Lori – A Neighbor’s Delight Ch15(Real ch15)

Author: Kacey1999

By Kacey1999
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This chapter is the final hours of Ken’s party and I call it ‘After Midnight.’

Lori – A Neighbor’s Delight – After Midnight

In reality, many of the rides were short and sweet. Each man dearly wanted and yearned to fuck one of Ken’s sexy sluts for 10 minutes, for 30 minutes, or even an hour, but much of his stamina was gone early in the evening. Watching the intense lesbian affairs and then having the women give such stupendous blowjobs had robbed Ken’s pals of their staying power.

Once Ken’s buddies got their hands on a woman’s naked body, their stamina was rated in measly minutes rather than hours. Even before arriving at the party, all the men were filled with immense desire from hearing all of Ken’s promises about his loyal sluts. No man could withstand the heat of a woman’s volcano once his mind was filled with extreme lust.

Ken’s plan was to keep one woman for the whole night but after watching the gangbangs, he suddenly changed his mind. He watched Lori and her lovely daughter realizing he felt a unique bond with both. ‘Yes… by fuck, I’ll keep them both,’ he mused with a devilish grin on his face.

It was almost midnight when the orgy broke up. Ken’s buddies departed but he was just beginning. He had explained his entire plan to Sean and Troy well ahead of time so they knew their Dad had reasons to be alone with the women. They also knew enough not to question his orders so they departed immediately after the other men. The teenagers went upstairs and waited in the living room knowing their Dad would ensure they were fully entertained.

“You two sluts can leave,” Ken informed Kim and Sally. “Go upstairs and amuse my boys. See if you can handle a real man,” he whispered laughing at his intended humor. Turning to Lori he added, “But you and Julia are staying,” he said. “All night!”

The instructions were profound. Lori was absolutely stunned and stared at Ken trying to decide if she could disobey. His stern look and knowing what evidence he used to blackmail her so far, she quickly chose obedience over a disastrous alternative. Kim and Sally, both having been ravaged and used beyond their wildest expectations, were only too glad to escape the dungeon. They wanted to get as far away from Ken, as possible, even though they felt sympathy for the two who had to stay.


Ken was going to spend the whole night with two sexy women and the thought made him shudder with anticipation. Alone with Lori and her daughter, he put his arm around their shoulders leading them back to the lovenest. ‘Enjoy little buddy… you’re about to watch you’re precious little girl turn her mother into the biggest slut… enjoy,’ Ken merely mouthed the words while looking directly into the remote camera.

Andy could not tell what Ken said. He watched the man mouth something but it was the wicked grin on his face that made Andy shudder knowing the night was not finished. His grip on the joystick was firm and inflexible. Andy watched his naked wife and daughter standing with Ken at the side of the cluttered bedroom theater. Ken turned so that he was facing the camera and used a very subtle movement of his hips to put his flaccid penis into a swaying motion. Andy caught sight of Ken’s cock realizing that even in such a limp condition, the man’s cock was bigger, thicker and longer than his own.

Julia was hot. So hot that she did not care anymore about appearances or what her mother thought about her actions. Finally she felt alone with her master. There was so much Julia wanted to show Ken. She imagined how impressed he would be when she informed him that she was no longer on the birth control pill. Julia had shoved the anxiety of how long it would be before she was fertile to the back of her mind. She merely hoped it would take two or three weeks before she could conceive.

Julia glanced across the room to the sleepy dog. Rex was lying beside one of the large sofas. Julia wondered what she could do to show her utter devotion to Ken and seek his approval. She remembered Ken telling her during one of the times he banged her that he wanted her to suck Rex’s bulging cockmeat. Julia could not imagine anything more revolting or disgusting, yet her stomach churned with an excited anticipation. It would be the ultimate sacrifice for any master and one Julia would be willing to make for Ken. Yes, she decided, she would have sex with Ken’s beloved pet; suck his doggie cock just to show her loyalty to the man.

All of a sudden Ken put his muscular arm around her. She let Ken kiss her and it was obvious that it was French. Their mouths parted for brief moments but their tongues kept intertwined in loving fashion.

Ken’s hand dropped to her baby-bald pelvis, as they fell in unison to the soft, king-sized play-area. Julia knew he wanted to get between her legs so she spread them. The tip of his finger instantly found the wetness. He coated his middle finger and slowly brought it up to the young woman’s face holding it boldly in front of her eyes. In a sudden display of intimidation, Ken moved his finger to her lips and allowed Julia to lick it clean.

He performed the vulgar action two more times before Julia became desperate. His hand shifted downward for one more lewd pass through her soaked pussy when she grabbed his hand holding it directly over her essence. She felt his finger press hard and spread her swollen labia. She placed her middle finger over his to keep it inside her slit. “I need you… oh God, please do that. Touch me like that… oh God I… I.. oh fuck me darling,” Julia moaned with lust and desire in her shaky voice.

The makeshift bed was a big one with lots of room. Lori suddenly assumed she was watching two animals and wanted no part of it. Slowly she moved to the far side of the mattress trying to keep her distance. Determined to remain aloof, she sat down and put her arms around her upturned knees hugging them for comfort.

Lori could not believe how her daughter almost attacked the man. There certainly was no holding back from Ken. His instantaneous reaction to Julia’s sexy body never ceased to amaze Lori as she watched his ramrod once again grow erect. Instinctively, Julia’s right hand reached for Ken’s engorging cock, encouraging it to grow in her fingers. Deep down, her mother felt a tiny bit of envy.

The two seemed to ignore Lori. It felt strange sitting all by herself watching her daughter aggressively fondle Ken. Lori would never know why she felt the urge to touch herself. It started out very innocently. She sat huddled far removed from the groping couple and there seemed to be a tingling, smoldering sensation between her thighs. Her dainty fingers slipped between her legs but did not go immediately to her pussy. She caressed and embraced her tummy, her thighs, and her pelvis but she refused to touch her wetness, which seemed to be increasing at a rapid rate.

Suddenly Lori’s eyes wandered to the small camera monitor sitting on the nearby bookshelf. She could barely make out the shadowy figures on the screen. Lori sat on the rising and falling mattress and realized that on screen, her dear friend was getting fucked, fucked by Andy of all people. Little did Lori know that Kim was making the ultimate sacrifice just to get the upper hand on Ken. She would get the evidence and use it against Ken. All of a sudden, Lori’s fingers were moving furiously between her legs but she did not bemoan the fact. She was masturbating but no one seemed to care that she was being sinful.

Suddenly her daughter’s hand fisted Ken’s stiff erection with a determined fervor. Julia appeared overly eager to please the man and Lori found the scene very magical. Lori’s eyes shifted from the monitor screen and riveted on Julia’s hand moving up and down Ken’s oversized cock while her stomach filled with quivering anticipation. Lori could blame the shameful display of her hand suddenly moving feverishly on the long, perplexing evening. Her elegant fingers dipped into the puffy folds finding the ultimate pleasure switch.

Ken vowed to find the solution to the young woman’s dilemma. If she wanted to get fucked, he assuredly would be the man to comply with her wishes. His evil grin went unnoticed but the two women would be the benefactors of his devilish scheme.

He immediately set out to ensure each would reach a climax of profound latitudes. Before he got his rocks off, he would use cunnilingus to keep his reputation solidified in their minds. Julia stroked his stiff cock astounded that he always seemed to get a raging hard-on every time they were together. She put both hands on his dick expecting fulfillment when Ken fucked her like he always did. She willingly spread her legs when he insisted and the top of her head almost blew when he swooped into the open space between her thighs with his mouth.

Ken rolled his body around until he was between her widely spread legs. Julia had to let go of his hard cock and did so with a frantic groan. He was skilled and knew exactly how to eat-out a woman. To forgo an orgasm was worth it if he could completely satisfy both women, he reasoned.

Ken sucked Julia’s pussy like he had not eaten in days. He paid particular attention to the swollen clitoris and sucked the bud deep into his searing mouth. His tongue caressed it like an angel and the young woman didn’t know if she could prolong the ecstasy whelming up inside her belly. Suddenly he raised his head. “Tell her to get her ass over here. I want her to join us now!” he commanded indicating there was no other option.

Lori’s attention had been switching between the bookshelf monitor and the naked couple. She assumed Ken and Julia were too occupied to notice anything that she was doing. On the small screen were two naked bodies and Lori recognized her own bedroom. Suddenly a gruff, male voice broke her concentration and her fingers stopped. She heard Ken suggest that she move her ass across the wide theater area to join the frenzied pair.

That was all Lori saw of the action that happened next-door. She never saw the disappointment written on the young woman’s flustered face. Or that Kim gave Andy orders to burn a DVD copy of what happened at the party. Andy willingly did what Kim requested thinking anything that she did would also help his family. The last thing going through the married woman’s mind before joining the copulating couple on the far side of the mattress was how much she adored the young woman.

Julia teetered on the edge. The dirty bastard had taken her to heights where her staying power was hanging by a mere thread. She looked down her body and looked deeply into Ken’s dark eyes; his stern, unyielding gaze sent shivers through her body. Then he repeated his drastic request. “Tell her to get her ass over here!”

Slowly his face dipped and Julia saw his tongue dart outward. She never saw the tip hit her exposed clit but her body jerked so violently that it almost tossed him around. She looked over at her mother to see that her dainty hand was between her legs. Lori’s heavy breathing gave her away and Julia knew her mother had been masturbating like a little schoolgirl watching a porno movie.

“You can come… join us… join me with him and we can come together,” Julia whispered so softly it conveyed only true passion. Why she acted, Lori would never understand. She instantly rolled across the makeshift bed until she felt Ken’s hot, sweaty body.

Ken was on cloud nine. He rose up until he could look into Lori’s eyes and then grabbed her by the hair. “Sweetheart, I love it when you masturbate. You can do it for me again but right now… I need you to suck my cock,” he whispered with his face barely inches from Lori. “When I am finished eating your daughter, and she has the orgasm of her life, the two of us are going to do it to you!”

Lori couldn’t believe her ears. Never in a million years did she consider incest and thought it was immoral and disgusting. Strangely, what she just heard from Ken had nothing to do with love or devotion, but had everything to do with raw sex and lust. Ken had put her on a roller coaster riding the highest rails and he was in control of the speed.

She could not fathom the way her hips were quivering, almost thrashing on the satin sheets anticipating what Ken planned. Her belly was convulsing so madly even without any stimulation between her legs. Lori’s breathing was broken and ragged and she gasped trying to regain a semblance of control. Ken watched the woman’s instant obedience, as Lori’s hands reached out, and her fingers went around the thick shaft of his prick. He curled his lower body to the side so that Julia could see what her mother was doing. When Lori’s hot mouth sucked the flared head into her mouth, Ken deemed it was time to complete his mission.

He released his wench letting go of her hair. Ken lay on his side between Julia’s splayed legs allowing Lori enough freedom to suck his enlarged cock. He twisted his upper torso and reached for utopia. Ken’s hands went between Julia’s thighs and his fingers pressed on each of the puffy, pussy lips spreading them wide. Her clitoris lay entirely open for his assault seemingly throbbing like crazy but Julia was in another world. Ken teased the exposed clit with his tongue flicking it back and forth as fast as he could. Julia’s hips were out of control and Ken found it almost impossible to hold onto the bucking bronco. He could barely see over her upraised pelvis but noticed how she never took her eyes off what her mother was doing.

Julia never imagined how lust could consume every logical, reasonable thought in her head. Ecstasy had taken over her sanity. Her juices flowed into Ken’s hungry mouth and he swirled her vulnerable clitoris around in his mouth letting his saliva mix with her abundant juices. He used his middle finger like a small penis but it was far more skilled than any cock. The palm of his hand was facing upwards enabling him to curl his finger so that he attacked Julia’s panic button. He rubbed the G-spot vigorously and it was the end of her struggles. The orgasm exploded sending showers of brilliant light, a galaxy of stars through her head.

Ken finger-fucked his attractive next-door neighbor while sucking hard on her swollen clit. He used his teeth ever so tenderly nibbling on Julia’s bud until he felt her hips begin to quiet. His face was covered with sweet nectar. He raised his head and licked the cum from around his mouth while staring into the tear-stained eyes of his slut. “Pussy eating… there is nothing like it, is there?” he whispered hinting of things to come.

Normally after such a gigantic orgasm, Julia’s desires would diminish but that did not happen. Her body was alive and every nerve tingled with anticipation. She swore at the man grinning with total confidence. “You bastard. I know what you want but I won’t do it. You can go to Hell,” Julia said trying more to convince herself than her tormentor. Ken had planted the incestuous seed. It seemed to flourish in her flustered mind until she did not know how to fight off the daunting lust.

Ken could feel his guts churning with desire. Lori had stroked and sucked his throbbing pecker so that he was beginning to wonder about his own stamina. Not wanting to climax too fast, he slapped the woman’s hands off his cock. He sat up on the bed and made gestures for the two women to do likewise. They sat in a circle without anyone saying a word until Ken was ready.

“Okay sweethearts. It’s time for some lovin’,” he said looking directly into Julia’s dark eyes.

‘God,’ he thought, ‘She’s so fucking gorgeous! What a sweet piece of ass.’ Time seemed to stand still as everyone dreamed about what was coming up. Ken stared at Julia noticing the telltale signs of passionate animation written on her pretty face. ‘This bitch is goin’ to eat some pussy, I can tell,’ he thought.

Julia had seen some porno movies where the woman was in a doggie position with her face buried in another woman’s pussy and there was a man riding her like he was the meanest stud. She saw the reluctance etched on her mother’s face, but that would not stop her. Julia almost bounced into position shocking the much older couple.

Julia could not remember feeling so horny. Her stomach was filled with a million butterflies. She was overly nervous and her hands were shaking like crazy. On hands and knees facing her mother with Ken near her backside, Julia closed her eyes and acted. She rubbed her hips against Ken, as if begging for his attention. Then she brought her hands up quickly and shoved her mother’s chest. The force pushed Lori onto her back with her legs outstretched.

Lori was no fool. She knew what was going to happen but all of sudden she was paralyzed. Julia hand-stepped over her mother until she was hovering above her mother’s frozen body. Lori’s eyes opened to their widest when her daughter put her hands around her right breast cupping it ever so softly. The once repulsive idea of her daughter actually sucking her boob turned out to be entirely desirable. Suddenly Lori could no longer see her nipple. It was fully engulfed by Julia’s hot mouth and her daughter was caressing the throbbing bud with her tongue.

Julia dared not question her demented, erotic desire. She cupped the soft, silky breast like it was a snow cone licking the rigid, protruding nipple with her wet tongue. Julia was not satisfied until the entire surface was coated with her hot saliva, and then she shifted to the neglected nipple. Suddenly her sharp teeth nibbled on one bud, then the other in rapid fashion, bringing squeals of joy from her vanquished mother.

Ken was utterly flabbergasted. He could tell that his mature, sexy goddess was fighting for her survival. But there was no reprieve from the young lioness that assaulted the woman’s luscious tits. The girl sucked, licked, cupped and slapped each boob with the older woman moaning her absolute acceptance. Lori’s arms flailed out at her sides, as she was afraid of what might happen.

Ken thought he would blow his load instantly when he watched the daughter slowly shift her torso. She glided downward with her puckered lips and hot tongue teasing Lori’s burning flesh during the entire journey. Julia kissed a trail from the lower bulge of her mother’s tits until she reached the indent of her navel. She teasingly ran the tip of her tongue all around the hole. Suddenly, she rammed her tongue into the subtle indent, which brought a moan of dire need. Lori could not resist putting her hands on the top of Julia’s determined head. It may have appeared that she guided or helped the young woman but there was no need for assistance of any kind.

Julia left the belly button soaked with spit. Suddenly her tongue dipped lower and traced threatening paths across Lori’s shivering pelvis. The mother could not hold still and her hips thrashed, as if fulfillment was her ultimate craving. Lori could not understand how her emotions could be so out of control by doing something that she did not want to do. Julia paused when her face was a mere inch from the heavenly scent of desire. All of a sudden, her tongue lashed out and stroked the air in a most taunting fashion.

Lori’s back curved into a big arch when she felt the hot breath. Julia stared at her mother’s pussy wondering if it was okay? Suddenly the tip of her tongue slipped between the wet, puffy lips. All of a sudden everything seemed all right to her. There were loud groans of uncontrollable desire coming from her mother. Lori wrapped her fingers tightly in Julia’s hair holding her head steady. Julia opened her mouth and sucked the swollen clit into her mouth licking it like a giant lollipop. It made Lori pull hard on Julia’s head to satisfy her greedy cunt.

“What the hell am I waiting for?” Ken whispered to no one in particular. Luckily for Ken, his young slut kept her rear end pointed in the air. His eyes glazed over from being afraid to blink for fear of missing what Julia was doing. He got on his knees while rolling around Julia’s hips until he was directly behind her vulnerable opening. He put his strong hands around her hips and adjusted them to a perfect height.

Ken was in heaven. He slapped Julia’s ass a few times with the end of his cock, and then ran the head through the immense wetness. The flared tip glistened with moisture but the erotic events were lost in time and space.

Suddenly he rammed his hips forward. With one powerful thrust, Ken embedded his massive cock inside Julia but she simply hesitated for a second. Obediently she held her butt up high so that Ken could ravage her waiting pussy. He was a monster but that’s exactly what Julia craved. She was a slut, Ken’s slut.

Lori was long past caring. She was in the land where lust and passion controlled her every need. Glancing over her daughter’s kneeling torso, she watched the vile man she had grown so fond of fucking her daughter, as if she were a dog. But the disgusting fact did nothing to discourage Lori. She dreamed of being raped, and fucked by the one man who owned her body, owned her mind, and owned her soul.

Julia sobbed with a powerful lust. She was fully satisfied that Ken was using her for his personal fuck-toy but the ghastly fact did not upset her at all. Tiny sobs made her body shudder but it did not stop her tongue from assaulting the most vulnerable clitoris. First it was her tongue, then her sharp, nibbling teeth that battered the swollen clit already made raw by the long evening of non-stop fornication and debauchery. The merciful beating continued for an eternity or that was what each woman felt.

The young woman sensed the precise time her mother’s most intimate being erupted sending the sweet taste of honey into her mouth. Julia swallowed as fast as she could and bit down harder on the protruding bud. The resultant cry of joy was unmistakable. Ken heard the lost cries from Lori and smiled glancing towards the zooming camera. Next-door, Andy was totally a prisoner to his immense lust, as he recorded his daughter turning his very own wife into a wanton slut. Had Ken been able to see the small monitor hooked up to his remote camera in the bedroom of the house next-door, he would have noticed that Andy was not alone.

Time was not an enemy. The two women stayed with their scheming neighbor for many hours relishing the numerous sessions lost in erotic lust. There was no shame, no guilt while they were in bed with Ken. Lori felt totally comfortable with Julia in her arms and the first time she caressed her daughter’s luscious titties, she was spellbound.

Lori hesitated to perform cunnilingus but Ken insisted. Julia had rolled her body into position perilously close to her mother. She spread her legs to their widest reaches waiting, and knowing it was time. Julia offered her most private treasures to her mother and sensed that pure joy was imminent. Lori forgot about the big, strong hand on her head guiding her face into the fires of Hell. She never did know how her hands got to her daughter’s soaked pussy or how her dainty fingers separated the puffy lips to reveal a clit so magnetic she was drawn to it. Her only memory was that the entire experience was fascinating and captivating.

Julia’s right hand lashed out to the side. Within reach was the man who controlled her every move. He lay on his back propped up on his elbow in anticipation of watching incestuous lesbian lust. His flaccid pecker lay strewn across one thigh when Julia’s skilled fingers wrapped around the softened shaft. Ken’s reaction was immediate. He shifted his body closer to Julia enabling her to easily play with his semi-hardon. “Oh, you’ll get it nice and hard if you keep that up, sweetheart. Then both you and your slut mother will get fucked again,” Ken taunted with every whispered word.

Julia was in a world far removed from reality. She had a manly cock in one hand and an extraordinary lover was eating her cunt. Julia stroked Ken’s magnificent cock and marveled at how the limp shaft seemed to surge through her fingers, as she pulled upward. When she reached the height of the long shaft, Julia let it go shifting her fingers to the base to start the maneuver all over again. She noticed that after a few upward strokes, the thick shaft had gotten more rigid. Additional strokes and whenever her fingers let the penis head slip through her hand, the cock did not lay down anymore.

Julia was staring at the big cock when a gigantic explosion rocketed through her loins. Ken saw Julia’s hips thrash upward towards Lori’s mouth and saw Lori pump her finger into the waiting hole. She skillfully curled her middle finger upwards so that it raked the sensitive G-spot. Her caresses came naturally. Lori finger-fucked her daughter knowing that Julia’s orgasm was on the immediate horizon. Lori sucked the throbbing clitoris deep into her searing mouth while her tongue pressed hard on the throbbing bud. Julia’s last shred of stamina suddenly came to an abrupt end.

Ken quickly decided to help out even though no help was required. He rolled his hips so that he could rub the wet end of his cock all over Julia’s right boob. His demanding fingers grabbed the left nipple and stretched it beyond anything the young woman could imagine. Although it was rough, the only thing Julia experienced was sheer lust and desire for untamed sex. She readily accepted the fact she was a slut just like her mother. Sluts who, once their minds were consumed by lust, would do anything in the world just like wild animals.


Kim thought fast. She had to do something real quick and decided to act in an effort to get next-door. Initially she was shocked when Ken told her and Sally that they were going to be slaves for his teenage sons for many more hours. But she quickly realized that more humiliation and embarrassment by the evil man should have been predictable.

Sally led the way upstairs where Sean and Troy met them. Sean appeared confident standing with his hands on his hips and with a smug grin on his face. He told the young women in no uncertain terms that they were required to get their asses down the long hallway to a bedroom at the rear of the house. “You sluts aren’t goin’ anywhere for a long, long time… right Troy?” Sean said giving his younger brother a wink.

“I don’t think people would understand… if they saw a movie of a mangy dog screwing a beautiful blonde, do you?” The teen’s revelation made Sally shiver with fright. “So why don’t you be good sluts and get your asses moving, or else,” Sean said pausing for a few seconds. “I don’t think you want me to show people how you got your cunt fucked by Rex,” he said looking directly at a captivated Sally.

It was a standstill that beckoned to last mere seconds, as the teenager’s threats seemed far too overwhelming. Sean and Troy stood on the far side of the living room and waited.

Kim stood her ground and refused to go past the spot, which offered her a speedy exit. She was smart enough to figure out that it was impossible for both women to escape so Kim decided to make a drastic sacrifice.

Kim pleaded with her sorority sister. They huddled close together in an effort for Kim to secretly ask a big favor from Sally. “Please. I know it’s asking a lot but it’s our only way out of this Hell. I can’t stand that man… and how he controls our lives,” she whispered to Sally. During the meeting between the four women to discuss Ken’s party, Lori had shown the others what Ken had installed in her bedroom and the significance of the equipment wasn’t lost on Kim. “Oh God, I know it’s a lot to ask but please go with his bastard sons so I can slip next-door. I’m going to get Lori’s husband to burn copies of the party and use them to blackmail the Shithead… we’ll get even one way or other.”

Sally felt her stomach churn with the depressing thought of remaining in the house. Oh God, could she work up enough courage to be with the man’s sons, she wondered? Had she known the evening affair would turn into her worst nightmare, Sally thought, she was positive she would have refused to help out her dearest girlfriends. She glanced across the wide living room at Sean and Troy who appeared to be getting impatient. Visions of Sean and Troy filled her head of what they did to her and her girlfriends during the demoralizing gangbang. True, she thought, the youngest was not that bad but the oldest? Sally shivered thinking that Sean was exactly like his Dad, manipulating and unscrupulous.

Before Sally could utter a word or protest, Kim shoved her in the direction of the teens. “Sean! You can go straight to Hell… I’m not staying with you… or you,” Kim said to Sean before turning to acknowledge Troy’s presence. “I’m leaving… and don’t try and stop me or I’ll kick you so hard in the balls you won’t be the same man.”

Sean’s face had a look of shear astonishment. He could not believe Kim’s bold statements yet he had been friends with her for many years and knew she didn’t mince words. Her resolution to leave was strange particularly because she was willing to leave her best friend, Sean thought. But an admiring look at the tall, sexy Amazon put his mind into the lust mode, which quickly made him forget about any ulterior motives Kim might have.

Sean was saddened that Kim was leaving but he quickly accepted her decision. He knew Kim well from being best friends with her young brother so Sean realized that there was no way to pressure or put astringent demands upon her.

Kim wheeled and gave a departing glance at her sorority sister. Sally appeared reluctant and struggled when the two teenagers put their arms around her, but Kim eventually lost sight of the three going down the hallway. With a shrug, Kim departed the house with high expectations.

Sean sort of guided and pushed Sally into the dimly lit bedroom. Sally was normally a very cooperative and most willing to please type of woman. In fact, most people who met her considered her quite submissive in nature. Suddenly, she looked at the two teenagers sensing their dominance.

Troy had a nice smile on his handsome face but Sean’s face was etched with a stern, rugged appearance. Although Sally knew it was wiser to gravitate towards Troy, she felt a powerful magnetism from Sean. His dark eyes held her glare and she felt petrified when he moved towards her. She did not move a muscle and merely watched with amazement as he walked up to her with a studded, leather collar in his hand. Her body froze when the teen fastened the collar around her long, slim neck.

A shudder of despair shot through her body. Sally could not understand why she did not revolt or at least slap the boy’s face. Sean treated her, a mature grown woman, like she was his devoted pet and she did nothing. Sally felt the stiff leather collar go around her neck and she felt totally helpless against the teenager.

Sean stared into her eyes and neither person blinked. “We won’t be needing this!” he whispered. His hands went to the overly tight tank top and his actions were extremely slow but deliberate. “Let me take it off… sluts should be naked when their masters fuck them,” the teenager whispered making the order sound irrevocable. Sally let out a few whimpers when the teen rolled the top up and over her head.

Troy was standing in awe beside the sexy young woman. “Troy, take this slut’s skirt off so we can see her shaved pussy… her gorgeous ass… we want our little doggie slut naked, totally naked. We’re gonna fuck her… all night long,” Sean whispered. “C’mon, baby, let’s see how much fun a slut can be.” With a swift jerk, Sean snapped a leash to the dog collar letting the leather strap hang down the front of her body.

Sally glanced down. The leather strap hung between her boobs and almost reached the floor. She felt Troy’s hands on her skirt but she was unable to move a muscle. The teen slowly stripped the garment off her hips, downward letting it drop to the floor. Sally watched in horror as Sean grabbed the leash knowing she was going to feel the wrath of a mad teenager. He yanked on the leash until he looked directly into her bewildered eyes. “What do you think, Tory… should we get Rex in here… maybe the slut prefers to have sex with Rex boy?”

“Oh God, no, no please don’t… I’ll do whatever you want… just not that,” Sally moaned. She felt a most dire need to beg Sean hoping he would show her mercy. “I just can’t take that… not with a dog again… please don’t.”

Sean was in control and felt a surge of domination enrage his already lust-filled mind. “Yeah, you’re right… why should Rex fuck such a lovely snatch,” he asked holding her stare. He slowly led Sally around the room until he stopped next to the large bed. “Go ahead… tell me what you will do for me for being so nice to you?”

She did not want to speak but Sean insisted by giving the leash a few meaningful jerks. “I’ll have… sex… sex with you.”

“Fuckin’ right… and lots of it, sweetheart.” Without any more hesitation, the teens stripped so that all three were naked as jaybirds. “Now put your hand on my cock and show me how much you want it,” Sean said in a steady, confident voice.

Sally’s hand trembled but she managed to put her fingers around the teen’s big, throbbing penis. Suddenly tremors shot through her whole body when her fingers wrapped around the thick shaft and the heat transferred into her delicate hand. She didn’t want to do what he said but his voice rang out in her ears when he ordered her to stroke his cock.

All of a sudden his brother was behind her. Troy wrapped his arms around the tall woman. His left hand quickly found a bare breast and he cupped it ever so tenderly, as if it belonged to some goddess. Troy’s right hand curved around Sally’s hip and downward until his palm covered her quivering pelvis. ‘Oh my God,’ she moaned but she could see no way out of her growing dilemma.

Sally could feel Troy’s fingers touching the upper most regions of her thighs, which she was trying desperately to keep together. His fingers stroked the junction of her velvety thighs giving the indication that he wanted her to open her legs. Troy managed to only graze the very tip of her precious slit but even that sent a shiver of despair through her body.

The last thing in the world Sally wanted to do was open her legs. Suddenly Sean jerked the leash again and treated Sally like she was his obedient pet. “Open your legs, slut… let Troy feel your slut pussy.”

There was no way to refuse the teen’s orders. She uttered a futile groan and obeyed his command allowing Troy’s finger to slip between her puffy labia. The teen knew exactly what he was after and his finger covered her throbbing clitoris.

Sally was perplexed being molested by the two teenagers. Her right hand held Sean’s throbbing cock trying desperately to hold it away from her body. Somehow his pecker was moving rapidly through her fingers. Sally didn’t know whether it was her hand going back and forth on the long rod or he was pumping it through her hand like a mad man.

Troy’s fingers roller her tiny, winged butterfly around vigorously and Sally was dismayed that her hips rotated in unison with the teen’s fingers. Suddenly the young teenager kneeled at her rear and began kissing her ass. His lips caressed her cheeks lightly and his tongue left a wet trail across her entire butt. She was able to withstand the vile caresses and even his finger-fucking, until he licked the crack of her ass.

Troy dug his tongue through the velvety grove licking the crack from her waist down to the darkest region. Suddenly his hands grabbed her ass cheeks and spread them as wide as they would go. His tongue darted into the lower area and the tip pressed into the puckered asshole much to Sally’s dismay. It was an immense relief to have his fingers off her clitoris but his licking was quickly making her body break out in a dire sweat.

Before the distraught young Amazon could imagine anything more horrible or despicable, Sean sent her flying face first on the bed. He shoved her so hard that she had to break her fall with her hands. She landed on the bed and immediately the teens attacked her like sex starved maniacs.

It happened extremely fast and furious. Sean used the leash to raise her head until she was forced to prop her upper body up with her arms. He rolled around her upper body and slipped his legs between her outstretched arms so that his hips were under her head. It was very obvious what the teen had planned. Sally’s glassy eyes glanced downward at the long, twitching penis mere inches in front of her face. Why she noticed the intimate details of the teen’s cock was a mystery to the young woman. The foreskin was rolled back to expose the bulbous head which had a large drop of semen leaking from the small slit at the end. The length looked enormous and Sally wasn’t sure if her imagination wasn’t playing tricks on her.

Troy quickly jumped on the bed directly behind the overwhelmed young woman. He grabbed her flared hips and raised them until she was in the perfect doggie pose. He spread her cheeks again and pretended he was a dog licking an adorable bitch. His tongue lapped non-stop. He licked across her open slit, across the narrow wasteland, and across the puckered asshole causing Sally to flinch with each tongue-lashing. She tried in vain to evade the probing tongue, as it raked her most sensitive areas, but her struggles merely made the teenager more determined.

Sally’s willpower and fortitude were made of iron, or so she thought. She was determined to withstand the drastic assault by the two teenagers and kept reminding herself that she was doing it all for Kim, Julia and Lori. All of a sudden, Sean put his hand on the top of her head and shoved it downwards. The protective gap swiftly disappeared and the ramrod was pushed between her clenched lips in a blink of an eye.

Before Sally could imagine anything more unpleasant or unwanted about being with the disgusting teens, Troy was between her legs proving her imagination was limitless. His tongue seemed to caress and stimulate every nerve ending in her tender pussy until he performed a feat of magic. Troy’s lips pushed between the puffy labia surrounding the extended wings of her clitoris. He pressed his lips together with all his might.

Troy’s lips squeezed her clit hard while his teeth applied immense pressure. He curled his lips under his teeth to protect the tender bud and he compressed the clit leaving the very tip inside his scorching mouth. When his tongue lashed across the defenseless clit, all the blood in her body rushed to her head.

Sally’s face turned bright red and flushed and her temperature rose rapidly skyward. Troy battered the tips of her winged clitoris while squeezing his lips harder on the base of Sally’s tender bud.

Suddenly the thought of giving Sean a blowjob did not seem so superfluous. Her hand moved up and down the long, thick shaft feeling his pecker pulsate like crazy. His cock seemed hot and fiery and she let her teeth caress the flared rim around the penis head. Even in the dim lighting, Sally could see the smooth foreskin flow up and down the shaft, as her fingers stroked the teen’s penis.

All of a sudden Troy stopped. The last thing in the world Sally wanted to do was let the rising ecstasy bring on a climax but when Troy moved away, she was saddened to some degree. Her hand stroked the long shaft when Sean’s body movements indicated the end was near. She felt his pelvis tense and hold steady.

Suddenly her mouth was full of burning lava. Sally gulped and struggled to swallow in an attempt to get a breath. Sean put his big, burly hand over Sally’s and rapidly moved it up and down feeling a great sense of lust overtake his emotions. He blasted his cum into Sally’s mouth and down her throat before she had time to prevent the filthy act. She shuddered thinking of how disgusting it was to give a blowjob to the teenager but quickly reasoned that she had no choice.

No sooner had Sean climaxed than Sally felt used and abused by the two teens. Troy was standing at one side of the bed and his indication was thoroughly obvious. His fist was wrapped around the base of his penis holding the rod directly at Sally. She stared at the teen’s pecker and realized it was far better to suck it than to get fucked by the teen.

Slowly Sally crawled the short distance across the bed so that Troy was a mere foot away. She closed her eyes and put her fingers around the long, slender shaft, which resulted in a moan of pleasure from the teen.

All of a sudden Sean bounced on the bed until he was next to Sally. He shoved her head towards his brother. “Okay sweetheart… you know what to do… suck cock and let’s see how you handle a little boy.”

Sally shivered with the thought Troy was years younger than she was and there was nothing little about the boy. Before she could turn her face or move away, the teen slapped her face with his penis. He slapped both hot, flushed cheeks with the head of his cock and then swiped the wet end across her lips. She was distraught that the teenagers teased and taunted her, as if she was the little schoolgirl.

Sean’s demands were plain and simple. “Suck it, baby… suck cock or I’ll get the mad dog in here so you can be his bitch again. And what the fuck… I may as well have some fun too.” His demeaning statement was followed by movement as the teen shifted around so that he was directly behind the gorgeous Amazon. She was positive that she did not put her hands on Troy’s pecker but suddenly her fingers were around the throbbing rod.

Sally felt a desperate need to hurry. She was on her knees bending over the younger teen’s body with his long, hard cock in her trembling hands. This left her lower extremities entirely vulnerable to Sean’s delirious assault. Sally quickly realized that the quicker she jerked off Troy, the sooner she would get away from Sean’s vulgar fondling. Luckily for Sally, Troy’s stamina was short lived.

She gobbled the head of his cock into her hot mouth. Troy let out a long, low groan of immense pleasure, as the heat consumed his last remaining shred of resistance. He felt his temperature rise to unbearable limits knowing he was going to receive a wonderful blowjob from a true Amazon goddess.

Sally prayed her turmoil was almost over when the younger teenager climaxed. Giving blowjobs to the two boys was not nearly as bad as she had imagined. It had not involved intercourse so that put her mind at ease but Sally still felt a strange rumbling deep inside her inner being. She wasn’t sure how to get free from the teens so she merely allowed them to keep her captive between their lean, muscular bodies.

Their pent up desires swallowed by the gorgeous Amazon enabled Sean and Troy to begin a slow and determined seduction. They pushed Sally flat on the bed and rolled her onto her side. Their hands remained busy and roamed over her flushed flesh at will even though she tried struggling to stay out of their grasp.

Troy lay in front and Sean behind. They pressed their bodies against her soft, velvety body and Troy positioned himself so that his face was between her two golden melons. Sally put her hands on Troy’s head but found the impulse to push him away from her chest quickly rebuffed by the teen. Troy was far too strong and determined and he began kissing her all over while lingering on the two succulent nipples.

She felt the twitching and jerking of Sean’s pecker, as it was pressed against the back of her thighs. Sally sensed that the teen was trying hard to revitalize his stellar cock and he quickly sent a dreadful shiver of panic down her spine. Sean nestled in tight to her backside and worked his hardening cock between her milky thighs until it lay along the entire length of her pussy opening.

Sean was extremely happy when he felt the wetness coat his dick. He got a sudden flash of brilliance and snuggled tighter to the amazing young woman. He put his arm around her hip and snaked his hand down until he touched her raised pelvis. She desperately wanted to move away and not allow his hand freedom but was discouraged when he whispered in her ear. “I think it’s time our slut creamed all over a man-sized cock… don’t you sweetheart?”

Sally wanted to yell out a protest but quickly determined to let her actions tell the teen that she wasn’t interested. She didn’t move or resist when his fingers dipped between her tightly compressed thighs. Somehow his middle finger found enough space to slip into the wetness and he moved it vigorously so that the juices spilled out of her slit. Suddenly the teen shifted his finger to the outer side of his ramrod and pushed hard. She felt the burning shaft spread her labia and bury deep into her soaked crevice.

Sean held steady for a few moments enjoying the immense heat of Sally’s pussy slit. “Nice… a real nice cunt… it feels wet enough to fuck. I think my slut wants to get fucked… she’s so wet,” he whispered sending numerous shivers through her whole body. Sally cursed the fact her body was betraying her determined resolve to fight off the boy’s advances.

Sean started moving his hips. He thrust to and fro keeping his fingers on top of his pecker to keep the shaft embedded in the wetness. Every time he pushed forward, he pressed harder on the head of his cock so that it mashed her clitoris, as it passed over the swelled bud.

All of a sudden he made Sally appear overly permissive. She was lying on her side and his right hand reached under her thigh raising her right leg high in the air. Sally didn’t want to do it but what else could she do, she reasoned. She merely lay on her left side with her right leg high in the air like a bitch in heat.

Troy was a bystander until he noticed the openly seductive actions. He assumed control of Sally’s right leg and freed his brother’s hand so he could move onto the next phase. Sean easily pressed his hard cock into Sally’s slit again but decided to humiliate the young woman. “Do it for me… push my cock between the slut cunt lips… just like I did,” he whispered with his lips an inch from her ear.

Sean felt her body trembling against his. He knew Sally was stubborn but he was optimistic that one last defiling demand would break her spirit. “Put your fingers on my cock… now slut, before I get mad. Don’t forget about the doggie action movie.” Her hand moved before the teen had a chance to finish. “I might just send a copy to your Mom and Dad.”

Her heart beat rapidly and her breathing was far too ragged for her to remain composed. Her dainty fingers pressed on the throbbing penis between her legs until the teen voiced his pleasure. “That’s a good slut… now make sure to keep it on your dirty clitty… nice and hard so it feels good, honey.”

Sally thought she would die. There was no way out, she determined. The scheming teenager kept moving his hips so that his cock flowed through her wet opening. All the while, Sally fingers pushed on the boy’s cock feeling her clit get puffier with each stroke. She glanced downward and wondered if it could look any more lewd. Troy held her leg high in the air and it left her crotch openly displayed to the world.

Sally knew her demise was complete with Sean’s next bold disclosure. “You gotta a choice slut… fuck me or Rex,” he said waiting until her breathing quieted a little bit. “You can push my cock into your slut cunt and fuck me… or I’ll go get Rex for you.”

Before she realized it, his big pecker was inside her heated pussy. She may have pushed on the head embedding it like the teen ordered, or he may have accomplished the feat himself. Sally was too confused to know the truth. All she knew was that no way in Hell she was going to let a mad dog make her his bitch again.

Sean was not satisfied. “Now that’s a good slut… but show me how a real slut fucks herself,” he whispered. “Show me what you can do to that little clit and have an orgasm all over my cock.”

Sally heard the teen knowing she was helpless. It was either play with her clitoris or have the rotten bastard degrade her even more by bringing in his dog. Sean got a sudden inspiration. He uttered the demands fast and in one breath, as he was getting far too impatient to wait any longer. “I’m going to lie on my back… you are going to sit on top of me… put my cock in your slut cunt… and then squeeze that slutty clit until you cream… orgasm with my cock in your belly, you got it!”

Suddenly everyone was shifting and getting into the required position. Sally watched Sean roll onto his back and noticed how his massive penis bobbed in the air. Hands were pushing and guiding her until she was crouched over the teen’s throbbing cock. Then no one moved until it became obvious whose turn it was to comply with the plan. Her hand slowly went to Sean’s cock and she held it straight up in the air. She couldn’t see the actual demise of her spirit but the feeling was unmistakable. She guided the head of the teen’s pecker to her opening and with a tiny jerk, split the puffy labia.

She held steady for an eternity or so it seemed. A slow descent was punctuated by a loud moan of helplessness. Sean held his hips fully skyward letting the intense heat consume his raging desire. Sally knew what the boy wanted and the urge to resist was overcome in a whim. Her fingers dipped into the upper folds of her waiting pussy much to her dismay. She deemed it was his control and his hand that was actually doing the damage, as her fingers rolled the swollen clit around and around. When she pinched the bud much harder than any lover would do, Sally’s soul belonged to a young teenager.

Sally had her bent legs spread around the teen’s slender hips. She kneeled over him so that she could bounce her hips up and down. Her tight vagina caressed Sean’s big cock and the intense heat quickly put his mind into overdrive. There was one thing that was a priority but he would wait. As soon as the young woman climaxed, Sean was going to drown her with semen.

Her mind was utterly inflamed with lust for the disgusting teenager. Then she deemed it was merely sex and not necessarily with a man but sex with an object to satisfy her lust. The ecstasy was earth shattering and her insides erupted sending waves of cream over the long, hard penis much to the delight of the teenager. Her fingers were moving so fast that the sensations on her tiny clit were far too overwhelming for her to hold anything back.

Sean reached up with his hands groping for the two adorable tits and settled for the extended nipples. He roughly caressed Sally’s nipples but she did not feel the pain. Sean knew her demise was complete. It was time to satisfy his raging desire and he thrust his hips upward with all his might. The heat of such a feverish cunt was intense and the teen’s orgasm exploded with a fury. His hips spasmed out of control and every time he thrust upward, he blasted cum into Sally’s deepest cavern.

The last thing Sally wanted to do was experience an orgasm or satisfy the teen’s desires but she no longer controlled her emotions. She rocked on top of Sean’s pelvis. Sally cursed the fact her most skilled fingers kept squeezing her clitoris. She knew enough to stop, but she didn’t.

She threw her head back and arched her back. The orgasm reaching a magnificent frontier washed through her inner being, but for the moment, Sally was lost in the wild desire. Despite not wanting to be with Ken’s sons, she let her mind drift through a tranquil utopia until the intense emotions subsided.

The young woman’s recall of the first two hours was vivid but after that, everything ran together. The teens ravaged her sexy body and treated her like their personal sex object even though Sally was older and more mature. When Sean shoved his cock in her face again, Sally deemed it was impossible for him to reach hard-on status. She assumed it was a waste of time to stroke his prick but Sean’s demand was very explicate. She wrapped her fingers around the flaccid penis and performed admirable or so it must have been. Sean’s cock jerked in her hands and before she knew it, the shaft began stiffening.

Troy cuddled into her body from behind. Sally felt his obvious aroused condition and his insistent probing, as he thrust his cock against her backside trying to get between her legs. She shrugged it off to Troy’s teenage enthusiasm for more sex and pressed her thighs tightly closed. Suddenly Sally felt the head of his penis pressing into the crack of her ass until it was terrifyingly close to the forbidden opening. She squirmed and twisted her hips and lower body giving every indication to the teen that she wasn’t interested.

Sally turned her head around glancing at Troy’s animated face. “Don’t… don’t touch me there… not there please,” she whispered hoping for mercy from the young teen.

The teenager had visions of Sally’s virgin ass in his head. He pressed forward bringing a squeal of protest from the young woman. Her struggles seemed futile. The two teens easily held her captive between their muscular bodies. Sean held her arms outstretched in front of her body making it impossible for Sally to turn around. Troy pinned her lower torso to the bed holding the cheeks of her ass apart to enable his cock to seek paradise.

“No… No, gawd no… Oh gawd it hurts, no, no,” Sally moaned feeling the teen press harder.

Troy’s cock was like a steel rod but still he could not gain entry of Sally’s asshole. He realized she was far too dry and tight. His eyes were ablaze but his brother came to the rescue. Sean had planned to fuck each and every hole the young woman possessed and had the foresight to have lubricating cream sitting on a bedside table. “Here… you’ll need this peckerhead… Fuck, what a gorgeous cherry ass,” Sean whispered sending a violent tremor through Sally’s distraught head.

She felt the boy pull back long enough to coat his long penis with cream. Then his oily hand held his cock aimed at her quivering ass. The head of Troy’s cock slipped into her asshole without any pain. Sally anticipated a great deal of pain and when the teen’s cock smoothly pushed through the tight entrance, she let out a dire moan. Not so much for the discomfort but for the fact it was not as bad as she dreamed anal sex would be. She had heard about anal sex but never had the inclination to try it because it sounded so disgusting and invasive.

All of a sudden, Sally realized that the teenagers were using her to satisfy their ultimate sexual desires. She was forced to give Sean a handjob while his cock seemed to get harder and harder with every passing second. Troy slowly but with great determination pumped his pecker in and out of her ass. His tempo began to increase, as the fires built inside his belly.

There was nothing Sally could do but remain submissive. Even though she found anal sex revolting, her mind did not fight the attack. She tolerated the physical assault knowing Sean would reveal the bestial affair if she did not cooperate. Suddenly Troy’s fingers dug into her fleshy hips and Sally could tell the teen was experiencing an orgasm. His hips jerked and spasmed out of control and he filled her rectal cavity with his molten lava.

Sally prayed the turmoil would end but every time she did, one of the teens dispelled her hopes with another erection. It seemed that every time one of the brothers fucked her, it turned his brother on so it was a never-ending ordeal. She called them every dirty name in the book but under her breath. Sally vowed after the earlier orgasm while riding Sean’s thrashing hips that another climax would never occur.

There was a teenager on either side of her outstretched body and they held her flat on her back fondling her nakedness. Suddenly it was as if they wanted to punish the young woman to the extreme. Troy devoured a hard, golden nipple in his burning mouth while caressing the other one with his loving fingers. He rolled one tender bud with his tongue and the other with his fingers until both nipples throbbed madly.

Sean swooped in for the kill. His mouth left a wet trail all over Sally’s lower regions. His tongue lightly caressed her tummy, her pelvis and all over her thighs. He rolled over so that his rugged body was on top of her legs forcing her to spread them wide. She was most vulnerable for the teen’s assault but all she could do was shut her eyes tightly hoping the teenager would stop.

When his tongue licked and coated her crotch with saliva, she forced her mind to ignore his caresses. Suddenly he spread her hood, which by now was red and puffy glistening with immense moisture. Sean spotted the pink butterfly and his tongue lashed out stroking the distended wings ever so tenderly. He could see her fingers digging into the soft bedding, as she tried to defy any hint of rising desire from his cunnilingus.

All of a sudden Sean nibbled on her clitoris. She yelled out loud not wanting him to touch her but just as quickly as the teen’s teeth caused her pain, his finger penetrated her opening. He curled his middle finger so that the tip of his finger could caress the walls of her vagina. When Sean’s finger found the most sensitive, secret spot, her hips responded despite her resolve to resist.

Both boys worked in unison on the blonde Amazon relishing the reaction of her sexy body. Sean raked the tender zone with his finger and she thrust her hips upward, as if it would allow her to get away from his caresses. All it did was shove her upper slit deeper into Sean’s mouth so that his tongue lapped the clit without any letup.

Sally was accustomed to being eaten-out. A hot mouth and darting tongue doing immense damage to her willpower was something her girlfriends would do to her forcing her to succumb to their tender caresses. It did not matter to her anymore. Her inner being was on fire and all she needed was a few more seconds of the teen’s stimulation.

She was on a roller coaster of desire. The wind seemed to fly by her face so fast it made her feel flushed and heated. The heightened track seemed to go on forever, as Sean lapped her throbbing clitoris like a crazed animal. Sally was swiftly overcome with the wild ecstasy freely offering her womanly body to the teens.

It seemed to take forever before the last spasm rocked her sweaty body. She collapsed not able to move another muscle thoroughly exhausted from the demeaning climax. Sally was vaguely aware that the teenagers were also fatigued and all three lay motionless letting waves of erotic fantasies float through their minds.

Sometime during the night but closer towards morning, Sally found the opportunity to escape. She realized the teens had an uncommon fast recovery rate and they would nap for just a short time. She did not try getting dressed but merely grabbed her skimpy items of clothing on the way out of the bedroom. Stopping in the hallway, she donned the tank top and skirt before rushing out of the ghastly house in her bare feet.


Andy had kept one hand on the camera joystick and one hand on his own joystick during the entire porno broadcast. He recorded the lesbian affairs, the multiple blowjobs, the most enthralling consummation of Rex’s bitch, the many gangbang scenes, and best of all, the white slut, his own flesh and blood, being fucked by two black men.

The absolute best part was when the second man took his enormous cock out of Julia’s little hole and shot his searing cum all over her belly. Then he forced the slut to put her dainty hands in the slimy, white globs and rub the cream all over her body. His last demeaning request was for Julia to put her oily fingers in her mouth and lick them clean. The resultant groan of fulfilled passion was followed by ejaculation by the treacherous father who had gleefully watched his slut daughter being gangbanged.

When the party broke up, Andy felt tremendous remorse. He watched Ken’s buddies leave with them all giving their host the biggest handshakes and slaps on the back. Andy was slightly surprised when Sean and Troy departed the rumpus room, as well, but reasoned that Ken must be up to something.

Apparently Ken didn’t want his sons present for this private session, Andy reasoned, as Ken was alone with Lori and Julia. The fact did not bother Andy and he liked the idea of the teens not being around. He flashed back to the early part of the evening when his wife gave the youngest teenager a superlative blowjob. It definitely appeared to him that Lori acted far more aroused than she should if she was really being forced to perform.

Ken’s parting words to Kim and Sally had caused a shiver all the way down Andy’s spine. He told the lesbians to go upstairs and entertain his sons for the rest of the night. But it was what Ken said to the remaining guests that had made Andy suddenly realize he was totally cuckold. His wife was staying with his next-door neighbor. She was going to have adulteress sex with him all night and not only that, his daughter was ordered to stay as well.

Andy pictured the two naked women running around Ken’s house and Ken chasing them until he caught one. He would then spread her out wherever she was, on the carpeted floor, on the kitchen counter, on the plush leather sofa, on the cold tiled floor, or on the dining room table. Andy imagined Ken would then force himself on either his wife or daughter. Probably the most demoralizing visualization to Andy was that they would not only have sex with Ken but they would achieve an earth-shattering orgasm under his spell.

He could never get the images of Lori out of his head whenever she climaxed with Ken. It seemed to happen every time she had sex with the man and that bothered Andy. His wife hardly ever reacted to his lovemaking like she did with Ken’s, he realized.

Suddenly Andy imagined Julia going through the same throes of lust and desire that his wife did with Ken. What amazed him most was how Julia seemed to crave and hunger for sex with the man. Surely that was not the case, he thought, as he tried to reassure himself about the lost purity of his daughter.

So much had happened that the evening seemed to fly by. The party was over or at least most of it was over. Andy saw that Ken mouthed something into the camera but he couldn’t recognize what he said. Suddenly the three naked bodies settled in the dimly lit area used earlier for a dramatic stage. Ken’s actions and demeanor left no doubt in Andy’s troubled mind that the two women were in for a long, long night.

Andy watched the preliminary action and noticed that Julia seemed to be the aggressor. She kissed Ken and it sure looked far more heated than it should have been, Andy thought. Suddenly she was caressing his large prick much to Andy’s dismay. She held it, stroked it, and ran her fingers along the lengthy shaft while her father recorded her enthralling actions.

Had Ken been more aware or more observant, he would have noticed one of his sluts on the private monitor. Kim had gone next-door with precise purposes in mind. She fully realized that she might have to perform one more disgusting act before the night was all over.

Kim was after the evidence Andy recorded of Ken’s party and she was prepared to do anything to get a copy from Andy. The thought of letting Andy touch her body was horrible but she grimaced with the thought that it had to be done. She had mentioned her plan to Lori prior to the party and they agreed that it was a br

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