in. Her throat made desperate swallowing gestures and Lori knew Julia was drinking Ken’s cum. He twisted his fingers in Julia’s hair pretending to force her head to remain on his cock but there was no need for pretenses.

The young woman willingly sucked his cock. Everything she did was done by instinctive reaction without realizing just how wantonly shameless it appeared to someone watching. Kim pulled the head of the swollen pecker from her mouth and squeezed as hard as she could on the thick shaft. Her left hand tightened around the base of Ken’s cock while she kept moving her right hand back and forth in a milking fashion. Her eyes were ablaze seeing the last remnants of white, creamy liquid being squeezed from the tip. She stuck out her tongue to catch each drop making a great show of swallowing the cum much to Lori’s dismay.

The two women trembled as they watched the young woman drink the last drops of cum. Ken was speechless as Julia used her strength to squeeze his pulsating muscle. It was far more than he expected and he relished the best blowjob of his life, which was probably due to having two, captivated onlookers.

“Honey, you’re the best. You must have learned that from your mother,” Ken whispered sending shock waves through all the women.

Kim had her arm around Lori’s shoulders in comforting fashion. She could feel the older woman’s body trembling from being forced to watch her daughter debase herself with the disgusting man. Kim could tell Lori was distraught and needed a soft shoulder.

Lori and Kim listened to Ken’s murmurings and lewd, wet sucking sounds, but both knew it was merely a matter of time before they could break away and escape, or at least escape for the time being. The two lovers had not been idle since the eventful episode at Lu’s tattoo parlor. The meetings were consensual and both women realized that a special bond had been formed between the two. Andy wondered at his wife’s sudden interest in such a young, na├»ve woman but the thought of Lori having an affair with another woman did not bother him. On the contrary! He felt totally aroused by the fantasy of two women having sex, which most men found thoroughly exciting.

Eventually Ken was satisfied. He grinned from ear to ear having the young woman stroke his cock and give him a most rewarding blowjob while her mother watched helpless to prevent it. Julia used her teeth to nibble on the head of his softening cock and each time she ran her sharp teeth across the flared rim, Ken uttered his approval. The young woman’s mind was overly aroused making her body tremble with an uncommon, burning lust. Julia was horny. She felt a dire need for the vulgar man who seemed to control her every need.

His time was almost up. Ken knew his wife was with her woman’s club for their monthly get together and was due home in less than an hour. Suddenly the phone rang. “Ken, sorry but I won’t be home for at least two hours, probably more. You remember Ann? Well her parents were in a very serious auto accident and she needs someone to talk to,” Helen told her husband as he merely nodded and uttered an occasional ah-ha. “Her mother is serious but her dad is in critical condition. She can’t get a flight out to Denver until morning so I’ll stay with her for awhile. Poor girl… she’s taking it pretty hard. I’ll call you when I leave so you won’t have to worry.”

Ken marveled at his good fortune. He set down the phone noticing the questioning look on the three woman’s faces. Julia’s fingers never left his semi-hard cock and he could tell his young slut was not ready to quit.

Kim noticed the smug grin on Ken’s face. She was disgusted by his animal instincts and could hardly wait to get out of his house. Lori felt dismayed at what her daughter had done, but also aroused. She shivered realizing she was actually jealous to some degree. She wished it was herself sucking Ken’s big cock as much to fulfill her own lust as to protect her precious Julia.

Ken grinned from ear to ear having the young woman stroke his pecker. He had not anticipated further stimulation but the news from his wife sent a tremor of excitement through his mind. “That’s right slut, keep sucking it. Suck it until I tell you to stop,” he said much to the dismay of Kim and Lori. The young woman skillfully coated his pecker with saliva enabling her to run her hand up and down much easier.

To Lori’s alarm, she saw that Ken’s cock jerk a few times as if it was hardening again. ‘Oh, gawd, he’s not finished. Oh, my!’ Lori’s brain screamed while her eyes admired the erotic masturbation by Julia’s dainty hands. Lori wasn’t sure of her motive for wanting Julia to stop touching Ken’s cock so she sat quietly with her eyes glued to what her daughter was doing.

“That’s it, show your mother how you can make a man’s cock hard,” hissed Ken as he neared full erection. Julia’s mouth engulfed the big, flared head and her hand pumped the foreskin up and down the thick shaft feeling it getting harder.

“That was good news,” he said and waited. He watched Kim’s face twist with agony while the other two merely looked at him with expectations. “Helen won’t be home for some time… It’s time to fuck,” he growled suddenly grabbing Julia by the hair. He pulled her upright and asked, “You wanna fuck?” Not waiting for an answer he quickly added, “Yeah, you wanna fuck. Don’t you, slut?”

The words sent shivers through the three women; only Julia’s shivers were of eager anticipation of Ken’s thick cock filling her like no other man could. Ken easily led the young woman by the hair to the plush sofa where her mother sat with her girlfriend lover. He made Julia stand up straight in front of the women. Then with one swift motion, he stripped the dress from her body leaving her naked save for the stiletto heels. He brusquely shoved her forward so that she fell over the padded armrest of the sofa.

“Spread your legs, slut!” he whispered locking his eyes on Lori. Helplessly, Lori watched as Ken, only a mere two feet away, took up a position behind her beautiful daughter. His stiff rod was poised to ravish Julia and he grinned at her mother.

“Lori, what do you think? How about putting it in this slut’s cunt,” he whispered sending a violent tremor though not only Julia, but Lori and Kim as well.

“Oh, gawd, no,” Kim whispered knowing the soul of her lover was being shredded by the dirty bastard.

Lori still had a sliver of decency but it was hanging perilously by a thread. His evil request stunned her so that she sat immobilized staring at the man she considered her master. “You heard me, sweetheart. Come put it in for me,” Ken said watching his words have a desired affect on the two women sitting on the sofa.

Later that night, Lori would wonder why, why she did what he ordered. But at the precise moment, there was no wondering and only obedience. With her will to resist stripped away like her daughters clothes, Lori rose even though Kim tried to restrain her.

She stood beside her master. Ken’s dagger pointed at Julia’s exposed backside and it made Lori’s tummy shudder in anticipation. He surprised Lori by putting his muscular arm around her slender shoulders drawing her closer. Ken made her stand within the small space between his slut and the front of his body.

Ken felt total domination but his greed was profound. “You know babe, before I fuck her, I think this slut needs her pussy licked. What do you think, Mom?” he said with an evil grin.

Lori almost passed out with Ken’s horrifying suggestion. Kim instantly rose to her feet in defense of dream woman. She quickly interjected, “I’ll do it, you bastard!”

“Do you want to do it, or do you want Kimmie to lick her cunt?” he whispered to the distraught mother.

Ken’s attention suddenly shifted to Kim. “I’m sure you will, Kim darling. Very well, we’ll just let Mom watch for the time being.” The way he said it sent a shiver of mysterious torture through Lori.

Kim glanced at Lori, but the older woman was just starring at Ken’s cock barely inches from her daughter’s precious, defenseless snatch. Kim came round to Ken’s other side and attempted to interpose herself between him and Julia. Ken wouldn’t budge but instead grasped the bottom of Kim’s shirt and pulled it upward.

“How about if we all get naked before this bitch gets fucked?” Both Kim and Lori realized that this was an order and not a question. “I want you two naked when we fuck this bitch… Now Lori! You too, Kim, Strip!”

Ken was very pleased at how things were going. With very little effort on his part, he was now surround by three naked and very desirable women, all of whom he could bend to his wishes at will. “Damn! Would you look at all these knockers! I don’t know which pair of tits look the best!”

Kim shuddered as his big, work-roughened hand groped her tit. “Gorgeous, absolutely gorgeous! Just love the nipple locks sweetheart. Old Lu did a fine job on you. You know, he told me you let him fuck you. You didn’t have to, as I didn’t pay him so he could screw your sweet cunt,” he said smiling at Kim. “The old bugger said it was the second best pussy he ever had… Oh don’t look that way. He fucked Lori when she got her tattoo too, but she fucked him back, didn’t you Lori?”

Lori’s face turned beat red from the immense embarrassment. The reminder of the drastic affair made her almost sick to her stomach thinking of how she acted in such an immoral fashion. ‘Oh gawd, she thought, ‘how in the world could I do that with such a despicable man?’

Ken wanted to humiliate her even more. “Look at that, Lori remembers it well, too. Brings back fond memories, eh?” He suddenly yanked on the back of Julia’s head by twisting his fingers through her hair. He twisted her upper body towards her mother. “See honey. Your mother is a slut too. She fucked old man Lu and had an orgasm from Hell with his little pecker inside her slut cunt,” he said bringing total shame to his slaves.

Grinning at the plight of mother and daughter, Ken turned his attention back to Kim. “Now before things get too out of hand, I want to have a good look at that tattoo on your cunt, Kimmie. It was a special order, you know, and I paid good money for it. Now just hop up on the back of the sofa there, and show me the hawk.”

Kim shuddered from the demeaning request. Thinking that things would only get worse if she resisted, she slowly obeyed his derogatory command. How wrong she was! Nothing fueled Ken’s dominance more than submission to his demands, as his greed merely increased with each surrender.

Kim was so close to Ken that she could feel his breathing. She sort of sat or lay on the padded corner of the sofa’s upright, back cushion using her hands to remain steady. At the sight of his mark, Ken’s cock surged to renewed vigor. He grabbed Kim’s right leg stretching it outward with his left hand until it rested over Julia’s back. His right hand started at her left knee and began a trek towards paradise. Her entire body shuddered at his touch as his fingers left a stinging trail across her shapely thigh to her exposed crotch.

Normally, Kim would have been repulsed by his touch to her most private parts. His damning fingers traced the outline of the Seahawk tattoo pausing at the tip of the beak. Suddenly his forefinger dipped into the wet folds seeking the treasure he knew was Kim’s downfall.

Time stood still. Ken and Kim looked into each other’s eyes while she bit her lower lip harder than she intended. He pinched the tiny butterfly between his fingers and rolled it around in the wetness that was becoming a river. Kim felt so much shame that she wanted to die. Ken grinned and molested the young woman keeping her in the defenseless position with her legs splayed. She could only imagine what it looked like to the woman of her dreams as the vulgar man boldly stimulated her.

Ken let go of her right leg. Suddenly both of his hands went to work. His thumbs held the pussy lips apart and his finger toyed with the exposed clitoris ever so lightly. Kim could not stand to look at the grinning older man and closed her eyes disgusted by all that was happening.

His finger swiped across the pink clit moving faster and faster. As quick as he began, he paused his raid on the lesbian’s pussy. “Look at me,” he whispered. “Look at me, slut,” he ordered the shivering woman.

Kim opened her eyes and saw the predatory look in Ken’s eyes. Suddenly, he pushed two fingers into her vagina until he was buried deep. He mashed against her clit with his thumb rolling the bud around and around. Her instinctive reaction to use her arms to stop him was halted by his stern glare. Kim desperately wanted to fight the man but knew the safety of the other women depended on her strict obedience.

She let the man finger-fuck her while Lori and Julia looked on. But it was the strumming of her most sensitive clit with his thumb that did the most damage to her iron-will. She could not remember being so wet and it seemed like her cunt was sopping with abundant juices. Kim was utterly shocked at the drastic affect Ken was having on her emotions even though she hated the man. She could not understand how her desires were increasing to unbearable levels from being treated like one of his personal sluts.

Kim was a violin string and Ken played the right tune. He knew where her G-spot was and pressed it hard with his rough finger while keeping his thumb flicking the extended clitoris. If there was one thing that drove Kim crazy with lust it was dirty talk. “That tattoo makes your cunt look ravishing. The beak points into the slit showing me where to go. Only a slut who wants to get fucked with a big, hard cock lets a man finger-fuck her.”

Ken was in his glory. “Look at those fucking padlocks. They make your tits look totally gorgeous… and like they belong to a master… me. My fingers are so fucking wet… your slut cunt is dripping juices all over me,” he said giving her clit a vicious pull. His fingers locked on the swollen bud and pulled it out from its shelter making her hips jump.

“Tonight slut, you’ll cum on my dick or suffer the consequences. I hope you’re willing to protect your lover, and her little piece of ass daughter that is going to get fucked right now,” he said smiling at Kim. Strangely, she found his promise more stimulating than nauseating.

Ken loved the challenge. “Now, you’ve got some pussy eating to do,” he whispered pulling his fingers out of her pussy wiping them all over her tits. Kim could not remember a time where anyone treated her is such a depraved manner. She hated herself for not putting up a struggle and for not finding his disrespectful actions more offensive. If she didn’t know better, there were initial spasms of an orgasm deep inside her tender being, but that could not be true, she reasoned.

Suddenly, Ken pinched her titty. He grabbed the shiny, golden lock and forced her off the sofa onto her feet. “Get to it!” he ordered. “Let’s see a real lesbian eat pussy.”

Kim sank to the floor between the two bodies. She scooted into position behind Julia. It wasn’t until she buried her face in Julia upturned backside that Ken let her go. The sight of her licking a girl’s cunt sent

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