Lori – A Neighbor’s Delight Ch7

Author: kacey1999

By Kacey1999
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Lori – A Neighbor’s Delight – Chapter 7

Ken’s dreams had come true and he fantasized about the future. Not eager to start his day and the workweek, he lay in bed letting his mind linger on yesterday. It had to be the best day of his life, he readily decided, and visions of all his buddies having sex with Lori filled his mind. Not only did they now believe all his bragging about his gorgeous slut, but Ken had given them the ultimate prize. Each man felt every inch of Lori’s sexy body plus each man got to fuck her and each man got a blowjob from her.

So much had happened during the Sunday football party that he was still thoroughly aroused to the point his cock was semi-erect. He glanced over at his wife and considered a good morning quickie, perhaps taking her in the ass. Normally he would have just taken her, but not today. Having determined weeks ago that Helen did not hold a candle to Lori, he quickly decided not to wake her while such sexy images of the raunchy party were so vivid in his head. It was becoming a pattern these past few weeks as he had lost all his interest in sex with his wife.

Over the last week or two, Helen had noticed too, but she wasn’t all that unhappy with the situation. She was enjoying the reprieve from being regularly used by her domineering husband. The ‘why’ wasn’t all that important to her, so she didn’t ask.

Helen and his sons had arrived home last night while he was out getting Lori’s ass tattooed. ‘Holy fuck,’ Ken thought with a chuckle, ‘I wonder what Andy thought of the tattoo when Lori came home?’ A vivid, mental picture filled his mind, of Lori on Lu’s tattoo table having a Seahawk emblem inked onto the cheek of her ass . “Make sure to put it high enough so it will show,” he told Lu. He wanted his sexy slut to see it and remember who her master was.

It would take a few days to heal but Ken could wait. ‘Oh fuck yes, I have years to control my lovely slut. I’ll fuck her whenever the desire hits me,’ he decided. Ken drifted through dreamland on an early Monday morning wanting to relish a few minutes of erotic bliss having complete control over his next-door neighbors. Dreams so erotic they always got Ken aroused as he fantasized about Lori having sex. He imagined her with his sons, his dog, his buddies and almost every acquaintance imaginable.

‘What next?’ It was the question he asked himself. Suddenly he dreamed of Kim, the sexy young thing who lived down the block. He had promised Sean and Troy that they would see lesbian lust and Kim was the perfect candidate. But how would he make it happen with Kim and Lori?

A sudden stroke of brilliance hit Ken. ‘Joey! I’ll use Joey!,’ he thought gleefully. His fertile mind raced with the idea of using Joey, Kim’s little brother as a way of getting control of the gorgeous, young woman. ‘Fuckin’ ace! Sean has commented on how protective Kim was of the little geek,’ he thought to himself. “Yes! I’ll give the little bastard his best piece of ass,” he mumbled quietly with a giggle. ‘In fact,’ he pronounced to himself, ‘it’ll probably his first piece of ass!’

Getting Lori to cooperate would certainly be easy considering all the blackmail material he held on her, he reasoned. She may balk at having sex with such a young boy but what the hell, he relished forcing her to surrender. Unless he was a flaming queer, Joey should be very willing to have intercourse with a woman like Lori. Ken decided that he would simply have Sean make sure his friend had intercourse with Lori. The tricky part would be garnering Kim’s participation, but Ken was confident that could be worked out.

It was long past the time Ken normally got up in the morning but his mind continued daydreaming. He remembered dropping Lori off last night after the tattoo session and coming home to two, overly excited boys. Ken managed to get Sean and Troy aside and out of earshot of his wife to give them a brief description of what to expect. “I don’t have time to explain it all to you now, not with your mom around, but tomorrow, after work, I will fill you in on all the details of the party,” he told his sons.

“Just wait. Just wait until you hear what plans I have for that sexy bitch. Not only for Lori, boys,” Ken whispered while using explicitly lewd hand motions, “but also for Kim and Julia,” he told his sons as they hung to every word. “I promised to deliver lesbian lust. Be assured that you will see Lori and Kim together,” he whispered. “And I have plans for that delicious piece of ass Julia too,” Ken added knowing it would stimulate his sons. “Just think of how much fun it will be to fuck that one!” The three split after Ken’s brief explanation leaving his boys with expectations of lewd affairs. Sean and Troy pondered the reality of which woman they preferred most.

The boys were closer in age with Kim and she certainly had a body to knock a man dead. But images of the sexy Julia constantly gave them fantasies of sex with a princess. She was older than them by a few years, already in her twenties. Living right next door, they had watched her parade around for years in her bikini, so they had witnessed her raving beauty on numerous occasions. Then having tasted the ultimate thrill of having sex with a goddess, Sean and Troy wondered if Julia was anything like her mother?

Sean hung around with Joey, Kim’s younger brother, so he saw a lot of her. ‘In more ways than one,’ he mused, thinking of the devious methods the younger bother used to spy on his sister. Joey had long ago devised a way to get pictures of his sexy sister naked without her ever knowing. Naked pictures that he shared with his best friend, Sean.

Sean and Joey had been best friends for many years as they went to school together and lived only a few houses apart. The boys were quite different in most ways and it was strange that they would become such close friends. Joey was a brain in school and most thought of him as a total geek. About his only close friend was Sean, but Joey was okay with being a slight outcast. Sean was the opposite and had more friends than he could count. He was on every school sports team and it gave him the chance to meet many good-looking chicks.

One of the things that Sean liked about Joey was his ‘smarts’, especially when it came to electronics. Sean could use any tool, computer or electronic piece of equipment but don’t ask him what was inside or how it works. Joey on the other hand, had the brains to figure out how things worked and his knowledge of computers would become very beneficial to the friends. It was Joey’s smarts that enabled the boys to feast on Kim’s gorgeous charms without her knowing.

Sean suspected Kim adored Lori in a way that might be a little unnatural. It was fairly common knowledge that Kim liked girls and he did notice that it was very unusual for her to hang out with guys. In fact, Sean reasoned, he was about the only guy she was ever seen with. So during some lighthearted bantering Kim mentioned how sexy and gorgeous their neighbor lady was; Sean took special notice.

The first time they got to see Kim naked was one of the most memorable times in Sean’s life. And those tits, he kept saying, were magnificent. Then one day they got extremely fortunate and watched her masturbate in front of her computer. What a day and Sean would always remember it wishing it was his fingers plunging into her gaping cunt. But when he really thought about it, his desire for Julia was undying. She was class and although she acted superior to any young boy like himself, he would give anything to have her.

Sean’s younger brother Troy had no doubt whom he yearned to be with. He considered Lori like a divine angel and he would do anything in the world to be with her. When he was in her arms, it felt like she was protecting him. Sex with her was the best thing that ever happened in his young life and he vowed to give his soul to be with her.


Andy’s dreams had become his nightmare. Ken now totally dominated both Andy and Lori. Andy fully understood the implications of having such a devious man controlling their destiny. He was sent home by Ken after the football party and had to wait a worrisome two hours for his wife. Lori came home about 11 o’clock and Andy could hardly wait to see the evidence left by Ken.

He merely looked at Lori when she entered their home and she broke into tears. Andy rushed to her and held her in his arms until she was able to speak. “Oh gawd Andy, he took me to this tattoo place and had that filthy man engrave a hawk on me. I am so sorry but he made me do it. I didn’t have a choice,” she whispered her voice cracking every now and then. “Then he made me pay the man… he made me…”

“I know dear. But it’s done and let’s move on. It’s only a tattoo,” Andy said and could hardly wait to see it. His hand inadvertently roamed her back and as it moved close to the painful area, Lori flinched indicating where the sore spot was.

“Oh Andy, he put it on my ass, a fucking Seahawk just like the football team’s symbol,” she whispered in a crackling voice.

It reinforced what they both already knew. Ken controlled their future and could blackmail them into anything. Tenderly as if to show Andy just how painful it was, Lori pulled her pants down to expose the colored area. Andy stared at the drawing and had to pretend it made him mad. The reality was that seeing the tattoo on his wife’s gorgeous ass made him aroused and excited. The excitement and arousal faded as Andy contemplated the question, ‘What’s next?’

The couple didn’t bother undressing and went to bed fully clothed. Both were distraught enough so that their heads were filled with the past erotic affairs and all the future possibilities now open to their next-door neighbor. Suddenly all the other individuals entered their dreams and the couple eventually fell asleep despite many stimulating and exhilarating fantasies.


Ken was getting home from a hard day of work and was dog-tired. That was until he spotted the delectable piece of ass. He always called a beautiful woman that no matter how old they were or who they were. Ken watched Kim, a neighbor’s daughter, walk down the street towards her home and marveled at how sexy she appeared. She wore the tightest blue jeans that he swore had to be painted on her shapely hips. He loved the way tight pants accentuated every curve of a woman’s figure and Kim had a true gem of a body.

Her t-shirt was tight and there was no doubt her breasts were big but firm enough so they hardly bounced when she walked. Seeing her approach, he spotted the evidence of faint bumps where her nipples should be and it was a most enticing sight. A little lower was a perfectly sculptured, flat tummy, which was exposed like the young women liked to do these days. Ken stared at the bare midriff and was in awe at how low-cut her jeans were. “Gawd,” he whispered, “if that waistband was any lower you could see her fucking pussy hair.” Then he chuckled to himself when he thought, ‘What if she doesn’t have any bush?’

Kim neared his truck and Ken’s heart skipped a beat or two. She noticed him sitting behind the wheel and smiled a sweet, innocent smile before she greeted her neighbor. “Hello Mr. Patterson. Just getting home from work?” she asked.

It was all Ken could do to rip his eyes off her seductive body and look into her eyes. “Yes. Another hot one and it’s nice to get home. A beer will sure go good about now,” he managed to say. He watched Kim walk away towards her home and it amazed him to watch her shapely body from behind. The success with his the sexy neighbor Lori gave Ken a shot of confidence. He had decided long ago that he wanted this teenage piece of ass, and now he was convinced that if he wanted, he would have his way.

Kim felt Ken’s eyes on her and if there was one thing she liked doing, it was teasing men. She had no wishes or inclination to ever be with one, it merely got her excited knowing that she was desirable. “Take a good look you old pervert. You fucking bastards are all the same. You think we are just a piece of meat for the taking, but you can wish all you want, you’ll never touch me,” Kim whispered under her breath knowing Ken was like all men. They ogled every good-looking woman and fantasized about having sex with them. To the male ego, they could possess any woman.

He slammed the door of his truck once Kim was out of sight and slowly went up the walk to the front door of his home. His mind quickly went to work on a plan to get control over the seductive, young woman. Ken’s unique ability to come up with a plausible scheme for any problem he encountered gave him confidence that he could work it out. Not before long he slapped his knee in triumph. “Yes,” he muttered in his bottle of beer, “I’ll get that little, sweet thing if it’s the last thing I do.”

Ken had heard stories about Kim who attended the local college. Sean was best friends with Kim’s younger brother and the two boys hung out together all the time. She still lived at home and according to Sean, was supposed to be a wild one who liked to party. The devious idea that came to him early the other morning of giving the boy the best reward of his life made Ken very excited. He reasoned that the best plan of action was to enlist the assistance of his son to ensure success of his plan. And Ken knew there was no better hound dog than Sean when it came to chasing pussy. That made him laugh as he always considered his oldest son was so much like himself. Ken’s ego flourished like no other.

Taking another swig of his beer, Ken wondered who would be leading the parade to the cumfest, Lori who he would send into the fray thinking she was initiating full contact or Kim who appeared to be a very dominating linebacker. The thought of watching two women in the throes of sexual combat stimulated Ken to a boiling point and he was determined to follow through with the sinful scheme. He was positive his plan would succeed but realized it would need some fine-tuning.


Ken’s sons burst into the house in typical teenage-boy fashion. They laughed and roughhoused around until they saw their father. It was quite evident he had something on his mind from the serious look on his face and Sean and Troy quickly quieted. Helen was not due home for another hour so Ken had plenty of time to explain his devious plans to his sons.

“I know I promised you Lori and Kim,” he started and Sean and Troy both understood what he meant. They had done a big favor for their dad in keeping their mother away during the Sunday football party and Ken pledged a payback encounter between the two sexy women.

“Look. Before we get down to the nitty gritty, I want to set Joey up with Lori,” Ken whispered and waited a few seconds. “I’m sure it will be his first fuck and I can’t wait to see Lori’s reaction when I tell her,” he said and looked at his oldest son.

Sean sat with his mouth wide open. He found the news utterly amazing and could not wait to watch his close friend dump a load into the neighbor woman. “Holy fuck! He’ll have a bloody heart attack! And you’re right, he’s never porked a girl,” he excitedly told his dad.

The three huddled closer as if someone was listening although they were all alone in the house. Ken proceeded to explain his entire plan much to the delight of his boys. “Friday, I am going over to Lori’s with Rex. I’ll let her know then that she is going to fuck Joey. Christ, that damn dog is so fucking horny he’ll hump just about anything these days! I think he knows his bitch is next door and wants to get over there real bad,” Ken said and they all laughed out loud.

“Of course I’ll let Rex boy fuck her first,” he said with a knowing wink. “Then while my slut is tied to her master with her cunt full of dog meat, I’ll fill her in about Joey,” he said and looked right at Sean. “Here is where you come in. Tell him that you have had some real intimate conversations with Lori and she wants to have sex with him. Bullshit the little bugger so he thinks she really desires to have sex with a young teenager,” Ken said. “Tell him that she has the hots for him.”

All three were animated. Sean and Troy listened to what their father said totally thrilled with his clever scheme. “Hell, go ahead and tell him that you have already fucked her. Tell him that she is a total slut who craves nothing but sex with teens,” Ken said voicing more of his plans. “I am going to tell Lori to be ready for him dressed in that red outfit I’ve seen her wear,” he said with a wink of his eye. “I don’t know if you’ve seen her in that cute little skirt and skimpy tank top but God, she looks so goddamn sexy in it,” he said and his sons knew what he meant.

The boys were all ears and every detail made them more excited with the expectation of actually being a witness. Sean could not contain himself any longer. “Joey’ll be in heaven if he gets a chance like that. I already told him that I fucked her and he almost died of shock. I could tell he wanted to do it too but he was too fucking shy to say it.” The fact his son told his best friend some family secrets did not upset or even bother Ken.

“Come’on Dad, you have to let us watch too,” Sean whispered with a pleading look on his young face. “Both, Friday and with Joey,” he added. Then he gave Ken the solution he needed. “You can let us hide in another room and just set up a camera like you did for the football party.”

“That’s perfect. Good thinking,” Ken said quickly revising the plan in his head. “Sean, you will have to join Joey and be there when he screws her. The little shit will probably chicken out if you aren’t with him. You two go over to visit Lori for, uh, dance lessons… and after he fucks her, she’s all yours,” Ken told Sean. His plan formed so fast he could hardly keep up.

“I’ll set up a camera and pipe the fucking signal up to the living room. They have a nice, big television up there and Miss Prissy Kim can watch Joey and you fuck Lori in the basement,” Ken whispered. “I know it won’t be easy getting the luscious little bitch over there, but… we’ll do it,” he said with complete confidence. “Christ, can you imagine getting into that slut’s pants? You have to admit that she has the sweetest ass,” he said and both boys nodded in agreement.

On the spur of the moment, Ken decided to hedge his bets. “Sean, get your ass over to Joey’s and see what you can find out.” He outlined the exact times and things he wanted Sean to tell Joey. The idea of using Lori’s house offered the privacy for such an illicit affair plus it gave Ken another chance to prove his ultimate supremacy. The married couple would have no choice but comply with his degrading plans.

Later in the evening, Sean headed over to his friends house. He had assured his dad that he would have no trouble convincing his pal Joey to go along with the plans. The boys normally watched TV or lounged around in the Lewis’ game room shooting pool, but not that evening. It was strange when they went to Joey’s room, closing the door for a good hour or more. Immediately Joey had agreed to go along with Sean’s suggestions, but it took an extra hour when the boys discussed the affair in intimate detail.

Kim, who was home studying that evening, wondered what on earth was up with the two. Their actions were totally out of character. What could they possible be doing in Joey’s room so long? The answer to that puzzling question would come to her soon.


Knowing his friend would not be home, Sean went over to Joey’s the next day. The parents worked till 5 or 6 so that meant Kim would be home all by herself for at least an hour. Despite feeling twinges of apprehension, he took a deep breath and managed to knock on the door. As he waited for Kim to answer, it was all he could do to stay and wait. Any lack of confidence was not a fault of Sean’s, but whenever he came face to face with a gorgeous girl, it did frighten him to some degree.

With Sean being around their house a lot, Kim had gotten used to him and all his youthful mannerisms. She did consider Sean different than the other boys with the same crude and boyish traits. That was most likely because she loved her brother and since Sean was his best friend, in fact the only friend he invited over to visit, Kim felt obliged to also be friends. Over the years, they had become fairly close and even though he was younger than she by a few years, Sean was the only boy Kim would even confide in. Not that she disclosed any secrets or intimate feelings to him, but she did hang around with him on certain occasions.

Seeing his boyish face at the door did not surprise Kim at all and she readily opened up and invited him in. “Nobody’s home, but come on in. Oh! I have this new outfit that I want you to see. See if you like it,” she said with a real enthusiastic voice. Quickly she rushed off to get the clothes and returned with a big smile on her face.

“Holy fuck, you aren’t going to wear that, are you?” he blurted out and it almost stopped Kim’s heart. Seeing her reaction to his joking remark he grinned. “I’m just kidding, Kimie. It’s gorgeous and it will look great on you. In fact go put it on so I can rip it off your sexy body,” Sean said with a laugh. They had joked about sex a lot so Kim knew his dirty remarks were just a joke to get her going.

But unbeknownst to Kim, Sean was on a search and discover mission, determined to keep the topic of conversation on what he wanted to know. They talked about people in the neighborhood and when the subject came to Lori, he could see Kim’s face change. He was positive there was something to it so he pressed the issue. They talked about how Lori babysat Kim and Joey from the time Kim was 6 or 7, so she knew her very well. Sean noticed a definite sign of anger or hate in Kim’s reaction to him saying he would like to get into Lori’s panties.

“You fucking perverts are all the same! All you want to do is have sex with a woman,” she said her voice rising quite high. “Maybe if you treated us with more respect and dignity, we would be more willing to be please you guys,” she added realizing her emotions could be misconstrued by the young boy. Being older than Sean, Kim thought she was far more mature than just a measly teenager. It was not the first time her feminine ego got her in trouble for thinking she could outwit a mere boy.

Sensing an opening, Sean decided to take the initiative and put pressure on Kim. “Sweetheart. I know you are a dyke, so admit it. Have you ever done it with Lori?” Sean asked the tormented girl. “Everybody knows you like girls and you don’t hide it. So have you or haven’t you had sex with Lori?” he asked with a hint of devilment. “How about when she was babysitting you?” he added. Sean could see his remarks stunned Kim and she held back for a moment not sure how to respond.

It took a few seconds but finally Kim found her voice. “No! How can you ask such a vulgar thing? I should kick your ass out the door for talking so dirty,” she said indignantly. Kim tried her best to sound angry and stern but really found his questions profound. For many years she had fantasized about that very thing, making love to the woman of her dreams.

“You know I can make her do anything,” Sean whispered and waited a determined few seconds to see Kim’s reaction. He sensed he had hit a vital nerve and Kim was more than just a little interested in their sexy neighbor. “I’ll let you in on a little secret… I have something on her and… she will do anything, anything I say. I can blackmail her anytime I want. And if you are a real good girl, I might even let you in on it… just like I am letting Joey!” he declared and the insinuations were quite obvious.

Suddenly the closed door session and unusual actions of the two boys last night made sense. ‘Gawd, he’s so crude and vulgar,’ Kim thought. ‘What did he mean with that remark about Joey?’ She wanted to scratch his eyes out, but one thing stopped her. She was filled with a deep, emotional feeling of worship towards Lori and her brother’s bastard friend was hinting at ways for her to achieve her longtime goal.

Kim had dreamed for years of possessing her ex-babysitter. She supposed the few times that she had confided in Sean had given him the upper hand for the moment. But, Kim reasoned, she would turn the tables and get control of the situation. Kim considered the Patterson’s as all brawn and no brains. To underestimate a foe would be the young woman’s undoing, but she was far too elated to think of that possibility.

Yes! How many times had she dreamed of Lori, she wondered? She had vivid memories of how the sexiest woman ever, treated her with kindness and always so tenderly. The one time when Kim coaxed and pleaded with her babysitter to let her watch made her imagination run wide.

Kim had convinced Lori to let her stay in the washroom as Lori dressed and made herself presentable for an upcoming afternoon out. Kim’s parents had dropped her off at Lori’s house so she could babysit while they went to a morning church function. Instead of playing with Julia who was only a couple of years older than Kim, she wouldn’t let Lori out of her sight the whole time.

The scene years ago of her babysitter stepping out of the steamy shower with the mist radiating from her golden body was in Kim’s mind like it happened yesterday. Lori’s glorious body had a mystical appearance and instantly Kim realized she was different. Even though she was a scant 11 or 12 at the time, she fell in love with a female body, and Lori’s in particular.

Kim had watched the beautiful woman dry herself, all the while wishing she were doing it. Kim could not remember anything so passionate or so stimulating as watching the older woman run the towel up her legs and slowly wipe the moisture from the insides of her velvety thighs. The young girl prayed she would look like Lori when she grew up. Lori’s neatly trimmed pelvis had such a magnetic attraction that Kim would always fantasize about touching it.

During that fateful morning, Lori thought it was cute having a young girl ask silly questions about her feminine body. There was a definite glint in Kim’s eyes but Lori didn’t think much of it at the time. She answered all the young girl’s questions, completely ignorant of the fact that Kim idolized her. Little did the woman know she was molding her future that Sunday morning.

The years had passed and for some strange reason, Kim did not feel at all attracted to boys or their brash demeanor. It would be at the tender age of 16 when her first lesbian encounter happened and from that day on, Kim’s fantasies of Lori intensified.

Suddenly a crude, brazen boy was asking her if she wanted to possess her dream woman. The woman Kim had fantasized about and dreamed about for so many years, and Kim didn’t know what to say. All morality and her principles told her not to give in to such an impetuous teenager but she didn’t know how to stop her heart from beating so rapidly.

Sean could see the worry lines on Kim’s beautiful face. He decided that attacking would enable him to keep the upper hand. “I set Joey up with Lori. She’s going to fuck him. He’s going to lose his virginity and by fuck I’m going to be there,” he whispered. “You wanna watch too?” he asked. Kim’s heart raced even faster. “Kim, you can have her too if you want her. I promise you that you can have her if you want her. I’ll make sure she is yours and does everything you demand,” he whispered the promise that made Kim’s heart ache. “Do you want her?”

Oh gawd, how she wanted Lori. Still the boy was probably full of shit. How could he really make Lori do anything, she wondered? No matter, the only thing that registered in her inflamed mind was the boy’s promise. What if he could do it?

When Kim’s lips moved and she spoke, it was like in a daze. She had all intentions of rejecting the offer but the words did not come out that way. “Okay, if you can do it, but… you must promise not to tell anyone. Is that a deal?” Kim said so softly but Sean heard every word clearly. “I’ll kill you if you betray me,” Kim whispered a definite warning.

“You bet. You can trust me, you know that. No one will hear and she’s all yours.”

“How? How can you…”

“I have something over her,” he interrupted, “something that will make her do anything I demand, so don’t worry. I’ll let you know when everything is set. Hell, you can suck her tits and eat her out until your heart’s content,” Sean whispered and quickly rushed to the door before Kim could hit him. “I’ll let you know all the details, like when and where. Just think. You’ll also get to watch Joey loose his virginity,” Sean said and quickly opened the door.

“Get out you bastard! You’re pure filth and I swear, I’ll kill you if you’re betraying me,” she said wanting Sean to know her feelings.

Sean rushed home and could hardly wait to tell his dad. “Fuck, she went for it! She fuckin’ went for it and she wants to watch Joey! Fuck, she wants Lori real bad,” he said as his voice quivered in exhilaration. “I told her that I will let her know when everything is set and she can have her luscious piece of ass,” he said and it made Ken laugh. It made him very happy to realize that his oldest son was so much like himself.

“Christ, that young bitch has a frickin’ body, maybe the best around. Well… maybe second best,” he said and they both laughed out loud with the insinuation Lori was by far superior. “Boy, watching those two will turn your cock to stone. Fuck, son, it’s every man’s dream to watch two women having sex,” Ken blurted out with excitement that matched Sean’s.

“Can you imagine Rex making that sweet little thing his bitch? God, I hope she can take it,” Ken said gleefully. He then added, “I’d hate to ruin such a wonderful piece of ass. Just think boy, we’ll be fucking both of those bodies and filling every fucking hole with cum,” he told Sean with a leer.

Ken’s heart beat fast and the anticipation of watching two, sexy females perform unbridled lust made him thoroughly aroused. The plan was merely a beginning, he thought, as many more fantasies and possibilities filled his scheming head. “Just wait until Rex sees he has two bitches! Oh fuck, what a fucking boner I have just thinking of those two sexy cunts being ravaged,” Ken thought out loud.


Friday night rolled around. Ken showered and prepared himself for the upcoming evening at the next-door neighbors like it was going to be the best night out. He phoned earlier to tell Andy that he was coming over for a cool one. The mention of how he wanted Lori to pretend she was serving drinks at a football party, just like last weekend, made Andy shiver. He imagined the brute of a man wanting nothing more than to get his greasy hands on his adorable Lori. It made him shake with hatred yet he hesitated doing anything about the man’s demands.

It had taken a few hours to formulate a plan for the Friday encounter that would enable the Patterson’s to achieve another glorious dream. Ken’s primary concern was to humiliate and force Lori to have sex. But he contemplated how truly genius it was to include the distraught husband in their total demise. It would punctuate the ultimate control over the man, Ken reasoned. ‘Just wait until I tell him what he has to do. Christ, he will shit his pants!’ Ken reflected with a chuckle. “I sure hope he cheers for the Seahawks,” he whispered finding the thought extremely humorous.

Fridays were a good night for Ken to go out with the boys or do anything away from his wife. Helen was taking some upgrading course every Friday from 7 to 11. Ken tried to remember what exactly Helen was taking at the college but then shrugged, wondering if it really mattered? No sooner was his wife out the door when Ken called his sons and they quickly went over his plan one more time. “So boys. Wait for my signal, and then go ahead with the plan just like we discussed,” he told his sons just before he slipped over to the neighbors.

Andy invited him in and quietly they went to the lower level where the couple normally entertained company. Lori was already having a drink when the two men came into the room. She shivered when she noticed the big, shit-eating grin on Ken’s face.

To an uninformed observer they seemed to be like good neighbors, the three sitting around chatting having beers. In actuality it was more like two timid sheep waiting to be consumed by a relentless predator. Ken took his sweet time but eventually got down to business. “What do you think Andy? Don’t you think our beautiful waitress should be dressed in something more fitting?” he asked with a serious look. Before the husband could answer, Ken pulled a white bathing suit out of his pocket. It was one they had all seen before and Lori quickly protested.

“Ken, you can’t be serious? I may as well be naked as wear that skimpy suit,” Lori said.

“So be it if that’s what you want,” Ken said and stared into her eyes. “Go put it on or just get your luscious ass naked!”

Lori looked from the white suit to Ken’s eyes, not believing what the man demanded. A few seconds passed and all she managed to do was utter a few whimpers as if to protest.

“Your choice, slut!” he whispered and held his hand out. He really wanted her to wear the sexy suit as it made her look so damned attractive. Her whole body shuddered but as if in a trance, she did stand and slowly move in his direction. Reluctantly she took the material from his outstretched hand.

Once Lori had left the room for her bedroom on the second floor, Ken went straight to the chase. “I hope you don’t mind a visitor but I do have plans for our beautiful, loyal slut,” he said and headed for the oversized, double-glass doors. The doors were a walkout directly to the backyard patio. Ken opened them motioning to someone in the yard at the same time.

He had purposely left the gate between the two properties open and in a flash Rex bounded into the doorway. His tail wagged and he rushed past his master and ran around the large room as if he were searching for something. With his nose to the floor, he eventually wound up at the stairway leading to the upper level. His head came up and Rex whined for something or someone.

Ken smiled and saw that Andy never took his eyes off Rex. Ken returned to his chair and called his dog. “Rex, Rex come here and sit!” Ken ordered and his big dog obeyed at once. He curled up beside his master lying on the carpet without a sound.

It was game time and Ken was ready for a spectacular evening. “What’daya think Andy? Should we let poor Rex have his bitch tonight?” Ken asked and before he got an answer, he continued. “The poor bastard has gone days without a bitch. I’ll bet he’s eager to hump your wife again,” he said in a most humiliating fashion.

Andy was speechless and realized there really wasn’t anything he could say to the powerful man. Suddenly his wife came back down the stairs and all eyes went to the most adorable woman. Ken and Andy saw how the white suit barely covered Lori’s three private areas and both marveled at how her olive, tanned complexion glistened next to the skimpy, white material. Her large breasts swayed seductively with each step and threatened to bounce out of the small bikini.

Lori took a few strides and was almost to her chair when a low, growling sound was heard. Everyone froze and none more motionless than Lori. There was no doubt what made the noise and she was afraid to look in Ken’s direction. Before Lori was able to move a muscle, Rex came right up next to her. His big head went to her waist and he licked her skin, which had suddenly become very flushed and heated despite her lack of clothing.

Rex was smart enough to know he was not going to hump his glorious bitch with her standing so erect. He jumped up putting his paws on her shoulders and Lori turned to avoid the dog’s sudden maneuver. She knew exactly what the animal wanted and also realized the two men were waiting to see what she did. Quickly she twisted and turned around in an effort to escape Rex’s assault.

Many things rushed through her head, but nothing that would save her. A feeling of dire helplessness filled her. “Oh please gawd Ken. Please, oh gawd please don’t let him do it,” she moaned with a desperate tone, not bothering to waste her time pleading with her husband to save her. She was standing very close to Ken’s chair and he swiftly grabbed her by the arm. There was a temporary relief when she was pulled from the dog’s grasp but that soon changed when she landed in Ken’s lap. He surrounded her trembling body with his big, strong arms and squeezing her tits tightly.

Lori wound up sitting in Ken’s lap like he was a chair. She looked straight ahead and noticed Andy staring at her. Even as Ken mauled her breasts, there was not a shred of evidence to indicate he was going to help her and it made her shiver knowing she was alone in the struggle. Boldly Ken molested her and there was no way she could move.

“That’s my good little sweetheart. Now what was it you were saying? You wanted my Rex to make you his bitch like he did last week?” he whispered in her ear. Lori could not see his face but knew he was smiling. Suddenly he wanted her total, undivided attention. He kept one arm around her chest and grabbed her by the hair with his free hand.

Roughly he tilted her head back so it rested in the crook of his shoulder and his mouth was right next to her ear. “Now be a good little bitch and open your legs!” he said and everyone knew what was going to happen. With a few quick jerks of her hair, Ken conveyed a message of total dominance.

Her legs no sooner opened and a long, wet tongue raked her flesh. Rex could smell the female scent and knew exactly where it was coming from. Lick after lick brought out some loud moans of desperation from a warrior who was being overcome. Tears came to her eyes and Lori realized there was nothing she could do but sit still while the loathsome dog licked her between the legs.

“Rise up, bitch!” came the harsh command from the master of her fate. “C’mon, lift your ass, slut!” Lori rose on the balls of her feet and in doing so, gave Rex even greater access to her charms. The dog bore into her. Unexpectedly she got a reprieve from an unpredicted source. “Rex! Sit! Lie down!” came the stern commands from the dog’s master. Despite the scent and presence of his bitch, the dog dutifully obeyed his master and lay flat on the floor looking up.

Lori felt Ken squirming around under her. “Andy, give me a hand buddy!” came a stern request. Andy knew that it was more than just a request; it was a command.

“Pull my pants off, will you?” Ken whispered. Andy moved in to assist but the dog menacingly snarled at him.

“Rex! Go lay over there!” ordered Ken and pointed to a spot by the door. The dog immediately retreated.

With the dog out of the way, Andy returned to the task of removing Ken’s pants. “That’s it, Andy. Good boy! Now pull those bottoms off your wife!”

Still in Ken’s grip, Lori stood with her legs bowed around his knees and her ass was held above his lap. She watched in dismay as her husband pulled the little, white bottoms off her hips and down her legs. To get them over her ankles, Andy had to lift a leg and in doing so, she lost her balance, falling back into Ken’s lap. Lori gasped as she felt Ken’s hard baton of man-meat press into her bare ass.

“Get your ass back up!” the vile man ordered. “Stand up, higher! Higher!” When she had acceptably complied with his order, she was almost standing. “Now turn around and sit in my lap honey. I want to watch your gorgeous face when Andy puts my cock where it belongs,” he whispered sending a shiver down her spine.

Ken took Lori’s hands and turned her around until she was facing him. Luckily he had chosen a straight back chair without arms, which was perfect for what he had in mind. With a sudden jerk, he pulled her arms and Lori fell forward into his naked lap. Her legs were forced to either side of the chair but Lori was prepared for his drastic maneuver. She curved her hips forward so that his enlarged cock missed her crotch. By shoving her pelvis into his stomach and sliding down into his lap, his elongated shaft slipped under her body bending towards her rear. It felt like a standoff and Lori sat perfectly still.

Andy could see the head of Ken’s big cock protruding from under his wife’s body. He watched Lori’s futile struggle until Ken’s voice shocked him back to reality. “Okay Andy. Put it in. Put my cock in your wife’s cunt!” came words Andy knew would not be repeated.

Ken looked into Lori’s eyes and smiled. “Rise up just a little sweetheart. Your husband has something for you.” His sarcastic wit made her blush with embarrassment but she was unable to resist. She glared back at Ken but slowly rose to the occasion.

Almost in a trance, Andy reached forward, grasping the hot tube of flesh. “Don’t play with it, goddamn you! Maybe you can suck it later. But right now little buddy, just put the damn thing where it belongs, in your slut wife’s, sweet cunt!”

With his cock aimed at her cunthole, Ken ordered Lori to sit. At the feel of her cunt lips parting around the broad head of his dick, Ken then demanded, “Now fuck me bitch! Show your husband what a dirty slut whore you really are,” he said in a very stern voice.

She couldn’t look at him anymore. Lori closed her eyes and slowly her body sank into his hairy lap. His arms wrapped around Lori’s upper body and suddenly he pulled down with all his might. There was no compromise or conciliation. Her wicked neighbor rammed his cock to the deepest region inside Lori and she stopped breathing for a few seconds.

Ken could see the turmoil written on Lori’s pretty face. He put his arms around her body and pulled her tightly into his big, muscular chest. Her head rested in the crook of his shoulder and his vulgar lips found her ear. “That’s it baby… yessss, you’ve got the best cunt of any slut I know! Now fuck me until you cum on my cock!”

His words echoed in her head. She didn’t want to act in such an immoral manner but her mind was totally perplexed. “You heard me, fuck me and you better cum,” he whispered into her ear. It sounded more like a threat than anything else but then he threw out a challenge. “See if you can make me cum bitch.”

Lori was beside herself not exactly sure what to do. Suddenly Ken started moving and making animated gestures with every part of his body. Lori started slowly but in a matter of one or two minutes, her hips were moving up and down with a perfect, fluid motion. She suddenly felt a dire determination to defeat the man and for once get the upper hand. Lori remembered all the past failures but somehow thought it would be different this time.

Ken grinned and acknowledged her struggle. “That’s it baby. fuck me hard and see if you can make me cum inside your sweet cunt. Look at your husband. He’s watching you and I think he’s jealous, don’t you?” he asked knowing it would have a drastic affect on Lori.

She looked at Andy and saw his eyes were glazed. He was breathing hard and there was a big bulge in the front of his pants. Lori fully comprehended her husband was extremely aroused from watching Ken have intercourse with her and he would not do a thing to stop it.

Lori felt Ken’s arms loosen giving her a pretense of some freedom. She had a sudden urge to sit up straight but felt a deep wish to keep her face close to his. For the strangest reason she felt a desire to listen to the dirty and vulgar things he said. She could feel his hot breath on the side of her face and his lips remained next to her ear.

His hands went down and each found a velvety, rounded cheek. His strong fingers grabbed Lori around the top portion of her ass and he held on tight. She kept moving up and down on Ken’s thick pole but now every time she came down, he pulled down hard at the same time. It took her breath away each time the hard cock sliced through her cervix and entered her most inner being.

Suddenly she knew why she did not move her head. “That’s it baby. Keep fucking me like that. Your cunt is so hot, so… hot. Keep fucking me honey.” She listened and it seemed to make her movements much more intense and determined. Lori tried her utmost to quiet and control her rising emotions. She felt strange for praying but she hoped that Ken would loose control. Somehow Lori hoped that he would cum and she would be the victor.

He quickly shifted his hands and grabbed Lori’s firm cheeks. “God I love your ass. It’s gorgeous and feels so fucking good in my hands. And I love the way you body squirms when I squeeze your ass hard… hard like this so I can drive my cock into your belly,” he whispered in her ear pulling down on her rounded butt cheeks.

Lori had a troubled look on her beautiful face. Her breathing was coming in loud gasps and it was not hard for Ken to tell she was losing control. “Christ not yet, hold it honey, not yet,” he whispered. She wondered if he was talking to her or about her. Suddenly a powerful spasm shot through her belly and Lori feared the worst. They began seconds apart but quickly melded into one long, steady seizure. Why her hips were thrusting and rotating madly was a mystery to Lori.

“Holy fuck, I think my little slut is going to cum all over my dick,” he whispered. His hands shifted again, one went to her chest while the other grabbed the hair at the back of her head. He straightened her body so that she sat upright leaving an open space between the two bodies. “Look at me honey. I want to see your face when you have the orgasm. You are going to have one, aren’t you?” he whispered. She opened her eyes and was instantly beset by a wave of panic.

The fingers of his right hand intertwined in her hair holding her head steady. His left hand caressed her breast pinching a vulnerable nipple and the coveted embrace sent a shiver through her entire body. Lori did not know if it were all her own doing or if Ken was making her body move up and down. The scene was lewd and erotic giving Andy the view of his life.

“Oh gawd no, it can’t be,” Lori said not believing what was happening.

Everything was working against her. Ken was thrusting his powerful hips upward every time she came down in his lap and the result was catastrophic. His big cock caressed every nerve inside her tender vagina, which by now was extremely sensitive. “fuck me baby. Fuck me,” he whispered.

There was a desperation she had not heard before in his voice and it gave her a ray of hope. Her juices flowed almost unabated and Lori knew that she was seconds away from coating the embedded cock with cum. The once barren terrain deep inside her womanly body now belonged to one man and Lori suddenly realized that she could not refuse him.

She waited as long as she could. The end came with a rush of passion and lust like a Tsunami. Towering waves washed over her and yet she felt comforted by the intense feeling of the throbbing penis buried to the hilt inside her. With a fury of two wild animals, they clung to each other much in mutual desperation.

Andy was totally amazed. “Holy sweet Jesus. Honey you’re fucking him… holy fuck he’s, he’s…,” came the witnesses account. Andy stared in disbelief as the two bodies twisted in a severe ecstasy he only dreamed about.

Ken gritted his teeth and felt an intense anxiety beginning to consume his stamina. He put his arms around Lori’s sweaty body and forced her bare chest against his. The embrace was sincere and the only thing he could think of was biting the ear that was a mere inch away.

Suddenly Ken’s teeth closed on Lori’s tender ear lobe and she shouted. “Oh gawd, I can’t stop. He’s fucking me and I can’t stop.” The confession was profound and Lori bounced up and down in Ken’s lap. The orgasm exploded and so did her last shred of willpower. She dearly wanted to hold on for a few more measly seconds realizing she had a chance. But suddenly submission was far too enticing and easy.

Andy watched the pair rock up and down with an untamed lust. He caught a glimpse of the over-sized cock as it went in and out of his wife’s pussy and marveled at how she seemed to enjoy the screwing. Her whole body was in convulsions as she climaxed imitating the loyal slut Ken wanted her to be.

Ken nibbled her ear and Lori complied. “Fuck me. Gawd I can’t stop. Oh dear gawd I was so close…, soooo close,” she moaned knowing she had lost again to the one man in her life that controlled her sexual needs. It was as it would always be. Lori waited at the peak of desire knowing he would join her.

He released the beaten lobe. “He’s watching and I am going to give the little pervert a show. I hope you’re ready,” Ken whispered his voice slightly broken and trembling. He drove his cock so deep and so hard that his ass came off the chair.

Andy watched his neighbor fuck Lori. He saw his wife was first to climax but her body did not stop thrashing. Andy’s eyes almost came out of their sockets when Ken’s orgasm happened. The man pounded his wife and creamed her cunt without mercy while she rolled from one orgasm to the next.

The night had just begun as far as Ken was concerned. His mind was so alive and filled with an urge to humiliate Lori to the extreme. He pushed Lori backwards and pulled his slimy cock from her pussy. Ken looked down to watch a large amount of used cum flow from her snatch and he grinned sheepishly.

With a sudden jerk, he tried to stand which caused Lori to slid off his lap so her feet landed on the floor. Quickly Ken sat back in his chair and twisted Lori’s lithe torso around so that her back was towards him. He pulled her backwards so she fell back into his lap. His muscular arm went around her chest and she was once again his captive.

Lori shivered and tried to slither off the man’s lap but he was far too strong. “Here boy, come here and lick’er clean,” Ken said. Lori saw the mangy dog obey his master at once and she struggled harder. “Keep those fucking legs spread sweetheart and watch Rex boy lick your slut pussy,” Ken whispered. She could not see Ken’s face but knew he was happy when her legs widened.

The tears did not hide the facts. Lori stared between her legs and watched the mangy dog molest her delicate region. The entire area glistened with semen and wet saliva and she shuddered seeing a perverted picture of animal lust. Her puffy labia were completely soaked and the dog’s tongue raked them unmercifully with every lick.

Lori found it unbelievable to even think that she was holding her legs apart, allowing the scene to unfold like Ken demanded. Every moral fiber in her body fought for survival praying that the end would come quickly.

Without a moment hesitation, Ken loosened his hold on her chest and he reached down with his hand. He put his forefinger and middle finger on either side of the swollen pussy lips and then pressed down and outward at the same time. Lori’s eyes opened wide in shear astonishment and behold, her pretty flower lay barren to the dog’s tongue. The vile man opened the two petals like they were in full bloom to reveal the sweet rosebud for his beloved pet.

Everything was absolutely still for a moment in time. Suddenly the dog’s attack resumed. Lori couldn’t take her eyes off the demoralizing sight and watched in horror as the skillful tongue stung her most cherished clitoris. It took a full second for the enormous sensations to hit her brain and then her body jerked madly. Loud slurping sounds filled the entire room and it made Lori shiver with embarrassment. Her hips jumped or jerked each time the coarse tongue filed over the throbbing bud much to Lori’s dismay.

Lori couldn’t watch anymore and she let her head fall backwards onto Ken’s strong shoulder. “Do you like it when Rex licks you like that?” Ken whispered in her ear now that her face was so close. She merely moaned and refused to answer. “I’ll bet that feels nice when that big, bad tongue licks your cunt. Does it feel nice?” he asked and waited.

Suddenly he needed more. He quickly moved his hand from her soaked pussy and shoved his fingers into Lori’s mouth. “There! Taste the sweet juices that Rex boy is lapping up. I can tell he likes his bitches wet…, real wet,” he said with his lips pressed against her ear. “Now I know you can’t talk but you can move. Use your bitch’ fingers and open up for Rex just like I was doing. Do it!” he ordered.

Lori was positive her arm did not move on it’s own but suddenly her fingers were touching her puffy lips. Her hand covered her pussy and Rex continued to lick coating her fingers with saliva. “I said open up your cunt for Rex and do it now,” came an order that made her obey. She sobbed but her fingers went to either side of the swollen labia. Another sob but her fingers did as Ken requested.

“That’s much better. Holy fuck that’s gotta feel good when his tongue does that to your clit. Does it feel good?” he asked again. Instead of trying to answer his question with her voice, her body spoke a universal language. Spasms strong enough to make her body tremble rocketed through her body and Ken marveled at the way Lori responded.

He squeezed her tightly into his chest. His fingers toyed with her tongue almost like Rex’s tongue was toying with her clitoris. Lori pushed back hard with her tongue but there was absolutely nothing she could do about Rex. Every time his long, wet tongue raked her throbbing bud, her body shuddered wildly.

Ken could see Rex’s cock had come free of the hairy sheath. The bright red meat swayed in the open air, a mesmerizing sight that captivated both Andy and Ken. Lori arched her back and let out a desperate but futile cry for Andy to help her. “Andy, please gawd make him stop. Make him stop, please.”

Ken pushed, almost threw Lori off his lap and forced her to roll off his legs onto the floor. Her first inclination was to curl up into a ball, but instantly Ken was beside her. “On your hands and knees honey like a good little bitch. I don’t want to have to get rough with you,” Ken whispered in an authoritative tone. “Your hubby can’t wait to see Rex fuck his bitch,” he said and glanced over at her husband. Andy was sitting like a stone statue with his hand on his spent dick never saying a word as his neighbor lewdly molested his darling wife.

Keeping his eyes glued to Andy, Ken growled, “I said on your knees slut! You know you want to be my little bitch, don’t you?” he said and smiled. There was to be no protest or objection from Andy and Lori knew it as well.

Sobs came from her throat but she did as Ken requested. Lori planted her hands and knees in the soft carpet and braced herself to once again receive the big dog’s dick. Suddenly the hottest spear entered her narrow opening.

Rex loved a bitch when they pretended to resist like this one seemed to do. It gave him the perfect opportunity to show is male prowess. He wrapped his front legs around Lori’s slim waist and his paws curled into her middle. The loud howl from his bitch was sweet music and meant she could feel every inch of his massive cock. He began the ritual by pumping his powerful haunches so fast it surprised everyone including Lori. In and out his burning cock went and all Lori could do was remain passive in the dogs potent grasp. Rex could hear the howls coming from his bitch and reasoned she was voicing her immense approval of his bestial assault.

The dream of being faithful and moral was once again gone. Lori imagined a woman being fucked by a big, mangy dog and suddenly felt a familiar spasm rocket through her loins. Lori realized something. She was minutes, maybe seconds away from becoming Rex’s devoted bitch and the heat soared deep inside her tender being. Suddenly her head was filled with the memory of a dog’s searing heat, of a dog’s scorching cock which was much hotter than any man’s.

When Rex subsided and lowered his haunches until his hind legs were fully bent, Lori cried out. “Oh no, no, no,” she uttered over and over until it happened.

The dog thrust upward with such force and velocity that Lori’s body came off the floor. “Grrr, grrr,” were the sounds echoed in the room and both Ken and Andy knew the dog had once again planted his budging knot inside Lori.

Rex felt his ball go through the bony opening and growled as the pain shot to his brain. He remembered. This bitch was tight, the tightest bitch ever. But he was inside and it was time to fill her womb with his virile sperm. The dog’s body shivered with every spasm as he squirted his molten lava deep into Lori.

Andy’s eyes were ablaze as he watched the animal fuck his dear wife. He fully understood that he should have protested and even tried to put a stop to the illicit affair. Funny how lust and intense desire robbed a man of his sanity.

The sudden sounds of movement and rustling at the patio doors drew his attention. Andy was astonished at the sight of Ken’s sons standing bold and brazen inside his home and wondered how long they had been standing there? Sean had a camera in his hands and it was obvious he had been filming the whole affair. Troy stood with his feet apart waiting for approval from his father.

Ken saw Andy looking to the far side of the room and glanced in that direction. He grinned seeing Sean and Troy, pleased that they had followed his plan. He had told them to join the fuck session but stay away from the action until he called them. “She wants to cum boys. She’s Rex’s bitch? Fuck boys, she wants to cum all over his big cock, I can tell,” Ken said so that all could hear.

He reached for Lori’s hair and grabbed a handful. Tilting her head to one side, he whispered in her ear. “You do want to cum, don’t you bitch?” he asked. The heat was so intense inside her vagina that sweat started to run through the crevice in the middle of her back.

“Rex is fucking you and filling your hole with his doggie cum. It’s running down your fucking leg! Look at you… you’re a dog fucking slut! You can cum. It’s okay to cum for your doggie lover,” Ken whispered and jerked her head indicating he wanted complete devotion.

The time had arrived for Ken to carry out the rest of his humiliation. “I’m going to send hubby to Lu’s to get his ass tattooed. He’s going to get a big, mother-fucking Seahawk on his ass, so fucking big he can’t hide it,” he said laughing at his evil request.

The last thing in the world Lori wanted to do was fulfill any of Ken’s fantasies. So many things were going through her mind that she felt confused. Her womb was full to overflowing and for some strange reason her hips were quivering. Lines of agony covered her petty face and Ken noticed her desperate struggle for survival.

“Go ahead. You know you want to,” he whispered ever so softly. “Go ahead, lover, cum for me.”

His show of tenderness was too much and Lori uttered a cry. “Oh gawd, I have… I have to. I’m cumming. Oh gawd! I, I, I can’t stop it! I’m cumming, I can’t, I can’t,” she moaned and knew it was too late.

“That’s it baby. Cum for the nasty doggie! God damn! What a slut! You do fuck like a slut and it’s time hubby gets his ass inked,” Ken said but Lori heard nothing. Her body was alive and responding to every pulse of the dog’s throbbing cockmeat. Normally she would feel sorry for Andy but not with Rex humping her like a dog in heat.

Andy could not believe what he was hearing. So much was happening all at once and suddenly his neighbor stated a demand that was utterly preposterous. The boys came closer and Sean kept the camera rolling in an effort to catch everything for posterity sake. It felt like the world was closing in on him and Andy sort of shrunk into his chair.

With unconcealed malice, Ken stared at Andy with eyes like sharp daggers. Pulling a business card from his shirt pocket, he thrust it at Andy. “This is Lu’s card. Get your goddamn ass over to his parlor. Your appointment is for 9:30 and you don’t want to be late!” he said. Ken’s face was stern and serious when he gave the orders that made Andy shudder. “When he’s finished, give Lu a blowjob. Hell, let him fuck your ass, if he wants, but god damn you, you had better tip the man for his services!”

Why Andy looked at his watch, he didn’t know. It was ten after nine, which meant he had twenty minutes to meet Ken’s drastic demand. “Let me put it this way. If you don’t get your ass over there, I’ll put every fucking picture of your family on the Internet,” Ken said and the two men locked eyes. “Do you want your daughter’s, baby-white ass plastered all over the web?” he asked. “How about your wife fucking a dog? What do you think people will say when they see you sucking my cock?” he asked and it was a deadly blow. Andy felt what little confidence he had erode and knew he was destined to follow his controlling, neighbor’s orders. His reputation, in fact his whole family would be destroyed if Ken followed through with his threats so Andy deemed he had no choice.

“You don’t have much time little buddy. Get fucking moving. Don’t worry about your wife. Me and my boys will take good care of her,” Ken said and all three Pattersons broke out with laughter. “And Lu will take care of you!” Sean and Troy knelt and removed Lori’s top. Andy could only imagine how well they would take care of his lovely wife.

“Yes, we’ll take care of this slut for you while you’re gone,” Ken repeated. “My boys are so fucking horny, they would fuck a doggie bitch,” he stated with a laugh. “Now goddamn you, do as I say!”

Lori was only vaguely aware of the vain struggle by Andy going on right beside her. Her struggle to keep her emotions under control consumed all her resolve but suddenly all her willpower was overcome. The orgasm overflowed drowning the last shred of resistance in her writhering body.

Two eager teenage boys joined the fray and each grabbed a little piece of heaven. One pinched a nipple, which was so hard and erect that it felt like a pebble when he rolled it between his rough fingers. The other reached under the naked belly and felt the wetness, the soaked split between Lori’s legs. He somehow seized a throbbing clit, which was totally exposed and squeezed it between his fingers.

Lori felt like she was on a giant rollercoaster going down so fast the wind blew in her face. The cool breeze felt so calming and relaxing that Lori merely let the orgasm consume her spirit. Her sexy body thrashed wildly as the Pattersons took advantage of their willing hostage. Lori’s dreams skipped from one illusion to the next. From Rex, to Ken, to Sean, to Troy and finally she focused on the next time she saw Andy. She was vaguely conscious her husband had left for the dreaded appointment and she wondered what his new tattoo would look like.

Slowly, her senses began returning to a normal state and she could hear Ken speaking to her. “That was beautiful. Christ, Rex is in doggie heaven,” he whispered as the two orgasms quieted. All that remained were two animals locked in the quiet aftermath that sort of seemed surreal.

Lori was like a rag doll in the clutches of three male jugglers. They took turns feeling and groping her body without a shred of concern for how she felt. Lori reasoned that she should feel guilt for not figh

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